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Amplification patents


This page is updated frequently with new Amplification-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Headset amplification circuit with error voltage suppression patent thumbnailHeadset amplification circuit with error voltage suppression
A headset driver circuit is described which comprises a connector interface. The connector interface comprises a first terminal, a second terminal and a third terminal for establishing respective electrical connections to a first speaker, a microphone and a common ground node of a headphone, earphone or headset, respectively.
Analog Devices Technology

 Aggregate signal amplification device and method patent thumbnailAggregate signal amplification device and method
A surface acoustic wave (saw) filter that receives an aggregate circuit and outputs two or more sub-signals on outputs each of a different frequency band. The sub-signals are amplified by low noise amplifiers and, in one implementation, the amplified sub-signals can be summed.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Peak voltage limiting circuits and methods for power amplifiers patent thumbnailPeak voltage limiting circuits and methods for power amplifiers
Peak voltage limiting circuits and method for power amplifiers. A power amplifier and/or a voltage limiting circuit includes a diode circuit coupled to an output of an amplification stage, the diode circuit configured to provide a conductive path from the output when an output voltage exceeds a selected value.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Integrated power device with a metal oxynitride active channel for power switching and microwave amplification patent thumbnailIntegrated power device with a metal oxynitride active channel for power switching and microwave amplification
One object of this invention is to provide a structure of integrated power transistor device having low thermal budget metal oxynitrides as the active channel on a cmos logic and control circuit chip to form an integrated intelligent power switching module for power switching. The other object of this invention is to provide a structure of integrated power amplifier transistor device having low thermal budget metal oxynitride active channel layer on a cmos logic and control circuit chip to form an integrated intelligent microwave power amplifier for rf power amplification..

 Optical amplifier using optical fiber patent thumbnailOptical amplifier using optical fiber
The present disclosure provides an optical amplifier using an optical fiber. The optical fiber includes a single-mode optical fiber in which a plurality of rare earth elements is doped simultaneously; first and second optical fiber gratings disposed at opposite sides of the optical fiber, respectively, and totally reflecting light having a wavelength in a specific range; a pumping light source configured to generate a pumping light to excite rare earth ions in the optical fiber; and an optical coupler connected to the optical fiber and configured to transmit a light signal generated from a light source and the pumping light generated from the pumping light source to the optical fiber.
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

 Optical pulse source with increased peak power patent thumbnailOptical pulse source with increased peak power
In at least one embodiment time separated pulse pairs are generated, followed by amplification to increase the available peak and/or average power. The pulses are characterized by a time separation that exceeds the input pulse width and with distinct polarization states.
Imra America, Inc.

 Semiconductor device including image pick up device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device including image pick up device
The performance of a semiconductor device is improved by preventing 1/f noise from being generated in a peripheral transistor, in the case where the occupation area of photodiodes, which are included in each of a plurality of pixels that form an image pickup device, is expanded. In the semiconductor device, the gate electrode of an amplification transistor is formed by both a gate electrode part over an active region and a large width part that covers the boundary between the active region and an element isolation region and the active region near the boundary and that has a gate length larger than that of the gate electrode part..
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Hearing device comprising a low-latency sound source separation unit patent thumbnailHearing device comprising a low-latency sound source separation unit
The application relates to a hearing device comprising a) an input unit for delivering a time varying electric input signal representing an audio signal comprising at least two sound sources, b) a cyclic analysis buffer unit of length a adapted for storing the last a audio samples, c) a cyclic synthesis buffer unit of length, where l is smaller than a, adapted for storing the last l audio samples, which are intended to be separated in individual sound sources, d) a database having stored recorded sound examples from said at least two sound sources, each entry in the database being termed an atom, the atoms originating from audio samples from first and second buffers corresponding in size to said synthesis and analysis buffer units, where for each atom, the audio samples from the first buffer overlaps with the audio samples from the second buffer, and where atoms originating from the first buffer constitute a reconstruction dictionary, and where atoms originating from the second buffer constitute an analysis dictionary. The application further relates to a method of separating audio sources, and e) a sound source separation unit for separating said electric input signal to provide separated signals representing said at least two sound sources, the sound source separation unit being configured to determine the most optimal representation (w) of the last a samples given the atoms in the analysis dictionary of the database, and to generate said at least two sound sources by combining atoms in the reconstruction dictionary of the database using the optimal representation (w).
Oticon A/s

 Enhancing performance of spectral band replication and related high frequency reconstruction coding patent thumbnailEnhancing performance of spectral band replication and related high frequency reconstruction coding
The present proposes new methods and an apparatus for enhancement of source coding systems utilising high frequency reconstruction (hfr). It addresses the problem of insufficient noise contents in a reconstructed highband, by adaptive noise-floor addition.
Dolby International Ab

 Hla typing using selective amplification and sequencing patent thumbnailHla typing using selective amplification and sequencing
Presented herein are methods and compositions for determining haplotypes in a sample. The methods are useful for obtaining sequence information regarding, for example, hla type and haplotype.
Illumina, Inc.


Primer reagent for amplifying alk fusion gene, alk fusion gene amplification reagent kit including the same, and alk fusion gene amplification method and alk fusion gene analysis method using the same

The present disclosure provides a novel primer reagent for detecting a plurality of variants of the alk fusion gene.. .
Arkray, Inc.


Methods for multiplexing recombinase polymerase amplification

This disclosure provides for methods and reagents for rapid multiplex rpa reactions and improved methods for detection of multiplex rpa reaction products. In addition, the disclosure provides new methods for eliminating carryover contamination between rpa processes..
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Compositions and methods for rt-pcr

The present invention relates to compositions and methods having propylene glycol and dna polymerase for facilitating the rapid and efficient amplification of nucleic acid molecules and the detection and quantitation of rna molecules, and for increasing the detection sensitivity and reliability through generation of secure cdna molecules prior to gene-specific primer dependent amplification. The reagent mixture comprises a ready to use reagent solution, wherein the solution comprises: (a) propylene glycol in a concentration between about 20% and about 50%; (b) a viral reverse transcriptase; and (c) at least one dna polymerases, in a buffer suitable for use in a reverse transcription reaction, wherein the buffer comprises a co-factor metal ion and nucleoside triphosphates..


Soy gene cluster regions and methods of use

Methods for conveying pathogen resistance into non-resistant soybean germplasm are provided. In some embodiments, the methods include introgressing pathogen resistance into a non-resistant soybean using one or more nucleic acid markers for marker-assisted breeding among soybean lines to be used in a soybean breeding program, wherein the markers are linked to and/or associated with pathogen resistance.
Syngenta Participations Ag


Optical transmission device and optical transmission system

An optical transmission device includes a reception unit that receives a first signal light and a second signal light, the first and second lights having power levels that respectively correspond to transmission distances and being transmitted; an amplification unit that amplifies the first signal light and the second signal light in accordance with a signal light having a high power level from among the received first signal light and second signal light; and a transmission unit that performs transmission of the amplified first signal light and second signal light.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Delay adjustment

There is disclosed an envelope tracking amplification stage comprising an input path and an envelope path and a delay stage in one of the input path and the envelope path, the delay of the delay stage being determined in dependence on the slope polarity of a signal representing the input and whether the signal in the input path leads or lags the signal in the envelope path.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.


Micro pick up array pivot mount design for strain amplification

Systems and methods for aligning a transfer head assembly with a substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment a pivot mount is used for generating a feedback signal in a closed-loop motion control system.
Luxvue Technology Corporation


System and stabilizing a voice coil

A device or method for stabilizing a voice coil is disclosed. The device comprises a voice coil for providing a motive force, and means for measuring a signal from said voice coil related to a motional electromotive force.
Mindray Medical Sweden Ab


Tunable laser source

A tunable transmission optical filter is optically coupled between a laser section and semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) section of a tunable laser device. The optical filter may be tuned to provide a high transmission near the lasing peak while suppressing a significant portion of back-propagating amplified spontaneous emission (ase) of the soa section.
Lumentum Operations Llc


Optical amplification apparatus, optical transmission apparatus, and optical transmission system

An optical amplification apparatus that amplifies input wavelength-division multiplexed light includes a pump light source that outputs pump light, and an optical amplifier that amplifies the wavelength-division multiplexed light in response to a power level of the pump light. The number of wavelengths multiplexed in the wavelength-division multiplexed light is equal to or less than the maximum available number of wavelengths input to the optical amplification apparatus.
Fujitsu Limited


Passive amplification system for stringed instruments

A passive amplifier for a stringed instrument (such as an electric guitar) comprises a pickup and a resonator. The pickup is removably attached at one end to the headstock of the stringed instrument and extends substantially normal to the headstock.


Reducing write amplification in solid-state drives by separating allocation of relocate writes from user writes

In one embodiment, a method includes maintaining a first open logical erase block for user writes, maintaining a second open logical erase block for relocate writes, wherein the first and second open logical erase blocks are different logical erase blocks, receiving a first data stream having the user writes, transferring the first data stream to the first open logical erase block, receiving a second data stream having the relocate writes, and transferring the second data stream to the second open logical erase block. Other systems, methods, and computer program products are described in additional embodiments..
International Business Machines Corporation


Recombinase mutants

Presented herein are recombinases for improved recombinase-mediated amplification of nucleic acids, such as a pcr-library having single-stranded adapter regions, on a patterned flow cell surface for improved cluster amplification, as well as methods and kits using the same.. .
Illumina Cambridge Limited


Apparatus and methods for radio frequency signal boosters

Provided herein are apparatus and methods for radio frequency (rf) signal boosters. In certain implementations, a multi-band signal booster is provided for boosting the uplink and downlink channels of at least a first frequency band and a second frequency band.
Cellphone-mate, Inc.


System and modular on-demand audio processing, amplification and distribution

The present disclosure relates to a system and method for processing, amplification and distribution of audio signals. In an embodiment, the method includes receiving at least one digital audio input signal from one or more audio sources via wireless or wired communications.
Zenovia Electronics Inc.


Audio signal output vehicle

An audio signal output apparatus for a vehicle including: a serial data communication unit serially connecting input modules of an audio system within the vehicle, and serially transmitting and receiving an audio signal between the respective input modules; and an amplification module processing the audio signal inputted from the serial data communication unit, and outputting the processed audio signals through a speaker.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and digital to analog conversion with current mirror amplification

A dac using current mirrors suitable for use in a modulator. Embodiments include a current-generating circuit to provide an information signal; a bias current source; a current mirror having a mirror input transistor connected to the current generating circuit and the bias current source, and being driven by the bias current and the varying current signal and having a corresponding varying voltage signal at a control terminal; a signal shaping filter interposed between the mirror input transistor and an output mirror transistor configured to limit a bandwidth of the varying voltage signal; the output mirror transistor configured to generate a band-limited varying current signal and a mirrored bias current; and, a mirrored bias current reduction circuit connected to the output mirror transistor configured to reduce the mirrored bias current..
Innophase, Inc.


Output buffer, and source driver and display device including the same

Disclosed is an output buffer. The output buffer includes a first amplifier configured to amplify an input signal, and output first to fourth amplified signals according to results of the amplification, a first transistor to receive the first amplified signal, a second transistor to receive the second amplified signal, a third transistor to receive the third amplified signal, a fourth transistor to receive the fourth amplified signal, a first node, connected to drains of the first and second transistors, a second node, connected to drains of the third and fourth transistors, an output node connected to the first and second nodes, and a first controller configured to selectively supply a control voltage to the gates of the first to fourth transistors in response to a control signal..
Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and controlling motor

An apparatus and a method for controlling a motor are provided. The apparatus for controlling a motor includes a temperature sensor that is configured to detect a temperature of an inverter, and a variable amplifier that is configured to variably set an amplification gain that corresponds to the detected temperature of the inverter and amplify and output a resolver signal output from a resolver based on the variably set amplification gain, based on an excitation signal.
Hyundai Motor Company


Switching power device

A switching power device includes: a main circuit having a switching element and a coil that adjusts a current flowing through the coil and outputs a voltage; an output voltage detection circuit that outputs a first voltage; an error amplification circuit that outputs an error signal in response to a difference between the first voltage of the output voltage detection circuit and a second voltage; an oscillation circuit that outputs an oscillation signal; a driving circuit that outputs the driving signal to the switching element in response to a comparison result by comparing the oscillation signal of the oscillation circuit and the error signal of the error amplification circuit; and a soft-start control unit that controls the second voltage in response to the first voltage of the output voltage detection circuit when the first voltage reaches a soft-start threshold voltage between a standard detection voltage and a start detection voltage.. .
Denso Corporation


Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes a plurality of pixels, a signal holding unit, first and second control electrodes. Each of the plurality of pixels includes a photoelectric conversion unit, and an amplification element to amplify signals based on signal charges generated by the photoelectric conversion unit, in which the plurality of pixels output signals for performing a phase contrast detection type of focal point detection.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System and real-time, rules-based social media amplification

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for enabling organizations to track, monitor manage and implement customer incentives and customer referrals through social media as a means to acquire and develop new customer acquisition channels at a reasonable cost per acquisition.. .
Zaptitude, Llc


Sequence specific primer pool for multiplex pcr and detecting microbial infections in thalassemia patients

Reagents and methods for the fast, accurate and early detection of infections in thalassemia major patients. Reagents include a primer pool containing a mixture of primer pairs for the specific recognition and simultaneous amplification of targeted gene sequences of pathogens from a biological sample collected from a patient in a multiplex pcr reaction.
University Of Dammam


High resolution melting analysis as a prescreening tool

Compositions and methods for determining an increased likelihood of a response to a targeted treatment of a cancer disease including isolating genomic dna from a patient sample, amplifying a fragment of dna by means of pcr with a specific pair of amplification primers, determining if the amplified fragment comprises a wildtype sequence or a mutation by means of a high resolution melting analysis (hrm), and correlating the presence or absence of a mutation with an increased likelihood of success of said targeted treatment. Respective primer pairs, compositions and kits are also claimed..
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Digital pcr for non-invasive prenatal testing

Techniques are provided for determining settings of a dpcr experiment for the detection of a chromosomal aneuploidy in a plasma sample from a female pregnant with a fetus. Data about the sample, the dpcr process, and a desired accuracy can be used to determine the settings.
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Target detection and signal amplification

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the detection of target molecules, and the amplification of detectable signals generated by detection assays. More specifically, the present invention relates to methods utilizing catalytic nucleic acid enzymes to generate and/or amplify a signal indicative of the presence of target molecules (e.g.
Speedx Pty Ltd


Nucleic acid binding dyes and uses therefor

The invention provides novel compounds and compositions of formulas i and ii, as well as methods of using them. The compounds can be used, for example, to quantify an amount of double stranded dna in a sample subjected to nucleic acid amplification, or for real time monitoring of a nucleic acid amplification reaction.
Promega Corporation


Recombinase polymerase amplification

This disclosure describes related novel methods for recombinase-polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes, thus offering easy and affordable implementation and portability relative to other amplification methods.
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Application of thiolated single-stranded dna in polymerase chain reaction

An application of thiolated single-stranded dna enhances specific amplification of polymerase chain reaction, namely a method for enhancing specific amplification of polymerase chain reaction by utilizing thiolated single-stranded dna, which includes the following step: adding an appropriate amount of the thiolated single-stranded dna into a pcr system to perform pcr amplification, wherein the appropriate amount means that the final concentration of the thiolated single-stranded dna in a 20 μl reaction system is not less than 15 μm. The thiolated single-stranded dna meets the following conditions: the thiolated single-stranded dna is one segment of any sequence which is non-complementary and non-homologous to a target sequence; the tm value is not less than 37.7° c.; and at least one end contains a thiolalkyl group sh—c6h12—..
Institute Of Plant Protection, Shandong Academy Of Agricultural Sciences


Methods for sample preparation

The disclosure provides for single amplification and double amplification methods for preparing nucleic acid samples for sequencing.. .
Seqonce Biosciences, Inc.


Multiplexed sequential ligation-based detection of genetic variants

The present invention provides multiplexed sequential ligation-based analysis of genetic variants in a mixed sample, including copy number variations and single nucleotide polymorphisms. The invention employs the techniques of sequential ligation and amplification..
Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc.


Highly simplified lateral flow-based nucleic acid sample preparation and passive fluid flow control

Highly simplified lateral flow chromatographic nucleic acid sample preparation methods, devices, and integrated systems are provided for the efficient concentration of trace samples and the removal of nucleic acid amplification inhibitors. Methods for capturing and reducing inhibitors of nucleic acid amplification reactions, such as humic acid, using polyvinylpyrrolidone treated elements of the lateral flow device are also provided.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc


Method for preparing afatinib and intermediate thereof

Revealed in the present invention is a method for preparing afatinib (i): using 2-nitrile-4-[4-(n,n-dimethylamino)-i-oxo-2-buten-i-yl]amino-5-[(s)-(tetrahydrofuran-3-yl)oxy]aniline (ii) and 4-fluoro-3-chloroaniline (iii) as starting materials, and respectively performing a condensation and cyclization reaction with n,n-dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal (iv) to prepare afatinib (i), wherein the method significantly reduces the manufacturing steps of afatinib and greatly lower the costs. In addition, also provided in the present invention is a method for preparing an intermediate of afatinib, wherein the method has a stable process, uses readily available starting materials, has a low cost, and all the reactions are classic reactions, suitable for meeting amplification requirements in the industry..
Suzhou Miracpharma Technology Co., Ltd.


Applicator performing brachytherapy and/or magnetic resonance imaging

An applicator apparatus for performing brachytherapy and/or magnetic resonance imaging has an application main body for receiving at least one radiation source, and at least one antenna element connected to the application main body as a reception unit for a magnetic resonance device. The applicator apparatus can also include a processing module for a preamplification and/or digitization, the processing module being radiation-resistant and embodied to be separably connected to the antenna element, and the antenna element includes at least one part of the application main body..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft



A biosensor includes a driving signal generation unit for generating a pulsed driving signal, a light-emitting element for emitting light in response to a generated driving signal, a light-receiving section including a light-receiving element for outputting a detection signal in accordance with the intensity of light received and an amplification unit for amplifying a detection signal output from the light-receiving element, a filter unit for removing a pulse wave component from a detection signal output from the light-receiving section to obtain a baseline signal, and a differential amplification unit for taking a difference between a detection signal output from the light-receiving section and a baseline signal obtained by the filter unit.. .


Method and device for controlling power amplification

A method and network equipment for controlling power amplification are disclosed. The method for controlling power amplification includes outputting a voltage signal according to the state of network equipment.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Power amplifier

A power amplifier includes an amplification transistor which performs power amplification, a bias circuit which outputs a bias voltage to a base of the amplification transistor, a control terminal to which a control voltage is applied for controlling switching between an operating state and a stopping state of the bias circuit, and a bias voltage adjustment circuit connected to the control terminal. The bias voltage adjustment circuit includes a variable capacitance element which is connected to the control terminal and whose capacitance value decreases as the control voltage increases, a discharge circuit which discharges electric charge accumulated in the variable capacitance element to the control terminal, and a control circuit which is connected to the bias circuit and controls the bias voltage.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Amplifying circuit

An amplifying circuit includes a first differential amplifier (first differential pair) and a second differential amplifier (second differential pair) having an input capacitance smaller than the first differential amplifier. The amplifying circuit switches between the first differential amplifier (first differential pair) and the second differential amplifier (second differential pair) in response to an amplification mode setting signal to perform amplification processing of an input signal..
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Multiple frequency rf amplifier, mass spectrometer including the same, and mass spectrometry mass spectrometer

Provided is a multiple frequency radio frequency (rf) amplifier. The multiple frequency rf amplifier includes a waveform generation circuit configured to generate an rf signal by amplitude and frequency-modulating a reference waveform signal, a drive amplifier circuit configured to drive-amplify the rf signal, and a power amplifier circuit configured to generate a multiple frequency rf voltage signal through a power amplification of the drive-amplified rf signal and output the multiple frequency rf voltage signal to an ion trap for a mass spectrometry..
Korea Basic Science Institute


Ultrasonic probe with precharge circuit and controlling an ultrasonic probe

An ultrasonic probe includes: an ultrasonic transducer; an amplification stage; a bias circuit, which determines a bias voltage on an input terminal of the amplification stage; and a selector having an intermediate node, a high-voltage switch between the intermediate node and the transducer, and a first low-voltage switch between the intermediate node and the input terminal. A control unit controls the high-voltage switch and the first low-voltage switch so as to alternately couple and decouple the amplification stage and the transducer.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Fluidic connectors and microfluidic systems

Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels.
Opko Diagnostics, Llc


Biosensor devices, systems and methods therefor

A sensing apparatus for sensing target materials including biological or chemical molecules in a fluid. One such apparatus includes a semiconductor-on-insulator (soi) structure having an electrically-insulating layer, a fluidic channel supported by the soi structure and configured and arranged to receive and pass a fluid including the target materials, and a semiconductor device including at least three electrically-contiguous semiconductor regions doped to exhibit a common polarity.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Reception and transmission circuit for a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer

Described herein is a transceiver circuit for a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut), provided with: a transmitter stage, which generates excitation pulses for a first node of the cmut transducer during a transmitting phase, a second node of the cmut transducer being coupled to a biasing voltage; a receiver stage that is selectively coupled to the first node during a receiving phase and has an amplification stage; a switching stage that couples the receiver stage to the first node during the receiving phase and decouples the receiver stage from the first node during the transmitting phase. The amplification stage is provided with a charge amplifier that has an input terminal and is biased as a function of a biasing voltage; and the switching stage is coupled to the same biasing voltage thereby minimizing an injection of charge into the input terminal upon switching from the transmitting phase to the receiving phase..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Methods for pathogen detection and disease management on meats, plants, or plant parts

Provided are methods for detecting pathogens affecting meats, plants, or plant parts. Also provided are methods for predicting disease and/or disease management for meats, plants, or plant parts.
Agrofresh Inc.


Systems and methods for automated reusable parallel biological reactions

A method comprises magnetically holding a bead carrying biological material (e.g., nucleic acid, which may be in the form of dna fragments or amplified dna) in a specific location of a substrate, and applying an electric field local to the bead to isolate the biological material or products or byproducts of reactions of the biological material. For example, the bead isolated from other beads having associated biological material.
Genapsys, Inc.


A dna amplification with a blocking oligonucleotide

The invention relates to an in vitro method for selectively amplifying a target dna sequence from a nucleic acid sample, which method comprises running a pcr amplification of a nucleic acid sample suspected of comprising at least one target dna sequence that differs from a reference dna sequence at at least one predetermined target mutation site; wherein said method employs a blocking oligonucleotide complementary to a portion of the reference dna sequence comprising the target mutation site, with the exception of a least one mismatch outside the target mutation site.. .
Qiagen Marseille


Methods and devices related to toehold-based strand displacement with loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Disclosed are compositions and methods for isothermal nucleic acid amplification and detection.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Methods and compositions for amplifying a detectable signal

Methods and materials are disclosed relating to an improved method for amplifying a signal in a diagnostic assay for a nucleic acid, comprising the steps of providing an amplification polymer bound to a nucleic acid analyte, wherein the amplification polymer comprises a plurality of amine groups; binding amine groups on the amplification polymer with a detectable label complex; and reacting under high salt conditions an acetylating compound with amine groups not bound with a detectable label complex.. .
Great Basin Scientific, Inc.


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Method and producing astaxanthin

A method for producing astaxanthin incorporates a method for producing astaxanthin-rich algae cells and a method for extracting astaxanthin therefrom. An initial feedstock comprises healthy algae, water, and nutrients.
Sustainable Aquatics, Inc.


Intelliwalker, an intelligent, sensor equipped, motorized robotic walking assistance device.

An intelligent, self-propelled assistive walking and cargo-carrying device that utilizes various sensors to monitor the intended movement and balance of its pedestrian user and the device in relation to the surrounding terrain to ensure stability, provides the capability to ascend or descend stairs and uneven terrain via removable motorized treads, and can enhance the pedestrian user's ability to comprehend and interact with the environment through hearing amplification, range-finding, and interaction with personally-worn smart devices (e.g., smart phones, smart watches, smart bands, etc.). The embodiment can be controlled by the user through pressure-sensitive grips and controls, voice, detected motion of the user, or remotely through wireless connection.


Markers associated with soybean rust resistance and methods of use therefor

Methods for conveying soybean rust (sbr) resistance into non-resistant soybean germplasm are provided. In some embodiments, the methods include introgressing sbr resistance into a non-resistant soybean using one or more nucleic acid markers for marker-assisted breeding among soybean lines to be used in a soybean breeding program, wherein the markers are linked to and/or associated with sbr resistance.
Syngenta Participations Ag


Live monitoring of raman and fiber degradation in dwdm networks using in-service otdr

A method of analysing performance of an optical fiber link. As a preliminary step, a reference trace indicative of a distributed optical performance of the optical fiber link is derived.
Ciena Corporation


Detecting device and electronic apparatus

A detecting device includes a pyroelectric element that generates charge by a pyroelectric effect in a first detection terminal and a second detection terminal, a chopper amplifier circuit that generates an amplified signal in response to the charge generated in the first detection terminal and the second detection terminal by chopping, and an initialization switch that controls electrical connection between the second detection terminal and a power source for generating an initialized voltage, and the initialization switch is turned on before a start of an amplification operation by the amplifier circuit and is off during the amplification operation.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Dual-band low noise amplifier

An apparatus includes amplification circuitry configured to amplify a radio frequency (rf) signal. The apparatus also includes differential inductors coupled to an output of the amplification circuitry.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Symmetric linear equalization circuit with increased gain

Circuits providing low noise amplification with continuous time linear equalization are described. An exemplary circuit includes four amplification elements, such as mos transistors.
Kandou Labs Sa


Power amplifier module

In a power amplifier module for performing slope control of a transmitting signal, a gain variation due to a variation in battery voltage is suppressed while suppressing an increase in circuit size. The power amplifier module includes: a first regulator for outputting a first voltage corresponding to a control voltage for controlling a signal level; a second regulator for outputting a second voltage that rises as a battery voltage drops; a first amplifier supplied with the first voltage as a power-supply voltage to amplify an input signal and output an amplified signal; and a second amplifier for amplifying the amplified signal, wherein the second amplifier includes a first amplification unit supplied with the second voltage as the power-supply voltage to amplify the amplified signal, and a second amplification unit supplied with the battery voltage as the power-supply voltage to amplify the amplified signal..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Selective amplification of nucleic acid sequences

The present invention relates to the field of nucleic acid sequence replication including pcr. Specifically, the present invention relates to methods and compositions for amplifying one or more target sequences from one or more template sequences.


Methods for amplifying fragmented target nucleic acids utilizing an assembler sequence

The present invention provides methods of amplifying a fragmented target nucleic acid containing short target nucleic acid fragments utilizing an assembler sequence to convert these short fragments into longer sequences enabling their identification and interrogation. This is particularly important when attempting to identify small genetic variations, such as snvs, present in highly fragmented nucleic acid samples.
Aegea Biotechnologies


Methods for quantitating dna using digital multiple displacment amplification

The present invention provides improved methods for detecting contamination in wga reagents as well as improved methods for quantitating nucleic acids, such as dna. The present invention relates to novel methods of quantifying nucleic acids involving whole-genome amplification (wga) reaction components and a dye molecule to detects nucleic acids and partitioning reactions to quantify nucleic acids..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Monitoring recombinase polymerase amplification mixtures

A process includes providing a mixture that includes a recombinase, a single-strand binding protein, and one or more oligonucleotides; and detecting particles in the reaction mixture.. .
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Methods and point-of-care nucleic acid amplification and detection

Methods and apparatus are provided for point-of-care nucleic acid amplification and detection. One embodiment of the invention comprises a fully integrated, sample-to-answer molecular diagnostic instrument that optionally may be used in a multiplexed fashion to detect multiple target nucleic acid sequences of interest and that optionally may be configured for disposal after one-time use.


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Rna microchip detection using nanoparticle-assisted signal amplification

Disclosed are methods and materials for detecting rna in a sample. In some forms, the method involves (a) bringing into contact the sample and a probe array, (b) bringing into contact the probe array and a ribonuclease specific for rna/dna hybrids (such as rnase h), (c) bringing into contact the probe array, labeled nucleotides, and a nucleic acid polymerase capable of extending a rna strand using a dna template and capable of incorporating the labeled nucleotides in the extension from the rna strand (such as klenow fragment dna polymerase), and (d) detecting the labeled nucleotides in the extended nucleic acid strand.
Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Method for detection of kras mutations

The present invention is based on a detection method of the 9 kras mutations gly12ser, gly12arg, gly12cys, gly12asp, gly12ala, gly12val, gly13asp, gln61his and gln61leu, in a sample susceptible of containing one or more of such mutations, based on amplification of the sample with the primers of the present invention. Further, the present invention relates to (i) a kit which comprises, amongst its components, reagents for arms amplification including one or more of the primers of the present invention; (ii) the primers themselves; and (iii) use of the method, kit and primers of above, for the diagnosis/prognosis of a pathological condition in a patient, particularly, of cancer..


Quantification of target nucleic acid using melting peak analysis

The present invention relates to a method for quantifying a target nucleic acid sequence performed in such a manner that at least two cycles in the nucleic acid amplification subject to melting peak analysis are predetermined before the nucleic acid amplification and melting peak analyses are performed for the at least two predetermined cycles, followed by quantifying the target nucleic acid sequence using data values from the melting peak curve (e.g., the presence or absence, height and area).. .
Seegene, Inc.


Methods of treating cancer

Methods of treating cancers comprising fgfr1 gene amplification, fgfr1 overexpression, fgfr3 overexpression, fgfr3 amplification, fgf2 overexpression, and/or fgf2 gene amplification are provided. In some embodiments, the methods comprise administering a fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (fgfr1) extracellular domain (ecd) and/or an fgfr1 ecd fusion molecule.
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property (no.2) Limited


Near field communications (nfc) device having adjustable gain

A near field communications (nfc) device is disclosed that is capable of optimizing a gain for received signals. Measurements are made of signals received from an nfc environment and are compared to one or more threshold hold values.
Broadcom Corporation


Rf transmitter supporting carrier aggregation and envelope tracking

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to an rf transmitter supporting carrier aggregation and envelope tracking and an rf transmitter according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises an rf path configured to convert a carrier aggregation signal in which a plurality of component carriers belonging to a baseband are aggregated into an rf signal; an et path configured to generate an envelope signal by calculating magnitudes of the plurality of component carriers, respectively, and adding the calculated each magnitude of the component carriers; and an amplifier configured to power-amplify the converted rf signal according to a bias voltage corresponding to the generated envelope signal. According to exemplary embodiments of the present invention, power amplification efficiency and data transmission efficiency are improved by applying carrier aggregation and envelope tracking..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Light receiving circuit and light coupling device

A light receiving circuit includes an inverting amplification circuit, a first light receiving element, a first circuit, and a charging circuit. The inverting amplification circuit includes an input terminal and an output terminal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Low noise amplifier method and apparatus

A low noise amplifier circuit including: at least a first input and first output; at least a first stage of transistor amplification having a transistor input terminal; the circuit further comprising: an input driving circuit interconnecting the first input to the transistor input terminal, the input driving circuit including a parallel resonant circuit interconnected between the transistor input terminal and ground and a series resonant circuit interconnected between the input terminal and the transistor input terminal, the input driving circuit functioning as an input matching network for the circuit in conjunction with an input bias and decoupling network.. .
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation


Amplification phase correction in a pulse burst

An apparatus having an amplifier and a correction circuit is disclosed. The amplifier may be configured to amplify an intermediate signal to generate an output signal.
M/a-com Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.


High-frequency amplifier circuit

A high-frequency amplifier circuit comprising a first and a second amplification units connected in cascade structure and so on. The first amplification unit includes an fet of a first conductivity type having a source terminal supplied with a first potential, and a first inductor connected to an intermediate potential line, and the second amplification unit includes an fet of a second conductivity type having a source terminal supplied with a second potential, and a second inductor connected to the intermediate potential line.
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Power-efficient chopper amplifier

In an example, an electrical circuit device for amplifying a physiological signal includes a modulation unit configured to receive an input signal, to modulate the input signal to produce a modulated signal. The device also includes an amplification and transconductance unit configured to amplify an amplitude of the modulated signal and increase a transconductance of the modulated signal to produce a transconductance enhanced modulated and amplified signal, where the amplification and transconductance unit comprises at least a first complementary pair of transistors and a second complementary pair of transistors configured to receive the modulated signal and to amplify and increase the transconductance of the modulated signal.
Medtronic, Inc.


System and generating a burst of ultra-short, high-power laser pulses

A system and method for generating a burst of ultra-short, high-power laser pulses, the system includes elements for generating laser pulses having a repetition period τ1, amplification elements including an optical amplifier medium, a regenerative optical cavity, elements for injecting the laser pulses into the regenerative optical cavity, and elements for extracting the laser pulses from the regenerative optical cavity. The regenerative optical cavity has a total length such that the duration of a round trip of each pulse is between n−1 and n times the period τ1, wherein n is an integer higher than or equal to 2, the injection elements are adapted for trapping a burst of n laser pulses in the regenerative optical cavity, the extraction elements are suitable to extract the burst of n laser pulses from the regenerative optical cavity, and the optical amplifier medium is suitable for forming a burst of amplified laser pulses..
Amplitude Systemes


Optical parametric amplification, optical parametric generation, and optical pumping in optical fibers systems

Embodiments described herein include a system for producing ultrashort tunable pulses based on ultra broadband opa or opg in nonlinear materials. The system parameters such as the nonlinear material, pump wavelengths, quasi-phase matching periods, and temperatures can be selected to utilize the intrinsic dispersion relations for such material to produce bandwidth limited or nearly bandwidth limited pulse compression.
Imra America, Inc.


Manufacturing semiconductor device

In a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device according to an embodiment, when a resist pattern is formed over a cap insulating film comprising a silicon nitride film, the resist pattern is formed through the processes of coating, exposure, and development treatment of a chemical amplification type resist. Then the chemical amplification type resist is applied so as to directly touch the surface of the cap insulating film comprising the silicon nitride film and organic acid pretreatment is applied to the surface of the cap insulating film comprising the silicon nitride film before the coating of the chemical amplification type resist..


Radio receiver and electronic timepiece

A radio receiver receives transmitted radio waves from positioning satellites, and includes: a signal amplification unit configured to amplify a received signal; an acquisition unit configured to acquire a satellite signal from the amplified signal; and a control unit configured to obtain predetermined information from the acquired satellite signal, determine a reception condition of transmitted radio waves based on the processing condition of at least one of the obtainment and the acquisition unit, and performs operation setting of a gain of the signal amplification unit according to the determined reception condition, wherein the control unit performs the operation setting so that the gain set in the operation setting when the reception condition is determined to be a first reception condition is smaller than the gain set in the operation setting when the reception condition is determined to be a second reception condition inferior to the first reception condition.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Analysis analyzing a nucleic acid amplification reaction

An analysis method is provided aimed at improving the linearity (precision and/or accuracy) of a quantification by a real-time nucleic acid amplification reaction rnr such as a polymerase chain reaction pcr over a wide range of analyte concentrations and/or limiting the effects of the presence of interfering substances by way of determining a quantification cycle number (cq) of the rnr as the cycle number corresponding to an intersection of the growth curve with a combined threshold function (ctf) over the rnr cycle range comprising at least two different threshold levels, the quantification cycle number (cq) being indicative of a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis result of a growth curve, the growth curve being indicative of the intensity of the fluorescence emission of an analyte for each amplification reaction cycle of the rnr over a rnr cycle range.. .
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Startup circuit, capacitive sensor amplification device having startup circuit, and startup amplification device

In accordance with a startup circuit, a capacitive sensor amplification device having the startup circuit, and a startup method for the amplification device, a startup time can be shortened by connecting the high impedance resistor of an amplifier to a predetermined voltage source during startup. The capacitive sensor amplification device includes an amplification unit for amplifying a signal input to the amplification device; and a startup circuit for improving a startup time of the amplification unit, wherein the startup circuit includes a comparator for receiving an output of the amplification unit as a first comparison signal, receiving a preset reference voltage as a second comparison signal, comparing the comparison signals with each other, and outputting a comparison result; and a switch for selecting and outputting one of a first voltage and a second voltage depending on the output of the comparator..
Cesign Co., Ltd.

Amplification topics: Amplification, Nucleic Acid, Nucleotide, High Resolution, Modulation, Feedback Signal, Nanoparticle, Semiconductor, Raman Amplifier, Resonance Frequency, User Interface, Transmitter, Methylation, Sample Preparation, Sequencing

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