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Anchor patents

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Task assistant including improved navigation

Method for automating trend qualification and anchored support/resistance

Multi-component knee implant assembly with combined articulating and belt support and traveling surfaces

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Virtual machine mobility with evolved packet core patent thumbnailVirtual machine mobility with evolved packet core
A system and method for controlling mobility of a subscriber-specific virtual machine (vm) instance from one vm to another vm using a network node (such as an evolved packet gateway (epg)) in an evolved packet core (epc) in a mobile communication network. The epg may control the vm mobility for each subscriber in the context of cloud-based services or virtualized applications.
 Task assistant including improved navigation patent thumbnailTask assistant including improved navigation
A method of providing a task assistant to provide an interface to an application is described. The method includes, in one embodiment, receiving input from a user through multimodal input including a plurality of each input, typing input, and touch input, interpreting the input, and providing a formatted query to the application, and receiving data from the application in response to the query.
 Method for automating trend qualification and anchored support/resistance patent thumbnailMethod for automating trend qualification and anchored support/resistance
A method for determining swing points on any and all unfettered exchanges where price and volume data are collected and published. A method for determining support and resistance bars from the same data source.
 Multi-component knee implant assembly with combined articulating and belt support and traveling surfaces patent thumbnailMulti-component knee implant assembly with combined articulating and belt support and traveling surfaces
A joint assembly incorporated into reconditioned end surfaces established between an upper bone and an opposing lower bone. The assembly includes a pair of first components anchored into reconditioned bone end surfaces of a first joint defining bone and exhibiting a flexible and band-shaped loop displace-ably supported along exposed undersides established between outer portions which are assembled around the bands.
 Glenoid arthroplasty patent thumbnailGlenoid arthroplasty
Arthroplasty components include an articular surface and a bone-facing surface. The bone-facing surface bears at least one anchoring element adapted for an oblique implantation trajectory.
 Disk-based valve apparatus and method for the treatment of valve dysfunction patent thumbnailDisk-based valve apparatus and method for the treatment of valve dysfunction
The present invention comprises a novel and safer mechanism of deployment using a self-positioning, self-centering, and self-anchoring method. To embody the present invention, a disk-based valve apparatus allowing the repositioning and retrieval of the implantable valve while working on a dysfunctional valve structure is disclosed.
 Controlled tip release stent graft delivery system and method patent thumbnailControlled tip release stent graft delivery system and method
An apparatus and method of deploying a stent graft having a proximal anchor stent ring includes restraining proximal apexes of the proximal anchor stent ring between a spindle body of a spindle and a control release sleeve of a tapered tip. The control release sleeve is advanced relative to the spindle to release a first proximal apex through an opening in the control release sleeve while the remaining proximal apexes remain restrained by the control release sleeve.
 Prosthetic valve with anti-pivoting mechanism patent thumbnailProsthetic valve with anti-pivoting mechanism
A prosthetic valve for implanting in a patient's native valve has a self-expanding frame that comprises a first end, a second end opposite the first end, an anterior portion, and a posterior portion. The self-expanding frame has an expanded configuration adapted to engage tissue at a treatment site, and a collapsed configuration adapted to be delivered to the treatment site.
 Systems and methods for electrically stimulating patient tissue on or around one or more bony structures patent thumbnailSystems and methods for electrically stimulating patient tissue on or around one or more bony structures
An implantable lead assembly for providing electrical stimulation to a patient includes a lead body; a terminal disposed along a proximal end of the lead body; and an orthopedic implant coupled to a distal end of the lead body. The orthopedic implant is configured and arranged for anchoring to a bony structure.
 Bone anchor with plug member and tool for inserting the plug member into the bone anchor patent thumbnailBone anchor with plug member and tool for inserting the plug member into the bone anchor
A bone anchor includes a shaft having a first end and a second end, a bore extending from the first end to the second end, and a plug member which is insertable into the bore and guidable through the bore for closing the bore at the second end. The bone anchor is suitable for minimally invasive surgery in such a way a guide wire can be guided through the bone anchor and after the bone anchor has been anchored in the bone the plug member is inserted to close the open end of the bone anchor.
Osseointegrative spinal fixation implants
The present invention describes implant systems, devices, methods and surgical techniques for spinal fixation that incorporate an osseointegrative bone-implant interface that functionally provides both the short term stability of fixation and the long term stability of fusion. The various embodiments described herein can utilize novel screw and anchoring device designs or can serve as a supplement to existing spinal fixation systems..
Examples of a suture anchor having a small diameter and having a soft suture bridge or suture eyelet are described herein. The soft suture bridge/suture eyelet allows a repair suture to slide, which is desirable when tying knots.
All-suture anchor inserter
This invention pertains to the percutaneous insertion of a soft, non-rigid suture anchor construct preloaded onto an inserter which is “self-punching”. The preferred embodiment of soft suture anchor disclosed herein is a suture anchor which is entirely comprised of filaments of compressible, distendable, soft materials such as commonly used suture materials.
Knotless suture anchor and method of using same
A suture anchor including an outer anchor part and an inner anchor part. The outer anchor part includes a proximal end, a distal end, and an inner surface defining a center bore extending between the proximal end and the distal end.
Method of connecting body tissue to a bone
An improved method of connecting body tissue to a bone in a body. The method includes utilizing an anchor with a conical leading end, a trailing end, a central longitudinal axis passing through the leading and trailing ends, at least two suture passages extending through the anchor transverse to the central longitudinal axis, and a length.
Linkage driven compaction device
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for sealing a puncture or incision formed percutaneously in tissue separating two internal portions of the body of a living being with an anchor, a sealing plug and a filament connecting the anchor and sealing plug. The methods and apparatus provide for a compaction mechanism that is expandable and tamps the sealing plug into place..
Embolus blood clot filter delivery system
A blood filter delivery system for delivering a blood filter into a vein includes a push rod for pushing the blood filter through and out of a catheter, the push rod having a filter positioning assembly on one end. The filter positioning assembly includes positioner members, which retain anchor members of the filter.
Knotless suture anchor and method of using same
A suture anchor including a first portion and a second portion. The first portion defining a first suture bore and having an angled distal surface that extends in a plane oblique to a longitudinal axis of the suture anchor.
Methods and apparatus for revision of obesity procedures
Methods and apparatus for the endoluminal revision of previously performed obesity procedures which have failed are described. One or more endoluminal instruments may be advanced per-orally into the previously formed failed pouch where a number of different procedures can be performed.
Three suture large bore closure device and methods
A vascular closure device includes an anchor, a suture carrying portion, and a plurality of needles. The anchor is positionable through a vessel puncture in a vessel wall and operable between expanded and contracted positions.
Tissue anchor with insertion device
In one embodiment, a medical device includes a first arm portion, a second arm portion and a base portion. The first arm portion has an inner surface and an outer surface.
Apparatus and methods facilitating the repositioning of implanted medical devices
Dislodging an anchor sleeve from an implanted device may be accomplished with a tool that includes a support portion and a sleeve dislodging element, wherein a collar of the support portion engages a distal end of the anchor sleeve while the dislodging element, positioned at a proximal end of the sleeve, is moved toward the collar to dislodge the anchor sleeve. The tool preferably includes a handle member held in sliding engagement with a base member, for example, by a snap-fit, wherein the support portion is part of the handle member, and a distal segment of the base member is terminated by the dislodging element.
Temporary leadless implantable medical device with indwelling retrieval mechanism
A method and system are provided for removing, from an implant chamber of a heart, a leadless implantable medical device (limd) having a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end is configured to be actively secured to tissue in the implant chamber of the heart.
Anchor deployment for implantable medical devices
A tool for deploying an anchor sleeve onto an implantable device includes handle and base members, which may be fitted together by an operator. The operator may select the handle member from a plurality thereof included in a kit; and the base member, also included in the kit, includes a rail segment with which a gripping portion of the selected handle member may be engaged, for example, via guidance from a marked portion of the base member.
Method and apparatus to reload suture anchors
A drill guide assembly for drilling a bone hole and implanting a suture anchor in the bone hole. The assembly includes a drill guide and a suture anchor.
Systems and methods for the fusion of the sacral-iliac joint
The sacral-iliac joint between an iliac and a sacrum is fused either by the creation of a lateral insertion path laterally through the ilium, through the sacral-iliac joint, and into the sacrum, or by the creation of a postero-lateral insertion path entering from a posterior iliac spine of an ilium, angling through the sacral-iliac joint, and terminating in the sacral alae. A bone fixation implant is inserted through the insertion path and anchored in the interior region of the sacrum or sacral alea to fixate the sacral-iliac joint..
Systems and methods for making and using medical ablation systems having mapping catheters with improved anchoring ability
A mapping catheter includes an elongated body for inserting into patient vasculature. A distal end of the elongated body includes a distal portion that includes a plurality of electrodes, a proximal portion disposed proximal to the distal portion, and a reduced-dimension portion disposed between the proximal and distal portions.
Tissue ingrowth intestinal bypass sleeve and method of deployment
A device and method for deploying an intestinal sleeve is disclosed. The intestinal sleeve has an impermeable layer and a tissue ingrowth layer.
Configurable subshell components in orthopedic devices
A coupling device for an orthopedic brace includes an anchoring member for securing to a frame and protruding therefrom, and a subshell arranged to connect to the frame by the anchoring member. The subshell has a locking element for selectively positioning the subshell on the frame at a plurality of locations.
Exchange guidewire
A guidewire (10) includes a flexible elongated core (20) having a proximal end (22) and a distal end (24). An anchor wire (10) has a distal end (34) connected to the distal end (24) of the core (20) and a distally located helical portion (50) that encircles the core.
Transcoronary sinus pacing system, lv summit pacing, early mitral closure pacing, and methods therefor
A transcoronary sinus pacing system comprising a sheath having a lumen, a pacing catheter having a pacing needle, wherein the catheter can be advanced within the lumen and placed in the lv summit, and a right ventricular pacing device. A lv summit pacing device.
Foam port device having closed-end lumens
A surgical apparatus includes a seal anchor member. The seal anchor member includes a leading end, a trailing end, and at least one longitudinal port extending between the two ends.
Pelvic implant and treatment method
A unitary or homogeneous patterned implant is provided. The implant is constructed of patterned cells formed by way of a molding, die casting, laser etching, laser cutting, extruding, and the like.
Implants and procedures for supporting anatomical structures for treating conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse
Implants for the treatment of pelvic support conditions and methods of implementing the same. The implants comprise relatively soft, flexible bodies and relatively strong arms extending in predetermined orientations therefrom.
Adjustable implants and methods of implanting the same
In one embodiment, a medical device includes a tissue anchor has a first portion and a second portion. The tissue anchor is configured to be placed within bodily tissue of a patient.
Tool changer for machine tool
A machine tool includes a lever arm extended from a column, a working spindle and a guiding member attached to the lever arm and having an upper guiding surface and a lower recess formed by an anchoring surface, the guiding surface is located farther away from the column as compared with the anchoring surface of the guiding member, a tool cartridge is attached to the lever arm for supplying tool elements to the working spindle, and includes a seat having a cam surface, a guiding roller attached to the seat for engaging with the guiding surface of the guiding member and for selectively separating the tool cartridge from the working spindle and the guiding member.. .
Device for exercising the muscles of the human body
An exercise device for exercising the muscles of the human body generally includes a tension cable having a distal end and a proximal end, a harness disposed at the distal end of the tension cable, and a body support, wherein the tension cable is slidably disposed within an opening in the body support, the opening extending from a distal end of the body support to a proximal end of the body support. The device may also include an anchor at the proximal end of the tension cable.
Watersport resistance training device
A watersport resistance training device includes an elongated inelastic strap having an anchor an anchor unit disposed along a first end, and a ski handle assembly disposed along a second end. A plurality of rings is disposed along the middle section of the inelastic strap, and one or more watersport resistance elements are removably connected to at least two of the rings..
Method for measuring position of user terminal
A method for measuring a position of a user terminal is provided. The method includes selecting one or more anchor nodes for measuring the position of the user terminal, selecting a relay terminal from neighboring terminals of the user terminal, each of the neighboring terminals securing a line of sight (los) with the user terminal and having location information thereof, and measuring the position of the user terminal using the one or more anchor nodes and the relay terminal..
Removable rotor blade tip
A rotor blade has a spanwise axis, a root comprising an anchor having an anchor surface configured to form at least one of a normal angle relative to the spanwise axis and an acute angle relative to the spanwise axis, and a selectively removable tip comprising a connector having a connector surface configured to complement the anchor surface.. .
Track-mounted wheel restraint systems
Example manual wheel restraint systems and methods for restraining a vehicle at a loading dock include are disclosed herein. An example wheel restraint disclosed herein includes a retractable wheel-blocking barrier mounted to a carrier that can be repositioned along a track, where the track is anchored to a driveway of a loading dock.
Perimeter pile anchor foundation
A perimeter pile anchor foundation is built by forming a plurality of individual perimeter pile anchors in a large generally circular pattern to form a perimeter wall. The individual pile anchors are contiguous, each pile overlapping the adjacent piles on either side.
Fiber optic connector
A connector includes a ferrule assembly having a ferrule, a hub and a spring, the ferrule having a distal face accessible at a distal end of the connector housing, the ferrule being movable in a proximal direction relative to the connector housing. The distal and proximal positions are separated by an axial displacement distance.
Home routing for ims roaming using vplmn anchor
Methods and apparatus are described for use in handling session establishment in a home network or visited network. Ims roaming is described for a ue of the home network that is roaming in the visited network.
Synchronization of anchor units in a position location tracking system
Methods, systems, and devices are described for tracking an asset or person using a synchronized set of anchor units. A tag attached to the asset or person has a clock offset relative to the anchor units, which in turn have clock offsets relative to each other.
Method and apparatus for reducing satellite position message payload by adaptive data compression techniques
An adaptive method by which differential gnss corrections may be compressed. Each measurement datum to be transmitted to a rover for satellite navigation purposes is decomposed into two parts, namely, an anchor value and a delta value, and in some instances an added third part termed a nonce value is used.
Shelving assembly for refrigerator compartment
A shelving assembly includes ladder rails mounted within spaced elongated pockets formed in the rear wall of a refrigerator compartment. Each ladder rail presents a front, side, rear wall portions.
Anchoring system for seat back
A seating system adapted for use in stadium, auditorium, and/or theater-type settings. The system utilizes seat back pins, support beams, and anchors for installing seat backs in series and without requiring custom components to account for variability in dimensions.
Beach chair
A lightweight, compact foldable beach chair is presented. The present invention beach chair features an upper seatback portion and a lower sand engagement portion.
Stowable aircraft cabin attendant seat
A retractable flight attendant chair includes an anchor box, a sled coupled to the anchor box for horizontal translation of the retractable chair into and out of the stowage compartment, and a chair mounted on the sled. The chair includes an expanding/folding backrest and seat portion that allows the chair to be stowed in a small envelope compartment when not in use..
Apparatus and method for a protective cover and grip for smart phones and tablet computer devices
A protective cover for a handheld electronic device such as a smart phone and a tablet computer, with a display screen side, a backside, and surrounding edges has a set of u-shape clips attachable to the surrounding edges and are positioned on at least four corner edges of the device. A plurality of stretch fabric straps anchored to the set of clips and positioned across the backside of the device, wherein the clips and the straps function as a protective cover and handgrip for the device..
Anchor vias for improved backside metal adhesion to semiconductor substrate
Disclosed is a structure having anchor vias for improved backside metal adhesion and an associated method for the structure's fabrication. The structure includes at least one anchor via disposed in at least one corner of a semiconductor substrate.
Electronic packaging substrate with etching indentation as die attachment anchor and method of manufacturing the same
An electronics package is disclosed. The electronics package is disclosed as including a substrate core, a metal layer established on top of the substrate core, the metal layer being etched so as to include a die attachment anchor and at least one gap that separates a die bonding pad from at least one of a trace and wire bonding pad, for example.
Methods and apparatus for mems devices with increased sensitivity
Methods and apparatus for forming mems devices. An apparatus includes at least a portion of a semiconductor substrate having a first thickness and patterned to form a moveable mass; a moving sense electrode forming the first plate of a first capacitance; at least one anchor patterned from the semiconductor substrate and having a portion that forms the second plate of the first capacitance and spaced by a first gap from the first plate; a layer of semiconductor material of a second thickness patterned to form a first electrode forming a first plate of a second capacitance and further patterned to form a second electrode overlying the at least one anchor and forming a second plate spaced by a second gap that is less than the first gap; wherein a total capacitance is formed that is the sum of the first capacitance and the second capacitance.
Balcony blockout insert
A balcony blockout insert is sized to engage a preformed blockout hole and includes a plurality of contact foot members that are in connection with respective pivot arms and structured to extend outwardly against the inner surfaces of the blockout hole by rotating a tensioning bolt in a clockwise direction using a tensioning wrench. Each contact foot member includes one or more resilient pads for engaging the unique contour of the sidewalls (e.g.
Concrete pier foundation anchor bolt support and chamfer form
A embodiments of the concrete form include a form tube, chamfer disk, and one or more form cross-members. The form cross-members are comprised of a center pivot, two bolt guides, which are formed by the cross-members, and an optional clamp.
Modular shelving assembly
A modular shelving assembly for use in a vehicle, including a cargo space at least partially defined by a floor and a side wall of the vehicle, includes at least two interconnected upright assemblies. Each of the upright assemblies includes a first panel, a second panel, and a coupler member unitizing the first and second panels.
Fall-arrest anchors and systems and methods relating thereto
A fall-arrest anchor comprising a single, elongated member having a breaking strength more than 5,000 lb (22.5 kn). The single, elongated member comprises a first anchor portion sized and configured for attachment to a building and a second worker-attachment portion sized and configured for attachment to a worker's lifeline.
Shower safety system
A shower safety system, which prevents or reduces the chance of injury in case of a sudden loss of ability to stand upright, comprises a harness to be worn by a user when he/she showers. The harness is anchored to the wall of the shower or other fixture, via a tether component and mounting element.
Method and apparatus for manufacturing pneumatic tyres
On a building drum, anchoring structures to beads, carcass plies, a belt structure and/or other annular composite components are sequentially assembled with a liner, sidewalls, sidewall inserts, under-belt inserts or other annular elastomer components. Each of the sidewall inserts, sidewalls, or under-belt inserts is made as a one piece construction in a service station operating far away from the building drum for storage on a movable storing device.
Feline grooming modality
A grooming and scratching device for felines that can be selectively anchored under a door and stored away when desired.. .
Load adjustable ball screw device
A ball screw device includes a screw engaged into two nut members for forming a ball guiding passage between the nut members and the screw member and for receiving and engaging with bearing members, and a load applying device is disposed on the screw member and disposed between the nut members and applies a load onto the nut members in order to force and move the nut members away from each other and so as to apply a force onto the ball bearing members and in order to stably anchor and retain the ball bearing members between the nut members and the screw member and in order to facilitate a movement between the nut members and the screw member.. .
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method for producing same
An exhaust gas purifying catalyst comprises: a plurality of catalyst units which contain anchor particles that support noble metal particles; and an enclosure material that internally contains the plurality of catalyst units and separates the catalyst units from each other. Both the anchor particles and the enclosure material contain an alkali element and/or an alkaline earth element.
Thermally coated wall anchor and anchoring systems with in-cavity thermal breaks for cavity walls
Thermally-isolating wall anchors and reinforcement devices and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed for use in masonry cavity walls. A thermally-isolating coating is applied to the wall anchor, which is interconnected with a wire formative veneer tie.
Cast-in anchor system
A cast-in anchor system for anchoring objects to concrete structures. The preferred system uses an extruded cast-in anchor and an extruded bolt retainer.
Non-invasive roof mounting adapter and method for installing same
A mounting adapter for attaching an object to a mounting surface such as a flat roof includes a planar anchor plate having first apertures and second apertures extending therethrough. The first apertures receive an elongated fastener having a length sufficient to fasten the anchor plate over and to a support structure positioned beneath the mounting surface.
Laser configured column anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same
A high-strength laser configured column anchor and anchoring system is disclosed. The high-strength column anchor provides high-strength pullout resistance when embedded within the wall bed joint.
Thermally coated wall anchor and anchoring systems with in-cavity thermal breaks
Thermally-isolating wall anchors and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed. A thermally-isolating coating is applied to the wall anchor, which is interconnected with a wire formative veneer tie.
Tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly
A tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly comprising a tilt tower having a mast and a swing tube and a coax cable engaging both the mast and the swing tube, the mast has a near end, the near end has a mast flange plate with fastener holes therethrough. A pipe auger anchor has walls defining a generally hollow elongated body having a near end and a removed end, the near end including a pipe auger anchor flange plate mateable with the mast flange plate.
Underground tank hold-down system
An underground fluid storage tank hold-down system for holding down an underground cylindrical fluid storage tank in a hole that has been excavated, the underground tank hold-down system comprising a multiplicity of paired hold-down straps having a first end and a second end. A multiplicity of paired deadmen anchors are adapted to be placed to either side of the tank when the tank is in the hole.
Electrical machine for extracting liquids
The present invention is an electric liquid extractor machine of the type that includes a basket for holding the product and that is designed to carry out operations such as centrifuging, draining or extracting of liquids, or other processing operations of habitual products in industrial kitchens or other types, structured on the basis of a rigid assembly including at least one body and an interior base, a movable assembly including at least one motor element, a drive shaft and a perforated basket, and a movable cover for the passage of products to the interior of the machine, characterised in that the union between the rigid assembly and the movable assembly is done by means of anti-vibration or flexible anchors.. .
Device and method for removing a pool or deck cover anchor
A device for removing a pool or deck cover anchor includes a base having a front, a rear, and two sides; a swivel rotatably attached to the front of the base with dowel pins so that the swivel will rotate to stay level; a u-shaped gripping element on the swivel, adapted to grip the anchor; a handle attached to the rear of the base, the handle being substantially longer than the swivel; a handle stop on the handle; and wheels rotatably attached to the sides of the base; wherein the handle, base, and swivel form a lever and the wheels allow the tool to roll so that a generally downward force on the handle produces a straight vertical force on the anchor that lifts the anchor out of the ground. Methods for removing and replacing anchors utilize the tool as further described..
Lifting device for handicapped person
A transporting and lifting device for handicapped person includes a seat attached to a carrier for supporting a user, a front sling coupled to the front portion of the carrier and a rear sling coupled to the rear portion of the carrier for hanging and lifting and elevating the carrier and the user. The carrier includes an anchoring device attached to front portion of the carrier for connecting to the front sling with a hanging strap, and another anchoring device attached to rear portion of the carrier for connecting to the rear sling with a back board.

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