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Anchor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 A node and  random access in dual connectivity patent thumbnailA node and random access in dual connectivity
Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards an anchor base station (401a), an assisting base station (401b) and a wireless terminal (505), and corresponding methods therein, for establishing dual connectivity between a wireless terminal and the assisting base station.. .

 Traffic engineering in heterogeneous millimeter-wave and lte small cell systems patent thumbnailTraffic engineering in heterogeneous millimeter-wave and lte small cell systems
Traffic engineering functionalities are described in a heterogeneous network that includes an anchor base station serving a cellular macro cell and booster base stations serving mmwave enabled small cells. The described functionalities are designed to cope with dynamic changes in the heterogeneous environment such as loss of a backhaul link between the anchor base station and the booster base station, loss of a link between a terminal and one of the base stations, and loss of beam forming in a mmwave link between the terminal and the booster base station..

 Enforcement of proximity based policies patent thumbnailEnforcement of proximity based policies
Embodiments of the disclosure are related to enforcing a policy on a computing device, or a companion device, based upon its proximity to another computing device, or an anchor device. In one example, the anchor device and companion device can report their location with respect to one another to a policy server.

 Method and system for hybrid location detection patent thumbnailMethod and system for hybrid location detection
The disclosure generally relates to a method and apparatus for hybrid location detection. The disclosed embodiments enable location determination for a mobile device in communication with one or more access points (aps) and an optical camera capable of measuring distance to a known object.

 System and  efficient name-based content routing using link-state information in information-centric networks patent thumbnailSystem and efficient name-based content routing using link-state information in information-centric networks
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for updating link-status information associated with a prefix in an information-centric network (icn). During operation, a first node in the icn receives a link-state advertisement (lsa) message from a neighbor node with the lsa message specifying a prefix and an anchor node advertising the specified prefix.

 Method for manufacturing core of rotating electric machine patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing core of rotating electric machine
A method for manufacturing a core of a rotating electric machine includes arranging a permanent magnet in a receptacle of a core body and injecting an anchoring material into a gap between a wall surface of the receptacle and an outer surface of the permanent magnet. A liquid crystal polymer, more specifically, liquid crystal polyester is used as the anchoring material.

 Method and  applying a label or laminate sheet to a substrate patent thumbnailMethod and applying a label or laminate sheet to a substrate
A sheet assembly and method is provided for applying a facestock layer to a substrate. The facestock layer may include a facestock bridge portion with an adhesive layer.

 Generating numeric embeddings of images patent thumbnailGenerating numeric embeddings of images
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for generating numeric embeddings of images. One of the methods includes obtaining training images; generating a plurality of triplets of training images; and training a neural network on each of the triplets to determine trained values of a plurality of parameters of the neural network, wherein training the neural network comprises, for each of the triplets: processing the anchor image in the triplet using the neural network to generate a numeric embedding of the anchor image; processing the positive image in the triplet using the neural network to generate a numeric embedding of the positive image; processing the negative image in the triplet using the neural network to generate a numeric embedding of the negative image; computing a triplet loss; and adjusting the current values of the parameters of the neural network using the triplet loss..

 Fiber optic connector patent thumbnailFiber optic connector
A connector includes a ferrule assembly having a ferrule, a hub and a spring, the ferrule having a distal face accessible at a distal end of the connector housing, the ferrule being movable in a proximal direction relative to the connector housing. The distal and proximal positions are separated by an axial displacement distance.

 Micro-gyroscope for detecting motions patent thumbnailMicro-gyroscope for detecting motions
The invention relates to a micro-gyroscope for detecting motions relative to an x and/or y and z axis, particularly as a 3d, 5d, or 6d sensor. Sample masses are disposed uniformly about an anchor and can be driven radially relative to the central anchor.


Shock hardened initiator and initiator assembly

An initiator assembly includes an initiator housing having an initiator cavity and a housing orifice edge. A bridge substrate is positioned within the initiator cavity, the bridge substrate includes a substrate base including a uniform first planar surface and first and second bridge contacts flush with the uniform first planar surface.


Archery bow string draw board

An archery bow draw board for an anchored compound archery bow having a riser, limbs, at least one cam with a pulley, or two cams, a bow string with a cable. The draw board is connectable to the bow string and includes a base plate supporting a gallows vertical pole and a gear box and side plate fixed therebelow.


Method and self-resetting trigger mechanism

A projectile launcher using a self-resetting trigger system includes a striker, a sear, and a trigger. The striker, also known as hammer, includes an anchoring notch and is able to slide between a firing position and a ready-for-firing position for launching an object.


Cylinder-piston unit and detecting continuously the reciprocal position between cylinder and piston of such unit

A cylinder-piston unit including: at least one cylinder including a tubular body (2); at least one piston (5) liable with a respective rod (5a), said piston (5) and said rod (5a) being translatable longitudinally in said tubular body (2) of said cylinder, at least one reference codification (c) extending for at least a section (dc) on the surface of said rod (5a), along the longitudinal axis of the same; at least detecting means (7), movable anchorable to said tubular body (2), faced, in use, towards said rod (5a) and suitable to detect said at least one reference codification (c) and to emit at the output at least a corresponding output electrical signal (s7), at least a reference zone (7c) of amplitude (d7c) delimited from said detecting means (7), said at least one reference codification (c) being detectable in correspondence to said at least one detection zone (7c); said at least one reference codification (c) including at least one plurality of adjacent sectors ( . .


Multiple-point anchored rock bolt

A rock bolt includes an elongate metallic body having a first end and an opposed second end, a threaded portion at the second end, for attaching thereto and locating thereon, a nut and a bearing plate, a mechanical anchor at, or at least partially located on, a first end portion of the body and a first resistive anchor, located between the threaded portion and the mechanical anchor.. .


Decelerator device for ball activated downhole tools

A decelerator device (210), or shock absorber, for slowing the speed of a moving ball (106) approaching a ball seat (104) anchored in a tool (102) in a pipe string (200) of a subterranean well (220). The decelerator device (210) has a ball passage (208), an entrance port (204) which directs the moving ball (106) from an open mouth (202) of the entrance port (204) to a drag-inducing throat (207) of the ball passage (208), and directs the moving ball (106) towards a ball seat (104).


Jack-up conical structure

A jack-up conical structure having a generally cone shape. The wide base and narrow upper section enhance stability of the structure during floatation, transport, elevation, anchoring, and drilling.


Uneven support surface repair system and method

This invention is directed to a main beam having a distal end that contacts a high side of a slab to define a pivot point; an anchor removably attached to a low side of the slab; a coupling attached between the anchor and the main beam so that when a proximal end of the beam is raised, the low side of the slab is raised; a jack coupled to the distal end for raising the proximal end of the main beam; a void defined between the surface under the slab and a bottom side of the slab when the slab is raised; and, filler material inserted in the void so that when the filler supports the slab after the anchor and beam are removed resulting in an evened slab.. .


Industrial deinking of ink compositions

The ink composition comprises pigment particles and a stimulus responsive dispersing agent for dispersing said pigment particles in a protic polar solvent, for instance for inkjet printing, which stimulus responsive dispersing agent comprises an anchoring part for anchoring to said pigment particles, a stimulus responsive part as shown in formula (xxa) or (xxb) and a hydrophilic part for solvent stabilization of the pigment, wherein the stimulus responsive part upon exposure to a stimulus initiates decomposition of the stimulus responsive dispersing agent. The paper with the printed ink can be deinked in an industrial deinking process..


Substrate including silica

An assembly, such as for growing carbon nanotubes, includes a substrate including sio2 and has a thickness of less than 500 μm. Further, the substrate is bendable and has a surface with non-flat or non-polished texture such that surface comprises raised and recessed features for receiving a coating, such as a catalyst.


Vehicle door having a glass channel with separate bracket

A vehicle door includes a window area and a hollow door body underneath the window area. A web divides the window area into a front and rear window, and extends into the door body.


Medical lead anchoring

Various embodiments concern a lead system for anchoring a lead, the lead system comprising a lead and an anchor. The anchor can comprise a ring and a flange extending from the ring.


Subintimal recanalization with bio-absorbable stent

A recanalization catheter assembly and method for establishing a subintimal pathway around an occlusion in a blood vessel. The recanalization catheter assembly an inflatable balloon structure including a distal anchoring portion configured to expand within a true lumen portion of the blood vessel distal of the occlusion to anchor the recanalization catheter from unintentional movement during expansion of a stent in the subintimal pathway.


Urinary catheter assembly and method

A urinary catheter is configured to avoid sliding contact between the outer surface of a catheter tube and the urethra wall. A flexible tubular membrane extends through the catheter tube and has a proximal end secured to an anchor outside the urethra as the catheter tube moves into the urethra, pulling the membrane through the proximal end of the tube so it inverts and covers the outer surface of the tube.


Nanorod materials and methods of making and using same

The subject invention concerns nanorods, compositions and substrates comprising nanorods, and methods of making and using nanorods and nanorod compositions and substrates. In one embodiment, the nanorod is composed of zinc oxide (zno).


Methods and devices for applying localized thermal therapy

Methods and devices are disclosed herein that generally involve applying thermal therapy to tissue (e.g., localized cooling or heating of tissue), and in particular applying thermal therapy to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and/or nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. In some embodiments, tissue can be cooled or heated by implanting or positioning a thermal device in proximity to the targeted tissue.


Methods and treating disc herniation and preventing the extrusion of interbody bone graft

Methods for treating an annulus fibrosis having a defect include inserting a flexible device into the defect. The flexible device is advanced distally beyond an outer layer of the annulus fibrosus.


Enhanced fluorogenic endoluminal filter structure

An endoluminal filter including a first support member having a first end and a second end and a second support member attached to the first end of the first support member or the second end of the first support member and forming a crossover with the first support member. The endoluminal filter also includes a material capture structure extending between the first and second support members, the crossover and the first end or the second end of the first support member and at least one tissue anchor on the first support member or the second support member.


Mixed use fixation elements for endoluminal filters

Filters and methods of deploying and retrieving filters are described. The filters can include a first support member and second support member that form a crossover.


Bone plate

A bone plate includes (a) a body having a first surface which, in an operative configuration, faces away from a bone on which the plate is to be mounted and a second surface, which in the operative configuration, faces the bone, the body including a first section extending along a first longitudinal axis and a second section extending along a second longitudinal axis angled with respect to the first longitudinal axis; (b) a first hole extending through the body from the first surface to the second surface and defining a first hole axis, the first hole being structured to lockingly engage a head of a first bone anchor inserted therein such that a shaft of the first bone anchor extends along the first hole axis; and (c) a second hole extending through the body and spaced apart from the first hole. The second hole defines a second hole axis and is structured to lockingly engage a head of a second bone anchor inserted therein such that a shaft of the second bone anchor extends along the second hole axis.


Tether clamp and implantation system

A clamp housing assembly and method for providing stabilization as a bone anchor during an operation. The assembly includes a housing, a locking element and a band.


Suture anchor

An anchor device and system for coupling soft tissue to osseous tissue includes a stopper member that supports a loop of suture material. A fixing member includes features that allow it to be rigidly coupled to surrounding bone and thus hold the stopper member in a cavity within the bone.


Anchor-delivery sheath tip

Apparatus is provided for use with a guidewire, the apparatus including a tissue anchor, and a tool for facilitating implanting of the tissue anchor. The tool includes a sheath, and an atraumatic tip, which is removably engaged to a distal end of the sheath, and which is shaped so as to define a body that defines a recess for housing the tissue anchor during guiding of the tool through vasculature of a patient..


Joining devices, kits and methods

A device comprising: a flexible tube comprising a first collapsible end portion; a first actuating element segment secured to the first collapsible end portion and extending along the first collapsible end portion, wherein, when the first collapsible end portion is threaded through a first aperture and the first actuating element segment is pulled proximally, the first collapsible end portion collapses proximally and forms a bulge larger than the first aperture, thereby anchoring the flexible tube against a rim of the first aperture.. .


Meniscus horn relocation device and method

Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for relocating a meniscus horn in a knee. The invention may be deployed during an arthroscopic procedure to apply external forces to a meniscus horn to pull the meniscus into a load bearing area of the knee, which may reduce contact stresses on articular cartilage in the knee and thereby ameliorate pain associated with an osteoarthritic joint.


Methods of soft tissue fixation using filamentary tissue anchors

A method of tissue fixation, which includes inserting a sleeve into a bone hole. The sleeve includes first and second openings and a length of filament slidably disposed therethrough.


Anti-ligature dispenser

A dispenser includes a backplate mountable to a surface. The backplate has a cover associated with it.


Mechanical processing tool, and process and equipment for making a mechanical processing tool

A tool for mechanical processing, preferably a brush, comprises a tool body, a plurality of filaments having a first portion anchored to the tool body and a second portion designed to apply a brushing action when the body is rotated about its axis, wherein the body comprises a retaining portion defining the body and made from a binder material in which the first portion of the filaments is embedded and incorporated to make it integral with the body. The body has a plurality of windows designed to improve the heat exchange of the first portion of the filaments with the environment during the rotation of the brush at high speeds so as to reduce the temperature..


Bag attachment apparatus and bag therefor

An apparatus including a base, a bag attachment portion, and an anchor member. The base extends at least partially in a plane.


Method and simultaneously receiving on two carriers and performing discontinuous transmission and reception in dual cell high speed downlink packet access

A method and an apparatus for simultaneously receiving on two carriers and performing discontinuous transmission (dtx) and discontinuous reception (drx) in dual cell high speed downlink packet access (dc-hsdpa) are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) receives a message for activating drx for at least one of an anchor carrier and a supplementary carrier and applies the same drx pattern to the anchor carrier and the supplementary carrier upon reception of the message.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Wifi boost with lte ip anchor

A radio access network element includes a base station configured to: allocate, based on received radio link measurement information, at least a first portion of downlink packet data convergence protocol (pdcp) packets received at the base station for delivery to a user equipment over a wireless local area network (wlan) link between a wlan access point and the user equipment, the received radio link measurement information being indicative of at least one of a wlan link quality and a loading of the wlan link; and output the first portion of the received downlink pdcp packets to the wlan access point for delivery to the user equipment over the wlan link.. .


Security key generation for dual connectivity

Techniques for the secure generation of a set of encryption keys to be used for communication between a wireless terminal and an assisting base station in a dual-connectivity scenario. An example method includes generating an assisting security key for the assisting base station, based on an anchor base station key.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Optoelectronic semiconductor chip, optoelectronic component, and producing semiconductor chips

An optoelectronic semiconductor chip includes a carrier and a semiconductor body having an active layer that generates electromagnetic radiation, wherein the semiconductor body is arranged on the carrier, the semiconductor body has a first main surface facing away from the carrier and a second main surface facing the carrier, the semiconductor chip has a side surface having an anchoring structure, and the second main surface is arranged between the first main surface and the anchoring structure.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Systems and methods for secure provisioning of production electronic circuits

To securely configure an electronic circuit and provision a product that includes the electronic circuit, a first entity (e.g., a chip manufacturer) embeds one or more secret values into copies of the circuit. A second entity (e.g., an oem): 1) derives a trust anchor from a code signing public key; 2) embeds the trust anchor in a first circuit copy; 3) causes the first circuit copy to generate a secret key derived from the trust anchor and the embedded secret value(s); 4) signs provisioning code using a code signing private key; and 5) sends the code signing public key, the trust anchor, and the signed provisioning code to a third entity (e.g., a product manufacturer).
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method of improving nlp processing of real-world forms via element-level template correlation

A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for identifying unchecked criteria within a form. Natural language processing (nlp) is applied to unstructured data within a target form to identify elements of a form structure.
International Business Machines Corporation


Message storage in memory blocks using codewords

A codeword is generated from a message. One or more anchor values are appended to the codeword at predetermined anchor positions.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Multi-fiber fiber optic connector

A fiber optic cable assembly includes a fiber optic cable and a fiber optic connector. The cable includes a jacket having an elongated transverse cross-sectional profile that defines a major axis and a minor axis.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Magnetic probe cable anchor with metal marker bands

A magnetic anchor base assembly can include a magnetic coupling component and magnetic sub-components integrated therewith. Each magnetic sub-component can be configured to magnetically couple with a metal band that is configured to couple with a test probe..
Tektronix, Inc.


Z-axis microelectromechanical detection structure with reduced drifts

Described herein is a microelectromechanical detection structure, provided with: a substrate having a top surface extending in a plane; a detection-electrode arrangement; an inertial mass, suspended above the substrate and the detection-electrode arrangement; and elastic elements, coupling the inertial mass to a central anchorage element fixed with respect to the substrate, in such a way that it is free to rotate about an axis of rotation as a function of a quantity to be detected along a vertical axis, the central anchorage element being arranged at the axis of rotation. A suspension structure is coupled to the detection-electrode arrangement for supporting it, suspended above the substrate and underneath the inertial mass, and is anchored to the substrate via at least one first anchorage region; the fixed-electrode arrangement is anchored to the suspension structure via at least one second anchorage region..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Mirco-electro-mechanical system device

The invention provides an mems device. The mems device includes: a substrate, a proof mass, a spring, a spring anchor, a first electrode anchor, and a second electrode anchor, a first fixed electrode and a second fixed electrode.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Check valve

A check valve includes a hollow cylindrical valve body including an inclined rim at a first end, an annular section on an inner surface and tapered to a second end, and an annular groove on an outer surface; a hollow cylindrical outlet member including an axial channel, openings around an end surface, an internal annular trough, an annular flange extending outward from the trough of the outlet member, and an annular groove on an outer surface; a moveable member including an annular groove on an outer surface, a stem distal the groove of the moveable member, and an annular trough on an inner surface; a ring including an axial channel and openings around the channel; and a biasing member having a first end anchored in the trough of the moveable member and a second end anchored in the trough of the outlet member.. .


Caliper disc brake of a vehicle, in particular of a commercial vehicle, and brake caliper of such a brake

A caliper disc brake of a vehicle, in particular of a commercial vehicle, with a brake disc having an axis of rotation, a brake caliper (20), a brake anchor plate (22), a force transmission element, such as, for example, a lining support (26) and/or a pressure plate, which is guided and supported in a shall of the brake caliper or of the brake anchor plate, a holding-down spring (32) for holding down the force transmission element, and a holding-down device (36) which is held and supported on the caliper by a holding device, pretensions the holding-down spring radially against the force transmission device and pretensions the holding-down spring tangentially in the direction of rotation against the force transmission device during forwards travel, wherein the holding device has a centre line lying parallel to the axis of rotation. The tangential pre-tensioning is at least partially attributed to the fact that the dimension of the holding-down device, as measured in the tangential direction from the centre line, are larger at least in sections on the disc exit side than on the disc entry side..
Wabco Europe Bvba


Yieldable rock anchor

The invention relates to a yieldable rock anchor (10) comprising an anchor element (12) extending along a longitudinal center axis (a) and having a first end (14), a second end (16) and an outer surface (18). An anchor plate (20) is attached near the first end (14) of the anchor element, and an anchor head (22) is secured to the first end of the anchor element and adapted to clampingly engage the anchor plate (20).
Minova International Limited


Helical control line connector for connecting to a downhole completion receptacle

Systems including wellbore tubing having an anchor assembly, an upper control line connector coupled to the anchor assembly, a first housing, and a first connector. The first connector provides a first angular mating face that faces tangentially with respect to the first housing, an upper control line operatively coupled to the first housing, and first communication media that extend through the first housing to the first angular mating face.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Riser support

Apparatus and method for supporting a riser are disclosed. The apparatus includes an anchoring element for anchoring a riser to a fixed structure, and a supporting portion configured to support a section of flexible pipe, the supporting portion having a bearing surface for the section of flexible pipe to bear against to thereby restrain the flexible pipe from upward movement..
Wellstream International Limited


Hinge for the rotatable movement of a door, a shutter or the like

A hinge for the controlled rotatable movement of at least one closing element, such as a door, a shutter or the like, anchorable to a stationary support structure, such as a wall, a floor, a frame or the like. The hinge includes: a hinge body and a pivot reciprocally coupled to rotate around a first axis (x); a working chamber defining a second axis (y) substantially perpendicular to the first axis (x); a plunger element sliding along the second axis (y) between a position proximal to the rear wall of the working chamber and a distal position thereto..
Ol.mi S.r.l.


Corrosion-protected tension member and plastically deformable disc of corrosion protection material for such a tension member

A corrosion-protected tension member (10) comprises a plurality of tension elements (14) and an anchor device (44) with an anchor element (16) which is designed to transmit tension forces from the tension elements (14) to a superior structure (12), at least one elastically compressible sealing disc (28), and a supporting device (26) which is arranged on that side of the at least one sealing disc (28) which faces away from the anchor element (16). According to the invention, when the tension member (10) is in a state in which it is preassembled but not yet placed under tensile stress, at least one plastically deformable disc (30) of corrosion protection material is arranged between the anchor element (16) and the at least one sealing disc (28)..
Dywidag-systems International Gmbh


Guy wire anchoring systems, brackets and kits

The present disclosure provides guy wire anchoring brackets, guy wire anchoring kits, and guy wire anchoring systems that effectively reduce the land right-of-way needed to anchor guy wires attached to free standing structures. The guy wire anchoring brackets interconnect one or more helical piles in an angular relationship so that they act in unison to resist loading and reduce the real estate needed to anchor guy wires.
Hubbell Incorporated


Anchoring system for concrete panels in a stabilized earth structure

The concrete panel anchoring assembly including a concrete panel having a rear face and a connector member projecting from a rear face of the concrete panel. The connector member includes an attachment loop and a saddle element assembled together..


Device for manufacturing a fibrous product

This forming device is intended to be mounted on a flight (6) of a conveyor for transporting a fibrous product through a heating device, where the flight (6) defines a receiving surface (63) for the fibrous product. The forming device has a forming block (8), a main part (81) of which is intended to be arranged at the front of the receiving surface (63), and at least one anchoring element (9) which is intended to be fixed to the flight by being arranged at the rear of the receiving surface (63).
Saint-gobain Isover


Method for detecting telomerase via washing-free anchored-extension and telomeric-binding amplification, and kit

Provided is a new method for telomerase amplification—washing-free anchored-extension and telomeric-binding amplification (wata). The method comprises: utilizing an anchored telomerase primer to conduct telomere ttagggg sequence (“g sequence”) extension; hybridizing with a template probe having a universal pcr primer sequence and six units of telomere ccctaa sequence (“c sequence”) on the extended g sequence; removing the uncombined template probe via an enzyme digestion reaction; and the template probe combined with the g sequence conducts pcr reaction, the amplification product being a peculiar dna fragment of a fixed length..
Zhejiang Jfk Biological Technology Co. Ltd.


Well treatment

A method for treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore, comprising: providing a treatment slurry comprising a carrying fluid, a solid particulate and an anchorant; injecting the treatment slurry into a fracture to form a substantially uniformly distributed mixture of the solid particulate and the anchorant; and transforming the substantially uniform mixture into areas that are rich in solid particulate and areas that are substantially free of solid particulate, wherein the solid particulate and the anchorant have substantially dissimilar velocities in the fracture and wherein said transforming results from said substantially dissimilar velocities is provided.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Method of lower profile mems package with stress isolations

Mems packages, modules, and methods of fabrication are described. In an embodiment, a mems package includes a mems die and an ic die mounted on a front side of a surface mount substrate, and a molding compound encapsulating the ic die and the mems die on the front side of the surface mount substrate.
Apple Inc.


Convenient cover opening and closing method, system, and apparatus

A convenient cover opening and closing method, system, and apparatus are described. A cover grasper, adjustable tension, an anchor, and a stabilizer provide the necessary torques so that a cover opens and closes in a controlled smooth manner.


Method for installing an item of equipment in a cabin of an aircraft

A method for installing an item of equipment in a cabin, includes: determining the actual position of each anchoring location provided for the equipment in a first reference system and of each fixing location of the equipment in a second reference system, positioning the second reference system relative to the first reference system, prior to the installation of the equipment in the cabin, adjusting each adjustable connection in accordance with at least one characteristic determined from the actual position determined for each anchoring location and for each fixing location, positioning the adjusted adjustable connections which connect the equipment to the cabin.. .
Airbus Sas


Light-limiting header assembly for a transition area within an interior cabin of an aircraft

A header assembly is configured to be secured between an inboard structure and an outboard structure within an internal cabin of an aircraft. The header assembly may include a main body including a first panel connected to an opposed second panel by a base panel.
The Boeing Company


Cable anchoring device

A cable anchoring device may be provided that includes: an anchoring cap which includes a fastening protrusion for the fastening to a bracket; an anchoring socket which includes a first body in which a bracket anchoring groove is formed, and a second body which is inserted into the anchoring cap; and a pressing member which is disposed between the second body and the anchoring cap. When the bracket is inserted into the bracket anchoring groove, the anchoring cap moves by the pressing member, so that the fastening protrusion is inserted into a fastening groove of the bracket..
Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Soccer training device

A training device assists soccer players to deflect a soccer ball by bouncing off a vertical wall. The vertical wall includes an anchor wall acting as a brace that extends at an angle where stakes pass through which allows the device to be anchored to ground.


Safety line anchor

An anchor arrangement for a safety line system is for use with a bracket to secure to a structure for mounting the safety line. The anchor arrangement either includes an alignment collar arranged to seat in a seat provided on the bracket, the alignment collar being able to seat in a plurality of different orientations with respect to the bracket; a resilient biasing means acting between the bracket and a reaction member provided as part of the anchor arrangement or a tension indicator for the safety line, which has a part of the bracket aligned adjacent and indicia zone on the anchor arrangement..
Latchways Plc


Craniofacial neurostimulation for treatment of pain conditions

Electrical neurostimulation leads for use in craniofacial peripheral nerve neurostimulation (e.g. Occipital neurostimulation).


Unitary strain-relieving intravenous (iv) anchor system

A system for strain relieving intravenous (iv) assembly includes a dressing and an anchor portion for use with the dressing. In various embodiments, the dressing may cover an injection site into a portion of a patient's body for an intravenous (iv) assembly that provides fluid communication between the injection site and a fluid reservoir remote from the injection site through a flexible tube.
Fasttrack Medical Solutions Llc


Cardiac pump implantation device and method

A system and method for implanting a ventricular assist device (“vad”) within the heart includes one or more tools, each having a body with a passage. Each tool body can be engaged with an anchor ring assembly secured to the heart.
Heartware, Inc.


Intervertebral disc prosthesis and instrumentation for insertion of the prosthesis between the vertebrae

The present invention relates to an intervertebral disc prosthesis and insertion instrumentation, the prosthesis comprising at least first and second osseous anchoring means, the first osseous anchoring means disposed proximal to the periphery of the plate on which it is situated and the second osseous anchoring means being offset along the antero-posterior axis, the second osseous anchoring means comprising a basal portion and a sharp-edged portion of width narrower than the basal portion. The instrumentation comprises a rod fitted with at least two feet forming a clip and sliding in a tube, sliding the rod in the tube, in the direction of the manipulation end, causing closing of the clip by contact between the exterior of the feet and a truncated portion of the tube and sliding the rod in the tube, in the direction of the prehension end, causing opening of the clip by contact between an axis and the interior of the feet of the rod..
Ldr Medical


A medical device for reconstruction of a humerus for the operative treatment of a proximal humerus fracture

The invention provides an implantable medical device for treatment of a proximal humerus fracture, comprising a base element to be anchored in the medullar cavity of the humeral shaft, a support element to be fixed with respect to the base element, wherein the support element is configured to support one or more bone fragments, wherein the medical device comprises positioning members configured to position the support element with respect to the base element in a range of rotational positions and axial positions, and wherein the medical device comprises a fixation device to fixate the support element, within the range of rotational positions and axial positions, in a desired rotational and axial position with respect to the base element. In an embodiment, the medical device is a non-occluding medical device, wherein after implantation the medullar cavity is not occluded by the medical device due to the open and non canal filling structure of the device preserving blood flow to the reattached bone fragments..


System and treating valve insufficiency or vessel dilatation

A medical device configured for placement in a blood vessel, in which an elastic tube extends between first and second expandable anchoring stents. The elastic tube is constructed of a resilient material that deflects outward in response to increased blood pressure of a heart beat and that moves back inward as the blood pressure drops, thereby aiding the heart's pumping action..
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Spinal implants with stem cells

A spinal implant device has a synthetic or metallic or a combination thereof of these materials in an implant body structure and stem cells in a coating, or a sheet, wrap or a membrane wrap applied to surfaces on the implant body structure or alternatively filled with a plug of stem cell laden material. The implant body structure preferably has an aperture or channel the spinal implant device may include anchoring holes to secure the device to the spinal skeletal structure with fasteners or alternatively can simply be held in place by and between adjacent vertebrae..
Vivex Biomedical, Inc.


Dental implant with coronal groove structure

The invention relates to a dental implant, comprising an implant body which extends in a longitudinal direction from an apical end to a coronal end and which has a first bone anchoring surface extending from the apical end to a transition portion lying between the apical and the coronal end, and a second bone anchoring surface extending from the transition portion to the coronal end, said second bone anchoring surface having at least one groove extending in a circumferential direction of the second bone anchoring surface, said groove being defined in the radially inward direction by a groove bottom surface and on both sides in the axial direction by groove flank surfaces extending from the groove bottom surface to an outer surface.. .
Bego Implant Systems Gmbh & Co., Kg


Implants for enhanced anchoring within bone

Implants for anchoring within bone are provided herein. An implant may include at least one thread extending around a core in a plurality of turns from the coronal region to the apical region.
Jjgc Industria E Comercio De Materiais Dentarios S/a


Bone anchor driver and methods

Methods and devices are provided for using a bone anchor driver for driving inner and outer set closure mechanisms or set screws into a bone anchor assembly. In one embodiment, a bone anchor driver is provided that includes an outer shaft configured to engage an outer set screw coupled to a bone anchor assembly, an inner shaft disposed within the outer shaft and configured to engage an inner set screw coupled to the bone anchor assembly, and a torque limiting mechanism configured to automatically switch between a first position in which it is disengaged from the inner shaft and is engaged with the outer shaft, and a second position in which it is disengaged from the outer shaft and is engaged with the inner shaft..
Medos International Sarl


Bone screw

A bone screw includes a screw shaft with an external thread. The screw shaft anchors the bone screw in a bone.
Aesculap Ag


Intramedullary anchor-screw fracture fixation

The present invention relates to an improved intramedullary fracture fixation device, the device including a first fastener comprising a head and an at least partially threaded shaft extending from the head, a tiltable load spreading element adapted to couple to the first fastener and having a bone-contacting surface defining bone engagement features and a head-contacting surface, and a second fastener having external threads and a central bore for receiving the threaded shaft of the first fastener. The central bore defines an inner wall surface which is at least partially threaded, the inner wall surface being configured for mating engagement on the outer surface of the shaft of the first fastener such that rotation of the first fastener relative to the second fastener causes the translation of the first fastener relative to the second fastener along the shaft.


Coupling assembly and polyaxial bone anchoring device comprising the same

When the locking element (7, 7′) is in the second position, a head (3, 3′) of an anchoring element (1, 1′) can be locked by exertion of a pressure force directly onto the head (3, 3′) such as to press the head against the retainer element (6).. .


Uniplanar bone anchor system

The present teachings provide one or more surgical implements for repairing damaged tissue, such as in the case of a spinal fixation procedure. A uniplanar bone anchor system for a fixation procedure is provided.
Ebi, Llc


Wire tensioner tip for use with wire fixation bolt

A wire tensioner tip for use with a wire fixation bolt. First and second wires may be anchored to and tensioned across an external fixator frame with first and second wire tensioners.
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children


Apparatus and methods for tissue anchoring of medical devices

An apparatus for tissue anchoring of a medical device includes a retention member and an elastic member secured between ends of the retention member. The retention member, being transformable along a longitudinal axis of the apparatus, is held by a spring bias of the elastic member in a first, gripping state; and, when opposing forces compress the elastic member, the retention member is transformed to a second, open state.
Medtronic, Inc.


Embolisation systems

A bristle device for delivery into a body lumen comprises a longitudinally extending stem 1 and a plurality of bristles extending generally outwardly from the stem for anchoring the device in a body lumen. There may be at least two bristle segments and in some cases there are flexible sections between the segments.
Embo Medical Limited


Methods and devices for threading sutures

Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one embodiment, an elongate weave of fibers can be provided having a first portion with a first pick count and a second portion with a second pick count that is greater than the first pick count.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Bone anchor having improved fixation strength

Bone anchors having improved fixation are discussed. The bone anchors include an anchor body and radially protruding ribs that extend approximately parallel to a longitudinal axis of the bone anchor.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Boot top opening covers

A top covering for a boot includes an anchor having two ends with a length between, the two ends each having an attachment member, the anchor adapted to secure to a front side of the boot. The top covering also includes a pouch having a pocket and two ends with a length between, the two ends each having an attachment member that cooperate with the attachment members on the two ends of the anchor for securing the pouch around the boot, and a fastener for alternately opening and closing the pocket.


Buckle-free belt

A buckle-free or buckleless belt is disclosed. According to various configurations, the belt can be lightweight, low profile, and highly durable.


Tree anchoring apparatus, kit and method

Tree anchoring apparatus has a plurality of interlocking anchor units with each anchor unit having connection means that allow the anchor unit to be secured to at least one adjacent anchor unit, an anchoring point provided for each anchor unit, and a cable or strap securable to at least one of the anchoring points. The plurality of interlocking anchor units are transportable disengaged from one another and can be interlocked with each other in situ to jointly provide a surface for supporting an overburden of soil.
Platipus Anchors Holding Ltd.


Thermally actuated vents for electronic devices

Thermally actuated vents for electronic devices. An embodiment of an apparatus includes a vent having a first position and a second position, wherein the first position is an open position and the second position is a closed position; a muscle wire, a first end of the muscle wire being coupled with a connection to the vent and a second end of the muscle wire being coupled with an anchor point; and a tension element, a first end of the tension element being coupled with the vent at a connection point.
Intel Corporation


Multicarrier selection

Embodiments of the disclosure provide a carrier selection method and device for multicarrier, to implement that an optimal carrier combination is obtained by searching. The method includes: acquiring an absolute radio frequency channel number arfcn that is of each carrier of n carriers allocated to a receiving end and in each frame of a radio block, where n is a positive integer, and n≧2; respectively selecting, from the n carriers, a different carrier as an anchor carrier, and searching within a search range of the anchor carrier according to the arfcn of each carrier in each frame of the radio block and a maximum carrier frequency spacing supported by the receiving end, to determine a carrier set of the anchor carrier; and selecting, from the carrier sets of anchor carriers of the n carriers, at least one carrier set as a carrier selection result..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Dynamic indication of time division (tdd) duplex uplink/downlink subframe configurations

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to techniques for dynamic indication of time division duplex (tdd) uplink (ul)/downlink (dl) subframe configuration to user equipments. A base station may identify one or more anchor subframes and one or more non-anchor subframes in a frame.
Qualcomm Incorproated


Method and apparatus to handle user equipment context for dual connectivity in enhanced small cell networks

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for handling user equipment (ue) context for dual connectivity in, for example, enhanced small cell networks are provided. One method includes associating small cell identifiers that are assigned by an anchor evolved node b (enb) with a unique cell identifier related to the anchor enb, and reporting user equipment (ue) history information in dual connectivity mode to a target evolved node b (enb).
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Non-mobile authentication for mobile network gateway connectivity

In general, techniques are described for emulating mobile authentication methods to establish authenticated connectivity between a mobile service provider gateway and a wireless device attached to an alternate access network. For example, a system operating according to the described techniques includes a mobile service provider network, an alternate access network having an access gateway, and an authentication server of the mobile service provider network that receives a network access request.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Persistent anchored supplementary content for digital reading

Persistent anchored supplementary content for digital reading is provided. One embodiment creates a comment thread comprising a comment icon and an associated comment thread at a point of interest within an e-document presented on an e-reading device.
Kobo Incorporated


Traffic flow redirection between border routers using routing encapsulation

In response to receiving one or more packets from an interface, an anchoring border router classifies the traffic flow and either transmits the packets based upon the routing control table as usual, or determines that the packets of the traffic flow are to be forwarded to a forwarding border router. Upon determining that the packets are to be forwarded, the packets are encapsulated with a routing encapsulation key corresponding to a routing path and are forwarded from the anchoring border router to the forwarding border router via a routing encapsulation tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Hollow supports and anchors for mechanical resonators

A micromechanical resonator having one or more anchoring stems which are hollow to increase resonator q factor. By way of example a micromechanical disk resonator embodiment is shown utilizing a resonant micromechanical disk anchored by a stem between at least one electrode used for input and output.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Multichannel relay assembly with in line mems switches

An ohmic rf mems relay includes a substrate with a capacitive coupling, csub; two actuating elements electrically coupled in series, so as to define a channel, wherein the actuating elements are configured to be independently actuated or simultaneously operated. The actuating elements have their own capacitive coupling, cgap; a midpoint on the channel is in electrical communication with the actuating elements; and an anchor mechanically coupled to the substrate and supporting at least one of the actuating elements.
General Electric Company

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