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 Passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a synchronous, cooperative network patent thumbnailPassive proximity detection of wireless devices in a synchronous, cooperative network
Systems and methods for passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a cellular communications network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a supporting radio access node in a cellular communications network including one or more coverage radio access nodes in a coverage layer and one or more supporting radio access nodes in a supporting layer is disclosed.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Method for mounting a device at a server in a network patent thumbnailMethod for mounting a device at a server in a network
A method for mounting a device at a server in a network includes attaching the device at an anchor. A virtualized connection is set up between the anchor and the server based on a predefined anchor configuration, temporary device information is encoded into a network flow generated by the device.
Nec Europe Ltd.

 Flag device for hunter flagpole patent thumbnailFlag device for hunter flagpole
A flagpole has a main support with an indicator coupled thereto. The indicator may include a pair of flags with an array of holes formed therein.
Trilogy Targets Creations, Ltd.

 Augmenting multi-view image data with synthetic objects using imu and image data patent thumbnailAugmenting multi-view image data with synthetic objects using imu and image data
Provided are mechanisms and processes for augmenting multi-view image data with synthetic objects using inertial measurement unit (imu) and image data. In one example, a process includes receiving a selection of an anchor location in a reference image for a synthetic object to be placed within a multi-view image.
Fyusion, Inc.

 Fiber optic enclosure assembly patent thumbnailFiber optic enclosure assembly
A telecommunications enclosure includes first and second generally aligned cable ports at opposing ends of the enclosure. A cable anchor at each of the first and second cable ports is for anchoring a fiber optic drop cable to the enclosure and to limit axial movement of the cable relative to the enclosure.
Commscope Technologies Llc

 Optical device with deformable membrane patent thumbnailOptical device with deformable membrane
An optical device having variable focal length may include a deformable membrane, a support to which a peripheral anchoring area of said membrane is connected, and a cavity filled with a constant volume of fluid. The cavity being delimited by the membrane, a base opposite the membrane and a wall of the support extending between the base and the membrane.
Webster Capital Llc

 Marine data acquisition node patent thumbnailMarine data acquisition node
Disclosed are systems and methods for marine geophysical surveying. An example system an electromagnetic source configured to emit an energy field into a body of water; a marine data acquisition node comprising: a base having a buoyancy such that the base is configured to float in a body of water; a geophysical sensor coupled to the base; a weight configured to anchor the marine data acquisition node to a water bottom; and a line connected between the weight and the base configured to prevent the base from floating to a surface of the body of water..
Pgs Geophysical As

 Microelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress sensitivity patent thumbnailMicroelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress sensitivity
A mems sensor device provided with a sensing structure, having: a substrate with a top surface extending in a horizontal plane; an inertial mass, suspended over the substrate; elastic coupling elements, elastically connected to the inertial mass so as to enable inertial movement thereof with respect to the substrate as a function of a quantity to be detected along a sensing axis belonging to the horizontal plane; and sensing electrodes, capacitively coupled to the inertial mass so as to form at least one sensing capacitor, a value of capacitance of which is indicative of the quantity to be detected. The sensing structure moreover has a suspension structure, to which the sensing electrodes are rigidly coupled, and to which the inertial mass is elastically coupled through the elastic coupling elements; the suspension structure is connected to an anchorage structure, fixed with respect to the substrate, by means of elastic suspension elements..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

 Droplet-based capacitive pressure sensor patent thumbnailDroplet-based capacitive pressure sensor
A pressure sensing apparatus which utilizes an electrolytic droplet retained between a first and second sensing electrode within a housing. Contact between the electrolyte droplet and the electrodes form electric double layers (edl) having interfacial edl capacitance proportional to interface contact area which varies in response to mechanical pressure applied to deform exterior portions of the housing.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Rotational sensor patent thumbnailRotational sensor
A sensor package is provided. The sensor package comprises a first lead comprising a first anchoring area configured to anchor the first lead to a package body; a second lead comprising a second anchoring area configured to anchor the second lead to the package body; a sensor component; and a capacitor coupled between the first and second anchoring areas..
Nxp B.v.

Trampoline support structure

A trampoline support structure includes a manifold, a first annular tube, a mesh encircled tube, a second annular tube and a support tube. The manifold includes a longitudinal installation portion, a transverse installation portion and an installation hole located on the transverse installation portion.
Crowntec (jiang Xi) Sports Technology Co. Ltd.

Anchor for accepting a screw or fastener and a using the same

An anchor for accepting a screw and a method of using the same is provided. In an embodiment, the anchor has a generally cylindrical hollow shaft secured to a generally concave circular spring-tensioned base unit.

Rotating structure and a producing the rotating structure

According to one aspect, a rotating structure comprises a hub having a mounting slot defined by a cavity surface and a body having an anchor structure disposed in the mounting slot. A wear member is disposed between the anchor structure and the cavity surface and the wear member has at least first and second portions of first and second material characteristics, respectively..
Rolls-royce Corporation

Cable bolt

A cable bolt for anchoring, by a curable product, in a hole formed in strata, the cable bolt has a drive head that defines a face end of the cable bolt that, when the cable bolt is inserted into the hole, is to protrude from the hole; an end termination that defines a toe end of the cable bolt at the opposing end to the face end; a first coupling member, and a second coupling member that is configured to be coupled to the first coupling member. The cable bolt further has a first segment that includes the drive head and the first coupling member, and a first set of wire strands that are each secured at one end to the drive head and at the opposing end to the first coupling member; and a second segment that includes the second coupling member and the end termination, and a second set of wire strands that are each secured at one end to the second coupling member and at the opposing end are bound by, and/or secured together at, the end termination.
Minova International Limited

Friction bolt

A friction bolt for frictionally engaging the internal surface of a bore includes a circular tube, which is split longitudinally, and which has a leading end and trailing end. An expander mechanism is disposed within the tube towards the leading end.
Sandvik Intelectual Property Ab

Extended reach anti-extrusion ring assembly with anchoring feature

A sealing element is flanked by wedge-shaped extrusion ring assemblies. The rings climb a ramp on an adjacent pedestal ring on the way out to the borehole wall.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Glued beam, fastening anchor for the glued beam, and joint connection of glued beams

The invention is an improvement of construction technology and increases design durability by lowering the risk of connection destruction by placing a plastic tube within the glued beam and designing a nodal connection of glued beams.. .

Housing system

A portable housing system is provided that transmits forces through a plurality of walls. The walls may be arrayed about a central axis.

Hardening accelerator composition containing dispersants

A process for the preparation of a hardening accelerator composition by reaction of a water-soluble calcium compound with a water-soluble silicate compound, said reaction being effected in the present of a water-soluble dispersant having at least one polyalkyleneglycol structural unit with a functional group at one end of the polyalkyleneglycol, being able to interact as an anchor group with the surface of cement particles, the hardening accelerator composition and its use.. .
Construction Research & Technology Gmbh

Airborne platform

The present invention pertains to aeronautical engineering and consists of an airborne platform for power generation through wind energy harnessing that can be built to large sizes without requiring a rigid structure of comparable dimensions and which uses both buoyancy and the aerodynamic magnus effect for lift. The aerodynamic lift is generated in lifting bodies (1), which also contain buoyant gas.
Omnidea, Lda.

Tension-leg platform anchoring system

A tension-leg platform anchoring system is used to tether the columns of a floating platform to the seabed and restrict movement of the entire platform. The tension-leg platform anchoring system includes a topside and a plurality of anchored floating supports.

Tailgate lift handle, lift assembly, and related apparatus

An apparatus for aiding a user in raising and lowering of a tailgate includes a handle and a connector for connecting the handle to the tailgate to allow for movement of the handle rearwardly relative to the tailgate as the tailgate is initially lowered by the user and forwardly to a position above the tailgate as the lowering of the tailgate is continued. A tailgate lift assembly includes a housing extending along a predetermined length, a spring anchored at one end at a first end of the housing, a connector having a first end affixed to the opposite end of said spring and extending through said housing, and a first fixed guide around which the connector extends.
Backsaver International, Inc.

Cargo net anchor guard

A cargo net anchor guard mountable to an aircraft's cargo hold wall adjacent to an anchor clip assemblies. The cargo net anchor guard is configured to block cargo from impacting at least the anchor clip assembly.
Creative Solutions, Inc.

Child safety seat

A child safety seat includes a seat shell, and a first and a second belt restraining member respectively connected with the seat shell. The seat shell has a shell surface, and a first and a second opening for selective passage of an anchoring belt to attach the child safety seat on a vehicle seat in two different configurations, which include a rearward and a forward facing configuration.
Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

Rear structure of vehicle body

In a rear structure of a vehicle body, a rear bulkhead is erected from, a floor panel and the erected, rear bulkhead is coupled to a vehicle body to separate a passenger compartment from a cargo compartment. First seat anchors are coupled to the rear bulkhead using multiple rivets.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Process and building tyres

A process and an apparatus for building tyres, wherein, in the process, a carcass sleeve including at least one carcass ply and a pair of annular anchoring structures is transferred to a shaping drum including flange elements that are each engageable with one of said annular anchoring structures. The carcass sleeve is shaped according to a toroidal configuration by means of mutual axial approaching of the flange elements.
Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

Towel drill device and making same

A sports training device for pitching and throwing has a ball core and a cover material. The core member defines a passageway extending through the ball core and also defines an anchor recess into a surface of the ball core.
Steamer46 Llc

Fixation sleeve equipped leadless pulse generator

A leadless pulse generator is disclosed herein. The leadless pulse generator has a body, a helical anchor, an electrode, and a sleeve.
Pacesetter, Inc.

Interbody vertebral prosthetic and orthopedic fusion device with self-deploying anchors

A method includes: making a first incision in a patient defining a first lateral direction to a first lateral side of the patient's spine; inserting an intervertebral prosthesis through the first incision and into an intervertebral space of the spine in the first lateral direction; locating the intervertebral prosthesis between an endplate of a first vertebral bone of a spine, and an endplate of an adjacent, second vertebral bone of the spine; closing the first incision; making a second incision in the patient defining a second lateral direction to a second lateral side of the patient's spine, opposite to the first direction and the first lateral side; reversing the locating of the intervertebral prosthesis from the endplate of the first vertebral bone of the spine, and from the endplate of the adjacent, second vertebral bone of the spine; removing the intervertebral prosthesis from the intervertebral space of the spine from the second lateral direction and out through the second incision; and closing the second incision.. .
Amicus Design Group, Llc

Transvalvular intraannular band for mitral valve repair

Mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation can be treating by implanting in the mitral annulus a transvalvular intraannular band. The band has a first end, a first anchoring portion located proximate the first end, a second end, a second anchoring portion located proximate the second end, and a central portion.
Heart Repair Technologies, Inc.

Device and reducing cardiac valve regurgitation

A catheter (4) based medical system (1) and medical procedure for reducing cardiac valve regurgitation are disclosed. The system comprises a resilient curvilinear shaped annuloplasty implant (3) for reducing the size of a dilated annulus (18) of said valve for reducing said regurgitation having resilient anchoring elements (300), and a delivery device (2) for said annuloplasty implant (3) having a distal curvilinear shaped portion (200) that is hollow to mount said annuloplasty implant (3) and has an annular opening (201) arranged to be in apposition against an annulus (18) of said cardiac valve.
Aeeg Ab

Pelvic implant and treatment method

A unitary or homogeneous patterned implant is provided. The implant is constructed of patterned cells formed by way of a molding, die casting, laser etching, laser cutting, extruding, and the like.
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Implantable slings and anchor systems

Various embodiments of a mesh or implant systems are provided. The implants can include one or more anchors, arms and the like.
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Detachable orthodontic bracket and wire system

A detachable orthodontic bracket and wire system includes bracket bases, brackets, and an arch wire for guiding alignment of teeth. The bracket bases are positioned on a lingual surface and/or a facial surface of the teeth.
Hankookin, Inc.

Tissue retraction devices and related methods of use

The present disclosure is directed to a medical instrument. The medical instrument may include a delivery device and a retraction mechanism including a target tissue anchor and a first stabilizing anchor, wherein the target tissue anchor attaches to target tissue and connects to the delivery device..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Suture anchor and associated systems and methods

Exemplary embodiments of a suture anchor are provided that generally include a suture anchor body including a securing structure for securing the suture anchor in tissue or bone. The suture anchor body includes an internal cavity configured and dimensioned to receive therein a suture and a locking pin.
Soteria Industries Inc.

Surgical constructs and methods of tissue repair

Systems and methods for soft tissue to bone repairs employing tensionable knotless anchors, without knot tying. The tensionable knotless anchors may be used by themselves or in combination with additional constructs (which may have a similar or different configuration, i.e., modified according to the specific repair) to achieve novel remplissage and soft tissue repairs..
Arthrex, Inc.

Intracardiac medical device with pressure sensing

An implantable medical device includes a housing having a proximal end and a distal end, a control module enclosed by the housing, and a pressure sensor electrically coupled to the control module. A fixation member is coupled to the housing distal end for anchoring the housing distal end at a fixation site within a cardiovascular system of a patient, and the pressure sensor is spaced apart proximally from the fixation member..
Medtronic, Inc.

Anchoring plate for a closure device for a sports footwear

An anchoring plate for a closure device for a sports footwear and a closure device for a sports footwear incorporating such anchoring plate are provided. The anchoring plate comprises—in addition to a body provided with hooking seats for the hooking member of the tensioning member of a closure device—an extendable member which is movably connected to the body and is provided with at least one additional hooking seat.
Tecnica Group S.p.a.

Tethered anchor point for footwear lace element

A tethered anchor point for a footwear lace element includes various elements. For example, the tethered anchor point includes a tensile strand that attaches to a portion of the footwear article.
Nike, Inc.

Facilitating mobile service anchor management

Mobile service anchor management (msam) is facilitated. Msam is an anchor management function/system for radio frequency (rf) access configuration/reconfiguration over the downlink, and uplink separated novel frequency division duplex systems.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Sound generator

A sound generator includes a housing (20), a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), at least a portion of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) protruding from the housing (20), and an anchor (10) applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60). A portion or all of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) withdraws into the housing (20) under a force of a predetermined load or greater.
Kyocera Corporation

Acknowledgment based on short cell radio network temporary identifier

Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate identifying resources upon which an acknowledgment can be sent or received in a wireless communication environment that leverages coordinated multi-point (comp). The resources can be identified based upon a criterion that can be identifiable to a non-anchor cell base station (as well as an anchor cell base station, a mobile device, etc.).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Floating point number rounding

Processing circuitry 2 supports execution of program instructions having a rounding position input operand so as to generate control signals 14 for controlling processing circuitry 16 to process a floating point input operand with a significand value to generate an output result which depends upon a value from rounding the floating point input operand using a variable rounding point within the significand of the floating point input operand as specified by the rounding position input operand. In this way, processing operations having as inputs floating point operands and anchored number operands may be facilitated..
Arm Limited

Non-destructive apparatus, determining pull-out capacity of anchor bolts

Embodiments include an apparatus for determining a pull-out capacity of a bolt disposed in concrete. The apparatus includes control processing circuitry and a schmidt hammer electrically connected to the control processing circuitry.
University Of Dammam

Curved grating spectrometer and wavelength multiplexer or demultiplexer with very high wavelength resolution

The present application discloses a system comprising a compact curved grating (ccg) and its associated compact curved grating spectrometer (cogs) or compact curved grating wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer (wmdm) module and a method for making the same. The system is capable of achieving a very small (resolution vs.
Electronic Photonic Ic Inc. (epic Inc.)

Rifle retainer

Apparatus for retaining a rifle by its sling on a person. An upper anchorage pins the sling to a backpack harness strap, and a lower anchorage pins the rifle stock to a strap near the waist of the user.

Anchor assembly for fastener

An anchor assembly for walls comprises a toggle member and a strap member pivotally mounted together, and a locking member. In a first position thereof, the toggle member is aligned with the strap member for insertion through the wall, whereas in a second position thereof, the toggle member extends behind the wall at an angle relative to the strap member which extends from the toggle member through the hole in the wall.
Cobra Fixations Cie Ltee.-cobra Anchors Co. Ltd.

Hydraulically released running tool for setting a whipstock anchor before cementing therethrough

A running tool for a subterranean tool releases hydraulically. When used with a whipstock and anchor, the running tool can be dovetailed to the whipstock ramp to allow transmission of torque and downward force on the whipstock when positioning.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Pool skimmer protector

A winterizing skimmer protector for a pool skimmer including a plug insert dimensioned to occupy a majority of the interior space of the pool skimmer. The plug insert further includes a rear aperture for receiving an anchoring pin..

Concrete anchor

An anchor rod support comprises a support having a floor and legs extending downwardly from the floor with openings between the legs; and the support including threads for attaching thereto an anchor rod.. .

Bollard base

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a bollard base including a top plate, a plurality of spaced-apart anchors each integrally connected to and extending downwardly from the top plate, a plurality of adjustable leg assemblies at least partially connected to the top plate, and a tubular baffle connected to and extending downwardly from the bottom of the top plate, wherein the plurality of adjustable leg assemblies include a plurality of spaced-apart tubular legs integrally connected to and extending downwardly from the top plate, and a plurality of adjustable feet respectively partially insertable into the tubular legs. Various embodiments of the present disclosure also provide a bollard base including a top plate and a tubular baffle connected to and extending downwardly the top plate..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Article carrier for an electronic vaping device

At least one example embodiment discloses an article carrier for an electrical vaping device. The article carrier may include a base portion, a lid portion and a hinge.
Altria Client Services Llc

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