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Flexible electrical isolation device

Quanta AssociatesLp

Flexible electrical isolation device

Remote replication using mediums

Pure Storage

Remote replication using mediums

Remote replication using mediums


Liquid crystal optical element and image device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Selectable service node resources patent thumbnailSelectable service node resources
In one example, a method includes receiving, by a service node, a request from an access node to establish a pseudowire to be used for sending subscriber traffic to the service node for application of services to the subscriber traffic at the service node, and, in response to receiving the request, sending a request message from the service node to a central server requesting both subscriber authentication and assignment of a forwarding component of the service node to which to anchor the pseudowire. The method also includes receiving, by the service node and from the central server, an authentication message in response to the request message, wherein the authentication message confirms subscriber authentication and indicates a forwarding component of the service node to which the service node should anchor the pseudowire..
Juniper Networks, Inc.

 Flexible electrical isolation device patent thumbnailFlexible electrical isolation device
An electrical isolator includes a flexible non-electrically conductive membrane and an inelastic flexible dielectric member journalled in the membrane and extending from the first end of the membrane to the second end of the membrane. First and second coupling members are anchored to the ends of the dielectric member.
Quanta Associates, Lp

 Remote replication using mediums patent thumbnailRemote replication using mediums
A system and method for performing replication using mediums. A snapshot ‘s’ is selected for replication, and the anchor medium ‘m’ of s is identified.
Pure Storage, Inc.

 Liquid crystal optical element and image device patent thumbnailLiquid crystal optical element and image device
In a liquid crystal optical element, a first substrate includes a first main surface. A second substrate includes a second main surface opposed to the first main surface.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
According to one embodiment, a liquid crystal display includes a first substrate, a second substrate and a liquid crystal layer. The first substrate includes a first line, a second line, a switching element, a pixel electrode, a common electrode, and a first alignment film.
Japan Display Inc.

 Check valve with reduced opening speed patent thumbnailCheck valve with reduced opening speed
A check valve for a housing with adjacent first and second apertures separated by a septum comprises a hinge pin, a first flapper, and a second flapper. The hinge pin is located downstream of the septum.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Micro pump systems patent thumbnailMicro pump systems
Discloses is a micro-pump that includes a pump body having a compartmentalized pump chamber, with plural inlet and outlet ports and a plurality of membranes disposed in the pump chamber to provide compartments. The membranes are anchored between opposing walls of the pump body and carry electrodes disposed on opposing surfaces of the membranes and walls of the pump body.
Encite Llc

 Water wheel impeller blade type electric power generating apparatus patent thumbnailWater wheel impeller blade type electric power generating apparatus
A water wheel impeller blade type electric power generating apparatus including a floating body, which buoys an attached electric power generating apparatus body while floating under water and allowing inflow and outflow of a water stream, an anchorage unit anchoring the electric power generating apparatus body at a fixed position in the water stream, a rotor pivotally supported within the electric power generating apparatus body enabling rotation, the rotor orthogonally disposed to the water stream, an impeller blade group including a plurality of impeller blades attached on an outer periphery of the rotor for automatically opening at a lower side of the rotor and closing at an upper side of the rotor, the impeller blade group receiving force by the water stream flowing in the electric power generating apparatus body with open impeller blades to rotate the rotor, an inclined plate for guiding the water stream, having one end attached at an upper end of the electric power generating apparatus body at a water inflow side with a projecting tip approaching a vicinity of an impeller blade attached to the rotor, and a power generator generating electric power by transmission of rotating force generated by rotation of the rotor, and an inclined plate set between 20° and 45° having a projecting tip set within a range of ±30% of a diameter of the rotor above or below a position corresponding to a shaft center of the rotor.. .
Japan System Planning Co., Ltd.

 Rock anchoring system and method patent thumbnailRock anchoring system and method
This invention discloses an underground rock anchoring system comprising a rock bolt having a bolt shaft operatively locatable in an elongate rectilinear hole drilled into a hanging wall such that an end portion of the bolt shaft protrudes from the hole, the bolt shaft having a side wall defining a hollow internal chamber extending along at least part of the length of the bolt shaft, a bearing plate adapted to be fitted over the protruding end portion of the bolt shaft for bearing against a rock surface of the hanging wall; and fastening means for pulling the bearing plate taut against the rock surface of the hanging wall. The invention also extends to a rock anchoring method in which such system is used..

 Wall formwork and wall formwork system patent thumbnailWall formwork and wall formwork system
The invention relates to a wall formwork (1) for concrete structures, comprising a basic body (12), an outer face configured as a formwork facing (19), and anchor holes (5) for the detachable connection to other wall formworks. It is proposed that the anchor holes (5) be disposed with a substantially uniform grid spacing (4) relative to each other, and to dimension the wall formwork (1) in such a way that the spacing (4) of the anchor holes (5) to the outer vertical (7) and/or horizontal (6) boundary of the wall formwork (1) corresponds to no more than half of the grid spacing (4), preferably substantially half of the grid spacing (4)..
Hunnebeck Gmbh


Modular building structures improvements

There is provided building structures that are demountable from a first configuration to be reassemblable to the first configuration or another configuration. The building structures include systems and kits for the structure, post anchors, kits for floor structure, method for assembling floor structures, wall and ceiling support systems, electrical junction box supports, and kits for frame assembly..
3088-7418 Quebec Inc. Mad Mab Corp.


Decor paper comprising self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides décor paper comprising a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8, comprising an inorganic particle treated sequentially by (a) hydrolyzing an aluminum compound or basic aluminate to deposit a hydrous alumina surface and (b) adding a dual-functional compound comprising: an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine. Typically, the inorganic particle is titanium dioxide, tio2.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container having a bag anchoring point; process for production thereof; and tool thereof

The invention is an integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container obtainable by blow-moulding an injection moulded multi-layer preform. The bag-in-container includes an inner layer forming the bag and an outer layer forming the container, and a single opening, the mouth, fluidly connecting the volume defined by the bag to the atmosphere.
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.


Oscillating piston-type wave power generation method and system

The present invention is related to a method and system for wave power generation. When a floating body rises with the wave, a hydraulic cylinder is being pulled to drive a hydraulic motor; the hydraulic motor will in turn drive the generation of power.


Watercraft anchoring system

A watercraft anchoring system is a system for anchoring and preventing the drifting and movement of a small to medium-sized watercraft in a body of water. The system includes an anchor pole with an auger drill bit and a seabed-penetrating tip for embedding into the bed of the body of water.


Integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container having a bag anchoring point; process for the production thereof; and tool thereof

The invention is an integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container obtainable by blow-moulding an injection moulded multi-layer preform. The bag-in-container includes an inner layer forming the bag and an outer layer forming the container, and a single opening, the mouth, fluidly connecting the volume defined by the bag to the atmosphere.
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.


Integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container having a bag anchoring point; process for the production thereof; and tool thereof

The invention is an integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container obtainable by blow-moulding an injection moulded multi-layer preform. The bag-in-container includes an inner layer forming the bag and an outer layer forming the container, and a single opening, the mouth, fluidly connecting the volume defined by the bag to the atmosphere.
Anheuser-busch Inbev S.a.


Method for bending ceramic tiles

The invention relates to an improved method for bending ceramic tiles. The method comprises the stages of making grooves in the lower surface of the tile in the area of the tile to be bent, filling the grooves obtained on the tile with a filling material compatible with the material of which the tile is made, covering the grooves with a flexible strip of incombustible refractory-material, anchoring the strip to the surface of the tile, heating the area of the tile to be bent up to the softening temperature of the area itself and cooling the modelled tile thus obtained..
Brevetti 2000 S.r.l.


Mixing container and mixing system

A mixing container has a wall enclosing a mixing volume, an anchor fixed at the wall of the mixing container inside the mixing volume, and at least one mixing plate movably mounted to the anchor to allow a relative movement of the at least one mixing plate along a stir direction perpendicular to the extension of the mixing plate. Each of the at least one mixing plates is provided with at least one magnet..
Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.


Filling shoe and operating a filter device

The invention suggests a filter device having a stationary head piece and a movable end piece, a pack of at least a recess plate and an adjacent recess plate between the head piece and the end piece, the recess plate and/or the adjacent recess plate having a recess, that forms a filter chamber between the recess plate and the adjacent recess plate, a first filter cloth and a second filter cloth between the recess plate and the adjacent recess plate for retaining as a filter cake a solid content of a suspension, and allowing a remaining liquid fraction of the suspension to pass as a filtrate, and a suspension pipe running through the pack between the head piece and the end piece for charging the suspension through the filling shoe between the first filter cloth and the second filter cloth into the filter chamber, and a filling shoe comprising an outlet section for the suspension, clamping the first filter cloth to the recess plate during filtering operation of the filter device, an anchoring section for anchoring the filling shoe in an anchoring position to the recess plate, and a pivot section between the outlet section and the anchoring section, that tiltably connects the outlet section to the anchoring section. The invention further suggests a method for operating such filter device..
Outotec (finland) Oy


Medical device securement system and method

A medical device securement system is configured to secure medical devices such as catheters in place. The securement system includes an anchor pad that attaches to a patient's skin.
Amparo Medical Technologies, Inc.


Intervention device

A device for interventions within the body, the device comprising: an end piece 6 for insertion into the body at a distal end thereof, the end piece 6 including a rigid lumen for holding an instrument 10 and guiding the instrument 10 to the distal end of the end piece; and a body section 4 supporting the lumen and being rigidly connected thereto, the body section including a navigation array 14 for guidance of the device using a surgical navigation system and/or including an anchor point 20 for a standard navigation array.. .
Norwegian University Of Science And Technology (ntnu)


Sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate of cationic pharmacologically active substance and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same

Disclosed is a sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate, comprising: a) at least one liquid crystal former; b) at least one neutral phospholipid; c) at least one liquid crystal hardener; and d) at least one anionic anchoring agent, wherein the sustained-release pre-concentrate exists as a lipid liquid phase in the absence of aqueous fluid and forms into a liquid crystal upon exposure to aqueous fluid. The sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate is configured to enhance the sustained release of cationic pharmacologically active substance through ionic interaction between the anionic anchoring agent and the cationic pharmacologically active substance..
Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.


Percutaneous gateway, a fixing system for a prosthesis, a fixture and connecting means for signal transmission

A percutaneous gateway is provided for permanently transmission between inside of a body and outside of the body, comprising an implant (10) adapted to be at least partly anchored in a bone (1). The implant (10) has a transmission means (30) that allows a long-term stable communication through a transmitting device (20) adapted to extend from an implantable component (90) through the bone (80) to a device (91) at the outer end (3) of the percutaneous gateway..
Integrum Ab


Rim anchoring systems for flexible surgical implants for replacing cartilage

Flexible cartilage-replacing implants are disclosed that use either or both of (1) enlarged peripheral rim components, and/or (2) elongated flexible reinforcing members that are embedded around the peripheral edge of an implant device. These types of anchoring devices, especially when used in combination, can provide flexible implants that can be implanted arthroscopically into synovial joints, for complete replacement of damaged cartilage segments..
Formae, Inc.


Aortic insufficiency valve percutaneous valve anchoring

An anchoring device for use within a cardiovascular structure includes an expandable ring having a central axis extending in a longitudinal direction. At least one leg extends from the ring in the longitudinal direction.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.


Vascular filter

A filter comprises an inner, anchoring basket arranged concentrically inside an outer, alignment basket. The anchoring basket comprises a plurality of anchoring struts terminating in barbs.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Tensor pulley for gluteus

A device for carrying out gluteopexia, which is the elevation of the buttocks. The device has longitudinal shape and is composed by a first anchoring element and a second anchoring element, both linked by a longitudinal element, combining for a single body.


Dental anchor implant device

A dental anchor implant device anchors false teeth securely within a user's mouth. The device includes a base having a convex upper surface and a concave lower surface wherein the base is configured for positioning on and coupling to a top of a jawbone.


Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation

The u-shape bend is anchored at a distal end of a deflectable section which is reinforced by at least one washer having at least two holes, each hole axially aligned with a respective lumen in the deflectable section. Each hole is centered with a lumen so that each puller wire portion therethrough is straight and subjected to tensile force only.


Method for securing sutures to bones

A method for securing a repair, such as a rotator cuff repair and includes an anchor placed within a hole formed in bone and a cannulated screw inserted into the hole after the anchor has been inserted to effectuate a firm and secure connection of tissue to bone, particularly when the quality of the bone does not permit optimal fixation. The method allows superior tissue fixation to bone with the ease of knotless suture anchor application..
Lumaca Orthopaedics Pty Ltd


Method of regulating the venous return to the heart for the treatment of patients with heart failure

This invention relates to a method that comprises the introduction of a catheter via left subclavian vein, advancing into the right atrium and then positioning it in the inferior vena cava, just at the cava-diaphragm junction, where it is anchored at its extreme; and thereafter an external inflation of a balloon positioned in said catheter takes place through a physiological solution to reach a diameter corresponding to half the diameter of the inferior vena cava, resulting in hemi-occlusion in the expiration phase (breath-out) and total occlusion for a short period during the inspiration phase (breath-in), regulating (normalizing) the venous return and decreasing the cardiac volume overload, as a treatment for heart failure. The invention also comprises hydromechanics devices to normalize the venous return in the circulatory system.


Vessel access and closure device

A vessel access and closure device places a running suture in the wall of a blood vessel using a rotating helical suture needle that carries the suture along a helical path passing through the vessel wall, then reverses rotation to release a suture anchor attached to the distal end of the suture. A loose helical coil of suture is left behind as the helical suture needle withdraws.
Vasostitch, Inc.


Bone anchor delivery system device and method

A bone anchor delivery system device (10) has a retractable punch driver assembly and a locking mechanism (32). The punch driver assembly has a retractable punch shaft (30) and a guide (20) for receiving the retractable punch shaft (30).
Valeris Medical, Llc


Plastic blood lancet

The present invention provides a surgically invasive pointed article for skin penetration and capillary whole blood extraction whose penetration ability can be disabled after use by deforming the tips. The present invention is made by injection moulding a plastic needle 35 having an anchoring means 45 using a first material, followed by another injection moulding process to over-mould a first body segment 20 and second body segment 30 using a second material to encase the plastic needle 35 thereby anchoring the plastic needle 35 to prevent further movement of the plastic needle 35.


Chair of meditative mobilization

Chair of meditative mobilization under the name of “chair of nation health—national safety from master hora” creates in a user a stability/anchoring support from three points—a pelvis and two feet. The chair is made to collect the attention of the person without tension.


Animal containment fence and assembling animal containment fence

An animal containment fence includes posts that may be anchored to a surface, connection members that may be transversely coupled to the posts, and flexible cross-members disposed between the posts by telescopically and reciprocally engaging the connection members transversely coupled to the posts. The engagement between the connection members and the cross-member moves reciprocally upon a flexion of the cross-member due to application of a force less than a release force to the cross-member.
Golden Eagle Global, Inc.


Combination pet restraint and vehicle travel system

The invention relates to a novel combination pet restraint and vehicle travel system wherein a unique travel system has been created around utilizing the latch (lower anchors and tethers for children) mechanism and includes proprietary pet restraints, adapters, vehicle seat covers, and multiple accessories which affix thereto.. .


Method of detecting potential phishing by analyzing universal resource locators

A method for detecting potential phishing urls includes extracting a url from a document, analyzing the url context, and comparing the url to stored trusted urls and stored known phishing urls. The url context includes anchor text and surrounding content associated with the url.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Electric connector

An electric connector comprises an insulation body, a shielding shell, first and second conductive terminals, and a holding member. The insulation body has a base and a tongue blade extended horizontally forward from the base.
Advanced-connectek Inc.


Dielectric filter

Provided is a dielectric filter that can be anchored in a stable manner without causing damage even when there is variation in the size of the parts. With this dielectric filter, one surface of washers has a concave part, which is equipped with an edge part formed at the perimeter of the one surface, a floor surface provided at a lower position than the edge part, and a tapered part formed between the edge part and the floor surface.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Methods including anchored-pattern data entry and visual input guidance

Methods may include creating an anchor in response to a predetermined indication of the user. The methods described herein may be applied to any type of data entry.


System and determining a position of a remote object via one or more image sensors

In one or more embodiments, one or more systems, methods and/or processes may determine a location of a remote object (e.g., a point and/or area of interest, landmark, structure that “looks interesting”, buoy, anchored boat, etc.). For example, the location of a remote object may be determined via a first bearing, at a first location, and a second bearing, at a second location, to the remote object.


Combustion chamber shingle of a gas turbine

Combustion chamber shingle of a gas turbine, including a bolt for bearing the combustion chamber shingle at the combustion chamber wall, wherein the combustion chamber shingle is formed substantially in a plate-shaped manner, and has at least one bearing element at one side, at which the bolt that is formed as a separate structural element is anchored in a form-locking manner, wherein the bolt, at its end area, is provided with a baring area that is arranged at a rectangular position to the bolt axis and that is arranged inside a recess of the bearing element, wherein the bolt has a centric passageway recess, and wherein the recess of the bearing element is dimensioned so as to be bigger than the baring area of the bolt, so that a hollow space is created between the surface of the combustion chamber shingle and the baring area of the bolt.. .
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Floating, yawing spar current/tidal turbine

The present invention describes a floating yawing spar buoy current/tidal turbine. The spar includes a spreader above the rotor(s) with the spreader tips connected to fore and aft cable yokes that transition to opposing mooring lines connected to anchors on the seabed.
Aquantis, Inc.


Tubing anchoring and movement reducing system

The present invention provides a ¼ turn tubing anchor catcher for use in tubing strings within petroleum wells. The tubing string may also include a pump for increasing the delivery of petroleum through the well bore.
Tazco Holdings Inc.


Torque anchor to prevent rotation of well production tubing, system for pumping and rotation prevention, and pumping installation equipped with such a torque anchor

The invention relates to a torque anchor which prevents rotation of a tubing string with respect to a casing of a well for pumping a fluid. The torque anchor comprises a frame intended to be mounted in the casing, an internal channel formed in the frame; a cavity in fluid communication with the internal channel, said cavity extending along a radial direction, and an anchoring piston capable of sliding relative to the frame along the radial direction and of exerting torque on the casing, when the pumped fluid contained in the internal channel exerts force on said anchoring piston.
Pcm Technologies


Apparatus for detachably securing a ladder to a shoring structure and use thereof

A restraining system and method for detachably securing a ladder to a shoring or excavation support structure. The restraining assembly, primarily configured from an elongated flexible restraining material, includes a proximal member, possessing a fastener configured to removably attach onto either side rail of a ladder.


Beach safe

New techniques for safeguarding valuables in a recreational, public setting are provided. In some aspects of the invention, a specialized portable safe is configured for insertion and securing into sand or other loose ground particles, with at least one removal-resisting edge or anchor.


Ground anchor with tilt compensation

During ramming of a metal ground anchor for a fence post by applying force on its top plate, the anchor is often tilted, subsequently resulting in the tilted fence post. The tilt is compensated by utilizing a compensation plate (13), the dimensions and form of which correspond to the dimensions and form of the top plate (11) welded onto the ground anchor (10).


Concrete shell construction method

A shell structure construction method utilizing a plurality of anchored and laterally connected pre-cast reinforced concrete shells, each of these subject shells has a specific shape in which the shell walls are defined by an inverted catenary shape or alternatively by other efficient geometric shapes. An improved joint support mechanic includes a combination of fastener elements and a plurality of post tensioned cable systems disposed between and connecting contiguous shell elements.


Guy/guide wire anchor protector

A guy/guide wire anchor protector is provided to protect personnel and equipment in the oil and gas field. The anchor protector has a substantially truncated pyramid shape with an opening extending between a top face and a bottom face..


Column structure and base member

In a column structure, a steel column having flanges integrally provided at both ends in a width direction of a web is welded to a base plate. anchor bolts are anchored to a foundation concrete, and the base plate is fixed to the anchor bolts.
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Column structure

In a column structure (10), a base member (16) is fixed onto a foundation (12) by mortar (14), serving as a fixing member. First and second anchor bolts (24) are employed as anchor members for fixing the base member (16).
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Column structure and base member

In a column structure (10), a steel column (30) serving as a column member is joined to a base plate (16a) serving as a base member 16. The steel column (30) is configured by a pair of flanges (30b) provided at each of two width direction ends of a web (30a).
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Column structure and base member

In a column structure, a steel column is joined to a base plate. The steel column is configured by a web and a pair of flanges provided at each of two width direction ends of the web.
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Column structure and base member

In a column structure (10), a steel column (38) having a web (38a) and flanges (38b) integrally provided to both sides in a width direction of the web (38a) is welded to a base plate (16). First anchor bolts (24) and second anchor bolts (26) are anchored in foundation concrete (12).
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Column structure and base member

In a column structure, a steel column having flanges integrally provided at both width direction ends of a web is welded to a base plate. The base plate is also fixed to first anchor bolts and to second anchor bolts, with the first anchor bolts and the second anchor bolts disposed at the opposite side of the flanges to the web.
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Protective barrier

A protective barrier includes a hollow plastic rail including first and second ends, a rounded metallic member disposed on the first end and a second metallic member disposed on the second end. The rounded metallic member includes a first opening for receiving the first end of the hollow plastic rail, a first anchoring mechanism for anchoring the rounded metallic member and the first end of the hollow plastic rail to a surface, and a rounded protrusion disposed on an outer surface of the rounded metallic member for receiving a force of impact and deflecting the force of impact away from the rounded metallic member.
Mccue Corporation


Methods for installing a bounded paving system

A method for installing a paver system includes positioning a first grid substrate adjacent to a second grid substrate, the first and second grid substrates form a paver support surface. At least the first grid substrate includes an integrated boundary ridge extending along the first paver support surface.
Cpg International Llc


Decor paper comprising self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides décor paper comprising a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8, more typically about 8 to about 10, comprising an inorganic particle, pigment, having a silica treatment and an outermost treatment prepared by sequentially by (a) hydrolyzing an aluminum compound or basic aluminate to deposit a hydrous alumina surface; and (b) adding a dual-functional compound comprising: an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine. Typically, the inorganic particle is titanium dioxide, tio2.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Large-scale biomolecular analysis with ssequence tags

The invention is directed to sequence-based profiling of populations of nucleic acids by multiplex amplification and attachment of one or more sequence tags to target nucleic acids anchor copies thereof followed by high-throughput sequencing of the amplification product. In some embodiments, the invention includes successive steps of primer extension, removal of unextended primers and addition of new primers either for amplification (for example by prc) or for additional primer extension.
Sequenta, Inc.


Process for making silica containing self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides a process for making a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8 comprising: (a) providing a silica treatment on an inorganic particle and forming a slurry of silica treated inorganic particles; (b) adding a dual functional compound with an acidic aluminum salt to form an aqueous solution, wherein the dual functional compound comprises: an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine; (c) adding a base to the mixture from step (b) whereby the ph is raised to about 4 to about 9 to form a turbid solution; and (d) adding the mixture from step (c) to the slurry of silica treated inorganic particles whereby hydrous alumina and the dual functional compound are deposited on the silica treated inorganic particles to form an outermost treatment. The self-dispersing pigments prepared by this process are useful in making décor paper that may be used in paper laminates..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Anti-mesothelin antibodies and uses thereof

The present invention provides recombinant antigen-binding regions and antibodies and functional fragments containing such antigen-binding regions that are specific for the membrane-anchored, 40 kda mesothelin polypeptide, which is overexpressed in several tumors, such as pancreatic and ovarian tumors, mesothelioma and lung cancer cells. These antibodies, accordingly, can be used to treat these and other disorders and conditions.
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh


Ecological pallet

A pallet comprising two semi-circular support structures, which are elongated arch-shaped structures, with openings located at equidistant distances on one of the sides of each of said semi-circular support structures, wherein said semi-circular support structures are similar and are connected to each other by a fabric web, the fabric web being fixed through parallel opening lines to each of the support structures by first and second double male anchor type members having pins, and first and second female anchoring members with equidistant openings, the openings of the female anchoring members and the openings of the support structures engaging the pins on each side of the double male anchoring members respectively.. .
Mac Pallet S.a.


Tension-leg floating platform that is particularly suitable for harnessing wind energy

The invention shows improved operational conditions. It comprises a floating structure with a single floating central body (1), provided with an elongated configuration according to a longitudinal direction, wherein the lower portion of the central body (1) is intended to be submerged.
Iberdrola Ingenieria Y Construccion, S.a.u.


Systems and methods for tensioning mooring lines at the seafloor

Systems and methods are disclosed for deploying one or more anchor piles on the seafloor using submersible line tensioning systems and techniques to achieve tensioning of mooring lines at the seafloor rather than at the conventional vessel deck level. Among other things, the disclosed systems and methods may be advantageously employed for tensioning mooring lines for mobile offshore drilling units (modus) when additional mooring legs must be added to the original complement of modu legs, as well as and for tensioning mooring lines for vessels having turret mooring systems, each of which have limited space for surface tensioning equipment..
Intermoor Inc.


Offshore drilling or production vessel

The invention relates to an offshore drilling or production vessel comprising a platform and a mooring system attached thereto, said mooring system comprising: i.) a support frame with a winch-drum mounted thereon; ii.) a mooring line for mooring said platform to the ocean floor, said mooring line comprising a first portion and a second portion; wherein said first portion is hauled on and paid off by said winch-drum; wherein said second portion is anchored to the ocean floor; characterized in that the mooring line is a single length mooring line comprising high strength polyolefin fibers; wherein the first portion of the mooring line has a first mass (m1) of polyolefin fibers per unit length and the second portion of the mooring line has a second mass (m2) of polyolefin fibers per unit length; wherein the ratio m1/m2 is greater than 1 and wherein said first portion extends continuously into said second portion through a tapered portion of the mooring line.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Small boat sea anchor

A sea anchor that is durable, easy to retrieve, pick up, and store, deploys quickly, is always open, and reduces the chances of the cords fouling is disclosed. The sea anchor is useful in controlling the speed and position of watercraft.


Concrete anchor driver tool

The disclosed concrete anchor driver tool is coupled to a rotary hammer drill to install a concrete anchor. The tool includes a rod having multi-faceted bolt head end, such as a hexagonal bolt head end, and a socket having a multi-faceted opening in the socket end of the socket.


Tissue fixation and repair systems and methods

A system and method for securing an implantable medical device to an anatomical feature, such as bony structures and/or soft tissues near the spine. The system includes a tissue fixation device and a tissue fixation device delivery tool.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Gel-based seals and fixation devices and associated systems and methods

A human female contraceptive device and a method for placing a human female contraceptive device are disclosed. The contraceptive device includes a lumen surface-conforming occlusive agent that is shaped to occlude a fallopian tube of a human female and a skeleton affixed to the occlusive agent.


Securement of collecting bags for human body wastes to the skin

Disclosed is an anchoring element for engagement with a base plate for a collecting bag for human body wastes. Also disclosed is a kit for securing collecting bags for human body wastes to skin, comprising an anchoring element and an adhesive base plate and optionally a collecting bag for the human body wastes..
Coloplast A/s


Connection device

The invention relates to a connection device for connecting an implant system anchored in bone with an external prosthesis component, such as a limb prosthesis, prosthetic knee elbow or finger. The connection device includes a main housing, a first attachment portion arranged for attachment to the implant system and a second attachment portion arranged for attachment to the prosthesis component.
Integrum Ab


Anchoring device and system for an intervertebral implant, intervertebral implant and implantation instrument

Anchoring devices, anchoring systems for intervertebral implants, intervertebral implants, and instruments and methods for implanting implants are disclosed. In preferred configurations, these various objects share the feature of comprising or cooperating with an anchoring device having a body comprising at least one curved plate elongated along a longitudinal axis, designed to be inserted through a passage crossing at least a part of implant, in order to penetrate into at least one vertebral endplate and attach implant onto this vertebral endplate by means of at least one stop retaining the implant, characterized in that the body comprises at least one longitudinal rib on at least a part of at least one of its faces, said rib being designed to cooperate with a groove made in passage of implant.
Ldr Medical


Transcatheter mitral valve prosthesis

A prosthetic cardiac valve comprises an anchor having an atrial skirt, an annular region, and a ventricular skirt. The prosthetic valve also has a plurality of prosthetic valve leaflets each having a first end and a free end.
Neovasc Tiara Inc.


Double orifice device for transcatheter mitral valve replacement

Valve devices for replacement of mitral valves while preserving valvular and subvalvular mitral valve apparatus. The valve device may be configured as a double orifice valve replacement device, and may include an anchoring and manifold assembly coupleable to a delivery catheter.
Evalve, Inc.


Method and spinal fixation

Disclosed is a fixation device for spinal fixation. The fixation device includes an elongated body comprising a bone anchor at a distal end.
Interventional Spine, Inc.


Device for placing a receiving part onto a head of a bone anchoring element

A device for placing a receiving part of a bone anchoring device onto a head of a bone anchoring element, comprising: a holding device, a collet having a longitudinal axis and being held by the holding device, wherein the collet includes a distal end portion configured to be flexibly expanded and/or compressed in a radial direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, wherein an engagement feature is provided at an outer contour of the distal end portion of the collet configured to engage a portion of an inner wall formed in a rod receiving channel or a bore of a receiving part.. .


Instrument for holding and inserting a bone anchor

An instrument for holding and inserting a bone anchor into the bone is provided, wherein the bone anchor comprises a shank for anchoring in the bone and a head; the instrument comprising: a holding member for holding the head of the bone anchor and comprising at least two arms configured to at least partially encompass the head, wherein the at least two arms comprise an inner surface forming a seat for the head; a drive shaft for engaging the head of the bone anchor and defining a longitudinal axis of the instrument; and a displacement member configured to act onto the holding member such that the holding member can assume a first configuration in which it is configured to permit the head to enter the seat and a second configuration in which it is configured to hold the head in the seat.. .


Polyaxial bone anchor with retainer with notch for mono-axial motion

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. A down-loadable compression insert having a sub-structure, a down-loadable friction fit split retaining ring having inner and outer tangs and an up-loadable shank upper portion cooperate to provide for pop- or snap-on assembly of the shank with the receiver either prior to or after implantation of the shank into a vertebra.


Vertebral facet joint drill and use

Devices and methods for creating holes in the articular process of the vertebra are provided. One embodiment of the invention comprises a drill head comprising a frame, punch arm with punch tip and opposing plate.
Spinal Elements, Inc.


Suturing device

Apparatus for securing a suture thread to a region of tissue, the apparatus comprising: first and second elongate jaws respectively having first and second longitudinal axes and first and second gripping surfaces for gripping and holding a region of tissue at a tilt angle relative to the first and second axes when the jaws are closed; a channel in the first elongate jaw having a substantially straight section extending along the first longitudinal axis and a curved section that extends from the straight section to the first gripping surface for housing at least one suture anchor configured to secure a portion of a suture thread to the tissue region, and; a flexible needle inside the channel that extends along the straight section and is controllable to extract a suture anchor in the channel from the first jaw through the curved section and drive the extracted suture anchor through the tissue region to secure the suture thread.. .
Saturix Ltd.


Expanding suture anchor having an actuator pin

A method and apparatus for reattaching soft tissue to a boney structure using an expanding suture anchor. The method can include providing a suture anchor and forming a cavity in the boney structure for receipt of the suture anchor.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Laparoscopic device configured with ergonomic control for externally manipulating an internal orgran

A laparoscopic device configured with an ergonomic external control to manipulate an internal organ, the laparoscopic device comprises: an introducer sheath having an open inner end and an open outer end fitted with an annular disc; the opening in the annular disc adapted to be closed in a sealing manner by means of a washer; at least one anchor attached to a common flexible string which is subsequently divided into a plurality of flexible strings extending out of the introducer sheath through the opening in the washer; the anchor being disposed inside the introducer sheath; means for securing the anchor inside the introducer sheath and means for releasing the anchor into the abdomen; wherein the plurality of flexible strings passing through the opening in the washer are adapted to be fixed in a pivotable clip and each of said plurality of strings passes through a skin guard having a string director for externally manipulating the internal organ with ergonomic control.. .


Catheter with improved safety line for distal tip and related method

A catheter includes a tip electrode with a shell and a support member to provide a plenum chamber. The support member is formed with a u-shaped passage for a safety line to wrap around and secure the support member (with the shell affixed thereto) to the catheter.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Modular, knock-down drinking vessel

A modular drinking vessel having a bottom-most base module, a removable intermediate module, and a removably attachable cap module including a mouthpiece and a tethered cap. At least one of the modules has at least one extensible and collapsible handle anchored at both ends to a slide track on the module.


Belt fastener system including a buckle mechanism

A waist belt fastener system includes a belt and a buckle mechanism attached to the belt. The buckle includes a rectangular frame having upper and lower sides that are curved outwardly, creating a convex shape that curves away from the belt wearer.


Handset transitions in a dual-mode environment

Embodiments of the invention provide novel solutions, including systems, methods and/or software, for handling calls in a dual-mode voip/cellular environment. Merely by way of example, some systems can be configured to determine whether to use a voip system or a cellular system to handle a particular call, and/or to transition a call from one network to the other network.
Qwest Communications International Inc.


Methods and devices for form-independent registration of filled-out content

A device for registration of content in a filled-out application form is disclosed. The device is configured for scanning at least one portion of the filled-out application form.
Xerox Corporation


Mechanically anchored backside c4 pad

The present invention relates generally to flip chip technology and more particularly, to a method and structure for fabricating a mechanically anchored controlled collapse chip connection (c4) pad on a semiconductor structure. In an embodiment, a method is disclosed that may include forming a bonding pad having one or more anchor regions that extend into a semiconductor structure and may inhibit the bonding pad from physically separating from the tsv during temperature fluctuations..
International Business Machines Corporation


System and a microfabricated fracture test structure

According to an embodiment, a micro-fabricated test structure includes a structure mechanically coupled between two rigid anchors and disposed above a substrate. The structure is released from the substrate and includes a test layer mechanically coupled between the two rigid anchors.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Controllable electronic switch

A controllable electronic switch for, e.g., controlling power distribution comprises a deformable member such as a bimetal arm that can be deformed to break an electrical path. The deformable member may be anchored at one end and in controllable contact with an electrical conductor at the other end.
I/o Controls Corporation


System and enabling automated testing of wireless data packet signal transceivers

A system and method for enabling automated testing of wireless data packet signal transceiver devices under test (duts). One or more duts are enclosed inside respective chambers within a shielded enclosure providing electromagnetic shielding for its interior region.
Litepoint Corporation


Fastening system

Disclosed is a fastening system (10) including an anchor component (12) having a head (16) and an elongate flexible member (18) extending from the head (16). The elongate flexible member (18) has one of the following cross-sections: (i) a circle with at least one segment removed to provide at least one linear cord; (ii) a shape wherein at least three equally spaced arms of the same length radiate radially from the longitudinal axis; or (iii) a polygon made up of linear sections of substantially the same length.


Anchor-based conveyance in a well

An anchor is placed in a wellbore to convey loads into a wellbore. The anchor is placed at some desired location in a wellbore and installed at that location using, for example, arms that penetrate into the formation surrounding the anchor.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Rotary stick, slip and vibration reduction drilling stabilizers with hydrodynamic fluid bearings and homogenizers

Apparatus and method comprising a hydrodynamic bearing disposed about a shaft and within a bore's wall with at least one periphery arced wall radially extending from and arranged about the circumference of an outer wall of a conduit shaft housing about at least one inner wall adjacent to at least one associated hydrodynamic profiled wall rotatable by or about said shaft to displace fluid axially along said at least one inner wall anchored by combined frictional engagements within the bore to force fluid between at least two of said walls and the rotating shaft to form a pressurized cushion to, in use, lubricate and dampen rotational shocks and vibrations with the shearing of said frictional engagements when bearing said rotating shaft within said subterranean bore.. .


Collapsible shelter anchor

A collapsible shelter anchor comprises a container including an opening reinforced about at least a portion of its periphery, a sidewall, and a bottom wall attached to the sidewall. The container can be filled with a material to an adjustable weight level.
Go Papa, Lllp


Wall formwork with sealing system

A wall formwork with a sealing system, in particular for closing an anchor hole of the wall formwork or for sealing an anchor rod in an anchor hole of the wall formwork, which comprises an anchor seal and a closure cap, and which is made in such a way that the anchor seal and the closure cap can be detachably connected to the anchor hole or an adapter providing the anchor hole. By means of the invention, it can be made possible that one or more anchor seals and closure caps of the sealing system can be particularly easily removed from the wall formwork and re-used, and that a particularly small maintenance expenditure for the wall formwork can be achieved..
Hunnebeck Gmbh


Keder rail attachment for a fabric/panel building

An extrudable keder rail and a clamping anchor for the keder rail are cooperative to secure keder fabric to a building support beam. The clamping anchor allows the keder rail to be securely attached to a standard beam without drilling holes or strapping about the beam.


Thermally coated wall anchor and anchoring systems with in-cavity thermal breaks for cavity walls

Thermally-isolating wall anchors and reinforcement devices and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed for use in masonry cavity walls. A thermally-isolating coating is applied to the wall anchor, which is interconnected with a wire formative veneer tie.
Columbia Insurance Company


Ground anchor

A ground anchor has an anchor body with a ground insertion end and a surface end that remains accessible from above the ground surface when the body is inserted into the ground. Arms are pivotally connected to the anchor body and have an installation position, a ready position, and a deployed position.


Wind resistant environmental synthetic cover

A system for covering (i.e., closing) various types of sites where waste is deposited comprises a composite of one or more geotextiles that are tufted with synthetic yarns and an impermeable geomembrane, which is comprised of a polymeric material. The geotextiles can comprise polypropylene or polyethylene.
Watershed Geosynthetics Llc

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