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This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Non-cellular link integration with cellular networks patent thumbnailNon-cellular link integration with cellular networks
Improved non-cellular (e.g., wi-fi) link integration with a cellular (e.g., lte) network is described. The improved link integration can relate to utilizing an enodeb device (e.g., residing in a radio access network portion of a cellular network) as an anchor point rather than a packet data network gateway device (e.g., residing in a core network portion of the cellular network) utilized by other approaches.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Methods of and nodes for selecting a target core network for handing over a voice session of a terminal patent thumbnailMethods of and nodes for selecting a target core network for handing over a voice session of a terminal
A method of selecting a target core network of a communication network for handing over a voice session of a terminal from a packet switched source radio access network (ran) to a target ran. The voice session is anchored in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem, and the selected target core network includes a circuit switched domain which is associated with the target ran and supports voice session continuity to hand over the voice session from the source ran to the target ran.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Transfer of emergency services session between disparate subsystems patent thumbnailTransfer of emergency services session between disparate subsystems
Methods and nodes for coordinating communication sessions are described herein. A method includes providing, by a control system, a signaling anchor point at a domain transfer function in a visited multimedia subsystem for an access signaling leg and a remote access signaling leg for a communication session between a user element and a public service access point and coordinating call signaling for the communication session via the access signaling leg and the remote signaling leg..
Apple Inc.

 Ranging scalable time stamp data synchronization patent thumbnailRanging scalable time stamp data synchronization
Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to time stamp based data synchronization and provide a method, system and computer program product for scalable, ranging time stamp based data synchronization. In an embodiment of the invention, a ranging time stamp synchronization method can include computing a time range for a specified time, and producing time stamp synchronization anchors using the time range for each of the anchors.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Telecommunications network call control patent thumbnailTelecommunications network call control
Telecommunications network components configured to manage call control of a communication session of user equipment are described herein. An anchoring network device may proxy signaling traffic for the communication session.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

 Roof attachment assembly for solar panels and installation method patent thumbnailRoof attachment assembly for solar panels and installation method
Disclosed herein is a roof attachment assembly for mounting a solar panel on a roof without the use of rails. The assembly includes a flashing member, a pivot bracket member, a clamp member, an array skirt and a splice member.
Ironridge, Inc.

 Selective placement of carbon nanotubes via coulombic attraction of oppositely charged carbon nanotubes and self-assembled monolayers patent thumbnailSelective placement of carbon nanotubes via coulombic attraction of oppositely charged carbon nanotubes and self-assembled monolayers
A method of forming a structure having selectively placed carbon nanotubes, a method of making charged carbon nanotubes, a bi-functional precursor, and a structure having a high density carbon nanotube layer with minimal bundling. Carbon nanotubes are selectively placed on a substrate having two regions.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Device for vibrating a stringed instrument patent thumbnailDevice for vibrating a stringed instrument
Provided is a device (20) for vibrating a string instrument (1) to allow the string instrument to be used as a loudspeaker. To press a base member (22) fitted with a vibration generator (50) against a bridge (13) of the string instrument (1) via a load point member (24) of a vibration transmission member (26), the base member (22) is provided with a fulcrum member (30) engaging an upper side of the strings (9) of the string instrument (1) and an anchor member (38) engaging a lower side of the strings (9).

 Computer-implemented  placing groups of document clusters into a display patent thumbnailComputer-implemented placing groups of document clusters into a display
A computer-implemented system and method for placing groups of document clusters into a display is provided. One or more spines of document clusters are placed into a display and at least one of the document clusters for each placed spine is designated as an anchor cluster.
Fti Technology Llc

 Optical fiber splicing unit, optical fiber splicing method, and holding member for optical fiber splicing unit patent thumbnailOptical fiber splicing unit, optical fiber splicing method, and holding member for optical fiber splicing unit
An optical fiber splicing unit includes: a mechanical splice which aligns optical fibers and puts the optical fibers between half-split elements to splice the optical fibers to each other; a splice holder portion which holds the mechanical splice; fixing member guide portions which respectively guide anchoring fixation members that are respectively fixed to the optical fibers at two sides of the held mechanical splice; anchoring portions which respectively anchor the anchoring fixation members, the anchoring fixation members being respectively guided by the fixing member guide portions and advancing; and a first spacer which abuts one anchoring fixation member and is disposed to be retracted to restrict the advancement of said one anchoring fixation member, said one anchoring fixation member being guided by one fixing member guide portion and advancing.. .
Fujikura Ltd.


Device and anchoring a polymer to a substrate

A component for a bearing including a substrate having opposite major surfaces spaced apart by a thickness of the substrate, and a plurality of channels extending along the first surface, at least two of the plurality of channels extending in parallel with each other, wherein at least one of the plurality of channels is adapted to receive and secure a polymeric material to the substrate. A method of forming a bearing including providing a substrate having a opposite major surfaces spaced apart by a thickness, forming channels in the substrate, the channels each having a depth extending from the first major surface toward the second major surface, applying a polymeric material to at least a portion of the first major surface, wherein a portion of the polymeric material occupies at least a portion of at least one of the channels, and curing the polymeric material..
Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation


Hydraulic wave energy converter

A hydraulic wave energy converter, for converting wave energy into high-pressure water energy, includes a rectangular upper floating body (1) floating on water surface, a cylindrical housing-shaped lower floating body (2) under water, a first cable (3), a second cable (4), a hanging rod (5), a ball hinged hook (6), a sea floor anchor pile (7), and other mooring facilities. A plurality of water hydraulic cylinders (8) are vertically fixed at two wider sides of the upper floating body (1) and are reliably connected with the lower floating body (2) through piston heads (27), piston rods (28) and piston rod seats (29).


Anchoring and anti-clogging drill rod for coal mine floor

An anchoring and anti-clogging drill rod for a coal mine floor and methods thereof are provided. The anchoring and anti-clogging drill rod includes a hollow drill pipe and a hollow sleeve configured inside the hollow drill pipe.
China University Of Mining And Technology


Hinge for the rotatable movement of a door, a door leaf or the like

A hinge for the controlled rotatable movement of at least one closing element, such as a door, a door leaf or the like, anchored to a stationary support structure, such as a wall, a floor, a frame or the like, includes a hinge body and a pivot defining a first axis and reciprocally coupled to allow rotation of the at least one closing element between an open position and a closed position. The hinge further includes a working chamber defining a second axis substantially perpendicular to the first axis and a plunger element sliding in the working chamber along the second axis between a position proximal to the bottom wall of the working chamber and a position distal therefrom..
Ol.mi S.r.l.


Powered shingle remover

A device used to remove surface covering materials such as shingles. The device is comprised of an end handle having a plurality of switches and an anchoring mechanism, a handle shaft with a straight and curved portion, a secondary handle, and a base assembly.


Selective placement of carbon nanotubes via coulombic attraction of oppositely charged carbon nanotubes and self-assembled monolayers

A method of forming a structure having selectively placed carbon nanotubes, a method of making charged carbon nanotubes, a bi-functional precursor, and a structure having a high density carbon nanotube layer with minimal bundling. Carbon nanotubes are selectively placed on a substrate having two regions.
International Business Machines Corporation


Reaction resin mortar, multi-component mortar system and the use thereof

A reaction resin mortar comprising a resin mixture is described, that contains at least one radically polymerizable compound, at least one reactive diluent and at least one inhibitor, whereby the viscosity of the resin mixture is set to a particular value, a two-component or multi-component mortar system and the use thereof for construction purposes, in particular for chemical anchoring in mineral substrates.. .
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Techniques for emplacing an unmanned aerial vehicle launcher prior to launching an unmanned aerial vehicle

A technique is directed to launching an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The technique involves positioning a uav launcher over a ground location.
Aai Corporation


Self-aligning safety belt

A safety belt (104) is secured to a seat structure (102) using movable anchor points (114, 116, 406). In an embodiment, a y-belt (104) is attached to left and right pivotable anchor plates (110).
Zodiac Seats Us Llc


Boat anchor hook

A boat hook anchor is provided. The boat hook anchor may include a metal tubing, such as electrical conduit metallic tubing.


Windlass assembly

A windlass assembly for a marine craft anchoring system is disclosed. The assembly comprises, before attachment to the craft, a windlass portion and a bow roller portion connected to each other via a connection portion.
Lewmar Limited


Rope cleating system

A system for rope cleating is disclosed. A system incorporating teachings of the present disclosure may include a cleating component, an anchoring component, and an exterior shell.
Vitalz Outdoors, Llc


Seatbelt through-anchor and seatbelt device

The present invention provides a seatbelt through-anchor and device capable of preventing jamming during an emergency. A through-anchor is rotatably attached to a vehicle interior wall and is folded back after a webbing extracted from a retractor is inserted through the through-anchor.
Autoliv Development Ab


Media height detection system for a printing apparatus

A media height detection system is used in connection with an inkjet printer. A filament is disposed above the process path and transverse to the process direction.
Xerox Corporation


Method and real-time racket string tension measurement

A sports racket with racket string tension measurement has a racket frame with a throat that connects a racket head and a racket grip. One or more strings is strung in a stringing pattern, and one or more string anchors retains an end of the string or strings.


Trampoline anchor

A trampoline anchor comprising a trampoline frame, a trampoline bed attached to the trampoline frame, trampoline springs connecting the trampoline frame to the trampoline bed, a fluid chamber formed as a toroidial enclosure, and an outside skirt attached to the fluid chamber, wherein the outside skirt connects between the fluid chamber and the trampoline frame at a fluid chamber skirt connection. The trampoline anchor can also have fluid chamber pods attached to the legs of the trampoline..


Intraosseous infusion ports and methods of use

Example embodiments are related to intraosseous infusion port (iop) devices to provide access to bone marrow cavities. The iop device according to example embodiments may comprise a proximal portion with a hollow chamber extending through the proximal portion, the hollow chamber having a proximal inlet for receiving an insertion device.
Pavmed Inc.


Bifunctional protein anchors

The disclosure relates to the areas of immunology and vaccine delivery. More specifically, it relates to a bacterial vaccine delivery technology with built-in immunostimulatory properties which allow the immobilization of any antigen of interest, without prior antigen modification.
Applied Nanosystems B.v.


Conforming anchor for duodenal barrier

An apparatus comprises a sleeve, a seal, and an anchor assembly. The sleeve is flexible and non-permeable and is configured to fit in a duodenum.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve

Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the stomach and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.


Magnetically coupled cinching of a loop installed in a valve annulus

The diameter of an annulus in a patient (e.g., the mitral valve annulus) can be reduced using a tissue engaging member that is installed on the annulus and an actuator that is implanted into the patient's body. The tissue engaging member has anchors used to implant the tissue engaging member into the annulus, and a cinching loop runs through the tissue engaging member.
Cardiac Implants Llc


Low profile heart valve and delivery system

Apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve, including: a delivery catheter having a diameter of 21 french or less; an expandable anchor disposed within the delivery catheter; and a replacement valve disposed within the delivery catheter. The invention also includes a method for endovascularly replacing a heart valve of a patient.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Bone compression system and associated methods

Systems and associated methods for repairing first and second bone fragments include a bone compression device characterized by an elongated fastener and an anchor. The fastener includes an externally-threaded shank, an enlarged head, and a bore extending through both.


Bone anchors and surgical instruments with integrated guide tips

Bone anchors and surgical instruments (e.g., bone taps, drivers, etc.) are disclosed herein that include integrated guide tips. Use of these anchors or instruments can eliminate one or more of the steps in a conventional bone anchor installation procedure, improving surgical efficiency and safety.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Percutaneous vertebral stabilization system

Systems and methods for percutaneously installing a vertebral stabilization system. A first anchor is positionable within a body of a patient through a first percutaneous opening and a second anchor is positionable within a body of a patient through a second percutaneous opening.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Offset variable angle connection assembly

Systems for securely connecting a spinal implant to a bone anchor by using an offset connection assembly. The variable angle connection assembly is able to securely connect the spinal implant to the anchors even when there is a variance in the angle and position of the anchors with respect to the spinal implant.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Locking compression members for use with bone anchor assemblies and methods

Various exemplary methods and devices are provided for fixing bone anchors to bone. In general, the methods and devices can allow for a bone anchor to be fixed to a bone at a desired angle to a surface of the bone.
Medos International Sarl


Receiving part for receiving a rod for coupling the rod to a bone anchoring element

A receiving part for receiving a rod for coupling the rod to a bone anchoring element includes a receiving part body including a first end and a second end, and having a substantially u-shaped recess at the first end forming a channel for receiving the rod, and an accommodation space for accommodating a head of the bone anchoring element, the accommodation space having an opening at the second end for introducing the head; and a pressure element arranged at least partially in the accommodation space, the pressure element including a first section having a second recess for receiving the rod, and a second section having a flexible portion to clamp the head, the first section and the second section being fixed relative to each other, wherein said pressure element is insertable from the opening.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Shock wave valvuloplasty device and methods

Described here are devices and methods that may facilitate treatment of a calcified heart valve with shock waves. A shock wave valvuloplasty device may be advanced through a patient's vasculature and self-align with cusps of a calcified aortic valve.
Shockwave Medical, Inc.


Suture anchor system with compressible distal tip

Methods and devices for fixation of soft tissue to bone are provided. In one embodiment, a suture anchor is provided having an elongate cylindrical body with proximal and distal ends and an inner lumen extending therethrough.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Threaded knotless anchor

A suture anchor for deployment in a preformed bone hole to secure soft tissue to bone in a knotless manner. The suture anchor comprises a hollow outer member and an inner member longitudinally movable within the outer member.
Linvatec Corporation


Helmet strap attachment

An anchoring system for securing a strap to an in-molded helmet can include a strap anchor that includes an anchor housing and an in-molding flange coupled to the anchor housing. The anchoring system can include a bar tack clip sized to fit partially within the anchor housing, the bar tack clip including a cross beam, an opening adjacent the cross beam, and at least one clip coupled to the cross beam and sized to mateably couple with the anchor housing.
Bell Sports, Inc.


Backdrill reliability anchors

Disclosed is a printed circuit board (pcb) having backdrill reliability anchors comprising nonfunctional pads to provide mechanical reinforcement for signal pads on backdrilled plated through hole (pth) vias, as well as associated method and machine readable storage medium.. .
Alcatel-lucent Canada, Inc.


Migration of local anchors in a wireless mesh network

Methods, apparatus, and systems for wireless communication are provided. A method for wireless communication at a user equipment (ue) includes establishing a connection between the ue and an attachment node of a wireless mesh network.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and data synchronization

A method for data synchronization performed by a server is described. The method comprises receiving, from a client terminal, a synchronization request and information about a synchronization anchor of the client terminal; determining, based on the synchronization anchor of the client terminal and a synchronization anchor of the server, difference data to be synchronized with the client terminal; determining whether a size of the difference data exceeds a threshold; and responsive to determining that a size of the difference data exceeds the threshold, transmitting the difference data to the client terminal in a plurality of difference data segments, wherein a size of each of the plurality of the difference data segments does not exceed the threshold, and wherein each of the plurality of the difference data segments is to be synchronized separately with the client terminal..
Guangzhou Ucweb Computer Technology Co., Ltd.


Termination of strength members of deep water cables

A method for terminating a cable (6) having at least one strength member (7). The method includes the steps of providing a cable termination comprising at least one termination chamber (2) for accommodating an end section of the strength member (7) and arranging and fastening an anchoring sleeve (12) around at least parts of the end section.


Modular building block system for rf and microwave design of components and systems from concept to production

An rf signal processing system including multiple drop-in modular circuit blocks is disclosed. The drop-in modular circuit blocks include input and output launches exhibiting the same launch geometry.
X-microwave, Llc


Connector cover

Provided is a connector cover structure that can fasten a connector cover without support for the connector cover with a finger and showing a high degree of assembly of a cover member in fabrication. The connector cover structure covers connects 61 and 62 for passage of high-voltage current provided in a casing 51 housing a high-voltage component in a vehicle 10.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Methods and systems for annotating electronic documents

A computer-implemented method of annotating an electronic document may include receiving annotation information corresponding to a first electronic document file and creating annotation metadata that is associated with the annotation information. The method may further include storing the annotation information and associated annotation metadata in an annotation file that is separate from the first electronic document file, and anchoring the annotation information to a target electronic document file at an anchor location corresponding to the annotation metadata.
Lexisnexis, A Division Of Reed Elsevier Inc.


Mirco-electro-mechanical system (mems) device

The invention provides a mems device. The mems device includes: a substrate; a proof mass, including at least two slots, each of the slots including an inner space and an opening, the inner space being relatively closer to a center area of the proof mass than the opening; at least two anchors located in the corresponding slots and connected to the substrate; at least two linkages located in the corresponding slots and connected to the corresponding anchors; and a multi-dimensional spring structure for assisting a multi-dimensional movement of the proof mass, the multi-dimensional spring structure surrounding a periphery of the proof mass, and connected to the substrate through the linkages and the anchors.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Shock sensor with latch mechanism and shock detection

A micromechanical shock sensor includes a proof mass coupled to a surface of a substrate and a projection element extending laterally from the proof mass. The shock sensor further includes a latch mechanism and a retention anchor.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Clip for use in a disc brake assembly and disc brake assembly including such a clip

A brake clip adapted for use in a disc brake assembly comprises a brake clip configured to be disposed between an anchor bracket and at least one brake pad of the disc brake assembly. The brake clip has at least one tab extending therefrom which is configured to initially contact and prevent the at least one brake pad from falling free prior to installation of the disc brake assembly on a vehicle..
Kelsey-hayes Company


Shared anchor bracket for a disc brake assembly having separate service and parking brake assemblies

A disc brake assembly having an anchor bracket, a disc type of service brake assembly having a first brake caliper configured to be secured to the anchor bracket; and an electric disc type of parking and emergency brake assembly having a second brake caliper configured to be secured to the anchor bracket.. .
Kelsey-hayes Company


Fastening element

The invention relates to a fastening element for fastening a component on a carrier component, in particular a carrier component of an automobile, wherein the fastening element comprises a glue surface with which the fastening element can be glued onto the earner component with a glue applicable to the glue surface, and wherein the fastening element comprises fastening means for fastening the component or a further fastening element, wherein a plurality of anchoring ribs are provided on the glue surface, which extend in a radial direction with regard to an imaginary circle around the center of the glue surface.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Thermostat and component of an oil circuit

A thermostat includes a carrier element which can be anchored in a housing, and a valve element which is movable relative to the carrier element. The valve element contacts the carrier element in a first position, whereby a duct within the housing can be closed.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Downhole machining system and method

The present invention relates to a downhole machining system (1) for machining a casing (2) in a borehole in a well having a top. The downhole machining system comprises a first tool part (4) having an axial extension (5) and an anchoring section (6); a second tool part (7) adapted to rotate and move axially in relation to the first tool part, the second tool part comprising a machining bit (8) being movable in a direction radial in relation to the axial extension; a first actuator (10) comprising an electrical motor (11a) for axially moving the second tool part in relation to the first tool part; a second actuator (12) comprising an electrical motor (13) for rotating the second tool part in relation to the first tool part; and a third actuator (14) comprising an electrical motor (11b) for rotating the bit.
Welltec A/s


Casing removal tool and methods of use for well abandonment

Systems and methods for removing casing from a wellbore including a casing removal tool that includes a tubular body configured to contain a thermite fuel mixture configured to initiate into a molten thermite fuel. The casing removal tool also includes a nozzle array having a plurality of nozzles positioned on an external surface of the tubular body.
Robertson Intellectual Properties, Llc


Rotational anchoring of drill tool components

A rotational anchor mechanism is mounted on an operatively nonrotating housing that forms part of a drill string. An anchor linkage forming part of the anchor mechanism is radially extendable and contractible to move an anchor member, such as a roller, mounted on the anchor linkage radially towards and away from the housing, to engage a borehole wall for resisting rotation of the housing relative to drill pipe that is drivingly rotated within the housing.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Single anchor terminal

A single anchor terminal is provided for a roadside wire rope barrier. The single anchor terminal includes a release post, a brace, and an anchor base.
The Texas A&m University System


System and roadway maintenance and repair

A method of repairing a damaged portion formed in a roadway includes drilling a plurality of boreholes in an interior surface of the damaged portion and filling the damaged portion and the boreholes with a fill material. The fill material may comprise a binding agent, such as a resin, and aggregate mixture.


Rail anchor

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including an apparatus that is a rail anchor comprising a head, a tail, and a belly section. The belly section comprises a top surface, a bottom surface, and two side surfaces.
Lewis Bolt & Nut Company


Process for the synthesis of a cdna in a sample in an enzymatic reaction

This invention relates to a process for synthesis of a cdna in a sample, in an enzymatic reaction, whereby the process comprises the steps: simultaneous preparation of a first enzyme with polyadenylation activity, a second enzyme with reverse transcriptase activity, a buffer, at least one ribonucleotide, at least one deoxyribonucleotide, an anchor oligonucleotide; addition of a sample that comprises a ribonucleic acid; and incubation of the agents of the previous steps in one or more temperature steps, which are selected such that the first enzyme and the second enzyme show activity. The invention further relates to a reaction mixture that comprises a first enzyme with polyadenylation activity, a second enzyme with reverse transcriptase activity, optionally a buffer, optionally at least one ribonucleotide, optionally at least one deoxyribonucleotide, and optionally an anchor oligonucleotide.
Qiagen Gmbh


Stabilizer pad and handle apparatus

A stabilizer pad and handle apparatus is provided having a curved substantially c-shaped handle, or u-shaped handle or straight handle with ends of the handle inserted into seating holes extending inwardly from the side walls of the pad. An anchor hole and anchors may be provided extending downward through and perpendicular to the seating holes and through the handle.
Richard And Carolyn Koberg Living Trust


Package integrity feature for packaging

A reclosable package is described that includes a package integrity feature defined by an inner film layer of the package. The package integrity feature includes a first die cut portion and a second die cut portion that both extend from a main die cut portion at least partially defining the opening of the package.
Sonoco Development, Inc.

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