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Antenna patents

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Antenna structure and internal combustion engine


Antenna structure and internal combustion engine

Handrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus

Handrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus

Handrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus

Adc Telecommunications

Systems and methods for capacity management for a distributed antenna system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Antenna-related patents
 Neutron generator patent thumbnailNeutron generator
A neutron generator includes a sealed envelope providing a low pressure environment for a gas of hydrogen isotope(s). One end of the envelope defines an ion source chamber.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
 Antenna structure and internal combustion engine patent thumbnailAntenna structure and internal combustion engine
The antenna structure has a high frequency wave transmission line that transmits a high frequency wave and an emission antenna part for emitting the high frequency wave supplied via the high frequency wave transmission line. The emission antenna part includes a metal antenna having a rod-like shape and a ceramic layer that covers at least a part of the metal antenna..
Imagineering, Inc.
 Handrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus patent thumbnailHandrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus
A handrail mountable wireless components installation apparatus and related method of installation are disclosed. The apparatus/method includes a shell having two parts, a wireless components housing and a lid; and a chassis for the fixedly but detachable mounting within the shell of the wireless electronic components necessary to provide a wifi signal, as for example a router and an antenna, the chassis equipped with two sets of brackets.
 Systems and methods for capacity management for a distributed antenna system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for capacity management for a distributed antenna system
Systems and methods for capacity management for a distributed antenna system are provided. In one embodiment, a distributed antenna system comprises: a host unit; a plurality of remote antenna units coupled to the host unit via a plurality of communication links, wherein the plurality of communication links transport a radio frequency (rf) carrier signal between the host unit and at least one wireless subscriber unit via the plurality of remote units; and at least one capacity processor, wherein the capacity processor alters at least a portion of the rf carrier signal such that the at least one wireless subscriber unit can utilize a bandwidth of the rf carrier signal that is less than a full available bandwidth of the rf carrier signal..
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.
 Wireless communication control channel apparatus and method patent thumbnailWireless communication control channel apparatus and method
An apparatus and method for control channel transmission in a wireless network are disclosed. A disclosure is provided with at least one resource block (rb) including a first control channel element associated with a first antenna port (ap) and a second control channel element associated with a second ap.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.
 Method and  acquiring diversity gain according to distributed resource allocation for downlink control channel in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and acquiring diversity gain according to distributed resource allocation for downlink control channel in wireless communication system
In the present invention, disclosed is a method for a base station transmitting a downlink control channel to user equipment in a wireless communication system. More specifically, the method comprises the steps of configuring resource elements, which are included in each of a plurality of resource blocks, as a plurality of resource element groups comprising a predetermined number of resource elements; allocating antenna ports to the resource elements which are included in each of the plurality of resource element groups; allocating as a transmission resource for the downlink control channel, at least one resource element group from each of the plurality of resource blocks; and transmitting the downlink control channel to the user equipment by using the transmission resource..
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Method and system of communication with low cost machine type communication devices patent thumbnailMethod and system of communication with low cost machine type communication devices
The present invention provides a method and system of communication with low cost machine type communication (mtc) devices. In one embodiment, a mtc device transmits capability information to a base station.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Mobile device locating using long term evolution signals patent thumbnailMobile device locating using long term evolution signals
The described examples provide a system and methods for identifying a location of a mobile device within an indoor venue using cellular communication signals obtained while the mobile device is within the indoor venue. An array of antennas arranged within the indoor venue detects cellular communication signals transmitted by the mobile device.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless
 Wireless communication apparatus and method patent thumbnailWireless communication apparatus and method
According to one embodiment, a wireless communication apparatus includes a transceiver, an estimator and a controller. The transceiver transmits and receives a frame in a frequency band which is used by a first system executing communication in a first communication range determined by a first transmission power and a first antenna gain.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Methods for managing radio resources between multiple radio modules and communications apparatus utilizing the same patent thumbnailMethods for managing radio resources between multiple radio modules and communications apparatus utilizing the same
Communications apparatus includes first and second radio modules and an antenna array coupled to the first and the second radio modules and includes multiple antennas. When the first and the second radio modules operate at the same time, the first radio module negotiates with a first communications device an amount of antenna(s) to be used by a first message, so that the first radio module operates with the amount of the antenna(s) and second radio module operates with at least one of the remaining antenna(s)..
Mediatek Inc.

Method for deciding position of terminal connecting bluetooth inside vehicle

A method for deciding a position of a terminal connecting a bluetooth system inside a vehicle includes measuring, by each of a plurality of bluetooth antennas equipped inside the vehicle, a strength of received power of the terminal. A distance of the terminal is determined from each of the plurality of bluetooth antennas based on the measured strength of received power.
Hyundai Motor Company

Method and determining direction information for a wireless device

A method performed by an apparatus includes scanning at least one of multiple radio frequencies using at least two beamforming antennas of a plurality of beamforming antennas coupled to the eyewear and detecting, on a first scanned radio frequency, first externally emitted radio energy. The method further includes identifying a first wireless device using the detected first externally emitted radio energy and determining a first direction of the first wireless device relative to the eyewear..
Motorola Mobility Llc

Point-to-multipoint microwave communication

A microwave communication system may include subscriber stations in communication with a base station. The stations may include time duplex circuitry normally found in wireless local area networks (wlans).
Skyriver Communications, Inc.

Speech processor headpiece

A cochlear implant system includes: an electrode array implanted within a cochlea; an internal processor in communication with the electrode array; an implanted antenna which is electrically coupled to the internal processor; and a modular external headpiece which is removably positioned over the implanted antenna, the modular external headpiece including a core containing a sound processor for processing sound and providing a corresponding signal to the implanted antenna; and a modular component configured to releasably engage the core and supply electrical power to the core. A modular speech processor headpiece includes a core comprising a microphone and sound processor for producing a signal representing ambient sound to be transmitted to a cochlear implant, the core further comprising a number of electrical contacts; and a modular component containing a number of electrical contacts corresponding to the electrical contacts of the core; wherein the core is configured to engage with the modular component such that electrical communication is made between the core and the modular component..
Advanced Bionics Ag

Antenna for wireless underground communication

Systems and methods are disclosed for an underground antenna structure for radiating through a dissipative medium, the antenna structure. The antenna structure includes a dielectric substrate, a feeding structure disposed on the substrate, and one or more electrical conductors.
Nutech Ventures

Method of operating an infrared temperature magnet with an rfid antenna

A method of collecting vibration and temperature data with a mobile data collector electro-mechanically connected to a sensory head is proposed. The data collected from a surface of a machine housing having an rfid tag mounted thereon.
Aktiebolaget Skf

Mobile terminal

There is disclosed a mobile terminal including a case, a first antenna mounted in the case to perform wireless communication in a specific frequency band, a grounding surface mounted in the case, a receiver mounted in the case, toward a front surface of the case, a battery cover coupled to a rear surface of the case, the battery cover comprising a conductive portion, and a contact pin configured to connect the conductive portion and the grounding surface with each other, wherein the contact pin is formed in a predetermined portion where a phase of an electromagnetic field formed by the first antenna changes. The mobile terminal may adjust the had grade to a base grade or higher of the hac by adjusting the position of the electromagnetic field peak, regardless of the size of the mobile terminal..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method of wireless communication with a multi-antenna receiver

A method of transmitting data between a transmitter furnished with m>=1 transmission antenna(s) and a receiver furnished with n>=2 reception antennas, in which said data are coded using an ofdm/oqam modulation having l>=1 subcarriers. The method combines a specific coding/decoding with a precoding by time reversal, which can be used in high speed radio communications..

Csi-rs antenna ports extension and 3d codebook design

A system and a method is disclosed for selecting at least one vertical precoding vector of a three-dimensional multiple input multiple output (3d-mimo) configuration based on channel state information-reference signal (csi-rs) information that is feedback from a wireless terminal device to an evolved node b (enb). The 3d-mimo csi-rs process is configured for a plurality of csi-rs ports in which the plurality of csi-rs ports that are grouped into a plurality of csi-rs port groups and in which corresponds to the 3d arrangement of antennas.

Turbo equalisation

A receiver (200) for receiving for receiving encoded data transmitted simultaneously as a plurality of m different sequences of transmitted symbols from different transmit antennas using a plurality of m modulation levels, where m and m are integers and each of the transmitted symbols represents a plurality of bits of the encoded data, comprises a demodulator (210) arranged to provide n received symbol combinations by receiving at a plurality of n receive antennas (202, 204), where n is an integer, the plurality of m different sequences of transmitted symbols, wherein each received symbol combination comprises m simultaneously received ones of the transmitted symbols. An equaliser (230) is arranged to generate from the n received symbol combinations m pre-processed signals by performing interference cancellation, in which interference cancellation a different symbol of the respective received symbol combination is a wanted signal and the other symbols of the respective received symbol combination are interfering signals.
Ericsson Modems Sa

Method, apparatus, and system for processing interference signal

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus, and a system for processing an interference signal, so as to eliminate an interference signal in a full duplex multi-antenna system. The method includes: receiving a radio signal, where the signal includes a self-interference signal of a transmit antenna, and the self-interference signal includes a first self-interference signal, and a second self-interference signal; performing primary interference cancellation processing, by using a first reference signal, on the received signal to eliminate the first self-interference signal; and performing secondary interference cancellation processing, by using a second reference signal, on the signal after the primary interference cancellation processing to eliminate the second self-interference signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems

A method and apparatus are provided for reducing the number of pilot symbols within a mimo-ofdm communication system, and for improving channel estimation within such a system. For each transmitting antenna in an ofdm transmitter, pilot symbols are encoded so as to be unique to the transmitting antenna.
Blackberry Limited

Method for transmitting reference signal to antenna port in wireless access system

The present invention provides various methods for transmitting a channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) by varying a transmission period for each antenna port or antenna port group, and also provides apparatuses supporting the methods. The method for receiving a csi-rs in a wireless access system according to one aspect of the present invention may comprise the steps of: receiving a csi-rs component information element for setting csi-rs transmission periods for two or more antenna ports to be mutually different; receiving csi-rss for each of the two or more antenna ports based on the csi-rs component information element; and acquiring channel state information for each of the two or more antenna ports based on the received csi-rs..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method for receiving or transmitting downlink signal in wireless communication system and device therefor

One embodiment of the present invention discloses a method for receiving a downlink signal in a wireless communication system that supports coordinated multiple-point transmission and reception (comp), and the method comprises the steps of: receiving downlink control information that contains a plurality of resource allocation parts from a base station; and acquiring information on whether it can be assumed that an antenna port(s) of a particular reference signal and an antenna port (s) of a demodulation reference signal associated with each of the plurality of resource allocation parts are quasi co-located (qcl).. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Built-in self-test technique for detection of imperfectly connected antenna in ofdm transceivers

Ofdm communication transceiver having a receiver chain and an emitting chain, adapted to test its connection with an antenna circuit unit (11), the receiver chain comprising a time-to-frequency transform unit (15) and the emitting chain comprising a frequency-to-time transform unit (6), and the transceiver further comprising:—means for disconnecting the receiver chain to the antenna circuit unit (11);—means for providing a stimulus as input to the emitting chain;—means (22, 23) for reintroducing the signal at the output of the emitting chain as an input of the receiving chain;—means (24) for determining a circuit resonance frequency, fr, and a quality factor, q, of a transfer function computed from the output of the time-to-frequency transform unit (15);—means for deciding (25, 26) about the connection of said antenna circuit unit (11) according to these resonance frequency and quality factor.. .
St-ericsson Sa

Antenna tuning unit

A system, apparatus, and method directed to impedance matching an antenna with a transmitter for non-directional radio beacons. The apparatus includes an l-type impedance network comprising non-capacitive elements and at least one variable inductor on each branch of the impedance network.
Southern Avionics Co.

Circuit and a circuit

A circuit comprises a transmitter to provide a transmit signal. The circuit also comprises a coupler element to receive the transmit signal at an input port, to provide a first representation of the transmit signal at an antenna port and a second representation of the transmit signal at a testing port.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Relay device, satellite relay device, and satellite relay method

A relay device includes first demultiplexing units that demultiplex reception signals into demultiplexed signals in a narrower band, first and second multiplexing units that multiplex input signals to generate multiplexed signals, transmission antennas that transmit the multiplexed signals generated by the multiplexing units, a regenerative relay unit that modulates an information sequence obtained by carrying out demodulation processing to the multiplexed signal generated by the second multiplexing unit to generate a modulated signal, a second demultiplexing unit that demultiplexes the modulated signal into a demultiplexed signal in a band narrower than the band of the reception signal, and a switch unit that inputs the demultiplexed signals demultiplexed by the first demultiplexing units to the multiplexing units and inputs the demultiplexed signal demultiplexed by the second demultiplexing unit to the first multiplexing units.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

System and wireless broadband communication in a marine environment

The current invention is a system and method for facilitating high-quality broadband wireless communication in a mobile environment. The present invention also offers significantly improved performance over currently available land-based systems, as high bit rate data connectivity is made possible over long distances by utilizing multiple frequencies, antennas, polarizations, modulations, and radios to optimize propagation and accomplish the delivery of synchronous and asynchronous data connections to a seagoing vessel (or other such user, such as a plane or vehicle)..

Systems and methods for signal frequency division in wireless communication systems

A system may include at least one antenna for receiving a first receive signal having a first signal diversity property and a second receive signal having a second signal diversity property. A first signal path may include a first frequency converter for downconverting the first receive signal to a first intermediate frequency signal having a first intermediate frequency.
Aviat U.s., Inc.

Self-adapted multi-antenna selection broadband wireless access for high-speed railway

Various embodiments of a self-adapted multi-antenna selection technique based on broadband wireless access network for high-speed railway are provided. Compared with conventional techniques, the proposed strategy adaptively pairs antennas of an antenna array associated with a base station in response to the fast-changing distance between the base station and the antenna array on a high-speed train.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Spatial null creation using massive mimo (m-mimo)

In a base station having a massive multiple input multiple output (m-mimo) antenna array, the availability of the m-mimo antenna array is exploited to manage the interference caused by the base station to neighboring cells. In one embodiment, the large number of antenna elements of the m-mimo antenna array are used to create precise transmit and/or receive spatial nulls at specific user equipments (ues) being served by a neighboring cell and/or in select areas of the neighboring cell.
Broadcom Corporation

Method for transmitting feedback by using codebook in wireless communication system and same

The present invention relates to a method for a transmission end transmitting a feedback by using a codebook in a wireless communication system, which supports a multiple antennas, comprising the steps of: determining a first codeword for a first horizontal antenna group from a first codebook, which comprises at least one precoding matrix and is selected for a plurality of horizontal antenna groups from a predetermined codebook; determining a second codeword for a second horizontal antenna group; determining a third codeword for each of the antenna groups other than the first and second horizontal antenna groups, from the plurality of horizontal antenna groups; and providing a feedback of at least one of first, second and third codewords to a receiving end, wherein the third codeword is determined according to a phase increase value, which is determined in accordance with the first and second codewords.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Mehod and codebook-based precoding in mimo systems

A method including using a precoding code book for controlling transmissions from four antennas of a device, said code book including a plurality of entries, wherein said entries are such that a single layer is mapped to each selected antenna, said code book entries including different antenna pair combinations whereby one or two antenna pairs are selected for transmission.. .
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Antenna configuration for dynamic re-distribution of magnetic fields

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for dynamic re-distribution of magnetic fields in a device during near field communication (nfc) related functions or transactions and/or wireless charging.. .

Nfc antenna module and nfc module including the same

A resonance frequency of a near field communication (nfc) antenna module may be set to be equal to a first frequency by a resonance unit included in the nfc antenna module. The nfc module may include a matching circuit connected to the nfc antenna module.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Information processing terminal apparatus connected to opposed connection device via proximity wireless communication

An information processing terminal apparatus is provided with antennas formed of a transparent conductive film on a front surface of a liquid crystal panel. The information processing terminal apparatus selects data transfer antennas from the antennas, and performs a proximity wireless communication between a transmission antenna of the recording media and the data transfer antenna and between an receiving antenna of the recording media and the data transfer antenna when the transmission antenna and the receiving antenna of the recording media are opposed to the data transfer antennas, respectively..
Panasonic Corporation

Smart nfc antenna matching network system having multiple antennas and user device including the same

At least one example embodiment provides a near field communication (nfc) antenna matching network system connected to an nfc transceiver. The nfc antenna matching network system includes a matching circuit connected to first and second antenna terminals and to the nfc transceiver.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Communication system and a mitigating leakage signals

A communication system that includes a transmit antenna, a radio frequency (rf) phase shifting module, an rf combiner, a first receive antenna and a second receive antenna; wherein the first and second receive antennas are located at a same distance from the transmit antenna; wherein the first and second receive antennas are arranged to receive first and second leakage signals resulting from a transmission of rf radiation by the transmit antenna; wherein the rf phase shifting module is configured to receive signals from the first and second receive antennas, to phase shift signals from at least one of first and second receive antennas to provide intermediate rf signals; wherein the phase shift caused by the rf phase shifting module introduces a destructive phase shift between the first and second leakage signals; wherein the rf combiner is configured to add the intermediate rf signals to provide combined rf signals.. .
Dsp Group Ltd.

Cover case and electronic system

A cover case suitable for an electronic device and being detachably attached to the electronic device includes an antenna module, a controller, a display unit, an energy storage unit and a charging circuit. The antenna module receives a wireless signal from the electronic device.
Htc Corporation

Systems and methods for a universal antenna module

Systems and methods are provided for wireless communication circuitry (202) that includes (1) a first antenna matching circuit (213) configured to tune a first antenna (208) to a first subset of a plurality of frequency bands or a second subset of the frequency bands, and including a first switch (220) with selectable states corresponding to the first and second subsets; (2) a second antenna matching circuit (215) configured to tune a second antenna (210) to a third subset of the frequency bands or a fourth subset of the frequency bands, and including a second switch (222) with selectable states corresponding to the third and fourth subsets; and (3) a third antenna matching circuit (211) configured to tune a third antenna (206) to a fifth subset of the frequency bands. The circuitry is operable with a plurality of service providers associated with the fifth subset and one of the other subsets..
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Self-calibrating antenna system

A self-calibrating antenna system having a radio frequency (rf) detector configured to estimate a time delay of a transmission signal on a transmission line, which couples an rf front end with an antenna tuner, based on a magnitude and phase of an input impedance of the transmission line at a first set of a plurality of respective frequencies, and a transceiver configured to transmit to the antenna tuner a calibrated tuning control command based on the estimated time delay to calibrate the antenna tuner and the transmission line.. .

Antenna duplexer

An antenna duplexer includes first and second filters connected to an antenna terminal. The first filter has a passband of a low frequency band.
Panasonic Corporation

Wireless power receiving apparatus

A first switch is arranged between one end of a reception antenna and one end of a load. A second switch is arranged between the aforementioned one end of the reception antenna and the other end thereof.
Advantest Corporation

Wireless charging optimization

Wireless charging methods and apparatus are disclosed, including a wireless charging method comprising transmitting a wireless charging signal using an antenna, determining an indication of power being transferred to at least one device being charged by the wireless charging signal, adjusting an impedance of the antenna to increase the power being transferred.. .
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

High efficiency wireless charging system and its control method

A control method for a wireless charging system has steps of performing impedance matching on an antenna of the wireless charging system; tracing an optimal frequency point by sending a sensing signal with a default transmission frequency, and calculating a transmission efficiency of the sensing signal; determining whether the transmission efficiency meets a transmission requirement. When the transmission efficiency does not meet the transmission requirement, repeats the previous steps with another default transmission frequency until the transmission efficiency meeting the transmission requirement.
Automotive Research & Testing Center

Antenna for wireless charging

The present application relates to an antenna for wireless charging, the antenna comprising a coil having a fixed inductance and a fixed area, such that the antenna is operable in a frequency range of 100 khz to 13.56 mhz.. .
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Three band whip antenna

A three band whip antenna has a base where the whip antenna along its whole length or part of its length, has a lowest frequency band antenna element and an intermediate frequency band antenna element, wherein a highest frequency band antenna is included in the whip antenna at a position closer to base than the intermediate frequency band antenna element.. .
Comrod As

Antenna device and electronic apparatus

A square bracket-shaped radiation element is in a non-ground region of a board. A first reactance element that equivalently enters a short-circuited state in a second frequency band is connected between a second end of the radiation element and a ground conductor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Antenna arrangement

antenna arrangement for a multi-radiator base station antenna, the antenna having a feeding network based on air filled coaxial lines (1, 2, 3), wherein each coaxial line comprises an outer conductor (8) and an inner conductor (4, 5, 6), wherein an adjustable differential phase shifter including a dielectric part (9) is arranged in the antenna and said dielectric part being movable longitudinally in relation to at least one coaxial line (1, 2, 3).. .
Cellmax Technologies Ab

Method for defining the structure of a ka band antenna

A method is provided for defining an antenna with weak sidelobes having at least two sources, in which the sources are regularly distributed and the reflectors have suitable shapes, obtained by the implementation of a specific algorithm, the reflectors being illuminated by sources composed of a single part. The obtained antenna will offer a gain close to 0 in the direction of the array lobes, so these will be as low as possible..

Electrically tunable miniature antenna

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for electrically tuning radiators in a portable device.. .

Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same

An antenna structure includes a baseplate, a first radiator plate, a second radiator plate, and a third radiator plate. The baseplate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Trimming patch antenna and patch antenna structure

A testing apparatus drives a laser trimmer to adjust a frequency variation of a patch antenna. A trimming method for the patch antenna includes following steps.
Cirocomm Technology Corp.

Surface mount antenna contacts

A method and system for connecting a vertical printed circuit board with a horizontal printed circuit board where a contact device is biased in a first position when not contacting a vertical printed circuit board and is biased in a second position when the vertical printed circuit is coupled to the horizontal printed circuit board.. .
Xirrus, Inc.

Ferrite composition, ferrite plate, member for antenna element, and antenna element

An object is to provide a ferrite composition suitable for an antenna element with a long communication distance in a high-frequency band (for example, 13.56 mhz), a ferrite plate formed of the ferrite composition, a magnetic member for an antenna element formed of the ferrite plate, and an antenna element provided with a member for an antenna element. A ferrite composition, wherein: main components contain, with fe2o3 conversion, 45.0-49.5 mol % of iron oxide, with cuo conversion, 4.0-16.0 mol % of copper oxide, with zno conversion, 19.0-25.0 mol % of zinc oxide, a remaining portion is constituted by nickel oxide, an inevitable impurity is removed with respect to the main components, and as accessory components, with tio2 conversion, 0.5-2 weight % of titanium oxide, with cuo conversion, 0.35-2 weight % of cobalt oxide are contained..
Tdk Corporation

Communication terminal apparatus and antenna device

An antenna device which includes a coil conductor and a booster conductor. The coil conductor is defined by wound loop-shaped conductors and includes a first opening at a winding center and two ends connected to a feeding circuit.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Antenna structure and wireless communication device

An antenna structure includes a main antenna, a parasitic antenna, a matching circuit and a switching circuit. The main antenna includes a feeding strip and a first radiating strip coupled to the feeding strip.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Platform independent antenna

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for electrically tuning radiators in a portable device. The electrical tuning implements platform independent radiating elements or antennas in a portable device..

Load balancing of dual-polarized antennas

There is provided a dual-polarized n/2-column antenna arrangement. The antenna module arrangement comprises a coupler module.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Antenna reflector system

A scan range of a steerable antenna is extended using a reflecting surface or surfaces within the scan range. Various implementations may also include lenses, and the reflecting surface, lenses, or both may include meta-materials.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Antenna system with high isolation characteristics

An antenna system includes at least one antenna element. The antenna element includes a ground plane, a grounding isolation element, and a feeding element.
Wistron Neweb Corp.

Inverted-f antenna provided with an isolation unit

An inverted-f antenna includes a ground unit, a radiating unit, a short circuit unit, and an isolation unit. The radiating unit is spaced apart from the ground unit, and includes a feed-in point that is configured to be fed with a radio frequency signal.
Taiwan Tongda Communication Co., Ltd.

Transmitting-receiving-separated dual-polarization antenna

To reduce coupling between transmission and reception while implementing sharing of polarized waves for both the transmitting band and the receiving band at the same time. Patch antenna for transmitting band and patch antenna for receiving band, which are arranged at predetermined spacing, include an upper-stage ground conductor; a lower-stage ground conductor; a feed line which is arranged among the ground conductor and the lower-stage ground conductor; a feed slot which is formed on the upper-stage ground conductor; a patch which is electromagnetically coupled with the feed line via the feed slot; and electromagnetic shielding members which are connected with the upper-stage ground conductor and the lower-stage ground conductor in a state in which the electromagnetic shielding members are located around the feed line.
Kddi Corporation

Radio-frequency device and wireless communication device for enhancing antenna isolation

A radio-frequency device for a wireless communication device includes an antenna disposition area, a grounding unit, a first antenna and a second antenna. The first antenna includes a feed-in plate; a first radiating element, coupled to the feed-in plate and electrically connected to the grounding unit; and a metal branch, electrically connected to the grounding unit; wherein the grounding unit is shared by the first antenna and the second antenna, the feed-in plate is disposed in-between the metal branch and the first radiating element, and the metal branch is used for guiding a reflected signal generated from the second antenna to the metal branch so as to enhance isolations of the first antenna and the second antenna..
Wistron Neweb Corporation

Integrated radio and solar panels

A solar panel array structure is used in network communications that comprises at least one support structure configured to support a solar panel array, wherein the at least one support structure comprises a metal portion. The metal portion comprises antenna connections that are configured to allow the metal portion to be used as a radio antenna.
Vivint, Inc.

Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same

An antenna structure includes a feed portion, a ground portion, a connecting portion, a first metallic sheet, a second metallic sheet, and a coupling portion. The connecting portion is electrically connected to the feed portion.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Dual-circular polarized antenna system

In an example embodiment, an azimuth combiner comprises: a septum layer comprising a plurality of septum dividers; first and second housing layers attached to first and second sides of the septum layer; a linear array of ports on a first end of the combiner; wherein the first and second housing layers each comprise waveguide h-plane t-junctions; wherein the waveguide t-junctions can be configured to perform power dividing/combining; and wherein the septum layer evenly bisects each port of the linear array of ports. A stack of such azimuth combiners can form a two dimensional planar array of ports to which can be added a horn aperture layer, and a grid layer, to form a dual-polarized, dual-bfn, dual-band antenna array..
Viasat, Inc.

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