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Parallel development of a software system

Channel estimation method, channel estimation apparatus and communication device for cdma systems

Vpls n-pe redundancy with stp isolation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ann-related patents
 Secure asynchronous multichannel communication patent thumbnailnew patent Secure asynchronous multichannel communication
In exemplary embodiments of a system and method for secure asynchronous multichannel communication, an original message is obtained which includes a named subject and confidential information pertaining to that named subject. The original message is parsed into at least a first component message and a second component message.
 Television system patent thumbnailnew patent Television system
A system comprising: a first user terminal comprising a television receiver for receiving a selected television channel, the television channel being selected by a first user activation and comprising a main video stream, and the first terminal further comprising a first controller and an output for outputting the main video stream of the selected television channel to a first screen; and a second user terminal comprising a second screen, a wireless transceiver operable to establish a wireless connection with the first terminal, and a second controller configured to communicate with the first controller via the wireless connection; wherein the television receiver of the first terminal is arranged to receive metadata relating to interactive content associated with the main video stream, and the first controller is operable to forward at least a portion of the metadata to the second terminal via said wireless connection; and the second controller is configured to process said portion of metadata and to output the interactive content to the second screen, such that the interactive content is displaced to the screen of the second terminal whilst the main video stream of the television channel continues to be displayed on the screen of the first terminal.. .
 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals patent thumbnailnew patent Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
According to an aspect, there is provided a digital television (dtv) data stream including program and system information protocol (psip) data associated with content of the dtv data stream, the psip data including a virtual channel table (vct) and an event information table (eit), the eit comprising: a source identification field identifying a source of an associated event in a dtv data stream; an event identification field indicating an identification of the event; a start time field indicating a star time of the event; a title field indicating a title of the event; and a descriptor comprising: a descriptor tag identifying the descriptor as a genre descriptor; a descriptor length indicating a total length of the descriptor; and at least one category code for an associated event in a dtv data stream, each category code specifying genre, program type, or category information of the associated event, wherein the at least one category code specifies at least one of a set of basic categories.. .
 Generating input values for a test dataset from a datastore based on semantic annotations patent thumbnailnew patent Generating input values for a test dataset from a datastore based on semantic annotations
A technique for operating a user interface automation framework includes accessing a datastore that includes semantic annotations with a dataset generator. The dataset generator generates input values for a test dataset from the datastore based on the semantic annotations..
 Parallel development of a software system patent thumbnailnew patent Parallel development of a software system
Software configuration management includes removing a selected section from a first artifact in a first stream. The first artifact includes a plurality of sections, and a second artifact in the first stream is created including the selected section.
 Parallel development of a software system patent thumbnailnew patent Parallel development of a software system
Software configuration management includes removing a selected section from a first artifact in a first stream. The first artifact includes a plurality of sections, and a second artifact in the first stream is created including the selected section.
 System and method for creating and displaying data_ties patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for creating and displaying data_ties
A system and method for creating, storing and retrieving, and displaying user-created data_ties (a data_tie is a user-created relationship between two items the user had previously saved). The purpose of the invention is to provide the user a way to not only see the data he has saved, but to provide him a way to graphically display the relationships he has made between pieces of evidence.
 Semantic mapping of objects in a user interface automation framework patent thumbnailnew patent Semantic mapping of objects in a user interface automation framework
A technique for mapping objects of a user scenario with objects of a user interface includes registering a user scenario with a user interface automation framework. The user scenario including a first object that is also included in a first user interface.
 Multi-modal/multi-channel application tool architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-modal/multi-channel application tool architecture
A computer with a processor and a memory is used to set instructions for both a first component of a service and a second component of the service. The instructions include a flow of dialogs to present to requesters of the service to obtain information.
 Compound universal serial bus architecture providing precision synchronisation to an external timebase patent thumbnailnew patent Compound universal serial bus architecture providing precision synchronisation to an external timebase
A method of synchronising a compound superspeed usb device, comprising: providing data communication between a host computing device and the compound superspeed usb device across the superspeed usb communication channel; establishing a superspeed usb communication channel to a superspeed usb function of the compound usb device; establishing a non-superspeed synchronisation channel to a non-superspeed usb function of the compound usb device; and synchronising a local clock of the compound usb device to a periodic data structure within a data stream in the non-superspeed synchronisation channel so that the local clock can enable synchronous operation of the compound usb device with one or more comparable usb devices.. .
new patent Communication using delegates, such as delegates specified in an email or scheduling application
A facility allows for automatic delegation of incoming real-time communications based on a delegation scheme. The delegation scheme may be rules-based and may be applied to a single real-time communication channel or multiple communication channels, including both real-time and non-real-time communication channels.
new patent Re-establishing push notification channels via user identifiers
Embodiments enable recovery of push notification channels via session information associated with user identifiers. A proxy service creates session information describing push notification channels (e.g., subscriptions) for a user and associates the session information with a user identifier.
new patent Method and system for attaching scanned documents to email replies via a mobile communications device
A method and system for attaching a scan to an email reply utilizing a mobile communications device and any standard email client. A scan-to-email attachment module can be configured in association with the mobile communications device.
new patent Smart cabinet
An apparatus is provided including a processor, a memory, and a door. A scale is configured to, when the door is opened, measure the weight of an item placed in the apparatus.
new patent Cloud and html based document management and creation system
A web-browser/web server method of creating new documents and signing existing documents, in particular faxes and email attachments, useful for ecommerce and other applications. Documents or document components are sent to the web server.
new patent Following content providers in a social context
In general, a method for providing content to a user includes providing a content item to a user responsive to a received request. The content item is displayed to the user in a slot associated with a third party content site.
new patent Integrated erp based planning
Various embodiments of systems and methods for planning a to-be-planned project are described herein. A project planning framework is provided for planning a to-be-planned project.
new patent Integrated project planning and management application
To generate a plan for executing a project, the project is selected in an integrated project planning and management from a database. Based on the selected project, enterprise project data elements associated with the project are retrieved from the database.
new patent Genomic/proteomic sequence representation, visualization, comparison and reporting using bioinformatics character set and mapped bioinformatics font
Genomic or proteomic data are encoded as a genomic or proteomic character string comprising characters of a bioinformatics character set (20). Each base or peptide of the genomic or proteomic data is represented by a single character of the bioinformatics character set, and each character of the bioinformatics character set encodes (i) a base or peptide and (ii) at least one annotated datum value associated with the base or peptide.
new patent Methods for augmenting or reconstructing a human breast
Breast reconstruction or augmentation methods are provided which generally include implanting a mammary prosthesis comprising a shell having a self sealing wall and defining an inflatable cavity, inflating the prosthesis by introducing a fluid into the cavity using a cannula inserted percutaneously into the self sealing wall, imaging the procedure to assist with guiding the needle, and repeating the steps of inflating, imaging and allowing tissue and skin to expand, until a desired aesthetic outcome is achieved.. .
new patent Vessel sealer and divider for use with small trocars and cannulas
An endoscopic bipolar forceps includes a housing and a shaft affixed to the housing. The shaft includes a longitudinal axis defined therethrough and a pair of jaw members attached to a distal end thereof.
new patent System and method for determining dosimetry in ophthalmic photomedicine
A system and method for treating ophthalmic target tissue, including a light source for generating a beam of light, a beam delivery system that includes a scanner for generating patterns, and a controller for controlling the light source and delivery system to create a dosimetry pattern of the light beam on the ophthalmic target tissue. One or more dosage parameters of the light beam vary within the dosimetry pattern, to create varying exposures on the target tissue.
new patent Quick cycle biopsy system
A biopsy apparatus includes a cannula, a cutting sheath, and a pressure generating device. The cannula has a lumen, a proximal portion, a closed distal end, and an orifice located on a circumferential surface of the cannula.
new patent Vacuum assisted handheld biopsy device
A vacuum assisted handheld biopsy device includes a housing, a stylet slideable within a cannula, the stylet having a hollow tube portion and a tissue collection portion coupled together, an actuator slideable within the housing for driving at least one of the stylet and the cannula, a vacuum source in communication with the stylet, and an ambient air opening in selective communication with the vacuum source. The coupling of the hollow tube portion with the tissue collection portion provides a fluid flow path sufficient to provide a vacuum suction to the tissue collection portion.
new patent Shape-transferring cannula system and method of use
A selectively shapeable medical device comprises an elongate tube, an activation component operatively coupled to the elongate tube, and means for actuating the activation component. The activation component has a first state and a second state different from the first state.
new patent Cannabinoids for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases or disorders
The present invention relates to cannabinoids for use in the prevention or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases or disorders. Preferably the cannabinoids are cannabichromene (cbc) cannabidivarin (cbdv) and/or cannabidivarin acid (cbdva).
new patent Phenolic coatings and methods of making and using same
A method of making a facile, surface-independent, polyphenol coating is disclosed. In general, the method includes contacting at least a portion of the substrate to be coated with an aqueous solution containing one or more salts and one or more nitrogen-free phenolic compounds.
new patent Combined allergy treatment and anti-drying compositions and related methods
Compositions and methods for alleviating an allergy condition while also reducing a drying effect of an allergy treatment composition or another anti-mucosal composition. In some embodiments and implementations, a composition may be provided comprising an allergy treatment composition comprising an antihistamine in a therapeutically effective amount for treating the allergy condition in the human having the allergy condition.
new patent System and method for providing an early notification when paging a wireless device
A system and method for a server to provide an early notification to a target group devices when paging a wireless device during a push-to-talk (ptt) communication. When a wireless device is ready to transmit a ptt communication, a message is sent from the wireless device to a server that then sends an early ping message to a base station while processing a call request message from the wireless device.
new patent Systems, methods and apparatus to facilitate identification and acquisition of access points
Systems, apparatus and methods for facilitating identification and/or acquisition of an access point are provided. Methods can include transmitting or receiving access point information (“api”) indicative of an identification of the access point (“ap”).
new patent Method for making a current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (cpp) magnetoresistive sensor having a low-coercivity reference layer
A method for making a current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (cpp) magnetoresistive (mr) sensor that has a reference layer with low coercivity includes first depositing, within a vacuum chamber, a seed layer and an antiferromagnetic layer on a substrate without the application of heat. The substrate with deposited layers is then heated to between 200-600° c.
new patent Multilayered cell culture apparatus
A multilayered cell culture apparatus for the culturing of cells is disclosed. The cell culture apparatus is defined as an integral structure having a plurality of cell culture chambers in combination with tracheal space(s).
new patent Novel mannanase produced from cellulosimicrobium sp. strain hy-13
The present invention relates to a mannanase produced from celluosimicrobium sp. Strain hy-13 and more particularly to a highly active novel mannanase produced from cellulosimicrobium sp.
new patent Electron microscopic observation method for observing biological sample in shape as it is, and composition for evaporation suppression under vacuum, scanning electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope used in the method
The sample observation method by an electron microscope according to the invention includes applying a composition for evaporation suppression containing at least one kind selected from an amphiphilic compound, oils and fats, and an ionic liquid to the surface of a sample to form a thin film, and covering the sample with the thin film, and displaying an electron microscopic image of the sample, which is covered with the thin film and accommodated in a sample chamber under vacuum, on a display device.. .
new patent Catheter wire and method of manufacturing the same
A catheter wire includes a wire core including a semi-rigid stainless steel, and a conductor layer covering an outer periphery of the wire core. A method of manufacturing a catheter wire includes drawing a stainless steel in an axial direction so as to form a wire core with a predetermined diameter, annealing the drawn stainless steel so as to change the stainless steel into a semi-rigid stainless steel, and forming a conductor layer on an outer periphery of the semi-rigid stainless steel..
new patent Treating inflammation with a combination of an ellagitannin and hydrogen peroxide
The teachings provided herein generally relate to site-activated binding systems that selectively increase the bioactivity of phenolic compounds at target sites. More particularly, the systems taught here include a phenolic compound bound to a reactive oxygen species, wherein the phenolic compound and the reactive oxygen species react at a target area in the presence of an oxidoreductase enzyme..
new patent Lignin-derived porous carbon composition, methods of preparation, and use thereof
A method of fabricating a porous carbon composition, the method comprising subjecting a precursor composition to a thermal annealing step followed by a carbonization step, the precursor composition comprising: (i) a templating component comprised of a block copolymer and (ii) a lignin component, wherein said carbonization step comprises heating the precursor composition at a carbonizing temperature for sufficient time to convert the precursor composition to a carbon material comprising a carbon structure in which is included mesopores having a diameter within a range of 2 to 50 nm, wherein said porous carbon composition possesses a mesopore volume of at least 50% with respect to a total of mesopore and micropore volumes. Also described are the resulting mesoporous carbon composition, a composite of the mesoporous carbon material and at least one pharmaceutical agent, and the administration of the carbon-pharmaceutical dosage form to a subject..
new patent Protection against sunburn and skin problems with topical and orally-ingested dosages of zeaxanthin
A carotenoid substance called zeaxanthin, when ingested orally at suitable dosages such as 30 to 100 mg/day for a span of 1 to 2 weeks, can provide effective protection against sunburns, and can give skin a darker tint that emulates a healthy suntan. In tests involving adults, it was found that zeaxanthin dosages of 30 to about 80 mg per day were sufficient to induce: (i) a mild but noticeable tinting, shading, or darkening of skin color, comparable to a mild suntan; (ii) a substantial increase in the person's ability to withstand elevated levels of sun or uv exposure without any subsequent pain or discomfort, and without the subsequent peeling and flaking that characterizes sunburns; and, (iii) an increased ability of reddened and sunburned skin to convert into intact skin that looks browned and healthily tanned.
new patent Large-area carbon nanomesh from polymer and method of preparing the same
The present disclosure relates to a polymer-based large-area carbon nanomesh and a method for preparing same. More particularly, the present disclosure provides a method for preparing a carbon nanomesh, including: preparing a polymer nanofilm by coating a solution of a block copolymer or a polymer mixture thereof on a substrate; stabilizing the polymer nanofilm by annealing such that the polymer nanofilm is phase-separated, a pore-forming polymer is removed and, at the same time, a nanomesh-forming polymer forms a stabilized porous polymer nanomesh; and carbonizing the stabilized porous polymer nanomesh by annealing at high temperature to prepare a carbon nanomesh.
new patent System and method for isolating rf signals for transmission over multiple channels on a single transmission path
A system for regulating the signal strengths of a plurality of radio frequency (rf) signals to reduce signal degradation includes a plurality of controllers. Each controller is operably positioned upstream of an electrical-to-optical converter which generates an optical signal for transmission over a fiber optic transmission path.
new patent Methods and systems for multimedia trajectory annotation
A system and method of providing annotated trajectories by receiving image frames from a video camera and determining a location based on the image frames from the video camera. The system and method can further include the steps of determining that the location is associated with a preexisting annotation and displaying the preexisting annotation.
new patent Feedwater temperature control methods and systems
A system for controlling the power level of a natural circulation boiling water nuclear reactor (ncbwr) may include a heating subsystem for heating feedwater flowing into an annulus of the ncbwr to increase the temperature of recirculation water flowing through the core above a predetermined recirculation water operating temperature. Additionally the system may include a temperature sensor operable to sense the temperature of the feedwater flowing into the annulus.
new patent Nuclear reactor target assemblies, nuclear reactor configurations, and methods for producing isotopes, modifying materials within target material, and/or characterizing material within a target material
Target assemblies are provided that can include a uranium-comprising annulus. The assemblies can include target material consisting essentially of non-uranium material within the volume of the annulus.
new patent Gain control in a communication channel
Methods and apparatuses for reducing dc offsets in a communication system are described. In a first aspect, a feedback loop circuit reduces dc offset in a wireless local area network (wlan) receiver channel.
new patent Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
The present invention relates to a method of transmitting and receiving signals and a corresponding apparatus. One aspect of the present invention relates to a method of receiving a signal, which includes interleaving in an appropriate manner for a channel bonding system.
new patent Channel estimation for wireless systems without matrix inversion
In various embodiments, techniques are provided to determine channel characteristics of various communication systems such as ofdm systems or systems using a plurality of transmit antennas by using various sets of training symbols that produce zero cross-correlation energy. Channel communication can accordingly be simplified as the zero cross-correlation property allows for channel estimation without a matrix inversion..
new patent Communication channel optimization systems and methods in multi-user communication systems
Systems and methods of optimizing communication channels in multi-user communication systems are provided. Coding weights are determined based on communication channel state information for communication channels between a transmitter and multiple receivers.
new patent Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system and wireless communication method
In a mimo system using a cross-polarized antenna structure, even if no ideal xpd can be obtained, the interference between different polarized waves can be reduced to allow an effective precoding to be executed. When a mimo communication is performed between a transmitter and a receiver each using a cross-polarized antenna structure, a channel estimating and precoding selection section of the receiver performs a channel estimation of mimo channels from the transmitter to the receiver, decides a precoding matrix of a projection matrix for mutually orthogonalizing or substantially orthogonalizing the channel response matrixes for respective different polarized waves, and feeds the determined precoding matrix back to the transmitter.
new patent Systems and methods for reducing effects of local oscillator leakage
According to some embodiments, a receiving device: receives a radio frequency (rf) signal from a transmitting device over a wireless channel; performs a channel estimation of the wireless channel based on the rf signal; obtains a direct current (dc) bin measurement based on the channel estimation; determines a direct current (dc) offset correction based on the dc bin measurement; and sending the dc offset correction to the transmitting device via a local transmitter. The transmitting device: receives the dc offset correction information from the receiving device over a first wireless channel; receives data to be transmitted to the receiving device, where the dc offset correction information describing the dc offset correction; applies the dc offset correction to a transient signal that is based on the data; converts the transient signal to an rf signal; and transmits the rf signal to the receiving device over a second wireless channel..
new patent Offset and decision feedback equalization calibration
A decision feedback equalizer is calibrated to compensate for estimated inter-symbol interference in a received signal and offsets of sampling devices. The decision feedback equalizer is configured so that an output signal of a sampling circuit represents a comparison between an input signal and a reference of the sampling circuit under calibration.
new patent Method and apparatus for recursively computing equalizer parameters for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) wireless communication channels
A wireless receiver includes an input module, a channel module, an equalizer module, and a decoder module. The input module receives a message over a wireless communication channel.
new patent Enhancement of the channel propagation matrix order and rank for a wireless channel
Enhancement of wireless channel order and rank (echo) systems and echo repeater devices for enhancement of a wireless propagation channel for point to point or point to multipoint radio configurations are disclosed. The enhancement may be used for mimo communications channels.
new patent Vpls n-pe redundancy with stp isolation
In one embodiment, a system includes a first network, a second network, and a core network connecting the first network to the second network. The first network includes a first set of two or more network devices, wherein the first network has a first spanning tree associated therewith.
new patent Packet metadata channels carrying infrastructure metadata in networks
In one embodiment, an apparatus in a network determines particular metadata to communicate infrastructure information associated with a particular packet to another apparatus in the network. The apparatus sends into the network the particular packet including a metadata channel, comprising said particular metadata, external to the payload of the particular packet.
new patent Apparatus and method for channel measurement in radio link monitoring in a wireless network
A subscriber station is configured to perform a channel measurement on a communication channel in restricted sub-frames for drx and non-drx modes. The subscriber station includes a receiver configured to receive signals from a base station.
new patent Method and apparatus for code activation, computer program and storage medium thereof
This invention relates to a method and an apparatus for code activation, and a computer program and a storage medium thereof. A combined channel impulse response for each code is calculated based on a channelization code, a scrambling code and a channel impulse response corresponding to the code; a statistical result of the correlations between each interference code and all user codes is obtained; an active interference code number is determined; the determined number of interference codes, are activated, wherein a selection of which interference codes to activate is based on the statistical result.
new patent Systems and methods for small cell uplink interference mitigation
Systems and methods for facilitating the mitigation of interference in the uplink of a small cell caused by macrocell user equipment in the case where the macrocell cannot identify the interfering macrocell user equipment because the user equipment cannot detect and report the small cell's downlink due to the small cell's uplink/downlink coverage imbalance. In an embodiment, the smell cell provides the macrocell with a notification of the interference, the configuration information about its physical random access channel (prach), and a plurality of unique preambles and transmission times for non-contention-based transmissions on the small cells prach.
new patent Wireless communication system, mobile station device, base station device, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit
Efficient transmission and reception of a random access response message is performed between a base station device and a mobile station device. When a random access preamble is transmitted from a primary cell, the mobile station device monitors a first control channel of the primary cell.
new patent Method and device for transmitting reverse control signal in mobile communication system
The present invention pertains to a method and device for transmitting a control signal, and a method for a terminal to transmit a control signal according to one embodiment of the present invention can comprise: a step for sensing a forced termination in a first subframe during active time; and a step in which if the forced termination is sensed and if, in a second subframe among a pre-set number of subframes after the first subframe, channel quality indicator (cqi) transmission via a physical uplink control channel (pucch) is set, and if neither one among hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) feedback transmission and physical uplink shared channel (pusch) transmission is set in the second subframe, the cqi transmission is executed via the pucch. The embodiment of the present invention enables power consumption by the terminal to be reduced..
new patent Method and apparatus for random accessing in wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a method for performing a random access, and more specifically, to a method for a terminal performing a random access in a wireless communication system, and comprises the steps of: receiving from a base station a random access preamble index and an indicator related to the random access; and transmitting to the base station a random access preamble that corresponds to the index, wherein the indicator related to the random access indicates what is a radio network temporary identifier (rnti), which is used for transmitting a physical downlink control channel that indicates a response to the random access.. .
new patent Channel estimation method, channel estimation apparatus and communication device for cdma systems
The embodiment of the invention discloses a channel estimation method for a td-scdma system. The channel estimation method comprises steps of: obtaining a coarse channel estimation of a channel 1 of an intra-frequency cell set by a single cell channel estimation algorithm; performing an interference cancellation on the coarse channel estimation to obtain a channel estimation; determining a channel environment according to the channel estimation; and determining a stop strategy for the interference cancellation according to the channel environment and controlling performing the interference cancellation according to the stop strategy.
new patent Base station, service processing method, and cloud computing system
A base station, a service processing method, and a cloud computing system. The method includes: establishing a wireless network bearer channel with a ue; receiving a service request of the ue through the wireless network bearer channel; parsing a request content in the service request of the ue, and generating a cloud service access request according to a content, which needs to be processed by a cloud server end, in the request content; and sending the cloud service access request to the cloud server end, and returning a corresponding processing result of the cloud server end to the ue through the wireless network bearer channel.
new patent Method and apparatus for information transmission in wireless communication system
According to one embodiment, a method for transmitting, by a user equipment (ue), information in a wireless communication system includes: determining a first information sequence based on a first cyclically shifted base sequence and a first orthogonal sequence by using a first physical uplink control channel (pucch) resource for a first antenna, wherein the first pucch resource is obtained based on a channel control element (cce) index related to a physical downlink control channel (pdcch) and a parameter configured by a higher layer; determining a second information sequence based on a second cyclically shifted base sequence and a second orthogonal sequence by using a second pucch resource for a second antenna, wherein the second pucch resource is obtained by adding an offset to the first pucch resource; transmitting the first information sequence via the first antenna; and transmitting the second information sequence via the second antenna.. .
new patent Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in a wireless communication system supporting heterogeneous networks
A method and apparatus for receiving signals at a base station (bs) in a wireless communication system supporting a plurality of cells including a first cell and a second cell. The method includes receiving first uplink control information via a first physical uplink control channel (pucch) from a first user equipment (ue); and receiving second uplink control information via a second pucch from a second ue.
new patent Method and device for denoising in channel estimation, and corresponding computer program and computer readable storage medium
The embodiment of the invention discloses a method, device and computer program for denoising in channel estimation. The method comprises steps of: calculating a noise power value and a power value of each path in each user window based on a channel estimation result, the user window is referred to channel impulse response window corresponding to this user; calculating a denoising threshold factor based on the noise power value and the power value of each path in each user window; calculating a denoising threshold value based on the noise power value and the denoising threshold factor; and performing a denoising processing on the channel estimation result by using the denoising threshold value..
new patent Sc-fdma transmission device and transmission method
An sc-fdma transmission device capable of achieving excellent error rate characteristics on any propagation channel, wherein a determination unit (151) determines the ratio of the frequency puncturing amount to the time puncturing amount in the total puncturing amount on the basis of a puncturing determination rule, and a setting unit (152) sets the time puncturing amount and the frequency puncturing amount on the basis of this ratio. Here, in the puncturing determination rule, the ratio is determined from the mcs of the encoded data, the number of resources allocated to the encoded data, and the delay spread of the propagation channel between a receiving device and the transmission device (100)..
new patent Smart wifi access point that selects the best channel for wifi clients having multi-radio co-existence problems
A wireless access point (ap) stores a region code that identifies a country/region in which the wireless ap is designed to operate. This region code can be provided by the wireless ap vendor, or in response to information provided by the wireless ap user or a gps receiver.
new patent Method for calculating channel quality information, method for feeding back channel quality information and apparatus
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods for calculating and feeding back channel quality information and apparatus. The method for calculating includes: calculating, by a terminal, channel quality information (cqi) of a non-backward compatible carrier, according to usable pdsch resources in the non-backward compatible carrier; wherein resources occupied by a downlink control channel are not assumed into the usable pdsch resources in the non-backward compatible carrier, the number of the resources occupied by the downlink control channel being less than the number of usable resources configured by a base station for a downlink control channel in a backward compatible carrier.
new patent Multicast service using unicast subframe
A system and method for multicast servicing in a unicast subframe is disclosed. The method using a transmission station comprises the operation of setting up a multicast service on each of a plurality of mobile devices in a multicast group using a multicast cell radio network temporary identifier (mc-rnti) with a common cell identifier (cid).
new patent Method for enabling relay node to transmit uplink control information in wireless communication system and the relay node
A method of transmitting uplink control information by a relay node includes: receiving resource allocation information and sequence information in accordance with a predetermined physical uplink control channel (pucch) transmission format for the relay node from an enode b; and transmitting a pucch, to which a sequence corresponding to the sequence information is applied, to the enode b through a predetermined number of symbols in a second slot of a resource region indicated by the resource allocation information. The predetermined pucch transmission format includes: a first format for transmitting ack/nack information indicating success or failure of reception of a codeword received from the enode b; a second format for transmitting channel quality information (cqi) indicating a channel quality state; and a third format for transmitting a scheduling request (sr) signal.
new patent Discovery for fibre channel over ethernet devices
Techniques are provided for performing discovery in a fibre channel over ethernet (fcoe) network. An fcf discovers other fcoe forwarders (fcfs) connected to its network segment by transmitting a solicitation message to the multicast mac address “all-fcf-macs”.
new patent Calibration of a downlink transmit path of a base station
Methods, systems, and devices are described for calibrating a transmit path of a base station. A calibration symbol of a subframe may be generated for transmission on a downlink channel.
new patent Dynamic adjustment of receive window utilized by a transmitting device
A method of controlling size of a receive window includes transmitting packets over a communication channel from a transmitting device to a receiver, and receiving acknowledgment packets from the receiver, the received acknowledgement packets from the receiver including an advertised receive window size. The method further includes determining a backlog parameter for the receiver in accordance with the advertised receive window size, determining a queuing delay in accordance the received acknowledgment packets, resetting a size of a congestion window in accordance with a function of a current size of the congestion window and a factor proportional to the queuing delay, and resetting a size of a receive window in accordance with a function of a current size of the receive window and the backlog parameter.
new patent Optical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner
An optical head-mounted display includes an eyeglass frame, a holographic optical element supported by the eyeglass frame to be confronted by an eye of a wearer, and a projector mounted on the eyeglass frame to project image information on the holographic optical element. The projector includes a led light source, a beam-splitting polarizer, a spatial light modulator, a lens set and a mechanical one-dimensional scanner.
new patent Three-dimensional scanner with spectroscopic energy detector
A laser scanner has a light emitter, a rotary mirror, a light receiver, a first beam splitter to send electromagnetic energy from an electromagnetic energy generator into the environment, a second beam splitter to send reflected electromagnetic energy to a spectroscopic energy detector, and a control and evaluation unit, the spectroscopic energy detector configured to determine wavelengths in the reflected electromagnetic energy.. .
new patent Multi-mode optical measurement device and method of operation
An optical measurement device is provided includes a tracker device configured to emit a first beam of light and receive a portion of the first beam of light reflected off of a target. The first beam of light being emitted from a gimbal location, the tracker device further including an absolute distance meter configured to determine the distance to the target.
new patent Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces
The cleaning device may clean the handling and support interface for a reticle inside a reticle handling tool, such as a micrographic scanner/stepper printer, without opening the tool. The cleaning device may have the same or approximate form factor as either a reticle without a pellicle or a reticle with a pellicle.
new patent Digital broadcast receiver and method of updating channel information
A digital broadcast receiver is provided, including a receiver which receives a plurality of broadcast signals, a channel scanner which scans the plurality of broadcast signals and acquires service information (si) related to the plurality of broadcast signals, and a controller which selects a broadcast signal having a preset type of si from among the acquired si, and updates channel information.. .

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