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Amplifier Circuit patents


This page is updated frequently with new Amplifier Circuit-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplifier Circuit-related patents
 Digitally controlled oscillator device and high frequency signal processing device patent thumbnailDigitally controlled oscillator device and high frequency signal processing device
The present invention provides a digitally controlled oscillator device capable of realizing a reduction in dnl. The digitally controlled oscillator device includes, for example, an amplifier circuit block, coil elements and a plurality of unitary capacitor units coupled in parallel between oscillation output nodes.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A coulomb counter is provided. In the coulomb counter, a current generated on charge or discharge of a secondary battery is converted into a voltage by a resistor, and the voltage is amplified by an amplifier circuit.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Protection device patent thumbnailProtection device
A protection device 30 includes a detection circuit 32 that detects an abnormal current value of a current amplifier circuit 14 and outputs a first abnormality detection signal. The protection device 30 outputs a second abnormality detection signal continuously for predetermined time that starts from output timing of the first abnormality detection signal, turns down an input voltage value to the current amplifier circuit 14 at receiving timing of the second abnormality detection signal, and outputs a cutting command signal to a relay device 36 at the same timing.

 Amplifier circuit patent thumbnailAmplifier circuit
A differential signal is input to a pair of gates of a differential pair, a differential signal generated by a load circuit connected to drains of the differential pair is amplified by a differential amplifier stage, and the amplified differential signal is fed back to a pair of sources of the differential pair via a feedback circuit. It is possible to maintain a high input impedance in the pair of gates of the differential pair while not being influenced by a gain of negative feedback of an amplifier circuit, and it is possible to perform amplification in an input stage by using a pair of a first transistor and a second transistor of the differential pair.

 Semiconductor device and display device having semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and display device having semiconductor device
Luminance variation due to change of current through a light-emitting element caused by change in environmental temperature is suppressed. Current through a first light-emitting element in a pixel portion is controlled by a monitor circuit.

 Semiconductor storage device and sense amplifier circuit patent thumbnailSemiconductor storage device and sense amplifier circuit
A cross-coupled circuit provided between first and second bit lines that form a bit line pair includes first to fourth fin transistors of p-channel type. The first transistor has its source connected to a first power supply and its gate connected to the second bit line.

 Wireless communication apparatus and mobile  device patent thumbnailWireless communication apparatus and mobile device
A wireless communication apparatus includes an amplifier circuit configured to amplify a signal output by a wireless communication unit that executes wireless communication, to output the signal having amplified to a transceiver unit; and a decision unit configured to decide, based on an operational mode of the wireless communication unit, whether to transmit the signal from the transceiver unit via the amplifier circuit, or transmit the signal from the transceiver unit without going via the amplifier circuit.. .

 Position detecting device patent thumbnailPosition detecting device
A position detecting device enables input at multiple points by multiple fingers without being susceptible to noise. A transmission signal generating circuit outputs a signal to a predetermined electrode among electrodes arranged in a first direction of a position detecting sensor.

 Goa circuit applied to liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailGoa circuit applied to liquid crystal display device
A goa (gate on array) circuit applied to a liquid crystal display device is disclosed. The liquid crystal display device has a plurality of scan lines.

 Fully-differential amplification for pyrometry patent thumbnailFully-differential amplification for pyrometry
This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatus for improving the signal-to-noise ratio, increasing sampling speed, and increasing the dynamic range of a pyrometer via improvements to the amplification section. In particular, single-stage non-differentiated amplifiers can be replaced with a differential amplifier circuit that increases gain without a proportional increase in noise.


Amplifier circuit, radio frequency receiver and mobile telecommunications device

An amplifier circuit, comprises a first amplifier stage contributing to a power of an amplified signal and a second amplifier stage contributing to the power of the amplified signal. The first amplifier stage and the second amplifier stage share a transistor..
Intel Ip Corporation


Semiconductor device and power supply device

A power supply topology is used in which a transistor is provided on the side of an output node of a rectifying circuit. An inductor is provided on the side of a reference node, a resistor is inserted between the transistor and the inductor, and one end of the resistor is coupled to a ground power supply voltage of a pfc circuit.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Reference buffer circuits including a non-linear feedback factor

In an embodiment, an apparatus may include an amplifier circuit including a first input to receive a signal, a second input to receive a feedback signal, and an output. The apparatus may further include a buffer circuit including an input coupled to the output of the amplifier and including an output coupled to an output node.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Electric amplifier circuit for amplifying an output signal of a microphone

An electric amplifier circuit for amplifying an output signal of a microphone comprises a supply input terminal (v10) to apply a supply potential (vdda) for operating the electric amplifier circuit and a differential amplifier (110) having a first input terminal (e110a) for applying the output signal of the microphone (20), a second input terminal (e110b) and an output terminal (a110) for outputting an amplified output signal (out) of the microphone (20). A feedback path (fp) is provided between the output terminal (a110) of the differential amplifier (110) and the second input terminal (e110b) of the differential amplifier (110).
Ams Ag


Systems and methods related to linear and efficient broadband power amplifiers

Systems and methods related to linear and efficient broadband power amplifiers. A power amplifier (pa) system can include an input circuit configured to receive a radio-frequency (rf) signal and split the rf signal into a first portion and a second portion.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Balanced doherty power amplifier circuit and radio transmitter

A balanced doherty power amplifier circuit and a radio transmitter is provided. The circuit includes a first peak amplifier, where an input end of the first peak amplifier is connected to a first input end of the circuit, and a first mean amplifier, where an input end of the first mean amplifier is connected to a second input end of the circuit, and an output end of the first mean amplifier is connected to an input end of a first matching unit.
Hauwei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Fluxgate magnetic sensor readout apparatus

Compact, low power fluxgate magnetic sensor readout circuits and apparatus are presented in which demodulator or rectifier circuit to modulates a sense signal from the fluxgate sense coil, and the demodulated signal is provided to an amplifier circuit with a transconductance or other amplifier and one or more feedback capacitors connected between the amplifier input and amplifier output to integrate the amplifier output current and provide a voltage output signal indicating the magnetic field sensed by the fluxgate sensor.. .
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system

A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a pixel section in which a plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix, a column signal line configured to output a pixel signal from the pixel section, a column amplifier circuit configured to invert and amplify the pixel signal, a bypass circuit configured to bypass the column amplifier circuit, an ad converter, and a control unit configured to change an operation mode of the ad converter in accordance with the operation of the bypass circuit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photoelectric conversion apparatus, focus detection apparatus, and image capturing system

A photoelectric conversion apparatus includes a photoelectric conversion unit, a signal line, a circuit block, and a control circuit. The circuit block includes a differential amplifier circuit including a feedback path, a first switch that controls conduction between an output terminal and the signal line, a second switch that controls conduction between an inverting input terminal and the signal line, and a third switch that controls conduction between the inverting input terminal and the output terminal.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Impedance converter circuit for condenser microphone

To provide an impedance converter circuit for a condenser microphone which can secure a wide dynamic range using a voltage amplifier circuit. The impedance converter circuit is provided with: a first electron tube of a cathode grounded type in which an output signal of a condenser microphone unit is input into a grid and output from a plate; a second electron tube in which an output signal from the plate of the first electron tube is input into a grid and output from at least a cathode; and a feedback element configured to transmit a feedback signal from the cathode of the second electron tube to the grid of the first electron tube..
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica


Method and apparatus of an input resistance of a passive mixer to broaden the input matching bandwidth of a common source/gate lna

A cascode amplifier circuit comprises a first spiral inductor coupled to a source of a first transistor; a second spiral inductor coupled to a drain of a second transistor; a third inductor connecting the first transistor to the second transistor; a first capacitor coupled in parallel to the third inductor forming a bandpass filter; and a second capacitor coupled in parallel to the second spiral inductor forming a resonant circuit, wherein the resonant circuit oscillates at a center frequency.. .
Tensorcom, Inc.


Molecular receptor-based chemical field-effect transistor (chemfet) devices, systems, and methods for in-situ nitrate monitoring in field soils

Embodiments include a method for securing a membrane material to a gate of a molecular receptor-based chemical field-effect transistor (chemfet). The method can include casting a membrane material onto an exposed region of the gate, curing the membrane material, placing the chemfet into a mold, inserting a single application of impervious electrically insulative resin into the mold, and securing edges of the membrane material by the single application of the impervious electrically insulative resin, thereby physically preventing lifting off of the membrane material from the gate.
Suprasensor Technologies, Llc


Image sensor pixels having built-in variable gain feedback amplifier circuitry

An image sensor may include an array of image sensor pixels. Each pixel may have a photodiode, a floating diffusion node, and charge transfer gate.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Amplifier circuit and method

An amplifier arrangement comprises n amplifier stages, wherein n is an integer equal or greater than four. The amplifier arrangement comprises a cascade of quarter wavelength transmission lines coupled between an output of an amplifier of a first amplifier stage and an output node of the amplifier arrangement, wherein the cascade comprises n−1 quarter wavelength transmission lines.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Display apparatus and driving method thereof

A detection/correction output circuit of a data-line driving circuit is provided with a transimpedance circuit including an operational amplifier and a current-detection transistor to detect a driving current that has passed through a driving transistor in a pixel circuit. The output voltage of the operational amplifier is amplified by using resistance elements connected in series.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Amplifier and related method

An amplifier applicable to an intra-band non-contiguous carrier aggregation (ncca) band includes a first amplifier circuit and a second amplifier circuit. The ncca band includes at least a primary component carrier (pcc) channel and a secondary component carrier (scc) channel not adjacent to each other.
Mediatek Inc.


Amplifier circuit and method

An amplifier arrangement comprises n amplifier stages (101 to 10n), wherein n is an integer equal or greater than four. The amplifier arrangement comprises a cascade of quarter wavelength transmission lines coupled between an output of an amplifier of a first amplifier stage (101) and an output node (15) of the amplifier arrangement, wherein the cascade comprises n-1 quarter wavelength transmission lines (111 to 11n-1).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Bias circuit for use with amplifier circuit, control method thereof, and signal amplifier

A bias circuit comprises: a first circuit that comprises a first resistor and a decoupling capacitor; a bias voltage generation circuit that comprises a first transistor being connected to the first circuit; one or more switches; a first replica circuit comprising a second circuit and a second transistor, the second circuit comprising a second resistor and a capacitor, the second transistor being connected to the second circuit; a second replica circuit comprising a third transistor; a comparator that makes a comparison between a pseudo-bias voltage and a reference voltage; and a control circuit that controls the one or more switches on the basis of the comparison result to reduce the amount of the current flowing through the first transistor.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Solid-state imaging device, imaging device, and signal reading method

This solid-state imaging device includes a first substrate and a second substrate which have circuit elements constituting pixels disposed therein are electrically connected to each other. The pixels includes: a photoelectric conversion element disposed in the first substrate; an amplifier circuit that amplifies a signal generated in the photoelectric conversion element to output the amplified signal; a signal accumulation circuit which is disposed in the second substrate and accumulates the amplified signal which is output from the amplifier circuit; and an output circuit that outputs the amplified signal accumulated in the signal accumulation circuit from the pixel..
Olympus Corporation


Bias-boosting circuit with dual current mirrors for rf power amplifier

An rf power amplifier circuit has a signal input and a signal output. An input matching network connected to the signal input, and an output matching network is connected to the signal output.
Morfis Semiconductor, Inc.


Cable signal detector

A cable signal detector for being provided at a connector at an end of a communication cable transmitting differential signals or at a relay connector to be connected to the connector to detect an existence of information communication. The cable signal detector includes an amplifier circuit that branches and extracts a portion of a signal transmitted through the communication cable, amplifies the extracted signal and outputs the amplified signal, and a display portion that display the existence of information communication based on the output of the amplifier circuit.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Wake up system for electronic device

A wake up system for electronic device includes a detecting circuit, an amplifier circuit, a switch circuit, and a south bridge chip. The detecting circuit detects an ambient temperature change as a result of the physical proximity of a user, converts the temperature change to a weak voltage signal, and amplifies the voltage signal for the first time.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Amplifier circuit and method

An amplifier circuit comprises a first amplifier configured to amplify a first input signal. The output of the first amplifier is coupled to an output node via a first transmission line, the first transmission line comprising a first portion having a first characteristic impedance and a first length, and a second portion having a second characteristic impedance and a second length.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Predistortion in radio frequency transmitter

A power amplifier circuit includes an amplifier mosfet and a predistorter mosfet. The predistorter mosfet source and drain are connected together, and the predistorter mosfet is connected between the gate of the amplifier mosfet and a second bias voltage signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A solid-state image sensing element including a transistor with stable electrical characteristics (e.g., significantly low off-state current) is provided. Two different element layers (an element layer including an oxide semiconductor layer and an element layer including a photodiode) are stacked over a semiconductor substrate provided with a driver circuit such as an amplifier circuit, so that the area occupied by a photodiode is secured.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Methods of operating sense amplifier circuits

A method of maintaining a voltage level of a bit line of a sense amplifier circuit includes providing a power supply voltage at a power supply node, receiving the power supply voltage from the power supply node with an nmos transistor, and maintaining a voltage level of the bit line by supplying sufficient current with the nmos transistor to compensate a leakage current of the bit line. The method includes receiving the voltage level of the bit line with a noise threshold control circuit, inverting the voltage level with the noise threshold control circuit, and driving a sense amplifier output with the noise threshold control circuit..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


T-shaped power amplifier cooling plate

Cooled electronic circuitry may include multiple and substantially parallel circuitry surfaces, each containing power amplifier circuitry, having a side edge, and includes material between at least a portion of the base plate and the side edge that provides a level of thermal conductivity of at least 167 w/m-k; and a cooling plate having a flat surface attached to each of the side edges of the circuitry surfaces in a thermally-conductive manner.. .


Buried service detection

Some embodiments of the invention relate to a mobile detection device embodied as a bucket of an earth moving machine for an evaluation of a distance value and/or proximity from the bucket to an occluded ac-current carrying structure according to the magnetic field emanated from the structures ac-current. There is at least one detection coil, comprising at least one winding of an electrically conductive material, which is connected to a first amplification stage, with an amplifier circuit embodied as a current sensing amplifier, which are both are sealed within a common enclosure that is located at the bucket.


Mass analyser and mass analysis

An electrostatic ion trap for mass analysis includes a first array of electrodes and a second array of electrodes, spaced from the first array of electrode. The first and second arrays of electrodes may be planar arrays formed by parallel strip electrodes or by concentric, circular or part-circular electrically conductive rings.


Semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic device

A semiconductor device with low power consumption or a semiconductor device with a reduced area is provided. The semiconductor device includes a cell array including a first memory cell and a second memory cell; and a sense amplifier circuit including a first sense amplifier and a second sense amplifier.


Implantable cardio defibrillator (icd), subcutaneous implantable cardio defibrillator (sicd), and waveform energy control systems

Cardiac defibrillation or cardioversion waveform energy control systems employ transvenous icds or subcutaneous sicds for treating cardiac arrhythmias. The systems comprise differentially driven amplifier circuit operational modes to control the delivery of defibrillation or cardioversion electrical shocks, wherein the shock waveforms are constant current, constant voltage, or constant energy.


Analog-digital conversion controlling the same

An analog-digital conversion system includes an analog-digital converter; and a preamplifier circuit which is provided in the previous stage of the analog-digital converter and differentially amplifies an input analog signal. In the preamplifier circuit, an offset voltage and/or a noise occurs and/or is mixed.
Spansion Llc


Fixed gain amplifier circuit

An instrumentation amplifier includes first and second resistors for gain setting. The operational amplifiers within the instrumentation amplifier include selectively enabled current drive sources coupled to the amplifier output.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.


Wide range transimpedance amplifier

One aspect of this disclosure is a transimpedance amplifier circuit with multiple resistive feedback loops can be implemented with multiple kelvin sensing channels. A transimpedance amplifier and multiple kelvin sensing channels can be implemented on a single die having multiple contacts, such as pins, for connecting multiple resistors to the kelvin sensing channels.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Voltage regulator

Provided is a voltage regulator in which an output current can be controlled stably and accurately to an overcurrent protection set value without the need of providing a phase compensation circuit including an element having a large area. The voltage regulator includes a constant voltage control circuit including: a first differential amplifier circuit for comparing a first reference voltage and a feedback voltage to each other; and an output transistor to be controlled by an output voltage of the first differential amplifier circuit, and an overcurrent protective circuit including: a resistor for measuring the output current; a second differential amplifier circuit for measuring a difference between voltages at both terminals of the resistor; a comparator for comparing an output voltage of the second differential amplifier circuit and a second reference voltage to each other; and a switch to be controlled by a detection signal of the comparator.
Seiko Instruments Inc.


Image sensor with hybrid heterostructure

An image sensor architecture provides an snr in excess of 100 db, without requiring the use of a mechanical shutter. The circuit components for an active pixel sensor array are separated and arranged vertically in at least two different layers in a hybrid chip structure.


Memory device with differential bit cells

In some examples, a memory device may be configured to utilize differential bit cells formed from two or more tunnel junctions. In some cases, the tunnel junctions forming the differential bit cell may be arranged to utilize shared read circuitry to reduce device mismatch.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Circuit arrangement for suppressing common-mode interference signals during the measurement of bioelectric signals

A differential voltage measuring system includes two electrodes that are connected to a patient at an input and make available a respective measurement contact at an output. A shunt resistor is connected in series with the second electrode.


Insulated gate bipolar transistor amplifier circuit

The present invention provides a lateral igbt transistor comprising a bipolar transistor and an ig-fet. The lateral igbt comprises a low resistive connection between the drain of the igfet and the base of the bipolar transistor, and an isolating layer arranged between the ig-fet and the bipolar transistor.
K.eklund Innovation


Image sensor with hybrid heterostructure

An image sensor architecture provides an snr in excess of 100 db, without requiring the use of a mechanical shutter. The circuit components for an active pixel sensor array are separated and arranged vertically in at least two different layers in a hybrid chip structure.


Memory device with shared amplifier circuitry

In some examples, a memory device may have at least a first and a second memory array. In some cases, a portion of the bit cells of the first memory array may be coupled to first pmos-follower circuitry and to second pmos-follower circuitry.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Soft start circuit and dc-dc voltage regulator

A voltage regulator is provided comprising: a pass transistor that includes a first node coupled to receive an input voltage and a second node coupled to provide a regulated voltage and a control node; an amplifier circuit coupled to produce a control voltage on a control line that is coupled to control a voltage at the control node of the pass transistor, based at least in part upon a reference voltage and the regulated voltage; a switch configured to transition between a first switch state in which the switch couples the control line to a turn-off voltage having a value to turn off the pass transistor and a second switch state in which the switch decouples the control line from the turn-off voltage; and a switch control circuit configured to maintain the switch in the first switch state during a first time interval while the input voltage ramps up and to transition the switch to the second switch state after the first time interval.. .
Analog Devices, Inc.


Memory device with dynamically operated reference circuits

This invention concerns a semiconductor memory device comprising: at least one sense amplifier circuit for reading data sensed from selected memory cells in a memory array, at least one reference circuit, each reference circuit being a replica of the sense amplifier circuit and having an output through which the reference circuit delivers an output physical quantity, a regulation network providing a regulation signal to each sense amplifier circuit and each reference circuit, wherein the regulation signal is derived from an averaging of the output physical quantity over time and/or space, wherein the regulation network comprises a control unit configured to sum up the physical quantities of each output of the reference circuit and a target mean value, the control unit delivering a regulation signal based on the sum, the regulation signal being fed in to each regular sense amplifier circuit and to each reference circuit.. .


Ultrasonic probe ultrasonic imaging apparatus and controlling ultrasonic imaging apparatus

An ultrasonic probe includes a transducer circuit configured to receive ultrasonic waves reflected from an object and output an ultrasonic signal based on the ultrasonic waves; a simulated circuit having circuit characteristics substantially the same as the transducer circuit and configured to output a noise signal; and a differential amplifier circuit configured to output a voltage difference between the ultrasonic signal and the noise signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for power amplifiers

Apparatus and methods for power amplifiers are disclosed. In one embodiment, a power amplifier circuit assembly includes a power amplifier and an impedance matching network.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Multiple frequency rf amplifier, mass spectrometer including the same, and mass spectrometry mass spectrometer

Provided is a multiple frequency radio frequency (rf) amplifier. The multiple frequency rf amplifier includes a waveform generation circuit configured to generate an rf signal by amplitude and frequency-modulating a reference waveform signal, a drive amplifier circuit configured to drive-amplify the rf signal, and a power amplifier circuit configured to generate a multiple frequency rf voltage signal through a power amplification of the drive-amplified rf signal and output the multiple frequency rf voltage signal to an ion trap for a mass spectrometry..
Korea Basic Science Institute


Low voltage feedforward current assist ethernet line driver

Described examples include ethernet physical layer (phy) interface integrated circuits with transmit interface circuitry for transmitting data to an ethernet network through a magnetic interface, which includes a voltage mode first amplifier with an output that generates a first voltage signal from a supply voltage according to a data input signal. The transmit interface circuit also includes a feedforward second amplifier circuit with an output stage that operates in a first mode to generate a current signal from the supply voltage according to the first voltage signal and to provide the current signal to the first amplifier output to boost a peak voltage at the output above the supply voltage to facilitate support for higher peak signal voltage swings for 10base-t applications while using 2.5 volt or other low voltage supply levels..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Apparatus comprising a differential amplifier circuit and an extraction circuit

An apparatus with two pairs of lines including a first and second channel further includes a phantom channel that is implemented to provide a third channel without physically installing lines. Based on a differential signal, a first common-mode signal level is generated at a first output of a differential amplifier circuit, and a second common-mode signal level on a second output, and the first common-mode signal level is applied to the lines of the first pair of lines and the second common-mode signal level to the lines of the second pair of lines.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Systems and methods for performing power amplifier bias calibration

Wireless communications circuitry in an electronic device may include power amplifier circuitry that is powered using a bias voltage supplied by adjustable power supply circuitry. The power supply circuitry may include envelope tracking circuitry that continuously adjusts the bias voltage.
Apple Inc.


Detecting device and electronic apparatus

A detecting device includes a pyroelectric element that generates charge by a pyroelectric effect in a first detection terminal and a second detection terminal, a chopper amplifier circuit that generates an amplified signal in response to the charge generated in the first detection terminal and the second detection terminal by chopping, and an initialization switch that controls electrical connection between the second detection terminal and a power source for generating an initialized voltage, and the initialization switch is turned on before a start of an amplification operation by the amplifier circuit and is off during the amplification operation.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Semiconductor integrated circuit device

An output signal characteristic of a differential amplifier circuit is improved. When an input data signal becomes ‘low’, current flowing through a first transistor will decrease and potential at a connection (a node) between a first resistor and a second resistor will increase.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Impedance bootstrap circuit for an interface of a monitoring device

An interface for receiving electrical signals representative of a condition of a patient and for conveying representations of the electrical signals to a processing system. The interface includes at least one amplifier circuit configured to alter an amplitude of the electrical signal, a common-mode cancellation amplifier circuit coupled to the at least one amplifier circuit and configured to reduce common-mode signal noise in the electrical signals, and a bootstrap circuit coupled to the at least one amplifier circuit and configured to increase an effective input impedance at an input of the at least one amplifier circuit..
Stryker Corporation


Integrated circuit device with programmable analog subsystem

An integrated circuit (ic) device can include a plurality of analog blocks, including at least one fixed function analog circuit, and at least one reconfigurable analog circuit block selected from: a continuous time (ct) block comprising a plurality of reconfigurable amplifier circuits and a discrete time block comprising amplifiers with a reconfigurable switch network; an analog multiplexer (mux) configured to selectively connect any of a plurality of input/outputs (i/os) of the ic device to the analog blocks, the analog mux including at least one low noise signal path pair having a lower resistance than other signal paths of the analog mux; at least one analog routing block reconfigurable to provide signal paths between any of the analog blocks; a digital section comprising digital circuits; and a processor interface coupled to the analog blocks.. .
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation


Class d amplifier circuit

This application relates to class d amplifier circuits (200). A modulator (201) controls a class d output stage (202) based on a modulator input signal (dm) to generate an output signal (vout) which is representative of an input signal (din).
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.


Method and gain enhancement of differential amplifier

A differential amplifier circuit and method having a feed-in network coupling an input signal to an intermediate signal. An amplifier amplifies the intermediate signal by a gain factor to output an output signal to a load network.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Low noise amplifier method and apparatus

A low noise amplifier circuit including: at least a first input and first output; at least a first stage of transistor amplification having a transistor input terminal; the circuit further comprising: an input driving circuit interconnecting the first input to the transistor input terminal, the input driving circuit including a parallel resonant circuit interconnected between the transistor input terminal and ground and a series resonant circuit interconnected between the input terminal and the transistor input terminal, the input driving circuit functioning as an input matching network for the circuit in conjunction with an input bias and decoupling network.. .
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation


Circuit for reducing pop noise

The invention concerns an amplifier circuit comprising: an amplifier having a first input coupled to an input node of the amplifier circuit via a first resistor and an output coupled to a load via a coupling capacitor, the output being coupled to the first input via a second resistor; and a current ramp generator adapted to supply a current ramp to the first input of the amplifier during a power up phase or power down phase of the amplifier circuit to control the rate of charge or discharge of the coupling capacitor.. .


High-frequency amplifier circuit

A high-frequency amplifier circuit comprising a first and a second amplification units connected in cascade structure and so on. The first amplification unit includes an fet of a first conductivity type having a source terminal supplied with a first potential, and a first inductor connected to an intermediate potential line, and the second amplification unit includes an fet of a second conductivity type having a source terminal supplied with a second potential, and a second inductor connected to the intermediate potential line.
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Asymmetric h-bridge in a class d power amplifier

Disclosed is an amplifier circuit having an output stage that includes an h-bridge circuit. The h-bridge circuit includes sense resistors on one side of the circuit.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Gamma ray detector and detecting gamma rays

In various embodiments, a gamma ray detector is provided. The gamma ray detector may include a converter element, configured to release an electron when a gamma ray moves at least partially through the converter element.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Stacked bias i-v regulation

A rf amplifier circuit including a plurality of fet devices, where a source terminal of an fet device is electrically coupled to the drain terminal of another fet device. The circuit further includes a voltage divider network and a plurality of operational amplifiers, where a separate one of the operational amplifiers is provided for each fet device.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Radio-frequency amplifier circuit and control voltage setting radio-frequency amplifier circuit

A radio-frequency amplifier circuit includes first and second fets cascode-connected to each other. The gate of the first fet is connected to a radio-frequency input terminal, and the drain of the second fet is connected to a radio-frequency output terminal.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Optical differential solar tracking system

A system and method of using differential optical signals to track the orientation of a solar surface or surfaces is proposed. Two dispersive prisms or gratings arranged in a mirror-symmetric fashion are used to decompose light into its constituent colors, and the gain of a differential amplifier circuit based on the difference of the frequencies of single color collimated light produced by the two prisms or gratings is used to maintain the on-sun orientation of the solar surface or surfaces.
Qbotix, Inc.


Communication visualization system

A communication visualization system includes a wireless power-feeding device for transmitting electromagnetic energy in a wireless manner and a communication visualization device for notifying that a lan cable connected to an information communication apparatus is performing information communication. The communication visualization device includes an antenna part for receiving the electromagnetic energy transmitted from the wireless power-feeding device, a rectifier circuit for rectifying the electromagnetic energy received by the antenna part to generate a dc voltage, an amplifier circuit for amplifying a communication signal transferred to the communication cable at the time of information communication by using the dc voltage generated by the rectifier circuit as operation power, a rectifier circuit for converting the amplified communication signal into a dc voltage, and a light-emitting circuit for emitting light when the dc voltage after conversion is supplied..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Systems and methods for communicating into a shielded environment

A system and method for wirelessly communicating into a shielded area are described. In one particular example, a bi-directional amplifier that allows two-way communication into a tunnel is mounted at a tunnel portal and thereby allows rf signals to be exchanged therefrom using a single switched pathway.
Tunnel Radio Of America, Inc.


Voltage mode power combiner for radio frequency linear power amplifier

A radio frequency (rf) power combining amplifier circuit has a circuit input and a circuit output. A first amplifier is connected to the circuit input and to a first bias input.
Rfaxis, Inc.


Semiconductor amplifier circuit

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor amplifier circuit includes: a first amplifier circuit including first and second p-type transistors; a second amplifier circuit including first and second n-type transistors; and first to seventh current mirror circuits. The first and second current mirror circuits are connected to drains of the first and second p-type transistors.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Unit array of a memory device, memory device, and memory system including the same

A memory device includes a memory array including a plurality of sections, each including a plurality of memory cells and at least one reference cell. The memory device may also include a plurality of sense amplifier circuits respectively corresponding to the plurality of sections, and a plurality of switch circuits, each switch circuit connected between a respective section and sense amplifier circuit.


Communication visualization device

A communication visualization device includes a transformer for converting a magnetic field caused from a lan cable connected to an information communication apparatus into electric energy at time of information communication, an amplifier circuit for amplifying the electric energy output from the transformer, a rectifier circuit for converting an amplified signal amplified by the amplifier circuit into a dc voltage, and a light-emitting circuit for emitting light when the dc voltage obtained by conversion of the rectifier circuit is supplied thereto.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Amplifier Circuit topics: Amplifier Circuit, Semiconductor, Differential Amplifier Circuit, Differential Amplifier, Memory Cells, Semiconductor Device, Memory Cell, Semiconductor Substrate, Photodiode, Signal Processing, Memory Effect, Electronic Device, Electrical Signal, Storage Device, Communications

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Amplifier Circuit for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Amplifier Circuit with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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