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Anchor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Anchor-related patent applications.

new patent Using anchors for reliable stream processing
Stream processing can be performed using a pull-based, anchor-based methodology that guarantees once and only once processing and repeatability of the creation of output with no additional communication overhead during normal processing. Each node (computing device) in the graph (representing interconnected computing devices) establishes a system of anchors.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent Measurement system for seas, rivers and other large water bodies
A sensor network system for seas, rivers and other large water bodies to measure at least one of water current, temperature, salinity, turbidity, viscosity, depth, light-intensity at various depths in the water body. The system includes water-bed sensor nodes, anchored sensor nodes and buoy sensor nodes, and at least one central station configured to collect sea water information from at least one of buoy sensor node, anchored sensor node, and sea-bed sensor nodes.
Umm Al-qura University

new patent String anchor of a greeting card
The present invention is related to the anchor to support the pop-up element of the foldable pop-up greeting card. The anchor is pierced through the surface of pop-up element to provide a good grip and required strength to erect the pop-up-element..

new patent Anchor of a greeting card
The present invention is related to the anchor to support the pop-up element of the foldable pop-up greeting card. The anchor is pierced through the surface of pop-up element to provide a good grip and required strength to erect the pop-up-element..

new patent Visual representations of distance cartograms
Technology for generating high perceptual-quality distance cartograms, which use geo-contextual anchors to avoid topological violations, is disclosed. A system can calculate the travel times between a selected origin of the graph, and other locations within the graph based on a graph describing the transportation network within a region (e.g., an urban setting) and data describing travel conditions.
University Of Washington

new patent Mounting arrangement for mounting a device, and methods for mounting the mounting arrangement
A mounting arrangement for mounting a device in an opening in a structure comprising a socket configured to receive the device, an anchoring element, and a fastening element configured for adjustable engagement with the anchoring element is disclosed. The socket has a plate portion and a body portion to be insertable in the opening, and an abutment flange extending from the body portion and dimensioned to abut a first side of the structure, and an aperture for receiving the fastening element.
Axis Ab

new patent Optical device with variable aperture
An optical device with variable aperture, including a deformable membrane having a central optical area, a support to which a peripheral anchoring area of said membrane is connected, a first cavity filled with a constant volume of a first transparent fluid in a determined range of wavelengths, said cavity being delimited at least in part by a first face of said membrane and a wall of the support. The optical device also includes at least one actuation device of a region of the membrane located between the peripheral anchoring area and the central optical area of the membrane, configured to bend said region of the membrane by application of electrical actuation voltage so as to displace some of the volume of the first fluid towards the center or towards the periphery of the first cavity, said displacement of fluid being intended to deform the central area of the membrane..
Webster Capital Llc

new patent Crossbow cocking device
In some embodiments, a crossbow system comprises a crossbow comprising a stock and a bow portion. The bow portion comprises a bowstring having a nocking point.
Mcp Ip, Llc

new patent Tension-based mechanical coupling device
A mechanical-coupling device is described. The mechanical-coupling device includes a toggle bolt with a fixture in a bolt head that remateably mechanically couples to an attachment tool.

new patent Vortex resonance wind turbine
Wind turbine consisting of an anchoring to the ground or to a base and a mast, the natural oscillation frequency of which is purposely adjusted to the frequency of appearance of the air vortices or eddies produced after the collision of a laminar and stationary airflow against the surface thereof. The aeroelastic energy thus absorbed is converted into electrical energy due to the use of materials with high electromechanical coupling..
Deutecno, S.l.

new patent

Disintegrating plug for subterranean treatment use

A disintegrating plug uses a setting tool to push a swage into the plug body that has external ribs that contact the wall of the surrounding tubular. The ribs retain the body to the surrounding tubular wall with frictional contact.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

new patent

Drilling rig equipment platform

An aircraft-transportable platform component for supporting a drilling rig includes a buoyant body supported by a frame and lifting members coupled to the frame for engagement by an aircraft. A portion of the frame protrudes from an underside surface of the frame for anchoring the platform component in unstable ground.
Cenovus Energy Inc.

new patent

Releasable i-beam anchor

An i-beam anchor for removably securing a fall protection member to an i-beam is disclosed. The i-beam anchor comprises a cross-beam, an anchor ring, and first and second brackets.
Reliance Industries, Llc

new patent

Multi-purpose anchor devices

A multi-purpose anchor device for use in anchoring one or more tension cables and one or more window or curtain walls. In this respect, the anchor includes a channel, angle bracket, or plate for use in attaching to a window or curtain wall.

new patent

Faucet assembly fixture

A faucet assembly device which includes an adapter having a bolt with an axially extending internally threaded bore, and an anchor tab which extends axially from the bolt and includes a radially extending protrusion is disclosed. The adapter is configured to rotatably mechanically couple to an outer surface of a faucet fixture and mount the faucet fixture through a hole in a barrier such as a countertop or sink from a faucet side of the barrier so that the anchor tab may hold the faucet fixture securely on the barrier.

new patent

Ground anchor and using a ground anchor

An anchor member, spacers, nuts, anchor kits and methods of utilizing the same are provided. The anchor member has a threaded second end configured for engagement by a nut.

new patent

Surface, anchored fc-bait antibody display system

The present invention provides, in part, an antibody display system that simultaneously uses a secretion and a display mode. A bait complexed with a monovalent antibody fragment can be expressed on the surface of the host cell wherein the fragment may be assayed for antigen binding while full antibody is simultaneously secreted from the host cell.

new patent

Rapid deploy guy system

A tension assembly indicates when a desired tension is achieved between two objects connected by the tension assembly. The tension assembly may be attached in series with a tension adjustor between a structure and an anchor, or any other two objects, and include a compressible component and an indication mechanism.
Us Tower Corporation

new patent

Cover shield system for a telescopic conveyor

A cover shield system for a telescoping conveyor system and an associated telescoping conveyor are provided. The cover is extendable for covering a length of a telescoping portion of the conveyor system.
Ty-crop Manufacturing Ltd.

new patent

Baggage restraint system

A baggage restraint system for the containment of luggage and other personal or group articles, such as camping gear or sport equipment, to the confines of two or more successive seats in a commercial passenger vehicle, such as a school bus. The system comprises an enclosure, and the means by which it may be releasably secured to the vehicle cabin floor.

new patent

Quick release anchor mechanism

A quick release anchor mechanism for tying objects to a surface. The anchor mechanism includes a bottom plate secured to a surface by a pair of riser bolts.
Pit Bull Products, Inc.

new patent

Metal-supported catalyst structures and processes for manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to methods for producing metal-supported thin layer skeletal catalyst structures, to methods for producing catalyst support structures without separately applying an intermediate washcoat layer, and to novel catalyst compositions produced by these methods. Catalyst precursors may be interdiffused with the underlying metal support then activated to create catalytically active skeletal alloy surfaces.
Alloy Surfaces Company, Inc.

new patent

Safety harness monitoring and alerting system

Receiving machine-readable information about an anchor point, analyzing that information to determine if connecting a load to the anchor point would be safe, and reporting the results of this analysis to a user.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Devices for and methods of treatment of metabolic syndromes

Devices for and methods of treatment of metabolic syndromes are disclosed. Namely, the presently disclosed devices and methods are provided for affecting the function of the gastrointestinal endocrine system in key regions of the gut, thereby, producing therapeutic effects on obesity, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent

Transcutaneous implant for skeletal attachment of external prosthetic devices

Provided herein are devices and methods for connecting a transcutaneous external prosthetic device to a bone, such as a bone of an amputee. The device is a two-piece transcutaneous implant device to provide reversible connection for ease of implantation, reliability, and relatively easy access for removal, while maximizing tissue ingrowth to reduce risk of infection and attendant adverse outcomes.
Zimmer, Inc.

new patent

Laterally expandable spinal prosthesis

An expandable spinal prosthesis is disclosed, including a first surface having a first plurality of tissue anchors; a second surface opposite the first surface, the second surface having a second plurality of tissue anchors; a first wall between the first and second surfaces, and a second wall between the first and second surfaces, the second wall located opposite the first wall and being movable with respect to the first wall. A surgical instrument is also provided, including an elongated shaft defining a proximal end and a distal end; a first prosthesis engagement element accessible from the proximal end and extending from the distal end; and a second prosthesis engagement element accessible from the proximal end and extending from the distal end, the second prosthesis engagement element including a plurality of gear teeth..
P&h Medical Products, Llc

new patent

Prosthetic heart valve with linking element and methods for implanting same

Disclosed is a prosthetic heart valve incorporating one or more linking elements adapted for anchoring, aligning, stabilizing, fixing, or otherwise enabling the implantation of other prosthetic devices, including other prosthetic heart valves, in or around the heart.. .

new patent

Polyaxial bone anchor with non-pivotable retainer and pop-on shank, some with friction fit

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in a receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. The upper portion expands a retaining member in the receiver cavity to capture the shank upper portion in the receiver.

new patent

Dynamic stabilization member with molded connection

A dynamic fixation medical implant having at least two bone anchors includes a longitudinal connecting member assembly having at least one transition portion and cooperating outer sleeve, both the transition portion and sleeve being disposed between the two bone anchors. The transition portion includes a rigid length or rod having apertures therein and a molded plastic length that extends through the apertures, thus attaching the plastic length to the rigid length.

new patent

Surgical instrument with integrated compression and distraction mechanisms

Embodiments disclosed herein provide compression/distraction methods and tools useful for fitting a spinal stabilization system in a patient through minimally invasive surgery. The spinal stabilization system may comprise screws anchored in vertebrae.
Zimmer Spine, Inc.

new patent

Dynamic stabilization system

A spinal stabilization system including an insert positionable in the channel of the housing of a vertebral anchor, and an associated support construct including a spacer and at least one cord extending through the insert. In some instances the construct includes first and second cords extending through first and second bores of the insert.

new patent

Insertion instrument for anchor assembly

An insertion instrument is configured to eject a pair of anchor bodies across an anatomical gap so as to approximate the gap. The insertion instrument can include a single cannula that retains the pair of anchor bodies in a stacked relationship, or a pair of adjacent cannulas that each retain respective anchor bodies.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

new patent

Devices and methods for percutaneous tricuspid valve repair

The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of identifying a suitable location on the tricuspid annulus, another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of placing a wire across the tricuspid annulus at such an identified location, another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of deploying a tissue anchor across such an identified location, and yet another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods of applying tension to two or more of such tissue anchors and reducing the circumference of the tricuspid annulus.
Mitralign, Inc.

new patent

Devices and methods for joining tissue

A medical device may include a luminal body defining a working channel extending between a proximal end of the luminal body and a distal end of the luminal body. The device may also include a carrier defining a pusher thereon.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

new patent

Orthopedic screw with suture anchor and multipurpose connector

Bone screws with threaded screw heads that are designed to sit at or below the level of bone include features that allow them to be used to anchor sutures, either directly at the head of the screw or immediately adjacent to it. In particular, the screw head may have a hole or a pair of holes in which a bar or clip can be seated.

new patent

Minimally invasive patient reference navigation-assisted surgery

Minimally invasive systems and methods for navigation-assisted surgery are described. The system comprises a patient reference device and a transmitter.
General Electric Company

new patent

Pouch for internal mixture of segregated reactants and applications thereof

A pouch for internal mixture of segregated reactants includes an outer containment envelope with a sealed reactant compartment inside. A middle shear strip and two outer strips, together defining two shear lines, are connected to the reactant compartment.
Forever Young International, Inc.

new patent

Shoe with lacing storage pocket

A shoe having a sole and an upper including a tongue, secured to the sole, a row of eyelets along each side of the tongue, including topmost eyelets and foremost eyelets, and a pocket accessory which includes a pocket member that has an anchor portion and a pocket flap which defines a pocket for receiving the knotted shoe lace via a pocket opening. There may be a cover member attached to the shoe, which can removably engage the pocket member to cover or expose the pocket opening.
Nike, Inc.

Systems and methods for single radio voice call continuity in a multi-line, multi-device service environment in a communications network

Communication systems and methods suitable for use in a multiple line multiple device service environment, involving a native line and a second shared line, are disclosed. Logic at one or more nodes and application servers is configured to ensure that network handover data, or other information, is only updated for the native line registration but not the shared line.
Mitel Networks Corporation

Methods and systems for scheduling the transmission of localization signals and operating self-localizing apparatus

Localization systems and methods for transmitting timestampable localization signals from anchors according to one or more transmission schedules. The transmission schedules may be generated and updated to achieve desired positioning performance.
Verity Studios Ag

Simulated transparent display with augmented reality for remote collaboration

A method and system for remote collaboration and remote instruction utilizing computing devices at trainee site and mentor sites are disclosed. Annotations are superimposed onto a trainee's view of a view field displayed using a simulated transparent display with augmented reality (“ar”).
Purdue Research Foundation

Channel state information reference signals in contention-based spectrum

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described, which may be employed for wireless communication in contention-based (e.g., unlicensed or shared) spectrum. An aperiodic channel state information (csi) reference signals (rs) may be used for channel quality indicator (cqi) measurements, for example.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Micro-electromechanical resonators and methods of providing a reference frequency

According to various embodiments, there is provided a micro-electromechanical resonator, including a substrate with a cavity therein; and a resonating structure suspended over the cavity, the resonating structure having a first end anchored to the substrate, wherein the resonating structure is configured to flex in a flexural mode along a width direction of the resonating structure, wherein the width direction is defined at least substantially perpendicular to a length direction of the resonating structure, wherein the length direction is defined from the first end to a second end of the resonating structure, wherein the second end opposes the first end.. .
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Paver pedestal and installing same

Pedestals for supporting pavers on a roof or other surface are provided. In some cases the pedestal has a cylindrical core, a base coupled to the cylindrical core and positioned to support the cylindrical core, and a support plate coupled to the cylindrical core and adapted to support at least one paver.
Wausau Tile, Inc.

Ring for fastening a pipe to a tubular body and connection means comprising such a ring

The invention concerns a ring (4) for fastening a pipe (1) to a tubular body (2). According to the invention, the ring comprises two rigid sectors (5) that are coupled to each other by at least one elastically deformable annular portion (12), the two sectors and the portion being a single part, each sector (5) having an inner face (6), protruding from which at least one anchoring stud (7) extends radially, intended to be received in a housing correspondingly provided in a wall of the pipe, each anchoring stud (7) comprising two grooves (9) extending circumferentially to either side of said anchoring stud.
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing France Sas

Base isolator

A base isolator according to an embodiment is provided between an object to be base-isolated and a foundation, and has an elastic body expanding and contracting to reduce horizontal vibrations generated in the object. The base isolator includes: an anchored portion anchored to the foundation; a base-isolation unit having the elastic body and provided on the anchored portion; a first anchoring groove provided on a first surface which is a surface of the base-isolation unit facing the anchored portion; a second anchoring groove provided on a second surface which is a surface of the anchored portion facing the base-isolation unit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Power generator assembly

A power generator assembly having a housing with a hollow chamber or shell. Received within the shell is a canister having generator sets.
Heliosaltas Corp.

Brackets for gas turbine engine components

A bracket includes a rigid member and a resilient member for coupling a coolant collector to a coolant supply manifold. The coolant collector is movable between a first position and a second position with respect to the coolant supply manifold due to thermal heating.
United Technologies Corporation

Tile leveling system

A tile leveling system includes an anchor member arranged to be positioned in a setting bed below adjacent tiles. A tensioning member extends upwardly from the anchor member and is arranged to pass between the adjacent tiles.

Method and anchoring an irrigation drive assembly

The present invention provides a system and method for anchoring an irrigation system. According to a first preferred embodiment, the present invention includes a preinstalled concrete stage on which a drive tower may be positioned.
Valmont Industries, Inc.

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