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This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Apparatus and  relocating anchor gateway in wireless communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and relocating anchor gateway in wireless communication system
The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as long term evolution (lte). An apparatus and method for managing a connection point with a data network in a wireless communication system is provided.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Telecommunications network emergency-call handover patent thumbnailTelecommunications network emergency-call handover
Telecommunications network components configured to manage a handover of a communication session, e.g., an emergency communication session, of user equipment are described herein. A core network device may transmit respective handover queries to a plurality of anchoring network devices following a handover request from user equipment.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

 Distributed location detection in wireless sensor networks patent thumbnailDistributed location detection in wireless sensor networks
The wireless sensor network can including a plurality of anchor sensors each including a signal receiver, a processing module, and a transmitter. The signal receiver can be configured to detect a received signal.
Az Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Az Acting For And On Behalf Of Az State Univer

 Apparatus to assist a user with holding a mobile device patent thumbnailApparatus to assist a user with holding a mobile device
An apparatus that facilitates one-handed use of a mobile device has a finger brace configured to brace a user's finger on each of two opposed sides of the point where it is coupled to a flexible member. The flexible member extends through a hole in the back portion of the mobile device's case and is anchored to an interior surface of the back portion of the case.

 Accessible processing  webpage contents and accessible webpage device patent thumbnailAccessible processing webpage contents and accessible webpage device
An accessible processing method of webpage contents and accessible webpage device are provided. The foregoing accessible processing method may include the follows.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

 Back frame and liquid display device with the same patent thumbnailBack frame and liquid display device with the same
A back frame including at least two main pieces is disclosed. The adjacent main pieces are assembled via assembly sections, and a plurality of anchor points are arranged on different locations of each of the assembly sections.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

 Progressive approximation of sample analyte concentration patent thumbnailProgressive approximation of sample analyte concentration
Error may be introduced into an analysis by both the biosensor system used to perform the analysis and by errors in the output signal measured by the measurement device of the biosensor. For a reference sample, system error may be determined through the determination of relative error.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

 Isolating cells expressing secreted proteins patent thumbnailIsolating cells expressing secreted proteins
A method of detecting and isolating cells that produce a secreted protein of interest (poi), for example, an antibody, comprising: a) providing a eukaryotic cell comprising (i) a nucleic acid encoding the poi, and (ii) a nucleic acid encoding a cell surface capture molecule, which comprises a membrane anchor and is capable of binding the poi; (b) culturing the cell under conditions in which the poi and cell surface capture molecule are expressed, and a poi-cell surface capture molecule complex is formed intracellularly and displayed on the cell surface; c) detecting the surface-displayed poi by contacting the cells with a detection molecule, which binds the poi; and d) isolating cells based on the detection molecule.. .
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 Motor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailMotor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
A seal member is attached to a cover which occludes a gear case as a housing unit. The seal member is formed of elastomer and integrally formed with: a plate-shaped portion formed into a disc shape which covers the inner surface of the cover; an inner seal portion which is positioned on the inner peripheral edge of a through-hole, and comes into sliding contact with the outer peripheral surface of an output member; an outer seal portion which is positioned on the periphery of the cover, and comes into contact with the opening end of the housing unit; and anchor portions which latch onto the front surface of the cover via mounting holes provided to the cover.
Mitsuba Corporation

 Metal patch system patent thumbnailMetal patch system
An apparatus, method and system repair wellbore casing. In one embodiment, an expandable casing patch system for a wellbore includes a casing patch deployment apparatus.
Mohawk Energy Ltd.


Panel securing mechanism for a game court enclosure

Fastening mechanism comprises a extruded profile (1), at least one joining flat and first means of fastening of the joining flats of the extruded profile, said extruded profile being arranged on the outside of at least one ground anchoring foot and comprising longitudinal grooves having a c-shaped cross section, with opposite projections, for holding the joining flats wherein the first fastening means comprise a solid profile arranged along and on the inside of the longitudinal groove of the extruded profile, the solid profile comprising in turn contact surfaces arranged on both sides of a fastening projection, the contact surfaces being embedded against the inner faces of the opposite projections of the groove when at least one screw of the first fastening means is screwed into the solid profile (3.1) by means of its fastening projection.. .
Aluminios La Serena, S.a.


Extendable rail system for heliports

An extendable rail system for a flight of stairs to exit a heliport comprising a railing positioned along the flight of stairs, where the railing includes a handrail; a plurality of anchors attached to the railing, where the plurality of anchors support the handrail; a rail extension attached to a top portion of the railing, where the rail extension moves between a first position and a second position; a motor coupled to the rail extension, where the motor moves the rail extension between the first position and the second position; a first actuator positioned on the heliport, where the first actuator activates the motor; and a second actuator positioned at a base of the railing, where the second actuator activates the motor.. .


Thermally-isolated anchoring systems with split tail veneer tie for cavity walls

A high-strength thermally-isolating surface-mounted anchoring system for a cavity wall is disclosed. The thermally-isolated anchoring system is adaptable to various structures, including high-span applications, and for use with a split tail veneer tie.
Columbia Insurance Company


Handhole and manhole anti-theft insert

An anti-theft insert capable of preventing unauthorized access to a handhole and manhole and preventing the theft of the internal components of the handhole and manhole, the anti-theft insert comprises a cap, the cap including a chamfer and a top surface, a post member, the post member including a keyway, and at least one anchor point. The post member is configured to support the cap.


Method and portable stake mounting

A stake assembly provides an earth anchor and includes a stake having a longitudinal axis and an upper portion and a lower portion. The stake is attached to a cup having a sidewall defining a closed perimeter and a top wall substantially closing the sidewall, the sidewall having an open bottom end.


Tamper evident secure pack with anchored card carrier

A transaction card and carrier system. The system includes a panel assembly and transaction card assembly.
Travel Tags, Inc.


Balloon anchor

A balloon anchor and a table top centerpiece for anchoring a balloon filled with a substance that is lighter than the surrounding ambient air is disclosed. The centerpiece has a bottom wall and one or more sidewalls.


Seatbelt apparatus

The disclosure discloses a seatbelt apparatus comprising a retractor device enabling one end side of a seatbelt, a belt anchor fixing the seatbelt, a support starting point member supporting one end side of the seatbelt, a tongue movably held by a part of the seatbelt, and a seatbelt buckle disposed opposite to the belt anchor beyond a seat cushion, the seatbelt apparatus being enabled to restrain a passenger by an engagement operation of the tang with the seatbelt buckle, the seatbelt apparatus further comprising a displacement member disposed on the support starting point member to be capable of displacing a start point position of the seatbelt to an initial position and to a moved position close to the shoulder of the passenger, and a drive device displacing the displacement member from the initial position to the moved position.. .
Takata Corporation


Axle link for a motor vehicle

An axle link for a motor vehicle includes a body-side connecting element and a wheel-side connecting element. The connecting elements are connected to one another by a rod element, comprised of a metal rod and a reinforcement casing.
Audi Ag


Portable exercise equipment

A portable exercise device includes an anchor portion, a swivel portion, one or more elongate straps, springs or elastic cords, and handles. The swivel portion may allow the elongate straps to rotate without getting tangled.


Internal covering membrane of duodenum

A duodenum internal covering membrane is disclosed. The covering membrane is made of a biocompatible material and mainly comprises an elastic ampulla and a tubular part, wherein the ampulla is positioned in the duodenal bulb, the tubular part can extend to the jejunum, the ampulla contains a wavy or v-shaped or trapezoidal or city wall-shaped elastic ring which is continuously encircled, the elastic ring is made of a memory or non-memory biocompatible material, peaks, valleys and bent angles of the elastic ring are single-circle coil springs with outward anchor hooks, the single-circle coil springs on the lower edge are penetrated and wound with recovery threads, the upper edge of the ampulla is a wavy or v-shaped or trapezoidal or city wall-shaped elastic membrane, the elastic ring and the ampulla comply with the motion of the duodenum and the bulb as a whole, and the ampulla and the tubular part can be closed up or folded into the shape of a ball or cylinder or capsule or spindle.


Stent-graft with positioning anchor

A positioning anchor is provided for a stent-graft for implantation to treat a damaged body lumen. The positioning anchor is generally tubular surrounding a primary fluid conduit.
Nellix, Inc.


Apparatus, system, and treating a regurgitant heart valve

An apparatus for treating regurgitation of blood through a diseased heart valve having at least two leaflets includes a lollipop-shaped body member having a proximal end portion, a distal end portion, and an intermediate portion extending between the end portions. The intermediate portion includes an expandable occluding member having an adjustable diameter so that, during at least a portion of the cardiac cycle, at least one of the heart leaflet coapts with a portion of the occluding member to mitigate or prevent regurgitation of blood through the diseased heart valve.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Tissue capturing bone anchor

A bone anchor configured for use in anchoring an implanting portion to an anchor point. A bone anchor can be of particular use in anchoring soft tissue to a bone.
Kfx Medical, Llc


Implantable reinforcement prothesis, in particular for reinforcing the abdominal wall

The implantable reinforcement prosthesis, in particular for reinforcing the abdominal wall, comprises a reinforcement part (10) forming a netting intended to be incorporated into the inner surface of the wall (1) in order to reinforce said wall and a plurality of flat strips (20; 120) made from textile material extending from the edges of the reinforcement part and intended to be placed in transfixing penetration in the wall to each side of the area to be reinforced. According to a particular provision, the strips (20; 120) comprise anchoring wires (30; 130) intcorporated by interleaving into said strips, and extending along the length of said strips.


Dental implant system having enhanced soft-tissue growth features

A dental implant system including an implant and an abutment is disclosed. The implant includes a generally cylindrical body, a central axis, a distal end for anchoring in a patient's bone and a proximal end opposing the distal end.
Biomet 3i, Llc


Methods and devices for spinal screw insertion

Surgical instruments and methods for delivering bone anchor assemblies into bone are disclosed herein. Use of these anchors or instruments can eliminate one or more of the steps in a conventional bone anchor installation procedure, improving surgical efficiency and safety.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc


Method for anchoring and sealing a cannula assembly to the body of a patient

A cannula assembly for use in laproscopic surgery includes a cannula having a proximal end for use in orientating the assembly into an abdominal cavity, a distal end for insertion into a patient, and a passage through which surgical instruments can be inserted. An expandable feature in the form of an anchor is located toward the distal end of the cannula and is selectively expandable and collapsible.
Apollo Camera, L.l.c.


Endovascular occlusion device with hemodynamically enhanced sealing and anchoring

A vascular occlusion device having an expandable frame that carries a membrane. The membrane can include a tubular portion configured to transition between an open configuration in which the tubular portion is configured to receive a guidewire and a closed configuration in which the tubular portion is configured to occlude blood flow..
Emba Medical Limited


Bronchoscopic repair of air leaks in a lung

Systems and devices for minimally invasively treating an air leak in a lung comprise the steps of detecting an air leak in a lung; locating an airway in fluid communication with the air leak, introducing a bronchoscope into a patient's airway to a position adjacent the target section and occluding an airway upstream of the air leak for a period of time. The airway occlusion device is preferably removed after the air leak has substantially permanently healed.
Spiration, Inc.


Embolisation systems

A bristle device (8) for delivery into a body lumen comprises a longitudinally extending stem and a plurality of bristles extending generally outwardly from the stem for anchoring the device in a body lumen. There may beat least two bristle segments (96) and there are flexible sections (95) between the segments (96).
National University Of Ireland, Galway


Method and attaching tissue to bone, including the provision and use of a novel knotless suture anchor system, including a retractable sheath

Apparatus for securing a first object to a second object, the apparatus comprising: an anchor, the anchor comprising: an elongated body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a lumen extending between the distal end and the proximal end, the lumen comprising a distal section and a proximal section, the distal section of the lumen having a wider diameter than the proximal section of the lumen; a window extending through the side wall of the elongated body and communicating with the lumen, the window being disposed in the vicinity of the intersection between the distal section of the lumen and the proximal section of the lumen and being sized to receive a first object therein; an elongated element extending through the lumen of the elongated body, the elongated element comprising a proximal end and a distal end; and a locking element mounted to the distal end of the elongated element and disposed in the distal section of the lumen; whereby, when the elongated body is disposed in a second object, and a first object extends through the window, and the locking element is thereafter moved proximally, proximal movement of the locking element causes the elongated body to capture the first object to the elongated body, whereby to secure the first object to the second object; and an inserter, the inserter comprising: a handle; a shaft having a distal end and a proximal end, with a lumen extending therebetween, the proximal end of the shaft being mounted to the handle and the distal end of the shaft being configured to releasably engage the elongated body; a retractable sheath disposed movably coaxially about the shaft; and a movable tab mounted to the proximal end of the retractable sheath for moving the retractable sheath relative to the shaft.. .
Pivot Medical, Inc.


Suture-anchoring implanted medical devices engineered from bioresorbable metal alloys

Herein described are suture-anchoring implanted medical devices formed from a bioresorbable metal alloy that may be used to secure soft tissue to bone. The metallic bioresorbable tissue anchoring devices of the present invention are optimally configured such that all portions of the device are resorbed over a short predetermined period of time while maintaining their tissue anchoring capability and preventing the generation of loose foreign bodies therefrom..
Tenjin Llc


Remote pericardial hemostasis for ventricular access and reconstruction or other organ therapies

Embodiments described herein provide devices, systems, and methods that reduce the distance between two locations in tissue, often for treatment of congestive heart failure. For example, an anchor of an implant system may, when the implant system is fully deployed, reside within the right ventricle in engagement with the ventricular septum.
Bioventrix, Inc.


Countertop device having retention feature

A countertop device and related methods of use in food preparation for rotatably coupling a kitchen utensil to an anchored retention member. The countertop device can include a kitchen utensil having a manipulation end and a retaining end.
National Presto Industries, Inc.


Customizable connecting posts

Arrangements relate to devices, systems, methods and/or kits relating to provide customizable connecting posts for a bed or other body supporting element. The connecting post device can include one or more post elements and an anchor element.


Communications system

A mobile communications system is proposed in which mobile communications devices are arranged to transmit signals to and to receive signals from a base station using one or a subset of available sub-bands, with the base station being configured to move the mobile communications devices between the sub-bands. An anchor sub-band is also provided on which idle mobile communications devices camp until they are moved to one or more other sub-bands in addition to or instead of the anchor sub-band..
Nec Corporation


Simultaneous wired and wireless connection for demonstration product

A demonstration system includes a demonstration processor including a wired audio output, a data interface, and an anchor point. A portable audio device includes a wireless interface for receiving first audio signals, a wired audio input for receiving second audio signals, a mixing circuit outputting third audio signals including audio content from both the first and second audio signals, an output audio transducer for receiving the third audio signals from the mixing circuit and outputting them as audible signals, a user interface, a data interface, and a programmable processor in communication with the user interface and the data interface.
Bose Corporation


Image coding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, and storage medium

An image coding method for an image coding apparatus includes determining an anchor picture in a same view as a picture to be coded, determining an anchor block corresponding to a block to be coded, selecting an inter-view prediction method, encoding an inter-view prediction mode indicating the inter-view prediction method, and calculating, using a parallax vector of the anchor block, a parallax vector of the block to be coded.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Handoff free wireless network architecture

An internet protocol (ip) based wireless communication network is provided that enables device mobility without handoffs. In an aspect, mobile device of the network is configured to broadcast, via a multicast channel, an anchor router solicitation message comprising a mobile device identifier that identifies the mobile device.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology


Lead-acid battery separators with ultra low resistivity and sustained wettability

A lead-acid battery separator with ultralow resistivity results from high porosity, controlled pore (10) size distribution, and an ionic surfactant (14) with a long alkyl side chain (18) that is anchored to the polymer matrix (12) of a silica-filled polyethylene separator. The surfactant cannot be easily removed or washed away and thereby imparts sustained wettability to the separator.
Amtek Research International Llc


Online asset recommendation system

Creating a playlist of multimedia assets based on estimated user viewing length and an estimated length of engagement during a user session. Assets are selected based on an anchor asset displayed with the playlist of multimedia assets..
Iris.tv, Inc.


System error compensation of analyte concentration determinations

During analyte analysis, errors may be introduced into an analysis by both the biosensor system used to perform the analysis and by errors in the output signal measured by the measurement device of the biosensor. For a reference sample, system error may be determined through the determination of relative error.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Device, dynamic testing of ground support bolts, anchor bolts or rock bolts

A connector, an associated dynamic testing system and method for testing rock bolts or rock anchors in situ. The connector is attached to a rock bolt/anchor and supports a hanging load via a shaft.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Cmos pressure sensor with getter using ti-w wire embedded in membrane

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a pressure sensor including a pressure sensitive membrane suspended over a cavity, wherein the membrane is secured by a set of anchors to a substrate; and a getter material embedded in the membrane, wherein the surface of the getter is in contact with any gas within the cavity, and wherein two end points of the getter material are attached through the substrate by anchors capable of conducting through the substrate an electrical current through the getter material.. .
Ams International Ag


Mems gyroscope for determining rotational movements about an x, y, and/or z axis

The invention relates to a mems gyroscope for detecting rotational motions about an x-, y-, and/or z-axis, in particular a 3-d sensor, containing a substrate, several, at least two, preferably four, drive masses (2) that are movable radially with respect to a center and drive elements (7) for the oscillating vibration of the drive masses (2) in order to generate coriolis forces on the drive masses (2) in the event of rotation of the substrate about the x-, y-, and/or z-axis. The oscillating drive masses (2) are connected to at least one further non-oscillating sensor mass (3) that however can be rotated about the x-, y-, and/or z-axis together with the oscillating drive masses (2) on the substrate.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Connecting element for gluing onto a component surface and production method and attachment method therefor

The connecting element for gluing onto a component surface b comprises a retaining pin having a pin section, to which a structural component can be attached. An anchor of the retaining pin is attached in a disk made of a material which can be penetrated by light such that due to the rotation-inhibiting and removal-inhibiting shape of the anchor, a reliable connection is established between the retaining pin and the disk..
Böllhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh


Blade with branches for an axial-flow turbomachine compressor

The invention relates to a blade of a compressor or of an axial-flow turbomachine. The blade comprises a joining airfoil, or main airfoil, extended by branches, or auxiliary branch airfoils.
Techspace Aero S.a.


Devices and systems for extracting drilling equipment through a drillstring

A device and system for extracting equipment from a drillstring are disclosed. The system comprises an equipment extraction device having an anchor coupled to the equipment, a housing coupled to an uphole portion of the drillstring, and a stator tube coupled to a downhole portion of the drillstring.
Superior Drilling Products, Inc.


Canopy leg anchor

The present invention provides a canopy leg anchor that is designed to anchor the legs of a canopy to the ground and prevent the canopy from being blown over and damaged. The canopy leg anchor includes a rectangular portion having two opposing length sides, two opposing width sides, and coextensive interior and exterior surfaces designed to wrap around the leg of a canopy.


Protected membrane roof system

A protected membrane roof system for installation on a roof decking comprising an upper insulation board having an upwardly-facing upper board top surface and an opposite downwardly-facing upper board bottom surface and at least one throughhole communicating therebetween, a ballast material positioned over the upper insulation board, a netting positioned over the ballast material, and at least one fastener assembly having a base seated substantially adjacent the upper board bottom surface, a rod extending substantially vertically from the base of sufficient size so as to extend through the through-hole of the upper insulation board, the ballast material, and the netting, and a cap engaged with the rod above the netting, whereby the wind uplift resistance of the protected membrane roof system is improved and scour of the ballast material is reduced by effectively anchoring the netting to the upper insulation board beneath the ballast material.. .


Flat plate foundation supports

A flat-plate foundation support includes a lower portion extending longitudinally along a central longitudinal axis of the support and adapted for insertion into a ground surface. The lower portion has a plurality of flat plates that are mutually connected along the central longitudinal axis of the support and extend laterally or radially from the central longitudinal axis.


Adjustable rail fastening assembly

Assembly (10) for fastening a railway rail (1), comprises a lower platen (11) provided with through holes (111) for anchoring the lower platen to ground (40) by means of ground anchoring means (15), an upper platen (12) for supporting the rail (1) superposed on the lower platen, and a pair of rail fastening clips (142) for fastening the rail to the upper platen (12). The lower platen comprises downwards projecting portions at a bottom face of the lower platen, wherein the lower platen has an increased thickness at the downwards projecting portions, and wherein the downwards projecting portions are arranged at opposite sides of the lower platen..
Hf Holding Sa


Convenient cover opening and closing method, system, and apparatus

A convenient cover opening and closing method, system, and apparatus are described. A cover grasper, adjustable tension, an anchor, and a stabilizer provide the necessary torques so that a cover opens and closes in a controlled smooth manner.


Adjustable anchor on a load carrier for a bicycle through-axle

An anchor for releasably securing a bicycle through-axle that is installed in a wheelless front fork of a bicycle to a load carrier. The anchor is made up of an anchor body having a through-axle receiving space for receiving a bicycle through-axle therein.
Thule Sweden Ab


Spring biased lever for opening a moveable member of an adapter for a flooring nail gun

An adapter for a flooring nail gun is provided with a muzzle member including at least one set of two inclined cavities; a moveable member including at least one set of two inclined protrusions at an end, the inclined protrusions being disposed in the inclined cavities; and a quick releasing device disposed on the inclined protrusions. The quick releasing device includes a pressing member, a spring member, and a lever, and wherein the pressing member and the muzzle member are joined, the lever and the pressing member are pivotably secured together, and the spring member has one end anchored at the pressing member and the other end pivotably secured to the lever.
Taizhou Dajiang Industry Co., Ltd.


Method for forming three-dimensional anchoring structures on a surface

A method including: forming a melt pool (16) on a solid surface (12); applying an energy beam (10) to melt solid material (18) adjacent the melt pool; controlling the energy beam such that the melting of the solid material adjacent the melt pool creates a wave front (22) in the melt pool effective to form a protrusion (20) of material upon solidification.. .
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Method for forming three-dimensional anchoring structures

A method for texturing a surface to form anchoring structures for a coating. The method includes: traversing an energy beam (10) along a path (30) on a solid substrate surface (12) to cause a melt pool (16) to move along the path; controlling power and motion parameters of the energy beam effective to establish a wave front (18) in the melt pool; and terminating the energy beam at an end (34) of the path when the wave front contains sufficient energy to create a protrusion (22) of material above the surface at the end of the path as the melt pool solidifies..
Siemens Energy, Inc.


High displacement ultrasonic transducer

In some examples, a transducer apparatus includes a spring structure that enables a large, reliable amount of displacement of a transducer plate. For instance, an individual cell of the transducer apparatus may include a substrate having a first electrode portion, with at least one spring anchor extending from a first side of the substrate.
Kolo Medical Ltd.


Slide bar anchorage device for aerial lift equipment

Anchorage devices for an aerial lift that can include a base plate and a slide bar coupled to the base plate. The aerial device can include a bucket, and the base plate can be coupled to the inside or outside of the bucket.


Methods of shielding implantable medical leads and implantable medical lead extensions

Shielded sheaths are placed over implantable medical leads and/or implantable medical lead extensions to provide shielding from electromagnetic energy and to prevent heating at the electrodes. The shielded sheaths include insulative bodies with shield layers such as conductive braided wire or conductive foil tubular structures.
Medtronic, Inc.


Peptide immunogens

The invention provides for the synthesis of more effective generators of a t-cell immune response by providing peptide derivatives that are mhc class i-restricted antigens. The peptide derivatives of the present invention are prepared or derived from a parent peptide of 8 to 11 amino acid residues in length, wherein the peptide derivative contains a non-natural amino acid substituted in place of a naturally-occurring amino acid residue at one or more primary anchor positions in the parent peptide or at position 6, position 7, or the c-terminus..
Purdue Pharma L.p.


Systems and methods for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes

The present invention provides systems and methods for treating and controlling obesity and/or type ii diabetes. In one aspect of the invention, a device comprises a hollow sleeve sized and shaped for positioning within a duodenum of the patient, an anchor coupled to the proximal end of the sleeve and being sized and shaped to inhibit distal migration of the sleeve and a plurality of elastomeric objects coupled to the distal end of the sleeve and being sized and shaped to inhibit proximal migration of the sleeve through a pylorus of the patient.
E2, Llc


Endolumenal esophageal restriction device

Generally described herein are apparatus, systems and methods related to a novel esophageal device implantable in the patient's body and designed to replicate the restrictive and satiety mechanism associated with gastric banding systems known in the art. The device can be a compliant and tubular-shaped and fixated within the gastro-esophageal lumen using tissue anchors..
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.


Stent with tether interface

A radially-expandable stent (20) is shaped so as to define one or more tether interfaces (50), a lower-securement portion (56), and a higher-securement portion (64). The lower-securement portion (56) extends (a) along at least a contiguous lower-securement axial segment (58) of the stent (20) and (b) circumferentially around a contiguous lower-securement circumferential portion (60) of the stent (20), which lower-securement axial segment (58) and lower-securement circumferential portion (60) include the one or more tether interfaces (50).
4tech Inc.



A stent is disclosed, which is formed in a cylindrical shape and has a cavity portion, and is freely switched between an expanded state and a contracted state where the stent contracts to a central axis (o) side from the expanded state. The stent has an anchor portion which protrudes to a central axis (o) side relative to an inner surface surrounding the cavity portion in the contracted state, and which is displaced to the inner surface side in the expanded state relative to a protruded position in the contracted state..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for delivery of annuloplasty rings

Systems and methods for percutaneous, transcatheter heart valve repair are disclosed. A system may include a catheter, an adjustable ring, and a stabilizer.
Valcare, Inc.


Everting heart valve

The present invention provides methods and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve. The apparatus includes a replacement valve and an expandable anchor configured for endovascular delivery to a vicinity of the patient's heart valve.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Mitral valve anchoring

Disclosed herein are prosthetic devices and related methods for implantation at the native mitral valve of the heart by drawing an atrial portion and a ventricular portion toward each other from opposite sides of the native mitral valve, clamping the native mitral valve therebetween. One or more retention members passing through the mitral valve orifice or through a puncture in the native valve anatomy can couple the atrial and ventricular members together and keep them anchored onto the native mitral valve anatomy.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Implants, tools, and methods for treating pelvic conditions

Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele, cystocele, rectocele, apical or vault prolapse, uterine descent, etc.), and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools including devices and tools for anchoring an implant to tissue.. .
Ams Research Corporation


Fixed hybrid dental attachment device and methods of use

A frictionally-retained detachable dental anchor device is provided for adjustably attaching a dental appliance with a tooth root or implant. The dental anchor device includes a cap secured in the dental appliance, an abutment attached with a tooth root or implant, and a compressible retention member with a first end in fixed attachment with the cap and a second end in snap engagement with the abutment via a frictionally-retained ball secured within a cavity of the abutment.
Zest Ip Holdings, Llc


A dental implant

The present invention provides a dental implant that can be fitted immediately into a tooth socket after native tooth extraction and preparation of the tooth socket and without having to drill into the bone. The dental implant comprises a core enveloped by an expandable anchor comprising a plurality of joined segments.
Azenium Ip Limited


Low profile fastening assembly

A fastener assembly that can be used for the fixation or anchoring of orthopedic devices or instruments to bone tissue. In particular, a low profile variable angle or fixed angle fastener assembly is able to securely connect the orthopedic device to bone tissue.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Orthopedic plate blocking assembly

In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides an orthopedic plate blocking assembly that can be used for the fixation or fastening of an orthopedic plate to bone tissue. In particular, the present invention, in one embodiment, provides an orthopedic plate having a plurality of cavities where each cavity is configured and dimensioned to receive a bone anchoring member.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Growth modulation system

A spinal management system includes a stabilizing member adapted to extend substantially longitudinally along a target region of a spine tending to exhibit a defective curvature and a set of stabilizing anchors adapted for fixation to vertebrae and to receive the stabilizing member to secure the stabilizing member against substantial transverse translation relative to the vertebrae. The system also includes a first correction anchor adapted for fixation to a vertebra, a second correction anchor adapted for fixation to a vertebra, and a connection between the stabilizing member and the first correction anchor and between the first and second correction anchors adapted such that when the connection is tensioned a compressive force is selectively exerted between the first and second correction anchors..
K2m, Inc.


Bone anchoring device

A bone anchoring device includes a shank to be anchored in a bone or vertebra, a head, and a receiving part receiving the head for connecting the shank to a rod. The shank and the head are separate parts.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Bone anchor closure pivot-splay control flange form guide and advancement structure

Open implant closure structures include a helically wound guide and advancement flange form having pivot-splay accommodating and splay control surfaces with opposing load flanks in initial non-parallel relation.. .


Ultrasonic blade overmold

An ultrasonic instrument comprises an ultrasonic transducer, an acoustic waveguide, and an ultrasonic blade. The acoustic waveguide comprises a bore extending through the waveguide, an anchor pin, and an acoustic isolator.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Lead extraction methods and apparatus

According to one aspect, a device for assisting in removing an implanted lead is provided. The device comprises a body portion having a center adapted to accommodate the lead, a cutting component coupled to the body portion to assist in separating tissue from the lead, and at least one anchoring component disposed at least partially within the body portion, the at least one anchoring component capable of providing pressure on the lead that resists movement of at least part of the body portion along the lead at least in part by applying fluid pressure..
Leadex Cardiac Ltd.


Soft tissue repair device and associated methods

A soft tissue repair device. The device includes an inserter having a distal portion, a first anchor carried externally onto the distal portion, a second anchor carried externally onto the distal portion, and a flexible strand coupling the first and second anchors and forming an adjustable knotless loop..
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Knotless suture anchor and using same

A suture anchor including a first portion and a second portion. The first portion defining a first suture bore and having an angled distal surface that extends in a plane oblique to a longitudinal axis of the suture anchor.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Anchor deployment system, device, and treatment

anchor deployment systems, anchor deployment devices, and methods of treatment are described herein. An embodiment of an anchor deployment system comprises a deployment device, a retention mechanism, an anchor, and a connector.


System and attaching soft tissue to bone

Methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone are disclosed herein. A bone anchor is described that comprises a base and a top such that suture material may be compressed between surfaces on the base and top to secure the suture to the anchor.
Kfx Medical, Llc


Automated animal feeder

An automated animal feeder is disclosed having a storage area with a top at one end and the second feeding into a dispensing module containing a dispensing tube. An auger, connected to a support and motor, extends into the second opening of the storage area.


Mobile drip irrigation with precise and uniform water distribution

Water is emitted directly onto the soil from drip lines pulled from a mobile drip irrigation device. The forward ends of the drip tubes are anchored and retained to establish relatively fixed intervals of spacing between the forward ends of the adjacent drip tubes to guide the drip tubes across the soil and through growing plants.


Method for the correction of an influence to a distance measurement between two objects

A method, device, system and use for determining a distance, location and/or orientation including the at least relative determination of a position of at least one object using at least two active anchors. A first signal is emitted by a first of the two anchors and is received at the object and by a second of said two anchors.
Lambda:4 Entwicklungen Gmbh


Capacitive sensor, acoustic sensor and microphone

A diaphragm is arranged on the upper surface of a silicon substrate so as to cover a chamber in the silicon substrate. Multiple anchors are provided on the upper surface of the silicon substrate, and the lower surfaces of corner portions of the diaphragm are supported by the anchors.
Omron Corporation


Fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly with fiber optic cable anchored to boot of fiber optic connector

A fiber optic connector and cable assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a fiber optic connector and a fiber optic cable.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.


Floating dual anemometer - mast and doppler

A device of a dual floating anemometer comprised of a mast, support arms for instruments, purlins, a central buoy, connecting beams, the edge floaters, the buoy hoop, the buoy—anchorage connector, anchorage hoop, anchorage, wind measuring instruments a, the connector beam of the anemometer base b, the wind instrument base b wind measuring instruments b, the anchorages of the edge floaters, the connections of the anchorages of the edge floaters with the edge floaters and the connector hoops of the anchorages with the edge floaters, which can be placed in shallow or big water depths and can simultaneously measure the characteristic wind parameters using both common anemometers and doppler anemometers, so that the measurements of the wind potential (velocity, direction, turbulence) are extended to a higher altitude than the altitude of the mast which bears the cup anemometers, because of the combinatorial action.. .


Anchor device

The anchor device includes a post movably connected to a base and is lockable in shovel, anchor and storage positions. First, it is locked in a shovel position and a hole is dug in beach sand.


Method for attaching a joint element in a metal sheet and joint element

The invention relates to a method for anchoring a joint element (1) in a metal sheet (7) so as to be secured against rotation, the hardness of the metal sheet being equal to or greater than the hardness of the material of the joint element. A locking and securing portion (4), which protrudes away from a head (2) of the joint element, is inserted into a joint opening (8), which is provided in the metal sheet and which has a cross section that deviates from the circular shape, such that an edge of the joint opening forms at least one region with a maximum distance to a central axis of the joint opening and at least one region with a minimum radial distance to the central axis of the joint opening, and the head of the joint element rests against the metal sheet after being anchored..


Precast concrete post tensioned segmented wind turbine tower

A post-tensioned precast segmental concrete tower has a stack of annular segments with uniform cross-sections which varies over the tower height. The transition between tower segments occurs in stages and is achieved using annular members or segments which support and anchor post-tensioning tendons that transfer loads passing through the tower as a result of a change in tower geometry.


Self-centering braced frame for seismic resistance in buildings

An elongated tension-only or centering brace for a structural frame is provided where the brace is anchored at a first attachment point and to a second attachment point that is removed from the first attachment point. The elongated tension-only brace has one or more elastic restoring force elements that have effective lengths greater than the length of the tension only brace between the attachment points..


Stanchion safety net support array with anchorage system and using the same

A safety net support system is provided. The system includes a plurality of support members having a material positioned there between to create a barrier between neighboring support members.
L.g. White Safety Corporation


Anti-torsion anchor bolt

An anchor bolt device for securing a structural member to a concrete foundation is described. The anchor bolt device includes a first anchor bolt, which has an enlarged portion, a shank portion, and a tail portion.
Sr Systems, Llc


Slotted insert with captured nut anchor

A slotted insert based upon a non-metallic void former including a neck portion defining a longitudinally elongated slot, the neck portion having a first transverse width, and a channel portion defining a longitudinally elongated channel, the channel having a second transverse width substantially greater than the first transverse width. The insert includes a metal nut, captured within the channel, having an aperture and a third transverse width substantially greater than the first transverse width.
Dayton Superior Corporation


Concrete-structure connecting assembly

A concrete-structure connecting assembly includes a recessed frame body that defines a frame recess; a cushioning unit that is disposed in the frame recess and resiliently deformable; first and second hinge plates that are stacked together along a stacking direction and surrounded by the recessed frame body, each of the first and second hinge plates having a peripheral end portion that is disposed in the frame recess to abut against the cushioning unit; a first anchoring unit that substantially protrudes from the first hinge plate in the stacking direction away from the second hinge plate; and a second anchoring unit that substantially protrudes from the second hinge plate in the stacking direction away from the first hinge plate.. .

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