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Amplification patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Noninvasive prenatal molecular karyotyping from maternal plasma patent thumbnailNoninvasive prenatal molecular karyotyping from maternal plasma
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting microamplifications or microdeletions in the genome of a fetus. In some embodiments, the method comprises receiving sequence tags for each of a plurality of dna fragments in a biological sample; determining genomic positions for the sequence tags; determining whether the density of dna in each of a plurality of genomic regions is aberrantly high or low; identifying as a microamplification a set of consecutive genomic regions having aberrantly high density; and identifying as a microdeletion a set of consecutive genomic regions having aberrantly low density.
 Method for preparing nucleic acid aptamer patent thumbnailMethod for preparing nucleic acid aptamer
An object of the present invention is to develop and provide a method for efficiently and conveniently producing a nucleic acid aptamer, particularly, a dna aptamer, having high specificity for and high binding activity against a target substance. The present invention provides a method for producing a nucleic acid aptamer, comprising: a complex formation step of mixing a single-stranded nucleic acid library with a target substance in a solution to form a complex of a single-stranded nucleic acid and the target substance; an immobilization step of mixing the solution after the preceding step with a solid-phase support to immobilize the complex onto the solid-phase support via connector(s) adsorbed on the target substance and/or the solid-phase support; a recovery step of recovering the complex immobilized on the solid-phase support from the solution; an amplification step of recovering the single-stranded nucleic acid from the complex, followed by amplification by a nucleic acid amplification method; and a single-stranded nucleic acid preparation step of converting the double-stranded nucleic acids obtained in the amplification step into single strands and then forming an intramolecular conformation..
 Genetic test system patent thumbnailGenetic test system
There is provided a genetic test system provided with a dispensing means for dispensing a sample and a reagent to a reaction vessel and a vessel conveyance means for conveying the reaction vessel. The system further includes a plurality of nucleic acid amplification detection units, each including a temperature control means for accommodating a plurality of reaction vessels and performing temperature control for each accommodated position of the reaction vessel, a temperature monitoring means for monitoring a value of temperature to be controlled of the reaction vessel, and a light emission measurement means for measuring light emission of reaction liquid in the reaction vessel.
 Methods and compositions for modulation of amplification efficiency patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for modulation of amplification efficiency
Provided herein are methods and kits for modulating the amplification efficiency of nucleic acids, which are useful in multiplex reactions where the amplification efficiency of one or more nucleic acids in the mixture are desired to be modulated relative to one or more other nucleic acids. Embodiments relate to molecular diagnostics, including detecting sequence variants, such as snps, insertions deletions, and altered methylation patterns, as well as the modulation of the amplification efficiency of internal control sequences to provide more accurate control sequences for amplification reactions..
 Single-cell nucleic acid analysis patent thumbnailSingle-cell nucleic acid analysis
The present invention provides methods for analysis of genomic dna and/or rna from small samples or even single cells. Methods for analyzing genomic dna can entail whole genome amplification (wga), followed by preamplification and amplification of selected target nucleic acids.
 Amplification method for photoresist exposure in semiconductor chip manufacturing patent thumbnailAmplification method for photoresist exposure in semiconductor chip manufacturing
An electrical field is applied through an extreme ultraviolet (euv) photoresist layer along a direction perpendicular to an interface between the euv photoresist layer and an underlying layer. Secondary electrons and thermal electrons are accelerated along the direction of the electrical field, and travel with directionality before interacting with the photoresist material for a chemical reaction.
 Optical receiving circuit patent thumbnailOptical receiving circuit
An optical receiving circuit includes: a first non-feedback amplifier configured to convert a current signal, obtained from a light receiving element in response to an optical signal, into a first voltage signal; a second amplifier configured to convert an input current signal into a second voltage signal, the output signal not being directly fed back to an input side; a differential amplifier configured to perform differential amplification on the first voltage signal and the second voltage signal and to output an in positive signal and a negative signal obtained through the differential amplification; and an offset compensation circuit configured to input, on the basis of the in positive signal and the negative signal output from the differential amplifier, an offset current signal in accordance with an offset of a level of the in positive signal from a level of the negative signal to the second amplifier.. .
 Hearing aid and method for eliminating acoustic feedback in the amplification of acoustic signals patent thumbnailHearing aid and method for eliminating acoustic feedback in the amplification of acoustic signals
In a hearing aid having a microphone to be arranged at a body of a user for capturing ambient sound, a loudspeaker for outputting the ambient sound after having been amplified on a frequency-dependent basis, and a signal processor, the signal processor is configured to amplify the sound such that the amplified sound is audible to the user, and to automatically re-adjust the gain by the following steps: selecting a tone having a specific frequency; outputting the tone and the amplified ambient sound via the loudspeaker as an output sound; capturing via said microphone an analysis sound composed of ambient sound and of a reflection of said output sound; extracting a reflection of the tone from the captured analysis sound; and determining a reflection component for the specific frequency of the tone; adjusting the gain in frequency-specific manner and based on the determined reflection component.. .
 Method of and apparatus for reducing papr in filter-bank multi-carrier system patent thumbnailMethod of and apparatus for reducing papr in filter-bank multi-carrier system
The invention relates to a method of reducing peak-to-average. Power ratio in a transmitting device of a filter-hank multi-carrier system, which includes the steps of: performing constellation modulation (210) on data to be transmitted; performing k-point discrete fourier transform (220) on a vector composed of k constellation symbols resulting from the constellation modulation: and performing offset-quadrature amplitude modulation (230) on a data vector resulting from the discrete fourier transform, wherein the parameter k represents the number of subcarriers allocated for transmission of the data to be transmitted.
 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system and driving method of image pickup apparatus patent thumbnailImage pickup apparatus, image pickup system and driving method of image pickup apparatus
An image pickup apparatus of an embodiment includes pixel units each including a photoelectric conversion unit and an amplification transistor that outputs a signal based on an electric carrier generated by the photoelectric conversion unit, a first output line to which signals from first and other pixel units are output, and a second output line to which signals from second and other pixel units are output. A connection unit is arranged to control an electric connection between input nodes of the amplification transistors of the first and second pixel units is arranged.
N-way doherty distributed power amplifier with power tracking
A power amplifier using n-way doherty structure with adaptive bias supply power tracking for extending the efficiency region over the high peak-to-average power:ratio of the multiplexing modulated signals such as wideband code division multiple access and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is disclosed. In an embodiment, present invention uses a dual-feed distributed structure to an n-way doherty amplifier to improve the isolation between at least one main amplifier and at least one peaking amplifier and, and also to improve both gain and efficiency performance at high output back-off power.
Low drop-out regulator
Exemplary embodiments disclose a low drop-out regulator including an error amplification unit which includes a zero compensation circuit configured to compensate a plurality of poles which are generated by an output terminal and a buffer, the error amplification unit is configured to generate a first comparison signal in response to a reference voltage and a feedback voltage, the buffer is configured to generate a second comparison signal in response to the first comparison signal and an input voltage, a pass unit configured to provide an output voltage and a load current to the output terminal in response to the second comparison signal and the input voltage, and a feedback unit configured to provide the feedback voltage to the error amplification unit in response to the output voltage. A driving current of the buffer is independently adjusted with respect to the load current..
Amplification of cyp24 and uses thereof
This invention pertains to the discovery that an amplification of the cyp24 gene or an increase in cyp24 activity is a marker for the presence of, progression of, or predisposition to, a cancer (e.g., breast cancer). Using this information, this invention provides methods of detecting a predisposition to cancer in an animal.
Rf power transmission, modulation, and amplification embodiments
Methods and systems for vector combining power amplification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plurality of signals are individually amplified, then summed to form a desired time-varying complex envelope signal.
Nano-pcr: methods and devices for nucleic acid amplification and detection
Methods, devices, and compositions are described that provide for amplification of nucleic acid sequences without reliance upon temperature cycling, thus freeing the methods from conventional benchtop thermal cycling devices. Denaturation of double stranded nucleic acids, primer annealing, and precision control over primer extension by polymerase can be accomplished by applying stress to a nucleic acid.
Linear amplification of short nucleic acids
The present teachings provide novel methods for amplifying short nucleic acids. In some embodiments, the present teachings provide novel methods for linearly amplifying a collection of micro rnas by using temperature cycling during a reverse transcription reaction.
Endonuclease-enhanced helicase-dependent amplification
The invention provides methods and compositions for enhancing the speed and sensitivity of helicase-dependent amplification through the use of an endonuclease.. .
Pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization (pap) using ribonucleic acid (rna) template
A new method of rna-pap was developed that can directly amplify rna template without additional treatment. Rna-pap brings in a new mechanism for amplification of rna template in which rna-dependent dna pyrophosphorolysis and rna-dependent dna polymerization are serially coupled using 3′ blocked primers.
Methods for determining cell viability using molecular nucleic acid-based techniques
The present invention relates to novel methods, and kits, for selectively excluding dead cells from a mixture containing live and dead cells, such as microbe cells in clinical samples, blood products, medical/biotechnology products and food products where subsequent interrogation of the selected live cells are an indicator of the presence of microbe viability. In particular, the invention relates to improved methods for performing direct nucleic acid amplification techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and isothermal techniques in blood and other body fluids, for correlation with microbe cell viability from bacteremia and fungemia samples.
Assays for the detection of genotype, mutations, and/or aneuploidy
The present invention provides amplification-based methods for detection of genotype, mutations, and/or aneuploidy. These methods have broad applicability, but are particularly well-suited to detecting and quantifying target nucleic acids in free fetal dna present in a maternal bodily fluid sample..
Noninterfering multipurpose compositions for collecting, transporting and storing biological samples
The invention is directed to compositions and methods for collecting, transporting, and storing microorganisms obtained from samples of biological, clinical, forensic, and environmental origin. Compositions preserve the viability of the collected organisms, permit long-term storage, and are compatible with subsequent manipulation including propagation and culture of collected microorganisms, or isolation, purification, detection, and characterization of proteins, nucleic acids and macromolecules.
Alarm device for banishment of birds and animals
This utility model releases an alarm device for banishment of birds and animals, which includes: radio transmission module, voltage stabilizing circuit and inverter circuit. The radio transmission module sends radio signals to radio receiver module which then transmits such radio signals to the pc control circuit; the said pc control circuit sends instruction signals to the audio circuit which then transmits the audio signal to amplification circuit which outputs the amplified audio signals; the said voltage stabilizing circuit provides 5v power supply to the said radio transmission module, radio receiver module, the said pc control circuit and the said audio circuit, while the said inverter circuit provides +/−35v power supply to the said amplification circuit.
Spectroscopic analysis method and spectroscopic analyzer
The present invention improves an s/n ratio and light intensity resolution provided by an a/d converter, and an analyzer includes: a measurement cell irradiated with light during sample measurement; a dimming element irradiated with the light during reference measurement; an amplifier configured to amplify an analog light intensity signal outputted from a light detector; an a/d converter configured to convert the analog light intensity signal into a digital light intensity signal; and an arithmetic device configured to calculate absorbance using a digital sample light intensity signal outputted from the a/d converter during the sample measurement and a digital reference light intensity signal outputted from the a/d converter during the reference measurement, wherein an amplification factor of the amplifier is set such that the analog reference light intensity signal and the analog sample light intensity signal become less than or equal to a full scale of the a/d converter.. .
High efficiency output stage amplification for radio frequency (rf) transmitters
Highly power efficient transmitter output stage designs are provided. In an embodiment, the probability density function (pdf) of an input signal is divided into a plurality of regions, and samples of the input signal are processed depending on the region of the pdf within which they fail.
Ask modulation amplification circuit
An amplitude shift keying (ask) modulation amplifier circuit includes a first amplifier to which a high frequency signal and a modulating signal are supplied, and that is configured to perform an amplification of the high frequency signal and an ask modulation, and a second amplifier to which an output of the first amplifier and the modulating signal are supplied, and that is configured to perform an amplification of the output signal from the first amplifier and an ask modulation. In some configurations, an amplification gain of the second amplifier is set higher than an amplification gain of the first amplifier..
Feedback amplifier
Provided is a feedback amplifier. The feedback amplifier includes: an amplification circuit unit amplifying a bust packet signal inputted from an input terminal and outputting the amplified voltage to an output terminal; a feedback circuit unit disposed between the input terminal and the output terminal and controlling whether to apply a fixed resistance value to a signal outputted to the output terminal; a packet signal detection unit detecting a peak value of a bust packet signal from the output terminal and controlling whether to apply the fixed resistance value; and a bias circuit unit generating a bias voltage, wherein the feedback circuit unit determines a feedback resistance value to change the fixed resistance value in response to at least one control signal and adjusts a gain by receiving the bias voltage..
Phase lock loop controlled current mode buck converter
A current mode buck converter has a power stage and a feedback stage. The power stage converts a higher power supply voltage level to a lower output voltage level.
Long-distance polarization and phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry based on random laser amplification
A long-distance polarization and phase-sensitive reflectometry based on random laser amplification for extending a sensing distance includes a long-distance polarization and phase-sensitive reflectometry of a distributed raman amplification based on optical fiber random lasers generated by unilateral pumps, a long-distance polarization and phase-sensitive reflectometry of a distributed raman amplification based on optical fiber random lasers generated by bilateral pumps, and a long-distance polarization and phase-sensitive reflectometry of a raman amplification based on a combination of optical fiber random lasers generated by unilateral pumps and a common raman pump source, which are applied in optical fiber perturbation sensing and have a capability of greatly improving a working distance of a sensing system and a high practicability.. .
Yield traits for maize
Methods for introgressing an allele of interest of a locus associated with a yield trait into zea mays germplasm are provided. In some embodiments, the methods include providing a zea mays plant that contains an allele of interest of a locus associated with a yield trait, wherein the locus associated with the yield trait is identifiable by pcr amplification of a zea mays nucleic acid with a pair of oligonucleotides primers as disclosed herein, and introgressing the allele of interest into zea mays germplasm that lacks the allele.
Priority-based garbage collection for data storage systems
Priority-based garbage collection utilizes attributes of data stored in the non-volatile memory array in order to improve efficiency of garbage collection and of the overall data storage system. A set of low priority data can be selectively evicted from a non-volatile memory array.
Dynamic overprovisioning for data storage systems
Disclosed embodiments are directed to systems and methods for dynamic overprovisioning for data storage systems. In one embodiment, a data storage system can reserve a portion of memory, such as non-volatile solid-state memory, for overprovisioning.
Diagnosis, prognosis and identification of potential therapeutic targets of multiple myeloma based on gene expression profiling
Gene expression profiling is a powerful tool that has varied utility. It enables classification of multiple myeloma into subtypes and identifying genes directly involved in disease pathogensis and clinical manifestation.
Time alignment for an amplification stage
A method of calibrating a polar amplification stage including a main signal path and a magnitude signal path, the method comprising: generating signals (108, 142) for the main signal path and the magnitude signal path for operating an amplifier (102) between a linear mode of operation and a saturated mode of operation; detecting (114) first and second peaks in a signal at the output of the amplifier (102) representing transitions between the linear and saturated modes of operation; and adjusting (124) the timing in one of the main signal path and the amplitude signal path in dependence on a relative difference between the size of the detected first and second peaks.. .
Broadband re-configurable rf transmitter
An rf transmitter system operating on a broader frequency range and providing a higher output power dynamic range is described. Low power rf signal is produced from a baseband signal using a quadrature modulator and using a broadband local oscillator signal.
Methods and products for producing engineered mammalian cell lines with amplified transgenes
Methods of inserting genes into defined locations in the chromosomal dna of cultured mammalian cell lines which are subject to gene amplification are disclosed. In particular, sequences of interest (e.g., genes encoding biotherapeutic proteins) are inserted proximal to selectable genes in amplifiable loci, and the transformed cells are subjected to selection to induce co-amplification of the selectable gene and the sequence of interest.
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
A method for replicating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence is described. A method of the invention involves the formation of a recombination intermediate without the prior denaturing of a nucleic acid duplex through the use of a recombination factor.
Compositions and methods for the protection of nucleophilic groups
The present invention provides compositions, methods, and kits relating to the protection and deprotection of molecules comprising nucleophilic groups, such as the protection and deprotection of thermostable polymerases. Also provided are methods of performing nucleic acid amplification using polymerases protected according to the invention..
Method for dna amplification based on the origins of replication of the bacteriophage p29 and associated nucleotide sequences
The present invention refers to a dna amplification method based on the origins of replication of bacteriophage φ29, and to the genic constructs, vectors and oligonucleotides that can be used in the method for amplifying an exogenous sequence of interest.. .
Method for stable gene-amplification in a bacterial host cell
A bacterial host cell is disclosed including at least two copies of an amplification unit in its genome, the amplification unit including: i) at least one copy of a gene of interest, and ii) an expressible conditionally essential gene, wherein the conditionally essential gene is either promoterless or transcribed from a heterologous promoter having an activity substantially lower than the endogenous promoter of the conditionally essential gene, and wherein the conditionally essential gene if not functional would render the cell auxotrophic for at least one specific substance or unable to utilize one or more specific sole carbon source; methods for producing a protein using the cell of the invention, and methods for constructing the cell of the invention.. .
Digital assays with a generic reporter
Digital assay system, including methods, apparatus, and compositions, for assay of one or more targets in a set of partitions containing a generic reporter of target amplification.. .
Method for the identification of propane-oxidizing bacteria
The invention relates to a method for the identification of propane-oxidizing bacteria which is based on the identification of at least one fragment of the prma gene encoding the alpha subunit of the propane monooxygenase enzyme and/or the prmd gene encoding an ancillary protein involved in the oxidation reaction of propane by gene amplification in the presence of pairs of primers selected in correspondence of homologous portions, deduced from the alignment of the prma and prmd sequences.. .
Nucleic acid binding dyes and uses therefor
The invention provides novel compounds and compositions of formulas i and ii, as well as methods of using them. The compounds can be used, for example, to quantify an amount of double stranded dna in a sample subjected to nucleic acid amplification, or for real time monitoring of a nucleic acid amplification reaction.
Oligonucleotids comprising a label associated through a linker
The present application discloses a labeled nucleotide comprising a label attached via a linker, wherein said labeled nucleotide has the formula wherein r1 is a residue with a negative net charge, preferably selected from the group consisting of a phosphate group, and a sulphate group; wherein r2, r3 and r4 are independently selected from the group consisting of h2, oh2, and o; wherein “n” is an integer between 0 and 16; wherein “a” is an integer between 1 and 10; wherein sp is absent or a spacer; wherein x is said label; and wherein y is a nucleotide or nucleoside. Furthermore, oligonucleotides comprising a labeled nucleotide according to the present invention and the use as a primer in amplification based methods is disclosed herein..
Selective detection of neisseria meningitidis
A process for detecting neisseria meningitidis nucleic acid in a sample is provided including producing an amplification product by amplifying neisseria meningitidis nucleotide sequence of the sodc gene or mrna using a forward primer of seq id no: 1, and a reverse primer of seq id no: 2, and detecting the amplification product to detect neisseria meningitidis in the sample. Also provided are reagents and methods for detecting and distinguishing neisseria meningitidis from other infectious agents.
Bridge fiber, combiner, and fiber laser device
A bridge fiber includes a core layer 31 and an outer layer 32 which has an index of refraction higher than that of the core layer 31 and covers the outer peripheral surface of the core layer 31. The outer layer 32 is surrounded by a substance such as the atmosphere having an index of refraction lower than an index of refraction n2 of the outer layer 32.
Watch having microphone
A watch includes a main body and a sound input body. The sound input body includes a microphone, a signal transmitting coil unit, a power receiving coil unit, and a power receiving unit.
Digital calibration of analog distortion using split analog front-end
A receiver is disclosed that is capable of correcting for harmonic distortion injected into received analog signals. The receiver splits the analog signal in the analog front-end and modifies the split analog signals with a difference signal.
Receiver circuit with de-emphasis function
A receiver circuit includes a first differential amplification unit including a variable load section, and configured to receive first and second input signals, and to generate first and second output signals, which are amplified based on an impedance value of the variable load section and a voltage difference between the first and second input signals, a second differential amplification unit configured to receive the first and second output signals and to generate a third output signal based on a voltage difference between the first and second output signals, and a signal generating unit configured to generate an equalization signal for controlling the variable load section based on the third output signal.. .
Broadband re-configurable rf receiver
An rf receiver system operating on a broader frequency range and wide input dynamic power range is described. Received rf signal is downconverted to baseband signal using multiple quadrature demodulators.
Watch capable of playing sound
A watch capable of playing sound includes a main body and a sound playing body. The main body includes an interface unit, a signal amplification unit, a control unit, and a first electromagnetic coil unit.
Watch having microphone
A watch includes a sound input body and a main body. The main body include an interface unit, a first electromagnetic coil unit, a signal processing unit, and a control unit.
Laser machining system having a machining laser beam that is adjustable in terms of its brilliance
Laser machining system (60) comprises a high-power laser (61) for generating a high-power pump laser beam (hp-mm), control signal laser (62) for generating a control signal laser beam (ss), an optical fibre (64) leading from the two lasers to a laser machining head (63). The optical fibre has an srs amplifier fibre (65) with an inner fibre core (65a) of higher brilliance and with an outer fibre core (65b) of lower brilliance surrounding the inner fibre core.
Apparatus and methods for voltage comparison
Apparatus and methods for voltage comparison are provided. In one embodiment, a comparator includes a first input transistor having a gate configured to receive a first input voltage and a second input transistor having a gate configured to receive a second input voltage.
Protective case for a mobile device and sound amplification feature thereof
Protective cases for use with mobile devices (phones and tables) are disclosed herein and include a sound amplification feature which is integral to the case and serves to amplify the sound emitted from the speaker of the mobile device.. .
Musical water instrument or water filled instrument having rigid pipes connected to elastic or rigid media
A musical instrument or multimedia input device is disclosed. User input is by hitting or striking water in order to produce an at least partially transient acoustic disturbance, vibrations, or change in the water.
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic multi-stage signal amplification in a medical device
Methods and apparatus for providing multi-stage signal amplification in a medical telemetry system are provided.. .
Gene analysis method using sdl-pcr
According to the sdl-pcr method of the present invention, non-specific amplification can be minimized by removing non-ligated probes or genomic dna using a tag, and separation can be achieved within a shorter time compared to a separation method that is performed using exonuclease. In addition, ligation, separation and polymerase chain reaction processes can be performed in a single solution in a single tube, and thus a plurality of genes can be amplified at the same time in an accurate and rapid manner..
Nucleic acid test apparatus
The nucleic acid amplification device is configured to amplify the nucleic acid in the reaction solution obtained by mixing a specimen and a reagent and includes a plurality of temperature regulation block configured to hold at least a reaction container provided on a holder base. The order and timings in which the reaction containers are continuously installed on the temperature regulation blocks and in which the temperature regulations of the temperature regulation blocks are started are controlled to minimize the temperature gradient in the holder base..
Replicating expression vector and methods
This disclosure provides a shuttle vector for transferring genetic material between caldicellulosiruptor spp. And an amplification cell.
Method and apparatus for amplification of nucleic acid sequences by using thermal convection
The present invention provides a nucleic acid sequence amplification method and apparatuses thereof that are simple in the design and easy to miniaturize and integrate into complex apparatuses, with capability of using dna polymerases that are not thermostable. In the present invention, a plurality of heat sources are combined to supply or remove heat from specific regions of the sample such that a specific spatial temperature distribution is maintained inside the sample by locating a relatively high temperature region lower in height than a relatively low temperature region..
Methods, compositions and kits for the improved detection of small rna molecules
The present invention provides compositions, methods and kits for use in the detection of small rna sequences, which allow for rapid and robust amplification and detection. The methods provide improved sensitivity and efficiency in the amplification-based detection of small rna sequences by incorporating one or more base-modified duplex-stabilizing dntps during reverse transcription and/or amplification..
Heating mechanism for dna amplification, extraction or sterilization using photo-thermal nanoparticles
A heating mechanism for use in dna applications such as dna amplification, extraction and sterilization is provided. Nanoparticles having photo-thermal properties are put in contact with a reaction mixture and irradiated with an activation light beam to activate these photo-thermal properties, thereby releasing heat.
Nucleic acid amplification
A method of monitoring amplification of a nucleic acid by providing a nucleic acid and an amplification mixture using the kit of isothermal reagents to a ph sensor or ph indicator, amplifying the nucleic acid using isothermal amplification, and detecting a change in ph due to the amplification using the ph sensor or ph indicator. The kit of reagents comprises a magnesium salt, a quaternary ammonium salt, and an alkali base..
Probe for detection of polymorphism in egfr gene, amplification primer, and use thereof
A polymorphism-detecting probe, an amplification primer and the use thereof are provided to enable simple and highly reliable determination of different polymorphisms in an egfr gene.. .
Recovery of genomic dna from remnant extracted seed samples
This disclosure concerns the isolation of nucleic acids (e.g., genomic dna) from plant seed material that has been defatted. In some embodiments, such nucleic acids are of sufficient quality and abundance that they may be used in an amplification-based genetic analysis technique; for example and without limitation, to make selections in a plant breeding program..
Primers with modified phosphate and base in allele-specific pcr
The present invention includes a method of allele-specific amplification, utilizing an allele-specific oligonucleotide, at least partially complementary to more than one variant of the target sequence, but having at least one selective nucleotide complementary to only one variant of the target sequence and incorporating both a nucleotide with a base covalently modified at the exocyclic amino group and a modified phosphate.. .
Lateral flow detection of target sequences
Provided is a sensitive method to specifically detect nucleic acid sequences using a combination of dna replication based signal amplification (e.g., pcr) and lateral flow analyte detection. The disclosed method uses a dual-labeled dna probe complementary to a region of the target dna sequence.
High-sensitivity magnetic resonance imaging nano-contrast agent based on an anionic polymer and cationic polymer ion complex, and a production method therefor
The present invention provides a magnetic resonance imaging nano-contrast agent based on a nanoparticle composite including iron oxide-based nanoparticles encapsulated in a self-assembled composite of anionic poly-gamma-glutamic acid (γpga) and cationic chitosan. The iron oxide-based nanoparticles encapsulated in the composite interact with each other to produce a synergistic effect on the amplification of magnetic resonance signals, and thus have an relatively excellent contrast effect compared to when they exist as single particles..

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