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Antenna patents


This page is updated frequently with new Antenna-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Antenna-related patents
 Aggregation of resources in enhanced control channels patent thumbnailAggregation of resources in enhanced control channels
Time-frequency resources in a single prb pair are used for both frequency-localized transmissions as well as distributed transmissions. A first control message is transmitted to a first user equipment (ue) using a first prb pair, using first subsets of resource elements that are aggregated in a frequency-localized manner and that are transmitted using a single antenna port.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Methods and systems for uplink transmit diversity patent thumbnailMethods and systems for uplink transmit diversity
Certain aspects of the present disclosure propose methods for supporting uplink transmit diversity in a wireless communication system. The proposed methods may eliminate ambiguity in decoding physical downlink control channel aggregation level and resources that are used by different antennas of a user equipment.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method and  transmitting a reference signal in a multi-antenna system patent thumbnailMethod and transmitting a reference signal in a multi-antenna system
A method is provided for transmitting, by a user equipment (ue), a demodulation reference signal (dmrs) for a physical uplink shared channel (pusch) in a wireless communication system. First, second, and third dmrs sequences associated with first, second, and third layers respectively are generated.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method and base station for transmitting downlink signal and method and equipment for receiving downlink signal patent thumbnailMethod and base station for transmitting downlink signal and method and equipment for receiving downlink signal
A base station of the present invention configures resources in which a downlink signal is to be transmitted with zero power using resource sets defined for a specific number of antenna ports, regardless of the number of antenna ports actually configured in the base station, and transmits resource information indicating the configured resources to a user equipment. The user equipment of the present invention receives a downlink transmission from the base station, assuming that transmission power of resources corresponding to a resource set indicated by the resource information is zero..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method and system for planar, multi-function, multi-power sourced, long battery life radio communication appliance patent thumbnailMethod and system for planar, multi-function, multi-power sourced, long battery life radio communication appliance
Some embodiments provide multifunctional device that provides two or more of the following functions: a) ekey; b) ecall capability; c) body electric field measurement; d) body proximity measurement; e) external electric field measurement; f) one or two way voice announcement; g) motion sensor. Some embodiments provide an ekey that operates from battery energy and energy harvested by one or more of the following transducers: a) photo voltaic cell; b) radio frequency antenna; c) mechanical vibration, flexing; c) thermo-electric transducer.
Secureall Corporation

 Method and system for auditing and correcting cellular antenna coverage patterns patent thumbnailMethod and system for auditing and correcting cellular antenna coverage patterns
A method for adjusting a base station antenna may include receiving measured data including signal strength data for a signal received from the base station and location data from one or more user equipment, receiving planned radio coverage data, comparing the measured data with the planned radio coverage data, generating adjustment parameters based on a result of the comparison, and adjusting the antenna based on the adjustment parameters.. .
Nokia Networks Us Son Llc

 Terrestrial based air-to-ground communications system and related methods patent thumbnailTerrestrial based air-to-ground communications system and related methods
An air-to-ground communications system includes at least one base station to be positioned on the ground and including a ground-based transceiver, a phased array antenna coupled to the ground-based transceiver, and a beamforming network coupled to the ground-based transceiver. The ground-based transceiver is configured to provide data traffic and control information to an aircraft.
Harris Corporation

 Per stream and per antenna cyclic shift delay in uplink multi-user mimo patent thumbnailPer stream and per antenna cyclic shift delay in uplink multi-user mimo
A method, an apparatus, and a computer-readable medium for wireless communication are provided. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a processor configured to determine a first set of csd values for transmitting a first set of information on a plurality of antennas, determine a second set of csd values for transmitting a second set of information on the plurality of antennas, and transmit the first set of information based on the first set of csd values and the second set of information based on the second set of csd values..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Beam administration methods for cellular/wireless networks patent thumbnailBeam administration methods for cellular/wireless networks
A method of beam administration in a cellular or wireless network is proposed. Cellular/wireless networks operating at ka or higher frequency band require the use of directional antenna (or through array-based beamforming) to compensate for sever pathloss.
Mediatek Inc.

 Uplink transmit diversity patent thumbnailUplink transmit diversity
The present disclosure discloses a method in a wireless access network node for controlling a ue. The ue comprises at least two transmit antennas, and is capable of uplink transmit diversity.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Methods and underwater electrical near-field signal system

Methods and apparatus for a near-field signal system to generate signals underwater for navigation and/or communication. In one embodiment, a system includes a signal processing module coupled to a first antenna to transmit near-field signals underwater and a second antenna to receive near-field signals underwater transmitted by the first antenna.
Raytheon Company


Integrated antenna unit with field replaceable frequency specific devices

An integrated antenna unit, including an extra-wideband antenna, a docking station, and an integrated, field replaceable remote radio unit that electrically couples to the docking station. The docking station may be configured to receive a removable transmission circuit that that electrically couples the remote radio unit and the antenna..
Amphenol Antenna Solutions, Inc.


Wireless communication terminal

A wireless communication apparatus, includes: a second circuit board; a wireless communication processing circuit accommodated in the second circuit board; a first signal line that connects a first ground potential portion of the first circuit board with a first antenna feed point of the wireless communication processing circuit, wherein the first signal line and the first ground potential portion are configured to operate as a first antenna; a second signal line that connects the first circuit board with the second circuit board and is configured to convey a baseband signal; and a circuit element that is connected to the second signal line and is configured to block rf signals that are sent and received by the wireless communication processing circuit.. .
Sony Corporation


Software defined radio (sdr) system and tuner for commercial mobile devices

A system for providing software defined radio on a mobile device includes a hardware portion including an antenna and an interface configured to connect to the mobile device; a software portion configured for execution on the mobile device, the software portion configured to receive and process rf signals received at the antenna.. .
Taphere! Technology


Reception apparatus and reception method

In a multi-antenna communication system using ldpc codes, a simple method is used to effectively improve the received quality by performing a retransmittal of less data without restricting applicable ldpc codes. In a case of a non-retransmittal, a multi-antenna transmitting apparatus transmits, from two antennas, ldpc encoded data formed by ldpc encoding blocks.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Cmos tuner and related tuning algorithm for a passive adaptive antenna matching network suitable for use with agile rf transceivers

A novel and useful adaptive antenna tuner and associated calibration mechanism for passive adaptive antenna matching networks. The tuner is suitable for use with cellular antennas and in one embodiment uses mems based tunable devices.


Compact omnidirectional modular power harvesting system

The present invention relates to a compact omnidirectional energy harvesting system consisting of a semi-spherical (geodesic dome) shaped photovoltaic collector- and vertical-axis wind turbine, equipped with a power management system to convert, optimize and store the resulting solar, wind and auxiliary energy into electrical energy. The present invention has auxiliary energy capture ports to harvest ambient energies such as thermoelectric, piezoelectric, electromechanical, hydroelectric, rectifying antenna, electrostatic and electrochemical through plug-in modules.


Omnidirectional antenna

An omnidirectional antenna is provided. The omnidirectional antenna includes a spiral antenna including a substrate, at least one upper antenna pattern formed on the substrate, and at least one lower antenna pattern formed under the substrate and connected to the upper antenna pattern; and a monopole antenna that supports the spiral antenna and that is connected to the spiral antenna.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Modular active antenna structures and arrangements

Various communication systems may benefit from modularity. For example, wireless communication systems may benefit from a modular active antenna arrangement.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Antenna with shaped reflector(s), reconfigurable in orbit

The antenna is provided with at least one shaped reflector and a primary radiating feed arranged in front of a reflector, which is capable of generating a primary beam with a footprint covering a nominal coverage zone. The antenna is also provided with an adjustment device for the primary beam of the primary radiating feed, whereby said adjustment device incorporates a secondary radiating array comprised of a number of elementary radiating feeds arranged around the primary radiating feed, a beam-forming network connected to the elementary radiating feeds which is capable of synthesizing a secondary beam covering a secondary coverage zone and having a footprint which is superimposed, at least partially, upon the footprint, and a coupling device connected to the primary reception chain of the primary radiating feed and the reception chain derived from the secondary radiating array..


Low noise block converter and outdoor unit

An outdoor unit includes a dish antenna and a low noise block converter positioned at a focus point of the dish antenna. The low noise block converter comprises a housing, a feed cap disposed on top of the housing, and an air permeable membrane disposed on a bottom portion of the housing.
Microelectronics Technology, Inc.


Antenna and steering antenna beam direction for wifi applications

An antenna comprising an imd element and one or more parasitic and active tuning elements is disclosed. The imd element, when used in combination with the active tuning and parasitic elements, allows antenna operation at multiple resonant frequencies.
Ethertronics, Inc.


Device, system and method to mitigate side lobes with an antenna array

Techniques and mechanisms to transmit signals with an antenna array. In an embodiment, a first signal is received at a first input of the first antenna while a second signal is received at a second input of the second antenna.


Beamforming directional signal transmission

A beamforming method and a beamforming apparatus for directional signal transmission are provided, wherein a multiple antenna beamformer is configured to conduct a data transmission to a beamformee.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


User-wearable devices with primary and secondary radiator antennas

A user-wearable device include a wireless transceiver, a primary radiator antenna and a secondary radiator antenna. The primary radiator antenna produces a first radio frequency (rf) radiation pattern when driven by the wireless transceiver, wherein the first rf radiation pattern is at least partially circularly polarized.
Salutron, Inc.


Multiple-body-configuration multimedia and smartphone multifunction wireless devices

A multifunction wireless device having at least one of multimedia functionality and smartphone functionality, the multifunction wireless device including an upper body and a lower body, the upper body and the lower body being adapted to move relative to each other in at least one of a clamshell, a slide, and a twist manner. The multifunction wireless device further includes an antenna system disposed within at least one of the upper body and the lower body and having a shape with a level of complexity of an antenna contour defined by complexity factors f21 having a value of at least 1.05 and not greater than 1.80 and f 32 having a value of at least 1.10 and not greater than 1.90..
Fractus, S.a.


Integrated antenna with the device housing

A hinge antenna comprises a major conductor, a first rotating element and a second rotating element. The stretching arms on both sides of the major conductor are assembled to the first rotating element and the second rotating element, respectively.
Advanced-connetek Inc.


Antenna system

Disclosed is an antenna system including a glass antenna that is disposed in window glass that is installed in a window opening that is formed in a metal body of a vehicle, wherein the glass antenna is to receive a radio wave in a mf band or in a lf band; an in-vehicle antenna that is disposed at an inner side of the vehicle compared to the metal body of the vehicle, wherein the in-vehicle antenna is positioned in a vicinity of the glass antenna; and a canceler to cancel a noise signal of the in-vehicle antenna in a received signal of the glass antenna.. .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Antenna device

An antenna device to send and receive radio waves includes a base plate having a first curved slot and a first antenna wall having a first locking arm. The first locking arm a be planar in a first position and deformed to extend through the curved slot in a second position and returns to the first position after passing through the curved slot..


Antenna for plasma generation and plasma processing device having the same

Provided are an antenna, which is disposed in a vacuum chamber for generating an inductively coupled plasma, and a plasma processing device. The antenna and the plasma processing device suppress increase of the impedance even if the antenna is lengthened.
Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.


Electronic card having an external connector

A smart card is provided, including an external connector formed of an insulating support and a plurality of external metal contact pads arranged on an external face of the support, and a card body having a housing in which the external connector is arranged and includes an electronic unit and/or an antenna electrically connected to a plurality of internal metal contact pads arranged underneath the external connector and respectively aligned with the external pads. The external pads are respectively electrically connected to the internal pads by a plurality of metal parts, which are each at least partially formed by a solder material and which traverse the insulating support through respective apertures.
Nagravision S.a.


Switching between internal and external antennas

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for switching between internal and external antennas. In some implementations, a system includes an antenna, a connector, and a housing.
Devicefidelity, Inc.


Detection of malicious software, firmware, ip cores and circuitry via unintended emissions

An apparatus for testing, inspecting or screening an electrically powered device for modified or unmodified hardware, firmware or software modifications including malware, trojans, adware, improper versioning, worms, or virus and the like, includes an antenna positioned at a distance from the electrically powered device and a signal receiver or sensor for examining a signal from the electrically powered device. The receiver or sensor collects unintended rf energy components emitted by the electrically powered device and includes one or more processors and executable instructions that perform analysis in a response to the acquired signal input while the electrically powered device is active or powered.
Nokomis, Inc.


Remote touch-based control for distributed antenna system interface

Devices, systems, and methods for controlling a distributed antenna system interface (das-i) device are described. An example method may provide for control and/or monitoring of a das-i system via a gui that includes a plurality of point-of-interface (poi) slot icons, with each poi slot icon corresponding to at least one of a plurality of poi modules of the das-interface device.
Westell Technologies, Inc.


Digitizer sensor

A sensor includes a sensing area confined by a plurality of edges and a plurality of antennas spread across the sensing area. The plurality of antennas cross each other to form a grid of junctions.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Neural network-based radar system

A radar system includes an array antenna including antenna elements that each output a reception signal in response to one or plural arriving waves, and a signal processing circuit in which a learned neural network has been established. The signal processing circuit receives the reception signals, inputs the reception signals or a secondary signal generated from the reception signals to the neural network, performs computation by using the reception signals or secondary signal and learned data of the neural network, and outputs a signal indicating the number of arriving waves from the neural network..
National University Corporation Shizuoka University


Rotorcraft fitted with a radioaltimeter having plane antennas and a lens for modifying the field of view of the antennas

A method of measuring the height of a rotorcraft above the ground by means of a radioaltimeter having plane antennas, and it also provides to such a radioaltimeter and a rotorcraft fitted with such a radioaltimeter. The rotorcraft is provided with sling equipment for transporting a load swinging under the rotorcraft in a given field of mobility, and a lens modifies the basic field of view of the radioaltimeter as supplied by the antennas between firstly a limited field of view for the radioaltimeter excluding the field of mobility of the load transported by the sling equipment from the field of view of the radioaltimeter, and secondly an optimum field of view of the radioaltimeter of scope that is optimized in the event that no load is being transported by the sling equipment..
Airbus Helicopters


Method and mimo radar device for determining a position angle of an object

A method and a mimo radar device are provided for determining a position angle of an object. The method includes the following steps: emitting a first radar signal with the aid of a first transmitting antenna having a first radiation pattern; emitting a second radar signal with the aid of a second transmitting antenna having a second radiation pattern; emitting a third radar signal with the aid of a third transmitting antenna having a third radiation pattern; the first, second, and third radar signal being emitted in various directions; receiving radar signals which are reflected on the object; and determining the position angle of the object based on phase differences and based on amplitude differences, which originate from the emission of the radar signals in the first through third directions, between the received reflected radar signals..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Wireless electronic device with calibrated reflectometer

An electronic device may have control circuitry that uses a reflectometer to measure antenna impedance during operation. The reflectometer may have a directional coupler that is coupled between radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and an antenna.
Apple Inc.


Light-emitting device, module, and electronic device

To provide a light-emitting device capable of being used in a wide temperature range. To provide a light-emitting device capable of being used in a low-temperature environment and a high-temperature environment.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Dishwasher with integrated closure element having an antenna

A dishwasher with an integrated closure element, such as a pivoting door or sliding drawer front, having a metallic front panel extending from an upper edge to a lower edge of the closure element includes a user interface located on an upper face of the closure element such that when the closure element is in a closed position, the user interface faces upwardly and is inaccessible to a user. A radio system for the dishwasher includes an upwardly facing antenna located on the closure element adjacent the user interface..
Whirlpool Corporation


Simultaneous operation of multiple time division duplex links using a single transceiver

Apparatus and methods for performing simultaneous time division duplex (tdd) communications are disclosed. A wireless communication device can be configured to establish both a first tdd communication link and a second tdd communication link with a network, such as a telecommunication network.
Apple Inc.


Methods for controlling antennas and apparatuses using the same

A method for controlling antennas, performed by a virtual tunneling processor of a wireless access point, is provided and contains at least the following steps. Obtaining a plurality of first signal quality indices associated with a connecting device by respectively detecting the plurality of first signal quality indices by a plurality of antenna patterns, selecting a plurality of best antenna patterns as a plurality of antenna-pattern candidates according to the first signal quality indices, obtaining a plurality of second signal quality indices associated with the connecting device by respectively detecting the plurality of second signal quality indices by the antenna-pattern candidates, and storing the second signal quality indices in a database..
Wistron Neweb Corp.


Method for deploying a backhaul radio with antenna array

A intelligent backhaul system is disclosed to manage and control multiple intelligent backhaul radios within a geographic zone. The intelligent backhaul system includes multiple intelligent backhaul radios (ibrs) that are able to function in both obstructed and unobstructed line of sight propagation conditions, one or more intelligent backhaul controllers (ibcs) connecting the ibrs with other network elements, and an intelligent backhaul management system (ibms).
Cbf Networks, Inc.


System-wide uplink band gain control in a distributed antenna system (das), based on per-band gain control of remote uplink paths in remote units

System-wide uplink band gain control in a distributed antenna system (das) based on per-band gain control of remote uplink paths in remote units is disclosed. In one embodiment, for each uplink band in the das, a gain control system receives remote uplink band power measurements for each remote uplink path for the uplink band.
Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd


Method and power optimized iot communication

The disclosure relates to a method, apparatus and system to provide an integrated hub for communicating with wearable devices. The exemplary devices include an offloading engine to communicate directly with the wearable devices at reduced power and with relaxed radio specification requirement.
Intel Corporation


Remedial action based on inter-packet received power

In order to maintain performance during wireless communication, a transmitting electronic device may selectively perform a remedial action based on a received power in a channel during time intervals between received packets (e.g., due to interference) and/or a metric associated with the measured received power. In particular, when the received power is less than a threshold value (e.g., when the interference is insufficient to stop transmission by the transmitting electronic device), the transmitting electronic device performs the remedial action based on the measured received power and/or the metric.
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for radio frequency signal boosters for cellular and broadcast television signals with wifi signals transmission function

Provided herein are apparatus and methods for radio frequency signal boosters for cellular and broadcast television signals with wi-fi signals transmission function. Cell phone, wi-fi, and broadcast television signals are boosted and retransmitted over a shared antenna or over more than one antenna.
Cellphone-mate, Inc.


Systems and methods for adjusting wireless scan rates

The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for transmitting and receiving audio and video data. A method may include determining, by a device including one or more processors and a plurality of antennas, that the device is in an active state.


Receiver for backscatter communication

A backscatter receiving module and a method of backscatter communication is described. A front-end module receives the backscatter signal from an antenna and generates high-speed and low-speed data.
Google Inc.


High output integrated utility meter reporting system

A water meter transmission system reads data from a water meter and wirelessly transmits data to a central billing or receiving system. Disclosed transmission systems are fully integrated and contained within pit housings such that electronic components are well protected.


Wireless communication device

A wireless communication device includes a circuit board, a metal frame, and a slot antenna. The circuit board includes a multiple bandpass filter, a plurality of matching circuits, and a plurality of radio frequency (rf) modules.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Systems and methods for analog cancellation for division free duplexing for radios using mimo

System and method embodiments are provided for analog cancellation for division free duplexing for radios using mimo. In an embodiment, a system for minimizing transmitted signals from a transmitter appearing at a co-located receiver in a division free duplexing radio includes a transmitter to transmit an analog transmitted signal; an antenna; a circulator coupled to the transmitter and the antenna; a tuning algorithm component configured to receive a copy of the analog transmitted signal from the transmitter and a sampled analog received signal from a received signal path from the circulator, wherein the sampled analog received signal is sampled at a point in the received signal path before the analog received signal is provided to a receiver; and a multitap cancellation component configured to provide a cancellation signal to couple to the analog received signal such that an amount of the analog transmitted signal appearing at the receiver is reduced..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Harmonic suppression system

A harmonic suppression system, including an interface connector is connected to a common end of a first differential spmt switch; a control port of the first differential spmt switch is connected to a control port of a second differential spmt switch, and a gating throw end of the first differential spmt switch is separately connected to one end of each lc trap network in a one-to-one correspondence; the control port of the second differential spmt switch is connected to a baseband chip, each gating throw end of the second differential spmt switch is separately connected to the other end of each lc trap network in a one-to-one correspondence, and a common end of the second differential spmt switch is connected to the baseband chip; the baseband chip is connected to an antenna switch; and the antenna switch is connected to a antenna.. .
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Supporting analog remote antenna units (raus) in digital distributed antenna systems (dass) using analog rau digital adaptors

Supporting analog remote antenna units (raus) in digital distributed antenna systems (dass) using analog rau digital adaptors. In the digital das disclosed herein, a head-end equipment (hee) is configured to exchange digital communications signals with a plurality of digital raus.
Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd


Method and providing channel state information-reference signal (csi-rs) configuration information in a wireless communication system supporting multiple antennas

A method for receiving channel state information (csi) feedback by a base station supporting multiple transmit antennas from a mobile station; the base station therefore; a method for transmitting csi feedback by a mobile station to a base station supporting multiple transmit antennas; and the mobile station therefore are discussed. The method for receiving csi feedback by a base station includes according to one embodiment configuring, by the base station via radio resource control (rrc) signaling, one or more channel state information-reference signal (csi-rs) configurations and one or more null resource element (re) configurations; transmitting csi-rss; and receiving the csi feedback measured based on the csi-rss and the one or more null re configurations.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Apparatus, system and wireless backhaul and access communication via a common antenna array

Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of wireless backhaul and access communication via a common antenna array. For example, an apparatus may include a wireless communication unit to control an antenna array to form one or more first beams for communicating over one or more access links and to form one or more second beams for communicating over one or more backhaul links, the access links including wireless communication links between a wireless communication node and one or more mobile devices, and the backhaul links including wireless communication links between the wireless node and one or more other wireless communication nodes..
Intel Corporation


Methods and devices for uplink diversity transmission

A user equipment transmits using at least two uplink transmit antennas and receives a set of control signals in the downlink direction from a cellular network. The user equipment estimates a received signal quality for each control signal in said set of control signals and determines, based on said received signal quality, which control signals have been reliably received.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Modular microwave backhaul outdoor unit

A microwave backhaul system may comprise a monolithic integrated circuit comprising an on-chip transceiver, digital baseband processing circuitry, and auxiliary interface circuitry. The on-chip transceiver may process a microwave signal from an antenna element to generate a first pair of quadrature baseband signals and convey the first pair of phase-quadrature baseband signals to the digital baseband processing circuitry.
Maxlinear, Inc.


Radio communication module

A radio communication module 100 includes a board 170 on which electronic components 172 for radio communication are mounted and a housing 110 accommodating the board 170 and is installed in the vehicle. The board 170 has a hole 180 into which a pin 150 standing in the housing 110 is inserted to fix the board 170 in the housing 110 by inserting the pin 150 to the hole 180.


Arrayed antenna for coherent detection of millimeterwave and terahertz radiation

We disclose an arrayed antenna for reception of electromagnetic radiation from a millimeter-wave or terahertz range. In an example embodiment, individual antenna cells in the arrayed antenna are configured for coherent detection of the received electromagnetic radiation and are electrically connected with one another in a manner that causes each of the antenna cells to positively contribute to the overall gain of the arrayed antenna.


Method and receiving wireless communications

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for down-converting a long-range communication signal that is wirelessly received via a first antenna of a communication device to extract a first version of a baseband signal, down-converting a short-range communication signal wirelessly received from a second device via a second antenna of the communication device to extract a second version of the baseband signal from the long-range communication signal that can be received at the second device, which is remote from the communication device, via a second antenna. The first version and second version of the baseband signal can be combined to generate an information signal that can be processed.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Wireless-channel characterization and equalization

Various embodiments are described that relate to signal distortion for delay and attenuation. A transmission antenna can transmit a baseline signal to a reception antenna and then transmit a test signal to the reception antenna.
The Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Antenna switching system with adaptive switching criteria

Apparatuses may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry coupled to multiple antennas.
Apple Inc.


Wireless power transmission

A radio-frequency power transmitter. The radio-frequency power transmitter includes an array of patch antennas, an array of phase modulators, each phase modulator having an input port and associated with one or more of the patch antennas, a local oscillator that provides an oscillatory signal to the input port of each of the phase modulators, an array of amplifiers, each amplifier receiving an input from one of the phase modulators, and a microprocessor configured to interface with the array of phase modulators and control a holistic radiative power transmission vector pattern generated by the radio-frequency power transmitter..
Supply, Inc.


Wideband rectenna and rectifying rectenna

A rectenna according to the present invention includes a circular-polarized patch antenna having dual slots fed by a microstrip and configured to receive and output a radio frequency (rf) signal, and a rectifying circuit configured to convert for output the rf signal, received by the circular-polarized patch antenna, into a direct current (dc) signal and transfer the dc signal from the antenna to a load, wherein the rectifying circuit comprises at least one radial stub.. .
Agency For Defense Development


Hybrid energy harvesting device

In one aspect, a hybrid energy harvesting device is presented that comprises a photovoltaic device having a substrate that forms a first side of the photovoltaic device. The substrate has a surface through which photons can pass to produce an electrical current within the photovoltaic device.


Wireless power transfer system

Disclosed is a wireless power transfer system-charger for wireless power transmission. The wireless power transfer system-charger includes: a power converting unit to convert a dc signal into an ac signal; a control unit to control the power converting unit with a first or second operating frequency; and an induction-type antenna system and a resonance-type antenna system connected in parallel to each other, wherein power is transmitted through the induction-type antenna system or the resonance-type antenna system according to a control of the control unit..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Circuit arrangement for surge protection in dc supply circuits

The invention relates to a circuit arrangement for surge protection in dc supply circuits of electronic components or devices, in particular telecommunication devices such as transmitting and receiving antennas and/or mobile radio systems. The circuit consists of a coarse protection series circuit comprising spark gaps or gas discharge tubes between the input terminals and of capacitors connected in parallel to the spark gaps or gas discharge tubes.
Dehn + SÖhne Gmbh + Co.kg


Negative group delay circuit

A circuit for generating a negative group delay (ngd). The circuit comprises one or more electrical components, at least one of which has an input impedance that is sufficient for the electrical component(s) to generate an ngd.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Arrayed antenna for millimeter-wave and terahertz applications

We disclose an arrayed antenna for reception of electromagnetic radiation from a millimeter-wave or terahertz range. In an example embodiment, individual antenna cells in the arrayed antenna are configured for direct detection of the received electromagnetic radiation and are electrically connected in series or in parallel with one another in a manner that causes each of the antenna cells to positively contribute to the overall gain of the arrayed antenna.


Radar apparatus

A radar apparatus of the present invention includes an antenna member capable of emitting or receiving microwaves; a feed unit including a plurality of waveguides each having one end connected to a base portion of the antenna member; a radio frequency circuit in contact with the feed unit; an information-processing circuit; a signal line connecting the radio frequency circuit and the information-processing circuit; and a common board equipped with the radio frequency circuit and the information-processing circuit. Since planar positions of the information-processing circuit and the radio frequency circuit on the common board do not overlap with each other, it is possible to downsize the radar apparatus.
Nidec Elesys Corporation


Electronic device with passive antenna retuning circuitry

An electronic device may have wireless circuitry with antennas. An antenna may have an inverted-f antenna resonating element, an antenna ground, and other resonating element structures.
Apple Inc.


Bobbin for bar antenna and bar antenna including bobbin

A bobbin for a bar antenna includes a core holding portion being configured to be mounted with a stick-shaped core, and a restriction portion being connected to the core holding portion, the restriction portion being configured to restrict a turned-back portion of a conductive wire from moving to a side where a lamination portion is positioned, the conductive wire forming the lamination portion by being wound to the core in a first direction in a longitudinal direction of the core, the turned-back portion serving as a portion being turned back in a second direction that is different from the first direction.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Frequency characteristic adjusting jig, antenna testing apparatus and antenna testing method, and loop antenna

A frequency characteristic adjusting jig attached to a loop antenna includes: a conductive first member which is located along an outer periphery of a loop for a portion of a conductor forming the loop antenna, and which is electromagnetically coupled or electrically connected to the portion of the conductor; a conductive second member which is located along the outer periphery of the loop for another portion of the conductor, and which is electromagnetically coupled or electrically connected to the other portion of the conductor; and a conductive third member which connects the first and second members together via a different path than a path formed along the loop. The first and second members are chosen to have a length along the loop such that a frequency characteristic of the loop antenna is shifted according to the length..
Fujitsu Limited


Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium

A communication apparatus having an antenna, for which directivity characteristics can be changed by setting parameters, specifies the parameters of the antenna to obtain directivity characteristics to be used for communication. After specifying the first parameter having a direction of directivity corresponding to the first communication path with another communication apparatus, the communication apparatus searches for the second parameter having a direction of directivity corresponding to the second communication path from parameters obtained by excluding the first parameter from possible parameters.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Pcb beam-forming antenna

A two-dimensional antenna includes a ground plane, a primary radiator element, and at least one switchable radiator element. The ground plane comprises an electrically conductive material and is electrically coupled to an electrical ground.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


System in which a phased array antenna emulates lower directivity antennas

A system includes a phased array antenna that is used to emulate antennas that have larger solid angle coverage and lower gain compared to a single beam of the phased array antenna. This is achieved by switching between beams of the phased array antenna while receiving a wireless communication signal and summing representations of signal energy received using the different beams.


Antenna system

An antenna system includes a first antenna, a second antenna, and a bridge element. The first antenna is excited by a first signal source.
Acer Incorporated


Antenna switch modules and methods of making the same

antenna switch modules and methods of making the same are provided. In one implementation, an antenna switch module includes a first transmit and first receive port that are respectively connected to at least one antenna series switches.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Flat spiral antenna for utility meter reporting systems and other applications

A new flat spiral vhf antenna (fsva) transmits circularly polarized rf transmissions only. The spiral antenna transmits from circular components only, forgoing transmission from any vertical or horizontal component.


Interlaced element uhf/vhf/fm antenna

A uhf/vhf/fm antenna consisting of two elongated octagonal elements formed individually from ¼″ o.d. (outer dimension) flexible copper tubing, interlaced with each other before coupling of the open tubing ends, then concentrically aligned perpendicular to each other, and soldered at a interlacing cross points.


On-vehicle radar device and vehicle

An on-vehicle radar device includes a mount and an antenna configured to transmit a transmission wave from an inner side of laminated glass, which includes an innermost glass layer, an outermost glass layer, and an intermediate resin layer, and receive a reflected wave. The antenna includes a transmitting antenna.
Nidec Elesys Corporation


Antenna integrated into a touch sensor of a touchscreen display

A touch sensor with a transparent conductive layer and a metalized border area at least partially bordering the transparent conductive layer and forming a far-field antenna.. .
Intel Corporation


Method and in-mold laminate antennas

Embodiments of systems and methods for providing in-mold laminate antennas are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed..
Intel Corporation


Communication device and display incorporating antennas between display pixels

A display, such as for a touch-sensitive communication device, can include a transparent cover glass, pixels that emit light through the cover glass, and multiple antennas positioned along respective paths in an inactive area between the pixels. The antennas do not obstruct the light produced by the pixels, and can therefore be composed of opaque materials, such as metallic thin films, without affecting the optical properties of the display.
Intel Corporation


Antenna device

According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, an antenna device implemented in a display device may comprise a dielectric layer provided in the display device, an antenna area disposed in a surface of the dielectric layer provided in a transparent area of the display device and having at least one or more antenna patterns transmitting or receiving an electromagnetic wave through a plurality of conductive grids, a power feeding area provided in at least one of the transparent area and an opaque area of the display device and having a power feeding pattern providing a signal current to the antenna pattern through the plurality of conductive grids, and a transmission line portion connecting a substrate portion provided in the display device with the power feeding pattern. Further, the antenna device according to the present disclosure may also be implemented in other various embodiments..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Substrate processing method

A substrate processing method for performing a plasma process on a processing target substrate by a plasma processing apparatus is provided. The plasma processing apparatus comprises: a processing chamber; a gas supply unit; a mounting table; a microwave generator; a dielectric plate; a slot antenna plate; a wavelength shortening plate; and a microwave supply unit, and the microwave supply unit comprises a coaxial waveguide and a distance varying device.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Rotating rf electric field antenna for uniform plasma generation

A plasma processing chamber includes a substrate support for receiving and holding a substrate. A window in the plasma processing chamber is oriented over the substrate support.
Lam Research Corporation

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