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Anchor patents


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 Integrated pelvic and perineal repair model patent thumbnailIntegrated pelvic and perineal repair model
Various embodiments are described herein for an integrated female pelvic model that comprises a main body having a front opening with curved edges to define a pliable vulvar opening; and a first compartment having a front portion that is flexibly attached to the curved edges of the main body, an end portion that is disposed within the main body having a first side that is shaped to provide a cervix structure and a second side that is flexibly anchored to a first portion of the main body; and a first channel that extends within the first compartment from the front portion to the end portion of the first compartment, the first channel defining a continuous, flexible vagina ending at the cervix structure.. .

 System and methods for context specific annotation of electronic files patent thumbnailSystem and methods for context specific annotation of electronic files
Embodiments described herein are directed to an annotation system having a remote processor, and a client processor in data communication with the remote processor. The client processor is adapted to send a first request for an electronic file to the remote processor, receive the electronic file from the remote processor, define at least one new annotation about the electronic file, and define at least one anchor associated with the at least one annotation.

 Optical device for stabilization of images patent thumbnailOptical device for stabilization of images
An optical device for the stabilization of images, including a first deformable membrane and a second deformable membranes, a support to which a respective peripheral anchoring area of each of said membranes is connected, and a constant volume of fluid enclosed between the first and the second membrane, said fluid producing mechanical coupling of said first and second membranes. The optical device also includes: a first actuation device of a region of the first membrane located between the peripheral anchoring area and a central part of the first membrane; and a second actuation device of a region of the second membrane located between the peripheral anchoring area and a central part of the second membrane.
Webster Capital Llc

 Cable assembly with spine for instrument probe patent thumbnailCable assembly with spine for instrument probe
Embodiments of the present invention provide an improved cable assembly for connecting an electrical test and measurement probe to a device under test. One end of the probe is connected to a device under test (“dut”), while the other end is connected to the instrument through one or more cables.
Tektronix, Inc.

 Steric-hindrance hybridization systems, assays and methods associated thereto patent thumbnailSteric-hindrance hybridization systems, assays and methods associated thereto
The present disclosure provides target detection and quantification systems as well as related methods based on the use of steric hindrance (either created by the target itself or a macromolecular entity used to bind to the target) to prevent or limit the hybridizing between an anchoring oligonucleotide (associated to a substrate) and a signaling oligonucleotide or a combination of signaling oligonucleotides (capable of specifically binding the target or the macromolecular entity).. .
Valorisation-recherche, Limited Partnership

 Hidden deck fastener patent thumbnailHidden deck fastener
A hidden fastener and associated method for attaching decking members with side grooves to a support member includes a cross member and an elongate anchoring member. The cross member has a body with a front and rear end and defines a hole.
Omg, Inc.

 Wind turbine blade bushing system patent thumbnailWind turbine blade bushing system
A wind turbine blade bushing system for arrangement in a root end of a wind turbine blade is described. The wind turbine blade bushing system comprises a threaded element for retaining a mounting bolt for a wind turbine blade, the threaded element being formed from a first material; and an anchor element for arrangement at the root end of the wind turbine, wherein the anchor element acts to at least partly retain the threaded element in the wind turbine blade, the anchor element being formed from a second material.
Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

 Whipstock valve with nozzle bypass feature patent thumbnailWhipstock valve with nozzle bypass feature
A valve for subterranean whipstock service has a side port and a through passage with a biased movable sleeve to shift between circulation mode into the annulus and flow through mode for setting an anchor and then feeding window mill nozzles. The valve is run in when in circulation mode to allow operation of a measurement while drilling device.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Slip element and assembly for oilfield tubular plug patent thumbnailSlip element and assembly for oilfield tubular plug
A slip assembly for anchoring a sealing device, such as a bridge plug, frac plug, or packer, in an oilfield tubular. The slip assembly includes a polymeric slip cone and slip stop disposed along a mandrel.

 Skew adjustment mechanism for a window covering patent thumbnailSkew adjustment mechanism for a window covering
A skew adjustment mechanism is used for adjusting the length of a lift cord on a window covering. The lift cord extends from a lift spool at a first end to an anchor drum at a second end.
Hunter Douglas, Inc.

Collapsible sun shade

An automatically opening sunshade for shading a person includes a flexible connector made of a resilient deformable material. A central hub has a post anchor, a first arm anchor and a second arm anchor extending therefrom, with a post cut-out between the post anchor and the central hub, a first arm cut-out and a second arm cut-out between the first arm and the central hub, and the second arm and the central hub, respectively.

Hurricane, tornado, flood, storm surge, forest fire and mud slide resistant house

Embodiments of the present invention provides a unique building structure, and a method to manufacture such building structure that may be able to withstand powerful forces of nature and extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornado, flood storm, high speed winds, forest fire, mud slide, tsunami, heavy snow, and the like. The building structure may comprise of a concrete anchor unit to which an assembly of structural compression modules and horizontal and vertical tension elements may be attached.
Mae Housing, Inc.

Post-installed anchor, installing post-installed anchor, post-installed anchor system, and rotation preventing jig

A post-installed anchor by which high drawing strength can be reliably maintained and an anchoring operation can be stably performed, or the like. A post-installed anchor, which is anchored into an anchor hole having a diameter expansion portion, includes: an anchor main-body inserted in the anchor hole; a plurality of straight-shaped guide opening portions formed to penetrate in a radial direction at positions corresponding to the diameter expansion portion; a plurality of spread pieces slidably provided at the respective guide opening portions and engaged to the diameter expansion portion in an anchoring state in which the plurality of spread pieces spread in the radial direction; and a cone portion that slides the respective spread pieces to an outside in the radial direction to spread the plurality of spread pieces..
Fs Technical Corporation

Foundation for a wind turbine

The present invention provides a foundation for a wind turbine. To reduce set-up time and to allow complete alignment of the platform which carries the base flange of the tower construction, the invention provides a foundation with a cage structure having an upper stress distribution flange connected by a plurality of tensioned anchor bolts to a lower flange.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s

Perimeter pile anchor foundation

A perimeter pile anchor foundation is built by forming a plurality of individual perimeter pile anchors in a large generally circular pattern to form a perimeter wall. The individual pile anchors are contiguous, each pile overlapping the adjacent piles on either side.

Method and system for anchoring a waterproofing liner to concrete curbs of a hydraulic structure

A method and a system for anchoring a waterproofing liner of thermoplastic material to a longitudinally extending wall of a hydraulic structure of compacted loose material. The waterproofing liner is seamed to a plurality of continuous anchor bands of thermoplastic material, laterally spaced apart from one another, vertically extending in a traverse direction of the wall, from an upper to a lower position of the hydraulic structure; each continuous anchor band consists of a plurality of axially aligned and partially superimposed modular strips, seamed together and fixed to concrete curbs, defining a surface for laying down the waterproofing liner, in which the curbs longitudinally and/or transversely extend to the wall of the hydraulic structure..
Carpi Tech B.v.

Methods of altering bone growth by administration of sost or wise antagonist or agonist

The present invention provides a method of promoting local bone growth by administering a therapeutic amount of a sost antagonist to a mammalian patient in need thereof. Preferably, the sost antagonist is an antibody or fab fragment selectively recognizing any one of seq id nos: 1-23.

Fusion proteins, polynucleotides, expression vectors, and their uses

Provided are fusion proteins, polynucleotides and expression vectors with therapeutic utility in the prevention and/or treatment of cancer, as well as medical uses of these agents, and methods of treatment in which they are used. A fusion protein of the invention comprises an amino acid sequence that provides the apoptosis-inducing activity of trail, and a membrane-anchoring amino acid sequence.
The University Of Liverpool

Inorganic siloxane ladder composites and methods of their preparation

Inorganic siloxane ladder polymers with metal-aza/thio crown complexes, and methods of making and using such siloxane ladder polymers are disclosed. The polymers described herein may exhibit self-healing properties, a low dielectric constant, and a low refractive index.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Wave power generation device and operating and maintaining the same

A wave power generation device, including a power generation assembly, a mooring system, a floating platform, floating towers, control cabins, a connecting member, and anti-sway plates. The floating platform is a square floating box.
Dalian University Of Technology

Anchor cradle for handling and stowing fluke, return bar-type anchors

An anchor cradle for fluke, return bat-type anchors which provides an efficient means for handling and stowing said anchors. The cradle includes a first support bracket and a second support bracket, wherein each comprises a base plate, a wing plate, and a nose plate.

Tire including a casing layer that includes sheathed casing reinforcement elements

The tire (10) comprises a crown (12) surmounted by a tread (22), two sidewalls (24), two beads (26), each sidewall (24) connecting each bead (26) to the crown (12), a carcass reinforcement (34) anchored in each of the beads (26) and extending in the sidewalls (24) as far as the crown (12). The carcass reinforcement (34) comprises one carcass ply (44) comprising carcass reinforcing elements (46) having a mean laying pitch (p) strictly greater than 1.5 mm.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique, S.a.

Self-assembling assemblers

A machine that is capable of assembling a copy of itself from a feedstock of parts is described. The machine operates on a lattice or grid on which it is able to move and from which it receives power and control signals.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Continuous safety or belay system

A bifurcation method and system for a passive continuous belay system that allows for a user to select multiple pathways using intermediate tracks. A main track and the intermediate tracks provide a linear passive continuous belay using an anchor mechanism that is configured to grasp the outside of the structural member track, using rolling elements and/or low-friction sliding.
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

Portable abdominal exercise seat

This is an exercise device that sits on the floor used for sit-ups/crunches and core body exercise twists. Handles affixed to the stationary base plate of the device allow user to grasp and pull up body for easier, modified crunches/sit-ups, as well as to turn the body to the right and left on a rotatable seat plate during abdominal twist exercises.

Systems and ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment

A non-invasive ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment method and system are provided. An exemplary method and system comprise a high-frequency ultrasound transducer system configured for providing ultrasound treatment to a patient such that the superficial and/or subcutaneous regions of the patient can be treated.
Guided Therapy Systems Llc

Lead anchors and systems and methods employing the lead anchors

A lead anchor including a body having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end is disclosed. The body defines a lead lumen extending from the first to the second end and can receive a lead.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Anchoring system for a medical article

An anchoring system for securing a catheter to a patient includes an anchor pad and a retainer. The retainer is supported by the anchor pad and may include a base and a cover.
Venetec International, Inc.

Polymer-clay composite and organoclay

The invention relates to a polymer-clay composite material comprising clay nanoparticles and a polymer, and wherein (a) the polymer comprises phosphate and/or phosphonate ligands; or (b) the polymer-clay composite further comprises linker molecules comprising a phosphate or phosphonate ligand, wherein the linker molecules are arranged to be anchored to the polymer. The invention further relates to organoclays, bmp-clay composite material.
University Of Southampton

Stent having removable anchoring element

A stent comprising a radially expandable elongate tubular support structure, the elongate tubular support structure comprising an inner surface and an outer surface and an anchoring element disposed on at least a portion of the outer surface of the tubular support structure, the anchoring element is separate and removable from the elongate tubular support structure.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Devices, methods, and systems to implant and secure a fusion cage or intervertebral prosthesis for spinal treatment

Various devices, methods, and systems to implant and secure a fusion cage or intervertebral prosthesis during treatment of spinal injury or disease are provided. In various embodiments, such devices may comprise an instrument assembly having a body comprising a head, a shaft, and a handle; an insertion stop; and an intervertebral device retainer.
Ldr Medical

Glenoid arthroplasty with multi-directional fixation

Arthroplasty components include an articular surface and a bone-facing surface. The bone-facing surface bears at least one anchoring element adapted for an oblique implantation trajectory.
Catalyst Orthopaedics Llc

External bone anchor system for joint replacement implants

A device for strengthening new joints in animals after joint replacement surgery includes a flexible bone anchor that connects to the new implant material on one end and to cortical bone on the other end.. .

Systems for implanting annuloplasty rings with microanchors

Disclosed systems for implanting annuloplasty rings and other prosthetic devices can comprise a plurality of microanchors, sutures threaded through the microanchors, the sutures passing through the prosthetic device, individual microanchor guides, such as tubes or spears, for each microanchor that contain the microanchors during delivery and allow for positioning and deployment of the microanchors into annular tissue. The systems can also comprise a bracket that is temporarily coupled to the prosthetic device, holds the plurality of microanchor guides in position relative to one another and relative to the prosthetic device, and/or guides the sutures passing through the prosthetic device.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Systems and methods for heart valve therapy

Prosthetic heart valves described herein can be deployed using a transcatheter delivery system and technique to interface and anchor in cooperation with the anatomical structures of a native heart valve. Deployment systems and methods for using the deployment systems described herein facilitate accurately and conveniently controllable percutaneous, transcatheter techniques by which the prosthetic heart valves can be delivered and deployed within a patient..
Caisson Interventional Llc

Everting leaflet delivery system with pivoting

A replacement heart valve may comprise a tubular anchor member actuatable between an elongated delivery configuration and an expanded deployed configuration, a buckle member fixedly attached to the anchor member, a post member axially translatable relative to the buckle member, an actuator member including a suture member forming a loop unreleasably attached to a distal end thereof, the actuator member being releasably connected to a proximal end of the post member by the loop, a release pin extending axially along the actuator member and through the loop in a first position, wherein axial translation of the release pin to a second position proximal the first position disconnects the actuator member from the post member, and a valve leaflet attached to the post member.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

Replacement heart valve implant

A replacement heart valve implant may include a braided anchor member configured to actuate between a delivery configuration and a deployed configuration formed from a plurality of filaments, a circumferential seal member disposed about a distal portion of the anchor member and including a reinforcing band disposed at a distal end thereof, and a plurality of valve leaflets connected to the anchor member. The reinforcing band is secured to the anchor member adjacent a distal end of the anchor member by a plurality of lashings each attached to two individual filaments.
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

V-clip post with pivoting

A replacement heart valve may include a tubular anchor member actuatable between an elongated delivery configuration and an expanded deployed configuration, a buckle member fixedly attached to the anchor member, a post member axially translatable relative to the buckle member, the post member including a latch portion configured to engage the buckle member when the anchor member is in the deployed configuration, an actuator member including a pivot pin proximate a distal end thereof, the actuator member being releasably connected to a proximal end of the post member at the pivot pin, and a valve leaflet attached to the post member. The post member may be disposed distal of the anchor member when the anchor member is in the elongated delivery configuration..
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

Heart and peripheral vascular valve replacement in conjunction with a support ring

An implantable valve replacement system for a cardiovascular valve may include an adjustable stabilizing ring. The stabilizing ring may be composed of a body member that is transitionable from an elongate insertion geometry to an annular operable geometry.
Valcare, Inc.

Pinless release mechanism

A locking mechanism for a medical implant may comprise a buckle member fixedly attached to a tubular anchor member, a post member axially translatable relative to the buckle member, wherein the post member includes a first proximal portion and a second proximal portion, the first proximal portion being disposed adjacent to the tubular anchor member and the second proximal portion being disposed radially inward of the first proximal portion, and an actuator element including a lateral protrusion proximate a distal end thereof, the actuator element being releasably coupled to the post member. The post member may include an engagement portion configured to engage the buckle member such that movement of the post member distally relative to the buckle member is prevented.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Tissue anchor and a suture inserted through the tissue anchor having end portions of the suture maintained within a conduit

A tissue anchor includes a body having a leading end portion extending from a trailing end portion, a protrusion formed on the leading end portion of the body extending outward in a radial direction, a fin integrated with the leading end portion of the body, a gripping tab removably attached to the fin, and a suture inserted through an eyelet of the fin.. .
Coloplast A/s

Method of treating urinary incontinence

A method of treating urinary incontinence is disclosed. The method includes guiding a tip of an introducer tool through a length of a soft tissue anchor and out of an end of the soft tissue anchor.
Coloplast A/s

Systems and methods for making and using medical ablation systems having mapping catheters with improved anchoring ability

A mapping catheter includes an elongated body for inserting into patient vasculature. A distal end of the elongated body includes a distal portion that includes a plurality of electrodes, a proximal portion disposed proximal to the distal portion, and a reduced-dimension portion disposed between the proximal and distal portions.
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

Bone plate suture anchor

A suture anchor insert comprising a body configured to be inserted into a hole in a bone plate. The body has a proximal end, a distal end, a length extending between the proximal and distal ends and substantially corresponding to a thickness of a bone plate, a sidewall, at least one plate engaging member extending outwardly from the sidewall to secure the body to the bone plate, a recess defined by the sidewall, and a transverse edge formed on the sidewall.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Bone plate system

A bone plate system is provided that includes bone plates and bone anchor assemblies for being inserted into bone plate bores to secure the bone plates to one or more bones. In one aspect, the bone plate system includes a bone anchor assembly having a locking cap and a locking fastener connected to a head portion of a bone anchor.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Polyaxial bone anchor with pop-on shank, friction fit retainer, winged insert and low profile edge lock

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. A down-loadable compression insert, a down-loadable friction fit split retaining ring having inner and outer tangs and an up-loadable shank upper portion cooperate to provide for pop- or snap-on assembly of the shank with the receiver either prior to or after implantation of the shank into a vertebra.

Flexible implant for distraction

Disclosed herein are distraction implants for treating, for example, spinal disorders. The implants can be comprised of a u-shaped elastic member, two bone anchor members and two tension members to couple the components together.
Kyon Ag

Blade fixation for ankle fusion and arthroplasty

Systems for lower extremity fusion and arthroplasty include fusion spacers, bone plates, and articular prostheses fixed to bone by blade anchors. Examples are shown for anterior, lateral, and medial approaches..
Engage Medical Holdings, Llc

Tools and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions

Surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods that are used for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele, cystocele, rectocele, apical or vault prolapse, uterine descent, etc.), and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools including devices and tools for anchoring an implant to tissue, adjusting the length of implant components, and cutting the implant to a desired length.. .
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Implantable damping devices for treating dementia and associated systems and methods of use

Devices, systems, and methods for reducing stress on a blood vessel are disclosed herein. A damping device configured in accordance with embodiments of the present technology can include an anchoring member coupled to a flexible, compliant damping member including a generally tubular sidewall having an outer surface, an inner surface defining a lumen configured to direct blood flow, a first end portion and a second end portion, and a damping region between the first and second end portions.
The Brain Protection Company Pty Ltd

Devices and methods for excluding the left atrial appendage

Devices and methods are described for occluding the left atrial appendage (laa) to exclude the laa from blood flow to prevent blood from clotting within the laa and subsequently embolizing, particularly in patients with atrial fibrillation. A foam implant is delivered via transcatheter delivery into the laa and anchored using an internal locking system of the implant.
Conformal Medical, Inc.

Surgical stapling apparatus

A loading unit for use with a surgical stapling apparatus is provided and includes a tool assembly having a cartridge assembly and an anvil assembly that are movable in relation to one another; a surgical buttress releasably secured to a tissue contacting surface of the anvil assembly and/or the cartridge assembly, wherein each surgical buttress is secured to the anvil assembly and/or the cartridge assembly by at least one anchor; a release assembly associated with the anvil assembly and/or the cartridge assembly; and a drive assembly slidably translatable through the tool assembly between proximal and distal positions, wherein the drive assembly actuates the release assembly to thereby release the anchor to free the surgical buttress from the anvil assembly and/or the cartridge assembly.. .
Covidien Lp

Threaded knotless anchor

A method for knotlessly securing suture in a bone tunnel including securing a suture to a tissue to be fixated by a suture anchor; preloading a proximal threaded component of an anchor onto a drive shaft; preloading a distal component of the anchor onto an actuator shaft, passing the suture through an eyelet of the distal component of the anchor, inserting the distal component of the anchor and then the proximal component of the anchor into the bone hole; confirming the placement of the proximal component of the anchor relative to the distal component of the anchor by viewing an indicator on the driver handle; and pivoting a trigger device about a pivot axis to translate the actuator shaft to a second position to compress the suture at the distal end of the proximal anchor and to lock the distal anchor to the proximal anchor.. .
Linvatec Corporation

Modular tree with locking trunk and locking electrical connectors

An artificial tree that includes a first trunk body having a first elongated projection that extends axially from a first end toward a second end and forms a first keyway; a first electrical connector anchored within the first end of the first trunk body; a second trunk body, including a second elongated projection that extends axially, the second elongated projection forming a second keyway, the second elongated projection configured to be received by the first keyway; and a second electrical connector anchored within a first end of the second trunk body. The second elongated projection is received by the first keyway, and first and second electrical terminals of the first electrical connector make electrical connection with first and second electrical terminals of the second electrical connector, when the first end of the first trunk body is coupled to the first end of the second trunk body..
Willis Electric Co., Ltd.

Molded surface fastener, cushion body, cushion body manufacturing method, and molding die

A molded surface fastener comprises at least one surface fastener portion and a foldable piece portion that extends from the surface fastener portion. At least a part of the foldable piece portion has flexibility.
Ykk Corporation

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