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 Method and device for anchor master selection patent thumbnailMethod and device for anchor master selection
A method for anchor master selection includes: a device receives a nan beacon frame, where the nan beacon frame carries first am information and first tsf information, and the first am information includes: a first amr, a first hc, and a first ambtt; if the nan beacon frame is used for am selection, when the first amr is less than a second amr and an mr of the device is greater than the first amr, switching a role of the device to am, where second am information recorded in the device includes: the second amr, a second hc, and a second ambtt; and if the nan beacon frame is used for am selection, when the first amr is less than the second amr, and the mr of the device is less than the first amr, updating the second am information and second tsf information according to the nan beacon frame.. .
Huawei Device Co.,ltd.

 Method and  changing state of nan terminal in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and changing state of nan terminal in wireless communication system
An embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for changing the state of a neighbor awareness networking (nan) terminal in a wireless communication system, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a synchronization beacon frame from less than three terminals, within a discovery window; and changing the state on the basis of anchor master information of the synchronization beacon frame, wherein a received signal strength indication (rssi) of the synchronization beacon frame is between a first value and a second value, and if an anchor master rank value included in the synchronization beacon frame is greater than that stored in the terminal, the terminal converts the state from an asynchronous state to synchronous state.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Mems and/or nems dynamic pressure sensor with improved performances and microphone comprising such a sensor patent thumbnailMems and/or nems dynamic pressure sensor with improved performances and microphone comprising such a sensor
Dynamic pressure sensor of mems and/or nems type comprising a support and a rigid sensitive element anchored to the support by at least one anchoring zone, said sensitive element comprising a parallel first and a second face intended to be subjected to different pressures, said sensitive element being capable of having an out-of-plane displacement with respect to the support in a detection direction under the effect of a pressure difference, the pressure sensor also comprising a detector of a force applied to the sensitive element by the pressure difference.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

 Thermally actuated switch and forming dies patent thumbnailThermally actuated switch and forming dies
This invention is a thermally actuated switch in which a sealed vessel contains a fixed contact and a heat-sensitive-plate assembly that has a structure in which a movable contact is anchored to one lengthwise end of a heat-sensitive plate, one end of a metal support is anchored to the other end of said heat-sensitive plate, and the heat-sensitive plate is then drawn. The heat-sensitive-plate assembly has a dish-shaped drawn section near the middle of the heat-sensitive plate and has folded sections between the area where the movable contact is anchored and the widthwise edges of the heat-sensitive plate and also between the area where the metal support is anchored and the widthwise edges of the heat-sensitive plate..
Ubukata Industries Co., Ltd.

 Self-assembly of nanotubes patent thumbnailSelf-assembly of nanotubes
The present invention relates to a nanostructure comprising a first hollow nanotube having at least one open end and a first anchor structure comprising a first anchor portion configured to anchor within the open end of the first nanotube, the first anchor structure further comprising a tether portion arranged to allow at least a part of said tether portion to extend outside of the end of the nanotube.. .
Imperial Innovations Limited

 Device system for military and/or humanitarian operations, in particular a mobile decontamination system patent thumbnailDevice system for military and/or humanitarian operations, in particular a mobile decontamination system
A device system for military and/or humanitarian operations, in particular a mobile decontamination system, comprises a plurality of power-operated units, accessory parts and operating supplies, which together determine a functional scope of the device system. The power-operated units, accessory parts and operating supplies are mounted on a base plate by means of a retaining structure, said base plate having a defined placement surface and anchoring elements.
Kaercher Futuretech Gmbh

 Method for generating layout pattern patent thumbnailMethod for generating layout pattern
A method for generating a layout pattern includes following steps. A basic layout pattern including a plurality of first stripe patterns in a first cluster region is provided.
United Microelectronics Corp.

 Virtual-log-file method and system patent thumbnailVirtual-log-file method and system
The current document is directed to a virtual-log-file system that provides a browser-like display interface to users, enabling users to view the contents of log files. The virtual-log-file system assembles a virtual log file from the contents of one or more physical log files, applying filters and other processing to physical-log-file entries in order to generate the virtual-log-file entries logically contained within the virtual log file.
Vmware, Inc.

 Method for providing selection overlays on electronic consumer content patent thumbnailMethod for providing selection overlays on electronic consumer content
Disclosed is a method and system for applying summaries to electronic content by generating an essence layer file which includes user generated annotations highlighting important parts of given electronic content. The essence layer file is applied on top of and is anchored to the electronic content rather than editing the saved file that the electronic content is stored as.
C. Kleinferchner Consulting Kg

 Method for reducing the swinging of ships, anchored or moored to a buoy, and device for the implementation thereof patent thumbnailMethod for reducing the swinging of ships, anchored or moored to a buoy, and device for the implementation thereof
A method for reducing the swinging of an anchored or moored to a buoy ship, by the suitable activation of the bow thruster and the stern thruster of the ship in accordance with the signals obtained by at least one of the following sensors: a) gyroscope, b) magnetometer, c) anemometer, d) gps, e) inertial navigation system, f) a device measuring the angle between the longitudinal axis of the ship and the vertical plane through the anchor chain of the ship, is described.. .

Interferometric modulator mirror design without metal layer in the hinge

Various implementations described herein involve interferometric modulators (imods), which may be single-mirror imods (smis). Such imods may include an absorber stack and a mirror stack.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

Imaging device having structure using anchor mechanism

The imaging device is constituted of a lens, an imaging device receiving the incident light and converting the incident light to be an electrical signal, a cylindrical member accommodating the lens, a holder holding the imaging device, a groove formed of an outer periphery surface of the cylindrical member and an inner periphery surface of the holder, an adhesive provided in the groove with the outer periphery surface and the inner periphery surface being contacted with each other, and an anchor mechanism provided in the groove, producing an anchor effect in combination with the adhesive, thereby increasing the strength of a joint between the cylindrical member and the holder.. .
Denso Corporation

Arcuate saddles with adhesive strips

Certain embodiments of the present invention relate to arcuate saddles typically used to anchor and suspend insulated or non-insulated pipes. One or more adhesive strips are mounted to the interior, concave surface of the saddles.
Buckaroos, Inc.

Valve system

A valve comprising a base plate defining an inlet and outlet passageway. A cover plate is disposed on the base plate and defines a first and second channel.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Expanding wall anchor and use for fixing a component to a support material

Expanding wall anchor, comprising (i) a threaded longitudinal body formed as a single piece with an expansion cone at one of its ends, this cone being connected to the rest of the body by a cylindrical portion of diameter d1 smaller than the nominal diameter d of the body, and (ii) an expanding sleeve of thickness e mounted around the said cylindrical portion of the body and through which the expansion cone is intended to be moved in order to deform the sleeve and anchor the wall anchor in a hole in a support material, characterized in that the ratio d1/d is greater than or equal to 60% and the ratio e/d1 is greater than or equal to 22%.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Downhole tool

The invention provides a downhole initiator tool (10, 210, 410, 610) for use in initiating a downhole operation, and a method of use. The downhole initiator tool comprises a mandrel (34, 234, 434, 634), an initiator assembly (26, 226, 426, 626), and an anchor assembly (28, 228, 428, 628) mounted on the mandrel.
Xtreme Well Technology Limited

Hinge assembly

A hinge assembly is provided in the form of a toggle type hinge, with an arm assembly (11) anchorable in use to a first member and a cup flange (13) pivotally connected thereto and anchorable in use to a second member. The assembly includes a linear damping device (15) and a mechanism for converting pivotal movement of the hinge into actuation of the damping device, at least over part of the range of this pivotal movement.
Lama D. D. Dekani

Self-righting flexible delineator with protective collar and method thereof

A delineator system includes an anchor having an end portion and a post extending along a longitudinal direction and having an end portion overlapping with the end portion of the anchor. The overlapping end portions are coupled together with an engagement member.
Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.

Semiconductor pressure sensor and fabricating same

In a semiconductor pressure sensor, a fixed electrode is formed as the same layer as a diffusion layer formed to extend from a surface of a semiconductor substrate to inside of the semiconductor substrate. A void is formed by removing a sacrifice film, which is a region constituted of the same film as a floating gate electrode.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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Support structure floating in the open sea and connected to anchors by bracing means, for wind turbines, service stations or converter stations

Furthermore, the first component has first buoyant bodies arranged at the corner points of a polygon and serving as carriers of the second component and second buoyant bodies connecting them with one another and having a tube shape. A nodal structure connecting at least two second buoyant bodies with one another and at least one u-shaped junction plate are arranged in the first buoyant body.

Through anchor

A through anchor (10), in which, when an occupant is restrained by a webbing (28) in a vehicle emergency, the webbing (28) is moved to the vehicle front side of an insertion hole (20) of a guide piece (18) due to movement of the occupant under inertia, and a vehicle front side end face of the webbing (28) contacts a displacement wall (26) of the guide piece (18) at high load. Rigidity of the displacement wall (26) of the guide piece (18) is reduced due to a displacement hole (24).
Enshu Co., Ltd

Through anchor

In a through anchor (10), when an occupant is restrained by webbing (30) in a vehicle emergency, the webbing (30) is moved to the vehicle front side in an insertion hole (22) of a guide piece (18) by movement of the occupant due to inertia, and a vehicle front side end face of the webbing (30) contacts a peripheral face of the insertion hole (22) at high load. A gap is formed between the guide piece (18) and an anchor plate (12).
Enshu Co., Ltd

Malecot enhancement with biasing spring member

A tubular medical device, such as an elongate catheter is provided. The catheter includes an anchor mechanism with two or more arms biased toward an expanded position and can be urged toward a narrower insertion position.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (timp) linked to glycosylphosphatidylinositol (gpi) - anchors for treatment of cancer and skin lesions

The present invention relates to fusion constructs of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (gpi)-anchored tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (timps) and their use for the treatment of cancer and in regenerative medicine. By this approach, the gpi-anchored timp proteins are incorporated into the surface membrane of tumor cells and render tumor cells sensitive to fas-induced apoptosis.

Implantable drug delivery device and a system & deployment of such devices

A drug delivery device is formed from an elastic sleeve deployed around a core, with first and second edge portions inwardly inverted. When a fluid is introduced between the core and the sleeve, the sleeve inflates to form a reservoir with a pressure of the fluid pressing the inwardly-inverted extremities portions against the core.
Microsert Ltd.

Long bone resurfacing bone lock

A locking implant is provided for a long bone. The locking implant comprises a head portion, a stem portion extending from the head portion, and an anchor disposed at an end of the stem portion for engagement within a resected long bone.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Glenoid anchor for a shoulder joint prosthesis

At least one pair of oppositely arranged anti-rotation notches in the proximity of said annular groove for receiving by means of snap fit oppositely arranged teeth of the same lug intended to be snap-engaged together with said pin.. .

Tissue anchors and percutaneous tricuspid valve repair using a tissue anchor

The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of identifying a suitable location on the tricuspid annulus, placing a wire across the tricuspid annulus at such an identified location, deploying a tissue anchor across such an identified location, deploying two or more tissue anchors and coupling the tissue anchors with a flexible tensioning member, and applying tension to a flexible tensioning member that is coupled with the two or more tissue anchors, plicating tissues between each pair of the two or more tissue anchors, and reducing the circumference of the tricuspid annuls.
Mitralign, Inc.

Systems and methods for heart valve therapy

Prosthetic mitral valves described herein can be deployed using a transcatheter mitral valve delivery system and technique to interface and anchor in cooperation with the anatomical structures of a native mitral valve. This document describes prosthetic heart valve designs and techniques to manage blood flow through the left ventricular outflow tract.
Caisson Interventional Llc

System and spine ligament reconstruction

A simple and flexible non-synthetic ligament which easily conforms to a patient's anatomy and can be used independently or in combination with an intervertebral graft, implant or prosthesis. A single length of allograft or autograft is provided, per each side of the vertebral column, to replace and recreate the spinal ligament spanning adjacent vertebrae.
Arthrex, Inc.

Device for fixation of a flexible element, particularly a natural or synthetical ligament or tendon, to a bone

The invention relates to a device (1) for fixing a flexible element (10), particularly in the form of an artificial or natural ligament or a tendon, to a bone (20), comprising: an insert (100) being designed to hold said flexible element (10), and an anchor (200), wherein the insert (100) is designed to be inserted into said anchor (200), and wherein the anchor (200) is designed to be inserted into a bore hole (2) of said bone (20) together with said insert (100) inserted into the anchor (200) to fix the flexible element (10) to the bone (20).. .
Universitat Zurich

Bioroot(r) anatomic endosseous dental implant

The bioroot® anatomic endosseous dental implant begins as a block of yttria-stabilized, zirconia oxide (mol3% y3zro2) that is milled and processed into a single piece dental implant with a custom built abutment to which a dental prosthesis can be attached after a three to four month osseointegration period, with unique retention devices that can be round, ovoid, or oblong-shaped, of any size desired with a varied number of holes (see drawings figs. 1, 1 and 2, figs.

Bone plate system

Bone plate systems are provided for surgical implants and bone repair. The bone plate is multi-tiered for receiving bone anchors screws for securing a plurality of bones or bone fragments in a desired relationship.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Joint arthrodesis and arthroplasty

An implantable fixation system for fusing a joint between a first bone and a second bone. The system may include an anchor, standoff, bolt, and cortical washer.

Bone anchoring assemblies and methods of use

A fixation system is described that can be secured to a bony structure, such as a pedicle of a vertebrae. For example, the fixation system can include a pedicle screw and a receiver element.
Trinity Orthopedics, Llc

Rotatable bone plate

Bone plates and assemblies for stabilizing bony structures. More particularly, the bone plates having an elongate body to which an integrated rod is formed.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Suture anchor comprising suture filament and suture tape

A suture anchor that is configured to pull repair sutures into a pre-formed hole in bone or boney tissue, having a fibrous construct having a first side and a second side; and a first filament body passing through the fibrous construct, the first filament body forming a first pair of loops that interleave with one another on one of the first side or the second side of the fibrous construct.. .
Conmed Corporation

Dermal anchor base

A dermal anchor system for body jewelry is disclosed. The system allows for improved installation and removal of dermal anchor body jewelry by allowing for application of an external force to counteract tightening and loosening forces related to the jewelry.
Intrinsic Body Inc.

Dually adjustable, anchored, parallel lacing technology

A lacing system having multiple anchor types, i.e., interior anchors, end anchors, and dynamically adjustable anchors, that, in combination with parallel lacing technology, provide instant and reliable fastening for shoes, boots, and other articles of manufacture. The lace is threaded and anchored so that, a single arcuate pull on the movable fastener(s) causes the multiple lace segments to move through the eyelets of the shoe, and align in unison, so that the entire shoe opening contracts (or opens wide) simultaneously.

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System reinforced handles attached to a lower torso flap inset of a garment

A system which consists of bands, assembled and anchored to a flap which is inserted to the side seam of a garment of a motorcycle or jet ski driver, the bands as strong as the seat belt are elongated sewn down along the back of the to the sides. The bands are part and parcel of the handholds threading through and securely fixed at the torso area of the driver.

Nomadic node attachment procedure

Systems and methods related to attachment of nomadic network nodes in a cellular communications network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of operation of a network control entity comprises receiving an attach request for attachment of a nomadic node to an anchor node, where the attach request comprises information indicative of one or more requirements of the nomadic node related to traffic and/or service demands.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Converter for converting energy to be recovered and electricity generator

A converter including a transducer layer which moves anchoring points to deform a piezoelectric diaphragm by bending. The converter includes a rigid arm between each anchoring point and a point for securing to the piezoelectric diaphragm to which it is attached, the rigid arm being tensioned between the anchoring point and the securing point and configured to transform movement of the anchoring points into a movement that deforms the piezoelectric diaphragm between bent and less bent positions.
Commissariat À L'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives

Field deployable docking station for mobile robots

A deployable docking station for supporting at least one mobile robot is provided. The deployable docking station includes a housing and an anchor connected to the housing.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Low-profile, after-aligned, universal point mount

An anchor for lightning protection systems includes a base and pad that extend over a sufficient area and a sufficient bearing length to hold in shear and in tension against the weight, shear force, and moment of cables, points, and other components of a lightning protection systems. A universal point mount may be forged to optimize cross sectional area and contact surface area throughout the mounting system.
Lightning Protection Systems, Llc

Metal-oxide anchored graphene and carbon-nanotube hybrid foam

A metal oxide anchored graphene and carbon nanotube hybrid foam can be formed via a two-step process. The method can include forming at least one graphene layer and a plurality of carbon nanotubes onto a surface of a porous metal substrate by chemical vapor deposition to form a coated porous metal substrate, and depositing a plurality of metal oxide nanostructures onto a surface of the coated porous metal substrate to form the metal oxide anchored graphene and carbon nanotube hybrid foam..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Guitar string bender

The invention pertains to a string bender device for use with a stringed instrument, particularly with a guitar. The bending device comprises a mount, an activation lever and a spring device coupled therebetween.

Procedure flow administration system and method

A method and system for collaboration between users for editing and reviewing a live procedure flow comprising at least one decision step and at least one action step is disclosed. Each step is interconnected with at least one other step by at least one flow arrow indicating a direction of flow.
Gemba Software Solutions Inc.

Early reservation of managed inventory

Early inventory reservation is provided. A request for one or more items of a transaction is received, wherein each of the one or more items is a subset of a pool of resources.
International Business Machines Corporation

Early reservation of managed inventory

Early inventory reservation is provided. A request for one or more items of a transaction is received, wherein each of the one or more items is a subset of a pool of resources.
International Business Machines Corporation

Anchoring cables to rack with self-locking cable clamp arrangements

A self-locking cable clamp arrangement includes a bracket and a flexible tab disposed on the bracket. The bracket has a cable mounting region, a first engagement region, and a support region disposed therebetween.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Datacenter optics (dco) edge mount transceiver assembly and plug connector

Embodiments include a high bandwidth optical connection system suitable for interconnecting servers, for example within a rack of a datacenter. An edge mount optical connector assembly includes an edge-mount housing providing topside socket contacts proximate to a first end of the housing and a port at a second end to receive an optical plug connector.
Intel Corporation

Virtual anchor point-based wireless positioning , and terminal

Provided are a virtual anchor point-based wireless positioning method and device, and terminal. The method includes: when an effective positioning condition is met, positioning data is acquired and stored, multipath analysis and tracking is simultaneously performed on received wireless signals transmitted by a signal transmission station, propagation distance information of each path of the signal transmission station is calculated and stored, and virtual image position information of each path of the signal transmission station is calculated and stored according to the positioning data and the propagation distance information of each path of the signal transmission station; and when the condition is not met, at least one virtual image is selected from virtual images of multiple paths of the signal transmission station as at least one positioning virtual anchor point, and current position information is obtained according to the effective positioning condition and the at least one positioning virtual anchor point..
Zte Corporation

Fracturing projectiles

Various embodiments of projectiles are described. In one embodiment, a projectile includes a projectile core having a central recess formed therein, the central recess including a conical recess portion and a cylindrical recess portion.
Oath Corporation

Anchoring system with a sleeve element and an expansion element

The invention relates to an anchoring system for anchoring in a drill hole. The anchoring system comprises a sleeve element and an expansion element.
Ludwig Hettich Holding Gmbh & Co. Kg

Actuation via magnetic torque driven deformation

A system may include an actuation member having a first end and a second end. A length of the actuation member is greater than a width of the actuation member.
Boise State University

Anchor structure and downhole plugging apparatus

An anchor structure is disclosed; the anchor structure is set on a mandrel of a downhole plugging apparatus. The anchor structure comprises (a) a clamping device, (b) a plurality of slips and (c) a conical slip holder, wherein the slips are connected to a conical face of the conical slip holder, and (d) a containing space between the clamping device and the slips; the anchor structure further comprises (e) a stroke pressure compensating device which is set within the containing space and can be compressed to provide pressure for the slips, wherein the containing space is designed to be able to accommodate whole or part of the stroke pressure compensating device in the situation that the slips are anchored into a wellbore wall and the clamping device is in contact with the conical slip holder.

Downhole positioning and anchoring device

An anchoring tool for positioning a downhole tool within a wellbore conduit is described herein. The anchor tool uses replaceable blades having protrusions that are configured to align with corresponding grooves in an anchor sub receptacle that is located at a known position along the wellbore conduit.
Robertson Intellectual Properties, Llc

Consumable and disposable cartridges for laminar screens featuring straight and curved shapes

A consumable and disposable cartridge for laminar roller screens featuring quick installation and replacement by means of clip type means or the like, comprising a peripheral frame of an open space to be enclosed. They comprise a flexible sheet which can change between a straight lined, curved or right angled path and tubular angled casings for changing from a straight path into an angled path of the flexible sheet.

System and adjusting alignment of a panel

It is known for balustrades and partitions to be formed from a flat panel (2), such as glass, and for such panels to be anchored along a lower edge and substantially unsupported at an upper edge. Vertical alignment of such panels has been achieved by ensuring that the trough (4) in which they are anchored is itself precisely aligned on a horizontal, such that any flat panel (2) inserted therein stands in a vertical plane.
Pure Vista Ltd

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Improved energy absorbing guardrail system

A highway crash attenuation system having w-beam rail elements attached to a plurality of vertical posts. An impact terminal with a feeder chute guides one or more of the w-beam rail elements through the impact terminal.
Safety By Design, Inc.

Methods for detecting nucleic acids

Disclosed herein are methods for detecting a target nucleic acid molecule in a sample. The methods can include contacting a sample with a detectably labeled probe (detection probe) that specifically binds to a first target sequence in the target nucleic acid molecule, a bifunctional oligonucleotide including a portion that specifically binds to a second target sequence in the target nucleic acid molecule and a portion that specifically binds to an anchor, and a surface comprising the anchor.
Htg Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member, image display device, and producing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member

Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member having good antistatic properties, having high tackiness between an optical member and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer made from a water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and allowing the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer to have high durability; an image display device including such a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member; and a method for producing such a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical member includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer made from a water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, an anchor layer made from an anchor-layer-forming coating liquid, and an optical member, wherein the anchor-layer-forming coating liquid includes a polythiophene based polymer, an oxazoline group-containing polymer, and an aqueous solvent including 60% by weight or more of water, and the anchor layer is interposed between the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and the optical member.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation

Method for generation of immunoglobulin sequences

The present invention relates to a method for generating immunoglobulin sequences against cell-associated antigens, more particularly, antigens that are membrane-anchored. The invention also provides immunoglobulin sequences obtainable by the method of the invention.
Ablynx N.v.

Plant growth vehicle from co-products of a lignocellulosic biomass process

Lignocellulosic filter cake and lignocellulosic syrup, together with at least one plant growth material, provide a growth vehicle composition used to stabilize and anchor plant material and to provide various types of nutrients and other additives that benefit plant growth. The lignocellulosic filter cake and lignocellulosic syrup are two of the co-products of a lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Micromachined monolithic 3-axis gyroscope with single drive

This document discusses, among other things, a cap wafer and a via wafer configured to encapsulate a single proof-mass 3-axis gyroscope formed in an x-y plane of a device layer. The single proof-mass 3-axis gyroscope can include a main proof-mass section suspended about a single, central anchor, the main proof-mass section including a radial portion extending outward towards an edge of the 3-axis gyroscope sensor, a central suspension system configured to suspend the 3-axis gyroscope from the single, central anchor, and a drive electrode including a moving portion and a stationary portion, the moving portion coupled to the radial portion, wherein the drive electrode and the central suspension system are configured to oscillate the 3-axis gyroscope about a z-axis normal to the x-y plane at a drive frequency..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Convertible seating apparatus and system of use

A seating apparatus and system having dual application for above deck and below deck use. The device is hingely attached to the ledge of a deck by an anchor wherein said device rotates between upward and downward position.

Seatbelt buckle presenter

A seatbelt system for a vehicle having a vehicle structure and a seat operatively connected to the vehicle structure includes first and second anchors. Each of the first and second anchors is connected to the vehicle structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Connector anchor having multiple direction connectivity

A connector anchor has a longitudinal axis and an aperture for receiving the buckle clip. The aperture has a first extent portion extending in a direction along the longitudinal axis of the connector anchor for receiving a buckle clip in a first orientation.
Winston Products Llc

Apparatus for adapting a seatbelt for a child

Apparatus for adapting an adult three-point seatbelt for securing a child, the seatbelt comprising a belt extending from above the shoulder to an anchor point connected to chassis of vehicle, and a clasp attached to the chassis on opposite side of an occupant of the seat, such that the belt may be drawn downwards and across the occupant to engage the clasp, thereby restraining the occupant with both sash and lap sections of the seatbelt, the apparatus comprising: a mat with side catches for engaging the lap section of the seatbelt and holding it down over the legs of the child, and a strap fixed to the mat and having a clip at a distal end thereof, for extending behind the child, and the clip for clippably engaging the belt extending from the drum, to bring the sash section of the belt down, over the shoulder of the child.. .
Carfoldio Ltd.

Implantable interface device

An interface device for implantation in a subject includes a tissue integration layer and a crowning element. The tissue integration layer has a porous structure adapted for ingress of tissue to anchor the device when implanted.
Ozlobsters Pty Ltd

Laryngeal mask anchoring device for edentulous patients

A laryngeal mask anchoring device serves to seat an airway tube in an operational position against edentulous gums and the roof of the mouth to securely hold the airway tube in a desired position. The device also guides the airway tube towards the lungs, and braces the mouth open for manipulations to the airway tube.

System, method, and device for supporting a body part

A method for supporting a body part comprises a) removing a first release liner portion from an adhesive side of an anchor portion of a precut piece of kinesiology tape; b) adhering the adhesive side of the anchor portion to a generally flat surface of the body part; c) removing a second release liner portion from an adhesive side of a finger portion of the precut piece of kinesiology tape, while retaining a finger reinforcement layer on a non-adhesive side of the finger portion; d) after step c), adhering the adhesive side of the finger portion to the generally flat surface, so that the precut piece of kinesiology tape lies generally flat on the generally flat surface; and e) after step d), removing the finger reinforcement layer from the non-adhesive side of the finger portion.. .
Spidertech Inc.

Reversible thermal pack

An insulated outer case is shaped like a clam shell, preferably with a fabric hinge. In a top half is an ice bag or gel pack.

Method and device for treating dysfunctional cardiac tissue

Various methods and devices are provided for reducing the volume of the ventricles of the heart. In one embodiment, a method for reducing the ventricular volume of a heart chamber is provided including the steps of inserting an anchoring mechanism onto dysfunctional cardiac tissue, deploying one or more anchors into the dysfunctional cardiac tissue, raising the dysfunctional cardiac tissue using the anchors, and securing the anchors to hold the dysfunctional cardiac tissue in place.
Bioventrix, Inc.

Implantable sling systems and methods

Various embodiments of sling or implant systems are provided. The sling or implant systems can be employed to treat incontinence, prolapse, and like conditions.
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Modular head assembly

A low profile orthopedic device is used to fix and stabilize bones to correct anomalies in skeletal structure occurring naturally or by trauma. Bone screws are screwed into bones by application of torque.
Spinal Llc

Instruments and methods for tensioning a spinal tether

Various methods and devices are provided for tensioning a tether. In one embodiment, a tether tensioning device is provided and includes an elongate shaft adapted to be positioned adjacent to a bone anchor implanted in bone, and a tensioning mechanism pivotally associated with the elongate shaft and adapted to couple to a tether seated across the bone anchor and to pivot relative to the elongate shaft to apply a tensioning force to the tether..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Interspinous process implant having a body with a removable end portion

An interspinous process implant is disclosed that includes an elongated threaded implant body defining a longitudinal axis and having a main body portion with opposed proximal and distal end portions, and a removable body portion operatively connected to the proximal end portion of the main body portion, a distal anchor assembly including two deployable anchor blades mounted for pivotal movement between a stowed position located within an interior cavity of the main body portion and a deployed position radially extending from the main body portion, and a proximal anchor assembly including an anchor collar mounted for longitudinal movement along the longitudinal axis of the implant body between a first position spaced apart from the distal anchor assembly and a second position approximated with the distal anchor assembly.. .
Spinal Simplicity, Llc

Locking assembly for a polyaxial bone anchoring device

A locking assembly for securing a rod in a polyaxial bone anchoring device includes a first locking element having a first end, a second end, an outer surface with an external advancement structure, an inner wall, an internal advancement structure on the inner wall, and an engagement portion for a tool, and a second locking element having a first end configured to be oriented towards the first end of the first locking element, an opposite second end, an outer surface with an external advancement structure configured to cooperate with the internal advancement structure of the first locking element, and a portion at the second end having a width greater than a greatest width of the external advancement structure of the second locking element, wherein the second locking element is configured to move axially relative to the bone anchoring device at a speed different than the first locking element.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Systems and methods for tissue removal

Systems and methods for preventing the seeding of cancerous cells during morcellation of a tissue specimen inside a patient's body and removal of the tissue specimen from inside the patient through a minimally-invasive body opening to outside the patient are provided. One system includes a cut-resistant tissue guard removably insertable into a containment bag.
Applied Medical Resources Corporation

Medical device and delivery system for modification of left atrial appendage and methods thereof

Devices, methods and systems are provided for occluding an opening within the tissue of a body, such as a left atrial appendage. In one embodiment, a delivery system for use in occluding an opening in the tissue of a body includes an actuation assembly operatively coupled to a medical device including an anchor portion and an occluder portion.
Coherex Medical, Inc.

Systems and methods for supporting or occluding a physiological opening or cavity

Implantable devices for placement at a cavity or opening such as an aneurysm are disclosed. The implantable devices, in a deployed condition, have a generally inverted u-shaped profile with a curved or angled framework support structure sized and configured for placement in proximity to tissue surrounding the opening and anchoring legs extending proximally from the framework structure sized and configured to contact the wall of a neighboring lumen at opposed locations.

Anchor magazine

Apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprising (i) a housing (22, 222), shaped to define a channel (24, 224) having an anchor-storage zone (26, 226) and an opening (28, 228) configured to provide access for an anchor driver (60) to the anchor-storage zone; (ii) a tissue anchor (40), stored in the anchor-storage zone and slidable through the channel; and (iii) a retaining member (30, 230). The retaining member (a) has a retaining state in which the retaining member is configured to retain the tissue anchor in the anchor-storage zone, and (b) is configured, by moving in response to a proximally-directed force applied to the tissue anchor, to allow the tissue anchor to leave the anchor-storage zone in response to the proximally-directed force.
Valtech Cardio, Ltd.

Anchoring device

An anchoring device having an elongate body at a proximal portion, a distal portion of the elongate body forming a loop at a distal portion of the anchoring device. The loop further includes a plurality of anchors disposed along a surface thereof and the loop also including an end effector.
Covidien Lp

Markers for tissue tract depth indication and methods

A vascular closure assembly configured to seal a puncture in a vessel that is accessible through a tissue tract. The vascular closure assembly includes a vascular closure device comprising a handle assembly, an insertion shaft, an anchor assembly, and at least one suture member.
St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico Llc

Off-center tissue anchors with tension members

A tissue anchor includes a shaft, a tissue-coupling element, and a flexible elongate tension member. The tissue-coupling element includes a wire, which is shaped as an open loop having more than one turn when the tissue anchor is unconstrained.
4tech Inc.

Axillary support device for shower stalls

The object of the present invention is an axillary support device (1) for a handicapped user of a common shower stall provided with at least one flat wall, substantially constituted by a pair of transverse arms (2, 3) fixed to the flat wall of the shower stall by means of a pair of vertical supports (4, 5) firmly anchored to said wall. Said transverse arms (2, 3) are arranged in a manner so as to be substantially perpendicular, in the longitudinal direction thereof, to the wall to which they are fixed; such arms (2, 3) are shaped in a manner so as to have one end (6, 7) bent upward, one end constrained (8, 9) to the vertical supports (4, 5) and they are provided with a covering made of soft and impermeable material.
Paultech S.r.l.

Configurable subshell components in orthopedic devices

A coupling device for an orthopedic brace includes an anchoring member for securing to a frame and protruding therefrom, and a subshell arranged to connect to the frame by the anchoring member. The subshell has a locking element for selectively positioning the subshell on the frame at a plurality of locations.
Ossur Hf

Window mounted pet litter housing and pet shelter device

A window-mounted pet litter housing is described. The housing is equipped with a left front door, a right front door, a transparent rear panel, a ceiling, a floor, and at least one window anchor mount.

Method and controlling uplink power in a wireless access system

A method and a user equipment (ue) for receiving a power headroom report in a wireless access system that supports a carrier aggregation are discussed. The method according to an embodiment includes transmitting by an enb to a ue an uplink transmission grant allocating uplink resources on a predetermined subframe in an anchor uplink component carrier (ul cc); and receiving the power headroom report by the enb from the ue.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and system with separation of session anchor and forwarding anchor

A method for mobility management for a mobile node that establishes a connection with a first network while in a second network and traverses to a third network includes transferring location management information from the second network to the first network. An indirection path from the first network to the third network is established for data packets directed to the mobile node.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Source energy connector pigtail

The present invention provides a ruggedized heavy duty source connector adapted for use on large air guns. The source connector comprises reinforcing fibers in the cable jacket that are anchored to the connector front shell, an external blast shield in place of a rear shell, and a fatigue resistant strain relief overmold..
Teledyne Instruments, Inc.

Method and system for constructing a virtual image anchored onto a real-world object

A system and method of generating a virtual image and displaying the virtual image so that the image appears to be anchored to a real world object. A data frame of spatial data obtained by one or more sensors is analyzed to determine whether one or more real-world objects to be detected is located in the data frame.
Visual Domains Ltd

Method and system of mapping sequencing reads

A method and a parallel-computing system of mapping sequencing reads is provided. The method preprocesses a reference genome to construct a compression structure of the reference genome, an index array and a block address array; the index array stores the index values of all sorted subsequences on the reference genome; the block address array stores the positions of a portion of the elements in the index array; the parameters involved in the mapping method are selected based on the statistical characteristics of the reference genome, the statistical quality information of sequencing reads and the polymorphism rates of the target species from which the sequencing reads are generated.
Academy Of Mathematics And System Science, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Pattern matching techniques in analog and mixed signal circuits

A system and method for adding hierarchy to a netlist. A netlist is received and converted into a connected graph.
Raytheon Company

Error identification, indexing and linking construction documents

The present disclosure provides various systems and methods for indexing digital (electronic) documents and providing various error reporting and identification functions. The systems and methods may utilize various software, hardware, and firmware modules to identify notations, such as sheet names, anchors, and anchor references on construction documents.
Blink Forward, L.l.c.

Cable termination assembly and connectors

The present disclosure relates to a fiber optic connector assembly having a fiber optic connector including a main connector body and a rear insert secured within a rear cable termination end of the main connector body. The fiber optic connector assembly has a fiber optic cable that includes an optical fiber, a strength layer and an outer jacket.
Commscope Connectivity Belgium Bvba

Gnss cooperative receiver system

A gnss cooperative receiver system that can be utilized when one or more gnss receivers is in a compromised position where it cannot receive direct signals from a sufficient number of gnss satellites. This may in the interior of an office building or multi-dwelling unit, which may be in the vicinity of other tall buildings.
Iposi, Inc.

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