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Anesthetic patents


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 Iontophoresis methods patent thumbnailIontophoresis methods
A method of anesthetizing a tympanic membrane of an ear of a patient using iontophoresis is disclosed. The method involves delivering an anesthetizing drug solution to an ear canal of the patient's ear, wherein the drug solution includes an anesthetic and a buffer, and wherein the drug solution has a ph in the range of about 6.5 to about 7.5; and applying an amount of current to the drug solution, wherein the amount of applied current is increased at a rate of less than about 0.5 milliamp per second until a maximum current is achieved..
Tusker Medical, Inc.

 Improved instrument, article and  minimizing pain patent thumbnailImproved instrument, article and minimizing pain
An instrument is described for minimizing pain during administration by injection of a liquid, such as, an anesthetic. The instrument includes a main body having a rod mounted freely for vibration and a single use tip removably mounted on the forward end of the main body by a first type of motion and removable by a second and different type of motion.
Bing Innovations Llc

 Analgesic compositions and methods of use patent thumbnailAnalgesic compositions and methods of use
The invention relates to the fields of pharmacology and medicine, and provides anesthetic compositions and methods for the treatment of pain using compositions comprising tea tree oil and one or more additional agent. The invention relates to analgesic compositions for the treatment of pain associated with a variety of disorders or conditions, particularly oral or dental disorders or conditions such as alveolar osteitis or dental caries..

 Novel formulations of volatile anesthetics and methods of use for reducing inflammation patent thumbnailNovel formulations of volatile anesthetics and methods of use for reducing inflammation
The present invention provides methods for treating inflammation or a wound in a subject in need of such wound treatment or inflammation treatment by delivering a volatile anesthetic to the wound or the inflammation site.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

 High concentration local anesthetic formulations patent thumbnailHigh concentration local anesthetic formulations
A transdermal topical anesthetic formulation, which can be used to ameliorate or inhibit pain, has been developed. In the preferred embodiment, the topical anesthetic is a local anesthetic such as lidocaine, most preferably lidocaine free-base in a gel, and the dosage of the local anesthetic is effective in the painful area or immediately adjacent areas, to ameliorate or eliminate the pain.
Centrexion Therapeutics Corporation

 Methods for treatment of pelvic pain and/or comorbid conditions patent thumbnailMethods for treatment of pelvic pain and/or comorbid conditions
Methods, systems, devices, and medicaments are provided for locally administering to a pelvic-area organ or tissue structure in a patient at least one drug continuously or continually over a treatment period of 24 hours or more in an amount effective to achieve a therapeutic effect in another organ or tissue structure by means of shared or convergent pelvic afferent pathways. The methods systems, devices, and medicaments can be used in the treatment of ic/bps, chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, orchialgia, urethral syndrome, dysparenia, chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain, levator ani syndrome, irritative bowel syndrome, or a combination thereof.
Allergan, Inc.

 N-substituted imidazole carboxylic ester chiral compound containing an ether side chain, its preparation and application patent thumbnailN-substituted imidazole carboxylic ester chiral compound containing an ether side chain, its preparation and application
The present invention relates to an n-substituted imidazole carboxylic ester chiral compound containing an ether side chain and to its preparation and application. The structure of this compound is represented by formula (i).
West China Hospital, Sichuan University

 Long-acting polymeric delivery systems patent thumbnailLong-acting polymeric delivery systems
Compositions comprised of a delivery vehicle or delivery system and an active agent dispersed within the delivery vehicle or system, wherein the delivery vehicle or system contains a polyorthoester polymer and a polar aprotic solvent. Also disclosed are low viscosity delivery systems for administration of active agents.
Heron Therapeutics, Inc.

 Topical composition for pain relief patent thumbnailTopical composition for pain relief
The composition comprises 0.5% to 10% by weight of a neuropathic analgesic; 0.5% to 10% by weight of a muscle relaxant; 0.5% to 20% by weight of an anti-inflammatory analgesic; and 0.5% to 10% by weight of an anesthetic.. .

 Rescue inhaler patent thumbnailRescue inhaler
A portable rescue inhaler having a first canister containing a gas mixture of helium, oxygen, and nitrogen, and having a second canister containing an aerosolized medicine. The gas mixture of helium, oxygen, and nitrogen contained in the first canister has a density slightly lower than the density of atmospheric air.

Local anesthetic solution for dental and/or contrast media use

An improved local anesthetic solution with diminished bitter taste includes an anesthetic agent, an anesthetic solution vehicle, and a bitterness suppressant. The bitterness suppressant includes one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of: a sugar selected from the group consisting of monosaccharide sugars, disaccharide sugars, polysaccharide sugars, and combinations of the any of the foregoing; sweet-tasting compounds; acids; amino acids; salts; miscellaneous suppressant substances; and combinations of any of the foregoing.
Real Time Imaging Technologies, Llc

Device for treating truncal and/or collateral varicose veins and a synergistic physio-chemical use

A device for treating truncal and/or collateral varicose veins, such that they may be treated fully at outpatient clinics, without the need to use local anesthetic, wherein the device links the energy or power flow emitted by the laser to the effect of the sclerosant foam and, using a method which links the physio-chemical properties of the two synergistically, removes the exceptional venous endothelium, in addition to reducing both the concentration of the sclerosant substance and that of the energy released by the laser into the vein/varicose vein, such that the entire method may be carried out fully at outpatient clinics and performed in the usual work area, without the need for a strict surgical environment or local anesthetic, with the exception of the same being used at the entry point, it not being necessary to administer local anesthetic in a perivenous, tumescent and/or truncal way.. .

Infusion set with anesthetic compound

A method of constructing an infusion set, patch pump, or element thereof, comprising the steps of mixing at least two of a solvent, an anesthetic, and a lubricant, applying said mixture as a coating to at least one surface of an infusion set, patch pump, or element thereof, and substantially removing said solvent after coating to provide at least one of an anesthetic layer and a lubricant layer upon said infusion set, patch pump, or element thereof.. .
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Apparatus and the treatment of stress urinary incontinence

An apparatus and method for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. The apparatus includes a suburethral sling having an adjustment member for adjusting the tension of the sling both during the procedure and post-procedure.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Syringe actuator system for delivering toxic medical compositions

A system for dispensing botox, anti-venom, local chemotherapy, anesthetics, aesthetic fillers, endogen materials, fat for aesthetic surgery, stem cells, and lethal injection compounds though a sterile syringe. They system uses pressure, generated by a pump unit, to apply force on a syringe containing the materials to be delivered into the patient's body.
Alps South, Llc

Compositions comprising at least one polyol and at least one anesthetic

An injectable sterilized aqueous composition including at least one hyaluronic acid, at least one polyol and at least one local anesthetic chosen from the group made of benzocaine, chloroprocaine, procaine, etidocaine, aptocaine, chlorobutanol, diamocaine, dyclonine, guafecainol, polidocanol, mepivacaine, prilocaine, articaine, bupivacaine, ropivacaine, tetracaine and salts thereof and isolated isomers thereof. The invention also relates to a process for adapting the rheological properties of a heat sterilized injectable aqueous composition.
Laboratoires Vivacy

Neuroactive substituted cyclopenta[b]phenanthrenes as modulators for gaba type-a receptors

The present disclosure is generally directed to neuroactive substituted cyclopenta[b]phenanthrenes as referenced herein, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, for use as, for example, an anesthetic, and/or in the treatment of disorders relating to gaba function and activity. The present disclosure is further directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds..
Washington University

Cassette assembly for syringe fill system

A syringe fill system is described, which is useful for filling syringes for dental anesthetic applications. The system incorporates capability for “push-pull”, “pull-push”, “push-push”, and “pull-pull” modes of operation, for loading syringes with compositions comprising multiple fluid components.
Anutra Medical, Inc.

Syringe fill system and method

A syringe fill system is described, which is useful for filling syringes for dental anesthetic applications. The system incorporates capability for “push-pull”, “pull-push”, “push-push”, and “pull-pull” modes of operation, for loading syringes with compositions comprising multiple fluid components.
Anutra Medical, Inc.

Coupler for safe delivery of anesthesia gases

A breathing circuit delivers anesthetic gases to a patient. The breathing circuit includes a hose having a proximal end coupled to an anesthetic gas delivery machine and a distal end, a breathing apparatus attached to a patient to facilitate patient inhalation and a coupler having a proximal end connected to the distal end of the hose and a distal end connected to the breathing apparatus.
Veranos, Inc.

Method and pharmaceutical to treat spinal discs

Methods for reducing chronic pain caused by a disrupted spinal disc are described. In one method, a solution is injected into the disc.

Topical medications for bruises and burns

Topical medications to treat the physical effects of bruises and burns. For bruises, the topical medication preferably includes therapeutically effective amounts of vasoconstrictor, such as phenylephrine hcl usp, an anti-inflammatory, such as arica, and compounding agents.
Meridian Research And Development, Inc.

Methods of inducing sedation

The present invention provides methods for determining the selectivity of a sedative for an anesthetic-sensitive receptor by determining the molar water solubility of the sedative. The invention further provides methods for modulating the selectivity of a sedative for an anesthetic-sensitive receptor by altering or modifying the sedative to have higher or lower water solubility.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Method for treating angina

A method for treating angina by introducing medicine to a patient's sphenopalatine ganglion with a catheter. The medicine includes a mixture of a local anesthetic, a steroid, an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory..
Nogina, Llc

Method and applying an anesthetic and bactericide

A method and an apparatus for applying an anesthetic includes a receptacle having an upper end, a substantially hollow interior, a lower end having a tube or nozzle extending therefrom, and an attachment for attaching to the barrel of a syringe or vice versa. The receptacle receives a container or canister containing an endothermic gas or vapor (propellant) that rapidly absorbs heat when released to the atmosphere.
Leibovici Llc

Assembly for sequentially percutaneously applying an electrode and an anesthetic to tissue

An assembly that consist of a cannula; an electrode and a syringe. The cannula has a hub that defines a set of adjacent bores.
Stryker Corporation

Apparatus and electroencephalographic examination

An apparatus comprises a data processing unit (100) which receives electroencephalographic data based on a measurement of a person (110) exposed to anesthetic drug substance which has one or more estimated or measured non-zero levels of concentration in the body (108) of the person (110) as a function of time; and determines and present activity of slow waves of the electroencephalographic data at the one or more estimated or measured levels of the non-zero concentration of the anesthetic drug substance.. .
Oulun Yliopisto

Endoluminal delivery of anesthesia

Described herein are methods and devices for selectively applying fluids (particularly anesthetics) to a target tissue from within a blood vessel while minimizing the amount of fluid applied to non-target tissue. The injection catheters described herein may include an elongate body, a directional injector, and one or more holdfasts for securing the catheter before extending the injector.
Silk Road Medical, Inc.

Pediatric induction of anesthesia

Disclosed is a mask-free system and method for inducing anesthesia in a pediatric patient. In a preferred embodiment, calming and then anesthetic gases are administered through a mouthpiece with a distraction device, such as an inflatable bag or balloon or an audible siren whistle.

Hyaluronic acid-based gels including lidocaine

Disclosed herein are soft tissue fillers, for example, dermal and subdermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acids and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. In one aspect, hyaluronic acid-based compositions described herein include a therapeutically effective amount of at least one anesthetic agent, for example, lidocaine.
Allergan Industrie, S.a.s.

Topical formulations, systems, and methods

The present disclosure is drawn to topical formulations, transdermal systems, and related methods. In one embodiment, a topical formulation is provided that includes a drug such as a local anesthetic, an nsaid, or a corticosteriod; and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate.
Nuvo Research Inc.

Laparoscopic wound closure device

A laparoscopic wound closure device includes an elongated body portion including a proximal end, a distal end, and a pair of vertical suture channels. Each vertical suture channel has an entrance at the proximal end and an exit near the distal end for passing a suture needle through, and travels parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body portion of the device.

System and guidance of anesthesia, analgesia and amnesia

A method for monitoring anesthetization of a patient, includes the steps of removably connecting a plurality of electrodes to the scalp of the patient and administering sufficient anesthesia to the patient so that the patient attains a plane of anesthesia selected by an operator. The brain waves of the patient are then amplified and digitized after the patient has been anesthetized, before beginning the medical procedure, to obtain a first set of digital data.
New York University

Anesthetic syringe

A syringe assembly for dispensing medicine from a cartridge having a diaphragm and a piston opposite the diaphragm. The assembly includes a barrel having a hollow interior, an open proximal end, a closed distal end, and an outlet.
Covidien Lp

Taste modifiers and therapeutic methods thereof

Taste modifier products and therapeutic methods for encouraging decrease in high calorie food intake by a person are disclosed. A taste modifier product ingested toy a person may comprise one or more sweetness inhibitors and one or more anesthetics.
Weight Sciences, Llc

Agent in suppository form for the treatment of haemorrhoids, proctitis and other inflammatory proctological disorders

The invention relates to a medicinal agent to treat hemorrhoid, proctitis and other inflammatory proctology diseases. Said medicinal agent represents a suppository with a mass of 1.35 to 3.65 g and comprises, as active ingredients, 0.3 to 0.65 g of diosmin, 0.05 to 0.2 g of dexpanthenol, 0.05 to 0.2 g of green tea extract, and, as auxiliary substances, 0.0135 to 0.1825 g of emulsifier and fatty acid glycerides.
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostyu "gemodan"

Multidrug infusion for pain control

The present invention relates to a formulation comprising an opioid, a na channel blocker, an alpha2-receptor agonist, an opioid mu or delta receptor competitive antagonist and an intravenous anesthetic and/or a neurologic acting agent for use in pain control and/or cognitive function improvement.. .

Metal-salen complex compound, local anesthetic and antineoplastic drug

A metal-salen complex compound, which exhibits excellent noninvasiveness and can be efficiently transferred to an affected site, a local anesthetic containing this metal-salen complex compound, and an antineoplastic drug containing this metal-salen complex compound are provided. Regarding the metal-salen complex compound, a metal atom part in each of two molecules of a metal-salen complex or a derivative of the metal-salen complex is dimerized via water, and the metal-salen complex compound is mixed with a base to produce an ointment..
Ihi Corporation

Stable liquid formulations of volatile gas anesthetics

A stable liquid nanoemulsion of a volatile gas anesthetic, such as, isoflurane or sevoflurane, is disclosed which is effective in inducing and maintaining a state of anesthesia and/or general anesthesia in a patent. A method of preparation of stable liquid formulations of volatile gas anesthetics is presented, as well as a method for directly testing the concentration of a volatile gas anesthetic in a stable liquid formulation.
University Of Miami

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