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Anchor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Active hearing aid implant having adjustable fixation of the actuator end piece in the middle ear patent thumbnailActive hearing aid implant having adjustable fixation of the actuator end piece in the middle ear
An active hearing aid implant is formed in an arrangement for the adjustment and fixation of the relative position between an axially extended actuator end piece of the hearing aid implant and the surrounding middle-ear bone. Arrangement coupling elements anchor the actuator end piece on the surrounding bone and a sliding ring designed to slide over the cylindrical actuator end piece holds this actuator end piece in a radial direction while the sliding ring remains linearly displaceable in the axial direction of the actuator end piece.
Heinz Kurz Gmbh Medizintechnik

 Temperature compensated plate resonator patent thumbnailTemperature compensated plate resonator
The invention relates to a microelectromechanical resonator device comprising a support structure and a semiconductor resonator plate doped to a doping concentration with an n-type doping agent and being capable of resonating in a width-extensional resonance mode. In addition, there is at least one anchor suspending the resonator plate to the support structure and an actuator for exciting the width-extensional resonance mode into the resonator plate.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy

 Temperature compensated compound resonator patent thumbnailTemperature compensated compound resonator
The invention concerns microelectromechanical resonators. In particular, the invention provides a resonator comprising a support structure, a doped semiconductor resonator suspended to the support structure by at least one anchor, and actuator for exciting resonance into the resonator.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy

 Solar panel system with monocoque supporting structure patent thumbnailSolar panel system with monocoque supporting structure
A solar panel system comprises a monocoque forming an enlarged self-supporting solar-facing generally-convex support surface when in an installed position supports solar cells attached (or formed directly on it) at optimal angles for capturing solar energy. The monocoque provides a stressed-skin or stiff-sheet support reducing weight while maintaining strength and minimizing cost.

 Device for optimising the filling of bags for containing banknotes patent thumbnailDevice for optimising the filling of bags for containing banknotes
A device for filling and closing disposable bags for containing banknotes, comprises a container for the temporary housing of one or more banknotes, having side walls and a bottom with an opening for the exit of said one or more banknotes from the container, a pushing piston for pushing said one or more banknotes towards the bottom of the container, a bag made of flexible material intended to be filled with the banknotes temporarily housed in the container, which is anchored, at the edges of its mouth, to fixing pins placed in proximity of the opening in the bottom of the container, a plate which is vertically movable through controlled lowering means and placed below the container, the plate having a central slot, which is open at the top towards the container and extending vertically through the body of the plate for the insertion of a bottom portion of the bag anchored to the fixing pins, and first sealing elements placed between the container and the plate.. .
Cima S.p. A.

 Watercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization patent thumbnailWatercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization
Watercraft automation and aquatic data utilization for aquatic efforts are disclosed. In one aspect, an anchor point is obtained and a watercraft position maintenance routine is actuated to control the watercraft to maintain association with the anchor point.

 Watercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization patent thumbnailWatercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization
Watercraft automation and aquatic data utilization for aquatic efforts are disclosed. La one aspect, an anchor point is obtained and a watercraft position, maintenance routine is actuated to control the watercraft to maintain association with the anchor point.

 Watercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization patent thumbnailWatercraft automation and aquatic effort data utilization
Watercraft automation and aquatic data utilization for aquatic efforts are disclosed. In one aspect, an anchor point is obtained and a watercraft position maintenance routine is actuated to control the watercraft to maintain association with the anchor point.

 Mems accelerometer with z axis anchor tracking patent thumbnailMems accelerometer with z axis anchor tracking
In some exemplary embodiments, a mems accelerometer includes a device wafer having a proof mass and a plurality of tracking anchor points attached to a substrate. Each tracking anchor is configured to deflect in response to asymmetrical deformation in the substrate, and transfer mechanical forces generated in response to the deflection to tilt the proof mass in a direction of the deformation..
Analog Devices, Inc.

 Decoupled magnetoquasistatic non-line-of-sight position and orientation sensing for arbitrary distances patent thumbnailDecoupled magnetoquasistatic non-line-of-sight position and orientation sensing for arbitrary distances
Methods and systems for non-line-of-sight positioning are disclosed for arbitrarily short to long ranges, where positioning is achieved using a single anchor not requiring tri-/multi-lateration or tri-/multi-angulation. Magnetoquasistatic fields can be used to determine position and orientation of a device in two or three dimensions.
California Institute Of Technology


Adjustable instrument for measuring, determining and marking two or more horizontal or vertical points and use of same

Disclosed herein is an adjustable instrument for the measuring, determining and marking of two or more horizontal or vertical points that allow precise spacing, alignment and leveling between points on a surface. The instrument includes a flexible tape strip member with markings to indicate distance measurements, a level member attached parallel to the length of the tape strip, a fastening member such as thumbtacks which serve to mark the tape strip member at various positions to indicate the desired spacing or distance between points and further serves to mark the position of the points.


Anchor fastener including an expansion sleeve

A fastener including a body having a threaded portion and an opposing, tapered portion, where the tapered portion includes an outwardly angled surface, and a sleeve movably connected to the body. The sleeve includes a plurality of fingers at least partially separated from each other, where each of the fingers includes at least two, axially spaced gripping members protruding from the body.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Fuel injection valve

To improve the accuracy of an injection amount by a fuel injection valve, the open/close operation of a valve body needs to be performed promptly. This requires a configuration in which, immediately after starting movement of a movable member, fluid force generated at a seat portion of the valve body is not transmitted.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Polycrystalline diamond compact cutter

The polycrystalline diamond compact cutter includes a diamond table and a carbide substrate. Different zones of the diamond table with relative thermal stability and toughness to each other are arranged for a particular cutting efficiency and working life.
Cnpc Usa Corp.


Formwork anchor receptacle, a formwork anchor as well as a formwork element for receiving these

The present invention relates to a formwork anchor receptacle as well as to a formwork anchor which are used in the field of construction. Furthermore, the invention relates to a formwork element.
Doka Industrie Gmbh


Anchored landscaping device

An anchored landscaping device facilitates installation of an aggregate material landscaping element and anchors the landscaping element to prevent scattering of the aggregate material. The device includes an anchoring layer constructed of a flexible material.


Retrofit reinforcing structure addition and wind turbine concrete gravity spread foundations and the like

A retrofit reinforcing structure addition and method for an existing gravity spread foundation for a wind turbine or the like having a central pedestal and a spread section is provided. The retrofit structure addition includes a collar formed around the pedestal of the spread foundation.


Devices and methods for using a flexible connector element in the construction of a floor

The invention discloses methods and devices for sand-free floor construction. A rubber or otherwise flexible element is placed between anchoring blocks and final floor tiles so as to allow for easy manipulation and leveling of the floor blocks above the flexible element.


Cantilevered screw assembly

A cantilevered screw assembly comprising an improved anchor system. In an exemplary embodiment, a support wall may be formed of a single casting with at least a portion of a bearing housing.


Harbour storage facility for liquid fuel

An installation for the in-port storage of liquid fuel, which is formed near a dock, is formed of at least an upper surface substantially parallel to the free surface of the sea; and a frontal surface adjacent to the upper surface and partially immersed. The installation includes at least one module having a floating caisson containing a fluidtight tank that may contain liquid fuel and having a closed contour formed of an upper face, a lower face, and several lateral faces.
Gdf Suez


System and positioning intermodal containers on pallets

The invention is a system for positioning and removably securing an intermodal container to an intermodal pallet. The system permits the container's longitudinal centerline to be offset from the longitudinal centerline of the pallet, while still providing sufficient support to the container.
Kalitta Air Llc


Offshore floating support apparatus

An offshore floating support apparatus includes an underwater base, an anchor unit and a plurality of supporting units. The anchor unit is connected to the underwater base and is adapted to be attached to a water bed.


Floating support anchored on a reel comprising a guide and deflection conduit for flexible pipes within said reel

B) an internal platform above the bottom wall, the top end of the guide pipe being fastened to the internal platform at a second location (c2) where the top end of the flexible pipe contained in the guide pipe is fastened or is suitable for being fastened, the second location not being in vertical alignment with the first location.. .


Rail-loading train for transporting long-welded rails comprising clamping devices for the rail sections

Arranged on a rail loading train for transporting long-welded rails is a fixing device for anchoring the rails. The fixing device is composed of a number of clamping devices, each provided for anchoring a single rail.
Robel Bahnbaumaschinen Gmbh


Integrated bollard, anchor, and tower (ibat) apparatus and method

An integrated bollard, anchor, and tower (ibat) system constructed as a single monolith may be formed of a single material, such as concrete or steel, or assembled from components of distinct materials, such as reinforced concrete with metal brackets, fixtures, fasteners, and so forth. An anchor (e.g., base, pad), sized to engage the ground therebelow by weight and friction, includes a mass sufficient to provide frictional stability (no appreciable movement) of the ibat unit at each end of a track line (cable, wire rope, line, etc.), which wraps around the bollard portion of each upright (tower, fin) portion at an operational height defining the path of a trolley carried on the free span of the resulting catenary..
Zipholdings, Llc


Bucket mixing system

A bucket mixing system to aid in mixing a stabilizing agent with a material within an excavator-mounted bucket. The bucket mixing system generally includes a bucket which includes a built-in mixer adapted to mix materials and expel them through a plurality of vents within the lower surface of the bucket.


Conduit treatment system

A conduit treatment system for uniformly apply coatings or treatments to the inner walls of conduits without excessive build-up or creation of blockages. The conduit treatment system generally includes a tube having an absorbent first layer and a non-absorbent second layer.


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing, a utility structure. The step unit, includes a rod member and a step member.


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing a utility structure. The step unit includes a bolt member having a shape of substantially an elongated solid cylinder and a fall arrest member integrally attached to the bolt member.


Intestinal barrier sleeve with expandable anchor section

An intestinal barrier sleeve and corresponding treatments using the sleeve are provided herein. The sleeve generally includes an expanding section coupled to a tubular section at an interface there between.


Implants comprising anchoring elements

Implants that have anchoring elements, which are vertebral implants that can be used as intervertebral disk replacement in the form of cages for the fusion of vertebral bodies.. .
Ceramtec Gmbh


Modified glenoid components and methods of installing same

A glenoid component for securement to a glenoid surface of a scapula comprises a body portion having a first surface adapted to contact the glenoid surface of a scapula and a second surface configured to receive the head portion of a humerus. The glenoid component further includes an anchor peg for penetrating the glenoid surface of the scapula so as to secure the body portion to the glenoid surface of the scapula.


Medical system for annuloplasty

A medical system (300) is disclosed for treating a defective mitral valve (mv) having an annulus (a). The system (300) comprises in combination a removable and flexible elongate displacement unit (301) for temporary insertion into a coronary sinus (cs) adjacent the valve, wherein the displacement unit has a delivery state for delivery into said cs, and an activated state to which the displacement unit is temporarily and reversibly transferable from the delivery state.
Medtentia International Ltd Oy


Systems and methods for affixing a prosthetic to tissue

Systems and methods recited herein provide for affixation of a prosthetic valve to surrounding tissue, by at least one anchor and an anchor deployment device. The prosthetic valve device may be compliant with native tissue and may receive the at least one anchor in at least one anchor receptacle to affix the prosthetic valve to native tissue.
Micro Interventional Devices, Inc.


Implant, intended to be placed in a blood circulation passage, comprising a system for separating the proximal arms

The implant comprises a tubular proximal sleeve, extending between a proximal end and a distal end, and deployable between a contracted configuration and a deployed configuration. Proximal arms each extend between an end connected to the distal end, and a free end positioned past the distal end.
Laboratoires Invalv


Adjustable implant

An implantable support member having at least one adjusting portion operable for adjusting a length or tension of the support member after placement of support member anchors. The support member is operable to provide mid-urethral support for treating urinary incontinence..
Caldera Medical, Inc.


Spinal stabilizing and guiding fixation system

A system to stabilize and guide the growth of the spinal column includes an elongated support member having a width and a length and a guiding connector having a bone connecting portion and a guiding portion. The bone connecting portion secures the guiding connector to a vertebrae and the guiding portion has a bearing element with a passageway adapted to receive the elongated support member.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Rod and anchor using

A method of conducting a surgical procedure including implanting an anchor into a bone, wherein the anchor comprises a receiving portion and a screw, the screw including a screw head contained within the receiving portion and pivotally engageable with a surface of the receiving portion, and wherein the receiving portion and the screw comprising a different material. The method further includes selecting a rod from a group of rod types and coupling the rod with the receiving portion to stabilize a position of a portion of the spine..
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Over-the-wire cardiac implant delivery system for treatment of chf and other conditions

Medical devices, systems, and methods reduce the distance between two locations in tissue in a minimally invasive manner, often for treatment of congestive heart failure. In one embodiment, an anchor of an implant system may, when the implant system is fully deployed, reside within the right ventricle in engagement with the ventricular septum.
Bioventrix, Inc.


Magnetic and/or hook and loop t-tags

A device and system for treating tissue includes an anchoring element at a distal end thereof for anchoring the device in a target portion of tissue and a coupling element with a magnet. The anchoring element and the coupling element are coupled to one another by a tether so that, when the anchor element is anchored in a target portion of tissue, the tether passes through the portion of tissue and the coupling element remains outside the portion of tissue.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Knotless graft fixation assembly

An illustrative example inserter assembly for securing soft tissue in a position adjacent bone includes an inserter having a proximal end and distal end. The inserter includes a handle near the proximal end and a shaft between the handle and the distal end.
Arthrex, Inc.


Surgical implant system and method

An implant and anchoring system is provided. The implant can include a perineal anchor, and an obturator anchor or retropubic anchor.
Ams Research Corporation


Protective rod for landscape

A protective rod for landscape is comprised of a bent piece consisting of a horizontal, above ground member defining a given length, and a pair of anchor members extending perpendicularly from each opposite ends of the horizontal member so as to define a given height.. .


Position authentication

A method performed under control of an electronic device may include receiving at least one signal from at least one anchor point; calculating a location of the electronic device based at least in part on the at least one received signal; generating a position proof based at least in part on the at least one received signal; and in response to receiving a position proof request from a server, transmitting the position proof to the server, when the position proof corresponds to the position proof request.. .
Korea National University Of Transportation Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Attachable smartphone on smartwatch with open-close flexible screen panel of smartphone

A mobile dual system includes an attachable smartphone, a smartwatch, a flexible screen panel, a first docking device, and a second docking device. The flexible screen panel is disposed on the front surface portion of the attachable smartphone for displaying image and video information, and the flexible screen panel is disposed so as to follow contour of the front surface portion of the attachable smartphone or so as to be deployed flatly over the front surface portion with an end portion anchored.


Methods, systems and apparatuses for application service layer (asl) inter-networking

Systems and/or methods for providing internetworking among application services layers (asls) of different network technologies may be provided. For example, a tunnel anchor point (tap) may be established.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Image processing system and method

An image processing system and method include first processing a color stimulus relative to a first anchor, and then second processing a processed color stimulus relative to a second anchor. The first processing unit and the second processing unit preserve relative attributes of the color stimulus to enhance color sensation..
Himax Technologies Limited


Rendering plausible images of 3d polygon meshes

Methods and computer systems for rendering plausible images of 3d polygon mesh(es) in a computer simulation comprising a computer generated environment. On a 3d polygon mesh defined using a plurality of vertices providing a plurality of rendering faces, determining an anchor point from at least three of the plurality of vertices, for each one of the rendering faces of the 3d polygon mesh, determining whether a path exists towards the anchor point and/or whether the one rendering face is on an unstable part of the 3d polygon mesh.
Cae Inc.


Category oversampling for imbalanced machine learning

Methods, systems, and computer program products for category oversampling for imbalanced machine learning are provided herein. A method includes identifying an anchor data point in a given class of data points underrepresented among multiple classes in a data set of multiple data points, wherein each data point represent a vector; determining a number of data points in the given class that neighbor the anchor data point, wherein the number comprises two or more; applying a weight to (i) each of the number of data points to create a number of weighted neighboring data points, and (ii) the anchor data point to create a weighted anchor data point, wherein the sum of all weights is equal to one; performing a vector summation by summing the number of weighted neighboring data points and the weighted anchor data point; and generating a synthetic data point based on said vector summation..
International Business Machines Corporation


Passivated microelectromechanical structures and methods

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus including devices that include a layer of passivation material covering at least a portion of an exterior surface of a thin film component within a microelectomechanical device. The thin film component may include an electrically conductive layer that connects via an anchor to a conductive surface on a substrate.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Method and system for an accurate and energy efficient vehicle lane detection

Knowledge of the vehicle's lane position is required for several location-based services such as advanced driver assistance systems, driverless cars, and predicting driver's intent, among many other emerging applications. We present lanequest: a system and method that leverages the ubiquitous and low-energy inertial sensors available in commodity smart-phones to provide an accurate estimate of the vehicle's current lane.
Umm-al-qura University


Detector for overhead network and overhead network comprising such a detector

This detector (1) for an electric conductor comprises a frame (2) on which a mechanism unit (200) is fixed including a magnetic toroid, divided into two branches, the toroid having a coil (24) wound around at least one of the two branches, and a current sensor, divided into two branches (26a, 26b). The mechanism unit also includes a force transmitting element, said element being provided with at least one portion able to receive the conductor by bearing, and at least two clamps (30a, 30b) for anchoring the detector on the electric conductor, each clamp being rotatable between an open position and a locked position of the clamp.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas


Method and object localizing

A method optimizes positions of anchors in a reference frame of a network by minimizing a variance of an error of estimation of the positions of the anchors.. .
Thomson Licensing


Method and object localization

A method performs an auto-calibration process including a constrained optimization in which 3d coordinates of anchors in a reference frame are estimated so that an associated, estimated gram matrix fits a gram matrix measured from the anchors, wherein the reference frame of a network is formed based on positions of n anchors, where n is four or greater.. .
Thomson Licensing


Method of supporting intake pipe for deep seawater

A method of supporting an intake pipe for deep seawater, the intake pipe being made of resin having a smaller specific gravity than the deep seawater, the method including: mooring at least a neighborhood part of an intake port of the intake pipe with a plurality of mooring devices (e.g., pendant-type anchors) each including a mooring wire (e.g., wire rope) and a heavy weight (e.g., concrete block); and mooring the neighborhood part of the intake port in the form of an arc directed to the sea surface.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Shale oil and gas fracturing method with low environmental impact

A method is provided for lowering the migration of a hydraulic fluid additive within a hydrocarbon-bearing formation penetrated by a well when producing hydraulic fracturing. Many chemical agents currently in use with water/sand (or other proppants) mixtures could pose human and animal health risks if these chemicals migrate from the shale beds into the environment contaminating the water table, rivers, streams and lakes.
Battelion Energy Llc


Supporting element for pipes in buildings and application a pipe supporting element in a flagstone

This relates to a pipe supporting element (1) used to contain a pipe (15) that is used in buildings for hydraulic, electrical and other pipes. In one preferred arrangement, the aforementioned pipe supporting element comprises polyethylene foam, is as thick as a partition (wall or paving slab), has at least two anchoring points located on the side faces (3) thereof, and includes at least one through hole (2) between a first face (1) and a second face (2)..


Measures of short telomere abundance

This invention provides methods and materials for measuring telomere abundance from chromosomes in a sample having telomeres within a pre-determined length range, e.g., short telomeres up to a certain length. The methods can involve a first step of performing a time-limited extension reaction calibrated to produce extension products from a double-stranded chromosomal dna template of no more than a defined length, and a second step of amplifying, from the extension products, sequences bounded by a sub-telomeric sequence and the anchor sequence, to produce a length-limited telomere sequence product.
Telomere Diagnostics, Inc.


Passivated microelectromechanical structures and methods

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus including devices that include layers of passivation material covering at least a portion of an exterior surface of a thin film component within a microelectromechanical device. The thin film component may include an electrically conductive layer that connects via an anchor to a conductive surface on a substrate.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Micro-electro-mechanical system device with low substrate capacitive coupling effect

The present invention discloses a mems device with low substrate capacitive coupling effect, which is manufactured by a cmos manufacturing process. The mems device includes: a substrate; at least one anchor, including an oxide layer connected with the substrate and a connecting structure on the oxide layer; and at least one micro-electro-mechanical structure, connected with the connecting structure.
Pixart Imaging Incorporation


Apparatus, system, and flying an aircraft

Described herein is an aircraft launch system that includes a riser coupleable to an aircraft. The riser includes an actuator and a tether coupled to the actuator.
The Boeing Company


Docking and drilling stations for running self-standing risers and conducting drilling, production and storage operations

A sea vessel exploration and production system is provided, wherein the system includes a drilling station formed from at least one section of a first sea vessel hull; and a docking station, which is also formed from at least one section of a second sea vessel hull. A mooring system suitable for connecting the drilling station to the docking station is also provided.


Vehicle seat belt assembly

A seat belt assembly for a vehicle may be arranged to facilitate installation of a seat belt while improving the operation and feel during use. The vehicle may have a pair of left and right occupant seats on a vehicle body frame.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


System for transport of residential waste containers

In one embodiment, a container attachment system is provided. The system includes at least one strap coupled to a cross member at one end and terminating with an upper hook at the other end, the upper hook configured for hooking onto a vehicle; at least one anchor coupled to an opposite side of the cross member at one end and terminating with an lower hook at the other end, the lower hook configured for hooking onto the vehicle; wherein the cross member includes a retaining mechanism for attaching to a container.


Seat belt attachment structure for off-road vehicle

A seat belt attachment structure for an off-road vehicle comprising a seat including a seat frame and at least two occupant sitting positions. A seat belt is provided for each sitting position that includes a shoulder belt, a waist belt, and a tongue plate.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Exercise device

An apparatus for exercising may include a gripping assembly having a grip fixed to at least one spring member and at least one tether connected to the at least one spring member. The tether winds around the longitudinal axis of the at least one spring member.
Gui Global Products, Ltd.


Electrode lead including a deployable tissue anchor

In a method, an electrode lead is provided that includes a tubular lead body, an electrode supported by the lead body, a rotatable member, a deployable member and a deployment mechanism. The rotatable member is contained within a distal end of the tubular lead body.
Astora Women's Health, Llc


Catheter-based heart support system and implanting thereof

A device for circulatory support of the heart with holding means implanted intracardially in the left or right ventricular outflow of the heart by catheter, using an endovascular method, through a femoral access or a percutaneous transventricular, transseptal, transapical or transvenous access, the holding means comprises anchoring means fixed in the subcommissural triangle underneath the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, in the flow direction of the blood on the ventricular side of the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, a pump fixed in the holding means by a catheter, using an endovascular method, through a femoral access or a percutaneous transventricular, transseptal, transapical or transvenous access, the pump can be inserted releasably into the holding means after the holding means has been fixed by the anchoring means in the subcommissural triangles underneath the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, or is connected to the collapsible and expandable anchoring means.. .


Intestinal sleeve

A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the duodenum and extends beyond the ligament of treitz. All food exiting the stomach is funneled through the device.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.


Delivery devices and methods for gastrointestinal implants

Several gastrointestinal surgery procedures are effective as treatments for metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. Minimally invasive procedures including intra-luminal gastrointestinal implants have been proposed to mimic the anatomical, physiological and metabolic changes achieved by these procedures.
Metamodix, Inc.


Hybrid intervertebral disc spacer device and manufacturing the same

A hybrid spinal implant device, and method of making the same are disclosed. The spinal implant device comprises two facing endplates, each having at least one anchoring wall or pin element, and a plastic spacer anchored to and located between the two endplates.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Method for treating a mitral valve

A method of using a device to improve the function of a heart valve is disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, the method includes positioning a prosthetic insert member between leaflets of mitral valve.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Implantable device for treating mitral valve regurgitation

An implantable device for treating mitral valve regurgitation, the device being configured to expand from a compressed state into an expanded state. The device comprises a stent element consisting of (i) an atrial anchoring stent-portion, and (ii) a valve-carrying stent-portion being fixedly connected with one another, and a valve-element.
Nvt Ag


Method and a compressing plate

An orthopedic bone plate constructed from shape memory material provides the ability to move from an open shape to a compressed shape and create compression on two bones or bone fragments to encourage healing. The plate may be any umber of shapes, with two or more screws anchoring the plate to bone.
Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.


Intramedullary fracture fixation devices and methods

An intramedullary bone fixation device is provided with an elongate body having a longitudinal axis and an actuator to deploy at least one gripper to engage an inner surface of the intramedullary space to anchor the fixation device to the bone. Methods of repairing a fracture of a bone are also disclosed.
Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc.


Patient specific instrumentation (psi) for orthopedic surgery and using x-rays to produce same

A method of creating a patient specific instrument (psi) for use in knee replacement surgery is described which includes performing at least two x-ray scans of a bone, each of the x-ray scans being taken from different angular positions, generating a digital bone model of the bone based solely on the x-ray scans, planning the psi based on the digital bone model, including determining locations for one or more anchor points on the psi which are adapted to abut a surface of the bone, the determined locations of the anchor points being disposed on the psi at locations corresponding to areas of expected high accuracy on the digital bone model generated by the x-ray scans. The areas of expected high accuracy include at least a peripheral bone contour in at least one of the angular position of the x-ray scans.
Zimmer Inc


Methods and devices for tissue suturing

A suturing device is disclosed. The suturing device includes an end effector assembly disposed on a distal end of the suturing device.
Covidien Lp


Cardiac implant migration inhibiting systems

Medical devices, systems, and methods reduce the distance between two locations in tissue, often for treatment of congestive heart failure. In one embodiment an anchor of an implant system may reside within the right ventricle in engagement with the ventricular septum.
Bioventrix, Inc.


Untethered access point mesh system and method

A technique for implementing an untethered access point (uap) mesh involves enabling ap-local switching at one or more uaps of the mesh. A system constructed according to the technique may include a wireless switch; an access point (ap) wire-coupled to the wireless switch; and a uap mesh, wirelessly coupled to the ap, including a uap with an ap-local switching engine embodied in a computer-readable medium.
Trapeze Networks, Inc.


Capacitive micro-electro-mechanical system microphone and manufacturing the same

The invention relates to a capacitive mems microphone and a method for manufacturing the same. The microphone includes: a substrate; a first dielectric supporting layer on the substrate; a movable sensitive layer formed on the first dielectric supporting layer and having a movable diaphragm extending within the air; a backplate disposed over the movable sensitive layer and spaced from the movable diaphragm; a chamber recessed from and extending through the substrate and the first dielectric supporting layer; and an impact resisting device connecting to the movable diaphragm.
Memsensing Microsystems (suzhou, China) Co., Ltd.


Method and dispatching a channel quality indicator feedback in multicarrier system

In accordance with one or more aspects and corresponding disclosure thereof, various aspects are described in connection with channel quality indicator (cqi) feedback in connection with one or more downlink carriers. An anchor carrier scheme is employed to provide channel quality indicator (cqi) feedback of one or more downlink carriers.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for controlling release of transferable semiconductor structures

The disclosed technology relates generally to methods and systems for controlling the release of micro devices. Prior to transferring micro devices to a destination substrate, a native substrate is formed with micro devices thereon.
X-celeprint Limited


Using free-form deformations in surface reconstruction

Volumes of a 3d physical space are used in a surface reconstruction process, where adjacent volumes share vertices so that no gaps or overlaps between the volumes exist. As a result, a continuous surface is obtained in the surface reconstruction process.


Submersible flow imager

Submersible technology capable of sampling and evaluating suspended particulate materials, including living and dead organisms, is disclosed herein. In addition to fluorescent imaging and analysis, the invention provides automated cell staining, cell sorting, particulate concentration, and organism recovery and preservation.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


High-durability and long-scale-distance fiber grating sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A high-durability and long-scale-distance fiber grating sensor and a manufacturing method therefor, which relate to the technical field of fiber grating sensors. A fiber grating is disposed on the middle segment of a commercial optical fiber.
Southeast University


Anchor assemblies and mounting kits for connecting door handles to doors of refrigerator appliances

anchor assemblies and mounting kits for connecting door handles to refrigerator door are provided. An anchor assembly includes an anchor.
General Electric Company


System for anchoring a portable device to a floor

An anchoring system for a movable structure is provided. The anchoring system can include a base plate and an anchor rod assembly.
Srm, Llc


Extensible fixing device

The present invention relates to a fixing device and finds particular, although not exclusive, utility in providing an anchoring point in plasterboard cavity walls or ceilings for the purpose of affixing other items thereto, in which the fixing device may be used in plasterboard walls of varying thickness without risk of over-insertion and loss of the fixing device in the cavity behind the plasterboard.. .


Wellbore packer back-up ring assembly, packer and method

A back-up ring assembly for a wellbore packer that acts as an extrusion limiter for a packing element and engages the wellbore bore, also operating as a slip to anchor the packer in place. A wellbore packer includes a single structure that acts both to back up the extrusion of the packing element and to engage the wellbore wall.
Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.


Thermal compensating tubing anchor for a pumpjack well

Apparatus and method for limiting the expansion and contraction of a production tubular within a pumpjack oil well includes an anchor having a hydraulic dampening chamber and an expansion joint. A piston is attached to the tubular and position within the hydraulic dampening chamber so that axial expansion and contraction of the tubular caused by thermal and loading forces is resisted by the constrained movement of the piston within the hydraulic chamber..
Tejas Research & Engineering, Llc


Door stopper

A door stopper may include a control unit, a connecting piece and a rod. The control unit is anchored to the floor.


Anchoring assembly

A blocking device (80) including an opening, the flexible line extending through the opening, and blocking means (86) for blocking sliding of the flexible line in the opening, the blocking device being suitable for taking up a first position in which the flexible line can slide in the opening in such a manner as to adjust the distance between the blocking device and the anchoring part, and a second position in which the flexible line is blocked in the blocking device in such a manner as to prevent the blocking device from moving relative to the anchoring part.. .


Shoreline stabilization, restoration, and runoff filtration

A system for stabilization of a shoreline comprising a sheet having an unfolded state and a folded state, the sheet comprising a first edge and a second opposing edge connected by a first end and a second end, the sheet comprising a first layer formed from a first degradable fabric and a second layer formed from a second degradable fabric, the sheet further comprising channels formed at each of the first edge and the second edge, the channels formed from one or more of the first and the second fabric, each of the channels comprising an anchor rope threaded therethrough, each of the channels comprising a plurality of openings, the anchor rope extends through the plurality of openings for securement to a shoreline surface by the anchor rope, and methods of using the same.. .
Shoresox Systems, Llc


Electroactive polymeric scaffolds and delivering nerve growth factor to nerve tissue

A polymerizable unit that yields an electrochemically responsive polymer (advantageously pyrrole) is anchored by polymerization within a polycaprolactone matrix to form an electroactive scaffold upon which cells can be cultured and in which the micro- and nano-topological features of the polycaprolactone matrix are preserved. A scaffold manufactured in accordance with the preferred embodiment can support schwann cells, which produce nerve growth factor when electrically stimulated.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Fixing systems having fine-particle fillers

Multi-component synthetic mortar fixing system, especially for fixing anchoring elements in building substrates, which comprises in one component reactive synthetic resins (i) based on urethane (meth)acrylate, (ii) based on epoxy resin or (iii) based on free-radical-hardening (or -hardenable) unsaturated reactive resins, in a further component hardener, and at least one filler selected from oxides of silicon and aluminium, or mixed oxides in the presence of further cations, the d50 average particle size of which is 50 μm or less, and also especially a silane having at least one hydrolysable group, and also its use, methods including its use in fixing anchoring elements in building substrates and related subject-matter of the invention.. .
Fischerwerke Gmbh & Co. Kg


Hardenable synthetic resin comprising considerable proportions of cyclic carbonate groups, as well as/and cyclocarbonate-resin-based fixing systems, the production and use thereof

Synthetic resin fixing system based on cyclic carbonate resins, characterised in that as cyclic carbonate resin it comprises at least one having an average functionality of 1.5 or more than 1.5 cyclic carbonate groups per molecule, the production thereof and use thereof for fixing, especially, anchoring means in drilled holes.. .
Fischerwerke Gmbh & Co. Kg


Bag convertible to tray

A bag convertible to a tray. The bag incorporates a tray portion made from a first material, with a second, more flaccid material extending the walls of the tray portion.


Device for traversing an object

A device for allowing work to be carried out on or about an object includes at least one gripping arrangement. The at least one gripping arrangement is configured to grip and traverse the object so as to reach a desired location on the object and to anchor the device thereto for allowing the work to be carried out..
White Puma Pty Limited


Baseball pitch training device

Provided is a baseball pitch training device having a base with a primary opening adapted to receive an anchoring structure. The base secondary opening is adapted to receive an adapter.


Medical device fixation attachment mechanism

A fixation member configured to anchor an implantable medical device within a patient is attached to an implantable medical device by introducing at least a portion of the fixation member in a tube mechanically connected to the medical device, and plastically deforming the tube in order to pinch the fixation member within a hollow space of the tube.. .
Medtronic, Inc.


Systems and methods for making and using anchoring arrangements for leads of electrical stimulation systems

A lead assembly includes an electrical stimulation lead with a lead body having a distal portion, a proximal portion, a longitudinal length, and an outer surface. At least one electrode is disposed along the distal portion of the lead body.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

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