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Method for interworking with trustzone between normal domain and secure domain, and management method of trusted…

Systems and methods for facet joint treatment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ann-related patents
 Cannabis plant named midnight patent thumbnailnew patent Cannabis plant named midnight
The disclosure relates to a new and distinct cannabis sativa l. Plant named ‘midnight’, having an almost equal ratio of cannabidiol (cbd) concentration to tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) concentration, (e.g., substantially close to 1), as illustrated and described herein..
 Cannabis plant named erez patent thumbnailnew patent Cannabis plant named erez
The disclosure relates to a new and distinct cultivar of cannabis sativa plant named ‘erez’, characterized by a high amount of cannabidiol (cbd) (>16%) and a higher amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (thc, ˜23%).. .
 Authentication method patent thumbnailnew patent Authentication method
A method of authenticating a user to a transaction at a terminal (10), wherein a user identification is transmitted from the terminal (10) to a transaction partner (12) via a first communication channel (14), and an authentication device (18) uses a second communication channel (20) for checking an authentication function that is implemented in a mobile device (16) of the user, and, as a criterion for deciding whether the authentication to the transaction shall be granted or denied, the authentication device (18) checks whether a predetermined time relation exists between the transmission of the user identification and a response from the second communication channel, and the authentication function is normally inactive and is activated by the user only preliminarily for the transaction, the response from the second communication channel (20) includes the information that the authentication function is active, and the authentication function is automatically deactivated.. .
 Personal television channel and system and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Personal television channel and system and method thereof
A system for presenting media programming guides is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to transmit to a media source a request to access media content of a personal television (tv) channel composed by a subscriber of a media communication system, transmit to the media source a communication identifier, and receive from the media source media content in the personal tv channel adapted according to the communication identifier.
 Personal videos aggregation patent thumbnailnew patent Personal videos aggregation
Media content programming and portions of the media content programming are aggregated and communicated via a single communication channel based on a user profile. Various channels of video content are selected for viewing content.
 Systems and methods for solving computational problems patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for solving computational problems
Solving computational problems may include generating a logic circuit representation of the computational problem, encoding the logic circuit representation as a discrete optimization problem, and solving the discrete optimization problem using a quantum processor. Output(s) of the logic circuit representation may be clamped such that the solving involves effectively executing the logic circuit representation in reverse to determine input(s) that corresponds to the clamped output(s).
 Standard cells having transistors annotated for gate-length biasing patent thumbnailnew patent Standard cells having transistors annotated for gate-length biasing
Methods, layouts and chip design layouts that use annotations for communicating gate-length biasing amounts to post-layout tools are disclosed. One method includes receiving a chip design layout designed to includes select ones of a plurality of nominal cell layouts and an annotated cell layout.
 User interface generation and preview patent thumbnailnew patent User interface generation and preview
User interface features for a user interface may be selected or generated based on introspection of a template. A template, such as a content item template, may include an annotation identifying a portion for which a user interface feature is to be generated.
 Method for one-click subscribing to multiple channels of information on a single topic patent thumbnailnew patent Method for one-click subscribing to multiple channels of information on a single topic
A subscription to multiple channels of information on a single topic is performed. A topic of interest is received via a user interface.
 Systems and methods for content analysis to support navigation and annotation in expository videos patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for content analysis to support navigation and annotation in expository videos
Online educational videos are often difficult to navigate. Furthermore, most video interfaces do not lend themselves to note-taking.
new patent Mobile expert desktop
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a system and method for handling an interaction via an end user device. The end user device receives context data related to the interaction over a data channel, and displays the context data and a list of media channels available for handling the interaction.
new patent Remotable contracts for the web
A “remotable contract implementation”, as described herein, provides various techniques for implementing static type checking of remoted contracts across iframes using scripts such as typescript, javascript, ajax, etc., thereby enabling structured data and rich patterns of control flow across iframe boundaries. The remotable contract implementation enables the static type-checking over the limited browser postmessage channel of communication across iframes, by generating statically type-checked proxies at runtime based on dynamic reflection, and allowing for full fidelity of javascript control flow interactions (e.g.
new patent System and method thereof for browser agnostic extension models
A method and system for web browser agnostic functionality extension. The method comprises injecting, to a web-page requested by at least a web browser executed by a client system, a bootstrap script for execution of at least an extension to the web browser; retrieving an extension script by means of the bootstrap script, wherein the extension script is executed in the web page; and establishing a two-way communication channel between the bootstrap script executed in the web browser and an extension engine, wherein events generated by either the extension engine or the extension script are communicated over the two-way communication channel, wherein the events generated by the extension engine allow to at least modify content of the web page, thereby extending the functionality of the web page..
new patent Synchronizing annotations between printed documents and electronic documents
An image of a printed document portion is provided to a synchronizer. The synchronizer retrieves an electronic version of the printed document and identifies an electronic text portion that is textually similar to a printed text portion.
new patent Object extraction from presentation-oriented documents using a semantic and spatial approach
Automatic extraction of objects in a presentation-oriented document comprises receiving the presentation-oriented document (pod) in which content elements are spatially arranged in a given layout organization for presenting contents to human users; receiving a set of descriptors that semantically define the objects to extract from the pod based on attributes comprising the objects; using the set of descriptors to identify content elements in the pod that match the attributes in the set of descriptors defining the objects, and assigning semantic annotations to the identified elements based on the descriptors; creating a semantic and spatial document model (ssdm) containing spatial structures of the identified content elements in the pod and the semantic annotations assigned to the identified contents elements; extracting the identified content elements from the pod based on the set of descriptors and the ssdm to create a set of object instances; and performing at least one of: i) using the object instances to generate semantic and spatial wrappers that can be reused on a different pod, and ii) storing the object instances in a data repository.. .
new patent Tracking subclasses of and operations performed by generic objects in a computer system
A mechanism for tracking subclasses of and operations performed by generic objects in a computer system is disclosed. A method of the disclosure includes receiving, by a debugging tool executed from a processing device, an invocation from a code annotation in a function executed by the processing device, the invocation to initialize an object subclass tracking module of the debugging tool, requesting a stack trace of a call stack of the function, generating an identification (id) using the requested stack trace, and storing the generated id and the stack trace in a new entry in an object tracking table..
new patent Method for interworking with trustzone between normal domain and secure domain, and management method of trusted application download, management server, device and system using it
The present invention provides a trusted application download management, authentication, and execution method and system. A trusted application download management server according to the present invention includes a service loader, which accesses a device equipped with a trusted platform and establishes a data communication channel, and a service controller which controls the delegation of a download authority for a trusted application and allows the trusted application to be downloaded to the device when a trusted application download is requested by the device, thus totally managing the download of the trusted applications and allowing the trusted application to be securely downloaded..
new patent Using pci-e extended configuration space to send ioctls to a pci-e adapter
An adapter includes a network interface module configured to interface the adapter to a network and a peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) interface module configured to interface the adapter to a pcie bus. The pcie interface module comprises registers in pcie extended configuration space.
new patent Downloadable configuring application for a wireless device
Systems, methods, and programs for activating a feature on a wireless device includes requesting the feature at the wireless device. A feature includes additional functions and services that add capability to or accessed by the wireless device, such as, but not limited to, voice mail, voice recognition, access to gps, mpeg functions, and access to a data channel or increased data rates.
new patent Bandwidth estimation-based streaming content processing method and apparatus of terminal
A bandwidth estimation-based streaming content processing method and apparatus of a terminal is provided. The streaming content processing method includes establishing a communication channel with a network selected among a plurality of cellular communication networks and a short range communication network, detecting a playback request signal for playing a streaming content received through the communication channel, configuring a fixed bandwidth corresponding to the selected network as an available bandwidth of the streaming content, transmitting a download request for a data version corresponding to the fixed bandwidth to a server providing the streaming content, downloading the requested data from the server, and playing the streaming content of the downloaded data..
new patent Prioritization of network communications
Methods, systems and computer program products that monitor and prioritize communications transported over one or more communication channels are described. Communications received by a user may be prioritized based on one or more of a level of urgency associated with the communication and an action indicated by the communication.
new patent Personal data channel
An example method for sharing a personal data channel in accordance with the present disclosure includes collecting a selection of personal data associated with a user, synthesizing a personal data channel using the selected personal data, and delivering the personal data channel to at least one multimedia device.. .
new patent File sharing in a social network
Technical features described herein can be used to construct various embodiments of a file share server implemented over a computer network to serve a social network of users. In one approach, files are uploaded to the file share server by members of a social network based on time and location of creation and related to a particular real world event, either at a physical location or online.
new patent Systems and methods for cross-layer secure connection set up
Described herein are systems and methods for establishing a secure communications channel between electronic devices. In some embodiments, the secure data channel includes a secure layer 2 and a secure layer 3 connection between a client and a server.
new patent Phase aligned interleaved sampling of multiple data channels
Provided is a method for processing data samples from a plurality of data channels. The method may include obtaining a plurality of data samples from the plurality of data channels.
new patent Ranking media content sources
A processing device identifies a plurality of media items that have been accessed by a user. The processing device determines a plurality of annotations in the plurality of media items that identify a plurality of media content sources.
new patent Systems and methods for providing a user interface for facilitating personal payment transactions
Systems and processes are disclosed for providing customized user interfaces for facilitating personal payment transactions. In certain embodiments, disclosed embodiments may generate a dynamic and customized interface for effecting the personal payment transaction by, for example, providing one or more options for the payer to fund the payment.
new patent Measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns across multiple channels
A closed-loop marketing system and method provides the ability to measure the return on investment of marketing programs across channels, both online and offline, including impression, page view and response levels. The present invention provides mechanisms for measuring a marketing department's contribution to the sales pipeline by taking into account the effect of multiple campaigns.
new patent Guidance system for an individual in an unknown environment and method for implementing such a system
A guidance system (sg) for an individual (ind) moving in an unknown environment establishes a guidance loop (b) between a measurement module (mm) placed on the individual and a remote guidance platform (pg). In the measurement module, a means (cp) collects measurement data (dm) that are transmitted by another means (uc1) of transmission to the guidance platform via a first communication channel.
new patent Pre-cut infeed system
Embodiments provide a pre-cut infeed system for a machine center, such as an edger. A pre-cut infeed system may include an infeed, one or more saws arranged along the infeed, and a scanner optimizer system.
new patent Multi-layer stent
A collapsible prosthetic heart valve includes a stent and a valve assembly. The stent includes an annulus section and at least one foldable section.
new patent Annuloplasty ring delivery cathethers
Apparatus is provided, including a first catheter having a distal end portion transluminally advanceable to a vicinity of an anatomical site, a second catheter having a distal end portion advanceable through a first lumen and out of the first lumen, and a longitudinal implant, advanceable through the second lumen and out of the second lumen. The first and second catheters are assembled to facilitate sliding of the first and second catheters and of the implant, to configure them to assume a multi-bend formation having first and second bends separating first, second, and third domains.
new patent Universal endovascular grafts
Universal endovascular grafts are provided for evaluation and repair of damaged or aneurismal blood vessels. More particularly, the present invention relates to universal fenestrated and universal branched endografts for repair of blood vessels with branches, methods for implanting the endografts in the vessel and for making connection with one or more branches.
new patent Systems and methods for facet joint treatment
A method of treating a facet joint of a patient. The facet joint includes a superior articular face and an inferior articular face.
new patent Devices and methods for percutaneous tricuspid valve repair
The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of identifying a suitable location on the tricuspid annulus, another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of placing a wire across the tricuspid annulus at such an identified location, another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of deploying a tissue anchor across such an identified location, and yet another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of applying tension to two or more of such tissue anchors and reducing the circumference of the tricuspid annulus.
new patent Knotless swivel anchor with anchor body advanced over anchor tip
A suture anchor construct with an anchor tip and eyelet that securely engages and locks into a cannulated anchor body (a fixation device such as a cannulated interference screw or plug). The eyelet of the anchor tip receives a strand attached to tissue or graft, such that the strand is able to freely slide through the eyelet to correctly position tissue attached to the strand.
new patent Surgical instrument with curved jaws for surgical system
A teleoperated surgical system including a rigid cannula and a surgical instrument is provided. The rigid cannula may include at least a portion having a curved longitudinal axis.
new patent Device and method for delivering a dose of medicament comprising activated carbon particles
A device for delivering a dose of medicament comprising activated carbon particles to a patient's rectal cavity has a rectally-insertable cannula. The cannula has a proximal opening, a distal opening and a cavity defined between the proximal and distal openings for containing the medicament.
new patent Method of backflow reduction during material delivery through a needle into tissue
Interstitial tissue structure is treated with a flowable liquid agent by: providing a delivery cannula having a proximal end and a distal end and an external surface with at least one expandable member located on the external surface of at least one catheter or needle. The delivery cannula is inserted into live tissue, creating a hole in the tissue surrounding the delivery cannula.
new patent Process for shaping a needle cannula
A regular metallic, cylindrical tubular needle cannula (1) is subjected to a metal etching liquid (5) in the inside lumen (11) thereby increasing the inside diameter and enhancing the flow properties while maintaining the outside appearance. The inside diameter is only increased over a controlled length (14) of the full length of the needle cannula (10) leaving sufficient length and wall thickness to also taper the outside diameter if so wanted..
new patent Vein scanner
A portable vein viewer apparatus may be battery powered and hand-held to reveal patient vasculature information to aid in venipuncture processes. The apparatus comprises a first laser diode emitting infrared light, and a second laser diode emitting only visible wavelengths, wherein vasculature absorbs a portion of the infrared light causing reflection of a contrasted infrared image.
new patent Access assembly insertion device
An improved access assembly is provided. The access assembly includes an inflatable port and an inflation cannula operably connected to the inflatable port to provide inflation fluid to the inflatable port.
new patent Flexible access assembly
A cannula assembly includes a cannula and an obturator. The cannula includes an elongated shaft dimensioned to access tissue.
new patent Method for preparing cationic galactomannans
C) a step in which the mixture is formed in step b) is dried.. .
new patent A pharmaceutical composition comprising the phytocannabinoids cannabidivarin (cbdv) and cannabidiol (cbd)
This invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising or consisting essentially of the phytocannabinoids cannabidivarin (cbdv) and cannabidiol (cbd). The composition is particularly safe and efficacious for use in the treatment of neurological conditions, characterized by hyper-excitability of the central nervous system, convulsions or seizures such as occur in epilepsy.
new patent Use of serotonin receptor agonists for treatment of movement disorders
The present invention relates to the combined use of compounds which are activators of the kcnq family potassium ion channels and compounds which are serotonin 5-ht1 receptor agonists. The combined use of kcnq channel activators and 5-ht1 receptor agonists is useful in the treatment of for example movement disorders.
new patent Cyclic triazo sodium channel blockers
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof.. .
new patent Compositions and methods for co-amplifying subsequences of a nucleic acid fragment sequence
The present invention is related to genomic nucleotide sequencing. In particular, the invention describes a single reaction method to co-amplify multiple subsequences of a nucleic acid fragment sequence (i.e., for example, at least two read pairs from a single library insert sequence).
new patent Universal small cell backhaul radio architecture
A dual-band small cell backhaul radio comprises a first communication channel including multiple non-line of sight (nlos) sub-6 ghz antennas, a second communication channel including a line of sight (los) 60 ghz or e-band antenna, circuitry for managing the first communication channel and the second communication channel, and an interface for providing data and power from a small cell to the first communication channel and the second communication channel, respectively.. .

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