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Amplifier Circuit patents

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Power amplifier circuit

Murata Manufacturing

Power amplifier circuit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplifier Circuit-related patents
 Oscillation circuit, electronic apparatus, moving object, and  manufacturing oscillation circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Oscillation circuit, electronic apparatus, moving object, and manufacturing oscillation circuit
An oscillation circuit includes an oscillation amplifier circuit that causes an oscillating element to oscillate to generate an oscillation signal, and a correction circuit connected with the oscillation amplifier circuit. At least a power supply voltage is input to the oscillation amplifier circuit.
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Power amplifier circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Power amplifier circuit
Linearity and power efficiency in a power amplifier circuit are enhanced. The power amplifier circuit includes a first transistor that amplifies a signal input to the base and that outputs the amplified signal from the collector and a first capacitor that is disposed between the base and the collector of the first transistor and that has voltage dependency of a capacitance value lower than that of a base-collector parasitic capacitance value of the first transistor..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Cascode amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Cascode amplifier
In one embodiment, a cascode amplifier includes an amplifier circuit, a replica circuit, a bias circuit, and a feedback circuit. The amplifier circuit includes a first transistor and a second transistor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Phase locked loop circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Phase locked loop circuit
A phase locked loop (pll) circuit is provided. The pll includes a voltage controlled oscillator (vco) for outputting an oscillation signal of a frequency corresponding to an inputted voltage, a frequency divider for dividing the oscillation signal and output a frequency-divided signal, a phase comparator for comparing a phase of the frequency-divided signal and the phase of an input signal from the outside and output a first phase comparison signal and a second phase comparison signal which have different polarities, a differential amplifier circuit for outputting a control voltage based on a voltage difference between the first phase comparison signal and the second phase comparison signal to the vco, a level shift circuit for outputting a level-shifted signal which is made by shifting a direct current level of the second phase comparison signal, and an amplifier circuit for outputting an amplified signal which is an amplified level-shifted signal..
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
 Magnetic sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic sensor
Provided is a magnetic sensor capable of identifying an individual having a high offset voltage, which is a cause of an initial defect in magnetic characteristics, and changes over time. A cross-transmission switch is provided in a changeover switch circuit which transmits to an amplifier circuit a differential signal voltage output from a hall element, and the cross-transmission switch cross-transmits a signal in any one of a first period and a second period during which a current flowing into the hall element is switched by a control signal from a control circuit, to thereby determine and identify a magnitude of an offset voltage..
Seiko Instruments Inc.
 Semiconductor memory device and driving  semiconductor memory device patent thumbnailSemiconductor memory device and driving semiconductor memory device
A novel semiconductor memory device whose power consumption is low is provided. A source of a writing transistor wtr_n_m, a gate of a reading transistor rtr_n_m, and one electrode of a capacitor cs_n_m are connected to each other.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a pixel section in which a plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix, a column signal line configured to output a pixel signal from the pixel section, a column amplifier circuit configured to invert and amplify the pixel signal, a bypass circuit configured to bypass the column amplifier circuit, an ad converter, and a control unit configured to change an operation mode of the ad converter in accordance with the operation of the bypass circuit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Voltage follower amplifier patent thumbnailVoltage follower amplifier
An amplifier circuit includes a first transistor, a second transistor, and a third transistor. The gate of the first transistor receives the input signal to the amplifier.
Lsi Corporation
 Amplifier circuit patent thumbnailAmplifier circuit
An amplifier circuit includes: a first filter that receives input of amplitude information of an input signal, and performs filtering so that a gain of a frequency component higher than a first cutoff frequency becomes greater than a gain of a frequency component lower than the first cutoff frequency; a power supply circuit that has a low-pass filter characteristic, and receives input of amplitude information outputted from the first filter and generates a power supply voltage corresponding to the amplitude information outputted from the first filter; an amplifier that receives supply of the power supply voltage, and amplifies a signal based on the input signal; and a phase difference detector that detects a phase difference between the amplitude information of the input signal and the power supply voltage, wherein the first filter changes the first cutoff frequency in a direction in which the phase difference decreases.. .
Fujitsu Limited
 Current-feedback operational amplifier patent thumbnailCurrent-feedback operational amplifier
An integrated, fully-differential current-feedback transimpedance operational amplifier circuit is disclosed. The circuit can be configured as a class-ab, low-impedance input stage, followed by an inverter-based, rail-to-rail output stage.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Molecular receptor-based chemical field-effect transistor (chemfet) devices, systems, and methods for in-situ nitrate monitoring in field soils

Embodiments include a method for securing a membrane material to a gate of a molecular receptor-based chemical field-effect transistor (chemfet). The method can include casting a membrane material onto an exposed region of the gate, curing the membrane material, placing the chemfet into a mold, inserting a single application of impervious electrically insulative resin into the mold, and securing edges of the membrane material by the single application of the impervious electrically insulative resin, thereby physically preventing lifting off of the membrane material from the gate.
Suprasensor Technologies, Llc

Read-out for mems capacitive transducers

Amplifier arrangements for read-out of mems capacitive transducers, such as low-noise amplifiers. An amplifier circuit has first and second mos transistors, with the gate of the first transistor driven by the input signal, and the gate of the second transistor driven by a reference.
Wolfson Microelectronics Plc

Battery monitoring device and battery system monitoring device

A battery monitoring device for monitoring a cell group made by connecting a plurality of single battery cells in series including a first switching circuit configured to select, as a measurement target voltage, a type of voltage a differential amplifier circuit including a first input terminal and a second input terminal, configured to convert the measurement target voltage, which is selected by the first switching circuit and input between the first input terminal and the second input terminal, into a voltage in a predetermined range by performing differential amplification, and an ad converter configured to measure the measurement target voltage selected by the first switching circuit and converted by the differential amplifier circuit, and output a digital signal according to the measurement result, wherein an abnormality detection voltage, is output to the ad converter.. .
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Telescopic amplifier with improved common mode settling

Telescopic amplifier circuits are disclosed. In an embodiment, a telescopic amplifier includes an input stage for receiving differential input signals, an output stage for outputting differential output signals at the drains of a first output transistor and a second output transistor, a tail current transistor coupled to sources of a first input transistor and a second input transistor, a common mode feedback circuit coupled to the differential output signals and outputting a common mode output signal, and a circuit element coupled between the common mode output signal and a gate of the tail current transistor.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Infrared detector

Provide is an infrared detector that has a simple configuration, has a high amplification factor, and is configured to operate at low voltage. An nmos transistor at an output stage of a pyroelectric infrared detection element serves as a common source amplifier circuit in which a source is connected to gnd via a resistor and a capacitor that are connected in parallel..
Seiko Instruments Inc.

High frequency circuit and high frequency module including the same

A front-end circuit includes a power amplifier circuit, a low noise amplifier circuit, a connection switching circuit, a bypass circuit and an attenuation unit. The connection switching circuit switches connections in response to a control signal.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Novel sense amplifier scheme

A sense amplifier circuit comprising a pair of cross-coupled inverters and a data line charging circuit is disclosed. The cross-coupled inverters comprise a first inverter and a second inverter.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

Low noise capacitive sensor with integrated bandpass filter

A bandpass sense amplifier circuit (fig. 2a) is disclosed.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Pulse width modulation circuit and voltage-feedback class-d amplifier circuit

The frequency characteristic of a voltage-feedback class-d amplifier circuit for driving an output load is improved. A triangular-wave correction circuit which compensates a gradient of a triangular wave is provided to a triangular-wave signal generator which supplies a triangular wave signal used as a pwm carrier to a comparison circuit for performing pwm modulation of an input signal.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Signal processing device, and driving method and program thereof

A power switch 307a is provided between a bias generation circuit 301 and a high potential power source, or a power switch 307b is provided between the bias generation circuit 301 and a low potential power source. A bias potential vb output from the bias generation circuit 301 is held by a potential holding circuit 300.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Linearization of intermodulation bands for concurrent dual-band power amplifiers

Systems and methods are disclosed for digital predistortion for a concurrent multi-band transmitter that compensates for both in-band and out-of-band intermodulation products according to a memory polynomial based baseband model. In one embodiment, a concurrent multi-band transmitter includes a digital predistortion subsystem, power amplifier circuitry, and an adaptation subsystem.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatuses and methods for reducing current leakage in a memory

Apparatuses, sense amplifier circuits, and methods for operating a sense amplifier circuit in a memory are described. An example apparatus includes a sense amplifier circuit configured to be coupled to a digit line and configured to, during a memory access operation, drive the digit line to a voltage that indicates the logical value of the charge stored by a memory cell coupled to the digit line.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Combiner circuit for a class-e outphasing power amplifier

Lumped-element based class-e chireix combiners are disclosed that are equivalents of a quarter-wave transmission line combiner. The proposed class-e equivalent power amplifier circuits that are used can be derived from a parallel tuned class-e implementation.
Nxp B.v.

Ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier circuit with low power consumption

An ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier circuit with low power consumption includes a cascode amplifier circuit module and an output combining circuit module. The cascode amplifier circuit module receives an input signal, and outputs a first output signal and a second output signal.
National Chi Nan University

Amplifier circuit

An amplifier circuit is configured in such a manner that the withstand voltage between the terminals of a fet 2 (withstand voltage b) is higher than the withstand voltage between the terminals of a fet 1 (withstand voltage a), and that the gate width of the fet 1 (wg1) is narrower than the gate width of the fet 2 (wg2). This makes it possible to increase the gain while maintaining high output power.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Amplifier circuits

Differential amplifier circuits for ldmos-based amplifiers are disclosed. The differential amplifier circuits comprise a high resistivity substrate and separate dc and ac ground connections.
Nxp B.v.

Fluxgate magnetic sensor readout apparatus

Compact, low power fluxgate magnetic sensor readout circuits and apparatus are presented in which demodulator or rectifier circuit to modulates a sense signal from the fluxgate sense coil, and the demodulated signal is provided to an amplifier circuit with a transconductance or other amplifier and one or more feedback capacitors connected between the amplifier input and amplifier output to integrate the amplifier output current and provide a voltage output signal indicating the magnetic field sensed by the fluxgate sensor.. .
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

High fidelity blast hearing protection

An improved hearing protection device intended to be inserted into an external auditory meatus of a user, having a housing structure, a passive tuning element, and a passive, nonlinear acoustic filter. The tuning element and the acoustic filter may be supported in series by the housing structure.
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Bipolar junction transistor pixel circuit, driving method thereof, and image sensor

A bipolar junction transistor (bjt) pixel circuit, an image sensor and a driving method thereof are provided. The bjt pixel circuit includes a bjt, a photodetector, a feedback amplifier circuit, a shutter circuit, and a current generating unit.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Peak-to-average ratio detector

An amplifier circuit with a peak-to-average ratio detector is described. Detection of the peak-to-average ratio value can be used to tune one or more parameters that affect linearity of one or more amplifiers in the amplifier circuit to improve amplifier performance..
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

High-voltage voltage-switched class-s amplifier

A voltage-switched class-s amplifier circuit includes an output stage configured to receive at least one control signal and operative to generate an output signal as a function of the at least one control signal. The amplifier circuit further includes a driver circuit coupled with the output stage.
Lsi Corporation

Antenna having flexible feed structure with components

Electronic devices may include antenna structures. The antenna structures may form an antenna having first and second feeds at different locations.
Apple Inc.

Power amplifier module

Improvement in linearity is achieved at low costs in a power amplifier module employing an envelope tracking system. The power amplifier module includes a first power amplifier circuit that amplifies a radio frequency signal and that outputs a first amplified signal, a second power amplifier circuit that amplifies the first amplified signal on the basis of a source voltage varying depending on amplitude of the radio frequency signal and that outputs a second amplified signal, and a matching circuit that includes first and second capacitors connected in series between the first and second power amplifier circuit and an inductor connected between a node between the first and second capacitors and a ground and that decreases a gain of the first power amplifier circuit as the source voltage of the second power amplifier circuit increases..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Common-mode feedback differential amplifier

The present invention discloses a common-mode feedback differential amplifier circuit, a common-mode feedback differential amplification method, and an integrated circuit. In an example, a common-mode feedback (cmfb) loop conducts voltage division on a first common-mode signal to generate a second common-mode signal and a third common-mode signal, a differential amplifier sets a voltage of the signal with the higher voltage between the second common-mode signal and the third common-mode signal equal to a voltage of a first input terminal or a second input terminal, and the cmfb loop controls the differential amplifier to output an output signal with the minimum voltage equal to the voltage of the first common-mode signal..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Input power detecting arrangement and method

An amplifier circuit with an input power detector and a related method are described. With the input power detector and related control network, the arrangement enables and/or disables a number of unit cells in power amplifiers..
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

Audio amplifier and power supply voltage switching method

An audio amplifier is provided with: an amplifier circuit; a power supply circuit that generates a plurality of power supply voltages; a power supply relay that selects one of the power supply voltages as the power supply voltage supplied to the amplifier circuit; a switching condition determiner that determines whether the switching condition of the power supply relay is satisfied; a silent section detector that detects a silent section of the audio signal which is equal to or greater than the operation time of the power supply relay; and a switching instruction unit for providing the power supply relay with an instruction for switching the power supply voltage during the silent section when the switching condition is satisfied and the silent section is detected.. .
Yamaha Corporation

Fluid ejection device and fluid ejection printer with a power amplifier stopping section

A fluid ejection device includes: a modulator adapted to pulse-modulate a drive waveform signal forming a basis of a drive signal of an actuator to obtain a modulated signal; a digital power amplifier circuit adapted to power-amplify the modulated signal to obtain a power-amplified modulated signal; a low pass filter adapted to smooth the power-amplified modulated signal to obtain the drive signal; and a power amplification stopping section operating when holding a voltage of the actuator constant.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Differential oscillator

A differential oscillator includes a resonator, a differential amplifier circuit, and a filter. The filter is disposed in parallel to the resonator and the differential amplifier circuit.
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Programmable multi-gain current amplifier

The programmable multi-gain current amplifier circuitry includes a pair of mos transistors setting the voltage at x terminal to zero using negative feedback formed by a third mos transistor. Input resistance is in the range of few tens of ohms.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Operational amplifier circuits

An implementation of an operational amplifier circuit includes a first stage amplifier circuit, a second stage amplifier circuit and a first feedforward circuit. The first stage amplifier circuit is coupled to a first input node for receiving a first input signal and amplifying the first input signal to generate a first amplified signal.
Mediatek Inc.

Digitally controlled oscillator device and high frequency signal processing device

The present invention provides a digitally controlled oscillator device capable of realizing a reduction in dnl. The digitally controlled oscillator device includes, for example, an amplifier circuit block, coil elements and a plurality of unitary capacitor units coupled in parallel between oscillation output nodes.
Renesas Mobile Corporation

Power amplifier architectures with input power protection circuits

An rf power amplifier circuit and input power limiter circuits are disclosed. A power detector generates a voltage output proportional to a power level of an input signal.
Rfaxis, Inc.

Differential measurements with a large common mode input voltage

An apparatus comprises a differential amplifier circuit and a current source. The differential amplifier circuit is configured to receive a voltage at an input, wherein the differential amplifier circuit generates an output voltage having a magnitude proportional to the received voltage over a voltage range to be measured at a specified output common mode voltage.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Comparator and amplifier

A comparator has a differential pair circuit and a current control circuit. The differential pair circuit has first and second comparator transistors, and is arranged to compare a first input and a second input according to a clock signal to generate a result indicating whether a difference of the first and second inputs exceeds an internal offset.
Mediatek Inc.

Relative angle detection apparatus and electric power steering apparatus

A relative angle detection apparatus includes a first magnetometric sensor and a first voltage amplifier that output a signal corresponding to a relative rotation angle between a first rotation shaft and a second rotation shaft; a first amplifier circuit that amplifies the output signal of the first voltage amplifier; a second magnetometric sensor and a second voltage amplifier that output a signal that corresponds to the relative rotation angle; a second amplifier circuit that amplifies the output signal of the second voltage amplifier; a first resistor that is provided between the first amplifier circuit and a power supply terminal, or between the first amplifier circuit and a gnd terminal; and a second resistor that is provided between the second amplifier circuit and the power supply terminal, or between the second amplifier circuit and the gnd terminal.. .
Showa Corporation

Circulator power amplifier circuit and design method therefor

The present invention provides a circulator power amplifier circuit and a connection method thereof. Wherein, the circulator power amplifier circuit includes a power amplifier, a circulator, a power load and a load.
Zte Corporation

Repair operational amplifier circuit and operating method thereof

A repair operational amplifier circuit including a repair operational amplifier and a slew rate enhancing module. The repair operational amplifier includes an input terminal and an output terminal.
Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

Semiconductor integrated circuit

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a clock signal transmission path configured to transmit a clock signal and a data transmission path configured to transmit data. The clock signal transmission path has a first and a second clock signal transmission line configured to transmit a clock signal and a complementary clock signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Motor driving curcuit and permanent magnet synchronous motor

A motor driving circuit includes a magnetic-pole-position detecting unit that detects a rotating position of a rotor of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, a voltage output unit that converts a direct-current voltage and generates a driving voltage for the permanent magnet synchronous motor, a voltage control unit that controls the voltage output unit on the basis of a comparison result of a modulation wave and a carrier wave, a voltage-phase adjusting unit that determines, using a differential amplifier circuit that receives a rotating speed control signal and an offset signal, a phase of the modulation wave generated by the voltage control unit and causes the voltage control unit to generate the modulation wave in the determined phase, and an offset generating unit that generates the offset signal.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Power amplifier with improved low bias mode linearity

Power amplifier circuitry includes a power amplifier including an input node and an output node, biasing circuitry, a selectable impedance network, and an input capacitor. The input capacitor is coupled to the input node of the power amplifier.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Low-noise amplifier circuit

The low-noise amplifier circuit exhibits reduced noise.. .
St-ericsson Sa

Differential amplifier circuit

Aspects of the invention include a differential amplifier circuit with a differential amplifier operated with a first power supply voltage applied thereto to amplify a differential voltage between paired input voltages, an inverting amplifier operated with a second power supply voltage applied thereto to carry out inverting amplification of the output of the differential amplifier and output the amplified output to the outside, and a voltage step-up circuit producing the first power supply voltage higher than the second power supply voltage from the second power supply voltage and applying the produced first power supply voltage to the differential amplifier. This satisfies at one time the requirement for producing the high power supply voltage necessary for the differential amplifier and the requirement for securing the power supply current necessary for the inverting amplifier on the basis of the externally supplied second power supply voltage..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor memory device and driving the same

In a conventional dram, when the capacitance of a capacitor is reduced, an error of reading data easily occurs. A plurality of cells are connected to one bit line mbl_m.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Delta-sigma modulator with high input impedance

Measurement circuits having a delta-sigma modulator are disclosed. One example measurement circuit includes a low pass filter coupled to receive an input voltage, a switched-capacitor integrator circuit, and a switched comparator circuit.
Power Integrations, Inc.

Direct biasing a gate electrode of a radio frequency power amplifier through a driver stage

A radio frequency (rf) circuit includes an amplifier circuit comprising at least one transistor amplifier having first, second, and third terminals. The rf circuit additionally includes a driver circuit comprising an enhancement-mode transistor and a depletion-mode transistor coupled in a cascade configuration having an upper portion and a lower portion, the driver circuit having an output coupled to an input of the amplifier circuit such that the driver circuit is capable of providing pulsed signals as well as a direct-current (dc) bias current to at least one terminal of a transistor amplifier of the amplifier circuit.
Auriga Measurement Systems, Llc

Amplifier circuit with overshoot suppression

An amplifier circuit with overshoot suppress scheme including an input amplifier, an output amplifier, and a diode is provided. A first and a second input ends of the output amplifier are coupled to an output of the input amplifier.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Load tuning circuit for pulse-width / pulse-position modulation amplifier and related techniques

A pulse width modulated/pulse modulated pwm/ppm power amplification circuit includes a load modulation circuit coupled between an output of the amplification circuit and a load. In one embodiment, the load modulation circuit comprises a plurality of capacitor elements switchably coupled such that in response to a control signal provided the load modulation circuit presents one of a plurality of different capacitance values at a terminal thereof.
Auriga Measurement Systems, Llc

Optical receiver module

An optical detector module includes a carrier, a photodetector secured to a top surface of the carrier and having a light detecting portion, an anode terminal, and a cathode terminal, an amplifier circuit secured to the top surface of the carrier and having a first edge, an input terminal, and a gnd terminal. The input terminal and the gnd terminal are located along the first edge.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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