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Anchor patents

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High-sensitivity, z-axis micro-electro-mechanical detection structure, in particular for an mems accelerometer

Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors

Electrical component and method of manufacturing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Computing device having optimized file system and methods for use therein patent thumbnailnew patent Computing device having optimized file system and methods for use therein
A computing device having an optimized file system and methods for use therein. File system optimizations include sector-aligned writes, anchored cluster searches, anchored index searches, companion caches dedicated to particular file management data types and predictive cache updates, all of which expedite processing on the computing device.
 Low-profile prosthetic valve structure patent thumbnailnew patent Low-profile prosthetic valve structure
A prosthetic valve assembly that includes a stent, a tissue sleeve and an anchoring mechanism. By loading the three components of the valve assembly into a delivery catheter in a series formation, such that no two components are located within each other, the size of the delivery catheter can be reduced..
 Aneurysm treatment device and method of use patent thumbnailnew patent Aneurysm treatment device and method of use
An apparatus for treating vascular aneurysms includes an occlusive support device comprised of one or more support members. The occlusive device has, an end cap member and an anchoring member.
 Brain electrode lead anchoring device patent thumbnailnew patent Brain electrode lead anchoring device
The invention discloses a device for anchoring a brain lead, comprising: an anchoring ring comprising a circular base and a flange joining together where the inner walls forms an aperture defining a passage of a lead, and outer walls engages with a burr hole to secure said ring to the cranium; and a septum contained within the aperture of the anchoring ring, comprising a slit in its center to allow the brain lead to pass through. Due to the fact the septum is already placed in the aperture when the trocar is removed from the brain, the body of the brain lead is immediately clamped by the elastic material of the septum while the tip of trocar is removed from the slit of septum.
 Systems and methods for implanting electrode leads for use with implantable neuromuscular electrical stimulator patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for implanting electrode leads for use with implantable neuromuscular electrical stimulator
A system of implanting electrode leads for restoring muscle function to the lumbar spine to treat low back pain is provided. The system provides efficient implantation of the leads, including the ability to verify deployment of anchoring mechanisms on the lead using an impedance assessment, such that the implanted lead may be secured within the patient and used to restore muscle function of local segmental muscles associated with the lumbar spine stabilization system..
 Pediatric apparatus, system, and kit of components for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same patent thumbnailnew patent Pediatric apparatus, system, and kit of components for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same
An apparatus, system, and kit of components useful as a stabilization or correction system for a spinal column, especially in the field of pediatrics. A smooth unthreaded rod or a threaded rod is used that can be straight, rigid, bent or flexible depending on the body condition to be addressed.
 Facet fixation with anchor wire patent thumbnailnew patent Facet fixation with anchor wire
A facet fixation device formed from an anchor screw and a collet or facet screw that is secured to adjacent pedicles. The anchor screw having an aperture for receipt of a first end of guide wire or polyaxial based facet screw.
 Methods for anchoring suture and approximating tissue patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for anchoring suture and approximating tissue
An elastically curved suture anchor is resiliently straightened and delivered into tissue by a needle. When the needle is withdrawn, resumption of the curvature provides leverage for anchor rotation as the attached suture is pulled to fasten the anchor within the tissue.
 Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors
Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors are disclosed herein. The anchors are adapted to be delivered and implanted into or upon tissue, particularly tissue within the gastrointestinal system of a patient.
 Knotless suture anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Knotless suture anchor
Methods and apparatus described herein provide for a knotless suture anchor that captures and secures a suture by pinching on an inserted suture with a flexible element disposed within the knotless suture anchors body. The knotless suture anchor has an integrated flexible element that is formed as a plastic part within the knotless suture anchor's body.
new patent Tack anchor systems, bone anchor systems, and methods of use
Systems, apparatuses and methods for securing tissue to bone using tack anchors, bone anchoring systems are described. The tack anchor may include a body and a securing element.
new patent Anchor/suture used for medical procedures
For suture tying in a medical procedure including the use of an anchor that includes a suture locking device that includes a sliding pin guided by axial side slots formed in the locking device that forces the suture where the two ends thereof are inserted into the interior of the suture locking mechanism to drive the captured suture and pin to fit into a recess on the top of the suture locking mechanism such that the top of the pin binds the suture against the upper inner surface of the recess. The recess can be serrated to enhance the locking capability and the pin is polygonal shaped to provide side surfaces that run parallel to the wall of the recess to assure that the side portion of the pin does not fracture the suture and cause it to weaken.
new patent Soft tissue interference fit anchor system
The soft tissue anchor system preferably has a sleeve (22) with a snap lock (21) and an insertable anchor stop (50) that permits the sutures (40) to be held under tension on insertion of the stop anchor (50).. .
new patent Method of implanting a unitary dual-chamber leadless intra-cardiac medical device
A method of implanting a leadless intra-cardiac medical device. An introducer assembly is introduced into one of an inferior vena cava or a superior vena cava of a heart and maneuvered into a first chamber of the heart.
new patent Flexible rail bar bone fixation system
Flexible rail bar bone fixation system is a type of intermaxillary fixation (imf) system consisting of an inner rail bar which fixes to the jaw through the use of bone anchorage screws. These screws have an elongated internal threaded nut head with the function of receiving a second screw to secure the rail bar.
new patent Device and method for increasing flow through the left atrial appendage
Methods and devices for increasing flow in the left atrial appendage (laa) include a conduit directing blood flow from a pulmonary artery into the laa and/or a conduit drawing blood from the laa by a bernoulli effect. In one embodiment, a method comprises implanting a conduit in a pulmonary vein, expanding an inlet portion such that the conduit becomes anchored within the vein and directs blood through an outlet portion of the conduit into or toward the left atrial appendage..
new patent Methods and implants for treating urinary incontinence
Described are methods, implants, insertion tools, and related systems and kits, for placing an implant to treat urinary incontinence; the implants include soft tissue anchors that are capable of engaging needles of the insertion tools, and the implants are designed to place a central support portion at a location to support a urethra with extension portions and soft tissue anchors extending to tissue at regions of an obturator foramen.. .
new patent Modular tree with locking trunk and locking electrical connectors
An artificial tree that includes a first trunk body having a first elongated projection that extends axially from a first end toward a second end and forms a first keyway; a first electrical connector anchored within the first end of the first trunk body; a second trunk body, including a second elongated projection that extends axially, the second elongated projection forming a second keyway, the second elongated projection configured to be received by the first keyway; and a second electrical connector anchored within a first end of the second trunk body. The second elongated projection is received by the first keyway, and a first and second electrical terminal of the first electrical connector make electrical connection with a first and second electrical terminal of the second electrical connector, when the first end of the first trunk body is coupled to the first end of the second trunk body..
new patent Premixed flame location control
A premixed combustion system includes a charge electrode, and an anchoring electrode positioned adjacent to a fuel nozzle. A charge having a first polarity is applied to the flame via the charge electrode and an electrical potential having a polarity opposite the first polarity is applied to the anchoring electrode.
new patent Portable and removable anchor for truck bed slots
An apparatus and method for providing a removable anchor for use in tying down a load, or for securing a winch cable for use in recovering a disabled vehicle or other load. The anchor may be removably attached to the deck/bed of a trailer or vehicle (e.g., a car carrier or wrecker/tow truck), using one or more slots or stake pockets located on a cargo surface of the deck.
new patent Installation for anchoring a floating platform to the ground
Tensioning elements common to the different chains, and including a single tensioning winch, movably mounted above the stopper elements, wherein the tensioning winch includes a master chain strand, whose downstream end includes a downstream chain link adapted to be removably attached to the connection chain link of the upstream free strand of the anchor chains, and whose upstream end is stored in a container-reservoir.. .
new patent Easy open and reclosable package with discrete laminate, with die-cut, anchored to second side panel
An easy-open and reclosable package includes a pouch including a discrete laminate including a tape including a base strip coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, and a panel section having a die cut defining a die cut segment, the panel section adhered by the psa to the base strip; the panel section anchored to a first side panel; the second surface of the base strip anchored to the inner surface of a second side panel; and a product in the pouch. The die cut segment is so arranged with respect to the pressure sensitive adhesive that when the package is opened, the package can be reclosed by adhering the pressure sensitive adhesive to the first side panel..
new patent Circuit-switched and multimedia subsystem voice continuity
The present invention moves service control, including call control, for a user element from a cellular network to a multimedia subsystem (ms), such as the internet protocol (ip) multimedia subsystem (ims). Call control is provided by the ms irrespective of whether the user element is using cellular or wlan access for the call.
new patent Method for multicast mobility
A method for a proxy mobile internet protocol (pmip) supporting a mobile access gateway (mag) is described. The method includes receiving a first packet with a first internet protocol (ip) address from a local mobility anchor (lma).
new patent Hidden hinge mems with temporary gimbal anchor
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) mirror devices and manufacturing methods thereof. The device comprising a hinge layer having orthogonal tilt and roll hinges connecting inner and outer platforms such that the inner platform has bi-directional rotation.
new patent Electrical component and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, there is disclosed an electrical component. The electrical component includes a substrate, a mems device on the substrate.
new patent Electromagnetic switch
An electromagnetic switch is provided which includes: a coil generating magnetomotive force; a frame accommodating the coil and generating a flux path; a resin cover covering an opening of the frame; and a current-supply terminal member energizing the coil. The current-supply terminal member includes: a blade-shaped terminal whose end is connected to the coil and whose another end is drawn out of the resin cover in the axial direction of the electromagnetic switch; and a plate-shaped external connection terminal whose end is joined to an end of the blade-shaped terminal and whose another end is drawn out in the direction intersecting the axial direction.
new patent Seat belt for a motor vehicle front seat
A seat belt for a motor vehicle front seat is provided with a belt having a lower branch that has one end designed to be connected to an anchor point in the motor vehicle and is thickened via an additional element; the additional element is arranged on just one of the faces of the belt, along a rear edge of the lower branch, and comprises a bar, which is substantially parallel to said rear edge and is fixed to the belt.. .
new patent Restraint harness assembly for a child safety seat
A restraint harness assembly for a child safety seat includes a strap, an anchoring mechanism and a retractor mechanism. The anchoring mechanism includes a first release button operable to switch the anchoring mechanism from a locked to an unlocked state.
new patent Portable pumping unit base
A portable pumping unit base for receiving and anchoring a pumping unit thereto is disclosed herein. The disclosed base generally comprises a body made of a rigid polyurethane foam system, said rigid polyurethane foam system comprising an isocyanate component and a polyol resin component.
new patent Automated coupler positioning device
A coupler for a railway car including a coupler anchor, a coupler mechanism pivotable relative to the coupler anchor from an on-center position to an off-center position in a substantially horizontal plane, and a coupler positioning device for pivoting the coupler mechanism relative to the coupler anchor. The coupler positioning device includes a controller adapted for receiving signal information from a bogie relating to an angular position of the bogie relative to a body of the railway car, and at least one pneumatic cylinder for pivoting the coupler mechanism.
new patent Collapsible portable shelter
A collapsible portable shelter including at least a first strut and a second strut, each strut being resiliently flexible, a panel formed of a flexible material coupled with the first strut and the second strut, and an anchoring member for anchoring the panel relative to a surface. The first strut is received along a first side of the panel and the second strut is received along a second side of the panel, the second side opposing the first side.
new patent Oral appliance system
An oral appliance system for a human mouth comprises at least one maxillary appliance and at least one mandibular appliance that can be removably anchored to teeth of a maxilla and mandible, respectively. Respective biasing members are carried by the at least one maxillary appliance and the at least one mandibular appliance.
new patent Adjustable and disconnectable submerged-yoke mooring system
A single point mooring includes a yoke-shaped articulated arm assembly, which is affixed to the seabed by a fixed foundation or mooring base assembly, and a mooring support structure, which is retrofitted to a vessel. The articulated arm is connected to the base by a triaxial articulation joint for accommodating yaw, pitch and roll.
new patent High-sensitivity, z-axis micro-electro-mechanical detection structure, in particular for an mems accelerometer
A z-axis micro-electro-mechanical detection structure, having a substrate defining a plane and a suspended mass carried by two anchorage elements. The suspended mass includes a translating mass, suspended over the substrate, mobile in a transverse direction to the plane and arranged between the anchorage elements and two tilting masses, each of which is supported by the anchorage elements through respective elastic anchorage elements so as to be able to rotate with respect to respective oscillation axes.
new patent Apparatus for remote operation on a rooftop
An apparatus for remotely performing an operation on a roof including a frame assembly configured to be positioned on the roof, a pivot assembly configured to couple to an external anchor point such that the frame assembly is positioned between the pivot assembly and an operating position, and a flexible control line including a first segment having a first end coupled to the frame assembly and extending in substantially a first direction to a second end disposed at the operating position, and a second segment having a first end coupled to the frame assembly and extending in a second direction substantially opposite the first direction through the pivot assembly, which redirects the second segment to the first direction, to a second end at the operating position, wherein pulling the second ends of the first and second segments controls movement of the frame assembly on the roof.. .
new patent Method and apparatus for hanging an object
A method for hanging an object and apparatus for accomplishing the same. The invention describes an apparatus comprising a track, an upper flange attached to a track, and a carrier disposed in said track.

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