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Electronic marker locator systems and methods

Electronic marker locator systems and methods

Electronic marker locator systems and methods

Transdermal therapeutic system for administering fentanyl or an analogue thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Analogue-related patents
 Integrated quantum-random noise generator using quantum vacuum states of light patent thumbnailIntegrated quantum-random noise generator using quantum vacuum states of light
An integrated quantum random noise source includes a substrate, an optical oscillator that may be integral to the substrate coupled by an optical waveguide to an optical directional coupler. The optical directional coupler has two outputs that are coupled by optical waveguides to a pair of photodetectors that are part of a balanced photodetector.
 Polypeptide for the protection against heart ischemia-reperfusion injury patent thumbnailPolypeptide for the protection against heart ischemia-reperfusion injury
A peptide of the formula r1-nh-haegtftsdvssylegqaakefiawlvk-conr2r3 wherein r=h or an organic compound comprising from 1 to 10 carbon atoms and r2 r3=independently h or an alkyl group of 1 to 4 carbon atoms; or certain analogues of said glp-1 peptide can be used for the treatment and prophylaxis of heart ischemia-reperfusion injury. .
 Electronic marker locator systems and methods patent thumbnailElectronic marker locator systems and methods
A locator for determining the depth of a buried electromagnetic marker includes a transmission antenna and two reception antennas. The locator has a major axis and is configured.
 Transdermal therapeutic system for administering fentanyl or an analogue thereof patent thumbnailTransdermal therapeutic system for administering fentanyl or an analogue thereof
According to the invention a transdermal therapeutic system for administering fentanyl or an analogue thereof through the skin is provided that has a pressure-sensitive adhesive matrix layer containing a mixture of two polyisobutylenes with specific storage moduli.. .
 Functionally-modified oligonucleotides and subunits thereof patent thumbnailFunctionally-modified oligonucleotides and subunits thereof
Functionally-modified oligonucleotide analogues comprising modified intersubunit linkages and/or modified 3′ and/or 5′-end groups are provided. The disclosed compounds are useful for the treatment of diseases where inhibition of protein expression or correction of aberrant mrna splice products produces beneficial therapeutic effects..
 Pharmaceutical composition comprising anti-mirna antisense oligonucleotides patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition comprising anti-mirna antisense oligonucleotides
The invention provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising short single stranded oligonucleotides, of length of between 8 and 26 nucleobases which are complementary to human micrornas selected from the group consisting of mir19b, mir21, mir122a, mir155 and mir375. The short oligonucleotides are particularly effective at alleviating mirna repression in vivo.
 Human insulin analogue and acylated derivative thereof patent thumbnailHuman insulin analogue and acylated derivative thereof
The present invention provides a human insulin analogue, an acylated derivative thereof and a physiologically acceptable salt. The present invention further provides a preparation method for the insulin analogue and an application of the insulin analogue as a therapeutic agent, and particularly as a diabetes mellitus therapeutic agent..
 Anti-infective hydroxy-phenyl-benzoates and methods of use patent thumbnailAnti-infective hydroxy-phenyl-benzoates and methods of use
The invention provides a method for preventing or treating a disease caused by an extracellular microorganism, said method comprising systemically administering to a subject in need thereof a prophylactically or therapeutically effective amount of a salicylic acid (sal) or a sal analogue. The extracellular microorganism can be of the bacterial genus staphylococcus, for example, staphylococcus aureus.
 Insulin compositions and method of making a composition patent thumbnailInsulin compositions and method of making a composition
The invention is related to insulin compositions with a high content of zinc atoms per six molecules of acylated insulin. The insulin is an acylated insulin and may be mixed with a further insulin analogue such as the rapid acting insulin asp b28 human insulin..
 Methods and compositions for treating and preventing viral infections patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for treating and preventing viral infections
A method of treating or preventing a systemic viral infection in a mammal by administering a pharmaceutically acceptable composition selected from the group consisting of squalamine, an active isomer thereof, and an active analogue thereof, via a dosing regimen that delivers effective antiviral concentrations of squalamine. Also compositions for achieving the systemic antiviral effect..
Mycophenolic acid analogues as anti-tumor chemosensitizing agents
In some embodiments, the present invention provides methods of treating a tumor in a subject. In some embodiments, the methods may include a step of administering to the subject a therapeutic composition that comprises: (a) mycophenolic acid, an analogue thereof, or a derivative thereof; and (b) at least one anti-neoplastic agent.
Uridine and uridine analogues for treatment of specific lung diseases, namely copd and pulmonary fibrosis
The present invention relates to the new indications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) and idiophathic lung fibrosis (ipf) for uridine and uridine analogues.. .
Nucleoside analogues for the treatment of a viral infection, and method for evaluating the sensitivity to said treatment
The present invention describes the use of nucleoside analogues for the treatment of viral infections, in particular of an hiv infection, and also compositions comprising at least one of these analogues, and a method for evaluating the sensitivity to said treatment.. .
Ultra-concentrated rapid-acting insulin analogue formulations
A pharmaceutical formulation comprises insulin having a variant insulin b-chain polypeptide containing an ortho-monofluoro-phenylalanine substitution at position b24 in combination with a substitution of an amino acid containing an acidic side chain at position b10, allowing the insulin to be present at a concentration of between 0.6 mm and 3.0 mm. The formulation may optionally be devoid of zinc.
Therapeutic peptides
Therapeutic peptides having guanylyl cyclase c agonist activity are disclosed. The therapeutic peptides are analogues of the e.
Organic light emitting diode display and method for driving the same
Provided is an organic light emitting diode display including a display panel having data lines, gate lines, and pixels disposed in a matrix form in a crossing region of the data lines and the gate lines, a gamma reference voltage adjustment unit that calculates an weighted average picture level of digital video data, adjusts gamma reference voltages so that peak luminance of the display panel is reduced as the weighted average picture level is increased, and outputs the adjusted gamma reference voltages, a data driving circuit converting the digital video data into analogue data voltages by using the gamma reference voltages, and supplying the data voltages to the data lines, and a gate driving circuit sequentially outputting gate pulses to the gate lines.. .
Converter circuit and method for converting an input voltage to an output voltage
A converter circuit is described comprising a switch circuit configured to provide an output voltage, a control circuit comprising an analogue control portion and a digital control portion and a noise generator configured to generate white noise, wherein the noise generator is configured to supply the generated white noise to the digital control portion of the control circuit and wherein the control circuit is configured to control the switch circuit based on the white noise.. .
Methods of incorporating amino acid analogues into a protein
The present invention provides a novel use of a spp system for replacing natural amino acid residues with non-naturally occurring amino acids in a protein or peptide, using cell based expression system.. .
Coelenterazine analogues and coelenteramide analogues
Coelenterazine analogs with different luminescence properties from conventional ones and coelenteramide analogs with different fluorescence properties from conventional ones have been desired. The invention provides coelenterazine analogs modified at the 8-position of coelenterazine and coelenteramide analogs modified at the 2- or 3-position of coelenteramide..
Glycosylated polypeptide and drug composition containing said polypeptide
[problem] to provide a glycosylated polypeptide having affinity to somatostatin receptors and, compared to somatostatins, having improved in-blood stability. [solution] the glycosylated polypeptide is characterized by at least two amino acids in a somatostatin or an analogue thereof being replaced by glycosylated amino acids..
Chemically and thermodynamically stable insulin analogues and improved methods for their production
The subject matter of this invention is directed towards chemically and thermodynamically stable single-chain insulin (sci) analogues that are resistant to deamidation and fibrillation. The invention further discloses improved methods for the recombinant expression, purification and refolding of sci..
Pre-slaughter diet including methionine
The present invention provides novel method for improving the tenderness of meat (e.g. Pork, beef and poultry).
Hypertension reducing composition
A composition effective to relax smooth muscles in an individual in an altered state is described. The composition includes a dosage of gaba or gaba-a analogue, and a dosage of at least one of an ace inhibitor and an arb combined with the dosage of gaba or gaba-a analogue into a deliverable form..
Cationic antibacterial composition
The present invention relates to compounds that are cationic vancomycin analogues and their compositions. Method of making the compounds and their use as medicament for the treatment of bacterial infection are also disclosed..
Distance-measuring device
The invention relates to an electro-optical distance-measuring device, more particularly a laser rangefinder, with a transmitting unit for transmitting intensity-modulated optical radiation, a receiving unit for receiving a portion of the optical radiation reflected back from a target in a photosensitive electrical component and converting it into an electrical received signal, an input filter for filtering the received signal, an analogue-to-digital converter for digitising the filtered received signal and an electronic analysis unit that calculates the distance from the rangefinder to the target object on the basis of a signal propagation time using the digitised received signal. The input filter is implemented as a time-discrete and continuous-value filter structure, more particularly a digital filter structure..
Apparatus for current measurement
A voltage to current converter is provided for use with a current measuring device, said current measuring device being operable to provide an output voltage which is an analogue of a current to be measured. The converter is arranged to provide an output current which is an analogue of the current to be measured.
Pharmaceutical compositions of resveratrol
A pharmaceutical composition for administering a therapeutically effective amount of resveratrol or a functionally equivalent analogue or derivative thereof to a subject. The absorption of resveratrol occurs through the subject's buccal/sublingual membranes, thereby by-passing first pass metabolism by the liver..
Cosmetic method for changing the appearance of eyes
The current application is directed to cosmetic methods for changing the appearance of eyes by causing a retraction of the eyelids so that the eyes appear to be more open and have a wider appearance. Various methods involve application of one or more prostaglandins, synthetic prostaglandins, including synthetic prostaglandin f, and synthetic prostaglandin analogues, to eyelids, which results in contraction of eyelid muscles and a wider, more open appearance of the eyes..
Selective gpcr ligands
In the past decade a great deal of structural information for class a-gpcrs (g protein-coupled receptors) has emerged. However, the structural and electronic basis of ligand selectivity for closely related receptor subtypes such as the angiotensin receptors at1ar and at2r, which present completely diverse biological functions in response to the same ligand, is poorly understood.
Non-standard insulin analogues
An insulin analogue comprises a b-chain polypeptide containing a cyclohexanylalanine substitution at position b24 and optionally containing additional amino-acid substitutions at positions a8, b28, and/or b29. A proinsulin analogue or single-chain insulin analogue containing a b domain containing a cyclohexanylalanine substitution at position b24 and optionally containing additional amino-acid substitutions at positions a8, b28, and/or b29.
Biosynthetically generated pyrroline-carboxy-lysine and site specific protein modifications via chemical derivatization of pyrroline-carboxy-lysine and pyrrolysine residues
Disclosed herein is pyrroline-carboxy-lysine (pcl), a pyrrolysine analogue, which is a natural, biosynthetically generated amino acid, and methods for biosynthetically generating pcl. Also disclosed herein are proteins, polypeptides and peptides that have pcl incorporated therein and methods for incorporating pcl into such proteins, polypeptides and peptides.
3-hydroxyanthranilic acid (3-haa) therapy for prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and its cardiovasular complications
The present invention relates to the use of a tryptophan metabolite, 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid (3-haa) or a functional analogue thereof, for prophylactic and/or therapeutic treatment of mammals, in special humans, against hyperlipidemia and its cardiovascular complications, i.e. Atheroma formation, myocardial infarction and heart failure, ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attacks, renal impairment, aortic aneurysms and critical limb ischemia caused by atherosclerosis..
Potent analogues of the c-myc inhibitor 10074-g5 with improved cell permeability
The present invention relates compounds and compositions for interfering with the association of myc and max. These compounds and compositions are useful in methods for inhibiting growth or proliferation of a cell.
Dihydroquinazolinone analogues
Wherein the groups r1 to r4 and a1 to a5 have the meanings given in the claims and in the specification. The compounds of the invention are suitable for the treatment of diseases characterized by excessive or abnormal cell proliferation pharmaceutical preparations containing such compounds and their uses as a medicament..
Indolinone analogues
Wherein the groups r1 to r4, a1 and a2 have the meanings given in the claims and in the specification. The compounds of the invention are suitable for the treatment of diseases characterized by excessive or abnormal cell proliferation pharmaceutical preparations containing such compounds and their uses as a medicament..
Bisphosphonate compositions and methods for treating and\or reducing cardiac dysfunction
The present invention provides for methods and compositions for treating, reducing and/or preventing cardiac dysfunction by administering to subject a therapeutically effective amount of a bisphosphonate, prodrug thereof, functional analogue or a pharmaceutically effective salt thereof in an amount sufficient to increase activity of at least one kinase in heart tissue of the subject.. .
Compositions and methods for treating obesity, obesity related disorders and for inhibiting the infectivity of human immunodeficiency virus
The present invention relates to methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating obesity or obesity-related disorders in a subject suffering from or predisposed to developing obesity or an obesity-related disorder, or for inhibiting the infectivity of hiv, by administering oleuropein, an analogue or derivative thereof, or the major metabolites of oleuropein including oleuropein aglycone, hydroxytyrosol, and elenolic acid or their analogues, or derivatives thereof, an iridoid glycoside, or a secoiridoid glycoside or analogues or derivatives thereof, or any combination of the foregoing including olive leave extract. The invention also relates to methods for screening/diagnosing a subject having, or predisposed to having obesity or a related disorder by measuring the expression profiles of an adipogenic gene selected from pparγ2, lpl and αp2 gene and gene product, or other adipogenic, lipogenic, or lipolytic genes and gene products in an individual.
Truncated glp-1 derivatives and their therapeutical use
The invention relates to truncated glp-1 analogues, in particular a glp-1 analogue which is a modified glp-1(7-35) (seq id no 1) having: i) a total of 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, or 9 amino acid substitutions as compared to glp-1(7-35), including a) a glu residue at a position equivalent to position 22 of glp-1(7-35), and b) an arg residue at a position equivalent to position 26 of glp-1(7-35); as well as derivatives thereof, and therapeutic uses and compositions. These analogues and derivatives are highly potent, have a good binding affinity to the glp-1 receptor, also to the extracellular domain of the glp-1 receptor, which is of potential relevance achieving long-acting, stable glp-1 compounds with a potential for once weekly administration..
Hla peptide therapy
The invention provides polypeptides derived from a major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i human leukocyte antigen (hla), such as hla-a2, and derivatives or analogues thereof. The polypeptides, derivatives and analogues can be used to treat or prevent allosensitisation, such as the treatment or prevention of allograft rejection..
Methods and compositions for labeling nucleic acids
The present invention relates to methods for the labeling of nucleic acid polymers in vitro and in vivo. In particular, the methods include a [3+2] cycloaddition between a nucleotide analogue incorporated into a nucleic acid polymer and a reagent attached to a label.
Device of computerized dental measurement and measuring method usable with said device
This device comprises a measuring clamp (1) for teeth (20) and dental spaces (21), comprising a set of mobile arms (2) ending in some exploration extremities (3), which exploring displacement along the teeth (20) and dental spaces (21) determines the joint displacement of the mobile arms (2). A transducer (11) turns the relative displacement movement between mobile arms (2), into signals (25) expressing the positional parameters (23) determined by that movement, and, upon being connected to a computerized system (30), it transmits the signals (25) for their processing as measurement parameters (23).
Mgmn2o4 with a crystal structure analogue to cafe2o4, camn2o4, or cati2o4 as rechargeable magnesium battery cathode
A cathode active material for a battery includes a material of the formula mgxmn2o4 wherein 0≦x≦1 and the material has a crystal structure having an open channel formed in a single dimension or along a single dimensional axis. The crystal structure may be an analogue to cafe2o4, camn2o4 or cati2o4..
Method and composition of thyroid hormone analogues and nanoformulations thereof for treating anti-inflammatory disorders
Thyroid hormone antagonists and their nanoparticle formulations (nanotetrac™ or nanotriac™) act at a cell surface receptor to block angiogenesis and tumor cell proliferation. The complex anti-angiogenic performs actions on specific cytokines and chemokines.
Potent lna oligonucleotides for the inhibition of hif-1a expression
The present disclosure relates to an lna oligonucleotide consisting of a sequence selected from the group consisting of 5′-(tx)gxgxcsasasgscsastscscstxgxt-3′ and 5′-(gx)txtxascstsgscscststscstxtxa-3′, wherein capital letters designate a beta-d-oxy-lna nucleotide analogue, small letters designate a 2-deoxynucleotide, underline designates either a beta-d-oxy-lna nucleotide analogue or a 2-deoxynucleotide, subscript “s” designates a phosphorothioate link between neighbouring nucleotides/lna nucleotide analogues, and subscript “x” designates either a phosphorothioate link or a phosphorodiester link between neighbouring nucleotides/lna nucleotide analogues, and wherein the sequence is optionally extended by up to five 2-deoxynucleotide units. The lna oligonucleotides are useful for modulating the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1a (hif-1a), e.g.
Multi-media medical notes system (mmmns)
This invention develops a multi-media medical notes system (mmmns) that allows for the creation of the medical notes and integration with the medical records data bases. Its purpose is to provide an electronic format where the notes created during a patient's admission regarding daily examinations normally noted in analogue form could be organized to improve their presentation, accessibility, and integration.
Sensor based means of monitoring the mechanical condition of rotating machinery that operates intermittently
A method of monitoring the mechanical condition of a machine in which statistically significant measurements on a characteristic signal are made over a period of time which can include interruptions and variations in the operation of the machine giving rise to uncharacteristic signals and the processing of the signal during the statistically significant measurement automatically excludes those parts of the signal associated with interruptions and variations in the operation of the machine. The invention also includes apparatus for carrying out the above method including a preamplifier, adapted to provide output to a further amplifier, adapted to provided output to dynamic enveloping circuitry, adapted to provide an output to an analogue to digital converter, adapted to provide an output to a digital micro-electronic device..
Magnetic compensation circuit and method for compensating the output of a magnetic sensor, responding to changes in a first magnetic field
A solution for compensating a magnetic field sensor to permit detection of a small magnetic field in the presence of a large magnetic field is disclosed. A magnetic field sensor detects the magnetic field which produces an analogue signal then encoded by an analogue to digital converter (adc) into a digital stream.
Synthesis of cyclosporin analogs
The invention is directed to isomeric mixtures of cyclosporine analogues that are structurally similar to cyclosporine a. The mixtures possess enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity over the individual isomers and over naturally occurring and other presently known cyclosporines and cyclosporine derivatives.
Substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycles and analogues as sirtuin modulators
Provided herein are novel substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycle sirtuin-modulating compounds and methods of use thereof. The sirtuin-modulating compounds may be used for increasing the lifespan of a cell, and treating and/or preventing a wide variety of diseases and disorders including, for example, diseases or disorders related to aging or stress, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, blood clotting disorders, inflammation, cancer, and/or flushing as well as diseases or disorders that would benefit from increased mitochondrial activity.
Novel strigolactone analogues and their use
Novel compounds of formula (i) their use as germination trap for parasitic weeds, for the regulation of branching, tillering and root development, for enhancement of cambium growth, for the regulation of hyphal growth of mycorrhizal fungi and compositions comprising compounds of formula (i) and insecticides and/or fungicides.. .
Methods and compositions for promoting organ development
Compositions and methods are provided for promoting organ development in warm blooded animals, and in particular in certain aspects a premature infant or fetus. Compositions and methods are also provided for the administration of at least one colony stimulating factor-1 protein (csf-1), precursor, variant, analogue, derivative thereof, or combinations thereof, or otherwise, at least one nucleic acid molecule encoding colony stimulating factor-1 protein (csf-1), precursor, variant, analogue, derivative thereof, or combinations thereof..
Method of producing beraprost
An improved method is described for making single isomers of synthetic benzoprostacyclin analogue compounds, in particular the pharmacologically active 314-d isomer of beraprost. In contrast to the prior art, the method is stereoselective and requires fewer steps than the known methods for making these compounds..
Total synthesis of thaxtomin a analogues and their intermediates
Improved synthetic methods for the production of thaxtomin analogues, particularly thaxtomin a, and intermediates therefore such as substituted tryptophans and in particular, 4-nitro-l-tryptophan, and substituted phenyl acrylic acids are disclosed. Bioassays show that the synthetic thaxtomin a is not significantly different from the natural one in herbicidal activity..
Process for making a 4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptide cyclic analogue, an inhibitor of viral replication, and intermediates thereof
And pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.. .
Combined systemic and topical treatment of disordered tissues
Kits and methods for treating disordered tissue caused by a virus in a mammal involve co-administration of a systemic anti-virus drug and topically administering an anti-infective composition. The systemic anti-virus drug is internally administered and disrupts or inhibits virus replication systemically within the mammal.
Application of encapsulated capsaicin and analogues thereof for controlling calorie intake
A zero-calorie to near-zero-calorie snacking product that, when consumed, provides a feeling of fullness prior to absorption of energy-providing food, i.e., pre-absorptive satiation is disclosed. The snacking product is based on the stimulation of vagal nerve endings in the gastro-intestinal tract by encapsulated capsaicin.
Signal determination apparatus and temperature determination apparatus
A temperature determination apparatus includes a signal detection section having an a/d input port, a thermistor that is connected to the a/d input port and outputs an analogue signal to the a/d input port, and a switch section that shifts a level of the analogue signal to a low level. The signal detection section determines that a control signal having a priority higher than that of an output detection process of the thermistor is generated when it is detected that the analogue signal to be input to the a/d input port is in the low level..
Process for ixabepilone, and intermediates thereof
The present invention relates to a novel process of making ixabepilone, ixabepilone derivatives and analogues, and intermediates thereof.. .
Toll-like receptor-7 and -8 modulatory 1h imidazoquinoline derived compounds
The present disclosure provides novel imidazoquinoline derived compounds, derivatives thereof, analogues thereof, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and methods of making and using such compounds. The present disclosure also provides tlr7 agonists and tlr7/tlr8 dual agonists, probes, tissue-specific molecules, adjuvants, immunogenic compositions, therapeutic compositions, and self-adjuvanting vaccines including the imidazoquinoline derived compounds, derivatives thereof, analogues thereof, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.
Activation of functional nucleic acid by specific modification
This invention is intended to enhance and improve the resistance of a single- or double-stranded nucleic acid fragment comprising a base sequence of a functional nucleic acid to degradation by nucleolytic enzymes in a simple and cost-effective manner. The single- or double-stranded nucleic acid fragment comprises, ligated to at least one 3′ end thereof, a hairpin-shaped dna comprising: (a) a nucleic acid region consisting of 2 to 5 arbitrary nucleotides; (b) a nucleic acid region consisting of a “gna” or “gnna” base sequence, wherein each “n” represents “g”, “t”, “a”, or “c”, a base analogue, or a modified base; and (c) a nucleic acid region consisting of a base sequence complementary to the nucleic acid region (a), sequentially ligated from the 5′ end toward the 3′ end, wherein at least one of two 3′ terminal nucleotides from at least one 3′ end of the single-stranded nucleic acid fragment or the double-stranded nucleic acid fragment is modified..
Aminoglycoside and azole compositions and methods
The present invention relates to novel fungicidal compound including an aminoglycoside analog having certain substituents at the 6 position of ring iii that exhibit improved antifungal activity but possess minimal antibacterial properties in combination with fungicidal azoles. The aminoglycoside compounds are analogues of kanamycin a.
Multi-leu peptides and analogues thereof as selective pace4 inhibitors and effective antiproliferative agents
Disclosed herein are pace4 inhibitors, compositions comprising pace4 inhibitors and their uses thereof for lowering pace4 activity, reducing cell proliferation, reducing tumor growth, reducing metastasis formation, preventing and/or treating cancer. Also provided are methods for lowering pace4 activity, reducing the proliferation of a cell, reducing tumor growth and/or treating and preventing cancer.
Treatment of coagulopathy with hyperfibrinolysis
The present invention relates to the use of thrombomodulin analogues for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of coagulopathy with hyperfibrinolysis, such as haemophilia disorders. These thrombomodulin analogs exhibit at therapeutically effective dosages an antifibrinolytic effect.

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