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Amplification patents

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Power amplifier

Power amplifier

Nonforce reflecting method for providing tool force information to a user of a telesurgical system

Nonforce reflecting method for providing tool force information to a user of a telesurgical system

Nonforce reflecting method for providing tool force information to a user of a telesurgical system

Apparatus and methods for controlling carrier envelope phase of low repetition rate pulses

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Hearing instrument with switchable power supply voltage patent thumbnailnew patent Hearing instrument with switchable power supply voltage
A hearing instrument includes: a microphone comprising a microphone transducer element, wherein the microphone transducer element is configured to provide a transducer signal in response to receipt of sound; a microphone amplification circuit configured to generate an amplified microphone signal based on the transducer signal; a control and processing circuit for receipt and processing of the amplified microphone signal according to a hearing loss of a user; and a level detector configured to detect a level of the amplified microphone signal; wherein the microphone amplification circuit is coupled to a switchable power supply, and wherein the switchable power supply is configured to selectively connect a first power supply voltage, having a first dc voltage level, or a second power supply voltage, having a second dc voltage level higher than the first dc voltage level, to the microphone amplification circuit based on the detected level of the amplified microphone signal.. .
 Squeal killer patent thumbnailnew patent Squeal killer
There are styles of music that rely on the amplification of a harmonica by utilizing a microphone and an amplifier. When a harmonica needs to be amplified to a level where an audience can hear, audible feedback typically occurs due to the interaction of the microphone properties with the high amplification level.
 Dynamic range compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic range compressor
A dynamic range compressor of the subband type for carrying out a dynamic compression on a broadband input signal includes a subband splitting device (102) for splitting the broadband input signal into k narrowband subband signals (ssb1, . .
 Amplification systems and methods with one or more channels patent thumbnailnew patent Amplification systems and methods with one or more channels
Systems and methods are provided for amplifying multiple input signals to generate multiple output signals. An example system includes a first channel, a second channel, and a third channel.
 Power amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Power amplifier
A power amplifier may include: an amplification unit amplifying a power level of an input signal, a negative feedback circuit unit connected between an input terminal and an output terminal of the amplification unit and a linearization circuit unit connected between the negative feedback circuit unit and the input terminal of the amplification unit to predistort and linearize a signal from the negative feedback circuit unit, and to provide the signal to the input terminal of the amplification unit.. .
 Amplification systems and methods with distortion reductions patent thumbnailnew patent Amplification systems and methods with distortion reductions
System and method for integrating an input signal to generate an output signal. The system includes a first integrator configured to receive the input signal and generate an integrated signal based on at least information associated with the input signal, a second integrator configured to receive the integrated signal and generate the output signal based on at least information associated with the integrated signal, and a compensation capacitor coupled to the first integrator and the second integrator.
 Multiplexer having ase suppression patent thumbnailnew patent Multiplexer having ase suppression
Consistent with the present disclosure, optical filters are provided in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (roadm). In one example, groups of optical signals are amplified by corresponding erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (edfas) and supplied to each optical filter, which has a passband that includes the wavelengths associated with the received optical signal group.
 Apparatus and methods for controlling carrier envelope phase of low repetition rate pulses patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for controlling carrier envelope phase of low repetition rate pulses
The carrier-envelope phase (cep) of a laser pulse has been shown to influence many physical processes such as pulse propagation through polar molecules, cross-phase modulation, ponderomotive surface-plasmon electron acceleration, photoemission from metallic surfaces, terahertz emission from the laser breakdown of air, above-threshold ionization, high harmonic generation, and attosecond pulse generation. Current technology does not allow for the cep stabilization of chirped pulse amplification (cpa) systems operating at a repetition rate much lower than a khz.
 Light sensing touch panel and low-power driving control method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Light sensing touch panel and low-power driving control method thereof
The present invention discloses a low-power driving control method of light sensing touch panel, which comprises the following steps: measuring the ambient light field intensity of the light sensing touch panel, and outputting a light field signal; outputting an amplification signal adapting to a touch signal according to the intensity of the light field signal; amplifying the touch signal according to the amplification signal, and driving the light sensing touch panel. The present invention further discloses a light sensing touch panel.
 Nucleic acid detection  detecting influenza patent thumbnailnew patent Nucleic acid detection detecting influenza
The invention provides a rapid, sensitive and specific nucleic acid detection system which utilizes isothermal nucleic acid amplification in combination with a lateral flow chromatographic device, or dna dipstick, for dna-hybridization detection. The system of the invention requires no complex instrumentation or electronic hardware, and provides a low cost nucleic acid detection system suitable for highly sensitive pathogen detection.
new patent

Polymerases for nucleotide analogue incorporation

Compositions that include polymerases with features for improving entry of nucleotide analogues into active site regions and for coordinating with the nucleotide analogues in the active site region are provided. Methods of making the polymerases and of using the polymerases in sequencing and dna replication and amplification as well as kinetic models of polymerase activity and computer-implemented methods of using the models are also provided..
new patent

Compositions, methods and kits for nucleic acid synthesis and amplification

The present invention is directed to compositions, methods and kits useful for the synthesis of nucleic acid molecules. More specifically, compositions, methods and kits are provided for the amplification of nucleic acid molecules in a one-step rt-pcr procedure comprising one or more agents used to increase tolerance to pcr inhibitors..
new patent

Electrokinetic polymerase chain reaction (pcr) devices and methods

Described herein are microfluidic diagnostic methods and devices using electrokinetic modules for the isolation of targets (e.g., cells, bacteria, biomolecules) from biological samples, pcr amplification of dna isolated from the targets, and real-time quantification of the amplified dna using impedance sensing. Sample preparation, pcr amplification, and impedance sensing are thus performed using a single integrated platform..
new patent

Enrichment of full length oligonucleotides via transcription/translation mediated purification

The invention is a method of separating full-length oligonucleotide products from shorter synthesis by-products by using mrna display and affinity purification followed by recovery and amplification of the selected oligonucleotide.. .
new patent

Novel compounds for use in pcr systems and applications thereof

This disclosure relates to novel compounds for use in various compositions, kits and methods, including, for example, use in polymerase storage buffers and in nucleic acid synthesis or amplification reactions such as a polymerase chain reaction (pcr). Methods for preparing the novel compounds are also described..
new patent

Nonforce reflecting providing tool force information to a user of a telesurgical system

Tool force information is provided to a user of a telesurgical system using an alternative modality other than force reflection on a master manipulator, such as providing the information on user-visible, user-audible, or haptic “buzz” or “viscosity” indicators, so as to allow expanded processing, including amplification, of the information, while not significantly affecting the stability of the telesurgical system or any closed-loop control systems in the telesurgical system.. .
new patent

Biological state analyzer and computer program

A novel technique for analyzing a biological state is provided. A body trunk biological signal (aortic pulse wave) extracted from the back of a body trunk is differentiated twice.

Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device

[means for solution] the optical transmission device comprises a multiplexing means 80, an amplification means 81 and an optical signal correction means 82. The multiplexing means 80 multiplexes together optical signals inputted to it by means of paths in accordance with respective channels of the optical signals, and outputs thus produced signal as a multiplexed signal.

Method and device for determining input optical power

A method and a device for determining an input optical power are provided. The method include: after determining a bias current value of an optical amplifier unit when the optical amplifier unit amplifies a target optical signal and a voltage value output after an optical receiving unit converts the amplified target optical signal into an electrical signal, determining, according to a predetermined first correspondence that is among a bias current value, a voltage value, and an input optical power value and corresponds to a wavelength of the target optical signal, an input optical power value corresponding to the determined bias current value and the determined voltage value.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Reconfigurable carrier-aggregation receiver and filter

A device includes, a reconfigurable baseband filter configured to receive a communication signal having a first carrier and a second carrier, the first carrier and the second carrier having non-contiguous respective frequencies, the reconfigurable baseband filter having a first filter portion and a second filter portion, the first filter portion and the second filter portion each comprising respective first and second amplification stages, and a plurality of switches associated with the first filter portion and the second filter portion, the plurality of switches for configuring the reconfigurable baseband filter into a plurality of sub-filters, each configured to generate at least one of a low pass filter output and a bandpass filter output.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators

Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators are provided. In certain implementations, an oscillator system includes a first multiphase oscillator and a second multiphase oscillator that are phase and frequency-locked.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Power amplification circuit and power amplification module

It is possible to increase linearity in a power amplification circuit. A power amplification circuit includes a first amplification element which amplifies and outputs an input signal with a gain according to the level of the input signal and the level of a bias voltage, a second amplification element which has the same gain characteristic as the first amplification element and amplifies and outputs the input signal, and a variable bias voltage generation circuit which generates a bias voltage decreasing with an increase in level of an output signal of the second amplification element..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

High-gain low-noise preamplifier and associated amplification and common-mode control method

A preamplifier includes a differential pair of transistors receiving a bias current having a differential input and a differential output, a first resistor coupled to a first differential output node, a first transistor having a current path coupled between the first resistor and a power supply, a second resistor coupled to the first differential output node, a second transistor having a current path coupled between the second resistor and the power supply, a third resistor coupled to a second differential output node, a third transistor having a current path coupled between the third resistor and the power supply, a fourth resistor coupled to the second differential output node, and a fourth transistor having a current path coupled between the fourth resistor and the power supply, wherein a source of the second and third transistors are coupled together.. .
Aeroflex Colorado Springs Inc.

Picosecond laser treating target tissues with same

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for applying laser energy having desired pulse characteristics, including a sufficiently short duration and/or a sufficiently high energy for the photomechanical treatment of skin pigmentations and pigmented lesions, both naturally-occurring (e.g., birthmarks), as well as artificial (e.g., tattoos). The laser energy may be generated with an apparatus having a resonator with the capability of switching between a modelocked pulse operating mode and an amplification operating mode.
Cynosure, Inc.

Method for replacing defective sections on a data carrier with overlapping data tracks and device thereof

A defect management for storage devices is disclosed, which may be used in connection with shingled magnetic recording (smr). Smr uses bands, consisting of tracks, separated by guard regions.
Inodyn Newmedia Gmbh

Reader device and signal amplification

Fluid collection devices, analysis instruments and methods for making and using same are disclosed. The fluid collection device is provided with a device and an electrochemical cell.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.

Methods of isothermal amplification using blocked primers

Methods for rapidly detecting clinically relevant mutations in the infectious genome of an agent are disclosed. The methods include use of a novel target and temperature dependent rnase h mediated cleavage of blocked dna primers to initiate isothermal helicase-dependent amplification of a target sequence such as a sequence in the the rpob gene..
Great Basin Scientific

Method for providing dna fragments derived from an archived sample

Aspects of the present invention relate to compositions and methods for providing dna fragments from an archived sample (e.g., paraffin-embedded and/or fixed-tissue biopsies, etc.). Particular aspects provide methods whereby high yields of dna are isolated as well as a substantial portion of the dna consists of long dna fragments, and where the isolated genomic dna is free of associated or cross-linked contaminants like proteins, peptides, amino acids or rna.
Epigenomics Ag

Oligonucleotide inhibitor of dna polymerases

The invention comprises a reversible oligonucleotide inhibitor of nucleic acid polymerases. Methods of designing said inhibitors and using said inhibitors in amplification and detection of nucleic acid, particularly detection of rna by rt-pcr are also disclosed..
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

Methods and sequential amplification reactions

The invention provides methods and apparatus for carrying out multiple amplification reactions in a single reaction chamber by successive cycles of loading reaction mixture, amplifying, and removing spent reaction mixture in a fluidly closed reaction system. In particular, the present invention allows amplification of a plurality of target polynucleotides from a single sample by carrying out under closed-loop control successive amplifications of different target polynucleotides from different portions of the sample..

Nucleic acid amplification reactor

Provided is a nucleic acid amplification reactor that can easily perform a nucleic acid amplification reaction. A nucleic acid amplification reactor 1 includes a reaction chamber 20 to which a thermoplastic hydrogel 50 is applied.

Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes: an excitation light emission unit that irradiates a subject with excitation light for exciting a fluorescent substance introduced into the subject; a normal light emission unit that irradiates the subject with normal light including a visible wavelength range different from the excitation light; an imaging unit that forms an optical image of the subject irradiated with the excitation light or normal light on an imaging surface to generate an image signal; a brightness signal generation unit that generates a brightness signal indicating brightness, based on the image signal generated by the imaging unit under irradiation with the normal light; and an amplification unit that sets an amplification factor of the image signal to be generated by the imaging unit under irradiation with the excitation light, based on an amplification factor of the image signal according to the brightness signal generated by the brightness signal generation unit.. .
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

Method and the amplification of electrical charges in biological systems or bioactive matter using an inductive disk with a fixed geometric trace

An inductive disk or plate containing an etched, printed or glued conductive material in the form of a coil having a specific geometric shape, arranged such that the natural flow of electrically charged particles, such as electrons or protons, that are plentiful in biological systems, activate the inductive properties of the inductive disk or antenna, and thus generate an induced electromagnetic signal in the coil.. .

Driving photoelectric conversion apparatus, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system

First processing of causing a hold unit to hold a first signal from an amplification unit based on reset of the amplification unit, second processing of performing ad conversion of the held first signal and outputting a second signal obtained by superposing a signal based on charges generated in a photoelectric conversion unit of a first-row pixel on the first signal, third processing of performing an operation of performing ad conversion of the held second signal and an operation of resetting the amplification unit at least partly in parallel, and fourth processing of causing the hold unit to hold a fourth signal obtained by superposing a signal based on charges generated in the photoelectric conversion unit of a second-row pixel on a third signal from the amplification unit based on resetting of the amplification unit and is output from the amplification unit are performed.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Repeater otdr using repeater based raman pumps

A submarine optical repeater includes a submarine amplifier module, which further includes a pumping laser module and an optical detector module. The pumping laser module generates optical amplifications within an optical cable, and, in the case of a fault in the optical cable, the optical detector module detects at least one characteristic of an optical signal caused by the fault in the optical cable.
Xtera Communications, Inc.

Receiver device and controlling amplification factor thereof

A method for controlling amplification factor of a receiver device includes: detecting a first variation of an equivalent length of a cable, detecting a second variation of amplification factor of a digital automatic gain controller (dagc), determining a first update value of amplification factor of an analog automatic gain controller (aagc) according to the first variation and the second variation, calculating a tuning ratio of the first update value to a current value of the amplification factor of the aagc, calculating a second update value of the amplification factor of the dagc according to the tuning ratio, updating a set value of the amplification factor of the aagc according to the first update value, and updating a set value of the amplification factor of the dagc according to the second update value.. .
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Small signal amplifier circuit

A signal amplifier circuit may include a bias circuit unit generating a first bias voltage, a level shifting circuit unit shifting a level of an input alternating current (ac) signal by an amount equal to a predetermined direct current (dc) shifting voltage so as to provide a first signal, and a first amplification unit amplifying a difference signal between the first bias voltage and the first signal, the first bias voltage and the dc shifting voltage being generated by circuits having the same characteristics.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Offset correction differential amplifier and method thereof

An apparatus of correcting an offset for a differential amplifier which compensates a direct current (dc) offset voltage in a differential analog signal amplifier using a resistive feedback structure to minimize a deviation and a method thereof are provided. The apparatus includes a differential amplifier that is configured to amplify a common dc voltage input via a first resistor and a second resistor with a predetermined amplification factor to output the amplified voltage.
Hyundai Motor Company

Linearity performance for multi-mode power amplifiers

Improved linearity performance for multi-mode power amplifiers. A power amplifier (pa) assembly can include a radio-frequency (rf) amplification path having a first stage and a second stage, with each stage including a transistor.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Sense amplifier circuit capable of determining amplification factor of cell current based on operation cycles

A sense amplifier circuit may be used for read operation of a non-volatile memory. The sense amplifier circuit includes of a first pre-charge circuit, a second pre-charge circuit, a bias circuit, an enable circuit, a current mirror, a first comparator, a second comparator, a buffer and a counter.
United Microelectronics Corp.

Vacuum tube amplification unit

A vacuum tube amplification unit for use with electric instruments that allows for reduced or eliminated signal loss before the electrical signal of the instrument is amplified. The vacuum tube amplification unit includes an amplifier cartridge having an amplification circuit.

Garbage collection scaling

A computer processor determines an over-provisioning ratio and a host write pattern. The computer processor determines a write amplification target based on the host write pattern and the over-provisioning ratio.
International Business Machines Corporation

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method

According to one embodiment, an mri apparatus includes a reception gain storage part, a reception gain acquisition part, and a generation part. The reception gain storage part is configured to store reception gains of mr signals.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Methods and compositions are provided for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancers associated with amplification or overexpression of the fgfr2 gene.. .
Genentech, Inc.

Fret-based analytes detection and related methods and systems

Fret-based analytes detection and related methods and systems are described where a pair of fret labeled primers and/or oligonucleotides are used that are specific for target sequences located at a distance up to four time the förster distance of the fret chromophores presented on the fret labeled primers and/or oligonucleotides one with respect to the other in one or more polynucleotide analyte; in particular the pair of fret labeled primers and/or oligonucleotides is combined with a sample and subjected to one or more polynucleotide amplification reactions before measuring fret signals from at least one fret chromophore.. .
California Institute Of Technology

Dual enzymatic amplification

Provided are methods for validating the presence and character of genomic mutations, particularly single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps), by parallel amplification of a portion or the whole genome with at least two different dna polymerases.. .
Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc.

Human identification using a panel of snps

The present invention provides methods, compositions, kits, systems and apparatus that are useful for multiplex pcr of one or more nucleic acids which belong to a panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) useful to identify a human. In particular, various target-specific primers are provided that allow for the selective amplification of one or more target sequences in the panel.
Life Technologies Corporation

Methods and compositions for universal detection of nucleic acids

Provided are methods and compositions for detecting the presence or amount of one or more target nucleic acids in a sample. Methods of the present invention include linking universal nucleic acid segments into a single molecule in a linking reaction dependent on a target nucleic acid of interest.
Unitaq Bio

Isothermal amplification of nucleic acids within a porous matrix

Provided herein are methods for amplification a target dsdna that is impregnated within a porous matrix using endonuclease-assisted dna amplification. The amplicons may be subsequent detected within the porous matrix or may be eluted out of the porous matrix.
General Electric Company

Functional molecule, functional molecule synthesizing amidite and target substance analysis method

To provide a functional molecule including a modified nucleotide unit having a substituent introduced to a base thereof, wherein the substituent is removably introduced to the base; a functional molecule synthesizing amidite that has a substituent removably introduced to its base and that is used for the manufacture of the functional molecule; and a target substance analysis method including: preparing a random pool of functional molecules using a functional molecule synthesizing amidite; screening a functional molecule having affinity for a target substance from the random pool; amplifying the functional molecules having affinity for the target substance, wherein the method further comprises, prior to the amplification step, removing a substituent from the functional molecule having affinity for the target substance.. .
Apta Biosciences Ltd.

Method of identification using nucleic acid tags

The present disclosure relates to methods of identification or marking using nucleic acid tags, isolated nucleic acids, marking compositions and the use of nucleic acid tags for identification or marking. Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method of identifying an object marked with a nucleic acid tag, the nucleic acid tag comprising a plurality of selected different nucleic acids.
Geneworks Technologies Pty Ltd A Corporation

Coasting control device and vehicle

In consideration of an amplification effect of a braking force at the time of brake operation, there is provided a difference between upper-limits (α, β) of a brake operation force (brk) with which the execution of free-run coasting and neutral coasting is started, on the basis of whether or not a brake booster (42) can be filled with a negative pressure. Therefore, while the braking force at the time of brake operation is secured, the range of the brake operation force (brk) with which coasting is executed can be enlarged, and an improvement in fuel economy can be made..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Qpcr analysis apparatus

An apparatus (1) is for dna amplification with quantitative measurements. A biological sample is held in a cell (2) for the amplification, the cell (2) defining a single space within which the sample rotates.
Stokes Bio Limited

Device and thermal cycling

A thermal cycling device for performing nucleic acid amplification on a plurality of biological samples positioned in a sample well tray. The thermal cycling device includes a sample block assembly, an optical detection system, and a sample well tray holder configured to hold the sample well tray.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes a photodiode that generates a signal charge by photoelectric conversion according to received light, a floating diffusion that accumulates the signal charge generated by the photodiode, an amplification transistor that amplifies and outputs a power source voltage according to the signal charge accumulated in the floating diffusion, a dummy transistor having the same characteristics as the amplification transistor, and a negative feedback circuit that applies a negative feedback to the dummy transistor such that respective source currents of the amplification transistor and the dummy transistor are equal to each other. The respective source currents of the amplification transistor and the dummy transistor are controlled so as to coincide with each other by the negative feedback circuit..
Sony Corporation

Wideband active balun lna topology with narrow-band filtering and noise cancelling

The present invention provides a wideband active balun lna topology with narrow-band filtering and noise cancelling. The amplifier includes three transconductance stages, a feedback network, and a load.
Montage Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Ion trap mass spectrometer using cold electron souce

The present invention relates to an ion trap mass spectrometer using a cold electron source, in a production of a portable mass spectrometer, in which a microchannel plate (mcp) module is used, initial electrons are induced by injecting ultraviolet photons emitted from an ultraviolet diode to a front surface of the mcp module, electron beams amplified from the electrons are amplified using a channeltron electron multiplier (cem), the amplified electron beams are accurately adjusted and injected into an ion trap, thus increasing the amplification rate, and since a quadrupole field is used as an ion filter which returns the initially injected electrons to the inside of an ion trap mass separator, the ionization rate increases.. .
Korean Basic Science Institute

Backlight driving circuit, liquid crystal display device and drive method

The present invention provides a backlight drive circuit, and a liquid crystal display and a drive method for the same, wherein the backlight drive circuit includes: an error amplification unit configured to receive a feedback voltage from the backlight, and used for comparing the feedback voltage with a basis voltage, adjusting the amplification coefficient and the amplification speed for a comparison result based on the magnitude of the comparison result, and outputting an amplification result as a control signal; and a drive control unit configured to receive the control signal from the error amplification unit, and used for outputting, according to the control signal, a pulse width modulation dimming signal with a corresponding duty cycle to modulate a voltage signal output to the backlight from a power supply. The backlight drive circuit may be applied to driving operation for various display devises and capable of automatically adjusting response rate under different loading modes.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Glycan arrays for high throughput screening of viruses

Glycan arrays that can detect and distinguish between various sub-types and strains of influenza virus are provided. Methods for using the glycan arrays with assays using nanoparticle amplification technique are disclosed.
Academia Sinica

Nucleic acid aptamer-based diagnostic methods with novel techniques for signal enhancement

The present invention concerns methods for the detection f target molecules in a sample including several steps of signal amplification allowing the detection of a very low number of target molecules in the tested sample. The detection assay is based on the use of a universal probe which enables the signal amplification.
Aptateck Bio Ltd.

Ultrasensitive detection and characterization of clustered kras mutations using peptide nucleic acid clamp pcr in drop-based microfluidics

This disclosure employs the combination of a microfluidics platform and drop-based digital polymerase chain reaction (dpcr) to create a breakthrough technology that enables the detection of ctc genes and the isolation of single ctcs from the blood. In the first method, cdna molecules from lysed ctcs are amplified in microfluidic drops and detected via fluorescence signal.

Method for high-throughput aflp-based polymorphism detection

The invention relates to a method for the high throughput discovery, detection and genotyping of one or more genetic markers in one or more samples, comprising the steps of restriction endonuclease digest of dna, adaptor-ligation, optional pre-amplification, selective amplification, pooling of the amplified products, sequencing the libraries with sufficient redundancy, clustering followed by identification of the genetic markers within the library and/or between libraries and determination of (co-)dominant genotypes of the genetic markers.. .
Keygene N.v.

Use of markers including nucleotide sequence based codes to monitor methods of detection and identification of genetic material

Disclosed is the use of artificially-generated nucleic acid coded markers to monitor nucleic acid amplification and sequencing reactions designed to detect or analyze biological samples. The markers generally include, along with a unique sequence preferably including coded section designed to represent one or more factors of interest, primer annealing sequences so that the marker may be amplified and sequenced in the same process and using the same amplification and sequencing primers as for the sample target.
Bio-id Diagnostic Inc.

Methods and reagents for amplifying nucleic acids

This disclosure related to methods and reagents for isothermal amplification of nucleic acid molecules. In some embodiments, methods are provided for amplification of a nucleic acid molecule from a biological sample.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human

Methods and compositions for amplification of nucleic acids

The present invention provides methods, compositions, and kits for storing and enhancing the activity of polymerases and particularly thermostable polymerases. The methods comprise mixing a thermostable polymerase with at least one zwitterionic or ylide surfactant that has at least one peo group.
Affymetrix, Inc.

Method and device for rapid detection of amplified nucleotide sequences

A method and a device for fast amplification and detection of target nucleotide sequences possibly present in a sample, combine preferably pcr amplification with oligochromatographic detection by capillarity on a test strip.. .
Coris Bioconcept Sprl

Mutant neq hs dna polymerase derived from nanoarchaeum equitans and its application to hot-start pcr

A dna polymerase (neq dna polymerase) derived from nanoarchaeum equitans is split into neq l and neq s fragments, each of which contains inteins. A neq hot-start (hs) dna polymerase in which the inteins of the neq l and neq s fragments are linked with each other is provided in the form of a precursor of neq dna polymerase.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Adjuvant for rapid proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro, rapid proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro, growth factor harvested from rapid proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and use thereof

An adjuvant for rapid proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro is provided to overcome the problem of low cell amplification efficiency of human mesenchymal stem cells in a culture process. The adjuvant added for the culture of human mesenchymal stem cells includes at least one antioxidant, and a basic fibroblast growth factor (fgf-2).
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

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