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Anchor patents

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Implant fixation device

Biomet Manufacturing

Implant fixation device

Ligament support for hooves

Shings Ab

Ligament support for hooves

Ligament support for hooves

Membrane securement device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Vehicle usb port patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle usb port
There is provided a vehicle usb port including: a base body attached to a vehicle-body-side member; a hook main body that is provided with a hinge portion rotatably attached to the base body and a hook portion to anchor an anchored member, and that is rotatable between an in-use position in which the hook portion is usable and a stowed position in which the hook portion is not used; a hook main body retaining portion that is formed at the base body and that retains the hook main body moved to the stowed position; a port opening that is formed at the hook main body retaining portion and that is covered by the hook main body moved to the stowed position; and a usb port that is provided in a position facing the port opening, and to which a usb cable can be coupled through the port opening.. .
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

 System and  creating change-resilient scripts patent thumbnailnew patent System and creating change-resilient scripts
A method for creating agnostic test automation script commands associated with a specified action and a user interface (ui) is provided. The method may include receiving a target element associated with the specified action.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Automatically generating a multi-color palette and picker patent thumbnailnew patent Automatically generating a multi-color palette and picker
A method and apparatus for automatically generating a multi-color palette and picker based on a set of colors is presented herein. Specifically, a method is described for generating a color palette with a plurality of anchors.
Figma, Inc.

 Ruggedized multi-fiber fiber optic connector with sealed dust cap patent thumbnailnew patent Ruggedized multi-fiber fiber optic connector with sealed dust cap
A fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a fiber optic cable having a plurality of optical fibers.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

 Optical module and light transmission method patent thumbnailnew patent Optical module and light transmission method
To provide an optical module and a light transmission method for controlling position shifts of a focal point easily and flexibly. An optical module comprises a lens, a lens cap and a transparent member.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Transducer structure and  mems devices patent thumbnailnew patent Transducer structure and mems devices
An improved mems transducer apparatus and method is provided. The apparatus has a movable base structure including an outer surface region and at least one portion removed to form at least one inner surface region.
Mcube Inc.

 Microelectromechanical structure with frames patent thumbnailnew patent Microelectromechanical structure with frames
A robust microelectromechanical structure that is less prone to internal or external electrical disturbances. The structure includes a mobile element with a rotor suspended to a support, a first frame anchored to the support and circumscribing the mobile element, and a second frame anchored to the support and circumscribing the mobile element between the mobile element and the first frame, electrically isolated from the first frame.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Recessed luminaire adjustment mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Recessed luminaire adjustment mechanism
An adjustment mechanism for directional recessed luminaires includes a tilt adjustment screw 104 and rotation adjustment screw 124 supported in adjacent positions on a bearing ring 102, the screws being oriented vertically and conveniently accessible through an open center of the bearing ring. Follower 106 travels vertically on the tilt adjustment screw when rotated.
Juno Manufacturing Llc

 Cradle  rotating and linearly displacing an electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Cradle rotating and linearly displacing an electronic device
A case construction encases an electronic device and enables a user to rotatably and linearly displace the electronic device relative to a select surface of the case construction. The case construction includes a case with a cradle-receiving surface, a cradle sized and shaped to removably receive an electronic device, and a device-to-surface anchor assembly.

 Corrugated pipe gasket patent thumbnailnew patent Corrugated pipe gasket
A gasket is adapted for sealing a joint between bell and spigot ends of corrugated pipes. The gasket generally includes a pair of seal lobes which provide a redundant double seal, together with an anchoring portion sized to be received in a trough defined by the pipe corrugation and at least one anti-roll lip adapted to engage the anchoring corrugation..
Press-seal Gasket Corporation

new patent

Ice dam prevention shield

An ice dam prevention shield is a device that is installed onto a roof to prevent interior water damage due to the formation of an ice dam and to allow the user to easily remove the ice dam by striking an ice dam that has formed on top of the device with a striking tool. The device features a water-impermeable panel that is installed over the roof shingles and is secured to the roof via a set of roofing fasteners and a set of low head profile fasteners.

new patent

Shear reinforcement for reinforced concrete structure

The present invention provides a shear reinforcement for a reinforced concrete structure which may be installed within a reinforced concrete structure after the installation of reinforcing bars during construction, in order to increase resistance against shear failure. The shear reinforcement (10) for the reinforced concrete structure includes a reinforcement bracket (20) and a connecting bar (40), wherein the reinforcement bracket (20) is disposed in a fixed number along a lengthwise direction thereof, and the connecting bar (40) is parallelly disposed in a lengthwise direction of the connecting bar (40) and fixed on each of upper anchor heads (22) of a plurality of the reinforcement brackets (20).
Sejong R&d Co., Ltd.

new patent

Masonry tie

Masonry tie is provided having a base and a retainer plate. The base has back plate and a shaft extending from the back plate.

new patent

Anchor rail arrangement

The invention relates to an anchor rail arrangement with a concrete body which has two end faces which extend at an angle to one another and meet at an outer edge, and with two anchor rails which are embedded in the concrete body, wherein the two anchor rails each have a rail body with a longitudinal slot, wherein the longitudinal slot of the first rail body emerges on the first end face and the longitudinal slot of the second rail body emerges on the second end face on the concrete body, and wherein the two longitudinal slots extend in a common rail plane, wherein the first anchor rail has a plurality of first anchor bodies arranged on the first rail body, namely a first anchor body closest to the edge and at least one further first anchor body, and wherein the second anchor rail has a plurality of second anchor bodies arranged on the second rail body, namely a second anchor body closest to the edge and at least one further second anchor body. According to the invention, the first anchor body closest to the edge is a headless anchor bar and the second anchor body closest to the edge likewise is a headless anchor bar..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

new patent

Gravity-based foundation system for the installation of offshore wind turbines and the installation of an offshore wind turbine foundation system

The present invention relates to a gravity-based foundation system for offshore wind turbine installation which enables the transport, anchoring and subsequent refloating of the structure-wind turbine assembly once anchored, giving great versatility to the solution with regard to the uncertainties associated with the installation and terrain response in the short and long term, as well as the method for installing the preceding gravity-based foundation system.. .
TÉcnica Y Proyectos, S. A.

new patent

Compositions and methods

The invention relates to a composition comprising an anchor region capable of binding to a plasma cell; and a binding region associated with the anchor region, wherein the binding region binds a specific plasma cell antibody.. .
Duetsches Rheuma-forschungszentrum Berlin (drfz)

new patent

Dock anchor

An anchor for a floating body including a generally cylindrical outer surface, a hollow interior portion having a closed bottom surface, a top surface having an opening into the hollow interior portion, and a tubular portion extending through the cylindrical outer surface and forming; the tubular portion forming an enclosed space within the hollow interior portion; whereby in use the interior portion is receives pourable concrete through the opening in the top surface and the tubular portion receives a chain or a rope for attaching the anchor to the floating body.. .
Techstar Plastics Inc.

new patent

Laterally shiftable bicycle fork skewer

A bicycle fork anchor includes an anchor body which can have an interior space housing a skewer contraction device. The body can include a pair of skewer access ports.
Thule Sweden Ab

new patent

Cordless anchor setting tool bit retention device

A bit retention device has an upper support member having an inner surface and an outer surface. A lower support member fixed to the upper support member.
Black & Decker Inc.

new patent

Membrane securement device

Disclosed herein are aspects and embodiments of an apparatus for securing hollow fiber filtration membranes in a filtration module. In one example, the apparatus comprises a restraining structure engaging elongate portions of the plurality of hollow porous membrane fibers and an anchor formation engaging the plurality of hollow porous membrane fibers and positioned closer to eye portions of the plurality of hollow porous membrane fibers than at least a portion of the restraining structure.

new patent

Anchor trolley and fall arrest system and method implementing the same

A fall arrest anchor trolley for arresting the fall of a user. In one embodiment, the invention can be a system for arresting movement of a worker after falling from an elevated work surface comprising: a rail; a trolley in rollable contact with the rail, the trolley having a body, a brake sub-system, and a plurality of wheels, the brake sub-system comprising a brake rod, a brake pad connected to the brake rod, a lanyard connector connected to the brake rod, and a resilient element; the brake rod slidably coupled to the body so that the brake sub-system is alterable between: (1) a free state in which the brake pad is spaced a distance above the rail; and (2) an arrest state in which at least a portion of the brake pad frictionally engages the rail; the resilient element biasing the brake sub-system into the free state..
Transol Corporation

new patent

Drug delivery and substance transfer facilitated by nano-enhanced device having aligned carbon nanotubes protruding from device surface

The present invention relates to a nano-enhanced device for substance transfer between the device and a tissue. The device comprises a substrate with substantially aligned carbon nanotubes anchored within the substrate, and with at least one end of the carbon nanotubes protruding from the substrate.
California Institute Of Technology

new patent

Support body for transdermal patch or transdermal preparation, and transdermal patch and transdermal preparation using same

The present invention provides a patch or patch preparation in which the anchoring property of a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer to a support is improved with no adverse effects on its pressure-sensitive adhesive properties such as adhesion, pressure-sensitive adhesiveness, and a cohesive strength. A support of the present invention is for a patch or patches preparation, and comprises a base material containing a plastic film and an undercoat agent layer laminated on the base material.
Nitto Denko Corporation

new patent

Soft elastic capsules containing tablets and liquid or semisolid fills and methods for their manufacture

Disclosed herein is a soft elastic capsule that includes an acid resistant, capsule shell that defines an encapsulated space having a predetermined volume, a liquid or semisolid fill comprising a first active ingredient located within the encapsulated space, and a first compressed tablet a having a minimal dimension of 2 mm, being located within the encapsulated space, unanchored to the capsule shell, and surrounded by the fill, said tablet comprising a second active ingredient that is substantially insoluble in the fill. A method of manufacturing a soft elastic capsule is also disclosed..
Banner Life Sciences Llc

new patent

Ligament support for hooves

Ligament support (12, 12′) for hooves, mountable on a hoof and in the mounted position effective for backing up the suspensory ligament between the hoof and the fetlock, including an elastic element (23-24-25) the length of which is adapted to run via the pastern of the hoof, from an anchor point situated on the inside of the hoof to an anchor point situated on the outside of the hoof, and which, in an area located to the pastern, is coupled to an elastic cuff (2 i′) mountable around the leg.. .
Shings Ab

new patent

Implant fixation device

Disclosed is an orthopedic implant that includes an anchor, a bore, and a compressible and expandable mesh. The anchor is configured to secure the implant at an implantation site and defines a longitudinal axis.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

new patent

Devices, delivering a prosthetic mitral valve and anchoring device

Prosthetic mitral heart valves and anchors for use with such valves are provided that allow for an improved implantation procedure. In various embodiments, a helical anchoring device is formed as a coiled or twisted anchor that includes one or more turns that twist or curve around a central axis.
Mitral Valve Technologies, Sarl

new patent

Methods and anchoring within the gastrointestinal tract

The present invention relates to an anchor configured for minimally-invasive implantation and sized to remain securely positioned within at least a portion of the gastrointestinal tract of an animal. The anchor includes a radial spring formed from an elongated resilient member shaped into an annular wave pattern about a central axis.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.

new patent

Tubular filter

A method of preparing a filter for delivery into a body vessel. The filter includes a hub disposed along a longitudinal axis and a plurality of anchor members extending from the hub.
C.r. Bard, Inc.

new patent

Volume mapping using optical shape sensors

A volume mapping instrument (20), deployable within a partially or a completely enclosed anatomical volume, employs one or more medical tools (40) with each medical tool (40) being transitional between a deployable structural configuration to orderly position each medical tool (40) within the anatomical volume and a mapping structural configuration to anchor the medical tool (40) against the boundary of the anatomical volume. The volume mapping instrument (20) further employs an optical shape sensor (30) to generate one or more encoded optical signals indicative of a shape of the boundary of the anatomical volume in response to each medical tool (40) being transitioned from the deployable structural configuration to the mapping structural configuration within the anatomical volume.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Method and use of a compressing plate

An orthopedic bone plate constructed from shape memory material provides the ability to move from an open shape to a compressed shape and create compression on two bones or bone fragments to encourage healing. The plate may be any number of shapes, with two or more screws anchoring the plate to bone.
Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.

new patent

Elastic element for the use in a stabilization device for bones and vertebrae and the manufacture of such elastic element

A stabilization device for bones or vertebrae comprises a substantially cylindrical elastic element. The elastic element has a first end and a second end opposite to the first end.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Cord for vertebral fixation having multiple stiffness phases

A dynamic stabilization system for stabilizing a vertebral segment of a spine. The system includes a first vertebral anchor, a second vertebral anchor and a cord.
Zimmer Gmbh

new patent

Systems and methods for the fusion of the sacral-iliac joint

The sacral-iliac joint between an iliac and a sacrum is fused either by the creation of a lateral insertion path laterally through the ilium, through the sacral-iliac joint, and into the sacrum, or by the creation of a postero-lateral insertion path entering from a posterior iliac spine of an ilium, angling through the sacral-iliac joint, and terminating in the sacral alae. A bone fixation implant is inserted through the insertion path and anchored in the interior region of the sacrum or sacral alea to fixate the sacral-iliac joint..

new patent

Hemostasis devices and methods utilizing mechanical methods

A device for causing hemostasis includes an elongated body extending from a first end to a second end, a first clipping anchor coupled to the first end of the elongated body and being movable between a radially contracted insertion configuration and a radially expanded tissue engagement configuration and a second clipping anchor coupled to the second end of the elongated body and being movable between a radially contracted insertion configuration and a radially expanded tissue engagement configuration. The first clipping anchor is movable along a longitudinal axis of the elongated body one of toward and away from the second clipping anchor..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

new patent

Systems, devices, and methods for securing tissue using a suture having one or more protrusions

Systems, devices, and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. One exemplary embodiment of a surgical repair construct includes an anchor, a filament having a snare formed on one end and a collapsible loop on another end, and a suture having a plurality of stationary protrusions formed therein.
Medos International Sarl

new patent

Treating dysfunctional cardiac tissue

Medical devices, systems, and methods reduce the distance between two points in tissue, often for treatment of congestive heart failure and often in a minimally invasive manner. An anchor is inserted along an insertion path through a first wall of the heart.
Bioventrix, Inc.

new patent

Biopsy apparatus including a biopsy device having a sample receiving notch with a tissue anchor

A biopsy device includes a vacuum source, and an elongate member having a lumen and a sample receiving notch. The sample receiving notch has a proximal hole, a distal end wall, and a floor.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

new patent

Adjustable footwear system

Embodiments include a footwear system for receiving user-configurable strap arrangements comprising, a base member comprising a plurality of anchor points, a strap configured to extend from one anchor point to another anchor point, wherein the strap defines a plurality of strap apertures along a length the straps, and a fastener configured to be is disposed through two strap apertures to couple each of the one or more straps to itself and around at least a portion of an anchor point; wherein the anchor points each define an anchor opening that one of the one or more straps can pass through.. .

new patent

Ice fishing tip-up holder

A tip-up holder for use with a tip-up while ice fishing comprising a hollow housing, where the housing includes at least four walls extending between a top edge and a bottom edge, and where the housing is positioned over an ice hole; a plurality of indentions positioned along the top edge of the housing, where the plurality of indentions receive a tip-up, where a first end of the tip-up is positioned within one indention and a second end of the tip-up is positioned within an indention on an opposing wall; and a set of anchors at the bottom edge of the housing, where the set of anchors secure the housing above the ice hole.. .

new patent

Fetch and retrieve tossing toy

A pet toy is provided having a linearly elongated main body terminated at each end by plug forming an anchor plug. A replaceable wing assembly is affixed to each anchor plug.
Ourpet's Company


Method and system for notifying access network position information

A method and a system for notifying access network location information are provided. The method includes that in a pmipv6 architecture, a mobile access gateway (mag) sends a circuit id to a local mobility anchor (lma) by carrying the circuit id in a proxy binding update message; and in a gtp architecture, a local gtp peer sends a circuit id to a correspondent gtp peer by carrying the circuit id in a create session request message, a modify bearer request message or a delete session request message.
Zte Corporation



Disclosed are methods, assemblies and devices useful for identifying the location and/or motion of a mobile device in a specified area, for assisting in mapping a specified area and also to methods, assemblies and devices for determining a location of anchors found at fixed locations in a specified area.. .
Ariel-university Research And Development Company Ltd.


Traffic flow mobility with single host connection

There are provided measures for traffic flow mobility with a single host connection. Such measures exemplarily comprise the definition of a first binding between a set of home addresses of a host and an address of a first interface of a mobile access gateway to a local mobility anchor, the definition of at least one second binding between the same set of home addresses of the host and an address of at least one second interface of the mobile access gateway to the local mobility anchor, and the recording of a mapping between any one of the first and second bindings and traffic flows between the host and the local mobility anchor via a host connection to the mobile access gateway..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Recognizing handwriting input using rotatable support lines

Software, firmware, and systems are described for identifying characters in a handwritten input received from a user on an input device, irrespective of an angle that the input is received at. In one implementation, the system establishes an anchor point and distances from the anchor point to reference support lines.
Nuance Communications, Inc.


Parallel plate capacitor and acceleration sensor comprising same

A parallel plate capacitor includes a first polar plate (10), and a second polar plate disposed opposite to the first polar plate (10). The parallel plate capacitor further includes at least a pair of sensitive units disposed on a substrate forming the first polar plate (10); the sensitive units includes sensitive elements (21a, 21b, 22a, 22b) and element connecting arms (23a, 23b, 24a, 24b) connecting the sensitive elements (21a, 21b, 22a, 22b) to the first polar plate (10).
Csmc Technologies Fab1 Co., Ltd.


Color-encoding and in-situ interrogation of matrix-coupled chemical compounds

A method and apparatus for the physico-chemical encoding of a collection of beaded resin (“beads”) to determine the chemical identity of bead-anchored compounds by in-situ interrogation of individual beads. The present invention provides method and apparatus to implement color-coding strategies in applications and including the ultrahigh-throughput screening of bead-based combinatorial compounds libraries as well as multiplexed diagnostic and environmental testing and other biochemical assays..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Measuring physical and biochemical parameters with mobile devices

A test strip module includes a case, a test strip in the case, and a position anchor extending down past a mating surface to a face of a mobile computing device. The position anchor has a shape matching a feature on the face of the mobile computing device..
Ixensor Inc.


Method of painting microvesicles

The present invention relates to a method to modify and/or to isolate exosomes and other naturally occurring plasma membrane derived microvesicles, by incubation with a reactant, consisting of at least a membrane anchor domain or moiety and a hydrophilic functional domain or moiety. The invention also relates to modification using the same of artificially-prepared lipid bilayer vesicles called liposomes (composed of natural phospholipids) and non-biological or “synthetic” block copolymer membrane mimics which also form vesicles in aqueous solution called polymersomes...
Vin-de-bona Trading Company Pte Ltd


Thermally insulated panel

A thermally insulative sealed hollow panel with significantly improved thermal resistance, comprising inner and outer plates spaced apart by helically coiled springs, and at least one layer of low thermal emissivity foil supported by crisscrossing wires anchored at points along the perimeter edge of the inner plate.. .


Expansion anchor

An expansion anchor includes a screw and an anchor body configured to receive a shank of the screw, the anchor body including: a flange configured to be directed towards the screw head; a nut-forming portion configured to cooperate with the screw thread; and a deformable expansion portion between the flange and the nut-forming portion. The nut-forming portion is configured to advance in the direction of the flange, by deforming the expansion portion to a deployed state, by screwing the screw in the nut-forming portion.
Saint-gobain Placo


Quarter turn tubing anchor catcher

A torque anchor for anchoring well equipment in a well conduit to arrest movement in both longitudinal directions and rotation in a first direction, but not rotation in an opposed second direction. A mandrel connected to the equipment has one or more grooves for slideably receiving respective pins from a drag body on the mandrel.
Tazco Holdings Inc.


Removable surface covering

The present invention describes a floor decoration kit comprising two elements, on the one hand a removable surface covering (2) and on the other an anchoring sublayer (3) while the composition of said anchoring sublayer (3) is pvc-based and comprises at least 60% by weight of a plasticizer.. .
Tarkett Gdl S.a.


System and foundation slab liquid collection and management

A foundation slab liquid collection and management system is provided. The system includes a system and apparatus including a plurality of drain channels, a plurality of liquid collection plates, a foundation slab, a plurality of channel connecting anchors, a plurality of slab connecting anchors, and at least one liquid collection and storage container, for collecting, storing, treating, or otherwise managing liquid runoff from the slab..
Oldcastle Precast, Inc.


Undersea anchoring system and method

An undersea anchor that includes a frame that is fixed to the seafloor by one or more pile anchors, for example grouted pile anchors. The frame is configured to permit it to function with one or more seabed drills to allow the pile anchor(s) to be installed at an angle relative to horizontal so the pile anchors can take horizontal and vertical loads..
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Reaction resin composition and use thereof

A reaction resin composition that can be used for the chemical fastening of anchoring means in boreholes and for construction gluing is described. The composition includes (a) a resin component, which contains at least one radically hardenable compound and at least one epoxy resin, which contains, on average, more than one epoxy group per molecule, and a (b) hardener component, which contains a hardening agent for at least one radical compound and at least one amine.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Combination treatment of cancer

The present invention provides mt4-mmp inhibitor and egfr inhibitor for use in the treatment of cancer, wherein said mt4-mmp inhibitor and egfr inhibitor are different from each other. Mt4-mmp (mmp-17) is a glycosylphosphatidyl inositol (gpi) anchored mmp produced by cancer cells that promotes tumor vascularization and metastases.
UniversitÉ De LiÈge


Multi-sensor array compound and methods of use thereof

The present invention is directed to a multi-sensor array compound including at least three chromophores, at least one receptor and an anchor. Contacting the compound of this invention with an analyte (such as carbohydrate) forms a complex with unique optical signature.
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.


Sensor and manufacturing a sensor

A sensor includes: a substrate, a microelectromechanical structure, and a decoupling structure. The decoupling structure is anchored on the substrate, and the microelectromechanical structure is anchored on the decoupling structure.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Container of thermoplastic material

The invention relates to a container (1) of thermoplastic material with at least one support (4), which is arranged in the interior of the container, extends between opposing container walls (2) and is anchored at each end to the container walls with a positive engagement and/or a material bond, the support (4) comprising at least one supporting strut (5) and the supporting strut (5) substantially absorbing a supporting load on the container walls (2) induced by negative pressure in the container, and a tensile force that is induced by positive pressure being absorbed by at least one tension-resistant bracing element in the form of a tension-resistant band (8) which extends between the container walls (2).. .
Kautex Textron Gmbh & Co. Kg


Stowable aircraft cabin attendant seat

A retractable flight attendant chair includes an anchor box, a sled coupled to the anchor box for horizontal translation of the retractable chair into and out of the stowage compartment, and a chair mounted on the sled. The chair includes an expanding/folding backrest and seat portion that allows the chair to be stowed in a small envelope compartment when not in use..
B/e Aerospace, Inc.


Portable anchor for floating objects

The embodiments of the portable anchor for floating objects are comprised of an anchor bag, a discharge rope, and an anchor rope. The anchor bag is comprised of an anchor pouch and a flap with a built-in fill scoop.
Beech House, Llc


Tire provided with a tread including a thermoplastic elastomer and carbon black

The present invention relates to a tire comprising a tread, a crown with a crown reinforcement, two sidewalls, two beads and a carcass reinforcement anchored to the two beads and extending from one sidewall to the other. The tread is based on at least one thermoplastic elastomer and on carbon black at a content by volume within a range extending from 5% to 30%, the thermoplastic elastomer being a block copolymer comprising at least one elastomer block and at least one thermoplastic block, and the total content of thermoplastic elastomer being within a range varying from 65 to 100 phr..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Kinetic chain training apparatus

A training apparatus includes a panel depicting a human form image. The human form image defines an area in which a plurality of anchors are disposed.
Vp Innovations Llc


Flexibility and fitness increasing apparatus

A flexibility and fitness increasing apparatus allows the user to stretch various muscles as if they are assisted by a partner. The flexibility and fitness increasing apparatus includes at least one foot support, at least one fastening strap, and an anchor.


Balloon catheter

A balloon catheter having a distal-end tip which, even if caught in a stenosis, will not break apart from a distal end of an inner shaft of the balloon catheter when the balloon catheter is forcibly rotated or pulled by an operator. The distal-end top of the balloon catheter is fixed to the distal end of the inner shaft, and a connecting tube covers an outer surface of the distal end of the inner shaft and the proximal end of the distal-end tip.
Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.


Intravascular catheters, systems, and methods

Devices, systems, and methods for lead delivery. In at least one exemplary embodiment of a catheter for delivering a lead within a mammalian body of the present disclosure, the catheter comprises an elongated tube comprising a wall extending from a proximal end to a distal end, a lead delivery channel within the elongated tube, the lead delivery channel defining an outlet for delivering a lead, a balloon chamber positioned at or near the distal end of the elongated tube, and at least one balloon positioned within the balloon chamber, the at least one balloon capable of inflation to reversibly anchor the elongated tube within a mammalian body when at least a portion of the elongated tube is positioned therein..
Cvdevices, Llc


Dynamic surgical implant

A surgical implant device capable of conforming to a variety of surface topographies facilitates the growth and regeneration of site to which the device is applied. The device employs a plurality of elongate members supporting a column of discrete, rotatable elements in contact with each adjacent element.


Tissue anchor for annuloplasty device

A method is provided, including positioning a tissue anchor along an annulus of a patient's valve. The anchor includes a distal tissue coupling element including (1) a pointed tip to puncture tissue of the annulus, and (2) a longitudinal element extending proximally from the distal tissue coupling element and including an implant-restraining element at a proximal end of the longitudinal element.
Valtech Cardio, Ltd.


Coiled anchor for supporting prosthetic heart valve, prosthetic heart valve, and deployment device

A coiled anchor for docking a mitral valve prosthesis at a native mitral valve of a heart has a first end, a second end, and a central axis extending between the first and second ends, and defines an inner space coaxial with the central axis. The coiled anchor includes a coiled core including a bio-compatible metal or metal alloy and having a plurality of turns extending around the central axis in a first position, and a cover layer around the core, the cover layer including a bio-compatible material that is less rigid than the metal or metal alloy of the coiled core..
Mitral Valve Technologies, Sarl


Methods and implants for treating urinary incontinence

Described are methods, implants, insertion tools, and related systems and kits, for placing an implant to treat urinary incontinence; the implants include soft tissue anchors that are capable of engaging needles of the insertion tools, and the implants are designed to place a central support portion at a location to support a urethra with extension portions and soft tissue anchors extending to tissue at regions of an obturator foramen.. .


Apparatus and methods for the treatment of urinary incontinence

Devices and methods for treating urinary incontinence are disclosed. In one embodiment, an implantable device uses non-biodegradable suture(s) positioned under or adjacent to the urethra.


Dental device for anchoring a denture to an implant

A dental device for anchoring a dental appliance within a patient's mouth, including an abutment with a distal end characterized by a substantially concave surface and a first hollow, a pivotable collar with a substantially convex bottom and a second hallow formed through it from top to bottom, and an attachment screw. The bottom of the pivotable collar is configured to pivotally rest against the concave surface of the abutment.
Sterngold Dental, Llc


Medical implant and implantation

A medical implant and a method of implanting a medical implant are disclosed. The medical implant (20) is elongate and for fixation in a patient, and comprises an apical bone anchoring portion (200) for bone apposition, and an unthreaded coronal portion (210), wherein said coronal portion (210) has a length (l2) exceeding or equaling a length (l1) of said apical portion (200), and wherein said apical portion (200) has a maximum outer diameter (d1) that is equal to or larger than a maximum outer diameter (d2) of said coronal portion.
Nobel Biocare Services Ag


Medical instrument holding apparatus

A medical instrument holding apparatus includes a shaft slidably engaged into a housing and movable into and out of the housing, the housing includes a guiding member engaged with the shaft for guiding and limiting the shaft to slide relative to the housing only and for preventing the shaft from being rotated relative to the housing, a locking device is engaged onto the shaft and includes a positioning member for engaging with an anchoring member of the shaft and for locking the shaft and the housing together, and one or more fasteners are engaged with the housing and the locking device for securing the shaft and the housing together with the locking device.. .
Hiwin Technologies Corp.


Polyaxial bone anchor incorporating a two position saddle assembly

A polyaxial bone anchor assembly, comprising: a threaded screw portion comprising a head end; a head body disposed concentrically about the head end of the threaded screw portion; and a saddle assembly disposed within the head body and selectively engaging the head end of the threaded screw portion; wherein, when the saddle assembly is translated within the head body into a first locked position, the head body is coupled to the threaded screw portion such that disengagement of the head body from the threaded screw portion is allowed; and wherein, when the saddle assembly is translated within the head body into a second locked position, the head body is coupled to the threaded screw portion such that disengagement of the head body from the threaded screw portion is prevented.. .
Flospine Llc


Spinal stabilization system with rigid and flexible elements

A spinal stabilization system generally comprises first and second anchor members configured to be secured to first and second vertebrae within a patient's body, a flexible element secured to the first anchor member, and a rigid element secured to the second anchor member. An end portion of the rigid element is coupled to an end portion of the flexible so that the system is able to provide both rigid and dynamic stabilization.
Zimmer Spine, Inc.


Tissue fixation delivery apparatus

A device for deploying a tissue fixation apparatus of the type including first and second tissue anchors coupled together by an adjustable suture assembly. The device comprises a handle mechanism and a needle cartridge assembly releasably coupled to the handle mechanism.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Surgical pin retractor system

A surgical retractor system comprising the operative combination of a retractor blade for retracting tissue and an anchoring pin interconnectable therewith. The anchoring pin is preferably formed as an elongate structure having an anchoring mechanism formed at the distal-most end thereof that is designed to become securely anchored within bone or soft tissue.
The Little Sandbox, Llc


Shirt hold-down undergarment

Disclosed herein is an undergarment designed to keep the wearers shirt tucked, that includes a body and an elastic band around the top of the body at the waist, elastic legbands at the bottom of the body, an elastic anchor on each side of the body each of which has its bottom attached to the top of the elastic legband on the same side and its top attached to the bottom of another elastic band around the hip that rests below the waistband.. .


Portable pet carrier restraint system

An adjustable pet carrier restraint is configured to accept various sizes, shapes, and configurations of pet carriers. The pet carrier restraint is tethered to a vehicle's child seat restraint system anchors to secure the pet carrier at up to three points.
Quaker Pet Group, Llc


Mobile communication system, radio base station, and mobile station

A bearer configuration in a case of using “inter-site ca” is properly defined. In a mobile communication system according to the present invention, an anchor radio base station enb#1 which is one of radio base stations enb#1 to enb#3 is configured to map one eps bearer #b established between a mobile station ue and a gateway device p-gw to radio bearers #3 to #5 established between the mobile station ue and the multiple radio base stations enb#1 to enb#3..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Method for controlling bluetooth device for power conservation

A method for controlling a bluetooth device for power conservation includes the steps of: establishing a bluetooth link; controlling the bluetooth device to enter sniff mode; handling a sniff anchor point after wakeup preparation and before sleep preparation; and handling a wakeup operation between the wakeup preparation and the sleep preparation. The wakeup operation is a ble (bluetooth low energy) operation or a wi-fi operation.
Mediatek Inc.


Anchoring services of a mobile station attached to a first service domain at a home agent in a second service domain

A first node receives information associated with a mobile station to allow for establishment of a session for the mobile station that is attached to a first wireless access network in a first service domain. In response to the received information, the first node sends messaging to a home agent in a second service domain that is of a different type than the first service domain.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Uplink ack/nack bundling enhancement for lte tdd enhanced interference management and traffic adaptation

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus groups subframes of a time division duplex (tdd) configuration of a serving cell into a set of anchor subframes and a set of non-anchor subframes.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Mems electrostatic actuator

A mems electrostatic actuator includes a bottom plate affixed to a substrate and a top plate suspended above the bottom plate. The top plate has a parallel plate center section and two rotating members electrically connected to the center section.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Battery pack

A battery pack including a can having an opening; an electrode assembly accommodated in the can; a cap plate closing the opening and including a protruding anchor portion; and an insulation plate having an anchor hole accommodating the anchor portion, wherein the anchor hole is a slot and is configured to allow movement of the anchor portion within the anchor hole when pressure is applied to the can and the cap plate.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Load cell weigh module

A weigh module (1) includes a load cell (2), a base plate (3), a top plate (6), a force-transmitting member (3) serving to transmit the weighing force from the top plate (6) to the load cell (2), and movement-restricting means (9, 10) which serve to limit the horizontal floating movement of the top plate (6) relative to the base plate (3) within a confined range of free play and to transmit lateral force components directly from the top plate (6) to the base plate (3). One part of the movement-restricting means (9, 10) has the form of a channel whose top edges (11) are rigidly connected to the top plate (6) and whose flat bottom extends parallel to the base plate (3) at a clear distance from the latter.
Mettler-toledo Ag


Open hole expandable junction

A method for lining an open hole section of a wellbore includes lowering a tubular member through a cased section of the wellbore, expanding the tubular member in an open hole section of the wellbore, thereby anchoring the tubular member in the wellbore, forming a window in a sidewall of the tubular member, and drilling a lateral wellbore through the window.. .
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

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