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Anchor patents

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Creating flexible structure descriptions of documents with repetitive non-regular structures

Abbyy Development

Creating flexible structure descriptions of documents with repetitive non-regular structures

Suture anchor and method

Venturemd Innovations

Suture anchor and method

Suture anchor and method

Tendyne Holdings

Pursestring epicardial pad device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Anchor-related patents
 Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip patent thumbnailIntegrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip
A gateway is preconfigured to establish an internet protocol (ip) tunnel with a default local mobility anchor on behalf of a mobile node. The gateway receives from the mobile node an internet access request including a mobile identifier and authorization and authentication protocol information, and sends to the default local mobility anchor an ip tunnel request to establish an ip tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Creating flexible structure descriptions of documents with repetitive non-regular structures patent thumbnailCreating flexible structure descriptions of documents with repetitive non-regular structures
Disclosed are systems, computer-readable mediums, and methods for creating a flexible structure description. To create the flexible structure description an image of a document of a particular document type that contains a table is received.
Abbyy Development Llc
 Suture anchor and method patent thumbnailSuture anchor and method
Suture anchors and associated methods are disclosed having suture securing features able to lock suture ends extending from a body tissue, such as from a bone tunnel.. .
Venturemd Innovations, Llc
 Pursestring epicardial pad device patent thumbnailPursestring epicardial pad device
This invention relates to a disk device for anchoring one or more transluminal sutures, and methods for anchoring such sutures, especially for anchoring transcatheter heart valves.. .
Tendyne Holdings, Inc.
 Devices and methods for lumen occlusion patent thumbnailDevices and methods for lumen occlusion
A system may include an introducer sheath including a retention member configured to anchor the introducer sheath in a natural body lumen having a wall. The system may also have an elongate member extending along a longitudinal axis through a working channel of the introducer sheath.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.
 Porous spacers, instruments, and methods for foot and ankle fusion patent thumbnailPorous spacers, instruments, and methods for foot and ankle fusion
Porous spacers (100) are provided for foot and ankle fusion. The porous spacers disclosed herein may be implanted between separate bones of a joint or between two segments of a single bone following an osteotomy procedure.
Zimmer, Inc.
 Automated image-guided tissue resection and treatment patent thumbnailAutomated image-guided tissue resection and treatment
A system to treat a patient comprises a user interface that allows a physician to view an image of tissue to be treated in order to develop a treatment plan to resect tissue with a predefined removal profile. The image may comprise a plurality of images, and the planned treatment is shown on the images.
Procept Biorobotics Corporation
 Ostomy port patent thumbnailOstomy port
A stomal insert for conducting waste content from an intestinal portion in an abdominal cavity through a stoma in an abdominal wall comprising; a cover for covering the stoma; a fixation element for anchoring the stomal insert to a visceral side of the abdominal wall; and a pliable, axially elastic tube interconnecting said cover and said fixation element and sized to apply a tensile force to said cover and to said fixation element.. .
Stimatix Gi Ltd.
 Externally adjustable passive drainage device patent thumbnailExternally adjustable passive drainage device
Described herein is an iop control device for implantation in an eye of a patient, comprising a housing including an inlet port and an outlet port, a fluid flow passageway configured to allow the flow of fluid from the inlet port to the outlet port, and at least one valve anchored within the housing. The at least one valve includes a first side and an opposing second side, and is configured to affect flow through the fluid flow passageway from the inlet port to the outlet port by moving in response to pressure differentials acting on the opposing first and second sides.
Alcon Research, Ltd.
 Mems check valve chip and methods patent thumbnailMems check valve chip and methods
A mems check valve chip is described. The chip comprises a first side and an opposing second side, an outlet port extending from the first side to the second side, and a flexible outlet membrane anchored to the first side to overlie the outlet port.
Alcon Research, Ltd.

Kit for adapting a tennis court of one size to a court of smaller size

An adaptation kit is used for adapting a standard tennis court into at least one tennis court of a smaller size. The kit has a hook for attachment to the center strap anchor of the standard tennis court and a hook for attachment to a link in a fence bounding the standard court.

Context and map aiding for self-learning

A system and method for determining locations of a plurality of radio frequency (rf) signal sources. The method includes receiving rf signals from the rf signal sources, and determining locations of the rf signal sources based on the received rf signals.
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Gate length independent silicon-on-nothing (son) scheme for bulk finfets

Methods for fabricating integrated circuits and finfet transistors on bulk substrates with active channel regions isolated from the substrate with an insulator are provided. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a method for fabricating an integrated circuit includes forming fin structures overlying a semiconductor substrate, wherein each fin structure includes a channel material and extends in a longitudinal direction from a first end to a second end.
Globalfoundries, Inc.

Apparatus and traditional rock climbing training

A rock climbing anchor and related methods are described. The climbing anchor comprises a body and a base member or skeleton.

Imaging devices for molecule detection

An imager may include an array of pixels formed on a substrate. A chemisorption layer such as a planar chemisorption layer may be deposited over the array of pixels.
Aptina Imaging Corporation

Floating wind farm

A floating wind farm having wind machines positioned on a generally v-shaped floating platform, the platform being tethered to an anchor such that the platform is free to be repositioned by the wind for optimum production. The wind machines power air compressors and the floating platform itself comprises large storage chambers to receive the compressed air, or storage chambers to receive liquefied air..

Easy open and reclosable package with die-cut web and discrete tape anchored to second side panel

An easy-open and reclosable package includes a pouch including a discrete tape including a base strip between first and second side panels; at least a first portion of the first surface of the strip coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and adhered by the adhesive to the inner surface of the first panel at a first location, and the second surface of the strip anchored to the inner surface of the second side panel; a die cut in the first panel, defining a primary die cut segment so arranged that when the package is opened, it can be reclosed by adhering the adhesive to the first panel; and a product in the pouch. A secondary die cut segment can be disposed between the primary die cut segment and an end of the package.
Cryovac, Inc.

Chroma key content management systems and methods

A system of properly displaying chroma key content is presented. The system obtains a digital representation of a 3d environment, for example a digital photo, and gathers data from that digital representation.
Nantmobile, Llc

Collapsible marsh stool

A collapsible marsh stool comprises a seat, an anchoring post and a pair of retaining flanges depending from the underside of the seat, in a deployed configuration the anchoring post fitting in an opening in the top end of a telescoping support leg, and the support leg received in the center hole of a mud plate such that the mud plate is slidingly disposed on the leg, upward movement of the mud plate limited by a stop on the leg, and a collapsed configuration in which the mud plate is disposed adjacent the seat's underside with the anchoring post removably received in the mud plate's center hole, the leg removably retained in the apertures of the retaining flanges, and the side edge of the mud plate captured between the leg and the underside of the seat.. .

Vehicle rear seat cushion structure

A vehicle rear seat cushion structure includes: an anchor plate mounted on a vehicle body; a buckle which is connected to the anchor plate via an inner webbing and with which a tongue plate attached to an occupant restraint webbing engages; a cushion pad in which a housing area which houses the buckle is formed on a position away from the anchor plate; and a cushion frame provided on a bottom portion of the cushion pad adjacent to the housing area to straddle the inner webbing from above.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Bolometric detector with a compensation bolometer having an enhanced thermalization

A bolometric detector includes a substrate; bolometric detection microbridges suspended above the substrate and thermally insulated from the substrate; bolometric compensation microbridges suspended above the substrate and thermalized to the substrate; and a read circuit formed in the substrate to apply a biasing to the detection microbridges and to the compensation microbridges and to form differences between signals generated by detection microbridges and signals generated by compensation microbridges under the effect of the applied biasing. Each detection microbridge and each compensation microbridge includes electrically-conductive anchoring nails connected to the read circuit, a membrane attached to the anchoring nails above the substrate, and a thermometric element arranged in the membrane.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Tornado protection system and related methods

A tornado protection system and related methods are provided. The tornado protection system includes a concrete pad.

System for transporting items on a vehicle

An anchor and an attachment base assembly comprises a base having at least one base aperture, and an anchor selectively operatively connected to the base. The anchor is selectively inserted at least partially into the at least one base aperture and optionally into an aperture of an accessory.
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

Caliper brake apparatus

A caliper brake apparatus includes: a guide plate that supports a brake shoe; an anchor pin that supports the guide plate and is provided in a caliper main body to be free to advance and retreat; a piston provided in the caliper main body to be free to advance and retreat; a piston plate that is fixed to the piston and supported by the anchor pin; an elastic membrane that is provided so as to define a pressure chamber in the caliper main body, and that moves the brake shoe via the piston, the piston plate, and the guide plate; and an intermediate member disposed between the piston plate and the guide plate. The intermediate member is interposed between the piston plate and the guide plate such that a gap is formed between the piston plate and the guide plate..
Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

Stuffing box isolation apparatus and methods of using

A stuffing box isolation apparatus and method for use with a stuffing box at a wellhead. The stuffing apparatus includes an anchor component that secures the apparatus within the stuffing box, when inserted into an open bore of a stuffing box.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

In situ channelization increasing fracture conductivity

A method and system for increasing fracture conductivity. A treatment slurry stage has a continuous first solid particulate concentration and a discontinuous anchorant concentration between anchorant-rich substages and anchorant-lean substages within the treatment slurry stage..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Re-fracturing bottom hole assembly and method

A bottom hole assembly to enable reperforation and refracturing a cased hole has a bottom end anchor seal to allow a larger drift dimension in the zones to be perforated and fractured between spaced external seals that preferably set by swelling. A separable section has a seal bore to protect lower pressure rated casing in the upper annulus from overpressure during the refracturing operations.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Leash assembly with quick release apparatus

A leash assembly that includes an elongated strap device having a distal portion, a central portion and a strap proximal portion that enables gripping of the leash assembly thereof. A central quick release assembly includes a slide fastener member and a mating lock/slide fastener member.
Pawgear, Inc., Dba Paww

Locking assembly for electronic tablet and other devices

A method for securing a portable electronic device having a housing to a substantially immovable object utilizing a locking assembly having a security rod or spike formed with an anchoring end separated axially by a protruding end, a locking device with an internal locking mechanism and a cable permanently attached to the locking device at one end, includes several steps. The steps include securedly fixing the anchoring end of the security rod or spike to the portable electronic device upon or through the housing, attaching an other end of the cable to the substantially immovable object and inserting the protruding end of the security rod into an opening in the locking device to actuate the internal locking mechanism and lock the locking device to the captive security rod.
Think Products, Inc.

Partition mount with integrated plunger assembly

A partition mount system includes an integrated plunger assembly. The integrated plunger assembly is constructed and arranged to be integrated into an interior of an end of an extension pole, for example a standard telescoping extension pole.
Zipwall, Llc

Bracket for concrete forms

The present invention provides in one aspect for a bracket for use with insulated forms for concrete walls. The bracket has an attachment plate for overlying the exterior of the insulated form to provide for a means of attaching the header or rim joist to the bracket.
International Steel Corporation

Anchoring device and system for an intervertebral implant, intervertebral implant and implantation instrument

The present invention relates to various embodiments of anchoring devices for intervertebral implants, intervertebral implant and implantation of instrumentation, sharing the characteristic to cooperate with the anchoring device (1) comprising a body comprising at least one curve, rigid plate (10) elongated along a longitudinal axis (l) so that its front end enters at least one vertebra while its rear end remains in the passage (21) of the implant (2) by pressing said implant (2) against said vertebra with at least one retaining stop (14), the device (1) being characterized in that the plate (10) comprises at least one longitudinal slot (11) separating at least one posterior portion of the plate (10) into two branches (12, 13) which at least one comprises at least one withdrawal stop (15) configured to retain the device (1) in the implant (2).. .
Ldr Medical

Medical device fixation anchors

An implantable medical device includes a frame that includes at least one elongate member. The implantable medical device also includes a fixation member comprising a first cuff, a second cuff, a tissue engagement member configured to anchor to tissue at an implant site to thereby hold the implantable medical device in a position at the implant site, and a cuff joining member comprising an arcuate shape and connected at a first end to the first cuff and at a second end to the second cuff.
W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Lead anchor with adhesive and systems and methods using the lead anchor

A lead anchor includes an anchor body having an outer surface, a top end, a front side, a first end, and a second end disposed opposite to the first end. The anchor body defines a longitudinal lead lumen extending from the first end of the anchor body to the second end of the anchor body.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Lead anchors and systems and methods employing the lead anchors

A lead anchor including a body having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end is disclosed. The body defines a lead lumen extending from the first to the second end and can receive a lead.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Variable angle connection assembly

In a preferred embodiment, the present invention provides a connection assembly that can be used to securely connect a spinal implant to a bone anchor. In particular, the present invention preferably provides a variable angle connection assembly that is able to securely connect the spinal implant to the anchors even when there is a variance in the angle and position of the anchors with respect to the spinal implant.

System and attaching soft tissue to bone

Methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone are disclosed herein. A bone anchor is described that comprises a base and a top such that suture material may be compressed between surfaces on the base and top to secure the suture to the anchor.
Kfx Medical Corporation

Knotless suture anchor with internal suture locking mechanism

A readily implantable knotless suture anchor that de-couples the angle of insertion of the anchor from the tissue passage step and other steps of conventional procedures. An anchor provides an internal locking mechanism configured such that: suture knots do not have to be tied; suture and tissue tension can be easily adjusted intraoperatively; and suture passage and tensioning can be done at a variety of positions and angles.

Method and closing a fissure in the annulus of an intervertebral disc, and/or for effecting other anatomical repairs and/or fixations

A suture having a proximal end and a distal end, with an enlargement formed at said distal end, wherein said suture extends through said vertical bore of said distal anchor, through said fourth vertical bore of said proximal anchor, through said third vertical bore of said proximal anchor, through said second vertical bore of said proximal anchor and through said first vertical bore of said proximal anchor.. .

Leadless cardiac pacing devices

Implantable leadless pacing devices and medical device systems including an implantable leadless pacing device are disclosed. An example implantable leadless pacing device may include a pacing capsule.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc

Leadless cardiac pacing devices

Implantable leadless pacing devices and medical device systems including an implantable leadless pacing device are disclosed. An example implantable leadless pacing device may include a pacing capsule.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Leadless cardiac pacing devices

Implantable leadless pacing devices and medical device systems including an implantable leadless pacing device are disclosed. An example implantable leadless pacing device may include a pacing capsule.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Apparatus and syndesmosis fixation

A method and apparatus including at least one suture anchor configured to be implanted into bone and at least one suture assembly configured to extend from the suture anchor and about at least a portion of a fibula when the suture anchor is implanted in a tibia on either side of a fibular notch of the tibia. The suture assembly is selectively adjustable from a non-tensioned condition to a tensioned condition to stabilize and reduce the fibula relative to the tibia..
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Endoscopic mesh delivery system with integral mesh stabilizer and vaginal probe

A mesh delivery system for sacral colpopexy procedures is disclosed. The system uses a mesh stabilizer that is introduced in a compressed configuration through a surgical port into the abdomen, and a vaginal probe (inserted through the vagina) with a magnetic or non-magnetic head that engages with the mesh stabilizer, anchoring it in position.

Fibronectin binding domains with reduced immunogenicity

Fibronectin type iii (10fn3) binding domains having novel designs that are associated with reduced immunogenicity are provided. The application describes alternative 10fn3 binding domains in which certain immunogenic regions are not modified when producing a binder in order to maintain recognition as a self antigen by the host organism.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Restraint device, in particular for training purposes

A restraint device, in particular for training purposes, having a holder which is or can be anchored in a fixed position and from which a rope that can be attached to a user can be drawn out against a restoring force via a movement path of the user. Apparatuses for generating the restoring force by sliding friction are provided and include a roller that can be rotated by winding the extendable rope around the roller and a brake device inhibiting the rotation of the roller..

Swing amusement ride system

An amusement ride system is disclosed. The amusement ride system includes a support subsystem that includes a loading location, a first location, and a second location.

Swing amusement ride system

Disclosed is an amusement ride system that includes a support component extending in a generally horizontal direction. The support component includes a first anchored segment, a medial segment, and a second anchored segment.

Stably tethered structures of defined compositions with multiple functions or binding specificities

The present invention concerns methods and compositions for stably tethered structures of defined compositions with multiple functionalities and/or binding specificities. Particular embodiments concern stably tethered structures comprising a homodimer of a first monomer, comprising a dimerization and docking domain attached to a first precursor, and a second monomer comprising an anchoring domain attached to a second precursor.
Ibc Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

High-performance composite cable rope and anchoring and safety system including such a composite cable rope

A composite cable or rope is described. The cable or rope has an inner metallic rope or core, consisting of a plurality of metal strands and a plurality of covering layers formed around the inner metallic core.

Device for a pile, which can be anchored in the bottom of a lake or the sea and/or the ground

A device for a pile anchorable in the bottom of a lake or sea and/or in the ground and of the screw- and/or push-type. The device includes a force-transmitting part arranged at an upper portion of a front tubular part of the pile.

Tunneling or extraction machine with an anchor-setting device and support manipulator or supporting device

A tunneling or extraction machine includes cutting tools that are movable over the heading face and are arranged on the boom, and a platform that is movable in the longitudinal direction of the machine and carries roof support devices. The roof support devices include a support manipulator or a supporting device and an anchor-boring and anchor setting device.
Sandvik Mining And Construction G.m.b.h.

Belt drive device, anchoring device provided with same, and image forming device

The roller members (40) are provided with: a bearing part (41) affixed to a device main body (5a); an elastic roller part (42) that is disposed having a gap (d) with the outside peripheral surface of the hot roller (27) and with which an end part (26a) of the anchoring belt (26) comes into contact because of the meandering of the anchoring belt (26); and a powder (43) that is disposed between the bearing part (41) and the elastic roller part (42) and restricts the rotation of the elastic roller part (42). The gap (d) is constituted smaller than the thickness (t) of the anchoring belt (26) and the end part (26a) of the anchoring belt (26) enters the gap in opposition to the elastic force of the elastic roller part (42) because of the meandering of the anchoring belt (26)..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Method, apparatus and system for transmitting gateway address

This application relates to wireless communication technologies, and more particularly, to a method, a apparatus and a system for transmitting a gateway address, which are used to solve the problem in the prior art that a denb is incapable of assisting an mme in selecting an sgw/pgw for a mobile relay node (rn). The method for transmitting a gateway address in an embodiment of this application comprises: a base station determining, when determining an access device to be a mobile rn, a gateway ip address of a mobility anchor serving as a gateway of the mobile rn; and sending the determined gateway ip address to a mobility management entity (mme) corresponding to the mobile rn.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology

3d space content visualization system

Methods and systems are provided for visualizing and rendering three-dimensional spaces using two-dimensional content. To create three-dimensional visualizations, the visualization system retrieves two-dimensional content data from a content source, defines at least one layer within the content data, defines at least one anchor within each layer, and defines at least one element within each layer, wherein each element represents an object at a three-dimensional boundary as viewed from at least one of the anchors.
Genius Matcher Ltd.

Rotating latch lock

A rotating latch lock having a rotatable latch retaining a closing anchor and a rotatable pawl. The lock including a transmission mechanism for moving a movable arm of the pawl towards a latch release position.
Flexngate Automotive Iberica, S.a.

Fill material for direct-contact heat/mass exchangers

Fill material for a direct contact heat exchanger wherein the fill material has flow pathways bounded by an array of linear elements, namely a mesh. The invention intentionally uses surface tension and capillary action to anchor the fluid/fluid interface in a desired location.

Fabrication process and structure to form bumps aligned on tsv on chip backside

Disclosed is a fabrication process of fabricating bumps aligned on tsvs on chip backside. A plurality of tsv pillars are embedded inside the semiconductor layer of an ic substrate where the sidewalls the bottom of the tsv pillars toward the chip backside are covered by a dielectric liner.
Powertech Technology Inc.

Device for mounting a unit, notably a radio, in a motor vehicle instrument panel compartment

A device for mounting a unit including two parallel side faces on each of which there is a tenon, the device including two parallel lateral slideways formed in a compartment in an instrument panel of a vehicle and acting as a mortice oriented in a substantially longitudinal direction and including an entry zone and a closed-end zone that is not as tall as the entry zone. The tenon includes an elastically compressible part to push the tenon vertically into the closed end zone of its mortice as the tenon is introduced longitudinally into its corresponding mortice, and the tenon including a central part from which there extend two opposing symmetric arms each bearing two tabs turned back substantially parallel to the arms and forming symmetric longitudinal anchors, with respect to the central part and which are elastically compressible in the heightwise direction..
Renault S.a. S.

Payload suspension for lighter-than-air structures

This invention provides a configuration of suspension lines, anchored with respect to an inner surface of an lta structure, and which provide reactive forces between an lta structure and its payload so as to constrain the translational and rotational motion of the payload to be nearly rigid with respect to the lta structure. Illustratively, the configuration constrains the motion of the payload with respect to the lta structure along all six degrees of freedom: e.g.
Altaeros Energies, Inc.

Protective lawn sprinkler apparatus

A protective lawn sprinkler apparatus may include an anchor device made from a rock type material, having a top side, a bottom side, an inner rim, an outer edge and an inner edge defining an opening. A pipe sleeve made from a polymer material may be positioned inside the inner edge of the anchor device formed to fit around a sprinkler..

Configurable and portable device for holding accessories on motor vehicle dashboards

A device for holding accessories such as a tablet computer, smartphone, navigation device or similar accessories to the dashboard or center console of a motor vehicle. The mount is secured to the dashboard or console with one or more upper adjustable strap(s) and hook(s) to the defroster vent or other attachment point on the dashboard or on the windshield and one or more strap(s) and hook(s) to anchor points under the dashboard or center console.

Caulking gun having changeable cartridge

A caulking gun includes a housing having a channel opened upwardly, a supporting bracket engageable into the channel of the housing and having an opening for detachably attaching a cartridge member, and a latch device having a latch member slidably attached to the housing and movable relative to the housing for selectively engaging with the supporting bracket and for preventing the supporting bracket and the cartridge member from being disengaged from the housing. The latch member includes two anchors engageable into the channel of the housing for engaging with the supporting bracket and for preventing the supporting bracket and the cartridge member from being disengaged from the housing..
Siang Syuan Fu Industry Co., Ltd.

Truss based display system

A display unit comprising a plurality of vertical truss members anchored to a floor surface; a plurality of horizontal rails attached to the vertical truss members thereby forming a frame; a horizontal track anchored to a floor surface in front of the vertical truss members; a plurality of cantilever supports attached across the top of the frame, the cantilever supports each having a front portion providing an upper frame and lower frame; a plurality of upper rectangular panels mounted in a first row adjacent one another in the upper frames; a plurality of lower rectangular panels mounted in the lower frames adjacent one another a second row below the first row; first and second side panels anchored to the floor track and to a plurality of the horizontal rails; a plurality of cabinets located adjacent one another between the first and second side panels and anchored to the floor track and at least one of said horizontal rails; and a plurality of display panels disposed between the top surfaces of the cabinets and the lower edges of the lower rectangular panels.. .
Behr Process Corporation

Heavy duty stamped spider

A brake spider for a drum brake is provided. The brake spider includes a mounting portion configured for mounting the spider to a vehicle frame and an anchor pin support portion extending from the mounting portion.
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Llc

Torque anchor for blocking the rotation of a production string of a well and pumping installation equipped with such a torque anchor

For each anchor cassette, the wheel is mounted on the end of the wheel spindle; a positioning angle comprised between 30° and 180° being defined between a first straight line passing through the centre of the casing and the contact point and a second straight line passing through the centre of the casing and the opposite point.. .

Two-dimensional morphing structure for wing

An apparatus and methods for changing the shape of a wing using a plurality of morphing structures. One example method includes coupling a plurality of morphing structures to each other.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc

Method for assembling a drilling rig structure

A transportable drilling rig having a self-elevating drill floor includes a base structure comprising multiple base towers that can be transported to a wellsite and positioned around an intended wellbore location. A horizontal base frame is installed between lower regions of the towers to form a stable rig base structure, and a drill floor can then be constructed over the base frame and between the base towers.
Dreco Energy Services Ulc

Method and system for fabricating a non load bearing partition wall

The embodiments herein disclose a method and system for fabricating a non load bearing partition wall with an internal cavity having partition. The non load bearing partition wall comprises at-least two pre-cast concrete panels arranged in back to back fashion.

Device for attaching an apparatus onto a panel

The invention relates to a device (100) for attaching an apparatus onto a panel including at least one mortise, characterized in that it includes: a clamping member (102) including a clamping jaw (105) shaped so as to be capable of engaging with a first surface opposite the panel; and an anchoring dowel (108) rotatably secured to the clamping member (102) and including an anchoring jaw (109) capable of engaging with a second coupling surface of the panel, the clamping member (102) being capable of being translatably moved relative to the anchoring dowel (108) between: a position for blocking the attachment device (100), in which the clamping jaw (105) and the anchoring jaw (109) engage so as to attach the attachment device (100) to the panel; and a position for installing the attachment device (100), in which the clamping jaw (105) is shaped so as to be capable of passing through the attachment mortise of the panel.. .
Sogeclair S.a.

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