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Anchor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Apparatus, device, and  establishing connection to packet data network patent thumbnailApparatus, device, and establishing connection to packet data network
Embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus, a device, and a method. The method comprises: when it is detected that a position of user equipment changes, determining whether an area served by an anchor gateway through which the user equipment connects to a packet data network is consistent with an area served by a data forwarding gateway; sending, to the user equipment when a result of the determining is no, a packet data network connection release request that carries a reconnection indication; receiving a packet data network reconnection request sent by the user equipment; selecting an anchor gateway that serves an area consistent with the area served by the data forwarding gateway; connecting the user equipment to the packet data network by using the selected anchor gateway.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Reducing signaling load to the corenetwork caused by frequent cell changes of an user equipment among small cells patent thumbnailReducing signaling load to the corenetwork caused by frequent cell changes of an user equipment among small cells
A method, in a radio communication system, for managing a signalling load between a core network portion of the system and an access network portion of the system in response to handover of user equipment (ue) between a source node and a target node in the access network portion, comprising providing a mobility anchor device supporting centralised radio resource control for the system, transmitting a node change request to the target node from the mobility anchor device, transmitting radio resource control parameters from the device to the ue in response to the request.. .
Alcatel Lucent

 Lawful interception in a wi-fi / packet core network access patent thumbnailLawful interception in a wi-fi / packet core network access
A method, by an authentication unit of a wireless access network, allows anchoring of a data packet session of a user entity connected to the wireless access network to a packet core network of a mobile communications network. The user entity uses an access identifier for its identification in the wireless access network.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Gate-all-around semiconductor device and  fabricating the same patent thumbnailGate-all-around semiconductor device and fabricating the same
The disclosed technology generally relates to semiconductor devices and more particularly to a gate-all-around semiconductor device, and methods of fabricating the same. In one aspect, the method comprises providing on a semiconductor substrate between sti regions at least one suspended nanostructure anchored by a source region and a drain region.
Imec Vzw

 Online publication system and method patent thumbnailOnline publication system and method
Various systems and methods for creating, storing, structuring, displaying, enhancing, and/or referencing publications and related content in an online user network are described. In some embodiments, a plurality of “anchors” are dispersed throughout the document, allowing document portions to be referenced in terms of the anchor(s) associated with the portion..
Researchgate Gmbh

 Collar for an inspection or cleaning pig patent thumbnailCollar for an inspection or cleaning pig
A collar for a cleaning or inspection pig which is movable in a pipeline and through the latter. The collar may include an inner fastening region, with respect to a longitudinal center axis of the collar, for fixing the collar to the cleaning or inspection pig.
Rosen Swiss Ag

 Bimetal coil assembly for fan drive patent thumbnailBimetal coil assembly for fan drive
A system and method of anchoring a bimetal coil member on a viscous clutch fan drive. An adjustable channeled retainer member together with a silicone or silicone-type material is used to anchor the free end of the bimetal coil member..
Borgwarner Inc.

 Expansion anchor patent thumbnailExpansion anchor
An expansion anchor is disclosed. The expansion anchor has a bolt having a neck region and an expansion region adjoining the neck region in which the bolt tapers down towards the neck region.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

 Expansion anchor patent thumbnailExpansion anchor
An expansion anchor with a bolt as a first element and with an expansion sleeve, which at least partially surrounds the bolt, as a second element, is disclosed. The bolt has an expansion region for widening the expansion sleeve.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

 A flowing-water driveable turbine assembly patent thumbnailA flowing-water driveable turbine assembly
There is provided a submersible turbine assembly comprising: a frame sized and configured for supporting one or more flowing water driven turbines at a predetermined depth range below the surface of a water body having a bed, the frame including at least one fixed buoyancy component and at least one variable buoyancy component and optionally one or more hydrodynamic lift-generating surfaces, the one or more flowing water driven turbines being expected to produce a drag force which varies with water velocity, the assembly being arranged to be maintained in a predetermined position above the water body bed and submerged below the expected water body surface by at least two upstream taut mooring line runs and at least one downstream taut mooring line run, wherein the mooring line runs are arranged to be anchored to the water body bed at respective anchor points spaced apart from a point below the expected position of the assembly by at least the height of the assembly above the water bed, the frame having attachment points for said taut mooring line runs comprising upper and lower attachment points for spaced apart attachment of upper and lower or primary and secondary mooring lines or cables forming each mooring line run, the attachment points arranged to permit movement of at least some of the mooring lines relative to the frame during installation and having an arrangement for locking the mooring lines relative to the frame during use, the assembly being arranged so that in use in a water current having a nominal flow velocity of 3 metres per second both the upstream and downstream mooring line runs remain taut and wherein the net upward force resulting from the fixed and variable buoyancy and any hydrodynamic lift minus the weight of the assembly is at least 25% of the drag on the structure and thrust produced by the at least one turbine.. .
Sustainable Marine Energy Limited


Hemispherical, breathable, double-wall, all-season, portable building

A portable building for all seasons combines elegant design with durability and functionality. An air pocket between two walls creates efficient thermal insulation in winter.


Column base structure

The column base structure contains a junction fitting 42 joined to a lower end of a column member 4, the junction fitting 42 being fixed in a peripheral portion thereof with an anchor bolt 10 that protrudes upward from foundation concrete 3, the anchor bolt 10 yielding before the column member 4, a first bending moment ma that initiates yield of the anchor bolt 10 being larger than a second bending moment mb that initiates yield of the peripheral portion of the junction fitting 42, and being 1.5 times or less the second bending moment mb.. .


Shoreline stabilization, restoration, and runoff filtration

A system for stabilization of a shoreline comprising a sheet having an unfolded state and a folded state, the sheet comprising a first edge and a second opposing edge connected by a first end and a second end, the sheet comprising a first layer formed from a first degradable fabric and a second layer formed from a second degradable fabric, the sheet further comprising channels formed at each of the first edge and the second edge, the channels formed from one or more of the first and the second fabric, each of the channels comprising an anchor rope threaded therethrough, each of the channels comprising a plurality of openings, the anchor rope extends through the plurality of openings for securement to a shoreline surface by the anchor rope, and methods of using the same.. .
Shoresox Systems, Llc


Dispersants with multiple aromatic imide anchor groups

A polyurethane dispersant is described that comprises a reaction product of a polyisocyanate with a) a component supplying a anchoring imide group wherein the carbonyl groups of the imide are bonded to a fused or non-fused aromatic ring, b) at least one solvent-solubilising chain, and other optional components to build molecular weight or modify the interaction of the dispersant with various particulates or continuous media.. .
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


Reaction resin mortar curable by frontal polymerization and fixing anchor rods

A reaction resin mortar curable by frontal polymerization is described, comprising at least one radically polymerizable compound (a), at least one thiol-functionalized compound (b) and at least one polymerization initiator (c), wherein the weight ratio of the at least one radically polymerizable compound (a) and the at least one thiol-functionalized compound (b) is in the range of 10:1 to 2:1 and wherein the polymerization initiator (c) is selected from compounds which can be thermally activated and/or thermally released at a temperature of above 30° c. And/or ammonium persulfates which are formed in-situ from at least one organically substituted ammonium salt and at least one inorganic persulfate as well as a method for fixing anchor rods, rebars or the like in bore holes using the reaction resin mortar..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Modular sand filtration-anchor system and wave energy water desalination system and methods of using potable water produced by wave energy desalination

A potable water producing system for disposition at a salt water body and methods of producing potable water are provided. The system includes a wave energy conversion system (awecs) and a portable filtration-anchor system.
Murtech, Inc.


Mobile winch in a bag system

A mobile winching system is provided, whereby a motorized winch, battery, and controller are mounted on a metal plate that is attached to and may be enclosed within a bag, wherein the metal plate has attachment points for coupling an anchor component to fix the winch system in position during a winching operation. The mobile winch in a bag system provides a way to transport and operate a winch in areas that are otherwise inaccessible by traditional vehicle mounted winches without the necessity of separately transporting the components of the system and with reduced setup of the components for use..


Compressible liquid containment berm assembly

A compressible liquid retaining berm having a plurality of wall members, the wall members composed of a compressible, resilient material such that the wall members will rebound to a neutral state after being compressed. A longitudinal slot is disposed in the top wall of the wall members and extends the length of the wall member, and a transverse slot is disposed in the top wall adjacent each end of the wall member, preferably perpendicular to the longitudinal slot.


Suction anchor

A suction anchor for a remotely operated vehicle comprising a frame attachable to a remotely operated vehicle, anchor cans beneath the frame beneath and connectable to a pump. In particular the anchor can be deployed as part of a method for sampling or measuring the seabed comprising the steps of attaching a frame to the remotely operated vehicle, the frame having one or more downwardly mounted anchor cans and a mast to which sampling and/or measuring equipment is attached, placing the anchor cans on an underwater floor, and, at least in partially, evacuating the cans of water embedding them in part into the underwater floor, sampling and/or measuring the underwater floor using the sampling and/or measuring equipment.


Auger anchor

An anchor device and method for safely and reliably securing watercraft to the bed of a body of water is provided. The anchor device may include a handle member with detachable components and an auger.


Anchor for seatbelt device

In a through anchor, a thinned portion is formed at a metal core lower portion of a metal core. This thereby enables an increase in body size of the through anchor to be prevented or suppressed even when a mold portion is made thick at the portion of the metal core where the thinned portion is formed..
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho


Seat belt device

A seatbelt device comprises a webbing, a bag body and an anchor member. The webbing is applied to the body of a vehicle occupant sitting on a seat.
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho


Modular shelving assembly

A modular shelving assembly for use in a vehicle, including a cargo space at least partially defined by a floor and a side wall of the vehicle, includes at least two interconnected upright assemblies. Each of the upright assemblies includes a first panel, a second panel, and a coupler member separate from and unitizing the first and second panels.
L&p Property Management Company


Thermosensitive recording material

The present invention is a thermosensitive recording material (1) having at least an anchor layer (1) containing a sizing agent on a support, an undercoat layer containing at least one member selected from the group consisting of plastic hollow particles and sizing agents on the anchor layer (1), and a thermosensitive recording layer containing a leuco dye and a coloring agent on the undercoat layer; and is a thermosensitive recording material (2a) having an anchor layer (2) containing specific amounts of a pigment and a specific sizing agent on a support, and a thermosensitive recording layer containing a leuco dye and a coloring agent on the anchor layer (2); a thermosensitive recording material (2b) having an anchor layer (2) containing a pigment and a specific sizing agent on a support, and a thermosensitive recording layer containing a leuco dye and a specific coloring agent on the anchor layer (2); or a thermosensitive recording material (2c) having an anchor layer (2) containing a sizing agent and a water resistance-imparting agent on a support, and a thermosensitive recording layer containing a leuco dye and a coloring agent on the anchor layer.. .



A ball (100) for use in bat and ball games wherein the ball is struck with a bat having an untensioned, rigid ball-striking surface, includes a hollow spherical impact body (112) having a mass of between 10 g and 50 g which enables the use of light-weight bats. The wall of the impact body is of a resiliently compressible material and defines a convexly curved impact zone ib.
Limpet Sports Management B.v.


Improved anchor fitting for hollow ball

An improved anchor fitting (10) for anchoring a tether cord (22) to a hollow ball (12). The anchor fitting (10) includes an anchor body (16) comprising a shank portion (18) and a head (20) at one end of the shank portion.
Limpet Sports Management B.v.


Method of implanting a contact implant

A method of implanting a contact implant includes providing the contact implant, providing a plurality of anchoring implants having a plurality of through openings, placing the contact implant at an implantation location, and introducing a first one of the anchoring implants through a first of the plurality of through openings. Mechanical oscillations are applied, along a first axis, to the first one of the anchoring implants, thereby causing thermoplastic material of the implant to liquefy and interpenetrate portions of the tissue.
Woodwelding Ag


Joint prosthesis assembly

A joint prosthesis assembly, includes a joint prosthesis body (1) made of a first biocompatible non-resorbable material and an anchoring element (2-5) made of a second biocompatible non-resorbable material. The anchoring element (2-5) is arranged to allow rotation of an end portion of the joint prosthesis body (1) with respect to the anchoring element (2-5) when in situ..
Stichting Katholieke Universiteit


Multiple anchoring-point tension system

A method is provided that includes implanting (a) a first venous tissue anchor in a superior vena cava, an inferior vena cava, or a coronary sinus, (b) exactly two atrial tissue anchors, which consist of second and third atrial tissue anchors, at respective different atrial sites, each of which sites is selected from: an annulus of a tricuspid valve, and a wall of a right atrium of a heart above the annulus, and (c) a pulley system, which includes (i) a pulley, which is connected to the second atrial tissue anchor, and (ii) a tether, which (a) is connected to the first venous tissue anchor and the third atrial tissue anchor, (b) is moveable through the pulley, and (c) has a length, measured between the first venous and the third atrial tissue anchors, of at least 30 mm. A size of a tricuspid orifice is reduced by tensioning the tether..
4tech Inc.


Device and mitral valve regurgitation treatment

A mitral valve replacement device is adapted to be deployed at a mitral valve position in a human heart. The device has an atrial flange defining an atrial end of the device, a ventricular portion defining a ventricular end of the device, the ventricular portion having a height ranging between 2 mm to 15 mm, and an annulus support that is positioned between the atrial flange and the ventricular portion.
Sino Medical Sciences Technology, Inc.


Valve replacement using rotational anchors

Features for a heart valve device are described. The device may include a frame with anchors configured to secure the device to tissue.
Millipede, Inc.


Integrated valve assembly and delivering and deploying an integrated valve assembly

An integrated valve prosthesis includes an anchor stent, a tether component, and a valve component. The anchor stent includes a self-expanding tubular frame member configured to be deployed in the annulus of an aortic valve or the aorta.
Medtronic, Inc.


Implants and procedures for supporting anatomical structures for treating conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse

Implants for the treatment of pelvic support conditions and methods of implementing the same. The implants comprise relatively soft, flexible bodies and relatively strong arms extending in predetermined orientations therefrom.
Caldera Medical, Inc.


Bone plate

A bone plate is provided including a plate member including a through-hole; a disk provided in the through-hole and rotatabiy supported in the plate member, the disk including a slot that is shaped such as to allow a guided displacement of the bone plate in a plane perpendicular to an axis of rotation of the disk with respect to a bone anchor extending through the slot.. .


Vertebral plate revision apparatuses, kits, and methods and osteosynthesis systems

Vertebral plate revision apparatuses, kits, and methods, and osteosynthesis systems useful in the treatment of vertebrae are described. An example vertebral plate revision apparatus is comprised of an extension plate, a connecting plate, a connecting member, and a set of locking members.
Degen Medical, Inc.


Anchor delivery system and method

A system for incisionless transvaginal sacrospinous ligament fixation, the system including an anchoring unit configured to affix a vaginal wall to a sacrospinous ligament; and a piercing tip configured to: pierce said vaginal wall, pierce said sacrospinous ligament, and deploy a first portion of said anchoring unit though said pierced vaginal wall and said pierced sacrospinous ligament, thereby disposing said first portion at said sacrospinous ligament.. .
Escala Medical Ltd.


Threaded suture anchor

The present disclosure relates to a suture anchor. The suture anchor includes a body having a proximal end and a distal end, the body including threads along at least a partial length of the body and at least one through hole, the threads including a profile such that the threads located near the distal end of the body include a first shape and the threads located near the proximal end of the body include a second shape different from the first shape.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Tissue repair devices

The present disclosure relates to an anchor assembly. The anchor assembly includes an anchor defining a cavity and an opening to the cavity and an insertion member configured for arrangement within the anchor cavity.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Anchor assembly

The present disclosure relates to an anchor assembly. The anchor assembly includes an anchor defining a cavity and an opening to the cavity and an insertion member configured for arrangement within the anchor cavity.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Tensionable knotless labral anchor and methods of tissue repair

Methods and constructs for soft tissue to bone repairs employing tensionable knotless anchors, without knot tying. The tensionable knotless anchors may be used by themselves or in combination with additional constructs (which may have a similar or different configuration, i.e., modified according to the specific repair) and with the flexible strands provided through tissue, around tissue, or through and around tissue to be repaired or fixated..
Arthres, Inc.


Heavy-duty plastic picture hanger having dual-hooks and hook-above-nail arrangements

Present invention discloses a heavy-duty plastic hanger that has both dual-hooks and hook-above-nail arrangements, and offers a 50 lb. Or 70 lb.


Glove system having fastening means allowing a user to easily don and doff each glove

A pair of protective gloves each glove having a glove body with finger portions that can be preselectively webbed together or each finger can be kept separated. The gloves are capable of withstanding heat, cold, puncture, shock and other similar hazards.


Open-palm sun protective glove

The invention is an open-palm sun protective glove that covers the back of the hand protecting it from solar ultraviolet radiation. It allows the palm to maintain mobility, dexterity, tactility, sensitivity, and to release heat and maintain coolness.


Clip-style equine twitch

A clip-style equine twitch device comprising a clip head and in-line tether holes, each threaded with a section of rope or cord to form an adjustable loop that can be applied to the horse and then securely clipped to an anchor point, and a method of use thereof.. .


Fastening element for fixating two components at each other

A fastening element for fastening a first component at a second component, the fastening element including a shaft which includes at least one spring elastic support element which anchors the fastening element at the second component; a shaft head which has a larger diameter than the shaft and which is arranged at a first end of the shaft; and a clamping element which clamps the first component against the second component with a defined contact pressure, wherein the first component is a circuit board which is fitted with leds and includes a first pass through opening and the second component is a lamp element which includes a recess which is configured as a dead hole or a second pass through opening.. .
Bjb Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and structure for enabling high aspect ratio sacrificial gates

Sacrificial gate structures having an aspect ratio of greater than 5:1 are formed on a substrate. In some embodiments, each sacrificial gate structure straddles a portion of a semiconductor fin that is present on the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Maintaining data-set coherency in non-volatile memory across power interruptions

A method for data storage includes storing data in a set of memory blocks of a non-volatile memory. Each memory block, which holds a respective portion of the data, is classified as valid or invalid depending on whether the memory block holds a most updated version of the portion, and as anchor or non-anchor depending on whether the portion belongs to a coherent snapshot of the data.
Nuvoton Technology Corporation


A liquid crystal alignment film and a liquid crystal display element using the same

[problem] the purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for developing a large anchoring energy by simple processes. [solution] there is provided a method for manufacturing a liquid crystal alignment film, comprising: a process (i) of mixing a solvent with a photoresponsive polymer to prepare a photoresponsive polymer solution; a process (ii) of coating the photoresponsive polymer solution on a substrate, followed by drying at 50 to 100° c.
Dic Corporation


Toroidal continuously variable transmission and continuously variable transmission apparatus

Construction is achieved whereby durability is maintained while size and weight are reduced. Installation plate sections are provided on the top and bottom end sections of a pair of support columns.
Nsk Ltd.


Disc brake assembly with guide pin locating feature

A vehicle disc brake assembly comprises a brake caliper and an anchor bracket. The brake caliper has a lug, a bore, an opening, a fastener, and a guide pin.
Kelsey-hayes Company


Fastening element for fixating two components at each other

A fastening element for fastening a first component, like a circuit board fitted with leds, including a pass through opening with a second component, like a lamp element which includes a recess like e.g. A dead hole or a pass through opening, the fastening element including a shaft which includes at least one spring elastic support element which anchors the fastening element at the second component, a shaft head which has a larger diameter than the shaft, wherein the shaft head is arranged at one end of the shaft, a clamping element which clamps the first component against the second component with a defined contact pressure, wherein the clamping element is formed by a spring elastic clamping arm that is displace able in a spring elastic manner and which forms a portion of the shaft head and which contacts the first component..
Bjb Gmbh & Co. Kg


Portable cooling fan and support system

A portable fan includes a housing having a first face with a first ridge and a second face with a second ridge. A recess is defined between the first and second ridges.


Apparatus and preventing vertical blind vane swaying

An apparatus and method for preventing swaying of vertical blind vanes is provided wherein a tensioned cord is positioned between the vertical vanes and the window sill, said cord being coupled to anchoring means that are anchored to the insides of the window frame. The cord runs through a plurality of clips coupled with eyelet holes, said clips being attached to the bottom edges of the vanes at the vanes' mid-point, allowing the vanes to rotate.


Apparatus and preventing vertical blind vane swaying

An apparatus and method for preventing swaying of vertical blind vanes is provided wherein a tensioned cord is positioned between the vertical vanes and the window sill, said cord being coupled to anchoring means that are anchored to the insides of the window frame. The cord runs through a plurality of clips coupled with eyelet holes, said clips being attached to the bottom edges of the vanes at the vanes' mid-point, allowing the vanes to rotate.


Removable fall prevention device

A configurable barrier assembly for installing into a window frame having an opening needs to prevent falling. The configurable barrier assembly includes two anchored frames for being installed on the two sides of the window frame respectively, a plurality of first movable sliders slidably coupled at one of the anchored frames in a detachably movable manner, a plurality of second movable sliders slidably coupled at another anchored frame in a detachably movable manner, and a plurality of anti-falling cords.
Infinvalue Inc.


Door jamb and sill assemblies

Door jamb and sill assemblies are provided. In one aspect, a door jamb weatherstripping assembly includes a weatherstrip member and a retaining member.
Extrucan Inc.


Keder rail attachment for a fabric/panel building

An keder rail and clamping anchor secure keder fabric to a building support beam. In one embodiment, the clamping anchor clamps about the support beam.


Pocketed concrete anchor

The invention provides for a pocketed anchor for post-tensioned concrete reinforcement. The anchor includes a body having a flange portion with a front and rear surface, a button portion extending from the rear surface, and a nose portion extending from the front surface.
Actuant Corporation


Concrete anchor

The invention covers an anchor system for securing an object to a work-piece such as a concrete surface. The system includes an anchor portion with a tubular member extending from an anchor head.
Black & Decker Inc.


Plate element for a fastening point at which a rail, which is provided for rail vehicles, is fastened and fastening point

A plate element for a fastening point, at which a rail for rail vehicles is fastened to a fixed base. The plate element has an opening leading from the upper side thereof associated with the rail to be fastened to the underside thereof associated with the base, through which a fastening element for fastening the plate element onto the base is guided during use, which engages with an anchor fitting countersunk into the base, and a fastening point at which a rail for a rail vehicle is fastened to a fixed base.
Vossloh-werke Gmbh


Rail fastener and arrangement comprising such a rail fastener

A rail fastener (7) comprises an anchoring shaft (9) for fixing the rail fastener (7) in a fastening base, for instance a sleeper (2) which bears the rail (1), and a head (10) which is integrally formed on the anchoring shaft (9) and equipped with means for receiving a torque for the purpose of screwing the anchoring shaft (9) into the fastening base. The rail fastener (7) is distinguished in that —a threaded shaft (11) is integrally formed on the head (10) on the side thereof opposite to the anchoring shaft (9) or a bore equipped with an internal thread is made in the head (10) and/or the anchoring shaft (9) integrally formed thereon from the side thereof opposite to the anchoring shaft (9), —the head (7) has a surface portion as a first abutment surface (24) annularly surrounding the threaded shaft (11) or the threaded bore, —the rail fastener (7) has a clamping element (12) seated on the threaded shaft (11) or engaging in the internal thread of the head (10) and/or of the anchoring shaft (9) and meshing with the respective thread, which clamping element has an outwardly projecting projection for supporting on at least one leg of a rail hold-down spring (22) and a shaft portion (15) integrally formed thereon in the direction of the head (10), which shaft portion has a second abutment surface (26) directed towards the head (10) and corresponding with the first abutment surface (24) and —between the two abutment surfaces (24, 26) there is situated a securing disc or a securing disc arrangement (16) which is supported on the abutment surfaces (24, 26) to prevent the clamping element (12) from loosening..
Heico Befestigungstechnik Gmbh


Contaminant removal from water bodies with biochar

A system and method for contaminant removal from water bodies with biochar are disclosed. An example system includes an anchor, a float, and an attachment line extending between the anchor and the float.
Biochar Now, Llc


Tower crane and mounting a wind turbine rotor blade

The invention relates to a tower crane comprising a tower of at least one tower element, in particular a lattice piece, and a structural guying device having at least one guying rod for the horizontal anchorage of the tower at a structure. In accordance with the invention, the tower has a vertically adjustable guide frame, wherein at least one positioning rope is adjustably fastened to the guide frame.
Liebherr-werk Biberach Gmbh


Cantilevered screw assembly

A cantilevered screw assembly comprising an improved anchor system. In an exemplary embodiment, a support wall may be formed of a single casting with at least a portion of a bearing housing.


Vehicle accessory mounting assembly

A mounting assembly for securing one or more accessories to a surface, the mounting assembly including a base layer, an upper layer positioned above the base layer, a number of support members between the base layer and the upper layer, and a number of lock anchors spaced apart from each other for receiving locking mechanisms of accessories positioned thereon. The lock anchors each include an open-topped central cavity for receiving the retractable locking mechanisms therein and one or more side openings for at least partially receiving an extendable locking member of one of the retractable locking mechanisms therein..


A carrier device for vehicles

The present invention provides a carrier device for carrying a load, said carrier device is configured for clamping to a trunk of a vehicle and for loading a load thereto for carrying thereof the carrier device comprising: at least one inner part configured for clamping the vehicle trunk, creating an anchor point for supporting an external part; and at least one external part for holding said load, said external part connects to said at least one inner part via at least one anchor connector supported by said anchor point, where said external part includes at least one main support sub-assembly having at least one support element pressed against to the lower bumper of the vehicle and an arc support sub-assembly having an upper arc to be pressed against the upper rear part of the vehicle.. .


Expandable tip medical devices and methods

Guidewires and methods of use of guidewires having improved atraumatic tips that can distribute force to lessen trauma as well as anchor the guidewire to facilitate improved catheter exchange.. .
Lazarus Effect, Inc.


Modified porous materials and methods of creating interconnected porosity in materials

Techniques, mixtures and improved porous materials (interconnected porous constructs) that are capable of maintaining a sufficient porosity while conferring improved mechanical and physical strength to the final construct. A sacrificial construct (for example, a sacrificial material such as polymethyl methacrylate (pmma)) is used to obtain an inverse porosity of the construct it was molded into.
Arthrex, Inc.


Method for the manufacture of an implantable cartilaginous tissue repair device

A cartilaginous tissue repair device with a biocompatible, bioresorbable three-dimensional silk or other fibre lay and a biocompatible, bioresorbable substantially porous silk-based or other hydrogel partially or substantially filling the interstices of the fibre lay; with or without an integral means of firmly anchoring the device to a patient's hone.. .
Orthox Limited


Methods, compounds, and compositions for treatment and prophylaxis in the respiratory tract

The present invention provides a method of reducing the quantity of mucus in the respiratory tract of a subject with elevated levels of mucus in said respiratory tract. The method includes administering to the subject a compound or composition containing a therapeutically effective amount of a fusion protein comprising a sialidase or an active portion thereof and an anchoring domain.
Ansun Biopharma, Inc.


Suspension therapy apparatus

A suspension therapy apparatus features a hammock formed from a rectangular textile modified at its long edges with a first and second plurality of attachment loops. The hammock suspends from a support with suspension hardware that permits the hammock to swing back and forth and rotate 360 degrees.


Adjustable surgical support system

The adjustable surgical support system includes a lower extremity support for receiving and supporting the foot and lower leg of a patient laying supine on an operating table. A ball mount extending downwardly from the lower extremity support is selectively insertable within one of a plurality of apertures arranged in a matrix and formed in an underlying base plate.


Anchors and methods for intestinal bypass sleeves

A gastrointestinal device for implanting within a pylorus, a duodenal bulb, and a duodenum of a patient's gastrointestinal tract includes an expandable structure includes a proximal portion having a plurality of spring arms and a distal portion having a plurality of spring arms, the proximal and distal portions coupled by a rigid central cylinder having a diameter capable of fitting within the pylorus and having a length greater than a width of the pylorus. A membrane is coupled to and covering at least a portion of one of the proximal portion and the distal portion of the expandable structure.
Metamodix, Inc.


Meniscus prosthetic device

A prosthetic device that may be utilized as an artificial meniscus is disclosed. The prosthetic device can restore shock absorption, stability, and function to the knee after the damaged natural meniscus is removed and replaced with the prosthetic device.
Active Implants Corporation


Offset cardiac leaflet coaptation element

Systems, devices, and methods for reducing regurgitation through an atrioventricular heart valve: i.e., the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve. The device includes a flexible anchor rail anchored in the tissue of the ventricle and an offset coaptation element on a catheter that rides over the anchor rail and is positionable between the valve leaflets.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Orthopedic plating assembly for bone fixation and subsidence

Orthopedic plating assemblies and methods for bone fixation that include an orthopedic plate and orthopedic anchors that can accommodate subsidence in the vertebral bodies as well as prevent the anchors from “backing out” of their installed position. The orthopedic anchors may be capable of rotating and translating with respect to the plate, and the plate may be able to translate after being fastened to the vertebral bodies..
Globus Medical, Inc.


Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures

The present invention relates to a brace installation instrument placement that is mounted to anchors secured in an animal subject. The installation instrument includes anchor extensions coupled to the anchors.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Orthopedic implant for treatment of bone deformities

An implantable orthopedic device. The device includes: a proximal anchor, configured to be implanted inside a first metatarsal; the anchor having a collar larger than the opening in a metatarsal in which the proximal anchor is implanted; the collar preventing cable to bone contact; a distal anchor, configured to be implanted inside a second metatarsal, adjacent to the first metatarsal; the distal anchor having a male thread, a nut threadable onto the male thread of the distal anchor, and a cord mechanically interconnecting the proximal and distal anchors.
Bonfix Ltd.


Soft tissue attachment

Devices and methods to attach soft tissue to bone include, for example, forming a bone tunnel in a bone, passing a suture through soft tissue, and inserting an anchor in the bone tunnel, wherein a distal portion of the anchor is positioned underneath the soft tissue, a proximal portion of the anchor is positioned beyond an edge of the soft tissue, the suture first portion extends from the distal portion of the anchor to the soft tissue, and the suture second portion extends from the proximal portion of the anchor to the soft tissue.. .
Venturemd Innovations, Llc


Systems and methods for facilitating closure of bodily openings

The present embodiments provide a system for facilitating closure of a bodily opening. In one embodiment, the system comprises an anchor having a deployed state dimensioned for engaging tissue surrounding the opening, a first tether coupled to the anchor and extending proximally therefrom, and a graft member comprising a first bore disposed therein.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Pyramidal nursery pot

A pyramidal shaped nursery pot that provides improvement in pot stability against wind blow over, improves root development through air root pruning and grooves to guide the roots downward, and reduces weeding effort, without negatively impacting space utilization and water consumption. The pot is made of a semi-rigid, preferably biodegradable material, is delivered flat, and has a self closing mechanism to keep the sides joined when it is assembled.


Method for producing a semiconductor component and a semiconductor component

A method for producing a plurality of semiconductor components and a semiconductor component is disclosed. In some embodiment, the method includes forming a semiconductor layer sequence, structuring the semiconductor layer sequence by forming trenches thereby structuring semiconductor bodies, applying an auxiliary substrate on the semiconductor layer sequence, so that the semiconductor layer sequence is arranged between the auxiliary substrate and the substrate and removing the substrate from the semiconductor layer sequence.
X-celeprint Limited


Labeling sleeve assembly, and methods of manufacturing and use thereof

A labeling sleeve assembly includes a label strap having a first end segment and a second end segment, where the label strap is configured to be formed into a loop, and an elastic band. The elastic band includes a first anchor region configured to bond to the first end segment of the label strap while the label strap is formed into the loop, a second anchor region configured to bond to the second end segment of the label strap while the label strap is formed into the loop, and a bridging segment derived from an elastic layer, where the bridging segment connects the first anchor region and the second anchor region..
Bedford Industries, Inc.


Image re-ranking method and apparatus

The present disclosure relates to an image re-ranking method, which includes: performing image searching by using an initial keyword, obtaining, by calculation, an anchor concept set of a search result according to the search result corresponding to the initial keyword, obtaining, by calculation, a weight of a correlation between anchor concepts in the anchor concept set, and forming an anchor concept graph acg by using the anchor concepts in the anchor concept set as vertexes and the weight of the correlation between anchor concepts as a weight of a side between the vertexes; acquiring a positive training sample by using the anchor concepts, and training a classifier by using the positive training sample; obtaining a concept projection vector by using the acg and the classifier; calculating an acg distance between images in the search result corresponding to the initial keyword; and ranking the images according to the acg distance.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and system for collaborative, streaming document sharing with verified, on-demand, freestyle signature process

Systems and methods for the sharing, collaborative reviewing and freestyle multiparty signing of an electronic document. The system and method to stream an electronic document from a csr system onto a touchscreen device for real time and multiple signature placement anywhere within an electronic document.
Technology Happens Llc


Analyte detection using liquid crystals

Devices and methods for using changes in the defects in micrometer sized dispersed liquid crystal domains to detect or quantify analytes in a test sample, including endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (lps), are disclosed. The dispersed liquid crystal microdomains are exposed to the test sample, and any changes in the number of defects in the liquid crystal microdomains are detected by detecting changes in the anchoring configuration of the microdomains.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Titanium nitride for mems bolometers

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes patterning a sacrificial layer on a substrate to define a bolometer, with trenches being formed in the sacrificial layer to define anchors for the bolometer, the trenches extending through the sacrificial layer and exposing conductive elements at the bottom of the trenches. A thin titanium nitride layer is then deposited on the sacrificial layer and within the trenches.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Micro-opto-electromechanical systems (moems) device

A micro-opto-electromechanical systems (moems) device is described. The device comprises at least one anchor on a chip; at least one spring connected to the anchor; at least one proof mass connected to the spring, the at least one proof mass being movable with respect to the chip; a movable optical element connected to the at least one proof mass; a first waveguide connected to the chip, the first waveguide being adapted for receiving light from a light source and a second waveguide connected to the chip, the second waveguide being adapted for operatively coupling to a photodetector and the movable optical element being disposed between the back end of the first waveguide and the front end of the second waveguide..


Crude oil spray combustor

The disclosure describes a combustor suitable for burning emulsified crude oil and seawater, a flow-blurring atomizer positioned at first end configured for introducing atomized crude oil spray into an interior of the combustor. A shroud or combustion duct surrounds a portion of a burning plume of atomized crude oil.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Portable lighting devices with multiuse lanyards and detachable lanyards

Apparatus and methods for attaching portable lighting devices to objects/surface are provided. In some embodiments, an elastic lanyard is anchored to a body portion of a portable lighting device and a free closed loop portion can be looped around an object, and/or a channel formed on the body portion.
Industrial Revolution, Inc.


Coil for a threaded insert

The present invention relates to a coil (10) for transmitting torque to a threaded insert sleeve with an external thread and/or for tapping a thread. The coil (10) comprises a radially outer profile for anchoring the coil (10) in a threaded insert sleeve and for transmitting a torque to the threaded insert sleeve and/or for tapping a thread.
Ludwig Hettich Holding Gmbh & Co. Kg


Tension conversion device and method

A method comprising steps for (a) providing a tower, the tower comprising a guy wire having a tension force, wherein the guy wire is anchored to a ground and connected to the tower; and (b) placing a device on the guy wire, at a location between the ground and the tower, wherein the guy wire is discontinued while passing through the device creating a first guy wire and a second guy wire, wherein the device converts the tension force into a compression force continuously, the compression force readily visible on a compression gauge.. .


Column base structure

In a column base structure provided with a column base portion in which a joint metal fitting arranged above a base concrete is fixed to an anchor bolt protruding upward from the base concrete, and a column member which is joined its lower end portion to an upper surface of the joint metal fitting, a design basis strength f1′ of the joint metal fitting is smaller than a design basis strength f2 of the column member, a bending bearing force of the column base portion is smaller than an index bending bearing force of the column member which is calculated by multiplying a bending bearing force of the column member by a value obtained by dividing the design basis strength f1′ by the design basis strength f2, and the column base portion yields before the column member according to an increase of the load applied to the column base structure.. .
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Prefabricated building panel

Prefabricated building panels combine new and unexpected element dimensions and materials with the effect of reducing overall weight and depth while simultaneously improving panel performance such as thermal insulation. As compared to former panels, prefabricated building panels according to exemplary embodiments of the invention generally include thinner concrete slabs, wider separations between concrete and support framing, and new material choices for anchors connecting slabs with framing.


Method for maneuvering a vessel

A method for the maneuvering of a vessel, such as a dredge, stacker, barge or wet concentrator plant, the vessel having provided thereon at least four winches from which winch ropes extend to anchor points located remotely from the vessel, the winches being operable to maneuver the vessel, wherein at least one winch is kept under a defined torque whilst three winches are utilized to control the movement of the vessel. A maneuvering control system for implementing the method of maneuvering described is also disclosed..
Hatch Pty Ltd


Tool coupler

A tool coupler is disclosed for coupling a tool system to a machine. The tool coupler may including a base configured to connect to the tool system and having spaced-apart plates, hooks, a first pin, and at least one web connecting the spaced-apart plates.
Caterpillar Inc.


Fluorescent probe for imaging lymph nodes

Disclosed is a near-infrared fluorescent imaging agent comprising an indocyanine-based fluorescent dye and a liposome. The near-infrared fluorescent imaging agent of the present invention demonstrates high fluorescence intensity and a long anchoring time in sentinel lymph nodes, thereby making it useful for detecting sentinel lymph nodes in sentinel lymph node navigation surgery.
Eisai R&d Management Co., Ltd.

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