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Anchor patents

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Thorascopic heart valve repair method and apparatus

Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Thorascopic heart valve repair method and apparatus

Removable spindle assembly for torsion axles

Removable spindle assembly for torsion axles

Removable spindle assembly for torsion axles

Oticon Medical A/s

Hearing aid interconnection system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Using anchor points in document identification patent thumbnailnew patent Using anchor points in document identification
Systems and methods are disclosed that allow for indexing, processing, or both of information from physical media or electronic media, which may be received from a plurality of sources. In embodiments, a document file may be matched using pattern matching methods and may include comparisons with a comparison reference database to improve or accelerate the indexing process.
Indxit Systems, Inc.
 Cardiac valve prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Cardiac valve prosthesis
A method of repairing a native cardiac valve such as the aortic valve includes positioning a cardiac valve prosthesis at an implantation site proximate the native cardiac valve to be repaired. The cardiac valve prosthesis includes an armature and a plurality of prosthetic valve leaflets, the armature including first and second annular elements, a plurality of anchor members extending between the first and second annular elements, and a plurality of valve support members extending from at least one of the first and second annular elements, the plurality of prosthetic valve leaflets being coupled to and supported by the valve support members.
Sorin Group Italia S.r.l.
 Flexible devices patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible devices
A self expanding flexible or balloon expandable flexible device includes a helical strut member helically wound about an axis of the stent. The helical strut member comprises a plurality of helical strut elements.
Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc.
 Implantable medical device patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable medical device
A device comprising: a lead extending between a proximal end and a distal end, the lead comprising, at its distal end portion, an electrode element configured for fixing in a first body tissue, the lead further comprising: an anchoring element disposed between the proximal and the distal end for anchoring the device to a second tissue; and an elastic element disposed between the anchoring element and the distal end and configured so as to permit the pulling of the distal end away from the anchoring element against the biasing force of the elastic element.. .
 Bottom loading low profile fixation system patent thumbnailnew patent Bottom loading low profile fixation system
A low profile orthopedic device is used to fix and stabilize bones to correct anomalies in skeletal structure occurring naturally or by trauma. Bone screws are screwed into bones by application of torque.
Spinal Llc
 Thorascopic heart valve repair method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Thorascopic heart valve repair method and apparatus
An instrument for performing thorascopic repair of heart valves includes a shaft for extending through the chest cavity and into a heart chamber providing access to a valve needing repair. A movable tip on the shaft is operable to capture a valve leaflet and a needle is operable to penetrate a capture valve leaflet and draw the suture therethrough.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research
 Apparatus for delivering and anchoring implantable medical devices patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for delivering and anchoring implantable medical devices
An apparatus includes an elongate member having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion. The elongate member defines a longitudinal axis.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.
 System and  drug delivery with a safety syringe patent thumbnailnew patent System and drug delivery with a safety syringe
One embodiment is directed to a system for injecting, comprising a syringe body defining an interior medicine chamber; a stopper member configured to be inserted into the interior medicine chamber to contain medicine within the medicine chamber; a plunger member configured to be manually manipulated to insert the stopper member relative to the syringe body; a needle having proximal and distal ends, the proximal end comprising an anchoring geometry configured to be at least partially penetrated into the stopper member such that upon retraction of the stopper member, the needle is pulled proximally along with the stopper to be at least partially contained within the interior medicine chamber; and an energy-storing member operatively coupled between the stopper member and the syringe body, the energy-storing member configured to facilitate retraction of the stopper member relative to the syringe body.. .
Credence Medsystems, Inc.
 Medical metal material for in vivo insertion, comprising in vivo movement-preventing means patent thumbnailnew patent Medical metal material for in vivo insertion, comprising in vivo movement-preventing means
The present invention relates to an implantable medical appliance with means of migration prevention, which is either coated with a biocompatible polymer or coated with a biocompatible adhesive, or injected with a biocompatible adhesive after the insertion of the implantable medical appliance into a living body, or equipped with a foldable anchor. The implantable medical appliance of the present invention characterized by the means equipped on the surface of the same to prevent intratissue migration can be effectively used for such implantable medical appliance as a sealed source used for brachytherapy, a fiducial marker used for increasing accuracy of igrt, a clip for surgical operation, and a transponder for the generation of radio frequency, etc, since the migration of the medical appliance is prevented after the insertion..
Snu R&db Foundation
 Surface anchored light chain bait antibody display system patent thumbnailnew patent Surface anchored light chain bait antibody display system
The present invention provides, in part, an antibody display system that simultaneously uses a secretion and a display mode. Embodiments of the invention provide a system in which a bait complexed with a monovalent antibody fragment can be captured prior to secretion in a host cell by virtue of surface displaying an antibody light chain and utilizing the covalent interaction of this light chain with the heavy chain of an antibody molecule that is co-expressed in the same host.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
new patent

Hands free exercise device

A resistance exercise device is disclosed for an amputee which includes a support assembly configured to engage the stump portion of an amputated limb. The support assembly includes a pair of circumferential support cuffs.
Sleppsolutions, Llc
new patent

Sports court designed with three sections

A portable system for playing sports and methods of providing the same are described. In its assembled form, the system can have a generally two-dimensional configuration.
new patent

Cell seeding device and method

Described is a device comprising an anchor, a tray including a well adapted to receive the anchor, and a cover adapted to engage the tray and cover the well. The device may be used to form a membrane-cell matrix having a substantially uniform distribution of the cells on the membrane in at least two dimensions..
new patent

Low nox lifted flame burner

Nitrogen oxides (nox) generated by a fuel burner is reduced by anchoring the flame to a conductive anchor disposed a lift distance from a fuel nozzle, using a voltage applied to the flame.. .
Clearsign Combustion Corporation
new patent

Process for producing an anti-erosion coating on an inner wall of a chamber of a fcc unit and anchoring structure for the production of this coating

(iii) the insertion of a composite material into the cells from the metal wall and at least up to the upper longitudinal edge of each strip.. .
new patent

Apparatus to deploy a liftgate fully contained within a cargo space and method

An apparatus and a method that deploys a liftgate from the cargo space of a contained area is described. In one embodiment the device has an anchor frame permanently attached to the inside of a cargo space and a front linkage member and a rear linkage member pivotably attached to the anchor frame.
new patent

Removable floodwall system, components and installation

A floodwall system comprises a plurality of wall panels detachably attached to a plurality of columns that are anchored to the ground. The plurality of wall panels include a plurality of chambers that receive water through perforations to increase the mass of these wall panels..
Rsa Protective Technologies, Llc
new patent

Hearing aid interconnection system

A hearing aid interconnection system is disclosed. The hearing aid interconnection system comprises an abutment provided with means for being attached to a fixture for anchoring the hearing aid interconnection system to a skull bone.
Oticon Medical A/s
new patent

Alignment of components coupled to a flexible substrate for wearable devices

Embodiments relate generally to wearable electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and to wearable/mobile computing devices. More specifically, various embodiments are directed to, for example, aligning a flexible substrate and/or components thereof during fabrication to enhance reliability.
new patent

Cable and backplane system for connecting multiple hard drives to a computer

Disclosed is a cable and backplane system for mounting a wiring system that permits connection of hard drives directly to a mother board of a computer. There is provided a mechanical backplane having multiple retainers defined in a top surface thereof.
Protocase Inc.
new patent

Large-scale surface reconstruction that is robust against tracking and mapping errors

Depth maps of a physical space are obtained using a depth sensor carried by a rig such as a robot or a head mounted display device worn by a user. Visible light images are also obtained.
new patent

Furniture assembly

A furniture assembly includes at least four division plates, at least four squared beams, and at least one storage space. The division plate has a left lateral surface and a right lateral surface to respectively mount a front fastener and a rear fastener.
Protrend Co., Ltd.
new patent

Child seat having an anchoring harness

A child seat includes a seat portion and an anchoring harness. The seat portion has a lower surface facing downward, an upper surface facing upward for providing sitting support, a rear edge defining a rear border of the lower and upper surfaces, and a slot formed through the seat portion and opened on the lower and upper surfaces, the slot being located adjacent to the rear edge.
Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited
new patent

Removable spindle assembly for torsion axles

A torsion axle arrangement is provided wherein the spindle is mounted to the suspension link by a keyed connection facilitated with a selectively orientable disc then fixed to the suspension link according to a given application. That connection is maintained by a bolt passing through the suspension link and engaging a mating groove in the spindle.
new patent

Support structure for and using plastic bags

A collapsible support frame has a top opening and open sides to allow a plastic bag to be received through the top opening. Anchoring members protrude outwardly from the frame to engage the top of the open bag after it is folded over the frame.
new patent

Stand-up induction heating tool for membrane roofing

An induction heating tool has an induction heating coil configured to generate a magnetic field closely matched to the shape of the anchor plate. The induction heating tool includes a base configured to assist an operator in aligning the coil over each anchor plate.
Omg, Inc.
new patent

Method and determining safety of a working environment

An apparatus for determining the safety of a working environment comprising a panel assembly including first d-ring indicia corresponding to d-ring height, a first slider supported for movement relative to the panel assembly, the first slider including first anchor height indicia corresponding to anchor height and a free fall distance (ffd) indexing arrow, a second slider supported for movement relative to the panel assembly, the second slider including ffd indicia corresponding to ffd first lanyard length indicia corresponding to lanyard length. The first slider is moved to a first slider ffd calculation position based on a determined anchor height.
Alberta British Columbia Safety Inc.
new patent

Torque anchor for blocking the rotation of a production string of a well

Each restraining device comprises a set of springs suitable for acting on the set of said supports and a guide capable of guiding said set of springs; said guide being borne by said supports; said guide being mobile with respect to at least one support.. .
new patent

Anchor for the vessels

The invention is an anchor which constitutes a certain weight in the water, when dropped into the water by means of a connection like a rope or chain connected to the mentioned vessel in order to stabilize the vessels at a required area or point over the sea surface. It has an expandable reservoir which allows the water transmission inside from the outside, keeps the material located inside and is connected to the vessel with the connection and contains a water absorbent material which expands and gets heavy when interacting with water located in the reservoir.
new patent

Quick release skewer assembly

A quick release skewer assembly comprising a skewer shaft with a first end portion and a second end portion axially spaced from the first end portion, a first clamping element connected to the first end portion with a first grip face, and a clamping assembly adjacent the second end portion including an anchor element and a second clamping element with a second grip face. The first grip face is axially separated from the second grip face by a grip distance.
new patent

Micromechanical z-sensor

A micromechanical z-sensor, including a rocker having trough structures which is twistably supported with the aid of a spring device, the rocker having a mass distribution which is asymmetric with respect to the spring device, first electrodes situated above the trough structure, and second electrodes situated below the rocker, and a catch device including at least one spring element against which a stop element which is anchored to a substrate is able to strike, at least two catch devices which are spatially separated from each other being provided per rocker arm of the rocker.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Reinforcing implant for an elongated bone, in particular femur

A reinforcing implant anchors shafts of two prostheses which are arranged opposite each other on an elongated bone, in particular a femur. The implant has a generally elongated shaft-like shape and a receiving sleeve at both ends for a respective anchoring shaft and a disconnectable coupling piece lying between the receiving sleeves for a rigid connection.
Waldemar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg

Minimally invasive lateral intervertebral fixation system, device and method

An intervertebral fixation device is disclosed, which includes a weight-bearing shell, a first anchor, a second anchor, and a key. The shell includes a first and second opposing sidewalls at a distance from one another, a keyway that extends along at least a portion of the distance, and a first axis of rotation and a different second axis of rotation that extend along at least a portion of the distance and are outside the keyway.
International Spinal Innovations, Llc

Adjustable heart valve implant

Systems and methods are provided for repairing a heart valve, such as a mitral, tricuspid or aortic valve, using an adjustable and removable implant that can be delivered to the heart through the apex in a simplified and non-invasive manner. The implant can include a prosthetic valve portion coupled to a proximal end of a shaft, and an anchor portion coupled to a distal end of the shaft.

Prosthetic heart valve devices, prosthetic mitral valves and associated systems and methods

A prosthetic heart valve (100) includes a flexible anchoring member (110) at least partially surrounding and coupled to an inner valve support (120). The device can further include a prosthetic valve (130) coupled to, mounted within, or otherwise carried by the valve support.
Twelve, Inc.

Deflection devices, the prevention of stroke

Deflection devices, systems, and methods for the prevention of stroke. Devices hereof comprise an extension portion and an anchor portion, both of which are configured to prevent the device from advancing into the artery extending from the aortic arch in which the device may be positioned.
Cvdevices, Llc

Polyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle

A polyaxial bone anchoring device is provided including an anchoring element (1) having a shank (2) for anchoring in the bone and a head (3), the head comprising a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (3a); a receiving part (4) configured to be pivotably connected to said head (3), the receiving part having a first end (4a), a second end (4b), a central axis (c) extending through the first end (4a) and the second end (4b), a channel (42) for receiving a rod (100), an accommodation space (44) for accommodating the head (3), the accommodation space (44) having a lower opening (45) at the second end (4b), and a coaxial passage (41) extending from the first end (4a) into the accommodation space (44), a cap member (6, 6′) that is arranged at least partially in the accommodation space (44), the cap member (6, 6′) having a first portion (61) that is configured to be positioned at least partially around the head (3), wherein the first portion (61) is expandable in the accommodation space (44) to allow insertion of the head (3) and compressible to exert pressure onto the head (3); a sleeve-like insert piece (5) configured to be positioned at least partially around the first portion (61) of the cap member (6, 6), wherein the sleeve-like insert piece (5) comprises a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (51) and is configured to pivot in the receiving part (4).. .

Transverse rod connector

A transverse rod connector includes an elongate member having first and second ends and first and second connection members. The first and second connection members are connected with first and second ends, respectively.
K2m, Inc.

Anchor-in-anchor system for use in bone fixation

An anchor-in-anchor fixation system is provided for securing underlying structure, such as bone. The fixation system includes a first bone anchor having a shaft for fixation to underlying bone, and a head that defines an internal bore.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Thread anchor

A method and a device for anchoring a suture to an object includes a shuttle and a pin made of a material which can be liquefied by means of ultrasonic vibrations. A suture is attached to a rear end of the pin.
Woodwelding Ag

Suture and soft anchor assembly and making the same

A method of anchoring a suture into a pilot hole in bone, utilizing a suture anchor. A lumen-defining circular soft wall, having a first and second end, is slidably engaged to a piece of suture, a first length of which extends from the first end of the wall and is threaded through the lumen from the second end, and a second length of which extends from the second end and is threaded through the lumen from the first end.
River Point, Llc

Biodegradable blood vessel occlusion and narrowing

A biodegradable blood vessel narrowing device, comprising: a biodegradable element; an anchoring element; wherein said anchoring element is anchored to a blood vessel wall and at least one external dimension of said biodegradable element is reduced upon biodegradation of said biodegradable element thereby pulling said blood vessel walls toward one another.. .
V.v.t. Med Ltd.

Hybrid anchor

Some materials used to make anchors for soft tissue repair, for example, have beneficial properties, including stiffness, bioabsorbability, and osteoconductivity. These materials, however, are not flexible and are challenging to make flexible wings out of for winged anchors.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Multi-actuating trigger anchor delivery system

A single trigger system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders or other purposes. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for such purposes..
Neotract, Inc.

Axial-flow blood pump

The invention relates to an axial flow blood pump device comprising an integrated electromagnetic drive with a stationary stator assembly and a rotatable impeller assembly, wherein the stationary stator assembly at least comprises stator windings (3) and a bearing system (4) supporting the rotatable impeller assembly, the impeller assembly comprising at least one blade (9) and permanent magnets (10) interacting with the stator windings (3), wherein the stationary stator assembly comprises supporting elements (8) for mounting, in particular coaxially mounting the device in the interior of an anchoring system (7) being implantable into a vessel. The invention furthermore relates to a system comprising a device according to any of the preceding claims and a anchoring system (7), in particular a stent (7) surrounding the device, wherein the anchoring system (7) and the device, in particular the at least one blade (9) and the supporting members (8) of the device are in a collapsed/compressed/folded state for implanting the system into a vessel, the system being expandable/unfoldable after implantation..

Cyclic amino compounds for use in the treatment of cardiac disorders

The present invention relates to tertiary amines of formula (i) for use in therapy, particularly for use in treating cardiovascular disorders. The compounds have been found to regulate phospholamban phosphorylation by interfering with the a-kinase anchor protein 18delta (akap18δ) binding to the pka substrate phospholamban.
Universitetet I Oslo

Exercise device including elastic closed loop resistance tension band

A training device includes a continuous elastic loop having attached thereon at least one of a hand grip or a foot cradle, a non-scissoring sleeve slidably wrapped around a first portion of the continuous elastic loop, and an anchoring portion non-slidably connected to the non-scissoring sleeve. The elastic loop provides uniform resistance (i.e., tension) while providing total body muscle engagement whether conducting isometric, concentric, or eccentric muscle contractions.
Dr. Fit 365, Llc.

Grinding disk

A grinding disk is provided with a support plate with anchoring projections. A drive connector is connected to the support plate.

Low nox burner and operating a low nox burner

A low nox burner is configured to support a combustion reaction at a selected fuel mixture by anchoring a flame at a conductive flame anchor responsive to current flow between charges carried by the flame and the conductive flame anchor.. .
Clearsign Combustion Corporation

Novel compositions and methods for treating ige-mediated disorders

The present invention relates to immunoglobulins that bind ige and fcγriib with high affinity, said compositions being capable of inhibiting cells that express membrane-anchored ige. Such compositions are useful for treating ige-mediated disorders, including allergies and asthma..
Xencor, Inc.

Blade-disk assembly, method and turbomachine

Disclosed is a blade-disk assembly of a turbomachine, the blade-disk assembly having a plurality of adjacent rotor blades and a closure blade which are tilted into an anchoring groove, and at least one circumferential retention element which interlockingly cooperates with at least one blade, as well as a plurality of tilt-out prevention elements which are disposed between the groove base and the root portions and which, in the rest state, space the blades from the groove base when in the upper position. The blade-disk assembly further has a locking element, a portion of which is located between the groove base and the root portions and which, in the rest state, spaces the closure blade from the groove base when in the upper position.
Mtu Aero Engines Ag

Artificial turf edging system and method

A method and system for providing an artificial turf edge. In one embodiment, the system includes: a main body portion having a bottom surface, an interior side surface, an exterior side surface and a top surface; an anchoring portion extending downwardly from the bottom surface, wherein the anchoring portion is configured to be driven downwardly into a ground surface to anchor the main body portion to the ground surface; and a plurality of artificial turf blades extending outwardly from the exterior side surface..

Micropile foundation matrix

The disclosure describes, in part, apparatuses and methods for installing structures (e.g., foundations, footings, anchors, abutments, etc.) at work sites, such as difficult-access work sites. In some instances, a rotating drill assembly is assembled over a target location in order to excavate a radial array of batter-angled shafts associated with the target location in preparation for the installation of a radial array of micropiles.
Crux Subsurface, Inc.

Artificial reef structure

An artificial reef structure is provided with units each including an intermediate artificial kelp; an upper buoyant body including a buoyant drum at one side and having snap members, and a first pressing plate at an other side and having first and second holes wherein the snap members are inserted through the artificial kelp and the second holes to fasten the buoyant drum, the artificial kelp, and the first pressing plate together; and a lower support including a second pressing plate at one side and having second snap members and a bottom hook, and a third pressing plate at an other side and having third and fourth holes wherein the second snap members are inserted through the intermediate artificial kelp and the fourth holes to fasten the second pressing plate, the artificial kelp, and the third pressing plate together; and an anchor including rings each secured to the hook.. .
Yurhsin Industries Co., Ltd

Airbag arrangement for a closeable or openable roof opening of a motor vehicle

An airbag arrangement for closeable or openable roof opening 2 of a motor vehicle has a gas cushion arrangement which is to be anchored to the vehicle roof 1 and which is suitable in the inflated state for covering the surface of the roof opening 2, wherein the gas cushion arrangement has two inflatable gas cushions 3, 4 which are suitable in the non-inflated state for being arranged along lateral inside edges 5, 6 of the roof opening 2, that extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle.. .
Key Safety Systems, Inc.

Motorcycle foot anchor

A motorcycle foot anchor includes a foot anchor including a base, a body and an end portion. The base of the foot anchor is coupled to a motorcycle frame.

Seal for cable anchor device of a cable construction

A seal for sealing a cable anchor device (4) to a structural element (1, 3), the cable anchor device (4) being arranged to anchor at least one cable (2) to the structural element (1,3) and having a front surface (15) facing an opening (6) of the structural element, through which front surface the at least one cable (2) extends towards the exterior of the structural element, characterized in that the seal comprises a sleeve (12) which extends from a perimeter of a surface of the structural element including the opening (6) of the structural element to a perimeter of a hermetic portion of the anchored cable (2) comprising at least the front surface (15) of the anchor device (4).. .
Soletanche Freyssinet

Siesmic mount

Seismic brackets for retaining an article during an earthquake or other vibration. The seismic brackets comprise at least one fastener component for anchoring the bracket to a stabilizing support structure, one or more connecting member and at least one fastener component for affixing the bracket to a support structure.
Worksafe Technologies

Work implement

A holding fixture can securely fix a work implement, and does not become an obstacle when the work implement is carried or in used. The holding fixture 20 is provided with a flexible wire 21 which is attached in a housing hole 15 and movable in a length direction of the housing hole 15, wherein the housing hole 15 is a thin and long curved hole extending from the battery mounting unit 12 to the grip 11.
Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

Fillable stencil pattern

A pool stencil pattern includes a frame anchoring hard curing decorative material in a swimming pool plaster coat. The frame includes a perimeter wall with an exterior surface and interior surface, both having ridges near their centerlines.

Solar panel ballasted ground support systems

A structure, system and method for the in situ ballasting of solar panel ground support structures, the method, system and structures comprising the positioning of supporting posts or anchoring elements therefor within a peripherally enclosing frame, having an open top and preferably open bottom, on the ground at a final solar panel array supporting position. The supporting posts or anchoring elements therefor are vertically aligned and maintained in position relative to each other and a ballast material, such as concrete, is poured into the enclosing frame around the supporting posts or anchoring elements therefor in the final solar panel supporting position thereof with the ballast material being allowed to harden.

Rope stopper system

A rope stopper system for a fibre rope (30) is described, where a rope stopper (10) is placed on a deck of an anchor handling vessel (50) or the like, and is arranged to grip and secure the fibre rope (30), that runs through the rope stopper (10), in connection with reshackling and the like. The rope stopper (10) comprises a frame (12) equipped with at least three rotary stopper elements (14), where the stopper elements (14) are arranged in an opening (16) in the frame (12), said opening (16) is a through-running opening to receive the fibre rope (30), and where the stopper elements (14) in the opening are placed about the through-running fibre rope (30), and also that the surface of said stopper elements (14) is equipped with a contact surface (24) which, during rotation of the stopper elements, is arranged to lock the fibre rope (30) and that the contact surface is arranged at a point on the outer surface (26) that lies further away from the bearing point (20) of the stopper element than at least the most of the other points in the outer surface (26) of the stopper element..
Rolls-royce Marine As Deck Machinery - BrattvÅg

Anchoring system for a string in a musical instrument

A system for anchoring a guitar string comprising a guitar top, a bridge fixed to the guitar top, and at least one aperture extending through the bridge and top for receiving an end of a string with a ball attached thereto. A bridge pin has a body that is insertable into the aperture.
Taylor-listug, Inc. D/b/a Taylor Guitars

Mems rotation sensor with integrated electronics

A rotational sensor for measuring rotational acceleration is disclosed. The rotational sensor comprises a sense substrate; at least two proof masses, and a set of two transducers.
Invensense, Inc.

Grip reinforcing bar and producing same

A reinforcing bar with improved adherence for reinforced concrete component, consists of a metal profile section (1) in the form of a flattened strip of rectangular cross section with two opposite wide faces (10, 10′) on which longitudinally separated projecting anchoring portions are formed.. .
Societe Civile De Brevets Matiere

Perimeter wall

An outer covering of a building includes anchor bolts configured to extend outwardly from an exterior side of floor support structures of the building, a plurality of anchor plates that adjustably mount to the plurality of anchor bolts, and a plurality of spandrel units that mount to an exterior side of the plurality of anchor plates. Each of the plurality of spandrel units includes a first mounting structure that receives a first outer covering section from above and supports a dead weight and lateral load of the first outer covering section via a corresponding one of the plurality of anchor plates and associated anchor bolts, and a second mounting structure configured to rotationally receive a second outer covering section after dead weight of the second outer covering section is loaded on an adjacent spandrel unit located below that one of the plurality of spandrel units..
Cupples International Inc.

Modular building system

A building having a foundation and abutting wall panels seated on the foundation. Together they define at least one wall section, tied together by orthogonal tensioners.
Nev-x Systems Limited

Expansion bolt

An expansion bolt including an anchor bolt having an expansion section, and further including an expansion sleeve which surrounds the anchor bolt and which can be expanded by retracting the expansion section, and a spring element arranged on the anchor bolt. The spring element can be tensioned by inserting the anchor bolt into a bore hole and can retract the expansion section of the anchor bolt into the expansion sleeve when it is released.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Upholstery clip for removable attachment to rigid surfaces

A locking structure for the removable attachment of listing beads to structures comprising an upholstery clip that is provided with a clip base with attached counterpoised clip arm assemblies and a key assembly. The clip arm assemblies are constructed and arranged of legs and hooks and the key assembly is provided with a neck and a key.
Hope Global, Division Of Nfa Corp.

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