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Amplification patents

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Multiplexed amplification of short nucleic acids

Multiplexed amplification of short nucleic acids

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Digital-analog conversion apparatus and method patent thumbnailDigital-analog conversion apparatus and method
An apparatus and a method for digital-analog conversion are provided. The apparatus includes a first cell matrix for outputting a current of a signal corresponding to a number of most significant bits (msbs) of an input digital signal, a second cell matrix for outputting a current of a signal corresponding to a number of least significant bits (lsbs) of the input digital signal, an amplifier for amplifying the output current of the second cell matrix at a preset amplification, and an adder for adding the output current of the first cell matrix and the output current of the amplifier..
 3' biased detection of nucleic acids patent thumbnail3' biased detection of nucleic acids
The invention provides materials and methods for the detection of nucleic acid expression via the 3′ portion of expressed sequences. Embodiments of the invention include the use of microarrays comprising nucleic acid probes that are complementary to the 3′ end of expressed sequences and by the use of quantitative pcr (q-pcr) based amplification of sequences found at or near the 3′ end of expressed sequences.
 Multiplexed amplification of short nucleic acids patent thumbnailMultiplexed amplification of short nucleic acids
The present teachings provide methods, compositions, and kits for reverse transcribing and amplifying small nucleic acids such as micro rnas. High levels of multiplexing are provided by the use of a zip-coded stem-loop reverse transcription primer, along with a pcr-based pre-amplification reaction that comprises a zip-coded forward primer.
 Compositions and methods for directional nucleic acid amplification and sequencing patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for directional nucleic acid amplification and sequencing
The invention provides methods and compositions, including kits, for directional nucleic acid amplification and sequencing. The invention further provides methods and compositions for the construction of directional cdna libraries..
 Automatic gain correction circuit with variable setpoint patent thumbnailAutomatic gain correction circuit with variable setpoint
An automatic gain correction circuit for radiofrequency signals applies notably to the regulation of the amplification of signals for satellite radionavigation. The automatic gain correction circuit is able to receive an input radiofrequency signal and to deliver an output radiofrequency signal of which a mean amplitude is slaved to a setpoint.
 Methods and systems to analyze reactions using an information system patent thumbnailMethods and systems to analyze reactions using an information system
Disclosed are example methods and systems to determine the quantity of an analyte initially present in a chemical and or biological reaction. Also disclosed are computer implemented methods and systems to automate portions of the analysis comprising mathematical or graphical analysis of an amplification reaction..
 Nucleic acid amplification patent thumbnailNucleic acid amplification
Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
 Compositions and methods for detecting bv-associated bacterial nucleic acid patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for detecting bv-associated bacterial nucleic acid
Disclosed are nucleic acid oligomers, including amplification oligomers, capture probes, and detection probes, for detection of a 16s rrna or its encoding gene from bacterial species associated with bacterial vaginosis. Also disclosed are methods of specific nucleic acid amplification and detection using the disclosed oligomers, as well as corresponding reaction mixtures and kits..
 Optical distance measuring apparatus patent thumbnailOptical distance measuring apparatus
An optical distance measuring apparatus including a light source, a variable mirror scanning the light on an object, a receiving device receiving light from the object, a detected signal amplifying unit detecting a light receiving signal obtained by the receiving device, an amplification control unit detecting a set target value of light sensitivity of the receiving device or sets the light sensitivity based on a light quantity of reflected light, and a distance calculation unit detecting a flight time of the ranging light from a light emitting signal and calculating a distance up to the object, wherein in a first scan period, the amplification control unit detects the set target value based on a light quantity of the reflected light, and in a second scan period, the amplification control unit sets sensitivity of the receiving device to the set target value and the distance calculation unit calculates the distance.. .
 Electromagnetic actuator patent thumbnailElectromagnetic actuator
There is provided an electromagnetic actuator which can secure a sufficient thrust force at least at a certain level over a wide range of displacement. The electromagnetic actuator 1 having a point of amplified displacement includes: a displacement amplification mechanism 1a made of a magnetic material and having two surfaces 2as, 2bs that form a gap 5 therebetween; and a coil 6 provided in the displacement amplification mechanism 1a.
Pulsed hydraulic pressure amplification system
A hydraulic pressure amplification system for increasing the output pressure in the delivery pipe to or from a ram pump, a spring rebound inertia pump or similar cyclic pumps which deliver a pulsating flow. Said hydraulic pressure amplification system comprises a fluid inlet (29), a fluid outlet (30) and one or more rigid bodies (21) which contain an enclosed convolute passageway extending between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet.
Heartbeat signal processing method
A heartbeat signal method includes detecting first and second heartbeat signals, where the first and second heartbeat signals may be potential difference signals with respect to a reference potential. First and second average dc voltage values as voltage values of direct-current components in the first and second heartbeat signals are calculated.
Methods for treating cancer resistant to erbb therapeutics
Provided herein are methods for treating cancer that is resistant to treatment with an anti-erbb therapeutic agent and which is associated with an activating met gene mutation or a met gene amplification. The methods involve administering to a subject a combination of an anti-erbb therapeutic and an anti-met therapeutic.
Method for preparing nucleic acid library, its uses and kits
Provided are a method of constructing a nucleic acid library, a method of determining a nucleic acid sequence of a nucleic acid sample, and a kit thereof. The method of constructing the nucleic acid library includes the following steps: subjecting a nucleic acid sample to a dop-pcr amplification, to obtain a first pcr amplification product; subjecting the first pcr amplification product to a second pcr amplification using a dop-amp primer, to obtain a second pcr amplification product; and subjecting the second pcr amplification product to an adaptor-ligation pcr, to obtain a third pcr amplification product, wherein the third pcr amplification product constitutes the nucleic acid library..
System and method for a game racquet including an actuator
The present invention provides a game racquet including an integrated circuit capable of supporting a low-voltage energy current. An embodiment of the invention provides a game racquet including one or more enhancements attached or integrated on the racquet frame.
Targeted rolling circle amplification
Methods for amplifying a desired target region of a nucleic acid through rolling circle amplification with a strand-displacing polymerase are provided. Concatameric hairpin products are resolved with endonuclease digestion, and the resulting amplified product hairpins or fragments can be circularized and employed as templates in a subsequent round of amplification.
Methods for cell-free protein synthesis
Cell-free protein synthesis systems and methods of using the same for producing in vitro protein materials in high yield are disclosed. The cell-free protein synthesis platform includes (a) a saccharomyces cerevisiae cellular extract prepared from mid-exponential to late-exponential batch cultures in the range from about 6 od600 to about 18 od600 or fed-batch cultures harvested in mid-exponential to late-exponential phase; (b) a reaction buffer; and (c) a translation template or (c′) a transcription template from which a translation template can be prepared in situ with an rna polymerase.
Primer set, method for amplifying target nucleic acid sequence using same, and method for detecting mutated nucleic acid using same
The present invention provides a primer set including primers that can be designed easily, with which an amplification distance can be shortened. Provided is a primer set for use in a method for isothermally amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence 4.
Method for the carry-over protection in dna amplification systems targeting methylation analysis achieved by a modified pre-treatment of nucleic acids
Particular aspects provide methods for specific amplification of template dna in the presence of potentially contaminating pcr products from previous amplification experiments. Particular embodiments comprise, in a first step, contacting dna with a bisulfite solution, which sulfonates unmethylated (but not methylated) cytosines, resulting in cytosine deamination and generation of sulfonated uracil.
Cartridge interface module
A cartridge interface module (cim), configured to engage with a removable microfluidic cartridge in a nucleic acid analyzer system can include a fluidics component, which is configured to initiate and support a liquid extraction of nucleic acids from a biological sample contained in the removable microfluidic cartridge. The cim also includes a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assembly component which can be configured to initiate and support amplification of the extracted nucleic acids.
Nucleic acid amplification
Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Nucleic acid amplification
Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Method and components for detecting nucleic acid chains
The invention relates to a novel method for the enzymatic marking of nucleic acid chains (target sequences) by means of nucleotide conjugates. Said nucleotide conjugates are able, under reaction conditions, to specifically bind to the target sequence and integrate into the complementary growing strand by means of a polymerase.
Methods for multiplexing recombinase polymerase amplification
This disclosure provides for methods and reagents for rapid multiplex rpa reactions and improved methods for detection of multiplex rpa reaction products. In addition, the disclosure provides new methods for eliminating carryover contamination between rpa processes..
Method of allele-specific amplification
A method of selectively producing and amplifying a cdna sequence of a target allele of a gene, wherein the target allele is a mutant allele or is a specific allele of a polymorphic gene, the method comprising: (a) providing a sample comprising an mrna transcript of the target allele; (b) performing a reverse-transcription reaction to generate a cdna sequence from the mrna transcript, and (c) amplifying the cdna of the target allele; wherein the reverse-transcription reaction is selective for reverse transcription of the mrna transcript of the target allele over an mrna transcript of an alternative allele of the same gene.. .
Method for high-throughput aflp-based polymorphism detection
The invention relates to a method for the high throughput discovery, detection and genotyping of one or more genetic markers in one or more samples, comprising the steps of restriction endonuclease digest of dna, adaptor-ligation, optional pre-amplification, selective amplification, pooling of the amplified products, sequencing the libraries with sufficient redundancy, clustering followed by identification of the genetic markers within the library and/or between libraries and determination of (co-)dominant genotypes of the genetic markers.. .
Methods and compositions for isothermal whole genome amplification
Disclosed are methods and compositions for amplification of genetic material, including isothermal wga of single cells.. .
Identification of antibiotic resistance
The invention relates to a method and a kit for the detection of an antibiotic resistance in a predetermined micro-organism in a biological sample. The method according to the invention comprises the following steps: (a) contacting the biological sample with a first nucleic acid labelled with a first label and capable of selectively hybridizing with a nucleic acid in the micro-organism, (b) identifying the micro-organism by the detection of the presence of the first label in an individual cell of the micro-organism, (c) contacting the sample with at least one probe for detection of an antibiotic resistance in a micro-organism, wherein said at least one probe is labelled with at least a second label, and (d) determining the antibiotic resistance of the micro-organism by the detection of the presence of at least the second label, wherein steps (b) and (d) are performed simultaneously so as to allow quick identification of a pathogen directly from a sample without culturing and without prior amplification..
Methods and compositions for treating cancers having acquired resitance to prior chemotherapeutic and targeted drugs using carboxyamidotriazole orotate
This invention provides methods and compositions useful for treating early and late stage metastatic cancer to prevent or treat acquired resistance due to gene amplification or mutation in response to chemotherapeutic and/or targeted drugs. In particular, the methods and compositions include carboxiamidotriazole orotate (cto) alone or in combination with specific regimens of chemotherapeutic and/or targeted drugs designed to overcome the genomic resistance raised to prior therapy..
Method and device for optical parametric chirped pulse amplification
An optical parametric amplification device and method. The method includes providing a pump pulse having a pump pulse duration, providing a chirped seed pulse having a seed pulse duration, sequentially passing the pump and seed pulses through amplification stages, wherein the pump and seed pulses are coupled into the amplification stages with varying mutual temporal overlap and the seed pulse is amplified at each amplification stage, an amplified signal pulse is provided by the seed pulse after amplification in a last ampli-fication stage, the seed pulse duration is longer than the pump pulse duration, the mutual temporal overlap of the pump and seed pulses is varied with different temporal ranges of the seed pulse amplified at each amplification stage.
Low-noise electronic circuit simulating the behavior of an inductance
An electronic circuit simulating the behavior of an inductance between a respective input node and a reference potential. The electronic circuit comprises a compensation network electrically connected between ground and a source potential and an inverting amplification stage electrically connected to the output of the compensation network.
Folded cascode amplifier circuit
A folded cascode amplifier circuit includes: an input stage having a pair of transistors and configured to output a positive phase intermediate signal and an opposite phase intermediate signal; a cascode amplification stage having pairs of transistors connected in multiple stages, to which the positive phase intermediate signal and the opposite phase intermediate signal are supplied, and which is configured to output a positive phase output signal and an opposite phase output signal, which are differential signals; a first capacitor connected between a signal line of the positive phase intermediate signal and a signal line of the opposite phase output signal; and a second capacitor connected between a signal line of the opposite phase intermediate signal and a signal line of the positive phase output signal.. .
Amplification circuit, source driver, electrooptical device, and electronic device
An amplification circuit that can reduce an area without using transistors with a high withstand voltage. The amplification circuit (100) includes: an operational amplifier with a first input terminal connected to a reference node; a first capacitor (ca1) provided between a first node and the reference node; a second capacitor (ca2) provided between a second node and the reference node; a switch element (sw1) provided between the first node and an input node of an input voltage; a switch element (sw2) provided between the first node and a supply node of a first analog reference voltage; a switch element (sw3) provided between the second node and an output node of an output voltage; a switch element (sw4) provided between the second node and a supply node of a second analog reference voltage; and a switch element (sw5) provided between the output node of the output voltage and the reference node..
Radio-frequency power amplifier
A device for radio-frequency power amplification having a switching arrangement is provided. The switching arrangement is configured to amplify, during operation, a radio-frequency input signal that is present at a signal input and has a low input power, and to provide, during continuous wave (cw) operation, a continuous output signal at an output.
Amplification device and amplification method
An amplification device includes: an amplitude adjustment circuit configured to adjust an amplitude level of an input signal so as to keep the amplitude level within a given range; an amplifier configured to amplify the adjusted signal; and a circuitry configured to change an amplitude level of the amplified signal, based on the amplitude level of the input signal and a first distortion compensation corresponding to the amplitude level of the input signal.. .
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes: an obtaining unit, a correction coefficient deriving unit, an amplification degree deriving unit, and a filtering processing unit. The obtaining unit obtains a distribution of a radio frequency magnetic field.
Magnetic resonance imaging with switched-mode current-source amplifier having gallium nitride field effect transistors for parallel transmission in mri
Example systems, apparatus, circuits, and other embodiments described herein concern parallel transmission in mri. One example apparatus includes at least two enhanced mode gallium nitride (egan) based field effect transistors (fets) that are connected by a coil that includes an lc (inductance-capacitance) leg.
Method and apparatus for amplifying an ambient wind stream to a wind turbine
A wind speed amplification device that cooperates with a wind turbine to amplify ambient wind speed conditions directed to the blades of the wind turbine. In one embodiment, the amplification device has a conical shape that is configured to generally overly the central hub associated with an axis of rotation of the blades.
Electronic signal processor
An electronic signal processor for processing signals includes a complex first filter, one or more gain stages and a second filter. The first filter is characterized by a frequency response curve that includes multiple corner frequencies, with some corner frequencies being user selectable.
Procedure and mechanism for controlling and using voice communication
In a method and system for controlling voice communication of a first person with at least a second person via a communication network a first microphone receives and converts vocal utterances from the first person to a voice signal. A first processor generates a transmission signal by processing the voice signal.
Production of recombinant protein in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system
The present invention describes a novel method for recombinant protein production using a baculovirus protein expression system in insect cells, wherein baculovirus virion production is suppressed during recombinant protein production. The novel expression system produces reduced levels of baculovirus virions during recombinant protein production phase, thereby reducing the need for purification of the recombinant protein from the contaminating virus.
Composition for amplifying nucleic acids
The invention relates to a concentrated and buffered liquid composition for amplifying nucleic acids, comprising at least one dntp, at least one enzyme required for the amplification, at least one oligonucleotide primer, and at least one fluorescent nucleotide probe, in the presence of a polyol and/or of polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp).. .
Probe:antiprobe compositions for high specificity dna or rna detection
Probe systems and methods are provided for detecting nucleic acid targets using labeled polynucleotide probes and antiprobes that interact together and with complementary targets. These interactions result in signaling changes that indicate target frequency and provide error-checking functions that facilitate single base discrimination.
High power neodymium fiber lasers and amplifiers
A fiber block is configured with a fiber block including a nd-doped active fiber and a pump-light delivery fiber which has a stretch extending along the active fiber in a side-to-side configuration so as to lunch pump light into the nd-doped core of the active fiber. The core of the active fiber is surrounded by at least one or more claddings which, like the core, have a double bottleneck cross-section with a relatively large-area central region and relatively small input and output regions.
Breaker circuit with failure self-detection functions
A breaker circuit is provided with failure self-detection functions. The circuit may comprise line and neutral power supply lines, line and neutral power output lines, a test magnetic coil, a neutral magnetic coil, a first electronic switch, and a first rectifier dc power unit comprising a bridge rectifier and a filter circuit.
Dynamic and depolarized dynamic light scattering colloid analyzer
Apparatus are described for measuring the characteristics of colloidal particles suspended in transparent media by dynamic light scattering (dls) and depolarized dynamic light scattering (ddls) into regions where conventional measurements are difficult or impractical. Matching the diameter of an illuminating beam and an intersecting diameter of a field stop image extends measurements into regions that include concentrated turbid suspensions that frequently appear so visually opaque that multiple scattering typically gives a falsely low estimate of particle size.
Image display device
A change in the white balance caused due to the temperature is reduced in an image display device using mems and a laser light source. An image processing unit of the device superposes a signal based on a first measured value of a light quantity at a first temperature on a image signal to be supplied to the laser light source.
High efficiency amplification
A radio frequency amplification stage comprising: an amplifier for receiving an input signal to be amplified and a power supply voltage; and a power supply voltage stage for supplying said power supply voltage, comprising: means for providing a reference signal representing the envelope of the input signal; means for selecting one of a plurality of supply voltage levels in dependence on the reference signal; and means for generating an adjusted selected power supply voltage, comprising an ac amplifier for amplifying a difference between the reference signal and one of the selected supply voltage level or the adjusted selected supply voltage level, and a summer for summing the amplified difference with the selected supply voltage to thereby generate the adjusted supply voltage.. .
Power amplifier saturation detection
In a portable radio transceiver, a power amplifier system includes a saturation detector that detects power amplifier saturation in response to duty cycle of the amplifier transistor collector voltage waveform. The saturation detection output signal can be used by a power control circuit to back off or reduce the amplification level of the power amplifier to avoid power amplifier control loop saturation..
Amplification device and transmitter
According to one embodiment, an amplification device includes an input terminal into which an input signal is inputted, a first amplifier, an output terminal, a variable impedance module connected at an output end of the first amplifier, a second amplifier, a reference impedance element connected at an output end of the second amplifier, a magnitude comparator, a phase comparator, and a controller. The controller is configured to control impedance of the variable impedance module so that impedance at a point between the first amplifier and the variable impedance approaches a first value..
Preamplifier for charged particle detection
A preamplifier is provided for correction of overshoot or undershoot effects present in a signal received from a charged particle detection electrode. The preamplifier is ground-isolated from the charged particle detection electrode and comprises: a main amplification stage, configured to receive and amplify the isolated signal; a feed-forward stage, configured to generate a compensation signal from the amplified ground-isolated signal, the compensation signal being generated to mirror the overshoot or undershoot effects; and an output, arranged to provide an output signal that is a combination of the amplified ground-isolated signal and the compensation signal.

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