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Date/App# patent app List of recent Analogous-related patents
 Bipedal exoskeleton and methods of use patent thumbnailBipedal exoskeleton and methods of use
A bipedal exoskeleton configured to be worn by a human user. The exoskeleton includes a soft “backpack”-style harness that interfaces primarily with the user's waist, back, and shoulders.
 Novel mensenchymal stem cells and bone-forming cells patent thumbnailNovel mensenchymal stem cells and bone-forming cells
The invention relates to a new type of mesenchymal stem cells (msc) which co-express at least one mesenchymal marker, preferably at least cd105 and cd34. Also provided are bone-forming cells having an analogous phenotype.
 Multiple decoding patent thumbnailMultiple decoding
A system for processing information received from a plurality of source devices. Various aspects of the present invention provide a first video generating device that produces a first video output that comprises compressed video information representative of a sequence of video frames, the compressed video information comprising inter-frame comparison information.
 Bicycle bell using brake lever patent thumbnailBicycle bell using brake lever
A handlebar-mounted-bicycle-brake-component having a bicycle bell drum mounted on the cable housing and a bell striker mounted on the brake lever. The bell is rung by quickly releasing the brake lever.
 Providing merged presence calculation information based on analogous multi-utility events patent thumbnailProviding merged presence calculation information based on analogous multi-utility events
Methods and systems are disclosed for collecting presence information from multiple utilities associated with a user and creating merged presence calculation information where events are determined to be analogous in content. The analogous content may relate to one or more of timing, context, user information, location, and the like.
 Data model for machine data for semantic search patent thumbnailData model for machine data for semantic search
Embodiments are directed towards generating data models that may give semantic meaning for unstructured data or structured data that may include data generated and/or received by search engines, including a time series engine. Data models also may be generated to provide semantic meaning to structured data.
 Data model for machine data for semantic search patent thumbnailData model for machine data for semantic search
Embodiments are directed towards generating data models that may give semantic meaning for unstructured data or structured data that may include data generated and/or received by search engines, including a time series engine. Data models also may be generated to provide semantic meaning to structured data.
 Inhibition of antimicrobial targets with reduced potential for resistance patent thumbnailInhibition of antimicrobial targets with reduced potential for resistance
The application describes targets and methods that can inhibit bacterial growth in gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. A bacterial enzyme, 2-epimerase, is common to both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and contains an allosteric site that can be targeted to disrupt the enzyme.
 Comparison of multi-dimensional datasets patent thumbnailComparison of multi-dimensional datasets
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for comparing multi-dimensional datasets are provided. A multi-dimensional dataset comparison includes receiving a plurality of datasets, each including a plurality of coordinates, wherein a subset of coordinates defines a geo-fence.
 Using haplotypes to infer ancestral origins for recently admixed individuals patent thumbnailUsing haplotypes to infer ancestral origins for recently admixed individuals
Phased haplotype features are used to infer an individual's ancestry. Reference genomic data is obtained for individuals of known ancestral origin.
Microfluidic large scale integration
High-density microfluidic chips contain plumbing networks with thousands of micromechanical valves and hundreds of individually addressable chambers. These fluidic devices are analogous to electronic integrated circuits fabricated using large scale integration (lsi).
Method of making ionic liquid mediated sol-gel sorbents
Ionic liquid (il)-mediated sol-gel hybrid organic-inorganic materials present enormous potential for effective use in analytical microextraction. One obstacle to materializing this prospect arises from high viscosity of ils significantly slowing down sol-gel reactions.
Cutting tool with removable head
A cutting head having a tapered shaft portion, a helical flute, and a flat shoulder surface is fastened to a shank having a front end surface, a tapered hole, and a helical flute through a fastening attachment in the form of a helical coil. The fastening attachment has a sectional shape substantially analogous in shape to a space defined between the helical flutes.
Use of nucleolin as a biomarker for lymphangiogenesis in a cancer prognosis and therapy
The present invention relates to a method of identifying cancer subjects, in particular human patients, who are suitable for anti-lymphangiogenesis therapy to prevent tumor growth and tumor metastasis. The present invention also relates to a new approach, which uses nucleolin as a bait to search and screen for lymphangiogenesis inhibitors or cancer suppressors, which function in a manner that is analogous to endostatin.
Phase change memory device
A phase change memory device with memory cells (2) formed by a phase change memory element (3) and a selection switch (4). A reference cell (2a) formed by an own phase change memory element (3) and an own selection switch (4) is associated to a group (7) of memory cells to be read.
Storage medium, game apparatus, game controlling method and game system
An example non-limiting game apparatus includes a stereoscopic ldc on which an image of a displaying range that is a part of a course provided in a virtual game space is displayed as a game screen. With respect to the displaying range, a movable range obtained by analogously enlarging the displaying range is set, and each of a plurality of player objects moves within the movable range according to an operation by each player.
System and method for an adjustable cervical contour pillow
The present invention comprises methods and systems for an adjustable cervical contour pillow. The pillow comprises a left, right and center compartment with a generally concave anterior face comprising a first curvature and a second curvature and a web there between configured such that the height of the first curvature is greater than the height of the web but lower than the height of the second curvature.
Method of securing memory against malicious attack
A method and system for secure dynamic memory management using heap memory, or analogous dynamic memory allocation, that includes initializing a heap memory segment, having a plurality of buffers, within a random access memory. When an allocation request to store data in the heap memory segment is received, one of the buffers is randomly selected.
Apparatus and method for providing product information
A sensor system comprises a tag. The tag comprises at least one sensor, a radio-frequency chip, and a first antenna.
Apparatus and method for providing product information
A sensor system comprises a tag. The tag comprises at least one sensor, an analog to digital converter, a passive radio-frequency chip, and a first antenna.
Slide bearing comprising a primer system as adhesion promoter
The moieties r1 and r2 can be the same or different. The moieties r1 and r2 can be selected from the group consisting of methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, i-propyl, and a functionalized alkyl group r′—(ch2)z—, wherein z is at least 1.
Multi-device capture and spatial browsing of conferences
Multi-device capture and spatial browsing of conferences is described. In one implementation, a system detects cameras and microphones, such as the webcams on participants' notebook computers, in a conference room, group meeting, or table game, and enlists an ad-hoc array of available devices to capture each participant and the spatial relationships between participants.
Method, device and computer program product for controlling a functional unit of a vehicle
A method for controlling a functional unit of a vehicle involves detecting a gesture of a vehicle passenger and controlling the functional unit depending on the detected gesture, if a first predetermined condition is fulfilled. The first predetermined condition is that a movement sequence of a detected gesture coincides with a predetermined movement pattern that is similar to a movement of a functional unit to be controlled or is analogous to a manipulation of the functional unit to be controlled..
Schottky diode with leakage current control structures
A schottky diode includes a device structure having a central portion and a plurality of fingers. Distal portions of the fingers overlie leakage current control (lcc) regions.
Method and apparatus for providing secure streaming data transmission facilities using unreliable protocols
The disclosure provides a method and apparatus for transmitting data securely using an unreliable communication protocol, such as user datagram protocol. In one variation, the disclosure describes retaining compatibility with conventional secure sockets layer (ssl) and socks protocols, such that secure udp datagrams can be transmitted between a proxy server and a client computer in a manner analogous to conventional socks processing.
Methods of preventing inflammation and treating pain using anti-ngf compositions
This invention pertains to monovalent agents, including fab fragments and monovalent monoclonal antibodies analogous to metmab, having binding specificity to human nerve growth factor (“ngf”), and methods of treating pain in an individual wherein there is no substantial increase in the inflammatory response of the individual following administration of the monovalent agents.. .
Alpha-conotoxin peptides
The invention relates to relatively short peptides (termed α-conotoxins herein), about 10-30 residues in length, which are naturally available in minute amounts in the venom of the cone snails or analogous to the naturally available peptides, and which preferably include two disulfide bonds.. .
Modular patient handling system for medical imaging apparatus
A patient table mounts to a patient imaging apparatus support base. When attached to first and second support ends of an imaging apparatus, the patient table has a generally planar patient support adapted for spanning the imaging apparatus field of view (fov), and is analogous to a beam spanning the fov.
Hand covering with magnetic securing mechanism
One embodiment of a glove attachment system for retaining gloves comprises a glove with an integrated magnet portion. The glove has a liner portion, an outer portion, and a magnet portion.
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
There is provided an information processing device including a playback processing unit for playing back media-recorded content recorded on an information recording medium, a feature extraction unit for extracting a feature amount of the media-recorded content, and an information processing unit for obtaining a comment which is set to similar content having a feature amount analogous to the feature amount of the media-recorded content extracted by the feature extraction unit and for performing control in a manner that the obtained comment is superimposed on a playback image of the media-recorded content.. .
Providing client system support
In one embodiment, a support request message is received. Further, a check is made to determine whether a support request repository includes an analogous support request message analogous to the support request message.
Embodiments of a field emission device
In one embodiment, the trajectory of one or more electrons is controlled in a field emission device. In another embodiment, the field emission device is configured analogously to a klystron.
Engineered amine dehydrogenases and methods of use thereof
Non-naturally occurring amine dehydrogenases (amdh) and methods of use thereof the produce chiral amines are disclosed. The amdh are variants of amino acid dehydrogenases.
System and method for extracting analogous queries
A system for extracting analogous queries is disclosed. The system includes a search query extracting module, a query pair extracting module, and an analogous query extracting module.
Polysaccharide-based graft copolymer and composition comprising same for personal care
The present invention relates to a graft copolymer including a polysaccharide as a main chain and a phosphorylcholine analogous group-containing monomer as a side chain, and a composition for skin and hair care including the copolymer as an active ingredient. The graft copolymer according to the present invention exhibits more improved moisturizing capacity and better biocompatibility than the existing polysaccharide-based graft copolymer by introducing a phosphorylcholine analogous group-containing compound, and accordingly, the composition for hair and skin care including the same also has improved moisturizing capacity, protection capacity of damaged hair, skin affinity, a skin barrier function, and the like..
Method and device for managing electric energy consumption and/or production
A method of managing electric energy consumption and/or production dynamics, includes the steps of: sampling an electric energy flow, adapted to be measured by an electricity metering device (1) within a network (15) of an electrical company; calculating a variation Δei=(ei−ei−1)/Δt at regular intervals, where ei and ei−1 are two integral sum values of electric energy amounts consolidated over a given number of cycles and Δt represents a time interval between the respective times at which the two values are obtained; adding the variation (Δei) to analogous variations calculated at previous times, to obtain a cumulative sum of such variations; determining whether the variation and/or the cumulative sum exceed a predetermined threshold value (δde); transmitting a message over the network (15) from the electricity metering device (1) if the variation and/or cumulative sum exceed the predetermined threshold value (δde).. .
Methods and materials for the thermochemical production of hydrogen from water
The present invention is directed to a method of thermochemical forming h2, o2, or a combination thereof from water, said method comprising the steps of contacting a composition comprising a spinel-type transition metal oxide of formula m3o4 with an alkali metal carbonate bicarbonate, or mixture thereof in the presence of h2o to form h2, co2, and an alkali metal ion-transition metal oxide; hydrolytically extracting at least a portion of alkali metal ions from the alkali metal ion-transition metal oxide by the reaction with co2 and liquid h2o; and thermochemically reducing the resulting oxidized-transition metal oxide. The thermochemical reduction of co2 based on analogous methods is also disclosed..
Dry chemistry, lateral flow-reconstituted chromatographic enzyme-driven assays
A lateral flow chromatographic assay format for the performance of rapid enzyme-driven assays is described. A combination of components necessary to elicit a specific enzyme reaction, which are either absent from the intended sample or insufficiently present therein to permit completion of the desired reaction, are predeposited as substrate in dry form together with ingredients necessary to produce a desired color upon occurrence of the desired reaction.
Method and apparatus for styling grounds and lawns
A portable device and a method for the decorative design of fields and grass surfaces with graphics, texts, logos, reliefs, engraved designs, or patterns is presented, where the transfer of the design to the surface is carried out by means of a principle analogous to that used in a plotter or printer. The device is so conceived that at least one guiding element with at least one treatment actuator for applying a design to a surface is guided in a circular motion around a reference point by means of a drive unit.
Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for determining and using heart rate variability
In embodiments, a person's heart rate variability (hrv) is determined by analyzing different color channels of a video of the person's skin. Various statistics are then derived from the hrv.
Inferred electrical power consumption of computing devices
The power consumption of a computing device is inferred from the utilization rates of individual components of the computing device and a utilization-to-power-consumption transfer function that was derived by benchmarking that, or an analogous, computing device. The inferred power consumption of a computing device is aggregated to infer the power consumption of various groups and super-groups of computing devices.
Financial instrument discovery, transparency, communication, and trading facilitation
This disclosure allows parties to virtualize prospective and existing financial instruments (including derivative and other analogous complex financial instruments) and other data set into one or more computer software applications via a user authoring software toolkit, and to upload such one or more virtualized instrument to a cloud hosting environment (or analogous online storage ecosystem) for further sharing of such virtualized instruments with interested parties over a communications network where other market participants may engage with the cloud hosting environment and search for, download, and review such virtualized instruments. Further, the disclosure allows for downloading parties and authors to communicate directly and to do such “peer to peer” communications on an anonymous, partially anonymous, or non-anonymous basis, and have such communications be secure and/or encrypted..
Three-dimensional image processing device, and three-dimensional image processing method
A three-dimensional image processing device for visually applying a special effect by subjecting raw data that has been acquired by imaging to image processing, and creating image data capable of being viewed stereoscopically. The device comprises a tone conversion section for tone converting the raw data in accordance with the special effect, a three-dimensional image data processing section for carrying out at least one of clipping image data that has been tone converted by the tone conversion section as image data to be viewed stereoscopically, or carrying out geometric processing, to create three-dimensional image data, and a special effect image processing section for subjecting the three-dimensional image data to special image processing to apply a special effect that is analogous to an image that has been formed optically or formed by photographic film or by development and printing processing, and creating a three-dimensional special-effect image..
Method and system for machine comprehension
The akos (artificial knowledge object system) of the invention is a software processing engine that relates incoming information to pre-existing stored knowledge in the form of a world model and, through a process analogous to human learning and comprehension, updates or extends the knowledge contained in the model, based on the content of the new information. Incoming information can come from sensors, computer to computer communication, or natural human language in the form of text messages.
Networked computer telephony system driven by web-based applications
A networked telephony system and method allow users to deploy on the internet computer telephony applications associated with designated telephone numbers. The telephony application is easily created by a user in xml (extended markup language) with predefined telephony xml tags and easily deployed on a website.
Polymer compound for seals for use with fat-containing filling materials
The invention relates to a polymer compound for a sealing insert for a container closure, in particular for fat-containing filling materials, which has a composition such that the migration of constituents of the compound into the filling material is reduced, characterised in that the shore a hardness of the polymer compound is between 45 and 95 and in the compressive deformation test analogous to astm d395-97 method b at 70 deg c the polymer compound exhibits a compression set of 30-90%.. .
Method for mounting components on a supporting rail, and system for carrying out the method
A method for mounting components, in particular terminal blocks, on a supporting rail, wherein the components are removed from at least one magazine by means of a first device, which comprises a receptacle for the components and moves automatically to and fro between a starting position and an end position, and are plugged onto the supporting rail, which is held in a first mounting position by a second device, includes the second device automatically transferring the supporting rail into a second mounting position after one of the components has been plugged on and a further component, which is arranged next to said component in the longitudinal direction of the supporting rail when the latter is in the fully equipped state, is plugged onto the supporting rail held in the second mounting position, in an analogous manner to the component.. .
Any-to-any system for doing computing
Methods for constructing an any-to-any data machine (consisting of any-to-any data components and their environmental requirements) and an any-to-any code machine (consisting of any-to-any code components and their environmental requirements) and relating them together so that they harmoniously interact and so that the data any-to-any machine controls and is also acted upon by the code any-to-any machine so as to produce an any-to-any system that transforms data in a manner that is useful and which is analogous to the harmonious interaction of the any-any binary code and any-to-any transistor systems, and which handles data and transforms it in a sufficiently similar manner to the manner in which the human handles and transforms data that the human finds it easy and intuitive to operate, all supported by methods that enable data to be stored in a single logical grid structure that can accept and correctly relate, transmit and receive any data, together examples of methods to derive benefits from these inventions.. .
Transferring program execution from compiled code to interpreted code
Optimized compiled code can be generated from bytecode derived from a program written in a dynamic language such as javascript. Optimizations can be based on one or more assumptions.
Apparatus, system, and method for data analysis
In alternative embodiments, the invention provides computer-implemented methods comprising: (a) representing a plurality of data node archive (dna) data elements, or a plurality of non-deoxyribonucleic acid (non-dna) data elements, in a model having a format or organization in accordance with (or equivalent to, or analogous to) a biological deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) model format or equivalent thereof; or, (b) a computer-implemented method comprising a subset of, substantially all, or all of the steps as set forth in the flow chart of fig. 7..
Manganese oxide particles and process for producing same
A manganese oxide particle having a hexagonal crystal structure or an analogous hexagonal crystal structure with an a-axis length of 8.73±1 Å and a c-axis length of 14.86±1 Å. The manganese oxide particle is preferably produced by a process including mixing an aqueous solution containing manganese (ii) and an organic compound having a hydroxyl group while in a heated state with an alkali..
Personal electronic target vision system, device and method
A personal, electronic target vision system renders targets in the field of view of the user in real-time so that the user can visualize where the targets are relative to him, in an orientation analogous to unaided human vision. An electronic vision device exchanges target selection information with a target vision server which returns to the electronic vision device the corresponding selected target location information for rendering selected targets in accordance with the user's changing viewpoint.
Zeolite or an analogous material thereof including mesopores arranged regularly or irregularly, and preparation method for same
The present invention relates to a novel zeolite or zeolite-like material synthesized using a zeolite synthesis composition comprising a specifically designed organic surfactant, wherein the zeolite or zeolite-like material comprises a crystalline framework having a thickness corresponding to up to 10 single unit cells along at least one axis, and 2-50 nm mesopores formed by organic assembly of the crystalline framework are regularly or irregularly arranged in the zeolite or zeolite-like material. In addition, the present invention presents a micro-mesoporous molecular sieve material activated or functionalized by dealumination, ion exchange or other post-treatment processes, and a method of using the molecular sieve material as a catalyst.
Data processing method and system
For an input signal with a ringing superposed thereon, a ringing-generating filter (12) generates an analogous ringing waveform from only a peak portion of the signal which precedes the ringing. A subtractor (11) subtracts the analogous ringing waveform from the input signal to eliminate the ringing.
Method, algorithm, and computer program for targeting messages including advertisements in an interactive measurable medium
Techniques for improving and optimizing or attempting to optimize performance of messaging campaigns, particularly to marketing campaigns in which advertisements or other messages are distributed over an interactive measurable medium. When message is an advertisement, campaign involves a list of ad alternatives and a target customer population.
Method for measuring quantity of exercise and display apparatus thereof
An exercise quantity measuring method and display apparatus thereof is provided. The exercise quantity measuring method includes photographing a user's motion to obtain a motion image, calculating a motion analogous degree representing a comparison between the motion image and a sample motion image, where the sample motion image is previously stored in association with a sample value of exercise quantity; and calculating an exercise quantity of the user's motion based on the motion analogous degree and the sample value of exercise quantity..
Apparatus and method for providing product information
A sensor system comprises a tag. The tag comprises at least one sensor, a radio-frequency chip, and a first antenna.
Apparatus and method for providing product information
A sensor system comprises a tag. The tag comprises at least one sensor, an analog to digital converter, a passive radio-frequency chip, and a first antenna.
Boat that can be converted into a gymnastics apparatus
The present invention relates to a boat propelled by two submerged independent wings actuated by means of a step simulator mechanism that imparts an vertical alternating movement to the wings, which are articulated around a shaft located forward of the center of pressure thereof, such that the wings assume angles of inclination that generates propulsive force in the upward and downward movements. In the analogous position of a conventional bicycle, the driver actuates the footrests while seated.
Systems and/or methods of data acquisition from a transceiver
Systems and/or methods are disclosed for acquiring data from a transceiver responsive to one or more signals that are received at the transceiver from one or more devices. In one embodiment, a transceiver is configured to transmit a signal responsive to having received a first signal from a first device, wherein the signal that is transmitted by the transceiver is configured to trigger a second device to transmit a second signal.
Comparison of multi-dimensional datasets
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for comparing multi-dimensional datasets are provided. A multi-dimensional dataset comparison includes receiving a plurality of datasets, each including a plurality of coordinates, wherein a subset of coordinates defines a geo-fence.
Methods and systems for improved license plate signature matching by similarity learning on synthetic images
Methods and systems for improved license plate signature matching by similarity learning on synthetic images comprise generating a plurality of synthetic license plate images; applying one or more transformations to the synthetic license plate images to cause the synthetic license plate images to more closely resemble authentic license plate image captures; and providing the synthetic license plate images as inputs to a machine distance learning algorithm in which weighted similarity scores are calculated between signatures of analogous and non-analogous license plate images and one or more sets of signature weights are iteratively adjusted to increase the likelihood that comparing analogous license plate images results in high weighted signature similarity scores and comparing non-analogous license plate images results in low weighted signature similarity scores.. .
Colorants in foam form
An agent in foam form for coloring keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, under induction by atmospheric oxygen and methods for coloring keratin-containing fibers using such agent is provided. In an embodiment, the agent comprises, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, at an alkaline ph of 8 to 10.5, (a) as a color-forming component in the form of a dye precursor of a nature-analogous dye an indole and/or indoline derivative, (b) an alkalizing agent, and (c) a propellant, the agent containing no additional oxidizing agent for the color-forming components..
User interface to define and/or communicate space between objects
Briefly, in accordance with one embodiment of the invention, an object may be utilized to define, communicate, and/or control a spatial relationship between at least two other objects. Such an object may be somewhat analogous to a spring in that a minimum margin between the two other objects may be defined to allow the two other objects to approach one another until the minimum margin is reached, and a flexible margin may allow movement of the two other objects within the flexible margin relative to each other, optionally up to a maximum distance of separation..
Process for separation by selective adsorption on a solid containing a zeolite with a crystalline structure analogous to im-12
A process for adsorption separation uses a solid im-12 type adsorbent to separate a molecular species from any feed.. .
Use of dipeptidyl peptidase iv effectors for normalizing the blood glucose level in mammals
The present invention comprises the use of activity-reducing effectors of dipeptidyl peptidase (dp iv) and dp iv-analogous enzyme activity in the blood of a mammal to lower elevated post-prandial and basal blood glucose levels in mammalian organisms. The invention further comprises the use of activity-reducing effectors of dipeptidyl peptidase (dp iv) and dp iv-analogous enzyme activity in the blood of a mammal to increase the half-life of incretins in vivo..
Camera as input interface
A portable handheld electronic device contains a camera lens and accelerometer to allow a user to control voicemail and call features by swiping his finger across the camera lens and/or tapping the device. Therefore, the user can comfortably input commands into the device with a single hand and without needing to move the phone away from his ear to apply these inputs.
System and method for benefit plan cost estimation
A computer-based method and system to enable a benefit plan sponsor to design a plurality of benefit plans to be offered to a given participant population and for determining the cost of sponsoring the plans for the participant population by predicting utilization for each of the plans based upon historical utilization data for the population, projected plan selections based upon presumed participant objectives, and/or survey or historical data from a sample of the given population or from preexisting statistical samples exhibiting analogous demographic characteristics to the given participant population relating to expected benefit utilization and plan preference criteria.. .
An aircraft is disclosed which is analogous to a tractor motor vehicle. In alternative fixed wing and helicopter embodiments, an airframe is adapted to transport different cargo modules.
Object data allocation method, object data allocation system and server apparatus, client device and program thereof
In the case of delivering first-edition data, a distribution data amount increases, resulting in increases in lengths of download time and update time. In a data allocation system including a vehicle-mounted device coupled to a server via a network, the server creates from a data group held by the in-vehicle device difference data indicating a difference(s) between object data and analogous data obtained by combining together analogous data blocks similar to the object data, and delivers allocation information of the difference data and analogous data to the in-vehicle device.
Utility illumination device
A utility illumination device comprises a first end member, a second end member and a light tube coupled between the first end member and the second end member. The first end member has at least one faceted surface along an edge thereof.

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