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Anchor patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 System and method for detecting personal experience event reports from user generated internet content patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for detecting personal experience event reports from user generated internet content
A method implementable on a computing device for detecting in an internet post a shortest relevant text product experience is disclosed. The method includes detecting a pair of anchors from two anchor categories, where the anchor categories are also term categories associated with a predefined search subject and represent two essential relevant components of experience reports.
 Task scheduling and rescheduling patent thumbnailnew patent Task scheduling and rescheduling
Technology is described for scheduling and rescheduling a purchased task. The method may include receiving a defined time range and parameters for when the purchased task is to be performed.
 Articulable anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Articulable anchor
Embodiments disclosed herein relate to devices implantable into a human lung, for example to reduce the volume of air trapped in a diseased portion of the lung to prevent inhalation while permitting expiration out of the diseased portion. In some embodiments, the device comprises a distal portion with an anchor system that may anchor the device into tissue of an air passageway wall, and the distal portion may be connected to a proximal portion via a flexible portion that permits the distal portion to articulate substantially with respect to the proximal portion, such that the distal portion and the proximal portion may be non-collinear along a longitudinal axis of the distal portion.
 Shoulder prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Shoulder prosthesis
The present disclosure relates to a stemless shoulder prosthesis comprising a fixation device for fixing the prosthesis to a resected humerus bone, the fixation device comprising a base portion (11, 31, 32) and anchoring means (12, 12′), the base portion (11, 31, 32) having a distal side adapted to contact a resection plane of the bone and a proximal side for carrying a humeral head. The anchoring means (12, 12′) are connected to the distal side of the base portion (11, 31, 32) and adapted to fix the prosthesis to the bone.
 Left ventricular intraseptal stimulation lead patent thumbnailnew patent Left ventricular intraseptal stimulation lead
A stimulation lead is disclosed. This lead comprises a lead body having a lumen housing an inner conductor, the conductor being axially and rotationally movable within the lumen, and coupled to a generator of an active implantable medical device.
 Directional lead assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Directional lead assembly
Leads having directional electrodes thereon. Also provided are leads having directional electrodes as well as anchoring prongs to secure the electrodes to the leads.
 Neurostimulator lead extraction tool patent thumbnailnew patent Neurostimulator lead extraction tool
The device relates to a neurostimulator lead extraction tool, which aids in the safe and minimally invasive extraction of an anchored neurostimulator lead. The device is characterized by a handle, barrel, and cutting surface, in that the inner surface of the barrel is advanced over the outer surface of a neurostimulator lead thereby guiding the cutting barrel of the tool through body tissues until the cutting surface is against anti-migration tines of the neurostimulator lead.
 Anchor extenders for minimally invasive surgical procedures patent thumbnailnew patent Anchor extenders for minimally invasive surgical procedures
Systems for positioning a connecting element adjacent the spinal column in minimally invasive surgical procedures include one or more extenders removably engaged to one or more anchors engaged to a bony segment. The anchor extenders provide a reference to the respective anchor locations within the patient even when the anchor is obstructed by skin and/or tissue of the patient.
 Subtalar implant patent thumbnailnew patent Subtalar implant
A subtalar implant (1) for stabilising the subtalar joint in the human foot includes a longitudinal axis (l) extending between a front end (13) and a rear end (14), wherein a first anchor portion (2) is arranged to the side of the longitudinal axis (l) and a second anchor portion (3) is arranged to the side of the longitudinal axis (l). In accordance with the invention, a spreading mechanism (5) to spread apart the implant as a result of relative displacement of the first and second anchor portion (2, 3) at an angle to the longitudinal axis (l) are provided..
 Instrument for assembling a polyaxial bone anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Instrument for assembling a polyaxial bone anchor
An instrument for assembling a polyaxial bone anchor is provided, the polyaxial bone anchor including a bone anchoring element (2) and a receiving part (4) that is configured to pivotably receive the bone anchoring element wherein the instrument (1, 1′) includes a first member (30, 30′) that is configured to engage the receiving part (4) a second member (50, 50′) that is configured to contact the anchoring element (2) when it is received in the receiving part, and a position indicator (50b, 45b) that is configured to indicate the position of the anchoring element relative to the receiving part based on the position of the second member relative to the first member.. .
new patent Table anchored scoliosis de-rotation system and method
The system includes pedicle screws anchored to multiple vertebra, at least one of which needs to be de-rotated about a central spine axis relative to adjacent vertebrae. Elongate posts are attached to the pedicle screws and extend away from the pedicle screws.
new patent Device for anchoring a suture in tissue
A device for the anchoring of a suture in tissue includes a guide sleeve, a sonotrode, an anchor and the suture. The guide sleeve has a distal part with a smaller cross section and a proximal part with a larger cross section.
new patent Knotless suture anchor
A suture anchor is disclosed having an outer body with an axial bore which receives and inner body for rotation. Suture passes between the inner body and outer body and rotation of the inner body wraps the suture thereabout locking the suture thereto.
new patent Systems and methods for repairing soft tissues using nanofiber material
An anchoring system is a combination of a nanofiber scaffold material and an arthroscopically deployable suture anchor. The anchor is deployed into a bone tunnel using common techniques.
new patent Tubular filter
A method of preparing a filter for delivery into a body vessel. The filter includes a hub disposed along a longitudinal axis and a plurality of anchor members extending from the hub.
new patent Self-centering drill guide
A drill guide including an inner surface, a tip, and a deflecting device. The inner surface defines a bore extending through the drill guide.
new patent Customized arthroplasty cutting guides and surgical methods using the same
Implementations described and claimed herein provide an arthroplasty system for making resections in a patient knee. In one implementation, the system includes a femoral cutting guide having a patient specific mating region, and a distal planar surface distally spaced from a distal resection surface based on thicknesses of femoral and tibial implants.
new patent Anchoring for non-retainable foreign objects
A kit and/or method for use during surgery is configured to decrease the risk of accidental retention of foreign objects, such as surgical items or medical devices, used in surgery inside of a patient after the surgery is completed. Specifically, illustrative kits may include, but not be limited to, a combination of one or more foreign objects, an anchoring member attached to a point outside of the patient or surgical field, and at least one or more connection members connecting the foreign objects to the anchoring member.
new patent Systems and methods for anchoring medical devices
Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that secures a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) in place relative to a skin penetration point using subcutaneous anchors.. .
new patent System for anchoring medical devices
Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a catheter (or other medical instrument) and secures the catheter in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some embodiments, the anchor device can secure the catheter in an operative position relative to the skin without the use of sutures or skin tapes..
new patent Laparoscopic delivery device
The device for laparoscopically delivering a solid material through a trocar into a body cavity comprises at least: a hollow tube defining a void therein and having a hub at a proximal end thereof, the hub having a proximal opening therein which forms a continuation of the hollow tube; the hollow tube having a prepackaged solid material therewithin; the tube having an outer diameter less than an inner diameter of a trocar through which the tube is inserted into a body cavity, the tube extending past a valve in the trocar when positioned therewithin; the hub having a diameter greater than the inner diameter of the trocar so as not to pass therethrough; and the material being suitably anchored by a string to the device so as not to become lost within the body cavity after being pushed out of the tube.. .
new patent Metal-supported catalyst structures and processes for manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to methods for producing metal-supported thin layer skeletal catalyst structures, to methods for producing catalyst support structures without separately applying an intermediate washcoat layer, and to novel catalyst compositions produced by these methods. Catalyst precursors may be interdiffused with the underlying metal support then activated to create catalytically active skeletal alloy surfaces.
new patent Door-mounted fitness device with removable pulley members
A fitness device for mounting on a door is useful for performing resistance exercises. The fitness device includes an upper member including a door anchor for securing the upper member to the door and a pulley support bracket having a pivot pin.
new patent Method of fabricating mems transistors on far back end of line
A mems transistor for a fbeol level of a cmos integrated circuit is disclosed. The mems transistor includes a cavity within the integrated circuit.
new patent Swelling tape for filling gap
A swelling tape for filling a gap, a method of manufacturing the swelling tape for filling a gap, a method of filling a gap, an electrode assembly and a secondary battery are provided. For example, the swelling tape can be applied inside a gap in which a fluid exists so as to fill the gap by becoming a 3d form, and can be useful at anchoring a subject in which the gap is formed, as necessary..
new patent Wind turbine electrical generator
A wind turbine electrical generator can provide wind powered portable or stationary electrical power at a user site or application without the need of utility services. The wind turbine electrical generator incorporates tunneling and multiplying available wind via funneling to produce more power at a wind turbine driven generator.
new patent Clamping system for detachably connecting two preferably rotationally symmetrical parts
A clamping system for detachably connecting two parts, one part has a hollow shaft and the other part has a receiving portion for receiving the hollow shaft with a precise fit, comprising: a main body to be arranged concentrically in the receiving portion, extends into the hollow shaft when the two parts are joined to one another, and bears two clamping bodies, operable in a diametrically opposed manner between release and clamping positions, and comprising an ejector axially adjustable by a defined ejection stroke in a centric through-bore in the main body, the clamping bodies subject the one part to a pressing force in the clamping position, and in the release position subject the one part to an ejection force, the ejector formed from a body of revolution, which is detachably anchored directly in a centric through-bore in the main body with axial play corresponding to the ejection stroke.. .
new patent Multi-part equipment piece for a vehicle and connecting method
An equipment piece includes first and second components, such as a vehicle door armrest and a vehicle door. The first component is insertable in a recess, such as a slot, in the second component.
new patent Optical device with a piezoelectrically actuated deformable membrane shaped as a continuous crown
An optical device with a deformable membrane including an anchor area on a support entrapping a liquid or gas fluid, a central area reversibly deformable from a rest position, actuating means for moving the fluid biasing the membrane into an intermediate area between the anchor area and the central area, the actuating means include a piezoelectric continuous crown accommodating several actuators, this crown surrounding the central area, the actuating means being anchored to the membrane in the intermediate area, the actuating means and the membrane to which they are anchored, forming at least one piezoelectric bimorph, the actuating means radially contracting or extending upon actuation to generate a movement of said fluid from the intermediate area to the central area of the membrane or vice versa, aiming at deforming the central area with respect to its rest position.. .
new patent 3d transformation of objects using 2d controls projected in 3d space and contextual face selections of a three dimensional bounding box
Systems and methods are provided that allow a user to intuitively and efficiently manipulate one or more three-dimensional (3d) objects in a 3d space by performing at least one of a rotation transformation, a translation transformation, and a scaling transformation. A bounding box is presented encompassing the one or more 3d objects, as well as an anchor point.
new patent Magneto-optic surface
A magneto-optic surface includes a support; at least two moving elements; each of the moving elements including at least one anchoring point to the support and at least one moving part movable with respect to the support, the moving part including at least one magnetic part; the support and the moving elements being laid out in such a way that under the effect of an external magnetic field, at least one of the moving elements moves with respect to the support such that the optical properties of the magneto-optic surface are modified.. .
new patent Structure for mems transistors on far back end of line
A mems transistor for a fbeol level of a cmos integrated circuit is disclosed. The mems transistor includes a cavity within the integrated circuit.
new patent Filtration barrier
A filtration barrier includes a filter mesh that has a plurality of groups of flexible filter elements, with each group having at least a first and second flexible filter elements disposed in spaced relation. The first flexible filter element is more flexible than the second.
new patent Rock anchor
The present invention relates to a formation fixation device for securing a tubular in an open-hole wellbore, the formation fixation device comprising a tubular part, a fixation unit and a fluid passage. Furthermore, the invention relates to a downhole fixation system for securing a casing comprising a first end and a second end in an open-hole wellbore and to a method of permanently fixating a tubular part in an open-hole wellbore as well as to use of a formation fixation device according to the invention for fixating a tubular part in an open-hole wellbore..
new patent Pump anchored fountain cover and pet fountain assembly
A recirculating pet fountain has a cover anchored in a basin by attachment to a pump mounted to the basin. The cover includes a spillway having opposite side edges slidably conforming to the inner surface of opposite adjacent sides of a basin sidewall helping locate the cover during assembly preventing side-to-side cover movement after assembly.
new patent Pet fountain diffuser
A water diffuser that extends from the discharge outlet of a pet fountain, for receiving water from the outlet of the pet fountain's water pump, wherein the diffuser includes a perforate tubular diffuser section that can be releasably coupled or otherwise anchored to part of the fountain by a connecting or coupling section that preferably is tubular and imperforate. The diffuser can include a water treatment disposed within the diffuser that is dispensed or released into water flowing through the diffuser.
new patent Tri-axis accelerometer having a single proof mass and fully differential output signals
A tri-axis accelerometer includes a proof mass, at least four anchor points arranged in at least two opposite pairs, a first pair of anchor points being arranged opposite one another along a first axis, a second pair of anchor points being arranged opposite one another along a second axis, the first axis and the second axis being perpendicular to one another, and at least four spring units to connect the proof mass to the at least four anchor points, the spring units each including a pair of identical springs, each spring including a sensing unit.. .
new patent Wall anchor assembly and method of installation
A wall anchor assembly and method of installing such to a wall assembly, ceiling assembly, door, or other surface. The wall anchor assembly generally includes a thin line anchor which includes a drill guide, a threaded receiver, and a pair of cord holes.
new patent Unitized precast grillage foundation and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention discloses a unitized precast grillage foundation for supporting a structure comprising: a plurality of anchoring elements defining a grid for resting on an underlying surface; a base connected on the grid, the base comprising at least a first footing and a second footing spaced apart and at least one connecting member between and connected to the at least first footing and the second footing; and a beam-column projecting upwardly from the base, and a method of making same.. .
new patent Coated leather
A coated leather, in particular split cowhide leather, has a preferably nubuck-like appearing surface structure. The coating is formed with a surface layer formed with a mechanically and moisture-stable polymer and bonded to the surface of the leather or split leather by a polymer-based bonding layer.
new patent Transverse pipe flange separator
A device for separating pipe flanges through the application of a transverse force. The device contains a frame, a frame retaining plate, a pusher pin, a leveling pin, an anchoring pin, a member, and anti-slip screws..
Contour alignment system
The present disclosure describes a method of calibrating a contour. The method includes designing an anchor pattern, printing the anchor pattern on a substrate, collecting scanning electron microscope (sem) data of the printed anchor pattern on the substrate, wherein the sem data includes a sem image of the printed anchor pattern on the substrate, converting the sem image of the printed anchor pattern on the substrate into a sem contour of the printed anchor pattern, analyzing the sem contour of the printed anchor pattern, and aligning the sem contour of the anchor pattern to form the calibrated sem contour..
Relaxed anchor validation in a distributed synchronization environment
Relaxing of anchor validation in a distributed synchronization environment, in one aspect, updates a synchronization anchor during synchronization of data between computing devices only in response to determining that the data operation if repeated the second time on the computing device would change overall data stored on the computing device.. .
Expandable spinal implant with expansion wedge and anchor
An interbody spinal implant system includes an implant having separate, but joined top and bottom portions, a socket for receiving an expansion wedge, an expansion wedge, and an anchor pin.. .
Attachment device and methods of using the same
Devices for attaching a first mass and a second mass and methods of making and using the same are disclosed. The devices can be made from an resilient, elastic or deformable materials.
Derotation instrument with reduction functionality
Instruments and methods are provided for manipulating a bone anchor and a spinal fixation element. The instruments and methods disclosed herein are particularly suited to facilitate rotation of a bone anchor relative to another bone to correct the angular rotation of the vertebrae attached to the bone anchor.
System and method for dynamic vertebral stabilization
An intervertebral stabilization device and method is disclosed. The device preferably includes a planar spring enclosed within a housing.
Percutaneous vertebral stabilization system
The present invention relates to a system for percutaneously installing a vertebral stabilization system. A first anchor is positionable within a body of a patient through a first percutaneous opening and a second anchor is positionable within a body of a patient through a second percutaneous opening.
Directionally specific bone anchors and method
A suture anchor and method is disclosed in which a pair of anchor elements connected by a flexible cord are passed through a piece of soft tissue and embedded deeply into a bone. The cord holds the soft tissue securely to the bone and the anchors are embedded into more dense bone away from the location where the soft tissue contacts the bone..
Method of closing an opening in a wall of the heart
Disclosed is a closure catheter, for closing a tissue opening such as an atrial septal defect, patent foreman ovale, or the left atrial appendage of the heart. The closure catheter carries a plurality of tissue anchors, which may be deployed into tissue surrounding the opening, and used to draw the opening closed.
Modular bone plate and connector piece for a modular bone plate
A modular bone plate is provided including at least a first and a second member each having a top surface and a bottom surface, the first member comprising a male connection portion with a single hole extending from the top surface to the bottom surface and the second member comprising a female connection portion with a single hole extending from the top surface to the bottom surface, wherein the male connection portion is insertable into the female connection portion such that the holes overlap and wherein an anchor or a plug member is insertable into the holes when they overlap.. .
Method and apparatus for reducing obesity
Method and apparatus for treatment of morbid obesity by placement of a series of flow reduction elements in the small intestine to induce satiety are disclosed. The flow reduction elements restrict the movement of partially digested food and reduce the flow rate through the small intestine which causes the emptying of the stomach and the duodenum to occur slower.
Methods and apparatus for anchoring within the gastrointestinal tract
The present invention relates to an anchor configured for minimally-invasive implantation and sized to remain securely positioned within at least a portion of the gastrointestinal tract of an animal. The anchor includes a radial spring formed from an elongated resilient member shaped into an annular wave pattern about a central axis.
Anastomotic connector
An anastomotic connector comprises a generally tubular access port having a first end and a second end, a generally tubular main body portion having a first end and a second end, wherein the second end of the main body portion is positioned adjacent to the second end of the access port such that the main body portion and access port are in fluid communication, and an anchor member received, within the access port and having a plurality of fingers that are extendable from the first end thereof. The fingers of the anchor member are movable between a loaded position wherein the fingers are substantially parallel to a center axis of the access port and an expanded position wherein the fingers are substantially perpendicular to the center axis of the access port..
Transventricular implant tools and devices
A method and implantation tools for repairing a heart include a delivery catheter and implant. The method includes gaining access to the patient's heart and identifying implantation points for the implant.
Compliant interconnects in wafers
A microelectronic assembly includes a substrate and an electrically conductive element. The substrate can have a cte less than 10 ppm/° c., a major surface having a recess not extending through the substrate, and a material having a modulus of elasticity less than 10 gpa disposed within the recess.
Method of installing a final dental prosthesis
A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site.
Cradle for positioning a final dental prosthesis and a system incorporating the same
A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site.
High pressure fuel supply pump with electromagnetic suction valve
To reduce collision noise created by the operation of an electromagnetic suction valve provided on a high pressure fuel supply pump. In the present invention, in order to achieve the above object, the mass of a member which collides by magnetic attractive force is reduced to reduce the noise to be generated.
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
A fixing device includes a fixing rotary body and a pressing rotary body disposed opposite the fixing rotary body. A pivotable pressurization member contacts and presses the pressing rotary body against the fixing rotary body.
Data session continuity between wireless networks
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods to provide data session continuity between wireless networks. In a particular embodiment, a method provides receiving a request to create a data session for a wireless communication device exchanging communications with a wireless local area network via a wireless access point.
Emergency broadcasting systems and methods
Emergency broadcasting systems and methods are described herein. One system includes an anchor access point configured to detect an emergency event and send a message relating to the emergency event to a number of location tags located within a predetermined area of the anchor access point..
Vehicle window with shade
A window assembly for a vehicle includes inner and outer window panels and a spacer element disposed between the window panels to establish an interpane cavity, with a roller shade disposed therein having an end fixedly attached at an anchor stop. A dielectric layer is disposed between the roller shade and a conductive layer at the inner window panel.
Spectroscopic detector and corresponding method
The invention relates to a spectroscopic detector, including: at least one waveguide (70) arranged on a substrate (7) and having an input surface (700) to be connected to an electromagnetic source, in particular an infrared source, and a mirror (701) on the opposite surface, so as to generate a standing wave inside the waveguide; and a means for detecting electromagnetic radiation, which output an electrical signal according to the local intensity of the electromagnetic wave, characterised in that said detection means consists of suspended membrane bolometers (72 to 75) distributed between the input surface and the mirror, each membrane of said heat detectors being separated from said at least one waveguide by anchoring points (42) on said substrate (7), and in that means (702 to 705) for sampling a portion of the electromagnetic wave is provided between the input surface and the mirror.. .
Dual purpose deployment line for a parachute system
A dual purpose deployment line for a parachute system is disclosed. The system includes a main line and a plurality of cascading release loops disposed proximate a first end of the main line.
Dual purpose deployment line for a parachute system
A dual purpose deployment line for a parachute system is disclosed. The system includes a main line and a plurality of cascading release loops disposed proximate a first end of the main line.
Buttress fixation for a circular stapler
A stapling apparatus has a buttress material removably attached thereto by at least one anchor. The apparatus has a pusher with a protrusion for engaging the at least one anchor and releasing the buttress material..
Roofrail with fastening system
A vehicle roof rail system includes a roof rail, a vehicle roof structure and a vehicle body structure. A tolerance compensator is disposed between the roof structure and the body structure.
Method of constructing a storage tank for cryogenic liquids
A new procedure for constructing cryogenic storage tanks involves erecting a freestanding metal liner. The liner is sized and configured to withstand the hydraulic forces the concrete wall of the tank being poured without the need for temporary stiffeners on the inside surface of lower portions of the liner.
Drill hole plug system
The present device relates to a drill hole plug system, and more specifically, to a plug used to seal off rods or casings left in the ground after exploration diamond drilling. The present drill hole plug system is primarily comprised of a basket, connected to a basket adapter, which is in turn threaded onto a primary module.
Hair ties
The present invention is a hair accessory having a special coil design. The hair accessory comprising a substantially circular shaped member having a plurality of coiled coil structures, each of the plurality of coiled coil structures is arranged in a way to form a closed helical loop.
Ball screw device having preload structure
A ball screw device includes a screw engaged into a nut member for forming an endless ball guiding passage and for receiving bearing members, the nut member includes a thickness reduced barrel for forming a peripheral surface in the nut member, a tubular member is engaged onto the barrel of the nut member, a number of bearing elements are engaged onto the nut member and the tubular member, a sleeve is engaged onto the nut member and includes an inner peripheral protrusion having two curved side surfaces for engaging with the bearing elements and for solidly and stably anchoring and retaining the bearing elements between the sleeve and the tubular member and the nut member.. .
Mounting arrangement for panel veneer structures
A high-strength panel anchoring system for use in a cavity wall. A wall anchor is fixedly attached to an inner wythe.
Lifting and bracing system for a wall panel
A connector member and system is provided for selectively connecting to an anchor of a precast concrete structure. The connector member comprises arcuate members for rotating the anchor into a position of secure interconnection and serves as a force-transmitting device for contacting the anchor and associated features and structures..

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