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Anchor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Method for optimizing multicast group and anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Method for optimizing multicast group and anchor
Provided are a method for optimizing the multicast group and an anchor. A set of nodes requesting for the same multicast group data and sharing the same access gateway (ag) is identified in a multicast group, and the same multicast group data is transmitted to each node in the set of nodes via the same ag thereby forwarding multicast data to different nodes via the same gateway, saving traffic of a network side, and optimizing the multicast group.
Zte Corporation

 Method for managing decoded picture buffer (dpb) in a multi-view video coding (mvc) decoder patent thumbnailnew patent Method for managing decoded picture buffer (dpb) in a multi-view video coding (mvc) decoder
Managing a decoded picture buffer (dpb) in a multi-view video coding (mvc) decoder is provided by detecting a trailing picture after an anchor picture in a base view, marking one or more reference pictures prior to the anchor picture as unused for reference in base view and one or more non-base views, transmitting the one or more marked reference pictures to an electronic device for post-processing, determining that the one or more reference pictures are displayed, and releasing the one or more pictures from the dpb in the base view and the one or more non-base views, once the one or more pictures are displayed and if those pictures are marked as unused for reference.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Method and  initiating and maintaining sessions between endpoints patent thumbnailnew patent Method and initiating and maintaining sessions between endpoints
Methods for re-anchoring a transport layer session in a communication network are disclosed. For example, a method receives a request to re-anchor a transport layer session and sends a packet notifying of a transport layer session re-anchor to a peer.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp.

 Apparatus to assist a user with holding a mobile device patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus to assist a user with holding a mobile device
An apparatus that facilitates one-handed use of a mobile device has a finger brace configured to brace a user's finger on each of two opposed sides of the point where it is coupled to a flexible member. The flexible member extends through a hole in the back portion of the mobile device's case and is anchored to an interior surface of the back portion of the case.

 Electronic or optoelectronic device comprising an anchored thin molecular layer, process for its preparation and compound used therein patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic or optoelectronic device comprising an anchored thin molecular layer, process for its preparation and compound used therein
Electronic and optoelectronic devices are provided that may include at least one inorganic surface covered at least partly by an organic layer. The organic layer may include a compound having at least one anchor group anchoring the compound to the inorganic surface, at least one functional moiety, and at least one methylidenyl group.
Novaled Gmbh

 Self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track patent thumbnailnew patent Self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track
A self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track, equipped with at least one imaging sensor and wherein the rail track on which the system's movable payload is propelled and the movable payload are both exposed to the fence side, and an anchoring means for anchoring, from time to time, the movable payload, and replacing the payload's battery with a new one within the anchoring means.. .
Magal Security Systems Ltd.

 Detector for a conductor of an electrical network patent thumbnailnew patent Detector for a conductor of an electrical network
A detector for an electrical conductor includes a frame on which is mounted a mechanism including a magnetic toroid, divided into a first and a second branches and at least two jaws for anchoring the detector on the electrical conductor, each jaw being rotationally mobile between an open position and a locked position. The first branch of the toroid is secured to the frame and its second branch is rotationally mobile relative to the first branch, under the action of an elastic return member, between an open position, a preclosure position and a closed position of the magnetic toroid.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

 Pedaling torque and power measuring device for a bicycle patent thumbnailnew patent Pedaling torque and power measuring device for a bicycle
A torque and power measuring device corresponding to the non-drive side cyclist leg, comprising a hollow shaft connecting the two bicycle crank arms with strain sensors arranged in the shaft surface. These sensors are connected to an electronic control unit housed inside the shaft, to which are also connected other different sensors to measure a plurality of interesting quantities (pedaling cadence, crank arm angular position .
Indra Sistemas, S.a.

 Concealed carry anchor and holster system patent thumbnailnew patent Concealed carry anchor and holster system
A concealed carry anchor and holster system secures a holster to a user in order to conceal a firearm from perception. The concealed carry anchor and holster system includes: a holster, to support the firearm; a garment portion, which is a portion of a garment the user wears in order to support and/or conceal the holster and subsequently a firearm; at least one anchor magnet and a holster magnet to secure the holster onto the garment portion.

 Inline pilot with flame detection device and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Inline pilot with flame detection device and method thereof
A novel inline pilot assembly and method of flame detection for use with combustion applications for oil or gas processing is provided wherein the pilot assembly includes a pilot novel assembly with a unique placement of fuel and induction holes to improve flame stability, promote flame anchoring near the diffuser, and discourage the pilot flame front from migrating forward away from the diffuser.. .
Profire Energy, Inc

new patent

Improvements in and relating to pipe support systems

Disclosed is an apparatus for suspending an object from an anchor point positioned, in use, above it, comprising: an elongate rod (200) having at least one waisted portion (220); a rod-engaging member (400); and a lock member (300), wherein the rod-engaging member (400) comprises: a substantially cylindrical main body (410) having a longitudinal slot (460) running along its entire length; a circumferential ridge (420) disposed around the cylindrical main body (410), arranged to engage with a complementary recess (130) provided in the object to be suspended; and a portion (430) comprising at least one elongate element having an inwardly facing projection (470), arranged to engage with the waisted portion (220) of the elongate rod (200).. .
Jcco 330 Limited

new patent

Rod-and-bracket connector system for securing a pivoting member to a guide anchor moveably secured with a guide track

The connector system (30) includes a pivoting member (38) pivotally attached to a guide anchor (36) that is moveable secured within a guide track (34). The guide anchor (36) is movably secured between first and second strength walls (58, 62).
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Clamping connector

The disclosure relates to a clamping connector for the detachable junction of two elements, the first one of which comprises an undercut longitudinal groove and the second one of which comprises a receiving space for a housing of the clamping connector, wherein the housing of the clamping connector comprises two end faces arranged opposite each other in the longitudinal direction of the housing and at least one side wall connecting the two end faces, comprising a transmission element which is accommodated in the housing, wherein the transmission element can be displaced between a clamping position and an assembly position in the longitudinal direction of the housing by means of an actuation element, wherein the transmission element drives an anchor element for the arrangement in an undercut longitudinal groove, which anchor element projects beyond one of the end faces of the housing in the longitudinal direction both in the clamping position and in the assembly position, wherein the transmission element is partially retracted into the housing in the clamping position and as a result the transmission element as well as the anchor element are transversely deflected with respect to the longitudinal direction of the housing by a ramp mechanism which is arranged in the movement path, wherein a recess is formed in the side wall of the housing, wherein a clamping jaw of the transmission element projects through the recess beyond the side wall of the housing in the clamping position.. .
Hestex System B.v.

new patent

Uplock ladder anchoring safety attachment

The ladder anchoring attachment of the preferred embodiments comprises a mounting coupler designed to attach the ladder anchoring safety attachment to a ladder, a swivel coupling attached to the mounting coupler, a telescoping arm attached to the opposite end of the swivel coupling from the mounting coupler, and a clamp attached to the distal end of the telescoping arm, where the clamp is designed to be capable of clamping to a solid object capable of anchoring the ladder while the ladder is in use. The ladder anchoring attachment of the preferred embodiments is designed to provide a way to secure a ladder against one or more of a) solid objects and b) structures to hold the ladder steady while in use, where the one or more of a) solid objects and b) structures may have preferred anchoring points that can vary significantly in their distance and position from the ladder..

new patent

System and retrofitting walls with retaining ties

A retention tie system for post-construction installation to stabilize masonry or composite walls. The system comprises a tie member anchored in an anchor hole bored into the existing foundation and a tensioned against a base plate and a cover plate seated along the top of the wall.

new patent

Safety railing for building construction

A post support for a safety railing used in building construction comprises a hollow post socket having an open top and a through bore extending horizontally therethrough. An anchor is received within the post socket.
Too-eze Systems Ltd.

new patent

Staircase element and building a staircase

At least one tubular stringer fastened to the second end of the stair step elements, fillable with concrete and connectable with fastening members to at least one wall of the stair hall, for supporting the stair step elements at their second end and for anchoring the staircase element to a building. The invention also relates to a method for building a staircase..

new patent

Soil anchor footing

The present invitation relates to a soil anchor footing supporting system within the ground surface to support steel or concrete column, brick or block wall, light post, sign post, substation equipment, pre-cast panel, retaining wall etc. It comprises of a footing slab (2) made of concrete; plurality of deformed steel bars (1) or fiber reinforced polymer (frp) bars embedded in the lower surface of the concrete slab (2) and plurality of anchor bolts (4) or reinforcing starter bars which are embedded into upper surface of concrete slab (2) to suit steel or concrete column.

new patent

Method of installing an offshore foundation and template for use in installing an offshore foundation

The present invention provides a method of installing a foundation for an offshore wind turbine and a template for use herein. In illustrative embodiments, the template is releasably anchored in a seafloor and the template is leveled before installing a pile.
Mhi Vestas Offshore Wind A/s

new patent

Multi-component epoxy resin composition

The invention relates to multi-component epoxy resin compositions, comprising the following components: a) at least one epoxy resin component containing a1) at least one epoxy resin and a2) at least one compound of the general formula (i), wherein r1 and r2 independently from one another stand for hydrogen, c1-c6-alkyl, c1 -c4-alkoxy-c1-c4-alkyl, c5-c6-cycloalkyl, phenyl, phenyl-c1-c4-alkyl, c2-c6-alkenyl, or c2-c6-alkynyl, or r1 and r2 jointly stand for a c3-c11 alkylene group; r3 and r4 independently from one another stand for hydrogen, c1-c6-alkyl, c1-c4-alkoxy-c1-c4-alkyl, c5-c6-cycloalkyl, phenyl, phenyl-c1-c4-alkyl, c2-c6-alkenyl, or c2-c6-alkynyl, or r3 and r4 jointly stand for a c4-c6 alkylene group; b) at least one hardener component containing b1) at least one amine curing agent, wherein the epoxy resin component (a) and/or the hardener component (b) contain at least one additional constituent part c1), which is selected from aliphatic polyether polyols and aliphatic polyetheramine polyols. Multi-component epoxy resin compositions are suited for injection mortar systems, in particular for chemical fixing or anchoring systems..
Basf Se

new patent

Ice chest suspension device

A means of suspending items within a transportable container, such as an environmental enclosure like a common “cooler” or “ice-chest”. Inside the container, items are supported by resting on top of a shelf or platform that may be rigid, semi-rigid, inflatable, pleated, telescoping, floating, cushioned, or flexible.

new patent

Towed vehicle brake actuation apparatus

A brake actuation apparatus and method are described. An air cylinder is pivotally attached to an operating unit of the brake actuation apparatus.

new patent

Ladder storing and releasing assembly

An assembly for a storing and releasing a ladder comprising an outer lock that includes outer base extending along an axis and a pole extending transversely from the outer base to a pole end for disposition in a parallel and spaced relationship to the first drop-down arm in the cradle position for preventing the rail of the ladder from falling off the outer lock. A pole anchor connects the pole to the outer base for adjustment to various adjusted positions along the axis.
Ranger Design

new patent

Socket joint with integrated tube anchors

A socket joint for carrying a mirror head or indirect vision system on a support tube (2) to be mounted to a vehicle and a mirror or indirect vision arrangement comprising such socket joint and a mirror head or indirect vision system is provided. The socket joint comprises a support tube (2) with at least one opening (7) to be attached to a vehicle, a joint base (4) contacting the support tube (2), at least one anchor (6) extending through said at least one opening (7) in said support tube (2), and at least one fastener (8) engaging the at least one anchor (6) and extending through a fastening hole (11) in the joint base (4) into the anchor (6).
Mekra Lang Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Securement system for transporting cargo

A rail member is supported longitudinally along both sides of the deck of a truck or trailer and includes a plurality of strap hook anchoring locations at spaced positions therein. Each anchoring location is defined by a pair of hook opening extending downwardly through an upper flange of the rail member.
Doepker Industries Ltd.

new patent

Daily use protective vehicle cover

A disclosed daily use protective vehicle cover comprises an anchoring system configured to cover horizontal surfaces on the vehicle including all windows down to the door handles on each side of the vehicle and the hood and trunk. The cover also includes an upside down pocket with an open portion facing downward to fit over a top part of at least one door and therefore anchor the pocket to the door regardless of whether the door is open or closed.

new patent

Tire including a reinforcement for reinforcing a sidewall

A tire (10) comprises: a crown (12) surmounted by a tread (20), two sidewalls (22), two beads (24), each sidewall (22) connecting each bead (24) to the crown (12), a carcass reinforcement (32) anchored in each of the beads (24) and extending from each bead (24) through each sidewall (22) and comprising textile filamentary carcass reinforcing elements, a sidewall reinforcing reinforcement (25) comprising textile filamentary sidewall reinforcer reinforcing elements. R=max(k1,i)/min(k2,j)>1 where k1,i is the twist factor of each of the i carcass multifilament textile plied strands of each textile filamentary carcass reinforcing element, and k2,j is the twist factor of each of the j sidewall reinforcer multifilament textile plied strands of each textile filamentary sidewall reinforcer reinforcing element..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

new patent

Apparatus and making a corrugated product

The invention describes a device and method for making corrugated products. The device can be used with any substrate and includes, at least, first and second drive rollers for driving a middle substrate and a single wall corrugated product.
Bj2, Llc

new patent

Microfluidic devices and methods for cell analysis and molecular diagnostics

Microfluidic devices and methods that use massively parallel anchored picoreactors as the basis for cell and molecular diagnostics are included in this invention. Different processes such as isolation, processing, amplification and characterization of different fluids, particles, chemical compositions or biospecies are presented.
Biopico Systems Inc

new patent

Exercise table

An improved exercise table or reformer having increased adjustability and storage features. The starting point of the carriage or platform is adjustable to accommodate different sized users.
Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

new patent

Anchors and implant devices

Apparatus including an implant is provided, the implant including: a rod-shaped housing, having a distal half and a proximal half, and configured to be injected distally into tissue of a subject; a cathode on the distal half of the housing; an anchor configured to protrude from the proximal half of the housing, no anchor being configured to protrude from the distal half of the housing; an anode; and circuitry disposed within the housing, configured to drive a current between the cathode and the anode. Other embodiments are also described..
Bluewind Medical Ltd.

new patent

Medical article securement systems

A medical article, such as a catheter, is secured with respect to a patient with a securement device. The securement device may include a retainer and anchor pad.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

new patent

System and safety syringe

One embodiment is directed to a system for injecting, comprising a syringe body defining an interior medicine chamber; a stopper member configured to be inserted into the interior medicine chamber to contain medicine within the medicine chamber; a plunger member configured to be manually manipulated to insert the stopper member relative to the syringe body; and a needle having proximal and distal ends, the proximal end comprising an anchoring geometry configured to be at least partially inserted into the stopper member such that upon retraction of the stopper member, the needle is pulled proximally along with the stopper to be at least partially contained within the interior medicine chamber.. .
Credence Medsystems, Inc.

new patent

Advanced functional biocompatible polymeric matrix used as a hemostatic agent and system for damaged tissues and cells

A hemostatic tissue sealant sponge and a spray for acute wounds are disclosed. The sponge comprises hydrophobically modified polymers that anchor themselves within the membrane of cells in the vicinity of the wound.
University Of Maryland, College Park

new patent

Post release modification of viral envelopes

Disclosed are methods of treatment of a subject, such as a method of vaccination, immunomodulation or gene therapy of a subject. These methods comprise administering to the subject a modified enveloped viral particle, wherein the modified enveloped viral particle has been obtained by a method comprising the steps of a) incubating a fluid containing enveloped viral particles with one or more reactants consisting of a hydrophilic target domain and a lipophilic membrane anchor domain, wherein the lipophilic membrane anchor domain becomes integrated into the lipid double layer of the envelope of the viral particle, wherein the hydrophilic target domain becomes exposed to the fluid; and b) separating enveloped modified viral particles from excessive reactants..
Vin De Bona Trading Co. Pte Ltd

new patent

Sit to stand frame

A sit to stand frame for assisting a person to move from a seated position on a side of a bed to a standing position, including left and right arm members separated by a transverse member coupled therebetween; and an anchoring section coupled to the arm members for transferring a load of the person away from the arm members to an anchoring point, wherein upper sections of the left and right arm members are supported above an upper surface of a mattress of the bed for engagement with respective left and right arms of the person seated therebetween.. .

new patent

Nasal inserts

Devices for nasal insertion may include an open-ended tubular element which extends along a central tube axis between a first end and a second end, the first end being larger than the second end, and in which the tubular element includes at least one spiral strut extending from the first end to the second end, and/or a nodule having an internal face, a rounded external face, and a stalk extending from the internal face and terminating in an anchor sufficiently larger than a receptacle in the tubular element and sufficiently deformable as to be pressed through the receptacle to affix the nodule to the tubular clement.. .
Sanostec Corp

new patent

Systems and methods for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes

The present invention provides systems and methods for treating and controlling obesity and/or type ii diabetes. In one aspect of the invention, a device comprises a hollow sleeve sized and shaped for positioning within a duodenum of the patient, an anchor coupled to the proximal end of the sleeve and being sized and shaped to inhibit distal migration of the sleeve and a plurality of elastomeric objects coupled to the distal end of the sleeve and being sized and shaped to inhibit proximal migration of the sleeve through a pylorus of the patient.
E2, Llc

new patent

Atraumatic gastrointestinal anchor, and delivery and retrieval systems for same

A gastrointestinal implant device comprises a proximal element configured to reside in a stomach to resist distal migration; a distal element configured to reside in an intestine to resist proximal migration, and one or more tethers coupling the proximal element to the distal element. The distal element comprises a wave anchor and a surface roughness element on a surface of at least a portion of the wave anchor.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.

new patent

Femoral stem including an anchor to facilitate assembly and implantation

An orthopaedic prosthesis for use in a hip replacement surgery. The orthopaedic prosthesis includes an elongated stem component that has a proximal body, a neck extending superiorly and medially from the proximal body and a tapered stem extending inferiorly from the proximal body.

new patent

Displacement based lock and release mechanism

A medical device system may include a valve replacement implant including an anchor member reversibly actuatable between a delivery configuration and a deployed configuration, wherein the implant includes at least one locking element configured to lock the anchor member in the deployed configuration, and at least one actuator element configured to engage the at least one locking element and actuate the anchor member between the delivery configuration and the deployed configuration. The at least one actuator element may include a self-biased cam mechanism configured to extend into and engage a first locking portion of the at least one locking element..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

new patent

Interspinous process implant and fusion cage spacer

A spinal implant includes an elongated body dimensioned and configured to function as a spacer, for placement in a target interspinous process space, between two adjacent spinous processes, a distal anchor associated with a distal end of the body, and a proximal anchor mounted for longitudinal movement along the body between a first position spaced apart from the head and a second position approximated with the head, adapted to compress the two adjacent spinous processes, in conjunction with the distal anchor.. .
Spinal Simplicity Llc.

new patent

Polyaxial bottom-loading screw and rod assembly

An anchor assembly for use in spinal fixation to interconnect a longitudinal spinal rod, which is integrally formed with a body of the anchor assembly. The anchor assembly includes a bone anchor, a collet, a body portion, a rod portion, and a locking cap.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

new patent

Systems and methods for guiding anchors for facet fixation

Apparatus and methods for spinal surgery include a retractor with an elongated body extending along a longitudinal axis between a distal end and an opposite proximal end, the retractor defines a passage between the distal and proximal ends and a window opening into the passage adjacent to the distal end. The apparatus also includes a guide member extending laterally from the proximal end of the retractor and the guide member includes a body extending along an arc.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

new patent

Devices, disc and meniscus repair

Arising from the discovery that a non-immunogenic poly-synthetic bioadhesive based on polyphenolic proteins produced by sandcastle worms (phragmatopoma californica) may be used to anneal tears of the meniscus and annulus fibroses and repair spinal disc herniations, herein disclosed are suture-less meniscal and disc repair devices, systems and methods that may be implemented least invasively, in fluid filled or dry/semi-dry environments using simple instrumentation and without the need for suturing or the placement of anchors. The present invention is less technically demanding for the practioner and thus expected enhance outcomes and represent a distinct advancement over prior art techniques presently available..
Tenjin Llc

new patent

Stepless retractable handle assembly for luggage

A stepless retractable handle assembly for luggage includes a handle grip and two retractable bars connected to the handle grip in such a manner that when pressed a press-button in the handle grip, two transmission plates in the handle grip are forced by the press-button to move transversely in reverse directions, and two connection shafts are forced by the transmission plates to move vertically in the respective retractable bars in biasing respective anchor clamps away from the inside walls of the outer tubes of the respective retractable bars for allowing adjustment of the height of respective inner tubes of the retractable bars. When released the press-button after the adjustment, the anchor clamps are returned to abut against the inside walls of the respective outer tubes, locking the inner tubes in the adjusted position..
Hokei Corporation

new patent

Convertible carrying bag

A duffel bag can be reversibly converted to a cross-over bag by restricting the storage volume of the bag at one end. Optionally, a carrying strap may be adjusted from a central anchor to an outer anchor to facilitate draping the carrying strap over a shoulder..
Nike, Inc.

new patent

Clench arresting glove

A glove to prevent involuntary clenching of the hand may comprise a five phalange regions extending outwardly from a dorsal and palm region which are configured to receive portions of the hand of a user. A pull strap anchor may be positioned on the dorsal region.


Communication method, user equipment, and base station

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a communication method, a ue, and a base station. The method includes: acquiring, by the user equipment ue, on an anchor carrier, synchronization information to synchronize with the base station, where a frequency resource between the ue and the base station includes n subcarriers, where the n subcarriers include the anchor carrier and at least one supplementary carrier, and n is an integer greater than or equal to 2; acquiring, by the ue, on the anchor carrier, system information, where the system information includes information about identities and frequency locations of the subcarriers; selecting, by the ue, the anchor carrier or a supplementary carrier according to the system information; and accessing, by the ue, the base station on a selected subcarrier, and communicating with the base station..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Csi reporting for lte-tdd eimta

Methods, systems, and devices are described for providing periodic csi reports and/or aperiodic csi reports to provide csi for both anchor and non-anchor tdd subframes in eimta. Periodic csi reports may be provided based on a reference configuration, and aperiodic csi reports may be provided based on a time of reception of a csi request and a reference configuration.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for transferring control of a conference call

A method for transferring control of an existing multi-participant conversation in which at least two communication terminals are connected to each other through a data connection to a conference control application can include the following steps: establishment of a virtual conference room that serves as an anchor point for the application and can be a virtual participant in the conference, switching of the conference room into the existing data connection and assignment of the master role to the conference room. A signal generated by the application can cause the switching of the conference room into the existing data connection and the assignment of the master role to the conference room..
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg


Cord storage device

A cord storage device has a base member with two sides, and a plug receptacle extending from one side. The plug receptacle anchors a plug end of an electronic device cord and forms a core about which the cord can be wound.
Diana Rodriguez


Less-invasive drum lug

A novel drum lug and drum head anchor system. Conventional drum lugs place stress forces on a drum shell in undesired ways when drum heads are secured to drums using conventionally attached and conventionally shaped drum lugs.
Creation Drum Company, Llc


Forecasting systems

A computer-implemented method of determining an approximated value of a parameter in a first domain is described. The parameter is dependent on one or more variables which vary in a second domain, and the parameter is determined by a function which relates sets of values of the one or more variables in the second domain to corresponding values in the first domain.
Iruiz Technologies Ltd


Systems and methods for indexing and linking electronic documents

The present disclosure provides various systems and methods for indexing digital (electronic) documents. The systems and methods may utilize various software, hardware, and firmware modules to identify notations, such as sheet names, anchors, and anchor references on construction documents.
Blink Forward, L.l.c.


Multi-service terminal and components therefore

Anchoring an input cable (190) at an input port (123, 223) of an enclosure (110) includes inserting the input cable (190) through an anchor member (151, 251) so that a cable jacket (191) terminates within the anchor member (151, 251) and at least one optical fiber (195) extends outwardly from the anchor member (151, 251). The anchor member (151, 251) is secured to the cable jacket (191) using the sheath (175).
Commscope Connectivity Belgium Bvba


Chemiresistive biosensor for the quantitative detection of human cardiac biomarker and a process thereof

The present invention disclosed a metal nanoparticles/single-walled carbon nanotube (mnp/swcnt) hybrid based chemiresistive biosensor for the quantitative detection of human cardiac biomarkers troponin i (ctni) and myoglobin (mb). The highly specific cardiac-antibody, anti-ctni (ab-ctni) or anti-mb (ab-mb), was covalently immobilized to site-specific carboxyl groups on mnp anchored over swcnt device.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Pullout apparatus and system for testing of anchor bolts/bars

A pullout test system, having a pullout apparatus including a plurality of bracing rods connected to a first support plate at proximal end of the plurality of bracing rods and a second base plate connected at a distal end of the plurality of bracing rods. The apparatus also includes a reaction rod attached to the first base plate extending away from the plurality of bracing rods.
University Of Dammam


Cable anchoring device for vibration isolation

A cable anchoring device includes: a vibration isolation member including a damper; a socket; and a cap. A rib is formed in at least one of the socket and the cap is inserted into a portion of the damper.
Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Damage free way to attach a pick-up truck cap to the pick-up bed

A product and method are disclosed for securing a structure to a pickup truck in a damage-free way. The pickup may have a bed rail with a stake pocket having walls.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Riser restrictor device

A restrictor device (6) for controlling a return flow of drilling fluid from a borehole (51) where drilling fluid is provided from a surface installation (3) via a drill string (4) to a bottom-hole assembly (45), drill pipes (41) forming the drill string (4) being provided with pipe joints (42) including enlarged-diameter pipe portions (43), and where an annulus (22) is formed between a pipe, for example a marine riser (1), and the drill string (4), and where the annulus (22) is in fluid communication with or forms parts of a drilling-fluid flow path (23), and where the restrictor device (6) is arranged in the annulus (22), the restrictor device (6) being formed of a restrictor pipe (61) anchored to said riser (1) and surrounding at least one restrictor element (64) placed on an intermediate pipe portion (44) that connects two enlarged-diameter pipe portions (43), and the length (l) of the restrictor device (6) exceeding the largest distance (m) between two consecutive restrictor elements (64), the restrictor element (64) being a drill-pipe/casing protector (dpp) with an external diameter larger than a diameter of the pipe joints (42).. .
Enhanced Drilling As


High performance, reinforced insulated precast concrete and tilt-up concrete structures and methods of making same

The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a foam insulating panel, the panel having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface, wherein the foam insulating panel defines at least one recessed channel in the first primary surface, the at least one recessed channel being sized and shaped to provide a mold for a structural reinforcing member.


Reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block

A reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block, which refers to a reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for performing dynamic pile tests, implemented by the use of a laminar metallic structure appropriately constructed, in which are provided holes for inserting the anchor bolts, and later on the electronic sensors is provided.. .


Forms and screed for paving materials

A form assembly for installation of paving materials has elongated form sections, each having a first side wall facing the paving material and an opposite second side wall that has a first longitudinal channel defined between brackets. A number of connector elements join adjacent elongated form sections.
Rfvc Associates, Inc.


Buoy marker with deploying anchor

A marker buoy constructed of a main shaft extending vertically when in use and including a marker flag, a floating body, and a spool mounted to the main shaft.. .


Ergonomically adjustable motorcycle seat assembly

An ergonomic position adjustable vehicle seat assembly for motorcycle use having a position-adjustable driver or operator seat and which can be configured with a passenger seat, e.g., pillion, which also is position adjustable. The driver seat has a base with spaced apart position setting mounts configured for engagement with the motorcycle in mounting the seat thereto in a desired one of at least a plurality, preferably a plurality of pairs, of fore-aft spaced apart positions.
Milsco Manufacturing Company, A Unit Of Jason Incorporated


Trailer for autonomous vehicle

The disclosed embodiments include a trailer for an autonomous vehicle controlled by a command and control interface. The trailer includes a trailer body configured to retain the autonomous vehicle in an undeployed configuration.
Silicis Technologies, Inc.


Vehicle seat

A vehicle seat includes anchors to engage with engagement members provided on a child seat; a pad having recesses provided either at a rear edge of a seat cushion or a lower edge of a seatback; a trim cover covering the pad and having openings above the pad recesses; and bezels covering and hiding the pad recesses. Each of the anchors may comprise left and right side bars and a front bar connecting front ends of the side bars and is u-shaped, each of the bezels is box-shaped, has an upper and lower flaps formed integral and defining a bottom wall of the bezel, and covers the pad recess, providing a space in the pad recess located behind the flaps, each front bar is located in front of or behind the flaps, and each of the engagement members provided on the child seat is able to engage with the anchor..
Tachi-s Co., Ltd.


Caulking gun having changeable cartridge

A caulking gun includes a housing having a channel opened upwardly, a supporting bracket engageable into the channel of the housing and having an opening for detachably attaching a cartridge member, and a latch device having a latch member slidably attached to the housing and movable relative to the housing for selectively engaging with the supporting bracket and for preventing the supporting bracket and the cartridge member from being disengaged from the housing. The latch member includes two anchors engageable into the channel of the housing for engaging with the supporting bracket and for preventing the supporting bracket and the cartridge member from being disengaged from the housing..
Siang Syuan Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Resistance shirt for muscle toning

A movement resistance shirt for providing muscle toning to a user wearing the shirt. The shirt including a pair of semi-rigid shoulder anchors each configured to circle a shoulder of the user and a pair of long elastic bands each extending between first and second ends.


Door mounted stretching and exercise device

A door mounted stretching and exercise device is provided. The device comprises a strap system that affixes to a closed door and allows a user to apply tension or resistance to one body part while controlling the tension or resistance with another body part.


Anchorage connector for a safety system

An anchorage connector for use in a height safety system is provided. The anchorage connector comprises an energy absorbing, deformable, corrugated enclosed chamber having a first end and a second end, and at least one anchorage attachment point, at one end or both ends..


Catheter-based heart support system and implanting thereof

The invention relates to a device for circulatory support of the heart and to a corresponding method with a holding means which is configured such that it can be implanted intracardially in the left and/or right ventricular outflow tract of the heart by means of a catheter, preferably using an endovascular method, through a femoral access and/or a percutaneous transventricular, transseptal, transapical or transvenous access, wherein the holding means comprises an anchoring means which can be fixed in the subcommissural triangle underneath the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, respectively in the flow direction of the blood on the ventricular side of the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, respectively, a pump which is configured such that it can be fixed in the holding means by means of a catheter, preferably using an endovascular method, through a femoral access and/or a percutaneous transventricular, transseptal, transapical or transvenous access, wherein the pump (a) can either be inserted releasably into the holding means after the holding means has been fixed by means of the anchoring means in the subcommissural triangles underneath the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, respectively or (b) is firmly connected to the collapsible and expandable anchoring means.. .


Implantable transcatheter intracardiac devices and methods for treating incompetent atrioventricular valves

Heart valve implants and methods utilizing those valves designed to reduce or eliminate the regurgitant jet associated with an incompetent atrioventricular valve. The heart valve implants, which are deployed via a transcatheter venous approach, comprise a collapsible framework connected to an anchored guide shaft, a valve portion and an apron which permits ingrowth of native heart tissue into the apron..


Apparatus and methods for implanting a replacement heart valve

Systems and methods for docking a heart valve prosthesis. A system includes a helical anchor (30) formed as multiple coils (32) adapted to support a heart valve prosthesis (10) with coil portions (32) positioned above and below the heart valve annulus (12).
Mitral Valve Technologies Sarl


Ligament assembly

A ligament assembly (2) comprising a resilient element (20) connected to a bone anchor (4) and a ligament (18), the resilient element (20) acting m a cantilever and resisting toads transmitted between the bone anchor (4) and the ligament (18) by virtue of the resistance to bending of the resilient element. The ligament (18) may comprise an artificial ligament (18) which is adapted to replace a human or animal ligament.
Biomet Uk Healthcare Limited


Attachment for denture

An object is to provide an attachment for a denture which is difficult to have a fault if external force is applied. The attachment includes a convex element that is a top structure of an anchor tooth or an artificial tooth root, and a concave element that is fixed to a denture base.
Gc Corporation


Semi-finished product for manufacturing dental prostheses, abutment and producing dental prostheses

A semi-finished product produces dental prostheses, in particular abutments, and a method produces a semi-finished product for manufacturing dental prostheses. The semi-finished product includes a base body (gk) which has a channel (ka) passing through the base body (gk), a hollow-cylindrical anchoring element being embodied on the inner surface thereof (if).
Bredent Gmbh & Co. Kg


Mandibular advancement and retraction via bone anchoring devices

Systems, methods, devices and apparatus for mandibular advancement or retraction via bone anchoring devices are described herein. In various aspects, an apparatus for treating a patient via mandibular advancement or retraction comprises a plurality of anchoring devices positioned in the patient's intraoral cavity.
Align Technology, Inc.


Fixation assembly and use

A fixation assembly for bone fixation and a method for joining bones or bone fragments of a single bone and translating uniform compression to the bones. The fixation assembly comprises a post member coupled to a screw member.
Extremity Medical, Llc


Minimally invasive spinal fixation system including vertebral alignment features

A bone anchor coupler assembly is configured to couple a bone anchor to a spine stabilization member, and includes a coupler body and an angular adjustment member movably coupled to the coupler body.. .
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Articulable anchor

Embodiments disclosed herein relate to devices implantable into a human lung, for example to reduce the volume of air trapped in a diseased portion of the lung to prevent inhalation while permitting expiration out of the diseased portion. In some embodiments, the device comprises a distal portion with an anchor system that may anchor the device into tissue of an air passageway wall, and the distal portion may be connected to a proximal portion via a flexible portion that permits the distal portion to articulate substantially with respect to the proximal portion, such that the distal portion and the proximal portion may be non-collinear along a longitudinal axis of the distal portion.
Spiration, Inc.


Endovascular aneurysm repair system

Method and apparatus for implanting radially expandable prostheses in the body lumens rely on tacking or anchoring of the prostheses with separately introduced fasteners. The prostheses may be self-expanding or balloon expandable.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Suture-retaining device and anchor

A rotator cuff tendon injury is repaired using a flexible fastener and an anchor. The flexible fastener is attached to the rotator cuff tendon and also secured to the anchor.
Syntorr, Inc.


Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method can include forming a bore in a bone of a patient and positioning a first anchor in the bore. The first anchor can have a self-locking adjustable suture construct extending therefrom that can include first and second adjustable loops.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Organ retractor

A medical device of the present invention includes one or more anchors and an elongated member. Advantageously, the elongated member may be coupled to the anchors.


Safety tether

A constriction resistant tether for a child's article includes an elastomeric body, preferably constructed of any fda approved food grade or higher grade semi-rigid elastomer. A portion of the tether body has a zig-zag, or modified serpentine shape that resembles a non-coiled tension spring.


Brassiere with anchored under supports

A brassiere formed of an inner garment base, memory foam, a pair of under supports, and an outer fabric cover. The under support is rigid and has varying width and differing radii to accommodate the bottom portion shape of a natural breast or a breast implant, which is not a perfect semi-circle.
Sculpted U, Inc.


Flexible animal shoes

This invention relates generally to farriery, and, more specifically, to flexible animal shoes. Flexible animal shoe also functions as a hoof protection device.


Handover delay optimization

A method of anchoring a packet switched session of a subscriber comprises receiving a packet switched request for a session setup, and anchoring the packet switched session in a control node (msc-s) of a visited network of the subscriber.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for transcription alignment

Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for captioning a media presentation. The method includes receiving automatic speech recognition (asr) output from a media presentation and a transcription of the media presentation.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices

A reduced area imaging device is provided for use in medical or dental instruments such as an endoscope. The imaging device is provided in various configurations, and connections between the imaging device elements and a video display may be achieved by wired or wireless connections.
Micro-imaging Solutions Llc


Using domain name system security extensions in a mixed-mode environment

A method relates to generating, by a processing device executing a dns resolver, a first domain name system (dns) query comprising a dns request generated from an application executing on the processing device to query a first dns server serving a first dns zone connected to the processing device via a public network, receiving, from the first dns server, a first resource record comprising a dns answer to the dns query, a second resource record comprising a digital signature generated by signing the dns answer with a first private key of the first dns zone, a third resource record comprising a first public key for verifying the digital signature, and one or more files for validating a chain of trust of the first public key, determining, by the processing device in view of the one or more files, that the chain of trust of the first public key misses at least one of a trust anchor or a link in the chain of trust, and generating a second dns query comprising the dns request to query a second dns server residing in a private network of the processing device.. .
Red Hat, Inc.


Ornamental carrying device

An ornamental carrying device joins with a communication system to carry and display the communication system on the body for aesthetic display and facilitated access of the communication system. The device provides an attractive and convenient device for hands-free carrying and operation of a communication system.


Anchoring clamp for an insulated electrical cable

An anchoring clamp for an insulated electrical cable, includes a body defining a housing for receiving the cable, a securing loop fastened to the body and configured to be attached to a support, and a cam rotatable relative to the body between a first position in which the cam is at a distance from the housing, and a second position in which the cam is in immediate proximity to the housing and is configured to clamp the cable in the housing, the anchoring clamp being configured to prevent the cam from passing freely from its second position to its first position and including a holding member which is distinct from the body, from the cam and from the securing loop, which is connected both to the body and to the cam and which is configured to prevent the cam from passing freely from its second position to its first position.. .
Societe Industrielle De Construction D'appareils Et De Materiel Electriques


Gesture enabled simultaneous selection of range and value

A method, gesture input devices and a computer program product are provided for gesture enabled simultaneous selection of range and value. A user makes a gesture with two fingers (210, 220) to select a range of values (e.g.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

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