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Amplification patents

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Apparatuses and methods for measuring flicker noise

Proplus Electronics

Apparatuses and methods for measuring flicker noise

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Non-destructive evaluation of structures using motion magnification technology patent thumbnailnew patent Non-destructive evaluation of structures using motion magnification technology
The motion amplification can reveal strains (for static or thermal loading) or wave patterns (for dynamic loading) generated on the surface of the part. If there is damage or structural change, the resulting surface strains will indicate it, or the surface waves in that area will change in phase, amplitude, or both, and will be indicated in the video images.

 Hybrid fiber amplifier and  adjusting gain and gain slope thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid fiber amplifier and adjusting gain and gain slope thereof
A hybrid fiber amplifier and method of adjusting gain and gain slope of thereof. The hybrid fiber amplifier comprises: rfa and edfa that does not comprise variable optical attenuator.
Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Power amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Power amplifier
A linearized power amplifier includes a first amplification stage having a first transistor for amplifying an input signal and outputting a pre-amplified signal, and a second amplification stage having a second transistor for amplifying the pre-amplified signal. A phase injection circuit, connected to the gate of the first transistor and the gate of the second transistor, adjusts the phase of the input signal based on the pre-amplified signal so as to compensate for am-am distortion and am-pm distortion..
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 System,  for power amplification of a signal in an integrated circuit patent thumbnailnew patent System, for power amplification of a signal in an integrated circuit
According to an aspect of present disclosure, a set of power amplifiers are used to amplify power of a signal for transmission. The signal powers from a set of power amplifiers are coupled to set of primary windings which are commonly coupled to a secondary winding such that the powers on the primary windings are additive in the secondary winding.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Device and  reducing clipping in an amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Device and reducing clipping in an amplifier
Limiting clipping in an amplifier is accomplished in the feedback loop of a class d pwm amplifier that includes an integrator coupled to an input node and configured to generate an integrated input signal such that a comparator may then generate a pwm signal for driving an amplifier output stage based on a comparison to a triangle wave signal. To this end, the amplifier also includes a threshold signal generator for generating high and low voltage thresholds based on the triangle wave signal to be used to engage compensation circuits for limiting the overall amplification.
Stmicroelectronics (shenzhen) R&d Co. Ltd

 Optical flber laser equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Optical flber laser equipment
An optical fiber laser device includes optical reflectors making an invisible laser light from an amplification optical fiber; a light source outputting a visible light; an introduction unit outputting the laser light input to a first input terminal from a first output terminal mainly, outputting the visible light input to a second input terminal from the first output terminal mainly, inputting the visible light output by the light source connected to the second input terminal and introducing the visible light to the amplification optical fiber or a output optical fiber via the first output terminal; an optical multiplexer/demultiplexer outputting the visible light to the introduction unit, and outputting a leaking return light input from a side of the introduction unit; and a controller outputting the visible light from the output optical fiber in a case of determining a position at which the laser light will be irradiated.. .
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

 Q-switched oscillator seed-source for mopa laser illuminator apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Q-switched oscillator seed-source for mopa laser illuminator apparatus and method
An apparatus, method and system that uses a q-switched laser or a q-seed source for a seed pulse signal having a controlled high-dynamic-range amplitude that avoids and/or compensates for pulse steepening in high-gain optical-fiber and/or optical-rod amplification of optical pulses. Optionally, the optical output is used for lidar or illumination purposes (e.g., for image acquisition).
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Noise sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Noise sensor
A common mode noise sensor with a single amplification path is disclosed. The common mode noise sensor includes first and second terminals for receiving respective first and second signals from a power supply, an amplifier stage connected to the first and second terminals and having an output and a resistor network connected to the amplifier stage.
Nxp B.v.

 Apparatuses and methods for measuring flicker noise patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatuses and methods for measuring flicker noise
Apparatuses and methods for measuring flicker noise are disclosed. In one embodiment, a noise measurement system may include a first circuit path configured to drive a first terminal of a device under test (dut) in the noise measurement system, an amplification circuit configured to amplify an output signal of the dut, a second circuit path configured to drive a second terminal of the dut, a third circuit path configured to couple a third terminal of the dut to a circuit ground, and a decoupling circuit configured to decouple the dut and the amplification circuit, logic configured to detect output signal characteristics of the dut, logic configured to adjust input impedance of the amplification circuit based on the output signal characteristics of the dut, and logic configured to measure a flicker noise of the dut using the amplification circuit with adjusted input impedance..
Proplus Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Active probe card patent thumbnailnew patent Active probe card
An active probe card capable of improving testing bandwidth of a device under (dut) test includes a printed circuit board; at least one probe needle, affixed to a first surface of the printed circuit board for probing the dut; at least one connection member, electrically connected to the at least one probe needle; and an amplification circuit, formed on the printed circuit board and coupled to the at least one connection member for amplifying an input or output signal of the dut.. .
Sitronix Technology Corp.

new patent

Downhole amplification tool

An exemplary embodiment of the amplification device generally includes amplification springs, complementary amplification spring seats for the respective ends of the amplification springs, and a corresponding hammer and anvil surface. A knocker bit comprises an impact surface on its upper end for interacting with the hammer surface of an impact tool, and a hammer surface on its lower end proximate its downward facing amplification spring seat.

new patent

Methods and compositions for identifying, classifying and monitoring subject having bcl-2 family inhibitor-resistant tumors and cancers

The invention is directed to methods and kits that allow for identifying, classifying, and monitoring cancer patients for bcl-2 family inhibitor therapies. The methods and compositions of the invention are directed to determining amplification of bcl-xl and in cancer or tumor cells, or elevated bcl-xl polypeptide expression..
Abbvie Inc.

new patent

Methods and compositions for detection of small rnas

Currently, the circularization of small rnas is broadly regarded as an obstacle in ligation-related assays and explicitly avoided while short lengths of linear rna targets is broadly recognized as a factor limiting use of conventional primers in pcr-related assays. In contrast, the disclosed invention capitalizes on circularization of small rna targets or their conjugates with oligonucleotide adapters.
Somagenics, Inc.

new patent

System for laser-based digital marking of objects with images or digital image projection with the laser beam shaped and amplified to have uniform irradiance distribution over the beam cross-section

A laser marking system including a laser apparatus to supply a laser beam having a non-gaussian irradiance distribution over a beam cross-section, the non-gaussian irradiance distribution of the laser beam has a substantially uniform irradiance distribution over the beam cross-section, a spatial light modulator coupled to receive the laser beam, the spatial light modulator is controlled to generate an output laser beam including an optical pattern across the beam cross-section to mark a target object with the data code matrix, and an optical amplifier coupled to the spatial modulator to receive the laser beam output from the spatial light modulator and generate an amplified laser beam containing the same optical pattern as generated by the spatial light modulator, the amplified laser beam from the optical amplifier having a substantially uniform amplification across the cross-section of the beam, the amplified beam maintaining the substantially uniform irradiance distribution over its beam cross-section.. .
Vardex Laser Solutions, Llc

new patent

System for laser-based digital marking of objects with images or digital image projection with the laser beam shaped and amplified to have uniform irradiance distribution over the beam cross-section

A laser marking system including a laser apparatus to supply a laser beam having a non-gaussian irradiance distribution over a beam cross-section, the non-gaussian irradiance distribution of the laser beam has a substantially uniform irradiance distribution over the beam cross-section, a spatial light modulator coupled to receive the laser beam, the spatial light modulator is controlled to generate an output laser beam including an optical pattern across the beam cross-section to mark a target object with the data code matrix, and an optical amplifier coupled to the spatial modulator to receive the laser beam output from the spatial light modulator and generate an amplified laser beam containing the same optical pattern as generated by the spatial light modulator, the amplified laser beam from the optical amplifier having a substantially uniform amplification across the cross-section of the beam, the amplified beam maintaining the substantially uniform irradiance distribution over its beam cross-section.. .
Vardex Laser Solutions, Llc


Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path

Since the great number of elements constituting a unit pixel having an amplification function would hinder reduction of pixel size, unit pixel n,m arranged in a matrix form is comprised of a photodiode, a transfer switch for transferring charges stored in the photodiode, a floating diffusion for storing charges transferred by the transfer switch, a reset switch for resetting the floating diffusion, and an amplifying transistor for outputting a signal in accordance with the potential of the floating diffusion to a vertical signal line, and by affording vertical selection pulse φvn to the drain of the reset switch to control a reset potential thereof, pixels are selected in units of rows.. .
Sony Corporation


Power amplifier saturation detection

In a portable radio transceiver, a power amplifier system includes a saturation detector that detects power amplifier saturation in response to duty cycle of the amplifier transistor collector voltage waveform. The saturation detection output signal can be used by a power control circuit to back off or reduce the amplification level of the power amplifier to avoid power amplifier control loop saturation..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Pulse injection crystal oscillator

An improved oscillation driver circuit for use in an integrated circuit in combination with an oscillation element. An amplification element is adapted to receive an oscillator output, and to generate an amplified oscillator output.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


High power parallel fiber arrays

High power parallel fiber arrays for the amplification of high peak power pulses are described. Fiber arrays based on individual fiber amplifiers as well as fiber arrays based on multi-core fibers can be implemented.
Imra America, Inc.


Semiconductor device

The performance of a semiconductor device is improved by preventing 1/f noise from being generated in a peripheral transistor, in the case where the occupation area of photodiodes, which are included in each of a plurality of pixels that form an image pickup device, is expanded. In the semiconductor device, the gate electrode of an amplification transistor is formed by both a gate electrode part over an active region and a large width part that covers the boundary between the active region and an element isolation region and the active region near the boundary and that.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


System and methods for detecting genetic variation

The invention provides methods, apparatuses, and compositions for high-throughput amplification sequencing of specific target sequences in one or more samples. In some aspects, barcode-tagged polynucleotides are sequenced simultaneously and sample sources are identified on the basis of barcode sequences.
Counsyl, Inc.


Detection of methylated dna

The use of ion sensitive field effect transistor (isfet) to detect methylated nucleotides in a dna sample is described. A method of detecting methylated nucleotides in a dna sample may include the steps of treating a sample of dna with a reagent which discriminates between methylated and non-methylated nucleotides to provide treated dna, amplifying the treated dna and optionally sequencing the amplified dna.
Oncu Limited


Location control encoding method in location control encoding device

The present invention relates to a programmable location control encoder, wherein the encoder has a new function of combining a sequential control function to conventional rotary encoders. The present invention comprises: a rotary disk having an absolute location code indicative of each location, that is, an address code formed by a combination of binary numbers; an optical sensor for detecting said binary address code; a signal amplification unit for amplifying an output signal of the optical sensor; and a control circuit board for outputting a digital signal by using a signal outputted from the signal amplification unit.


Portable amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences

Portable systems and methods for amplifying nucleotides and for detecting nucleotide sequences in a sample are provided. The portable instruments and methods use rpa techniques for dna amplification and detect sample fluorescence in response to amplification and/or to the presence of specific dna sequences..
Monsanto Technology Llc


Nucleic acid amplification and detection kit

A nucleic acid amplification and detection kit, including: a buffer storage assembly, including a buffer storage reservoir storing a buffer solution therein; a nucleic acid amplification assembly including a nucleic acid amplification reservoir storing one or more reagents therein and configured to receive a sample containing nucleic acid for amplification therein, wherein the buffer storage assembly is configured to couple with the nucleic acid amplification assembly to seal within the nucleic acid amplification reservoir the sample containing nucleic acid and amplification products of the amplification; and a test strip assembly including a lateral flow test strip disposed therein, the test strip assembly and the coupled nucleic acid amplification and buffer storage assemblies being configured to couple with one another and including one or more solution release components to release the amplification products from the nucleic acid amplification reservoir onto the lateral flow test strip for testing, and to release the stored buffer solution from the buffer storage reservoir to flush the released amplification products along the lateral flow test strip.. .
Axxin Pty Ltd


Compositions and methods for detection of salmonella species

Described are compositions, methods and kits for detection and/or differential detection of serovars of salmonella enterica subsp. Enterica serovar such as s.
Life Technologies Corporation


Method for differentiating between living and dead cells

The present invention relates to a method for quantitatively determining living and dead cells in a biological sample. The method according to the present invention is based on the determination of the amount of dna in the sample with the aid of a dna amplification reaction which does not impair the membrane integrity of living cells..
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh


Compositions and measuring and calibrating amplification bias in multiplexed pcr reactions

Compositions and methods are described for standardizing the dna amplification efficiencies of a highly heterogeneous set of oligonucleotide primers as may typically be used to amplify a heterogeneous set of dna templates that contains rearranged lymphoid cell dna encoding t cell receptors (tcr) or immunoglobulins (ig). The presently disclosed embodiments are useful to overcome undesirable bias in the utilization of a subset of amplification primers, which leads to imprecision in multiplexed n high throughput sequencing of amplification products to quantify unique tcr or ig encoding genomes in a sample.
Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.


Method for preparing sample for nucleic acid amplification reaction and preparation device of sample for nucleic acid amplification reaction

There is provided a method for preparing a sample for a nucleic acid amplification reaction, the method including a heating step of applying heat to a nucleic acid-containing sample, and an electrodialysis step of bringing an electrical conductivity of the sample to 2,000 μs/cm or less.. .
Sony Corporation


Homopolymer mediated nucleic acid amplification

According to some aspects of the invention, provided herein are methods of amplifying nucleic acids using homopolymer-dedicated ligation. The methods, in some embodiments, comprise adding a first homopolymer of at least 12 nucleotides to each 3′ end of blunt-ended double-stranded nucleic acid containing a target nucleic acid, thereby producing a partially double-stranded nucleic acid..
Tufts University


Method for cloning t cell receptor

An object is to provide a tcr closing system that enables not only bias-free analysis of tcr repertoires, but also collection of antigen-specific tcr α/β cdna pairs and evaluation of functions thereof. There is provided a method for producing a gene of t cell receptor (tcr) specific to an antigen a, which comprises 1) the step of stimulating a group of t cells including a t cell specific to an antigen a or one t cell specific to an antigen a under a condition effective for amplification of a tcr gene; 2) the step of identifying a t cell specific to an antigen a among the group of t cells including a t cell specific to the antigen a, and sorting one t cell specific to the antigen a into a vessel; and 3) the step of subjecting the one activated t cell specific to the antigen a in the vessel to pcr to amplify a gene of tcr specific to the antigen a.
National University Corporation University Of Toyama


Safety guard device

A safety guard device includes at least one base body and at least one safety-guard anti-rotation lock that has at least one braking element. The at least one braking element is configured to at least secure the base body against rotation relative to a hand-held power tool by a frictional connection in at least one operating mode of the hand-held power tool.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Personal hearing device

A universal personal hearing device is provided. The universal personal hearing device includes a first microphone, an amplification circuit electrically connected to the first microphone, a speaker electrically connected to the amplification circuit for amplifying ambient sound detected by the first microphone, and a housing having at least one arcuate outer edge.


Methods and apparatus to manage conference calls

Methods and apparatus to manage conference calls are described. An example method includes enabling, via a logic circuit, a first one of participants of a conference call to request an adjustment of a volume of a current speaker different than the first participant; and in response to a request from the first participant, adjusting, via the logic circuit, an amplification setting associated with the current speaker in a preference file associated with the first participant..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method for power amplification and electronic device thereof

An apparatus and method for applying digital pre-distortion (dpd) technology in an electronic device which uses an envelope tracking (et) method is provided. The electronic device includes an antenna, a modem, a transceiver configured to convert a signal generated in the modem into a radio frequency signal, an et modulator configured to supply power to a power amplifier based on an amplitude component of the signal generated in the modem, and the power amplifier configured to amplify power of a signal received from the transceiver based on an output signal of the et modulator.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Audio power amplification with reduced input power supply crest factor

A power converter has an output that is coupled in parallel with an energy reservoir circuit and a power supply node of an audio power amplifier. The converter can set an upper limit on its input supply current that is variable in accordance with a control input.
Apple Inc.


Piezoelectric actuator control for high rate of operation

Described herein are methods for controlling a piezoelectric element, for example, for use in a fuel injector, safely and efficiently at higher frequencies without causing damage to the fuel injector due to excessive heating. Methods incorporating features of the present invention can utilize waveform generation, waveform scaling and power amplification to drive a piezoelectric element.
Transonic Combustion, Inc.


Multi-tiered storage adaptive content streaming

The disclosed technology includes techniques for efficiently streaming media content from a multi-tiered storage system. An example implementation may be used for adaptive http streaming of video segments and other content.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Amplification apparatus, anti-vibration apparatus, lithography apparatus, and article manufacturing method

Provided is an amplification apparatus that outputs an output signal corresponding to an input signal via an amplifier, and comprises a detector that is installed separately from a main body, which includes the amplifier, and is configured to detect the output signal outputted from the main body, and to feed back the output signal to the input signal.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Compositions, kits, uses and methods for amplified detection of an analyte

The invention provides compositions comprising rolling circle amplification sequences and hairpin sequences specifically designed for the accurate and highly sensitive detection of one or more analyte sequences. The invention further provides kits comprising them and methods for their use..
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Lt


End modification to prevent over-representation of fragments

The invention relates to a method of preparing a 5′ and 3′ modified library of template polynucleotides and also the use of the 5′ and 3′ modified library of templates in methods of solid-phase nucleic acid amplification. In particular, the invention relates to a method of preparing a 5′ and 3′ modified library of template polynucleotides which have common sequences at their 5′ ends and at their 3′ ends, wherein over-representation of “end” sequences of the primary polynucleotide molecules from whence the 5′ and 3′ modified library is generated is greatly reduced or prevented..
Illumina Cambridge Limited


System and user controllable auditory environment customization

A method for generating an auditory environment for a user may include receiving a signal representing an ambient auditory environment of the user, processing the signal using a microprocessor to identify at least one of a plurality of types of sounds in the ambient auditory environment, receiving user preferences corresponding to each of the plurality of types of sounds, modifying the signal for each type of sound in the ambient auditory environment based on the corresponding user preference, and outputting the modified signal to at least one speaker to generate the auditory environment for the user. A system may include a wearable device having speakers, microphones, and various other sensors to detect a noise context.
Harman International Industries, Inc.


Solid-state imaging device

A solid-state imaging device according to the present disclosure includes a pixel unit in which a plurality of pixels are disposed in a matrix. Each pixel includes a photoelectric conversion unit, an fd portion, an amplification transistor, a reset transistor, and a selection transistor.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Multiple-path noise cancellation

A communication device, such as a smartphone or tablet, includes a communication interface with noise cancellation logic. The noise cancellation logic includes a lead path and a reference path.
Broadcom Corporation


Digital predistortion of wideband power amplifiers with reduced observation bandwidth

A method and power amplification system for achieving digital pre-distortion of wideband, power amplifiers with reduced observation bandwidth are disclosed. A digital pre-distorter system uses a reduced transmitter observation receiver bandwidth combined with a high transmit path sampling rate to linearize a power amplifier across a broad spectrum that may extend to beyond about five times a bandwidth of a signal input to the system..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


High efficiency amplification

A radio frequency amplification stage comprising: an amplifier for receiving an input signal to be amplified and a power supply voltage; and a power supply voltage stage for supplying said power supply voltage, comprising: means for providing a reference signal representing the envelope of the input signal; means for selecting one of a plurality of supply voltage levels in dependence on the reference signal; and means for generating an adjusted selected power supply voltage, comprising an ac amplifier for amplifying a difference between the reference signal and one of the selected supply voltage level or the adjusted selected supply voltage level, and a summer for summing the amplified difference with the selected supply voltage to thereby generate the adjusted supply voltage.. .
Nujira Limited



The recorder includes: a converter acquiring external sound and converting the sound into a first signal; an amplifier amplifying the first signal to generate a second signal; a recording unit recording the second signal; a display unit displaying a level of the second signal; and a controller controlling the amplifier and the display unit. The amplifier includes an alc (automatic level control) unit adjusting an amplification degree for amplifying the first signal according to the level of the second signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Optic fiber amplifier having a high brillouin threshold and making such an amplifier

According to one aspect, the invention relates to an optic fiber amplifier having a high brillouin threshold, and including: an amplification optic fiber (16) comprising a core and a sheath and suitable for amplifying a signal beam travelling in said core; means for coupling the signal beam in an input end of said amplification optic fiber; means for coupling a pump laser beam for pumping said amplification optic fiber; a structure (330, 340) including a deformable portion around which at least one portion of said amplification optic fiber is wound in the shape of turns, said turns being in contact with a surface of said deformable portion, wherein the friction of said optic fiber on said surface resulting, during the deformation of said deformable portion, in an elongation of said amplification optic fiber according to an elongation profile that varies from one turn to the other.. .
Office National D'etudes Et De Recherches Aérospatiales-onera


Quantum communication device, quantum communication method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a quantum communication device includes a sift processor, an estimator, a determination unit, and a corrector. The sift processor is configured to acquire sift processing data by referring to a cryptographic key bit string in a predetermined bit string with a reference basis randomly selected from a plurality of bases via a quantum communication channel.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Global in-line extent-based deduplication

In one embodiment, a layered file system of a storage input/output (i/o) stack executes on one or more nodes of a cluster. The layered file system includes a flash-optimized, log-structured layer configured to provide sequential storage of data and metadata (i.e., a log-structured layout) on solid state drives (ssds) of storage arrays in the cluster to reduce write amplification, while leveraging a data de-duplication feature of the storage i/o stack.
Netapp, Inc.


Reading circuit for a magnetic field sensor with sensitivity calibration, and related reading method

A reading circuit for a magnetic-field sensor, generating an electrical detection quantity as a function of a detected magnetic field and of a detection sensitivity, is provided with an amplification stage, which is coupled to the magnetic-field sensor and generates an output signal as a function of the electrical detection quantity and of an amplification gain. In particular, the amplification gain is electronically selectable, and the reading circuit is moreover provided with a calibration stage, integrated with the amplification stage and configured so as to vary a value of the amplification gain in such a way as to compensate a variation of the detection sensitivity with respect to a nominal sensitivity value..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Signal capture the detection of low frequency electric signals in liquids and biological matter

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus intended for the detection of low frequency electric waves that can be extracted from water, organic liquids and biological matter. This field phenomenon, that we here refer to here as a “bioharmonic”, is an active frequency, or harmonically related series of frequencies, that are a result of a dynamic interplay of natural processes including physical, chemical and electromagnetic interactions.


Detection of cytomegalovirus dna using amplification from blood samples

Described are methods and kits for detecting cytomegalovirus dna in liquid and dried blood samples. Primer and probe combinations for cmv detection are described as well as methods for isolating dna from blood samples..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Random-primed transcriptase in-vitro transcription rna amplification

A random-primed reverse transcriptase-in vitro transcription method of linearly amplifying rna is provided. According to the methods of the invention, source rna (or other single-stranded nucleic acid), preferably, mrna, is converted to double-stranded cdna using two random primers, one of which comprises a rna polymerase promoter sequence (“promoter-primer”), to yield a double-stranded cdna that comprises a rna polymerase promoter that is recognized by a rna polymerase.
Life Technologies Corporation


Composition and sequencing nucleic acid

A composition for sequencing dna is provided and comprises a nuclease and a nuclease-resistant sequencing primer. A method of preparing dna for sequencing and a method of sequencing dna are also provided.
Life Technologies Corporation


Methods for nucleic acid assembly and high throughput sequencing

Methods and apparatus of some aspects of the invention relate to the synthesis of high fidelity polynucleotides. In particular, aspects of the invention relate to concurrent enzymatic removal of amplification sequences and ligation of processed oligonucleotides into nucleic acid assemblies.
Gen9, Inc.


Magnetic particles with a closed ultrathin silica layer, the production thereof and their use

A method for producing silicate-containing magnetic particles having a closed and tight silicate layer and high purity. In addition, the novel method prevents an uncontrolled formation of aggregates and clusters of silicates on the magnetite surface, thereby having a positive influence on the properties and biological applications.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Gmbh


Hearing instrument with switchable power supply voltage

A hearing instrument includes: a microphone comprising a microphone transducer element, wherein the microphone transducer element is configured to provide a transducer signal in response to receipt of sound; a microphone amplification circuit configured to generate an amplified microphone signal based on the transducer signal; a control and processing circuit for receipt and processing of the amplified microphone signal according to a hearing loss of a user; and a level detector configured to detect a level of the amplified microphone signal; wherein the microphone amplification circuit is coupled to a switchable power supply, and wherein the switchable power supply is configured to selectively connect a first power supply voltage, having a first dc voltage level, or a second power supply voltage, having a second dc voltage level higher than the first dc voltage level, to the microphone amplification circuit based on the detected level of the amplified microphone signal.. .
Gn Resound A/s


Squeal killer

There are styles of music that rely on the amplification of a harmonica by utilizing a microphone and an amplifier. When a harmonica needs to be amplified to a level where an audience can hear, audible feedback typically occurs due to the interaction of the microphone properties with the high amplification level.


Dynamic range compressor

A dynamic range compressor of the subband type for carrying out a dynamic compression on a broadband input signal includes a subband splitting device (102) for splitting the broadband input signal into k narrowband subband signals (ssb1, . .
Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh


Amplification systems and methods with one or more channels

Systems and methods are provided for amplifying multiple input signals to generate multiple output signals. An example system includes a first channel, a second channel, and a third channel.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Power amplifier

A power amplifier may include: an amplification unit amplifying a power level of an input signal, a negative feedback circuit unit connected between an input terminal and an output terminal of the amplification unit and a linearization circuit unit connected between the negative feedback circuit unit and the input terminal of the amplification unit to predistort and linearize a signal from the negative feedback circuit unit, and to provide the signal to the input terminal of the amplification unit.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Amplification systems and methods with distortion reductions

System and method for integrating an input signal to generate an output signal. The system includes a first integrator configured to receive the input signal and generate an integrated signal based on at least information associated with the input signal, a second integrator configured to receive the integrated signal and generate the output signal based on at least information associated with the integrated signal, and a compensation capacitor coupled to the first integrator and the second integrator.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Multiplexer having ase suppression

Consistent with the present disclosure, optical filters are provided in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (roadm). In one example, groups of optical signals are amplified by corresponding erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (edfas) and supplied to each optical filter, which has a passband that includes the wavelengths associated with the received optical signal group.
Infinera Corporation


Apparatus and methods for controlling carrier envelope phase of low repetition rate pulses

The carrier-envelope phase (cep) of a laser pulse has been shown to influence many physical processes such as pulse propagation through polar molecules, cross-phase modulation, ponderomotive surface-plasmon electron acceleration, photoemission from metallic surfaces, terahertz emission from the laser breakdown of air, above-threshold ionization, high harmonic generation, and attosecond pulse generation. Current technology does not allow for the cep stabilization of chirped pulse amplification (cpa) systems operating at a repetition rate much lower than a khz.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation Inc.


Light sensing touch panel and low-power driving control method thereof

The present invention discloses a low-power driving control method of light sensing touch panel, which comprises the following steps: measuring the ambient light field intensity of the light sensing touch panel, and outputting a light field signal; outputting an amplification signal adapting to a touch signal according to the intensity of the light field signal; amplifying the touch signal according to the amplification signal, and driving the light sensing touch panel. The present invention further discloses a light sensing touch panel.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Nucleic acid detection detecting influenza

The invention provides a rapid, sensitive and specific nucleic acid detection system which utilizes isothermal nucleic acid amplification in combination with a lateral flow chromatographic device, or dna dipstick, for dna-hybridization detection. The system of the invention requires no complex instrumentation or electronic hardware, and provides a low cost nucleic acid detection system suitable for highly sensitive pathogen detection.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc.


Polymerases for nucleotide analogue incorporation

Compositions that include polymerases with features for improving entry of nucleotide analogues into active site regions and for coordinating with the nucleotide analogues in the active site region are provided. Methods of making the polymerases and of using the polymerases in sequencing and dna replication and amplification as well as kinetic models of polymerase activity and computer-implemented methods of using the models are also provided..
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Compositions, methods and kits for nucleic acid synthesis and amplification

The present invention is directed to compositions, methods and kits useful for the synthesis of nucleic acid molecules. More specifically, compositions, methods and kits are provided for the amplification of nucleic acid molecules in a one-step rt-pcr procedure comprising one or more agents used to increase tolerance to pcr inhibitors..
Life Technologies Corporation


Electrokinetic polymerase chain reaction (pcr) devices and methods

Described herein are microfluidic diagnostic methods and devices using electrokinetic modules for the isolation of targets (e.g., cells, bacteria, biomolecules) from biological samples, pcr amplification of dna isolated from the targets, and real-time quantification of the amplified dna using impedance sensing. Sample preparation, pcr amplification, and impedance sensing are thus performed using a single integrated platform..
Genefluidics, Inc.


Enrichment of full length oligonucleotides via transcription/translation mediated purification

The invention is a method of separating full-length oligonucleotide products from shorter synthesis by-products by using mrna display and affinity purification followed by recovery and amplification of the selected oligonucleotide.. .
Roche Nimblegen, Inc.


Novel compounds for use in pcr systems and applications thereof

This disclosure relates to novel compounds for use in various compositions, kits and methods, including, for example, use in polymerase storage buffers and in nucleic acid synthesis or amplification reactions such as a polymerase chain reaction (pcr). Methods for preparing the novel compounds are also described..
Life Technologies Corporation


Nonforce reflecting providing tool force information to a user of a telesurgical system

Tool force information is provided to a user of a telesurgical system using an alternative modality other than force reflection on a master manipulator, such as providing the information on user-visible, user-audible, or haptic “buzz” or “viscosity” indicators, so as to allow expanded processing, including amplification, of the information, while not significantly affecting the stability of the telesurgical system or any closed-loop control systems in the telesurgical system.. .
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Biological state analyzer and computer program

A novel technique for analyzing a biological state is provided. A body trunk biological signal (aortic pulse wave) extracted from the back of a body trunk is differentiated twice.
Delta Tooling Co., Ltd.


Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device

[means for solution] the optical transmission device comprises a multiplexing means 80, an amplification means 81 and an optical signal correction means 82. The multiplexing means 80 multiplexes together optical signals inputted to it by means of paths in accordance with respective channels of the optical signals, and outputs thus produced signal as a multiplexed signal.


Method and device for determining input optical power

A method and a device for determining an input optical power are provided. The method include: after determining a bias current value of an optical amplifier unit when the optical amplifier unit amplifies a target optical signal and a voltage value output after an optical receiving unit converts the amplified target optical signal into an electrical signal, determining, according to a predetermined first correspondence that is among a bias current value, a voltage value, and an input optical power value and corresponds to a wavelength of the target optical signal, an input optical power value corresponding to the determined bias current value and the determined voltage value.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Reconfigurable carrier-aggregation receiver and filter

A device includes, a reconfigurable baseband filter configured to receive a communication signal having a first carrier and a second carrier, the first carrier and the second carrier having non-contiguous respective frequencies, the reconfigurable baseband filter having a first filter portion and a second filter portion, the first filter portion and the second filter portion each comprising respective first and second amplification stages, and a plurality of switches associated with the first filter portion and the second filter portion, the plurality of switches for configuring the reconfigurable baseband filter into a plurality of sub-filters, each configured to generate at least one of a low pass filter output and a bandpass filter output.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators

Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators are provided. In certain implementations, an oscillator system includes a first multiphase oscillator and a second multiphase oscillator that are phase and frequency-locked.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Power amplification circuit and power amplification module

It is possible to increase linearity in a power amplification circuit. A power amplification circuit includes a first amplification element which amplifies and outputs an input signal with a gain according to the level of the input signal and the level of a bias voltage, a second amplification element which has the same gain characteristic as the first amplification element and amplifies and outputs the input signal, and a variable bias voltage generation circuit which generates a bias voltage decreasing with an increase in level of an output signal of the second amplification element..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


High-gain low-noise preamplifier and associated amplification and common-mode control method

A preamplifier includes a differential pair of transistors receiving a bias current having a differential input and a differential output, a first resistor coupled to a first differential output node, a first transistor having a current path coupled between the first resistor and a power supply, a second resistor coupled to the first differential output node, a second transistor having a current path coupled between the second resistor and the power supply, a third resistor coupled to a second differential output node, a third transistor having a current path coupled between the third resistor and the power supply, a fourth resistor coupled to the second differential output node, and a fourth transistor having a current path coupled between the fourth resistor and the power supply, wherein a source of the second and third transistors are coupled together.. .
Aeroflex Colorado Springs Inc.


Picosecond laser treating target tissues with same

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for applying laser energy having desired pulse characteristics, including a sufficiently short duration and/or a sufficiently high energy for the photomechanical treatment of skin pigmentations and pigmented lesions, both naturally-occurring (e.g., birthmarks), as well as artificial (e.g., tattoos). The laser energy may be generated with an apparatus having a resonator with the capability of switching between a modelocked pulse operating mode and an amplification operating mode.
Cynosure, Inc.

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