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Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Sip anchor points to populate common communication logs patent thumbnailnew patent Sip anchor points to populate common communication logs
The concept of a centralized communication log is provided. anchor points, and specifically session initiation protocol (sip) anchor points, serve as a media and call control point that is established on a per-user basis which can then be leveraged by a communication log application.
Avaya Inc.
 Linked network scoring update patent thumbnailnew patent Linked network scoring update
A method of updating a score in a network of linked nodes is provided. Scoring information including a node identifier and a score value for a node in a network of nodes is received.
Sas Institute Inc.
 Method for fusing a human or animal joint as well as fusion device and tool set for carrying out the method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for fusing a human or animal joint as well as fusion device and tool set for carrying out the method
The fusion device for fusing a synovial joint of a human or animal patient, in particular a human facet joint, finger joint or toe joint, includes two pin-shaped anchorage portions and arranged therebetween a stabilization portion. The anchorage portions include a thermoplastic material which is liquefiable by mechanical vibration.
Ww Technology Ag
 System and  performing minimally invasive facelifts patent thumbnailnew patent System and performing minimally invasive facelifts
A system for performing minimally invasive facelifts is provided. The system includes a plate having a base having a top surface and an opposing bottom surface.
 Systems and methods for transcatheter treatment of valve regurgitation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for transcatheter treatment of valve regurgitation
The invention relates to a device for use in the transcatheter treatment of mitral valve regurgitation, specifically a coaptation assistance devices for implantation across the valve; a system including the coaptation enhancement element and anchors for implantation; a system including the coaptation enhancement element, and one or more of the following: transseptal sheath, anchor delivery catheter, implant delivery catheter, and clip delivery catheter; and methods for transcatheter implantation of a coaptation element across a heart valve.. .
Middle Peak Medical, Inc.
 Modular valve prosthesis with anchor stent and valve component patent thumbnailnew patent Modular valve prosthesis with anchor stent and valve component
A modular valve prosthesis includes an anchor stent and a valve component. The anchor stent includes a self-expanding tubular frame member configured to be deployed in the aorta and a proximal arm component extending from a proximal end of the tubular frame member and configured to be deployed in the sinuses of the aortic valve.
Medtronic, Inc.
 Lead anchor with pivotable paddles and systems and methods using the lead anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Lead anchor with pivotable paddles and systems and methods using the lead anchor
A lead anchor includes a first paddle assembly and a flexible housing. The first paddle assembly includes an assembly housing, an actuator, and at least one pivotable paddle attached to the housing and operably coupled to the actuator.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
 Community orthopedic fixation device, system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Community orthopedic fixation device, system and method
An orthopaedic fixation system for closing a resection of a body part, including a plurality of anchors located on either side of a resection which separates a body part into adjacent portions, such that there are a set of first anchors on one side of the resection and a second set of anchors on the other side of the resection. A first cable member is wound around and between the first and second sets of anchors, with the cable member extending generally orthogonally across the resection between at least certain pairs of the first and second anchors, with one of the pairs of anchors comprising a node..
Jace Medical, Llc
 Splay control closure for open bone anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Splay control closure for open bone anchor
Open implant closure structures include a helically wound guide and advancement flange form having splay control surfaces. Multi-start closures and closures with inner set screws have splay control contours for interlocking with cooperating flange forms of bone anchor receivers.
 Cervical bone anchor with collet retainer and outer locking sleeve patent thumbnailnew patent Cervical bone anchor with collet retainer and outer locking sleeve
A cervical polyaxial bone anchor includes a shank having an integral spherical head and a receiver having an upper channel for receiving a rod and a lower seat near a lower opening for receiving a closed retainer that includes a compressible upper portion engaged with the receiver seat and an expandable lower portion capturing the shank head. An outer sleeve slidable with the receiver prohibits expansion of the retainer lower portion during operation.
new patent


The present disclosure relates to an anchor. The anchor includes an outer member including a body having an inner cavity, wherein the inner cavity includes a proximal portion configured for receipt of a delivery device and a distal portion having area of increased diameter.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
new patent

Percutaneous tether locking

A tether-securing device is provided that includes a tubular element, which is shaped so as define a lateral wall that surrounds a lumen. The lateral wall is shaped so as to define a one-way locking opening.
4 Tech Inc.
new patent

System for providing surgical access

One embodiment is directed to a system for closing a wound created across a portion of a tissue structure, comprising a suture member having proximal and distal ends; an anchor member coupled to the distal end of the suture member; a tension retainer assembly releasably coupleable to the suture member; and a suture buttress movably intercoupled to the suture member between the anchor member and the tension retainer and configured to minimize direct sliding contact between the suture member and the tissue structure portion around the location of the suture buttress.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.
new patent

Anchoring device

An anchoring device having an elongate body at a proximal portion, a distal portion of the elongate body forming a loop at a distal portion of the anchoring device. The loop further includes a plurality of anchors disposed along a surface thereof and the loop also including an end effector.
Covidien Lp
new patent

Glenoid arthroplasty and offset reamers

Arthroplasty components include an articular surface and a bone-facing surface. The bone-facing surface bears at least one anchoring element adapted for an oblique implantation trajectory.
Catalyst Orthopaedics Llc
new patent

Lead implantation method

A method of laparoscopically implanting an electrically stimulating lead proximate the lower esophageal sphincter (les) of a patient includes delivering the lead through a port of a laparoscope inserted into the abdominal cavity of the patient through an incision in the abdominal wall. The stimulating electrode is implanted in or proximate the muscularis layer of the lower esophageal wall to treat esophageal reflux disease (gerd).
Endostim, Inc.
new patent

Textured surfaces to enhance nano-lubrication

Embodiments of the present invention may provide textured surfaces to be lubricated, the texturing to enhance the effectiveness of the intended nano-lubrication. The texturing may make asperities and depressions in the surface to be lubricated.
Nanomech, Inc.
new patent

Toy with light emitting diode

A toy has one or more led light sources positioned on the toy so the light source illuminates beyond the toy. A toy to be worn on the human finger comprises a body includes an anchoring portion for receiving or locating a finger or fingers.
new patent

Enzyme assay with duplicate fluorophores

Compositions and methods are disclosed that provide a rapid, sensitive, and accurate cell-based assay for enzyme activity, particularly for enzyme activities associated with botulinum toxins. A cell is provided that expresses a construct that includes an anchor region, a cleavage site, and a reporting region having two or more identical reporter peptides.
Biomadison, Inc.
new patent

Device for emovable attachment of dental prosthesis

The present invention relates to a device for the attachment of dental prosthesis, consisting of a male component which can be anchored into a jaw and a removable attachable female component for receiving the artificial teeth. The device includes at least one spring element and at least one retention element.
new patent

Burner with flame position electrode array

A burner includes a flame positioning mechanism. The flame positioning mechanism includes a flame charger, a plurality of electrodes placed a respective distances along a fuel stream propagation path, and an electrode switch configured to place a subset of the plurality of electrodes into electrical continuity with a holding voltage.
Clearsign Combustion Corporation
new patent

Resin system and rock anchor

The invention provides kit comprising a rock anchor (20) having a static mixer (60) and a two part resin system (80,90) wherein a first part (80) of the resin system comprises an isocyanate and a second part (90) of the resin system comprises a silicate; a rock anchor secured in a ground formation (140); and a method of securing a rock anchor.. .
Minova International Limited
new patent

Method and a device for maintaining or replacing a tether line

The invention relates to a method for maintaining or replacing a tether line (22) anchoring a buoyancy unit to an underwater or seabed anchoring installation, characterized in that a pull down line (12,12a, 12b″) is connected to the buoyancy unit and the line is guided through a block (21) fixed to the lower anchoring installation, and then the buoyancy unit is pulled down to slacken the tether line (22), and the sufficient maintenance or replacement is performed. A device is also disclosed..
Selantic As
new patent

Sound generator

A sound generator includes a housing (20), a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), at least a portion of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) protruding from the housing (20), and an anchor (10) applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60). A portion or all of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) withdraws into the housing (20) under a force of a predetermined load or greater.
Kyocera Corporation
new patent

Sound generator

A sound generator includes a housing (20), a stand (90) supporting the housing (20), a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), and an anchor applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60). While the load from the anchor is being applied to the piezoelectric vibrator (60), the piezoelectric vibrator (60) deforms in response to a sound signal, and deformation of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) vibrates a mounting surface (150) on which the sound generator is mounted, causing sound to be emitted from the mounting surface (150)..
Kyocera Corporation
new patent

Sound generator and sound generation system

A sound generator includes a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), an anchor applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60), and a control unit (130) configured to control an input voltage based on a frequency characteristic, the input voltage being applied to the piezoelectric element (61) as a sound signal. While the load from the anchor is being applied to the piezoelectric vibrator (60), the piezoelectric vibrator (60) deforms in accordance with the input voltage applied to the piezoelectric element (61) from the control unit (130), and deformation of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) vibrates a contact surface (150) contacted by the sound generator, causing sound to be emitted from the contact surface (150)..
Kyocera Corporation
new patent

Method and simultaneously receiving on two carriers and performing discontinuous transmission and reception in dual cell high speed downlink packet access

A method and an apparatus for simultaneously receiving on two carriers and performing discontinuous transmission (dtx) and discontinuous reception (drx) in dual cell high speed downlink packet access (dc-hsdpa) are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) receives a message for activating drx for at least one of an anchor carrier and a supplementary carrier and applies the same drx pattern to the anchor carrier and the supplementary carrier upon reception of the message.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.
new patent

Link addition to a network of linked nodes

A method of adding a link to a network of linked nodes is provided. Scoring information is received.
Sas Institute Inc.
new patent

Object store creation

A method of creating an object store is provided. Node table information reading and link table information are read.
Sas Institute Inc.
new patent

Curved liquid crystal display panel

A curved liquid crystal display panel includes a first substrate, a liquid crystal layer and a second substrate. The first substrate includes a column spacer fixedly anchored to and protruding therefrom.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
new patent

Camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor

A camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor is described. A system associated with the camera, sensor and/or light-equipped anchor provides for real-time monitoring of the anchor and for an alert system regarding the status of the anchor..
Ottarr, Llc
new patent

Anchors for location-based navigation and augmented reality applications

A method for encoding information includes specifying a digital value and providing a symbol (28, 70, 80, 90, 100) comprising a plurality of polygons (72, 82, 92, 94, 102) meeting at a common vertex (74, 84, 96, 98, 104) and having different, respective colors selected so as to encode the specified digital value.. .
Sodyo Ltd.
new patent

Multi-position endgate system

An endgate system providing multiple positions or angles of the endgate relative to the cargo box is disclosed. An end piece for attaching a cable to an anchor point includes a fixed link attached to the cable and a rotating link operatively attached to the fixed link.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Flowing-water driveable turbine assembly

A flowing-water driveable turbine assembly (104) for location in river or sea areas with unidirectional and bidirectional water flows. The turbine assembly comprises a turbine support (106) with positive buoyancy in water.
Sustainable Marine Energy Limited
new patent

Buckle assembly for a vehicle

A buckle assembly for a vehicle includes a buckle member, an anchor bracket, and a webbing strap. The buckle member includes a connector that defines a buckle opening.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Wheeled system for coolers

A wheeled system for coolers including a wheel support and a handle support securable to a cooler using handle grips and tie-down anchor points defined on the cooler body. The wheeled system can include a telescoping handle, brake, lock, and connector tightener..
new patent

Bagged cooling stand for laptop computer

A bagged cooling stand for raising a laptop computer to increase air circulation comprises a sleeve, a pocket, a foldable cooling stand. The folded cooling stand is anchored inside of the pocket.
new patent

Increased load bearing thickness for anchoring slip

A slip design has segments that move relatively axially before moving in tandem up a ramp for radial extension. Due to the fact of the relative movement the segments interlock due to their geometric configuration or their surface treatment such that at the conclusion of such relative movement the load carrying thickness is effectively increased.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
new patent

Floating dock mover

A floating dock mover that utilizes electrically powered devices to aid in relocating a floating dock whenever water levels change in a lake or reservoir. Electrical powered winching mechanisms are used to adjust cables lengths to maintain a position, or aid to obtain a new position of the dock in relation to the shoreline.
new patent

Dynamics performance testing system

A dynamics performance testing system, for use in testing the dynamics performance of an anchor rod or an anchor rode, comprising a main machine and a measurement and control system. The main machine comprises a vertical machine frame (1), a clamping apparatus (3) arranged on the top of the vertical machine frame (1) and used for vertically clamping the top end of a sample (6), where the sample (6) is provided at the bottom end thereof with a tray (61), a drop-hammering apparatus (2) used for being dropped vertically from the vertical machine frame (1) at a set height to impact the tray (61), a lifting apparatus used for lifting the drop-hammering apparatus at the bottom of the vertical machine frame (1) to the set height, and a protection apparatus used for physical protection and isolation to reduce bodily injury and noise.
China University Of Mining & Technology (beijing)
new patent

Ground anchor lock

A ground anchor having an elongated shaft with upper and lower ends, a grooved locking post on the upper end; an threaded auger fixed to the lower end, an engagement area for engaging an external tool, a sleeve mounted over the main shaft, which spins freely, and an attachment member configured to secure one or more of an external lock, chain, rope or cable attached to an external object to thereby anchor the external object when the main shaft is screwed into the ground, and a lock device configured to cover and lock onto the grooved locking post so the attachment member and sleeve cannot be removed, whereby the sleeve covers the main shaft and obstructs access to the main shaft to prevent unwanted persons from removing it.. .
new patent

Camera strap attachment mechanism and methods of use

A male/female connection system is disclosed. The system is specifically designed as a novel way of attaching straps to cameras.
new patent

Absorbent structures with integrated contact elements

A device comprising an absorbent structure and one or more resilient contact elements integrated into the absorbent structure is disclosed. The absorbent structure is preferably a sponge or foam structure and the resilient contact elements are squeegees, nodules, or combinations thereof.
Igi Llc

Document editing using anchors

A user edits text in a draft document by providing input including left and right “anchor” text and replacement text. In response, a document editing system identifies an instance of the left anchor text followed by the right anchor text in the draft document, and replaces text between these instances with the replacement text specified by the user.
Multimodal Technologies, Llc

Closed band for percutaneous annuloplasty

A method is provided, which includes providing an annuloplasty ring, which comprises (a) a flexible sleeve, and (b) a contracting assembly. During a percutaneous transcatheter procedure, the flexible sleeve is placed entirely around an annulus of a mitral valve of a subject in a closed loop.
Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

Coaptation enhancement implant, system, and method

Implants, implant systems, and methods for treatment of mitral valve regurgitation and other valve diseases generally include a coaptation assist body which remains within the blood flow path as the leaflets of the valve move, the valve bodies often being relatively thin, elongate (along the blood flow path), and/or conformable structures which extend laterally from commissure to commissure, allowing the native leaflets to engage and seal against the large, opposed surfaces on either side of the valve body during the heart cycle phase when the ventricle contracts to empty that chamber of blood, and allows blood to pass around the valve body so that blood flows from the atrium to the ventricle during the filling phase of the heart cycle. Separate deployment of independent anchors near each of the commissures may facilitate positioning and support of an exemplary triangular valve body, with a third anchor being deployed in the ventricle.
Middle Peak Medical, Inc.

Medical device lead assembly having integrated pressure-resisting member

A medical device configured to be secured to an individual may include a housing containing one or more electrical components, and one or more leads electrically connected to the housing. Each lead may include an insulating jacket that surrounds a central core including one or more conductors, and at least one pressure-resisting member integrally formed with one or both of the insulating jacket or the central core.
Pacesetter, Inc.

System and treating urinary tract disorders

A method, device, and system for treatment of urinary tract disorders is provided. The device includes a catheter having multiple lumens for insertion into a urinary bladder and for providing fluid flow within the bladder and within the fluid reservoir within the urethra.
Elmedical Ltd.

Surgical instrument and a surgical system for fastening vertebrae

A surgical instrument for fastening vertebrae via the posterior approach or via the posterolateral approach, the instrument comprising a tubular element formed of two legs separated by a recessed longitudinal zone, the legs being interconnected at their distal ends. Each of the legs having, in its inside surface, a guide channel of dovetail cross-section and an insert having two diametrically opposite longitudinal slideways of dovetail cross-section complementary to the cross-section of said guide channels.
Safe Orthopaedics

Bone screw and manufacturing the same

A bone screw and a method for manufacturing the same includes a screw thread configuration having one or more grooves cut into a leading face of the thread, a trailing face of the thread, and/or the shaft between the threads. Other implementations include the incorporation of facets into the one or more grooves.
Orthopedic Medical Channels, Llc

Anchor for attachment to a bony structure

anchor for attachment to a bony structure, comprising a hook, an anchor body with a distal wall facing the hook, and a fastening system for fastening a connection member to the anchor body. A slot is defined between the hook and the distal wall, for receiving a bony structure such as a vertebra portion.
Zimmer Spine

Interspinous process implant and fusion cage spacer

A spinal implant includes an elongated body dimensioned and configured to function as a spacer, for placement in a target interspinous process space, between two adjacent spinous processes, a distal anchor associated with a distal end of the body, and a proximal anchor mounted for longitudinal movement along the body between a first position spaced apart from the head and a second position approximated with the head, adapted to compress the two adjacent spinous processes, in conjunction with the distal anchor.. .
Spinal Simplicity Llc.

Tissue graft anchoring

A fixation device includes a member defining at least two openings, and a suture tied to the member by passing the suture through the at least two openings in the member to form two suture loops through which ends of the suture pass. The two suture loops are interconnected.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Suture anchors with one-way cinching mechanisms

Various devices, systems and methods for knotless anchoring of sutures to repair bodily tissue are disclosed. These devices allow sutures to be anchored to bone or other tissues, and more specifically provide a suture anchor which eliminates the need for the operator to knot the suture to secure the suture under tension.
Foundry Newco Xi, Inc.

Compaction pliers having removable cutting inserts

A bone graft compaction pliers with removable inserts defines a bone graft harvesting and deployment system applicable to a wide variety of bone graft sized for use with bone anchors such as those employed in acl repair. Cannulated bone anchors for encouraging bone regrowth employ an anchor with a axial cannulated bore and a plurality of fenestrations surrounding the bore to facilitate bone regrowth.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Anchoring an intravenous cannula

Some embodiments of a medical system include a subcutaneous anchor device that extends outwardly from side wall of an intravenous cannula so as to secure the intravenous cannula in a position relative to a skin penetration point.. .
Interrad Medical, Inc.

Intravenous catheter anchoring device

An anchoring device for securing a catheter to a patient includes a platform and a restraining strap. The platform includes a plurality of connectors extending outwardly from a base, each of the connectors including a head at a distal end of a post.
Venetec International, Inc.

Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve

Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the stomach and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.

Anchored mounting ring

A mounting ring for a ventricular assist device or other device used in the heart includes a plate adapted to be secured to the exterior of the heart by rigid anchors such as hook, pin, or screw. When hooks are used, they can be pivotally mounted to the plate so that the hooks can rotate from retracted positions to advanced positions.
Heartware, Inc.

Biocoated piezoelectric biosensor platform for point-of-care diagnostic use

Biosensor components (chips) are described based on direct biocoating processes that result in the tenacious and stable, noncovalent (believed to be chemisorptive) binding of anchor substances such as avidin(s) other proteins having specific binding partners or oligo- or poly-nucleotides onto any piezo-electrically active crystal surface. The resulting platform technology can be developed for a variety of biosensors with specific applications in biological assays.
Aviana Molecular Technologies, Llc.

Camp cooker apparatus and system

Disclosed herein is one embodiment of a camp cooker system. The camp cooker system includes a handle, an elongate arm that includes a proximal end and a distal end, and a stand.
Mava Llc Dba Campfire Kitchen

Anchor assembly with toggle for hollow walls

An anchor assembly (a) for hollow walls comprises an anchor body (400) and a toggle member (231) that is displaceable between a first position wherein the toggle member (231) is substantially aligned with the anchor body (400) such that the anchor assembly (a) can be inserted in the wall (w) via a cutting distal end (325) of the toggle member (231), and a second position wherein the toggle member (231) extends behind the wall (w) at an angle relative to the anchor body (400) which extends through the wall (w). The toggle member (231) is held captive in the first position but is released and then rotated to the second position by a fastener (218) introduced in the anchor body (400).
Cobra Fixations Cie Ltee - Cobra Anchors Co. Ltd.

Manufacturing micro-structured elements

An assembly including a joining element and an object, the object having a first outer layer, a second outer layer, and a middle layer between the first and second outer layers. The object has an opening that extends through the first outer layer and the middle layer, and the joining element is anchored in the opening.
Woodwelding Ag

Throat microphone

A throat microphone includes a cantilevered piezoelectric device 1 having a fixed end 11 supported by a base 3 and a free end with an anchor 4 fixed thereto. The piezoelectric device 1 vibrates to output audio signals in response to vibrations of a throat.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

Spatial structure assemblies

A plural axis sun tracking system, including a base, a spatial structure assembly, and a rotating system mounted on the base for rotating the spatial structure assembly, where the spatial structure assembly includes a frame having a lower portion at a first peripheral end of the spatial structure assembly and an upper portion at a second peripheral end of the spatial structure assembly, the lower portion being more proximal to the rotating system than the upper portion, and an anchoring location for anchoring the spatial structure assembly to the rotating system, the anchoring location located at the lower portion, where the mass of the frame increasingly recedes as the distance from the anchoring location towards the upper portion increases.. .
Heliofocus Ltd.

Coaxial connector

A coaxial connector including a connector main body is formed of an upper housing and a lower housing. An outer conductor includes a circular cylinder portion surrounding the periphery of a hole of the connector main body and configured to be inserted into an outer conductor of a mating coaxial connector.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Thin-film transistors incorporated into three dimensional mems structures

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for forming electromechanical systems (ems) displays where the area of a substrate occupied by a pixel circuit can be reduced if portions of the pixel circuit can be built in three dimensions. In some aspects, certain ems displays can incorporate structures that are substantially normal to the surface of a substrate.
Pixtronix, Inc.

Dine and draw child lap tray apparatus

A two-part tray apparatus that includes a base tray having a desk surface for drawing and writing and a food tray having four food compartments. A resilient bottom of the base tray may rest on a lap.
Regalo International, Llc

Optomechanical device for actuating and/or detecting movement of a mechanical element, in particular for gravimetric detection

Optomechanical device for actuating and/or detecting movement of a mechanical element, in particular for gravimetric detection. It includes a support with a mechanical element anchored to the support which is designed to move relative to the element, and a device for actuating and/or detecting movement or of variations in frequency of movement of the element.
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives

Electromechanical detection device, particularly for gravimetric detection, and manufacturing the device

Electromechanical detection device, particularly for gravimetric detection, and method for manufacturing the device. The electromechanical detection device includes a support including a face defining a plane, at least one beam that can move relative to the support, and means of detecting beam displacement, outputting a signal that depends on the displacement.
Commissariat á I'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives

Truss mount bracket for roof anchors and related systems and methods

A roof anchor-bracket having a base plate, a riser and a top fixture, wherein the base plate comprises at least two opposed, substantially vertical flanges sized and configured to attach to at least two corresponding opposed, substantially vertical sides of support structures in a roof and wherein the top fixture contains at least one attachment element sized and configured to hold and anchor a user lifeline.. .

Column base joint structure

In a column base joint structure, an anchor bolt and a column installed upright on a groundsel are tightly joined using groundsel-side and column-side hardware pieces. The groundsel-side hardware piece includes groundsel-embedded and upper fitting tenon portions.
Kanai Co., Ltd.

Quick fastening device for panels

A quick fastening device for panels, of the type containing two elements that interact with one another by virtue of the moving parts thereof and which is used to provide an anchoring point for the fastening of an application to the hole in a panel, being formed from a clip and a pin, said clip incorporating tabs descending downwards from the base, and having elastic ability in order to move closer toward the center of said clip through the sliding action of elbows or hooks on said tabs, acting on the inclined profile of cavities provided in said pin.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Travel pillow cushion with strap and pouch and seat bracket with support tray for train seats, bus seats and commercial airline seats

A travel pillow cushion designed with means and devices for anchoring pillow cushion to the head rest of train seats or bus seats using the special adjustable strap with pouch. And for future seat designs you will be able to mount the pillow cushion in front of you using the special bracket with female catch slots and the pillow cushion support tray with male hook hanger end.

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