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Antenna patents


This page is updated frequently with new Antenna-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Antenna-related patents
 Method and  processing data flows patent thumbnailMethod and processing data flows
An apparatus for facilitating the re-distribution of processing load between a plurality of radio equipment controllers arranged in a daisy chain configuration on a common public radio interface. The apparatus may be included in each rec and has two framers which may co-operate to forward iq data of antenna carriers received on a downlink from a preceding rec to a subsequent rec in the chain and a dma module or channel which can read iq data from a system memory for onward transmission.

 Antenna method and apparatus patent thumbnailAntenna method and apparatus
An information handling system includes a triangular chassis and a plurality of antennas that provide optimized coverage in all directions around the triangular chassis. An antenna may be operated from each vertex of the triangular shaped base chassis.
Dell Products, Lp

 Enhanced base station and  communicating through an enhanced distributed antenna system (edas) patent thumbnailEnhanced base station and communicating through an enhanced distributed antenna system (edas)
Embodiments of an enhanced base station and method for communicating through an enhanced distributed antenna system (edas) are generally described herein. The edas includes geographically-separated antenna nodes and each of the antenna nodes has a plurality of antenna elements.
Intel Corporation

 Sensing proximity utilizing a wireless radio subsystem patent thumbnailSensing proximity utilizing a wireless radio subsystem
In one embodiment, a method includes, by an rf transceiver of a wireless communications device associated with a first user of an online system, transmitting an rf reference signal to each antenna of multiple antennas coupled to the transceiver. The method also includes, by a processor of the wireless communications device, determining, for each antenna of the multiple antennas, at least one characteristic of the rf reference signal reflected back from the antenna.
Facebook, Inc.

 Wireless sensor base station with coexistence of multiple homogeneous radios patent thumbnailWireless sensor base station with coexistence of multiple homogeneous radios
Techniques are disclosed for reducing interference, in a network device, among multiple radio circuits operating in a same or similar frequency band and in close physical proximity. In some embodiments, a network device includes a first and a second wireless network circuit.
Netgear, Inc.

 Antenna architecture and operational  rf test connector reduction patent thumbnailAntenna architecture and operational rf test connector reduction
A method and system configures a wireless communication device to support various radio frequency test modes. A controller determines whether an rf test cable is connected between test equipment and a test connector while a corresponding transceiver(s) is operating.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

 Techniques for estimating a coverage area for a distributed antenna system (das) or a repeater system patent thumbnailTechniques for estimating a coverage area for a distributed antenna system (das) or a repeater system
Techniques for estimating a coverage area for a distributed antenna system (das) or a repeater system are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for estimating a coverage area for a distributed antenna system (das) or a repeater system.
Jdsu Uk Limited

 Mobile phone and  near field communication patent thumbnailMobile phone and near field communication
Disclosed herein is a mobile phone with the near field communication (nfc) technology and method of operating the mobile phone. The mobile phone includes a display; a baseband chip; a near field communication (nfc) module comprising an rf antenna, an nfc tag circuit and an nfc main chip; and the rf antenna configured to receive incoming rf signals in 13.56 mhz..
Aq Corporation

 Systems and methods for performing radio-frequency testing on near-field communications circuitry patent thumbnailSystems and methods for performing radio-frequency testing on near-field communications circuitry
An electronic device may be provided with near-field communications (nfc) circuitry for communicating with external equipment. Test equipment may perform radio-frequency testing on the nfc circuitry.
Apple Inc.

 Accessing serial console port of a wireless access point patent thumbnailAccessing serial console port of a wireless access point
A computer readable medium includes instructions which cause performance of operations to configure an access point, including receiving, by a wireless communication controller, wireless communication signals detected by a wireless communication antenna. The access point includes the wireless communication antenna, the wireless communication controller, and a system-on-chip (soc) having a serial port configured for receiving input from the wireless communication controller.
Aruba Networks Inc.


Mobile device

A mobile phone includes an antenna housing made of a resin, an insert metal plate made of a metal, which is buried in the antenna housing and has a connecting portion exposed from an outer surface of the antenna housing, and an antenna element provided on the outer surface of the antenna housing and brought into contact with the connecting portion. A boundary between a region where the antenna element is in contact with the connecting portion and a region where the antenna element is in contact with the antenna housing is nonlinear.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Communication visualization system

A communication visualization system includes a wireless power-feeding device for transmitting electromagnetic energy in a wireless manner and a communication visualization device for notifying that a lan cable connected to an information communication apparatus is performing information communication. The communication visualization device includes an antenna part for receiving the electromagnetic energy transmitted from the wireless power-feeding device, a rectifier circuit for rectifying the electromagnetic energy received by the antenna part to generate a dc voltage, an amplifier circuit for amplifying a communication signal transferred to the communication cable at the time of information communication by using the dc voltage generated by the rectifier circuit as operation power, a rectifier circuit for converting the amplified communication signal into a dc voltage, and a light-emitting circuit for emitting light when the dc voltage after conversion is supplied..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems

Methods and apparatus are provided for inserting data symbols and pilot symbols in an ofdm (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) transmission resource utilizing frequency hopping patterns for the data symbols and/or the pilot symbols. Data symbols and pilot symbols are allocated for down link (base station to mobile station) and up link (mobile station to bases station) transmission resources in a two-dimensional time-frequency pattern.
Blackberry Limited


Aas direct signaling framing methodologies to support high capacity wireless links

A new frame structure applicable to the ieee 802.16 ofdma wireless waveform is described, for the purposes of increasing base station capacity, increasing subscriber link rates and extending base station range. The frame structure provides the necessary constructs so that advance signal processing technologies such as stacked carrier spread spectrum and adaptive antenna technology may be used in combination with these constructs in order to realize these gains.
The Directv Group, Inc.


Method and base station for transmitting downstream link data, and method and user device for receiving downstream link data

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus which transmit/receive at least one demodulation reference signal by using a cdm group and/or a transmission rank of a user device that have been used to transmit the at least one demodulation reference signal for the user device, an occ that has been used to spread the demodulation reference signal, etc. Also, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus which change an antenna port for transmitting the demodulation reference signal by using ndi for a disabled transmission block..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Device and limiting an extent of a wireless network service

A device for limiting an extent of a wireless network service is provided. The device includes a directional antenna disposed at or near an intended boundary of the wireless network service, and a signal generator configured to drive the directional antenna to transmit a jamming signal in a direction substantially parallel to or away from a closest portion of the intended boundary of the wireless network service.


Power distribution module(s) for distributed antenna systems, and related power units, components, systems, and methods

A power distribution module can be installed in and connected to a power unit for providing power to a power-consuming das component(s), such as a remote unit(s) (ru(s)) as a non-limiting example. The ru may include an antenna, and may sometimes be referred to as a remote antenna unit or rau.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Directional multiband antenna

There is disclosed a directional multi-band antenna comprising a substrate structure, a plurality of rf units arranged at the substrate structure to provide an rf phased array, the rf phased array having an angular scan range, an array of optical units arranged at the substrate structure and interspersed amongst the rf units, an array of optical lensing devices supported over the substrate structure, the array of optical lensing devices being substantially rf transmissive and being arranged to correspond with the arrangement of the optical units, such that each optical unit may communicate light signals with an associated optical lensing device so as to communicate light signals along an optical axis within the angular scan range of the rf phased array. .
Bae Systems Plc


Integrated wafer scale, high data rate, wireless repeater placed on fixed or mobile elevated platforms

Methods and systems are provided for relocatable repeaters for wireless communication links to locations that may present accessibility problems using, for example, small unmanned aerial systems (suas). An suas implemented as an easy-to-operate, small vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft with hovering capability for holding station position may provide an extended range, highly secure, high data rate, repeater system for extending the range of point-to-point wireless communication links (also referred to as “crosslinks”) in which repeater locations are easily relocatable with very fast set-up and relocating times.


Apparatus and multiple wireless service coexistence

Methods and apparatus for multiple wireless service coexistence are disclosed. The disclosed methodology and accompanying apparatus serve to engage one or more switching devices to connect/disconnect a first service transmitter to a first antenna, connect/disconnect a dual mode receiver and second service transmitter from the first antenna, connect/disconnect the second service transmitter from a second antenna, and connect/disconnect a diversity receiver to the second antenna.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and device for reporting channel state information (csi). The method by which a terminal in a wireless communication system reports csi, according to one embodiment of the present invention, can comprise the steps for: receiving a reference signal from a base station; and reporting, to the base station, the csi generated by using the reference signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Control radio communication system, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus

When communication is to be performed between communication devices having a directivity control function, a plurality of antenna-setting pairs available for the communication are stored by an initial training, and the communication is started by using one of the plurality of antenna-setting pairs. When the communication quality is deteriorated, firstly, a training signal is transmitted while successively setting each one of the plurality of antenna-setting candidates determined in the initial training in a transmitting antenna of one of the communication devices (400), and the training signal is received in a state where a quasi-omni pattern is generated in a receiving antenna of the other communication device (500).
Nec Corporation


Transmission control apparatus and computer readable medium

Provided is a transmission control apparatus that, at a first transmission timing, causes a first symbol to be transmitted from a first antenna, causes the first symbol having the same phase as the first symbol transmitted from the first antenna to be transmitted from a second antenna that is orthogonal to the first antenna and has a path to a mobile terminal that is the same as a path between the first antenna and the mobile terminal, causes a second symbol to be transmitted from a third antenna arranged parallel to the first antenna, and causes the second symbol having the inverse phase of the second symbol transmitted from the third antenna to be transmitted from a fourth antenna that is orthogonal to the third antenna and has a path to the mobile terminal that is the same as a path between the third antenna and the mobile terminal.. .
Softbank Corp.


Apparatus and methods for adaptive antenna diversity in a multi-antenna system

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for determining a dominant figure-of-merit for an antenna system comprising a primary antenna, and at least two diversity antennas. The dominant figure-of-merit is determined from at least two figure-of-merit types related to performance of the primary antenna when paired with one or the other of the at least two diversity antennas.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Transmission control apparatus and program

Provided is a transmission control apparatus that determine a first phase difference for a phase difference between an electric wave output by a first antenna and an electric wave output by a second antenna, and for a phase difference between an electric wave output by a third antenna and an electric wave output by a fourth antenna, based on a determined polarization characteristic; determines a second phase difference for a phase difference between the electric wave output by the first antenna and the electric wave output by the third antenna and for a phase difference between the electric wave output by the second antenna and the electric wave output by the fourth antenna, based on the determined beam direction; and controls phases of the electric waves output by the first to fourth antennas, according to the first and second phase differences.. .
Softbank Corp.


Reducing location-dependent destructive interference in distributed antenna systems (dass) operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration, and related components, systems, and methods

Components, systems, and methods for reducing location-dependent destructive interference in distributed antenna systems operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration are disclosed. Interference is defined as issues with received mimo communications signals that can cause a mimo algorithm to not be able to solve a channel matrix for mimo communications signals received by mimo receivers in client devices.
Corning Incorporated


Mimo communication system using pre-coder based on tight frame

Provided is a mimo communication system using a pre-coder based on a tight frame capable of increasing an amount of transmitted signals and improving reception performance by transmitting and receiving a signal through a tight-frame pre-coder. The transmission device modulates transmission data on the basis of a transmission combination of the transmission antennas and the pre-coder based on the tight frame and transmits the data to the reception device..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Cooperative antenna-diversity radio receiver

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a wireless communications system related method and vehicle including: a first communications device configured for attachment to a vehicle including: a first antenna group, a first receiver configured to receive a first instance of a message via the first antenna group, a first transmitter configured to transmit a second instance of the message via the first antenna group, and a first controller configured to cause transmission of the second instance via the first transmitter in response to the first receiver receiving the first instance; and a second communications device configured for attachment to the vehicle including: a second antenna group, a second receiver configured to receive data via the second antenna group, wherein the second receiver receives both the first instance and the second instance, and message combination circuitry configured to generate combined message by combining the first instance and the second instance.. .
Nxp B.v.


Method for recognizing movement trajectory of operator, microcontroller and electronic device

A method for recognizing a movement trajectory of an operator, a microcontroller and an electronic device are provided. The method is applied to an electronic device provided with an antenna and a sensor, and the antenna is connected to the sensor and is in a first operation mode.
Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.


Radio frequency leakage detection in a cable plant

Embodiments described provide detection of rf leaks in a coaxial cable of a cable plant. One embodiment comprises a mobile device that includes an antenna, a quadrature demodulator, and a controller.
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Apparatus and antenna tuning

A method (300, 400, 500) and apparatus (100) provide for antenna tuning by determining (305, 405) a tuning selection input that occurs in conjunction with a wireless communication session; and determining (310, 410), based on the tuning selection input, a setting of an antenna matching network, wherein the setting maximizes power transfer from a transmitter power amplifier (pa) to an antenna subject to a constraint that a return loss does not degrade past a threshold.. .
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Electronic device

According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a housing, an antenna in a first position of the housing, and a wireless communication module in the housing, the wireless communication module performs wireless communication with an expansion device placed on the housing by using the antenna. The first position is set to such a position that a distance between a mounting surface of the expansion device and the antenna when the housing is placed on the mounting surface in the vertical orientation and a distance between the mounting surface and the antenna when the housing is placed on the mounting surface in the horizontal orientation are equal to each other..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Radio communication using multiple antennas and localization variables

The invention relates to a method for radio communication using multiple antennas and localization variables, and to an apparatus for radio communication using multiple antennas and localization variables. An apparatus for radio communication of the invention comprises: 4 antennas, the 4 antennas forming an antenna array; a radio device; a sensor unit estimating a plurality of localization variables; an antenna tuning apparatus having 4 antenna ports, each of the antenna ports being coupled to one of the antennas through a feeder, the antenna tuning apparatus having 4 radio ports, each of the radio ports being coupled to the radio device through an interconnection; and a tuning control unit, the tuning control unit receiving a tuning instruction generated automatically within the apparatus for radio communication, the tuning control unit delivering a plurality of tuning control signals to the antenna tuning apparatus..


Multi-mode integrated power amplifier

A method and apparatus are disclosed for transmitting communication signals through a multi-mode power amplifier. For at least some embodiments, a communication signal may be amplified by an amplifier of the multi-mode power amplifier selected based on a desired transmit output power.
Qualcomm Incorporated


On-vehicle wireless charging system, wireless charger and car charger thereof

A wireless charger includes a charging base and a charging contact point protruding from the charging base. The charging base includes a wireless charging module, a gps transmitting antenna positioned adjacent to the wireless charging module, and a gps contact point coupled to the gps transmitting antenna and protruding from the charging base.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Multiple polarization electromagnetic wave circuits and methods

The present disclosure includes multiple polarization electromagnetic wave circuits and methods. In one embodiment, sensors are placed along different axes of an antenna.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Antenna array having a variable directivity characteristic

An antenna array includes a first patch antenna and a second patch antenna which are oriented mutually in parallel. Each patch antenna includes a linear array of radiation elements.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Foldable radio wave antenna deployment a satellite

The present disclosure describes an antenna that has a parabola-shaped, flexible reflector member and one or more radial ribs embedded in the flexible reflector member and arranged to bias the reflector member in an open state.. .
Gatr Technologies, Inc.


Slot array antenna for vehicle radar

A slot array antenna for a vehicle radar system is provided. The antenna includes a cavity which separates a magnetic field signal applied through a feeding waveguide while maintaining phase and amplitude and which radiates such signals to the each radiating slot.
Hyunday Motor Company


Planar dual polarization antenna and complex antenna

A planar dual polarization antenna for receiving and transmitting at least one radio signal includes a first patch plate, a metal grounding plate and a first dielectric layer disposed between the first patch plate and the metal grounding plate. The metal grounding plate includes a first pattern slot and a second pattern slot symmetric with respect to a centerline of the first patch plate.
Wistron Neweb Corporation


Planar inverted-f antenna

A planar inverted-f antenna includes an antenna body including a grounding portion, a first and a second radiating arm extending in a lengthwise direction substantially, a coaxial cable and a metal foil attached the grounding portion. The first radiating arm and the second radiating arm extend in opposite directions from a joint point thereof, the joint point and the grounding portion connect with each other by a connecting portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


Antenna apparatus and communication system

An antenna apparatus can include a transmission medium that is positioned within layers of an antenna apparatus that are positioned adjacent to a first upper layer that is configured to include a signal receiving and transmission element (e.g. An antenna, patch antenna, etc.).
The Penn State Research Foundation


Reconfigurable multi-mode active antenna system

A reconfigurable antenna system is described which combines active and passive components used to impedance match, alter the frequency response, and change the radiation pattern of an antenna. Re-use of components such as switches and tunable capacitors make the circuit topologies more space and cost effective, while reducing complexity of the control signaling required.
Ethertronics, Inc.


Matching circuit for antenna and associated method

A matching circuit for an antenna of whatever type, includes a ground circuit and a feed circuit. The ground circuit connects a ground terminal of the antenna to a ground voltage, and provides an inductive impedance between the ground terminal and the ground voltage.
Mediatek Inc.


Self-steering antenna arrays

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products are provided for self-steering antennas. In one aspect, there is a method.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Radar device and method having an antenna array with two switching states of different modulation

A modulation concept for a radar having switched antennas, in which individual switching states of the antenna array having the switched antennas are closely dovetailed with the modulation of the radar signals. In this way it is possible to use switched antennas in the time division multiplex method and thus to allow for short time periods between the switching states.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Position adjuster for millimeter wave antenna

An adjustor configured to position an antenna coupled to a mounting element includes an adjustor nut having a bore extending along a longitudinal axis of the adjustor nut. At least a portion of the bore has inner threads configured to engage corresponding threads on a first portion of the mounting element positioned within the bore.
E-band Communications, Llc


Electromagnetic wave detection/generation device and manufacturing same

An electromagnetic wave detection/generation device including a substrate, and a plurality of reception/radiation elements provided on the substrate. In the electromagnetic wave detection/generation device, the plurality of reception/radiation elements each include an antenna and an electronic device, at least two of the reception/radiation elements are coated at least partially with dielectric layers, the dielectric layers each having a function of adjusting a frequency response characteristic of the antenna of the corresponding one of the reception/radiation elements, and at least two of the dielectric layers are different with respect to each other in at least either one of thickness, material, shape, and coating ratio..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Antenna device

An antenna device attached to a vehicle includes a base to which an antenna is fixed, a cover that is attached to the base, and a flexible pad that covers and supports an edge of the base, contacts an edge of the cover, and is located between the vehicle and the cover. A protrusion is provided on a surface of the pad on the cover side, and includes a body portion formed along the edge of the base, and a plurality of rib-like portions extending from the body portion to an edge of the pad..
Harada Industry Co., Ltd


Antenna for device having conducting casing

The invention concerns an electronic device for personal use and a coupled antenna apparatus for such a device, comprising a top cover and a housing with an opposing back cover configured to form a closed space between said top and back cover that is adapted to receive electronic circuitry and a display unit. A bezel made of a conductive material is forming a rim on top of said housing and is interfacing with the top cover.
Suunto Oy


Hybrid piezoelectric device / radio frequency antenna

A hybrid antenna including a piezoelectric device and an rf radiator. The hybrid antenna is capable of providing both rf and piezoelectric device functionality, e.g., radio frequency transmission/reception capabilities for radio frequency devices as well as sound-producing and/or energy-scavenging functionality via the piezoelectric device.
Fitbit, Inc.


Hybrid radio frequency / inductive loop charger

Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques, systems, and apparatuses are discussed herein for providing a hybrid antenna including an rf radiator and an electrically coupled inductive loop.
Fitbit, Inc.


Method and optimal antenna alignment

An approach for determining remote terminal antenna alignment in a satellite communications system is provided. A point in time for an expected conjunction of an a remote terminal antenna, a satellite in communication with the remote terminal and the sun is determined based on predetermined positional data.
Echostar Technologies Llc


Surface-wave waveguide with conductive sidewalls and application in antennas

A surface-wave waveguide may include a base conductive ground plane including opposite side edges and a pair of conductive side walls. One conductive side wall extends from each side edge of the conductive ground plane.
The Boeing Company


Methods for manufacturing rfid tags and structures formed therefrom

Radio frequency identification (rfid) tags and processes for manufacturing the same. The rfid device generally includes (1) a metal antenna and/or inductor; (2) a dielectric layer thereon, to support and insulate integrated circuitry from the metal antenna and/or inductor; (3) a plurality of diodes and a plurality of transistors on the dielectric layer, the diodes having at least one layer in common with the transistors; and (4) a plurality of capacitors in electrical communication with the metal antenna and/or inductor and at least some of the diodes, the plurality of capacitors having at least one layer in common with the plurality of diodes and/or with contacts to the diodes and transistors.
Thin Film Electronics, Asa


Method and device for protecting persons in the vicinity of an hf field-emitting device

A method is provided which protects persons in the vicinity of a high frequency (hf) field-emitting device, in particular a european train control system (etcs) antenna of a rail vehicle. In order to be able to reliably protect persons from radiation that is detrimental to one's health, the device is held in or switched to an off state by an uplink for a limited period of time, the on/off state being optically and/or acoustically signaled..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Wireless control device

A wall-mountable wireless control device may include an antenna (e.g., a slot antenna or a hybrid slot-patch antenna) for transmitting and/or receiving radio-frequency signals, and may have a conductive material on a large amount (e.g., greater than or equal to approximately 85%) of a front surface of the wireless control device. The wireless control device may operate consistently when installed with different types of faceplate assemblies (e.g., faceplate assemblies having metal and/or plastic components) and when installed with different types of electrical wallboxes (e.g., metal and plastic wallboxes).
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.


Wearable portable electronic device

A wearable portable electronic device includes a main body, a strap connected to the main body, and a transponder. The transponder includes a control module mounted on the main body, an ultrahigh frequency (uhf) transmitter electrically connected to the control module, an uhf antenna coupled to the uhf transmitter, a lower frequency (lf) receiver electrically connected to the control module, and a first lf antenna coupled to the lf receiver.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Scene documentation

A plurality of images are captured by an image capturing device that is an integral part of the mobile data collection platform from at least two different perspectives that depict a point of interest in a scene. Coincident with capture of each of the plurality of images, orientation information is obtained via orientation sensors of the mobile data collection platform, a position fix of an antenna associated with the mobile data collection platform is determined, and a position of an entrance pupil of the image capturing device is calculated.
Trimble Navigation Limited


System and providing contactless payment with a near field communications attachment

A system and method in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include an attachment with a near field communication antenna, a secure element, a plug capable of connecting the attachment to an audio jack on a mobile device. Further, a system and method in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include receiving a payment initiation instruction from a customer, using a near field communication antenna, sending payment information to a point of sale device, using one or more computer processors, encoding data related to the payment as audio data, and transmitting the data related to the payment through an audio jack..
Capital One Financial Corporation


Use of rfid chip as assembly facilitator

A method of assembling rfid components together while using an rfid chip that heats internally in order to assemble that rfid chip and another rfid component such as an antenna is followed while producing rfid assemblies or rfid devices. This rfid chip is associated with a member that has an electrical characteristic to develop heat internal of this rfid chip.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, Llc


Electronic shelf label tag and electronic shelf label gateway with adjacent channel removal feature

An electronic shelf label tag may include a second antenna receiving a radio signal from an electronic shelf label gateway, a second wireless communications unit processing the radio signal received from the second antenna, and a second neighboring channel removal unit connected between the second antenna and the second wireless communications unit to remove a neighboring channel signal having a frequency lower than a frequency of a communications channel signal by a preset frequency interval. A signal having a frequency lower than that of the communications channel by a preset amount among signals of wireless communications networks different from a currently used communications network may be removed, whereby reception sensitivity of the electronic shelf label tag may be improved..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Rfid integrated antenna system

An rfid system includes at least one host controller and at least one antenna module coupled to the host controller. The antenna module may include a plurality of antenna elements, at least one multiplexer (mux) module integrated in the antenna module, and an rfid reader integrated in the antenna module.
Promega Corporation


Transaction terminal device

In a transaction terminal device, a magnetic head module that supports a magnetic head which reads a magnetic card, and a plurality of communication antennas used for communications according to different standards are arranged at the same end within a housing. The magnetic head module includes a line-shaped metal urging member that exerts urging force to a magnetic head in a passing path direction of the magnetic card.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Rfid apparatus calibration

Calibrating an rfid apparatus includes: positioning the rfid apparatus within a distance of an rfid tag array, the rfid apparatus having an rfid antenna to detect rfid tags and at least one motion sensing device; aligning the rfid apparatus with the rfid tag array using the motion sensing device; acquiring (i) rfid tag information including signal strength using the rfid antenna to generate an rfid antenna radiation pattern that includes a region of at least one rfid tag exceeding a signal strength, and (ii) position information of the rfid tag in the rfid tag array; and determining calibration values of the rfid apparatus based on a one or more alignment differences between the acquired region of the rfid tag information and the position information of the motion sensing device; adjusting the rfid apparatus scan path data acquired from the at least one motion sensing device using the determined calibration values.. .
Hand Held Products, Inc.


Switching an operating mode of an nmr logging tool

In some aspects of what is described here, a downhole nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) logging tool can obtain nmr data from a subterranean region. The nmr logging tool includes a magnet assembly operable to produce a static magnetic field in the subterranean region.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Antenna coupling component measurement tool having a rotating antenna configuration

Disclosed herein are electromagnetic resistivity logging systems and methods that employ an antenna configuration having at most two transmitter or receiver antenna orientations that rotate relative to the borehole. The measurements made by this reduced-complexity antenna configuration enable the determination of at least seven components of a coupling matrix, which may be determined using a linear system of equations that express the azimuthal dependence of the measurements.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Surveying system

A surveying system for a construction site has a restricted antenna system with a plurality of fixed location antennas each defined by a set of location data associated with a specific deployment position. The surveying system also has a computing device with a data processor and a display screen.


Multi-antenna-gnss receiver-system to raise the probability of line of sight

A system having two or more antenna-receiver combinations is provided, wherein each of the two or more antenna-receiver combinations has an antenna and a receiver. Furthermore, the system has a position determiner for determining a position of the system.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Vehicle radar system with blind spot detection

A vehicle radar system for monitoring a blind spot of a vehicle includes a radar transmitter mounted on the vehicle and a transmitting antenna coupled to the radar transmitter. The transmitting antenna transmits radiation in a pattern into a region adjacent to the vehicle, the pattern comprising a first radiation lobe and a second radiation lobe.
Autoliv Asp, Inc.


Non-stationary multi-path rfid tag location identification system and method

A system and method provides for identifying a location of an rfid tag in a coordinate system, a tag reader receives a first tag read from a first antenna and a second tag read from a second antenna, the tag reader determines a first tag read time and a first tag read parameter based on the first tag read and a second tag read time and a second tag read parameter based on the second tag read, and transmits data including the tag identifier, the first tag read time, the first tag read parameter, the second tag read time and the second tag read parameter and a rfid tag location system receives the transmitted data and compares the first tag read parameter with the second tag read parameter, and determines a tag position of the rfid tag within the coordinate system of the monitored area therefrom.. .
Innovative Timing Systems, Llc


Synthetic aperture rfid handheld with tag location capability

A system for determining a bearing or location of a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag using a handheld rfid reader is described. In one embodiment, the reader is equipped with an accelerometer.
Intermec Ip Corp.


Mimo antenna with elevation detection

A multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna for a radar system includes a receive antenna, a first transmit-antenna-arrangement, and a second transmit-antenna-arrangement. The receive-antenna is configured to detect radar-signals reflected by a target toward the receive-antenna.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Radar data compression system and method

A radar system includes a controller equipped with memory for storing data. The controller is configured to receive a time-domain signal representative of a reflected signal detected by an antenna, and transform the time-domain signal into a plurality of range datasets.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Radar device, in particular for a motor vehicle

A radar device, in particular for a motor vehicle, which includes a housing having a first housing part that defines a receiving space (20) the housing also includes a second housing part, which is attached to the first housing part and forms a cover for at least the receiving space. Aa circuit board is accommodated within the housing, and the circuit board has at least one transmission antenna means for transmitting radar beams.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Location determination of a mobile device

A signal transmitted from a mobile device is received at an antenna array of a device. Motion information of the mobile device is received from a sensor of the mobile device.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Main lobe and grating lobe identification for direction finding

A method of direction finding (df) positioning involving main lobe and grating lobe identification in a wireless communication network is proposed. A receiver performs df algorithm on radio signals associated with multiple antennas over a first channel frequency and estimates a first set of df solutions.
Mediatek Inc.


Millimeter wave scanning imaging system

A millimeter wave scanning imaging system for scanning objects comprises a transport means for transporting the objects in a first direction, a millimeter wave measurement system and a scanning system. The millimeter wave measurement system comprises a transmitter coupled to a first antenna and a receiver coupled to a second antenna, which are arranged distant to each other and form a gap through which the objects can be transported.
Spinner Gmbh


Intelligent gauge devices and related systems and methods

Embodiments relate to intelligent sensing devices, systems, and methods for the measurement of a wide variety of parameters. In embodiments, an intelligent sensing device includes at least one sensor configured to measure a characteristic proximate the sensing device as a data parameter, an integrated circuit electrically coupled to the at least one sensor, the integrated circuit comprising memory and configured to store the data parameter in the memory, and an antenna electrically coupled to the integrated circuit and configured to transmit the data parameter stored in the memory to a remote device..
Infineon Technologies Ag


Composite navigation system

A composite navigation system includes a first rfid apparatus, a gps receiver, and a signal processing system. The first rfid apparatus includes an rfid chip and an antenna, a plurality of inclinometers, a plurality of linear accelerometers, and a plurality of angular accelerometers.
Chung Hua University


Techniques for determining distance between radiating objects in multipath wireless power delivery environments

Techniques are described herein for determining the distance from, to or between radiating objects in a multipath environment. For example, embodiments of the present disclosure describe techniques for determining the distance between an antenna array system (or wireless charger) and a wireless power receiver in a multipath wireless power delivery environment.
Ossia, Inc.


Extendable tower mount system and use

An adjustable, extendable beacon mount for a wireless communication or transmission tower. The mount mounts a beacon and allows the beacon to be raised and lowered as needed.

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