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High data rate aircraft to ground communication antenna system

Operation of a heterogeneous wireless network by determining location of a wireless device

Active waveform shuttering for rotorcraft

Date/App# patent app List of recent Antenna-related patents
 Radio frequency identification on mobile computing device patent thumbnailRadio frequency identification on mobile computing device
Method and system for providing radio frequency by using a mobile computing device. A mobile phone comprises a tag antenna and a motherboard integrated with a radio frequency front end module, a processor and a memory.
 High data rate aircraft to ground communication antenna system patent thumbnailHigh data rate aircraft to ground communication antenna system
A method for ground to air communication includes receiving a first pilot signal on a first wide beam from a first ground base station by a first antenna element covering a first range of azimuth angles from an aircraft. Data is received on a directed data beam from the first ground base station by the first antenna element.
 Operation of a heterogeneous wireless network by determining location of a wireless device patent thumbnailOperation of a heterogeneous wireless network by determining location of a wireless device
A heterogeneous wireless communication network includes a macrocell base station that one or more low power nodes. The location of a wireless device is estimated based on feedback reports received from the wireless device in response to downlink transmissions of a reference signal.
 Active waveform shuttering for rotorcraft patent thumbnailActive waveform shuttering for rotorcraft
In one embodiment a communication system comprises a radiofrequency (rf) transmitter, an antenna communicatively coupled to the rf transmitter to direct an rf signal in a first direction, a laser ranger mounted to the antenna to direct a pulsed laser signal in the first direction and receive reflected laser signals from a rotorblade, and logic to determine a measure of interference resulting from a rotorblade, provide the measure of interference to a radiofrequency (rf) transmitter, and shutter an rf transmission signal from the rf transmitter in response to the measure of interference. Other embodiments may be described..
 Method and apparatus to reduce pa/device temperature by switching the antennas on a device patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus to reduce pa/device temperature by switching the antennas on a device
Methods, systems, and devices are described for thermal management of a wireless communication device. The described techniques may be used, for example, to monitor an operating temperature of the device to determine if the operating temperature has exceeded a threshold value.
 Sleeve with electronic extensions for a cell phone patent thumbnailSleeve with electronic extensions for a cell phone
A passively re-radiating cell phone sleeve assembly capable of receiving a nested cell phone provides signal boosting capabilities and provides a radar enablement. Signal boosting is enabled by use of an additional antenna, a pass-through repeater, dual antenna isolation capability and other features..
 Waveguide power combiner/splitter patent thumbnailWaveguide power combiner/splitter
There is provided a waveguide combiner/splitter comprising an input waveguide, a first and a second waveguide matching section, and at least a first and a second output waveguide. The lengths and the widths of the matching sections may be adjusted for tuning to frequency bands of interest.
 Method and apparatus for filtering and combining multipath components of a signal received at multiple antennas according to a wireless communication protocol standard for filtering a signal received by a single antenna patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for filtering and combining multipath components of a signal received at multiple antennas according to a wireless communication protocol standard for filtering a signal received by a single antenna
A receiver communicating according to a wireless communication protocol standard for filtering a signal received at a single antenna. The receiver includes filter modules, receiver modules, and a summer.
 Methods and systems for mitigating signal interference patent thumbnailMethods and systems for mitigating signal interference
A received signal that includes a target signal and an interference signal is sampled in space and time and then filtered into a matched-filtered signal and into a mis-matched-filtered signal, which is orthogonal to, or nearly orthogonal to, the matched-filtered signal. The interference signal is present in both the matched-filtered signal and the mis-matched-filtered signal, whereas the target signal is present in only the matched-filtered signal.
 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and in particular, to a method and an apparatus for transmitting a downlink reference signal in a wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas. The method for transmitting a reference signal for a maximum of eight antenna ports according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: in a base station, mapping part of a common reference signal for a maximum of four antenna ports into a downlink subframe that includes a 1st slot and a 2nd slot; in the base station, mapping a channel status information reference signal for the maximum of eight antenna ports into the downlink subframe, according to a preset pattern; and in the base station, transmitting the downlink subframe into which the common reference signal and the channel status information reference signal have been mapped, wherein the preset pattern defines the channel status information reference signal for the maximum of eight antenna ports to be mapped onto two ofdm symbols of the data region in the downlink subframe, and wherein part of the common reference signal for the maximum of four antenna ports is limited to the common reference signal for a maximum of two antenna ports..
Precoding codebooks for 4tx and 8tx mimo communication systems
A method for communication includes configuring a communication system that includes a transmitter and a receiver with first precoding matrices for mapping up to n data streams onto n transmit antenna ports of the transmitter. Each of at least some of the first precoding matrices are derived from respective second and third precoding matrices.
Dl mimo precoding enhancement
A method includes applying a precoder to information to be transmitted on n antenna ports, wherein application of the precoder creates an m-tx codebook, each codeword of which is obtained through truncation of a codeword from an n-tx codebook corresponding to the n antenna ports. The precoded information is transmitted on the n antenna ports to a ue and information allowing an n-tx codeword to be selected from the n-tx codebook is received.
Wireless communication device
A wireless communication device communicates with, using a plurality of antennas, a communication partner device including a plurality of antennas. The wireless communication device includes a communication unit, an interference intensity judgment unit, and a determination unit.
Method and system for a multi-standard receiver
A multi-standard receiver may comprise in an electronic device, receiving an input radio frequency (rf) signal comprising at least two rf signals of different communication standards. The input rf signal may be separated into two signals based on their different communication standard sand configurable gain levels may be applied to equalize their magnitudes.
Multiple input multiple output antenna module and associated method
A multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna module, comprising a first signal feed port coupled to a first antenna element disposed along a first edge of a pcb, a second signal feed port coupled to a second antenna element disposed on the pcb and a transceiver operable to be selectively coupled to either or both of the first and second signal feed ports. The first and second antenna elements form a plurality of antenna elements confined to a peripheral section surrounding a central region of the pcb of the mimo antenna module..
Receiver unit and method for suppressing interference in a multipath radio signal
The invention relates to the field of radio signal receivers for use in wireless communication networks. In particular to a receiver unit having at least one antenna input for receiving multipath radio signals via a radio unit and at least one antenna from one or more user equipments is provided.
Apparatus and method for controlling ranging of mobile terminals in wireless communication system
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for controlling ranging in a wireless communication system. The apparatus according to the present invention comprises a radio frequency (rf) module converting rf band signals received via antenna to low-frequency band signal; a fast fourier transform (fft) module converting the low-frequency band signal of time-domain to frequency-domain signal; a derandomizer performing derandomizing the frequency-domain signals by using a random sequence being transmitted by the terminals; a depermutation module combining the frequency-domain signals output from the derandomizer by unit of burst and outputting the combined signal; and a ranging controller controlling periodic ranging of the terminal corresponding to the respective bursts by estimating phase change in the frequency-domain signals of burst unit..
Method and apparatus for reference signal transmission and reception
In one aspect, the teachings herein disclose methods and apparatuses for improved reference signal reception in a wireless device configured for operation in a wireless communication network. In one embodiment, the network provides assistance information that indicates a received timing or frequency offset of a second reference signal relative to a first reference signal that is transmitted from a first antenna port.
Channel feedback for vertical and full-dimensional beamforming
A method implemented in a base station used in a wireless communications system where different antenna arrays are employed for transmissions to different co-scheduled users in a cell is disclosed. The method includes configuring multiple channel state information (csi) processes for a user equipment (ue), and configuring, for the ue, a plurality of non-zero power (nzp) csi reference signal (rs) resources, each of which is associated with an antenna array.
Method and device for allocation of resource location with frequency hopping function
The disclosure provides a method and device for allocating a resource location with a frequency hopping function. The method includes: an uplink bandwidth of a long term evolution (lte) communication system is acquired; it is determined whether frequency hopping information needs to be allocated to uplink continuous frequency-domain resource location information in a multi-antenna port transmission mode, and when the frequency hopping information needs to be allocated, a length of a resource location and frequency hopping bit indicator and a length of frequency-domain resource location information are obtained according to the uplink bandwidth; a difference value_d between the length of the resource location and frequency hopping bit indicator and the length of the frequency-domain resource location information is calculated; and frequency hopping information is allocated to the frequency-domain resource location information according to the difference value_d.
Method and apparatus for data-splitting transmission from multiple sites
Methods and apparatus for changing cell range coverage are disclosed. The coverage may be changed on a per-sub-frame basis.
Antenna port management for localized enhanced physical downlink control channel transmissions
Methods, systems, and devices are described for managing wireless communications. A first decoding candidate and a second decoding candidate are identified from a plurality of decoding candidates for a localized enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) transmission.
Establishing wireless communication between a train and base stations
Methods and systems are provided for communication between moving objects (e.g., a train) and land-based systems (e.g., base stations of mobile wireless networks). For example, wireless communication may be established between a train and one or more base stations arranged along a track travelled by the train.
Apparatus and method for discontinuous receive in communication systems with large number of antennas
A user equipment (ue) performs a method for supporting discontinuous receive (drx) in a wireless network. The method includes waking up at a wake up time associated with a beginning of a drx cycle, the drx cycle comprising a plurality of subframes.
Apparatus and method for mixed signal spread spectrum receiving technique
An apparatus and method for mixed signal spread spectrum receiving and spectrum aggregation in a receiver having at least one antenna respectively receiving at least one signal are provided. The method includes modulating the at least one signal received by the receiver with at least one unique orthogonal pseudorandom (pn) code, downconverting the at least one modulated signal into at least one baseband signal, combining the at least baseband signal into an overlaid baseband signal and filtering the overlaid baseband signal, converting the overlaid baseband signal from an analog signal into a digital baseband signal, splitting the digital baseband signal into a plurality of signal paths each having the entirety of the digital baseband signal, applying one of the at least one unique orthogonal pn code to each of the plurality of signal paths, and multiplexing the plurality of signal paths into a combined digital baseband signal..
Method and apparatus for performing effective feedback in wireless communication system supporting multiple antennas
A method for transmitting channel status information (csi) of downlink multi-carrier transmission includes generating the csi including at least one of a rank indicator (ri), a first precoding matrix index (pmi), a second pmi and a channel quality indicator (cqi) for one or more downlink carriers, the cqi being calculated based on precoding information determined by a combination of the first and second pmis, determining, when two or more csis collide with one another in one uplink subframe of one uplink carrier, a csi to be transmitted on the basis of priority, and transmitting the determined csi over a uplink channel. If a csi including an ri or a wideband first pmi collides with a csi including a wideband cqi or a subband cqi, the csi including a wideband cqi or a subband cqi has low priority and is dropped..
Multi-functional fpc assembly
An improved multi-functional flexible printed circuit (fpc) assembly 142 is provided for use in an electronic communications device 100. The fpc assembly 142 can comprise a curved fpc 144 a flexible substrate 156 and components thereon and can be positioned against a portion of an interior surface 137 of the housing 106 so as to share common wall surfaces for improved volumetric space utilization.
Method and system for diversity combining for high-performance signal reception
A terrestrial receiver at a premises includes a plurality of antennas and a corresponding plurality of tuners. The terrestrial receiver receives terrestrial television signals via the plurality of antennas and the plurality of tuners and diversity combines a corresponding plurality of terrestrial television channels within the received terrestrial television signals, for example, based on control signals received from one or more customer premises equipment (cpe).
Electronic device including three-dimensional gesture detecting display
An electronic device includes a display, a plurality of antennae arranged and constructed to emit a signal and to receive backscatter from the signal, and a processor operably coupled to the antennae to utilize the received backscatter to detect location and at least one of size and shape of an object spaced from the display.. .
Reflective line source
There is provided a reflective line source for an antenna system. The reflective line source comprises at least one region adapted to receive an electromagnetic field and to expand the field in at least one dimension.
Patch antenna
A patch antenna includes a dielectric substrate having a body that extends a thickness from a first side to a second side that is opposite the first side. The body of the substrate has a perimeter that is defined by at least one side wall that extends along the thickness of the substrate from the first side to the second side.
Backside redistribution layer patch antenna
A patch antenna system comprising: an integrated circuit die having an active side including an active layer, and a backside; a dielectric layer formed on the backside; and a redistribution layer formed on the dielectric layer wherein the redistribution layer forms an array of patches. The patch antenna further comprises a plurality of through-silicon vias (tsv), wherein the tsvs electrically connect the array of patches to the active layer..
Mobile device with two antennas and antenna switch modules
A mobile device includes a system circuit board, a ground element, a communication module, a first antenna, a second antenna, a first asm (antenna switch module), and a second asm. The first antenna is configured to receive or transmit a first signal in a first frequency band.
Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
An antenna device includes a feeding coil antenna and a booster coil antenna electromagnetically coupled to the feeding coil antenna. The feeding coil antenna includes a plurality of coil portions including at least one magnetic body and each including a coil conductor wound around the at least one magnetic body.
Electronic device
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a conductive housing, a first antenna element, a second antenna element and an insulation structure.
Antenna device and matching circuit module for antenna device
A low-frequency radiating element and a high-frequency radiating element are configured so as to respectively operate in a relatively low frequency band and a relatively high frequency band that are non-contiguous with each other. A matching circuit is inserted between a transmission/reception circuit and a branching point.
Passive repeater for wireless communications
Some embodiments provide a relatively small antenna apparatus that acts as a passive repeater. The antenna apparatus can be designed to facilitate radio frequency (rf) signal gain for a collection or range of frequencies.
Antenna assemblies including antenna elements with dielectric for forming closed bow tie shapes
According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are provided of bow tie antennas and antenna assemblies that include the same. In an exemplary embodiment, a bow tie antenna includes a pair of antenna elements.
Antenna device
A booster antenna having an aperture and a slit extending from the aperture to a distal end portion h, and a feeding coil having a coil conductor wound around a magnetic core. At least a part of an opening of the coil conductor is disposed at a position overlapping with the aperture of the booster antenna in plan view.
Low profile antenna
There is provided a low profile antenna comprising a line source, a corporate feed network, and a plurality of radiating elements. The radiating elements are arranged in a linear array so as to be discrete in a first direction and each continuous in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction.
Filter antenna
A multi-pole filter antenna may include aperture-coupled non-dominant mode cavity resonators, and an aperture-coupled dominant mode patch antenna. The filter antenna may be implemented in a multilayer printed circuit board or similar structure.
Antenna device
An antenna device is provided and includes a circuit board, a first linear antenna, and a second linear antenna. The circuit board includes a grounding pattern and a feeding point insulated from the grounding pattern.
Dipole antenna
A dipole antenna, comprising: a dipole arrangement comprising at least a pair of antenna arms, each antenna arm having a feed end and a distal end, the feed ends positioned in proximity to each other; a feed structure, coupled to said dipole arrangement, comprising a balun for providing the antenna with a balanced feed; wherein, each antenna arm comprises: a conductive end plate, located at the distal end of the respective antenna arm; and an inductive coil, located at the feed end of the respective antenna arm.. .
Outer type antenna structure
The invention relates to an outer type antenna structure comprising: a frame; an antenna arranged in the frame, the antenna extending to have a pin outside of the frame; and a connector. The antenna is integrated to the connector.
Method and device for calibrating an antenna
A method and device are for calibrating an antenna. At least one switch is spanning sections of a radiating antenna element.
Optimized conformal-to-meter antennas
A dual-dipole, multi-band conformal antenna for facilitating optimized wireless communications of a utility meter. The antenna includes an antenna backing, the backing adapted to conform to an inside surface of a utility meter and an antenna trace affixed to the antenna backing.
Three dimensional antenna dome array
According to one embodiment of the invention, a wireless network device comprises wireless logic and a heat dissipation unit that encases the wireless logic. The heat dissipation unit includes an antenna dome array that comprises a top surface having a convex-shaped outer periphery with a plurality of antenna elements positioned along the outer periphery..
Antenna structure
An antenna structure includes a portable electronic apparatus and an antenna. The portable electronic apparatus includes a housing.
Planar inverted f antenna
Provided is a planar inverted f antenna to which a feeding line can be readily connected. Two slits are provided from the open end side of a main conductive plate that functions as an excitation conductive plate up to locations where input impedance is z (=50Ω).
Stacked antenna
A stacked antenna includes a first dielectric substrate, a second dielectric substrate, at least one vertical conductive structure, at least one transmission line structure, a driven element, at least one reflector and a director. The second dielectric substrate is stacked on the first dielectric substrate.
Patch antenna
A patch antenna includes a ground electrode arranged on one surface of a dielectric layer, a first patch which has a shape of a trapezoid, is arranged inside the dielectric layer and radiates a signal having a first frequency, a second patch which has a shape of a trapezoid, is arranged on the other surface of the dielectric layer and radiates a signal having a second frequency, and two conductors which connect the short sides of the two patches with the ground electrode. The two patches are arranged such that the short sides are both located on the side of the same end of the dielectric layer.
Feeding matching apparatus of multiband antenna, multiband antenna, and radio communication device
The present disclosure relates to the field of antenna technologies and discloses a feeding matching apparatus of a multiband antenna, a multiband antenna, and a radio communication device to improve a bandwidth and efficiency of a lower frequency band. The feeding matching apparatus of a multiband antenna includes: a grounding portion; a feeding portion connected to a signal source, where a signal of the signal source is input into the feeding portion; and two or more ground cable branches with different lengths, where one end of each ground cable branch is electrically connected to the feeding portion, the other end is electrically connected to the grounding portion, at least one ground cable branch is connected in series to a signal filtering component, and the signal filtering component is capable of preventing a signal lower than a frequency point corresponding to the signal filtering component from passing through it..
Communication device and antenna element therein
A communication device includes a ground element and an antenna element. The antenna element is close to an edge of the ground element, and includes a first metal portion and a second metal portion.
Spatial recognition of rfid tag placement using antenna multiplexing
A system to determine the placement of multiple rfid tags uses multiple antennae. The rf communication (or nfc) includes read and/or read/write communication with the rfid tags..
Active positioning system
The object of the present disclosure is an active positioning system for positioning at least one mobile device (100) by utilizing radio frequency technology, the positioning system comprising at least one essentially stationary fixed base station (101) i.e. An active positioning system antenna (101), and an electronics unit (106) i.e.
Multi-beam active phased array architecture with independent polarization control
In an exemplary embodiment, a phased array antenna comprises multiple subcircuits in communication with multiple radiating elements. The radio frequency signals are independently adjusted for both polarization control and beam steering.
Satellite reception assembly with phased horn array
A direct-to-home satellite outdoor unit may comprise a reflector, a support structure, circuitry, and an array of antenna elements mounted to the support structure such that energy of a plurality of satellite beams is reflected by the reflector onto the array where the energy is converted to a plurality of first signals. The circuitry may be operable to process the first signals to concurrently generate a plurality of second signals, each of the second signals corresponding to a respective one of the plurality of satellite beams.
Systems and methods for autotilting a ground-mapping radar
Systems and methods that utilize a terrain database to find the elevation of the ground in the area of ground-mapping illumination to optimize the tilt of a ground-mapping antenna. An exemplary system located on a host aircraft includes a memory that stores terrain elevation data and a component that provides height, position, and orientation information of the host aircraft.
Virtual antenna extension for sampled aperture arrays
A high frequency surface wave radar (hfswr) system with improved performance. Two or more transmitters including separate transmitting antennas (120, 122, 410) are used to improve the performance of the hfswr over the performance of a comparable system with a single transmitter.
Receiver device, multi-frequency radar system and vehicle
A receiver device for a radar system comprises a receive antenna module arranged to simultaneously receive a plurality of radar signals; a mixer module connected to the antenna module and arranged to simultaneously convert the plurality of radar signals into a plurality of intermediate frequency signals, each of the plurality of intermediate frequency signals having a frequency that is comprised in a different corresponding one of a plurality of intermediate frequency ranges; and a wideband analog-to-digital-converter module connected to the mixer module, arranged to simultaneously convert the plurality of intermediate frequency signals into a digital representation, and having a bandwidth comprising a plurality of non-overlapping bandwidth portions, wherein each of the plurality of intermediate frequency ranges is comprised in a different one of the non-overlapping bandwidth portions.. .
Monitoring system
A system for remote monitoring of conditions at a site and transmitting alerts to interested parties' mobile devices via a social networking service is described. The system employs a wireless communications device, partially exposed outside a small, metal enclosure, to transmit sms (text message) alerts to a social networking site.
Field device for automation technology
A field device for automation technology, which has a metal housing for accommodating a field device electronics. On the field device at least one opening is provided, which is closable via a lid composed at least partially of a non-metallic material, wherein an rfid chip and an rf antenna are arranged in the housing in such a manner that communication and energy exchange with an rfid reading device arranged outside of the field device can transpire, and wherein the reading device is so embodied that it provides sufficient energy to the rfid chip when the energy supply to the field device is interrupted, in order to read out via the rfid antenna the data stored on the rfid chip..
Wearable rfid system
Apparatus and methods are provided for automatically interrogating a tagged object using radio frequency identification (rfid) when the object is moved. In one embodiment, a worker is outfitted with a wearable rfid system including an rf antenna, an rfid reader, and a holder to hold the antenna and reader during operation.
System for and method of locating radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area
A radio frequency identification (rfid) tag reading system having a phased antenna array accurately locates rfid tags in a controlled area, by steering an interrogating beam over the controlled area to interrogate the tags and generate return modulated rf signals. A primary receiver steers a primary receive beam at a primary steering angle that is fixed during each tag interrogation.
Utilization of motion and spatial identification in rfid systems
In one aspect where a load or a subset of one or more tags is in motion relative to an rfid reader system, the rfid system obtains tag readings and derives tag scalar or vector motional data e.g. Tag velocity, tag acceleration, and/or rate of change of tag acceleration which can be compared to known tag motional information to distinguish true tags of interest from false positives which are unavoidably also within the field of the reader system.
On-die harmonics filtering for radio frequency power amplifiers
A power amplifier architecture for connecting a radio frequency (rf) transceiver to an antenna. An input matching circuit is connected to its input port, and an output matching circuit is connected to its output port.
Antenna and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications
An antenna (100), which is designed for exciting and/or detecting a magnetic resonance in an object (1) under investigation, comprises a conductor loop (10) with an inner conductor (11) and a primary shield conductor (12), which form at least one waveguide, wherein the primary shield conductor (12) is interrupted by a gap (13), and wherein a secondary shield conductor (14) is provided which surrounds the primary shield conductor (12), wherein a dielectric (15) is arranged between the primary shield conductor (12) and the secondary shield conductor (14) and at least the gap is covered by the secondary shield conductor (14). An antenna arrangement which comprises a plurality of such antennas, a magnetic resonance device, and a method for magnetic resonance imaging or magnetic resonance spectroscopy are also described..
Proximity detection via magnetic resonance coupling
A magnetic resonance technology is used to implement front and back proximity sensing capability for wireless devices such as a laptap device. For example, a high quality (q) factor coil antenna may be embedded in a display, such as a liquid crystal display, of a first laptap device to detect other wireless devices (e.g., a second laptap) that are within coupling distance of the first laptap device.
Electrically adjustable antenna control system and method
An electrically adjustable antenna control system includes a controller, an actuation mechanism controlled by the controller, and a feedback loop connected to both of the controller and actuation mechanism. Herein, the controller includes a control board and its imbedded program.
Plasma light source
A lucent waveguide plasma light source has a quartz waveguide body with a central through bore. The bore has orifices at its opposite ends, opening centrally of flat, end faces of the body.
Waterproof structure for electronic device
A waterproof structure for an electronic device (60) includes: a case (130) which is disposed in a location in a vehicle (10) distant from a receiving antenna (61), which houses a processing unit (69) that processes location information, and which has a wiring hole (171) through which a wire (62) passes; a cylindrical part (172) which extends in the axial direction of the wire from the case in such a manner as to surround the wiring hole; a seal member (167) which is housed in a compressed state in the cylindrical part, and surrounds the wire; and a cap (160) which is attached to the case in an attachable/detachable manner, has a hole (168) through which the wire passes, and prevents the seal member from moving.. .
Medical storage cabinet with rfid inventory
A medication and/or medical supplies storage cabinet of all-steel construction has an rfid transducer or reader with an antenna array (i.e., an antenna or series of antennas) carried on a vertical elevator at the rear of the cabinet's metal shelves and drawers. The metal shelves, sides and back of the cabinet define successive compartments in which rfid-tagged item are stored.
Microwave mode stirrer apparatus
A mode stirrer apparatus that enables a more effective heating pattern in the food that is to be cooked. Two mode stirrers located in opposite walls of the oven.

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