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Percutaneously absorbable preparation containing fentanyl and homologue thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Analogue-related patents
 Optically active fluconazole analogues containing thiophenes as antifungal agents patent thumbnailOptically active fluconazole analogues containing thiophenes as antifungal agents
Wherein r5 is cn or coor′, where r′ is methyl or ethyl. The compounds of formula (1a) or formula (1b) may be used in pharmaceutical compositions for treating fungal infections..
 Substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycles and analogues as sirtuin modulators patent thumbnailSubstituted bicyclic aza-heterocycles and analogues as sirtuin modulators
Provided herein are novel substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycle sirtuin-modulating compounds and methods of use thereof. The sirtuin-modulating compounds may be used for increasing the lifespan of a cell, and treating and/or preventing a wide variety of diseases and disorders including, for example, diseases or disorders related to aging or stress, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, blood clotting disorders, inflammation, cancer, and/or flushing as well as diseases or disorders that would benefit from increased mitochondrial activity.
 Novel ceramide analogues, processes for preparing same and uses thereof patent thumbnailNovel ceramide analogues, processes for preparing same and uses thereof
Compounds, ceramide analogues, having a cyclic structure derived from cyclopropane, cyclobutane or cyclopentane, the ring bearing two chains consisting of an amide function. Each amide function is attached to the ring by the nitrogen atom of the function and carries a hydrocarbon chain derived from a fatty acid.
 Percutaneously absorbable preparation containing fentanyl and homologue thereof patent thumbnailPercutaneously absorbable preparation containing fentanyl and homologue thereof
Disclosed is a transdermal preparation, comprising sequentially-stacked layers of a backing layer, a barrier layer, a drug adhesive layer and a release layer, wherein the drug adhesive layer contains a drug selected from the group consisting of fentanyl, an analogue thereof and a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof, a skin permeation enhancer of the drug, and a polyacrylate adhesive, which shows a high skin permeation with a low drug dosage, equivalent to one with high drug dosage, by increasing the skin permeation rate of drug.. .
 Benzimidazole analogues for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections patent thumbnailBenzimidazole analogues for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections
Or pharmaceutically acceptable salts and solvates thereof, wherein a, b, b′, x, y, r1, r1′, r2, r2′, r3, r3′, r5, r5′, r6, m, n, or p are as defined herein, are useful for treating flaviviridae viral infections.. .
 Multi-channel radio-frequency receiver patent thumbnailMulti-channel radio-frequency receiver
The invention relates to a multichannel radio-frequency receiver for electromagnetic waves, having a radio-frequency analogue section, which has an input for an electrical signal from a reception device, and having a lower-frequency section, which is connected downstream of the radiofrequency analogue section and has a plurality of parallel channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) for in each case different signal levels and an evaluation circuit, in which, in the radiofrequency analogue section in order to split the signal in accordance with a predeterminable division ratio into signal elements which can be supplied to radio-frequency analogue channels (6a, 7a), downstream from which the channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) of the lower-frequency section are respectively connected, and the channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) of the lower-frequency section each have an evaluation circuit for detection of the phase and amplitude of the respective signal element.. .
 Codon-optimized gene for mutated shrimp luciferase and method for use thereof patent thumbnailCodon-optimized gene for mutated shrimp luciferase and method for use thereof
There has been a demand for a codon-optimized gene for the mutated catalytic domain of oplophorus luciferase, which is capable of efficiently expressing a protein both in a cultured animal cell and escherichia coli. There has also been a demand for a substrate coelenterazine analogue showing a higher activity than that of native 19 kda protein.
 Use of deoxyelephantopin (det) and analogues thereof for treatment of melanoma patent thumbnailUse of deoxyelephantopin (det) and analogues thereof for treatment of melanoma
Methods for preventing and/or reducing side effects of an anti-cancer agent in a subject in need thereof are disclosed. The method comprises administering to the subject, who is under an anti-cancer agent treatment, a composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of isolated deoxyelephantopin and/or an analogue thereof; and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier..
 Tapentadol compositions patent thumbnailTapentadol compositions
The present invention provides a method of treating pain and pain related conditions by administering to a patient in need thereof, a therapeutically effective amount of a slow release tapentadol hydrochloride and therapeutically effective amount of a second analgesic, wherein the second analgesic is gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) analogue. The present invention further provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of a slow release tapentadol hydrochloride and a therapeutically effective amount of a second analgesic, wherein the second analgesic is gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) analogue..
 Methods patent thumbnailMethods
A method for promoting entry of an agent (introduced agent) into a cell, the method comprising the step of complexing the introduced agent in the presence of an entry-promoting agent and then exposing to cells, wherein the entry-promoting agent comprises a linear and/or branched or cyclic polymonoguanide/polyguanidine, polybiguanide, analogue or derivative thereof according to the following formula 1a & b. The method also provides a means for formation of nanoparticles formed between the entry promoting agent and the introduced agent.
Analogue to digital converter
An analogue to digital converter (adc) having a gated ring voltage controlled oscillator, grvco, to generate a phase signal according to an input voltage; and a quantization circuit to generate a quantized phase output signal according. The grvco operates in either a first or second mode of operation according to a gating control signal.
Short interfering rna (sirna) analogues
The present invention is directed to novel double-stranded short interfering (sirna) analogues comprising locked nucleic acid (lna) monomers. Such compounds induces sequence-specific post-transcriptional gene silencing in many organisms by a process known as rna interference (rnai).
Desferrithiocin polyether analogues
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are useful in treating conditions such as metal overload, oxidative stress, and neoplastic and preneoplastic conditions.. .
N-glycosylated insulin analogues
Compositions and formulations comprising n-glycosylated insulin analogues are described. In particular embodiments, the glycosylated insulin analogues are produced in vivo and comprise one or more the n-linked n-glycans selected from high mannose or fucosylated or non-fucosylated hybrid, paucimannose, or complex n-glycans.
Biosynthetic gene cluster for the production of peptide/protein analogues
A novel gene cluster encoding polypeptides involved in the generation of bio synthetically unique peptide-based compounds is described. In addition, new methods for biosynthetic engineering and production of modified peptides and proteins are disclosed.
Purine nucleoside analogues for treating flaviviridae including hepatitis c
This invention is directed to a method for treating a host, especially a human, infected with hepatitis c, flavivirus and/or pestivirus, comprising administering to that host an effective amount of an anti-hcv biologically active pentofuranonucleoside where the pentofuranonucleoside base is an optionally substituted 2-azapurine. The optionally substituted pentofuranonucleoside, or a salt or prodrug thereof, may be administered alone or in combination with one or more optionally substituted pentofuranonucleosides or other anti-viral agents..
Supramolecular aggregates containing amphiphilic monomers, chelating agents and peptides for use for drug delivery and as contrast agents
Delivery systems based on liposomes functionalized with peptides and chelating agents, for therapy and imaging by selective targeting of tumour cells expressing the receptors grp, bb1, bb2, bb3 e bb4 and any other receptor which recognizes the bombesin peptide or analogues thereof are described. In particular, the liposomes contain within them cytotoxic drugs, such as for example doxorubicin, for target-selective antitumour therapy, and, through the presence of the chelating agent, can contain radioactive or paramagnetic ions for the real time visualization of the tumour cells.
Sigma receptors ligands with anti-apoptotic and/or pro-apoptotic properties, over cellular mechanisms, exhibiting prototypical cytoprotective and also anti-cancer activity
The present invention involves new and original sigma receptors ligands: (mono-or dialkylaminoalkyl)-γ-butyrolactones, their analogues aminotetrahydroturanes, the (1-adamantyl) benzene alkylamines, the n,n dialkyl α-[(adamantyl-1)benzyloxy-2] alkylamines and the 3-cyclopentyl adamantyl-amines or alkylamines or-alkyl phenylamines, their enantiomers or diastereoisomers, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts and quinacrine me-thylene blue, asteinizole and their relative analogues with pro-apoptotic and/or anti-apoptotic properties over cellular biochemical mechanisms, with prototypical anti-cancer, antimetastatic and antiviral activities associated with antagonism of the neuropatic pain and, at very low doses, with cytoprotective and cytoregenerative activity against the cytodegenerative diseases.. .
Ophthalmic compositions comprising prostaglandin f2 alpha derivatives and hyaluronic acid
The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one analogue of prostaglandin as active compound, and a stabilizing amount of at least one hyaluronic acid or a salt thereof, said composition being preservative-free; and to the use thereof for use in treating ocular hypertension and/or glaucoma in a subject in need thereof.. .
Laminins, derivatives, and compositions including same and methods for their therapeutic use
In various embodiments, the present disclosure provides a method of treating a subject using laminin or a composition that includes laminin. In one embodiment, the method is used to enhance muscle regeneration, maintenance, or repair in a subject.
Measuring transducer having two transmission channels
The inventions herein include a measuring transducer, having a first transmission channel which conditions an analogue measurement input signal in an analogue manner and makes it available as a conditioned measurement signal. In addition, the measuring transducer may have a second transmission channel which conditions the analogue measurement input signal and makes it available as an influencing signal, wherein the conditioned measurement signal and the influencing signal are combined and made available as a measurement output signal.
Insertable medical device for delivering nano-carriers of mitomycin (and its analogues) to a target site, and methods for preparing and using the same
A nano-carrier comprising an antiproliferative drug encapsulated by a lipophilic enhancement agent.. .
Synthesis and biological studies of an isomeric mixture of (e/z) isoxylitones and its analogues
The invention relates to an anti-epileptic isoxylitone, 2,2′-(3,5,5-trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-ylidene) acetic acid.. .
Radiolabeled nucleoside analogue, and preparation method and use thereof
A radiolabeled nucleoside analogue is provided, which includes radioactive iodine 123i/131i, and a nucleoside analogue selected from a group consisting of cytidine, thymidine, uridine, and a derivative thereof. A method for preparing the radiolabeled nucleoside analogue, and a use thereof are further provided.
Methods for preparation of fucose-linked site specific conjugates of proteins with toxins, adjuvants, detection labels and pharmacokinetic half life extenders
The present invention relates to eukaryotic cells for producing molecules having an atypical fucose analogue on their glycomoieties and/or amino acids. It also relates to methods for producing molecules having an atypical fucose analogue on their glycomoieties and/or amino acids and to molecules obtainable by said methods.
Compositions, methods of use, and methods of treatment
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide compositions including ketamine analogues, salts, and disalts, pharmaceutical compositions including ketamine analogues, salts, or disalts, methods of treatment of a condition or disease, methods of treatment using compositions or pharmaceutical compositions, and the like.. .
Hydrobenzamide derivatives as inhibitors of hsp90
The invention provides an acid addition salt of a compound of the formula (1). Also provided by the invention are processes for preparing the compound of formula (1) and alkyl analogues thereof, novel intermediates for use in the process and methods for preparing the intermediates.
Tetrahydroquinoline analogues as muscarinic agonists
The present invention relates to tetrahydroquinoline compounds as muscarinic receptor agonists; compositions comprising the same; methods of inhibiting an activity of a muscarinic receptor with said compounds; methods of treating a disease condition associated with a muscarinic receptor using said compounds; and methods for identifying a subject suitable for treatment using said compounds.. .
Stabilized pharmaceutical formulations of insulin analogues and/or insulin derivatives
Stabilized pharmaceutical formulations of insulin analogues and/or insulin derivatives are disclosed.. .
Prussian blue analogue anodes for aqueous electrolyte batteries
A system and method producing electrodes in an aqueous electrolyte battery that maximizes energy storage, reduces electrochemical decomposition of the electrolyte, and uses prussian blue analogue materials for both electrodes, with an anode electrode including an electrochemically active hexacyanometalate group having two possible redox reactions of different potentials. These potentials may be tuned by substituting different electrochemically inactive components..
Solid dosage form
A solid dosage form comprises coated particles of bisphosphonate or a pharmaceutically acceptable analogue or derivative thereof.. .
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
As described generally and in classes and subclasses herein. The present invention additionally provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising compounds of formula (i) and provides methods of treating cancer comprising administering a compound of formula (i)..
Suppressor of the endogenous interferon-gamma
The invention relates to suppressors of endogenous human interferon-gamma (inf-γ) applicable in treatment of diseases associated with impaired activity of endogenous ifn-γ. The suppressors of the invention are useful in treating autoimmune diseases and for prevention of graft arteriosclerosis and rejection of organs in allograft transplanted patients.
Substituted 4-(1h-pyrazol-4-yl)benzyl analogues as positive allosteric modulators of machr m1 receptors
In one aspect, the invention relates to substituted 4-(1h-pyrazol-4-yl)benzyl analogs compounds, derivatives thereof, and related compounds, which are useful as positive allosteric modulators of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor m1 (machr m1); synthesis methods for making the compounds; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds; and methods of treating neurological and psychiatric disorders associated with muscarinic acetylcholine receptor dysfunction using the compounds and compositions. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention..
Bile acid analog tgr5 agonists
Provided herein are bile acid analogues and derivatives, methods of synthesizing bile acid analogues and derivatives and their use in treating diabetes and liver disease.. .
4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptide cyclic analogues, inhibitors of viral replication
The variables are defined herein. Certain compounds of formula i are useful as antiviral agents.
Massive parallel method for decoding dna and rna
This invention provides methods for attaching a nucleic acid to a solid surface and for sequencing nucleic acid by detecting the identity of each nucleotide analogue after the nucleotide analogue is incorporated into a growing strand of dna in a polymerase reaction. The invention also provides nucleotide analogues which comprise unique labels attached to the nucleotide analogue through a cleavable linker, and a cleavable chemical group to cap the —oh group at the 3′-position of the deoxyribose..
Photon phase modulating system
The present invention utilizes a high-speed serial data transceiver to generate two high-speed electric pulse signals. After passing through a gain network, the signals are used for driving an electro-optic phase modulator (pm) so as to realize phase modulation of photon signals.
Adc testing
A histogram-based method for testing an electronic converter device, such as an analogue to digital converter, includes steps of defining at least one histogram hyperbin arranged to store hits for at least one subrange of output codes; applying an input test stimulus to an input of the device to test a subrange of output codes matched to the hyperbin; and accumulating the histogram. At least two hyperbins may be provided, each bin being arranged to store hits for at least one subrange of output codes, and the input test stimulus is applied to an input of the device to test a subrange of output codes matched to one of the hyperbins.
Flexible carbohydrate-bearing polymer
A sensor for the detection or measurement of a carbohydrate analyte in fluid comprises components of a competitive binding assay the readout of which is a detectable or measurable optical signal retained by a material that permits diffusion of the analyte but not the assay components, the assay components comprising: a carbohydrate binding molecule labelled with one of a proximity based signal generating/modulating moiety pair; and a carbohydrate analogue capable of competing with the analyte for. Binding to the carbohydrate binding molecule, the carbohydrate analogue being a flexible water-soluble polymer comprising: polymerized or co-polymerised residues of monomer units, the monomer unit residues bearing pendant carbohydrate or carbohydrate mimetic moieties and pendant moieties which are the other of the proximity based signal generating/modulating moiety pair..
Etomidate analogues with improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties
Where r1 is l1c(o)ot or l1c(o)ol2c(o)ot; r2 is a substituted or unsubstituted c1-c10 alkyl, c2-c10 alkenyl, or c2-c10 alkynyl, or r1; n is an integer from 0 to 5; each r3 is independently halogen or r2; l1 and l2 are each independently a bond, a substituted or unsubstituted c1-c10 alkylene, c2-c10 alkenylene, or c2-c10 alkynylene; and t is h, a substituted or unsubstituted c1-c10 alkyl, c2-c10 alkenyl, or c2-c10 alkynyl, nitrophenol, or cyclopropyl. The invention is also directed to a pharmaceutical composition comprising a compound according to formula (i) and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, and to methods for providing anesthesia in mammals by administering such a pharmaceutical composition..
Methods of treating complications and disorders associated with g-csf administration
The present embodiments relate to novel uses of mpo inhibitors and inhibitors of mpo and e-selectin binding. In some embodiments, methods are provided for treating g-csf-induced vascular complications and associate tissue injury comprising administering to a subject in need thereof a compound that inhibits e-selectin receptor/ligand interaction or inhibits mpo activity.
Apparatus, method and system for providing new communication services over existing wiring
The invention provides apparatus for providing a next-generation communication system over existing wiring. In one form the apparatus includes an input to receive broadband signals carrying next-generation communication data, a processor to extract the next-generation communication data from the broadband signals and a converter to convert the next-generation communication data into analogue telephone signals.
Microwave induced single step green synthesis of some novel 2-aryl aldehydes and their analogues
A microwave-induced process for the preparation of 2-aryl and 2,2-diaryl aldehydes and analogues wherein halohydrin formation and subsequent rearrangement to 2-aryl aldehydes from corresponding aryl alkanols occurs without formation of an intermediate epoxide or use of transition metal catalysts or lewis acids/bases.. .
Radioactive cesium adsorbent, method for producing the same, and method for removing radioactive cesium in environment with said adsorbent
The present invention relates to a radioactive cesium adsorbent, a method for producing the same, and a method for decontaminating the environment from radioactive cesium with the adsorbent. The radioactive cesium adsorbent of the present invention includes a hydrophilic fiber substrate supporting a prussian blue analogue, in particular, prussian blue, and the prussian blue analogue is immobilized in the inside of the fibers..
Use of glutamate, glutamate derivatives or metabolites, glutamate analogues or mixtures thereof for the manufacture of a composition for the treatment of osteoporosis
A method for obtaining improved bone quality in a vertebrate, including mammal and bird, the method comprising administering to a vertebrate, including mammal and bird, in a sufficient amount and/or at a sufficient rate to enable a desired effect, glutamate, glutamate derivatives or metabolites, glutamate analogues or mixtures thereof. Also contemplated is a method for modulating bone quality in a vertebrate, including mammal and bird, comprising administering to the vertebrate, including mammal and bird, in the need thereof, glutamate, glutamate derivatives or metabolites, glutamate analogues or mixtures thereof, for modulating the bone quality as well as a compositions for use in treatment..
Composition for eyelash growth
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition and a method for promoting eyelash growth, wherein nipradilol or pharmaceutically or cosmetically acceptable salts thereof are used as active ingredients. The composition of the invention may comprise prostaglandin f2α analogues..
New family of analogues and nadp+ or nadph, their preparation and their application in therapeutics
A new family of analogues of nadp+ or nadph, their preparation and their application in therapeutics.. .
Compounds for use in imaging, diagnosing and/or treatment of diseases of the central nervous system
This invention relates to novel compounds suitable for labelling by 18f and the corresponding 18f labelled compounds themselves, 19f-fluorinated analogues thereof and their use as reference standards, methods of preparing such compounds, compositions comprising such compounds, kits comprising such compounds or compositions and uses of such compounds, compositions or kits for diagnostic imaging by positron emission tomography (pet).. .
Alignment of non-synchronous data streams
An apparatus for aligning non-synchronous input data streams received in the apparatus, the apparatus comprising an analogue to digital converter arrangement for digitising the data streams into a plurality of sequences of samples; and a synchronisation processing arrangement for generating alignment pulses for each sequence of the plurality of sequences of samples, for arranging each sequence of samples with respect to the alignment pulses for the sequence and for synchronisation the delivery of said plurality of sequences of samples to a common processor with respect to the respective alignment pulses. The synchronisation processing arrangement may comprise a processing chain for each antenna feed of said plurality of antenna feeds and each processing chain may comprise an alignment pulse generator for generating an alignment pulse for the sequence of samples corresponding to the processing chain.
Analogue-to-digital converter
An integrated-circuit, continuous-time, sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converter has a single-ended analogue input, a converter reference input, and a ground connection. The converter has a resistor-capacitor integrator arranged to receive the single-ended analogue input.
Inferential coriolis mass flowmeter
The present invention relates to an inferential coriolis mass flowmeter characterized by: a power supply (10);a pressure sensor (11) connected to the power supply (10) and a tube of fluid; a current to voltage converter (13) connected to the pressure sensor (11) for converting a current signal from the pressure sensor (11) to a voltage signal; a controller unit (20) including an analogue to digital converter (21) connected to the current to voltage converter (13) for converting analogue signal from the current to voltage converter (13) to a digital signal, and a microprocessor (22) for processing the digital signal from the analogue to digital converter (21) to determine the mass flowrate of the fluid, wherein said microprocessor (22) is embedded with an algorithm to determine the mass flowrate of a fluid according to equation (1): y=0.002x4−0.0218x3+0.0865x2+0.8769x+0.0846 ; a display panel (14) connected to the microprocessor (22); and a transmission circuit (15) connected to the microprocessor (22).. .
Asymetric synthesis of norcantharidin analougus by alkynylation of oxabenzonorbornadienes and their anticancer activities
The present invention relates to a type of norcantharidin analogues and a method to synthesis such norcantharidin analogues by transition metal-catalyzed alkynylation of 7-oxabenzonorbornadienes. The present invention also relates to the use of such norcantharidin analogues in manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of cancer tumors..
Preparation of (r,r)-fenoterol and (r,r)-or (r,s)-fenoterol analogues and their use in treating congestive heart failure
This disclosure concerns the discovery of (r,r)- and (r,s)-fenoterol analogues which are highly effective at binding β2-adrenergic receptors. Exemplary chemical structures for these analogues are provided.
Oxanorbornadiene derivatives and their anticancer activities
The present invention relates to chemical entities originated from natural sources and further synthesized for therapeutic uses. More particularly, the present invention relates to norcantharidin analogues synthesized by a transition metal-catalyzed alkynylation of oxanorbornadiene derivatives and their antitumor effects..
Treatments for diabetes mellitus and obesity
Methods of treatment in subjects suffering from diabetes mellitus or obesity are provided. The methods comprise the step of administering an active agent directly to the small intestine in the subject.
Methods of producing 6-carbon chemicals via coa-dependent carbon chain elongation associated with carbon storage
This document describes biochemical pathways for producing adipic acid, caprolactam, 6-aminohexanoic acid, 6-hydroxyhexanoic acid, hexamethylenediamine or 1,6-hexanediol by forming two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl groups, in a c6 aliphatic backbone substrate. These pathways, metabolic engineering and cultivation strategies described herein rely on coa-dependent elongation enzymes or analogues enzymes associated with the carbon storage pathways from polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating bacteria..
Bisacodyl and its analogues as drugs for use in the treatment of cancer
The present invention provides compounds having the formula a: (a) or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein w, r1, r2 and r5 are as defined in classes and subclasses herein, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, as described generally and in subclasses herein, which compounds are useful as cytotoxic agents towards proliferating and/or quiescent cancer stem cells, and thus are useful, for example, for the treatment of cancer.. .
Glycolipids and analogues thereof as antigens for nkt cells
This invention relates to immunogenic compounds which serve as ligands for nkt (natural killer t) cells and to methods of use thereof in modulating immune responses.. .
Tacrolimus for improved treatment of transplant patients
An extended release oral dosage form comprising as active substance tacrolimus or a pharmaceutically active analogue thereof for a once daily immunosuppressive treatment of a patient in need thereof, preferable a kidney or liver transplant patient. The dosage form releases the active substance over an extended period of time.
Heterocyclyl pyrimidine analogues as jak inhibitors
Wherein x1 to x5, z1 to z3, y0, ry1, ry2 and r have the meaning as cited in the description and the claims. Said compounds are useful as jak inhibitors for the treatment or prophylaxis of immunological, inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic disorders, and immunologically-mediated diseases.
Device and methods for detecting analytes in saliva
The invention provides a device for detecting drugs of abuse or other compounds in saliva. The invention thus provides a device for detecting the presence of one or more analytes in a saliva sample, comprising: (a) one or more pre-treatment regions for specifically or non-specifically removing at least a part of the fraction of the saliva sample interfering with detection of the one or more analytes; and (b) a detection region comprising a biosensor surface, the surface comprising: molecules capable of specifically binding the one or more analytes; or the one or more analytes and/or analyte analogues..
Rf transmitter, integrated circuit device, wireless communication unit and method therefor
A radio frequency (rf) transmitter includes a power amplifier comprising a plurality of power amplifier cells. At least one digital signal processing module of the rf transmitter is operably coupled to the power amplifier and comprises at least one digital pre-distortion component arranged to apply at least one digital pre-distortion codeword to the plurality of power amplifier cells, wherein the at least one digital pre-distortion codeword is applied to at least one of the plurality of power amplifier cells via a digital filter.
Radio frequency communication
An analogue modem circuit and carrier recovery method are disclosed for use between an rf receiver and a digital modem circuit configured for receiving a baseband rf input signal, and including an up-converter with frequency supplied by an up-converter voltage controlled oscillator, vco; a down-converter with frequency supplied by a down-converter vco; a costas loop sub-module; and baseband outputs from the down-converter to a digital modem circuit. The up-converter feeds the down-converter, and the costas loop module performs costas loop functionality on the output of the down-converter to control the up-converter vco frequency output to thereby control modification of rotation of symbols of the baseband signal..
Methods of treating sickle cell disease and related disorders using fumaric acid esters
Methods of using one or more fumaric acid esters or pharmacologically active salts, derivatives, analogues, or prodrugs thereof to increase expression of fetal hemoglobin (hbf) are disclosed. The methods typically include administering to a subject an effective amount of one or more fumaric acid esters optionally in combination or alternation with hydroxyurea to induce hbf expression in the subject in an effective amount to reduce one or more symptoms of a sickle cell disorder, a hemoglobinopathy, or a beta-thalassemia, or to compensate for a genetic mutation is the human beta-globin gene (hbb) or an expression control sequence thereof.
Batrachotoxin analogues, compositions, uses, and preparation thereof
Compounds relating to batrachotoxin are provided, in particular analogues that modulate the activity of sodium channels. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising compounds of the invention and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, including vehicles that modulate transdermal permeation of the compound.
Receiver for a telecommunications system
Methods and apparatus in a near-field communication system, in which a modulated signal received in a reader is clipped by applying upper and lower clip levels. After clipping, the modulated part of the signal corresponds to a greater portion of the overall signal, and thus the requirements placed on an analogue-to-digital converter for the clipped signal are reduced.
New ligands for targeting of s1p receptors for in vivo imaging and treatment of diseases
The present invention relates to novel compounds of formulae (i) and (ii) which are useful in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis, in vivo diagnosis of diseases or disorders related to s1p receptors, in particular, in diseases which are connected to the regulatory function of sphingosine-1-phosphate (s1p) and its analogues, such as inflammation, pain, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases.. .
Distributed antenna system and method
A system for the distribution of radio-frequency signals includes a main unit associated with a first radio communication set, a remote unit associated with a second radio communication set installed in a preset area, for radio coverage of the area, and a communication channel associated with the main and remote units, wherein the main unit and remote units have analogue modulation elements of signals to be sent on the communication channel. The remote unit includes a selective amplification unit associated with the second radio communication set and having analogue/digital conversion elements of signals coming from the main unit, through the communication channel, and/or of signals coming from the second radio communication set, digital filtering elements of digital signals coming out of the analogue/digital conversion elements and amplification elements of signals coming from the main unit, through the communication channel, and/or of signals coming from the second radio communication set..
Receiver and method of receiving
A receiver receives payload data from a downstream signal, and includes a filter to receive the downstream signal, and including signalling data identifying downstream resources for the payload data, and an analogue to digital converter to receive the downstream signal from the filter and to convert it into a sampled digital form. A demodulator demodulates the digital form of the downstream signal to recover the payload data and the signalling data.

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