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Amplification patents

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Hydraulic engine including hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic engine including hydraulic power unit

Tramontane Technologies

Amplified optical circuit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Genetic markers and diagnostic methods for resistance of breast cancer to hormonal therapies patent thumbnailnew patent Genetic markers and diagnostic methods for resistance of breast cancer to hormonal therapies
This application provides a method to identify genetic markers associated with increased sensitivity or resistance to hormonal therapies using an outlier analysis. More specifically, this application discloses that amplifications on chromosomes 8 and 17 are associated with increased proliferation and poor outcome in er-positive breast cancer, and amplicons 17q21.33-q25.1, 8p11.2 and 8q24.3 may be responsible for higher proliferation and poor outcome in the setting of antiestrogen, in particular tamoxifen, treatment clinically observed in a subset of er-positive, her2-negative breast cancers.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
 Egfr and pten gene alterations predicts survival in patients with brain tumor patent thumbnailnew patent Egfr and pten gene alterations predicts survival in patients with brain tumor
The invention relates to methods of predicting the clinical outcome of brain cancer patients based on the loh levels of the pten gene and on the expression levels or the polysomy/amplification levels of egfr gene in a sample from said patients.. .
Europath Biosciences, S.l.
 Direct quantification of unprocessed nucleic acid samples patent thumbnailnew patent Direct quantification of unprocessed nucleic acid samples
A workflow for direct qpcr quantification of unprocessed forensic casework samples is disclosed herein. 13 pg of dna has been detected by direct amplification from a paper substrate.
Life Technologies Corporation
 Detection of shiga toxin genes in bacteria patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of shiga toxin genes in bacteria
The disclosed invention is related to methods, compositions and kits for targeting nucleic acid derived from shiga toxin-producing bacteria such as e. Coli.
Gen-probe Prodesse, Inc.
 Gene amplification of coactivator coaa and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Gene amplification of coactivator coaa and uses thereof
It has been discovered that amplifications in the gene coactivator activator (coaa) blocks stem cell differentiation and induces cancer stem cells. One embodiment provides compositions and methods for treating or alleviating one or more symptoms associated with cancer due to gene amplifications in coaa.
 Detection  myocobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis patent thumbnailnew patent Detection myocobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis
The invention relates to a method for specifically detecting and optionally for quantifying mycobacterium avium ssp. Paratuberculosis (map) in a sample of an individual.
Georg-august-universitaet Goettingen Stiftung Oeffentlichen Rechts
 Method and device for driving digital speaker based on code conversion patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for driving digital speaker based on code conversion
A method and device for driving a digital speaker based on code conversion are provided in the invention. The method comprises the steps of: (1) converting input format; (2) performing multi-bit Σ-Δ modulation; (3) thermometer code conversion; (4) dynamic mismatch-shaping processing; (5) pulse width modulation code conversion; and (6) controlling on/off status switching of the mosfet of a full-bridge power amplification network to drive a digital speaker load sound.
Suzhou Sonavox Electronics Co., Ltd.
 System and  amplifying a signal patent thumbnailnew patent System and amplifying a signal
An amplification system, connected to a modem delivering a signal to be amplified, includes at least one amplification device, at least one first determination device for determination of a first difference and at least one second determination device for determination of a variable gain. Moreover, the system is characterized in that the second determination device is capable of the determination of said variable gain on the basis of said signal to be amplified, said amplified signal and said first difference..
 Amplified optical circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Amplified optical circuit
An optical circuit can include a bidirectional amplifier connected so as to amplify source light prior to emission through an output device such as a telescope as well as amplification of reflected light received by the telescope. Such an optical circuit can be used in laser doppler velocimeter applications as well as other applications.
Tramontane Technologies, Inc.
 Charge sensitive amplifiers, detectors and x-ray photographing apparatuses including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Charge sensitive amplifiers, detectors and x-ray photographing apparatuses including the same
Disclosed are a charge sensitive amplifier, a detector and an x-ray photographing apparatus including the same. The charge sensitive amplifier includes an amplification unit that amplifies an electric charge input thereto, a capacitor that has one end of the capacitor, connected to an input terminal of the amplification unit, and the other end connected to an output terminal of the amplification unit, and a buffer unit that has an input terminal and an output terminal which is connected to the input terminal of the amplification unit and the one end of the capacitor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Hydraulic engine including hydraulic power unit

Provided is a hydraulic engine that generates power using oil pressure, the hydraulic engine including: a hydraulic power unit including a hydraulic tube comprising a hollow portion having an opened front end and being filled with a fluid, an amplitude amplification device that is disposed at the rear side of the hydraulic tube, an oscillator that is disposed at the rear side of the amplitude amplification device so as to be deformed and increases and decreases a pressure within the hydraulic tube, and an oscillator head that is attached to a front end of the oscillator.. .

Assay for trichomonas vaginalis by amplification and detection of trichomonas vaginalis ap65-1 gene

A region of the trichomonas vaginalis ap65-1 gene has been identified which is useful for performing amplification assays to determine specifically whether t. Vaginalis is present in the sample being tested.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Composite visible colorant and quantitative amplification

Methods and compositions for using colorants with real-time amplification reactions and normalization passive dyes are provided.. .
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Non-invasive fetal genetic screening by digtal analysis

The present methods are exemplified by a process in which maternal blood containing fetal dna is diluted to a nominal value of approximately 0.5 genome equivalent of dna per reaction sample. Digital analysis is then be used to detect aneuploidy, such as the trisomy that causes down syndrome.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Amplification-free electro-optical oscillator

An electro-optical oscillator includes, in part, a modulator, a signal splitter, n photodiodes with n being an integer greater than one, a signal combiner, and a filter. The modulator modulates an optical signal in accordance with a feedback signal.
California Institute Of Technology

Throat-vibration-type microphone and communication hands-free device containing same

A throat-vibration-type sensor includes a ceramic sheet and a copper sheet received in a box body, wherein the ceramic sheet and the copper sheet are electrically connected to an amplification circuit for voice communications. The volume and thickness of the throat-vibration-type sensor is reduced, the cost thereof is reduced, the assembly thereof is easy, and the reception effect is increased.
Neo-victory Technology Co., Ltd.

Envelope path processing for envelope tracking amplification stage

The invention relates to a method of calibrating an envelope path and an input path of an amplification stage of an envelope tracking power supply, the method comprising matching the envelope path to at least one characteristic of at least one element of the input path.. .
Nujira Limited

Device and generating stimulated emission of microwave or radio frequency radiation

A device for, and a method of, generating stimulated emission of microwave or radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, utilize a resonator structure, an input source of microwave or radio frequency electromagnetic radiation to be amplified, and an input of energy arranged to pump the resonator structure and thereby cause amplification of the electromagnetic radiation. The configuration of the resonator structure and/or the materials used in its construction give rise to an increase in the magnetic purcell factor of the resonator structure..
Imperial Innovations Limited

Unpacked structure for power device of radio frequency power amplification module and assembly method therefor

An unpacked structure for a power device of radio frequency power amplification module and assembly method therefor. The radio frequency power amplification module includes the power device, a heat dissipating plate and a printed circuit board, wherein the power device is embedded into the printed circuit board; the heat dissipating plate is arranged below the power device and the printed circuit board; the power device includes a carrier flange, a plurality of electronic elements and a plurality of lead wires; the electronic elements are directly welded on the carrier flange according to a design requirement; the power device and the printed circuit board are welded and fixed on the heat dissipating plate; and the electronic elements on the power device are connected with one another through the lead wires and directly connected with the printed circuit board through the lead wires..
Innogration (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Image sharpening processing method and apparatus, and shooting terminal

An image sharpening processing method and apparatus, and a shooting terminal, where the method includes acquiring to-be-processed image; performing edge-preserving filtering processing on the image to obtain base image information and detail image information, where the base image information includes image edge information; determining, according to the image edge information, a sharpening gain required for performing sharpening processing on the detail image information; and performing sharpening processing on the detail image information using the sharpening gain. It is implemented that the sharpening gain required for sharpening processing is determined by the image edge information, thereby suppressing noise amplification and avoiding generating a phenomenon of overshoot for sharpened image information and improving quality of a sharpened image..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Amplifying apparatus, communication apparatus and amplification method

An amplifying apparatus includes a decomposer, two amplifiers, a combiner, and a controller. The decomposer decomposes an input signal into two signals having different phases.
Fujitsu Limited

Method and computer program for actuating a fuel injector

A method actuates a fuel injector having a coil drive with a solenoid and a magnet armature. The magnet armature can be moved along a longitudinal axis by a magnetic field generated by the solenoid.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Bead emulsion nucleic acid amplification

Disclosed are methods for nucleic acid amplification wherein nucleic acid templates, beads, and amplification reaction solution are emulsified and the nucleic acid templates are amplified to provide clonal copies of the nucleic acid templates attached to the beads. Also disclosed are kits and apparatuses for performing the methods of the invention..
454 Life Sciences Corporation

Multiplex probes

Methods and reagents suitable for conducing polymerase chain reaction are described. In particular, the disclosure provides probes and primers that are suitable in dynamic flux amplification procedures.
Fluoresentric, Inc

Nucleic acid amplification primers for pcr-based clonality studies

The invention relates to pcr-based clonality studies for among others early diagnosis of lymphoproliferative disorders. Provided is a set of nucleic acid amplification primers comprising a forward primer, or a variant thereof, and a reverse primer, or a variant thereof, capable of amplifying a rearrangement selected from the group consisting of a vh-jh igh rearrangement, a dh-jh igh rearrangement, a vk-jk igk rearrangement, a vk/intron-kde igk rearrangement, a vλ-jλ igl rearrangement, a vβ-jβ tcrb rearrangement, a dβ-jβ tcrb rearrangement, a vγ-jγ tcrg rearrangement, a vδ-jδ tcrd rearrangement, a dδ-dδ tcrd rearrangement, a dδ-jδ tcrd rearrangement, a vδ-dδ tcrd rearrangement, or a translocation selected from t(11;14) (bcl1-igh) and t(14;18) (bcl2-igh).

Method of performing digital pcr

A method of detection of a target nucleic acid is provided. The method includes fractionating a sample into a plurality of sample volumes wherein more than 50% of the fractions contain no more than 1 target nucleic acid molecule per sample volumes, and subjecting the plurality of sample volumes to conditions for amplification.
Life Technologies Corporation

System and adaptive in-network time alignment for envelope tracking power amplifier

A subscriber station is configured to extend a battery life using a method for envelope tracking power amplification. The subscriber station includes a main processor configured to perform a plurality of functions to operate the subscriber station.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Receiver and transmitter of coping with interference in super-regenerative communication system, and using the receiver and the transmitter

A receiver and a transmitter that copes with interference in a super-regenerative communication system, and a method of using the receiver and the transmitter, are provided. A super-regenerative receiver includes a resonance frequency adjusting unit configured to adjust a resonance frequency associated with a filtering band of a transmission signal that is received from a transmitter.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Self-contained biological analysis

Devices, containers, and methods are provided for performing biological analysis in a closed environment. Illustrative biological analyses include nucleic acid amplification and detection and immuno-pcr..
Biofire Diagnostics, Llc

Nucleic acid amplification method, nucleic acid extraction device, nucleic acid amplification reaction cartridge, and nucleic acid amplification reaction kit

A nucleic acid amplification method includes: adsorbing a nucleic acid onto fine particles by mixing a chaotropic substance-containing adsorbent liquid and the fine particles with a nucleic acid-containing sample; washing the fine particles adsorbing the nucleic acid with a first washing liquid; eluting the nucleic acid adsorbed to the fine particles in an eluate; and performing a nucleic acid amplification reaction on the nucleic acid in the eluate. The adsorbent liquid contains an alcohol, and the first washing liquid is acidic.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Amplification and detection of ribonucleic acids

Compositions, methods, and kits for detecting one or more species of rna molecules are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first adaptor and a second adaptor are ligated to the rna molecule using a polypeptide comprising double-strand specific rna ligase activity, without an intervening purification step.
Applied Biosystem, Llc

Selective detection of human rhinovirus

A process for detecting human rhinovirus nucleic acid in a biological sample, includes producing an amplification product by amplifying an human bocavirus nucleotide sequence using a forward primer of seq id no: 1, and a reverse primer of seq id no: 2, and measuring said amplification product to detect human rhinovirus in said biological sample. Also provided are reagents and methods for detecting and distinguishing human rhinovirus from other viruses.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv

Hearing aid specialized as a supplement to lip reading

A hearing aid is disclosed. The hearing aid comprises a microphone adapted to receive sound signals, an amplifier configured to amplify signals received by the microphone and output means (e.g.
Oticon A/s

Apparatus and power amplification

A power amplifying apparatus and a method for effectively controlling a bias voltage of a power amplifier are provided. An electronic device includes a baseband signal processor configured to convert a baseband signal to an envelope signal, a power amplifier configured to amplify a radio frequency (rf) signal based on the baseband signal, a power modulator configured to modulate an input voltage to a bias voltage of the power amplifier based on the envelope signal, and a power controller configured to control an operation of the power modulator according to a characteristic of the baseband signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optical signal amplification

A method of optical signal amplification. Incident photons are received at a photodetector including a doped semiconductor biased by a power source.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Strain amplification structure and synthetic jet actuator

A strain amplification structure has a frame with a hexagonal structure incorporating a plurality of rigid beams that are connected to opposing end beams by a plurality of flexible joints. A piezoceramic actuator assembly is connected to the opposing end beams having a collar including an opening.
The Boeing Company

Enhancing performance of spectral band replication and related high frequency reconstruction coding

The present proposes new methods and an apparatus for enhancement of source coding systems utilising high frequency reconstruction (hfr). It addresses the problem of insufficient noise contents in a reconstructed highband, by adaptive noise-floor addition.
Dolby International Ab

Direct-drive acoustic amplification using a tympanostomy tube

A hearing aid apparatus is provided. In one embodiment, a system and method are provided for using a tympanostomy tube as a platform for driving the middle ear.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Compositions and reaction mixtures for the detection of nucleic acids from multiple types of human papillomavirus

Nucleic acid oligonucleotide sequences are disclosed which include amplification oligomers and probe oligomers which are useful for detecting multiple types of human papillomaviruses (hpv) associated with cervical cancer. Methods for detecting multiple hpv types in biological specimens by amplifying hpv nucleic acid sequences in vitro and detecting the amplified products are disclosed..
Gen-probe Incorporated

Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting kras and pik3ca mutations

Provided are oligonucleotides that are capable of detecting kras and pik3ca mutations in both cancer patients and healthy individuals with high specificity in kpcr assays. When the oligonucleotides are used as forward primers in conjunction with a defined genotyping algorithm spreadsheet, the primers are capable of enhancing detection of kras codon 12, 13, and 61 and pik3ca codon 542, 545, and 1047 single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) in a background of wild-type sequences.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Polymerase compositions, methods of making and using same

The present disclosure provides compositions, methods, kits, systems and apparatus that are useful for nucleic acid polymerization. In particular, modified polymerases and biologically active fragments thereof are provided that allow for nucleic acid amplification.
Life Technologies Corporation

Thermophilic helicase dependent amplification technology with endpoint homogenous fluorescent detection

Disclosed herein are methods of amplifying a target nucleic acid in a helicase-dependent reaction. Also disclosed are methods of amplifying and detecting a target nucleic acid in a helicase-dependent reaction as well as modified detection labels to assist in the detection..
Qiagen Gaithersburg, Inc.

Methods for quantitative amplification and detection over a wide dynamic range

Disclosed are compositions and methods for making differentiable amplicon species at unequal ratios using a single amplification system in a single vessel. The number of differentiable amplicons and their ratios to one another are chosen to span the required linear dynamic range for the amplification reaction and to accommodate limitations of the measuring system used to determine the amount of amplicon generated.
Gen-probe Incorporated

Compact antenna-transmitter system

A transmission system includes two sections. First transmitter section, located some distance from antenna, generates low power rf signal, which may be converted to digital format, modified for digital signal transport to second section transmitter, or it may transport low power rf analog signal to second section transmitter.

Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system

A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a pixel array in which a plurality of pixels are arranged, wherein the pixel array has a region formed from one of an electrical conductor and a semiconductor to which a fixed electric potential is supplied, each pixel includes a photoelectric converter, a charge-voltage converter which converts charges generated by the photoelectric converter into a voltage, and an amplification unit which amplifies a signal generated by the charge-voltage converter by a positive gain and outputs the amplified signal to an output line, and the output line comprising a shielding portion arranged to shield at least part of the charge-voltage converter with respect to the region.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Injection locked oscillator

An injection locked frequency divider includes a ring oscillator, an input terminal, an output terminal and a control voltage terminal. The ring oscillator has a three-stage cascade connection of a first amplification circuit including an n-channel mos type transistor and p-channel mos type transistors, a second amplification circuit configured in the same manner as the first amplification circuit and a third amplification circuit configured likewise.
Panasonic Corporation

Reconfigurable load modulation amplifier

A reconfigurable load modulation amplifier having a carrier amplifier and a peak amplifier that are coupled in parallel is disclosed. The peak amplifier provides additional power amplification when the carrier amplifier is driven into saturation.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Method and circuitry for multi-stage amplification

In an amplifier, a first stage receives a differential input voltage, which is formed by first and second input voltages, and outputs a first differential current in response thereto on first and second lines having respective first and second line voltages. A second stage receives the first and second line voltages and outputs a second differential current in response thereto on third and fourth lines having respective third and fourth line voltages.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Traveling wave mixer, sampler, and synthetic sampler

An electronic device comprises an input transmission line that receives an input signal, an output transmission line that transmits an output signal, a local oscillator transmission line that transmits a local oscillator signal, multiple amplification and mixing stages arranged in parallel between the input and output transmission lines and each amplifying a received portion of the input signal and mixing the amplified portion of the input signal with the local oscillator signal to produce a portion of the output signal, and multiple amplification stages arranged in parallel between the input and output transmission lines and each amplifying a received portion of the input signal to produce a portion of the output signal. The amplification stages are located proximate an output side of the electronic device, and the amplification and mixing stages are located proximate an input side of the electronic device..
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Dynamic characterisation of amplifier using multiple envelope shaping functions

A method of characterizing an envelope tracking amplification stage, the method comprising: generating an input test waveform which is representative of an input waveform under normal operating conditions of the amplification stage; applying a respective one of a plurality of different shaping functions, each comprising a non-linear transfer function, to the input signal envelope in each of a plurality of test periods during the period in which the input test waveform is applied as the input signal to generate the input to the envelope tracking modulated supply voltage; measuring parameters of the amplification stage during the period in which the input test waveform is applied in order to allow determination of the gain, phase and efficiency characteristics of the amplifier; and for each of the gain, phase and efficiency characteristics, generating a three dimensional plot of the characteristic with respect to input power and supply voltage applied to the amplifier.. .
Nujira Limited

Systems, methods, and compositions for viral-associated tumors

Contemplated systems and methods employ chimeric reference sequences that include a plurality of viral genome sequences to identify/quantify integration and co-amplification events. Most typically, the viral genome sequences are organized in the chimeric reference sequences as single chromosomes and the chimeric reference sequences are in bam format..
Nant Holdings Ip, Llc

Method of nucleic acid amplification

A nucleic acid molecule can be annealed to an appropriate immobilized primer. The primer can then be extended and the molecule and the primer can be separated from one another.
Illumina, Inc.

Dna amplification and sequencing using dna molecules generated by random fragmentation

The present invention is directed to methods to prepare a dna molecule or a plurality of dna molecules by random fragmentation. In some embodiments, the present invention regards preparing a template for dna sequencing by random fragmentation.
Rubicon Genomics, Inc.

Rf power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including direct cartesian 2-branch embodiments

Methods and systems for vector combining power amplification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plurality of signals are individually amplified, then summed to form a desired time-varying complex envelope signal.
Parkervision, Inc.

Method of obtaining high purity stem cells from tissue

The present invention relates to a method of obtaining high purity stem cells from tissue, comprising: providing an impurity-containing cell mass obtained from a tissue; providing a filter device which comprises a cylinder structure, wherein the cylinder structure comprise an inlet and an outlet below and a content configured inside the cylinder structure between the inlet and the outlet; culturing the impurity-free cell mass on a polymeric film, wherein target stem cells of the impurity-free cell mass conjugate into a spheroid cell population; collecting the spheroid cell population from the polymeric film to obtain high purity target stem cells. According to the method of the present invention, stem cells can be rapidly and easily obtained from tissue.
National Taiwan University

Method for detection of microorganism and kit for detection of microorganism

C) the step of analyzing an amplification product.. .

Detection of bacterial (mollicutes) contamination

The present disclosure provides a method and system for the pcr amplification of a target sequence which suppresses non-specific amplification products. The disclosure concerns the use of a primer pair optimized to amplify a nucleic acid of a contaminant in the background of genomic dna of a first organism.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Method and driving-environment sensor for determining the position and/or the movement of at least one object in the vicinity of a vehicle on the basis of acoustic signals reflected off of the object

In a method for determining the position and/or the movement of an object in the vicinity of a vehicle, received echo signals that have been reflected off of the object are each amplified by an amplification that is dependent on the propagation delay of the corresponding echo signal, and amplified echo signals of a plurality of measuring channels are each converted into a value-discretized and/or time-discretized measurement signal having a predefined, first dynamic range; and the measurement signals, which each have the first dynamic range, are mapped onto a second dynamic range of a processing device that is larger than the first dynamic range, in a way that allows them to be at least periodically simultaneously processed by the processing device.. .

Multi-wavelength distributed raman amplification set-up

Techniques are presented herein to set power levels for multiple raman pump wavelengths in a distributed raman amplification configuration. A first receive power measurement is obtained at a second node with a controlled optical source at a first node turned on and with a plurality of raman pump lasers at different wavelengths at the second node turned off.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Systems and methods of rf power transmission, modulation and amplification

Methods and systems for vector combining power amplification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plurality of signals are individually amplified, then summed to form a desired time-varying complex envelope signal.
Parker Vision, Inc.

Amplification circuit

An amplification circuit includes a first power supply; a first bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the first power supply; a first resistor one terminal of which is connected to an emitter of the first bipolar transistor; a second bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the other terminal of the first resistor; a second power supply; a third bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the second power supply; a second resistor one terminal of which is connected to an emitter of the third bipolar transistor; and a fourth bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the other terminal of the second resistor. An emitter of the second bipolar transistor is directly connected to an emitter of the fourth bipolar transistor, thereby becoming an output terminal..
Sony Corporation

Cmos rf switch device and biasing the same

According to certain aspects, a method includes determining whether to amplify a radio frequency (rf) signal by a first gain achievable by a first circuit or a second gain achievable by a second circuit, amplification of the first and second circuits respectively configured to be turned on or off by first and second switches, the first switch in the on state and the second switch in the off state resulting in the rf signal being amplified by the first gain, and the first switch in the off state and the second switch in the on state resulting in the rf signal being amplified by the second gain; and applying or inducing application of a first bias voltage or a second bias voltage to an isolated well of the first switch upon determination that the rf signal is to be amplified by the first gain or the second gain, respectively.. .
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Gain invariant impedance feedback amplifier

A system includes a weighting element, a transconductance circuit, a feedback loop, and an auxiliary loop. In some implementations, the transconductance circuit may accept an input and provide a first portion of an output for amplification at a variable amplification level to generate an amplifier output.
Broadcom Corporation

Voltage supply for electrical focusing of electron beams

A rapidly regulable high-voltage supply for the electrical focusing of an electron beam using a high-voltage final stage is provided. The high-voltage final stage includes a plurality of amplification elements that are interconnected in a series configuration with a first high-voltage connection, and a potential dividing chain including a series of potential dividing elements.

Systems, devices, and/or methods for solar cells comprising a light amplification element

Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method, which can comprise fabricating a system. The system can comprise a light amplification element and a charge transport element.
K Tube Technology Llc

Methods for preparing samples for nucleic acid amplification

The present invention is in the field of sample preparation. In particular, it relates to methods for preparing samples prior to performing nucleic acid amplification..
Lumora Ltd.

Systems and methods for performing amplicon rescue multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr)

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally pertain to systems and methods for performing amplicon rescue multiplex polymerase chain reaction (arm-pcr). In one embodiment, the system comprises a processor and a reader coupled to a control element.

Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries

A method including (a) providing an amplification reagent including an array of sites, and a solution having different target nucleic acids; and (b) reacting the amplification reagent to produce amplification sites each having a clonal population of amplicons from a target nucleic acid from the solution. The reacting can include simultaneously transporting the nucleic acids to the sites at an average transport rate, and amplifying the nucleic acids that transport to the sites at an average amplification rate, wherein the average amplification rate exceeds the average transport rate.
Illumina, Inc.

Methods of selecting binding-elements and uses thereof

Methods for selecting a binding-element are provided. The method comprised of different steps.
General Electric Company

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