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Amplification patents


This page is updated frequently with new Amplification-related patent applications.

 Beamforming based communications method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Beamforming based communications method and apparatus
Embodiments of the present application provide a beamforming based communications method and apparatus. The method includes: obtaining, by a transmit end, a transmit-end precoding matrix trbb, a transmit-end intermediate-frequency beamforming matrix trif, and a transmit-end radio-frequency-end beamforming matrix trrf according to feedback information that is from a receive end; acquiring a first data stream, and performing precoding processing on the first data stream according to trbb, to generate a first analog signal; performing weighting and power amplification processing on the first analog signal according to trif, to generate a second analog signal; performing weighting and power amplification processing on the second analog signal according to trrf, to generate a third analog signal; and determining an antenna array matching the third analog signal, and transmitting the third analog signal to the receive end by using the antenna array matching the third analog signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Data transmission method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Data transmission method and apparatus
A data transmission method and apparatus are provided, which can improve a throughput rate of a system, and improve data transmission performance and user experience. The method comprises determining a target bit sequence.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Efficient processing and detection of balanced codes patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient processing and detection of balanced codes
Circuits that are matched to balanced codes may recover transmitted information in a noise resilient and power efficient manner. Circuit components for processing a balanced code may include one or more of: matched amplification of the signals representing the balanced code, matched equalization and/or filtering on the signals representing the balanced code, matched non-linear filtering on the signaling representing the balanced code to detect the presence of particular symbols and matched latching of the signals representing the balanced code.
Kandou Labs, S.a.

 Digital signal processor and audio device patent thumbnailnew patent Digital signal processor and audio device
A digital signal processor that is capable of suppressing a signal level of an input analog signal at not more than the maximum voltage for a/d conversion and capable of preventing distortion of an a/d converted digital signal while maintaining a good s/n ratio. The digital signal processor 2 of the present invention includes amplification factor setting mechanisms to set amplification factors of the analog amplifiers to second amplification factors lower than first amplification factors specified by amplification factor adjustment knobs, digital amplifier mechanisms to amplify a/d converted digital signals by third amplification factors lower than the first amplification factors, and digital limiter mechanisms to compare the signal levels of the digital signals amplified by the third amplification factors with a threshold defined in advance and attenuate the digital signals within the range of the third amplification factors based on a result of the comparison..
Zoom Corporation

 Multistage amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Multistage amplifier
A first transistor has a first terminal and a second terminal. A second transistor has a third terminal, a fourth terminal and a fifth terminal electrically connected to the second terminal of the first transistor during amplification performed by the first transistor.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Variable voltage generation circuit and memory device including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Variable voltage generation circuit and memory device including the same
A variable voltage generation circuit includes a first amplification circuit and a second amplification circuit. The first amplification circuit generates a first output voltage based on a reference voltage, a first feedback voltage, a temperature-varied voltage and a temperature-fixed voltage such that the first output voltage is varied in a first voltage range according to a variation of the operational temperature.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Extremely large spin hall angle in topological insulator pn junction patent thumbnailnew patent Extremely large spin hall angle in topological insulator pn junction
The interplay between chiral tunneling and spin-momentum locking of helical surface states leads to spin amplification and filtering in a 3d topological insulator (ti). Chiral tunneling across a ti pn junction allows normally incident electrons to transmit, while the rest are reflected with their spins flipped due to spin-momentum locking.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

 A detachable electrodynamic sound pickup and amplification system, with a removable mounting plate and self-adhesive cabling patent thumbnailnew patent A detachable electrodynamic sound pickup and amplification system, with a removable mounting plate and self-adhesive cabling
A detachable electrodynamic sound pickup and amplification system, with a removable mounting plate and self-adhesive cabling, for classical string instruments and other musical instruments having electrically conductive strings, whose operation is based on the voltage generated in the electrically conductive strings of the instrument when they move three-dimensionally within a suitably shaped magnetic field. The sliding, removable mounting plate (3) with magnets (2) is clamped to the end of the fingerboard (11) of the instrument by use of a clip (19), and electrical connections are possible through self-adhesive connectors so that after removal of the mounting plate (3) and the remaining parts of the system, the instrument remains intact, without the slightest indication of any kind of aesthetic or constructional alteration..

 Gate driving circuit and oled display device patent thumbnailnew patent Gate driving circuit and oled display device
The present invention provides a gate driving circuit and an oled display device. The gate driving circuit comprises multiple stages of shift registers, each stage shift register is connected to an inverter; the shift register provides a first signal and a second signal for the inverter; the inverter receives the first signal and the second signal and generates a light emitting signal according to the first signal and the second signal and input the light emitting signal to the light emitting device; the inverter comprises at least two current amplification units and an external pull-down unit; each current amplification unit comprises a pull-up module, a pull-up hold module, an internal pull-down module and a driving transistor.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

 Device for detecting thickness of sheet medium and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Device for detecting thickness of sheet medium and method thereof
A device for detecting a thickness of a sheet medium is provided, the device is used to improve the sensitivity of the entire sheet medium thickness detection device while eliminating the zero voltage impact by disposing, before an a/d converter, an appropriately amplified subtraction amplification unit used for eliminating the zero voltage impact of thickness voltage. The sheet medium thickness detection device includes a thickness sensor, a position voltage conversion unit, an a/d converter and a control processor which are sequentially connected, and further includes a medium position detection unit, a timer unit, a d/a converter and a subtraction amplification unit.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

new patent

Voltage regulator with improved electrical properties and corresponding control method

A voltage-regulator device includes an error-amplifier stage configured to receive a first reference voltage and a feedback voltage, an output amplifier stage coupled to the error-amplifier stage and configured to generate an output voltage related to the first reference voltage by an amplification factor, and a feedback stage configured to generate the feedback voltage. A compensation stage is configured to implement a second feedback loop, and cause, in response to a variation of the output voltage, a corresponding variation of a first biasing voltage for the output amplifier stage.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

new patent

Booster valve for pneumatic circuits

Booster valve (4) for pneumatic circuits, comprising: a hollow body (5), a pilot flow inlet/outlet gap (15) communicating directly with a control volume (16), an inlet/outlet gap (45) communicating with an actuator and communicating directly with an accumulation volume (29), a supplying gap (53) communicating directly with a supplying volume (38), a discharge gap (44), an amplified discharge shutter (25) which determines the sealing towards the discharge gap (44), a central device (43) comprising an amplified charge shutter (32) which determines the sealing towards the supplying gap (53), an activation piston (22) which, subjected to the pressure acting in the accumulation volume (29) and in the control volume (16), determines the movement of the amplified discharge shutter (25) or the amplified charge shutter, and having two separated and independent charge (47) and discharge (46); gain control devices which allow an independent adjustment between the charge and the discharge step and vice versa, and the central device (43) comprising a plurality of stakes (33), which, in combination with the passage sections determined by the opening of the amplified discharge shutter (25) and the amplified charge shutter (32) determine the flow amplification in discharge and charge steps.. .
Sti Srl

new patent

Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification

Described herein are methods, compositions and articles of manufacture involving neutral conjugated polymers including methods for synthesis of neutral conjugated water-soluble polymers with linkers along the polymer main chain structure and terminal end capping units. Such polymers may serve in the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices and in the development of highly efficient biosensors.
Sirigen Inc.

new patent

Detection of infectious agents from environmental air dust

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to systems and methods for collection and analysis of environmental air dust (ead) within an individually ventilated cage rack (ivr) environment for detecting pathogens. The method includes collection of an ead sample by a collection media, isolation of a plurality of nucleic acids (e.g., rna and/or dna) representative of one or more infectious agents from the ead sample, optional reverse transcription of rna to cdna if the isolated nucleic acids contain rna, amplification of the cdna and/or dna (e.g., by polymerase chain reaction (pcr)), and assay interpretation.
Allentown Inc.

new patent

Methods for pcr and hla typing using unpurified samples

Provided are methods for amplifying a gene or rna or sets thereof of interest using a tandem pcr process. The primers in the first pcr or set of pcr reactions are locus-specific.

new patent

Recombinant polymerases for incorporation of protein shield nucleotide analogs

Provided are compositions comprising recombinant dna polymerases that include amino acid substitutions, insertions, deletions, and/or exogenous features that confer modified properties upon the polymerase for enhanced single molecule sequencing or nucleic acid amplification. Such properties include enhanced performance with large nucleotide analogs, increased stability, increased readlength, and improved detection of modified bases, and can also include resistance to photodamage, enhanced metal ion coordination, reduced exonuclease activity, reduced reaction rates at one or more steps of the polymerase kinetic cycle, decreased branching fraction, altered cofactor selectivity, increased yield, increased accuracy, altered speed, increased cosolvent resistance, and the like.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

new patent

Methods and compositions for nucleic acid amplification

Compositions, reaction mixtures, and methods for performing an amplification reaction, including multiplex amplification reaction, wherein the method comprises using one or more amplification oligomer complexes comprising linked first and second amplification oligomer members. In one aspect, the amplification oligomer complex is hybridized to a target nucleic acid, the target nucleic acid with hybridized amplification oligomer complex is then captured, and other components are washed away.
Gen-probe Incorporated

new patent

Method and system for decontaminating materials

Methods, systems, and devices for decontaminating materials containing biological or biologically derived materials, such as microorganisms or dna products, are provided. The methods, systems, and devices may be used for decontaminating or sterilizing materials, such as surfaces, including, but not limited to reducing the number of viable microorganisms on surfaces.
Rasirc, Inc.

new patent

Method for detecting nucleic acid using asymmetric isothermal amplification of nucleic acid and signal probe

The present invention relates to a method for accurately detecting a target nucleic acid by asymmetrically and isothermally amplifying the target nucleic acid using an external primer set, an internal primer set having different percentages of forward and reverse dna-ran-dna hybrid primers, and a dna-rna-dna hybrid signal probe and amplifying a signal of the probe at the same time. According to the present invention, the signal of the probe can be efficiently amplified compared with the method of the prior art, a symmetric itpa method, which is an isothermal primer and probe amplification method using the same percentage of primers.
Dxgene, Inc

new patent

Assay for chlamydia trachomatis by amplification and detection of chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene

A region of the chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene has been identified which is useful for performing amplification assays to determine specifically whether c. Trachomatis is present in the sample being tested.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

new patent

Electrochemical denaturing or hybridising nucleic acid molecules

Denaturation and hybridisation of double-stranded dna is a crucial reaction in many biological processes, such as dna replication. Dna denaturation and hybridisation can be controlled by e.g.
The University Court Of The University Of Edinburgh

new patent

Universal probe assay methods

Reagents and methods are provided for detecting the presence of a target polynucleotide in a sample are disclosed. In one aspect, a method for producing a labeled amplification product by amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence to produce an amplification product comprising the target sequence, a first probe-binding sequence 5′ to the target sequence, and a second probe-binding sequence 3′ to the target sequence, thereby producing an amplification product; and hybridizing a first detection probe to the amplification product, the first detection probe comprising a first segment that hybridizes to the first probe-binding sequence and a second segment that hybridizes to the second probe-binding sequence, thereby producing a labeled amplification product is disclosed..
Fluidigm Corporation

new patent

Methods for synthesizing pools of probes

Compositions, methods and kits are disclosed for synthesizing and amplifying pools of probes using precursor oligonucleotides. In some aspects the precursor is amplified and nicking enzymes are used to separate the full length probes from the amplification products.
Affymetrix, Inc.

new patent

Compositions and methods for preparing oligonucleotide solutions

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for generating a pool of oligonucleotides. The invention finds use in preparing a population or subpopulations of oligonucleotides in solution.
Illumina, Inc.

Led light dongle communication system

A universal serial bus (usb) dongle may include an optical transceiver having a usb interface for engagement to an electronic device such as a laptop computer or other usb-configured device. The usb dongle may include a converter or buffering, isolation, modulation or amplification circuitry.
Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.

Transistor package, amplification circuit including the same, and forming transistor

A transistor package according to one exemplary embodiment includes main transistors and a sub-transistor placed in the same package as the main transistors and having a smaller size than the main transistors. It is thereby possible to provide a transistor package with more versatility capable of forming various types of doherty amplification circuits such as a doherty amplification circuit with auto-biasing function and an extended doherty amplification circuit with desired operating characteristics, an amplification circuit including the same, and a method of forming a transistor..
Nec Corporation

Amplification systems and methods with one or more channels

Systems and methods are provided for amplifying multiple input signals to generate multiple output signals. An example system includes a first channel, a second channel, and a third channel.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Electron beam microscope with improved imaging gas and use

Charged particle beam imaging and measurement systems are provided using gas amplification with an improved imaging gas. The system includes a charged particle beam source for directing a charged particle beam to work piece, a focusing lens for focusing the charged particles onto the work piece, and an electrode for accelerating secondary electrons generated from the work piece irradiation by the charged practice beam, or another gas cascade detection scheme.
Fei Company

Acoustic amplification system for a shoe

Disclosed herein are embodiments of an acoustic amplification system for a shoe which includes an amplifier configured to couple to a sole portion of the shoe. The amplifier includes a body; an open-ended cavity disposed within the body; and a sound wave-amplifying conduit disposed within the body, the sound wave-amplifying conduit having opposing inlet and outlet ports, whereby the inlet port acoustically couples to the open-ended cavity and the outlet port acoustically couples to an ambient environment.
S9, Llc

Non-touch optical detection of vital signs from variation amplification subsequent to multiple frequency filters

An apparatus of motion amplification to communicate biological vital signs includes a first frequency filter that applies a frequency filter to at least two images, a regional facial clusterial module that is coupled to the first frequency filter and that applies spatial clustering to output of the first frequency filter, a second frequency filter that is coupled to the regional facial clusterial module and that is applied to output of the regional facial clusterial module, thus generating a temporal variation, a vital-sign generator that is coupled to the second frequency filter that generates at least one vital sign from the temporal variation, and a display device that is coupled to the vital-sign generator that displays the at least one vital sign.. .
Arc Devices Limited

Polarization reducing apparatus, light source apparatus, optical amplifying apparatus, and excitation light source raman amplification

A polarization reducing apparatus includes a separating unit configured to separate input light into components having polarization directions orthogonal to each other; a winding waveguide of silicon formed on a silicon substrate in a winding manner, the winding waveguide transmitting a first component among the components separated by the separating unit; an optical path configured to have a shorter optical path length than the winding waveguide, the optical path transmitting a second component among the components separated by the separating unit; a combining unit configured to combine the first component and the second component; and an output unit configured to output light consisting of the first component and the second component combined by the combining unit.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Ultrasonic test ultrasonic testing

An ultrasonic test apparatus including a test head for emitting an emission frequency spectrum having an emission center frequency and receiving a reception frequency spectrum having a reception center frequency, a unit being provided in which a fourier transform on the received reception frequency spectrum can be carried out, and the reception center frequency of the fourier-transformed reception frequency spectrum being subsequently determined, and subsequently a defined add-on amplification being applied to the reception frequency spectrum. Also, a method for ultrasonic testing is disclosed..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Size dependence of nanoparticle-protein interaction and high sensitivity potentiometric sensor exploiting such interactions

Fabrication of a high sensitivity potentiometric biosensor is described. The present inventors have developed and characterized a novel amplification platform using a gold nanoparticle (gnps) electrodeposition method.

Ionizing radiation detection apparatus

An ionizing radiation detection apparatus of the present disclosure includes a first drift electrode disposed inside a chamber and a first detection unit disposed inside the chamber so as to oppose the first drift electrode, wherein the first detection unit is configured to detect a first ionization electron produced through compton scattering caused by an incident γ-ray inside the scattering gas, and a second drift electrode configured to emit a reference x-ray upon being excited by the incident γ-ray with a second detection unit disposed so as to oppose the second drift electrode and configured to detect a second ionization electron produced as the reference x-ray is photoelectrically absorbed by the scattering gas, and a control unit configured to compensate for a change in an amplification factor of a signal output from each of the first detection unit and the second detection unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Single-cell nucleic acid analysis

The present invention provides methods for analysis of genomic dna and/or rna from small samples or even single cells. Methods for analyzing genomic dna can entail whole genome amplification (wga), followed by preamplification and amplification of selected target nucleic acids.
Fluidigm Corporation

Method to increase sensitivity of next generation sequencing

A method for detecting a low-occurrence mutation in isolated dna adds a blocking probe to reagents during amplification of the isolated dna. The blocking probe is an oligonucleotide complementary to wild-type dna corresponding to the sample.
Neogenomics Laboratories, Inc.

Piezoelectric jetting system and method with amplification mechanism

A jetting dispenser includes an actuator with a piezoelectric unit that lengthens by a first distance in response to an applied voltage, and an amplifier operatively coupled to the piezoelectric unit. The amplifier includes first and second ends and the second end moves through a second distance, larger than the first distance under the applied voltage.
Nordson Corporation

True nucleic acid amplification

A system and method directed to dna amplification with optional in situ purification, sequencing and/or detection, or a system compatible with integrated, post-amplification purification and or sequencing by capillary electrophoresis and other methods. The device is a single, helical channel formed of fused silica with heat zones defined about fixed arcs of the helix inner and/or outer circumference.
Cyclone Biosciences Llc

Method, system and automatic gain control in direct-conversion receiver

A wireless receiver automatic gain control system includes: a coarse amplification subsystem that receives and amplifies a carrier-modulated signal; a demodulator that generates a baseband signal from the amplified carrier-modulated signal; a fine amplification subsystem that amplifies the baseband signal; and a controller connected to the amplification subsystems. The controller: obtains a unified gain value for the amplification subsystems; based on the unified gain value, selects (i) one of a plurality of coarse gain values defining a set of coarse gain steps each spanning a plurality of unified gain steps, and (ii) one of a plurality of fine gain values defining a set of fine gain steps each spanning a single unified gain step; and sets (i) the gain of the coarse amplification subsystem to the selected coarse gain value, and (ii) the gain of the fine amplification subsystem to the selected fine gain value..
Peraso Technologies Inc.

Reference circuits for biasing radio frequency electronics

Reference circuits for biasing radio frequency electronics are provided herein. In certain implementations, a gallium arsenide die includes a power amplifier configured to provide amplification to a signal, a reference voltage circuit including an output terminal that provides a reference voltage, and a mirror circuit configured to bias the power amplifier based on the reference voltage.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Automatic gain control module, controlling the same, vehicle including the automatic gain control module, and controlling the vehicle

An automatic gain control module includes a first operation unit for determining a first gain value used for amplification of a voice signal in a manner that an energy of the voice signal received from an external part reaches a target energy, a second operation unit for determining a second gain value used for amplification of the voice signal in a manner that a peak value of the voice signal reaches a maximum value capable of being amplified, and a voice amplification unit for amplifying the voice signal according to a minimum value from among the first gain value and the second gain value.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Mram-based pre-distortion linearization and amplification circuits

A circuit has a magnetic device to produce a pre-distorted signal from a sinusoidal input signal. The magnetic device has physical attributes selected to produce characteristics of the pre-distorted signal.
Crocus Technology Inc.

Magnetoelectric device capable of damping power amplification

A magnetoelectric device includes reluctance components, damping modules and a driving module. Each reluctance component includes a magnetic core unit having a loop-shaped first segment and a second segment connected to the first segment, first to third coils wound around and loosely coupled to the first segment, a first capacitor connected between the second and third coils, and a second capacitor connected to the third coil in parallel.

Laser apparatus

A laser apparatus may include a beam splitter configured to split a pulse laser beam into a first beam path and a second beam path, an optical sensor provided in the first beam path, an amplifier including an amplification region provided in the second beam path and being configured to amplify and emit the pulse laser beam incident thereon along the second beam path, a wavefront controller provided in the second beam path between the beam splitter and the amplifier, and a processor configured to receive an output signal from the optical sensor and transmit a control signal to the wavefront controller.. .
Gigaphoton Inc.

Electronic device

Provided is an electronic device including a circuit for reading data from a memory cell that can store multilevel data. The electronic device includes a memory cell array region, n sense amplifier regions, and switching elements.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Low-power bandgap reference voltage generator using leakage current

A low-power bandgap reference voltage generator using a leakage current may include: a medium voltage generation unit configured to generate a medium voltage based on the absolute temperature, using a leakage current; a low power amplifier configured to amplify the medium voltage and outputting an operational amplification voltage; and a reference voltage output unit configured to output a reference voltage based on the operational amplification voltage at a target level.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

Semiconductor integrated circuit for regulator

A semiconductor integrated circuit for a regulator, including: a control transistor; a control circuit; and a discharge circuit, wherein the discharge circuit includes: a constant current source circuit; a reference voltage generating circuit; a voltage comparator circuit; and a current amplification circuit, and wherein the control circuit is configured to control the control transistor in response to the control signal, and the discharge circuit is configured to operate the discharge transistor by the amplified current amplified by the current amplification circuit.. .
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Digital compensation for amplifier-induced instability

A method is provided for correcting radar signal transient variation induced by power amplification in a pulse radar transmitter. The method includes establishing a first plurality of characteristics of a first pulse sequence having a digital pulse; establishing a second plurality of characteristics of a second pulse sequence having a plurality of digital pulses; comparing the first and second pluralities of characteristics to determine a sequence difference; providing pre-distortion coefficients for the plurality of digital pulses corresponding to the signal transient variation in response to the sequence difference; and applying the coefficients to the plurality of digital pulses prior to the power amplification..
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

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