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Amplification patents

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Liquid ejection device and liquid ejection surgical instrument

Method and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library

Date/App# patent app List of recent Amplification-related patents
 Enhancing performance of spectral band replication and related high frequency reconstruction coding patent thumbnailEnhancing performance of spectral band replication and related high frequency reconstruction coding
The present proposes new methods and an apparatus for enhancement of source coding systems utilising high frequency reconstruction (hfr). It addresses the problem of insufficient noise contents in a reconstructed highband, by adaptive noise-floor addition.
 Liquid ejection device and liquid ejection surgical instrument patent thumbnailLiquid ejection device and liquid ejection surgical instrument
A liquid ejection device includes a drive waveform generator generating a drive waveform signal; a modulator performing pulse modulation on a signal from the drive waveform generator to provide a modulated signal; a digital power amplifier performing power amplification on the modulated signal to provide an amplified digital signal; a lowpass filter smoothing the amplified digital signal to provide a drive signal of an actuator; a compensator advancing the phase of the drive signal to provide a negative feedback signal; and a subtractor providing a differential signal between the drive waveform signal and the negative feedback signal as an input signal to the modulator. The liquid ejection device can be used as a liquid ejection surgical instrument..
 Method and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library patent thumbnailMethod and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library
The disclosure relates a method and a kit for constructing a plasma deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) sequencing library. The method provided by the disclosure includes: extracting a plasma dna; making the plasma dna ligate to a sequencing linker, and purifying a ligation product; performing polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification for the purified ligation product, purifying the pcr amplification product, and obtaining the plasma dna sequencing library, wherein, the method does not include the step of performing 5′-terminus phosphorylation for the plasma dna.
 Methods of nucleic acid amplification and sequencing patent thumbnailMethods of nucleic acid amplification and sequencing
Methods for amplification and sequencing of at least one nucleic acid comprising the following steps: (1) forming at least one nucleic acid template comprising the nucleic acid(s) to be amplified or sequenced, wherein said nucleic acid(s) contains at the 5′ end an oligonucleotide sequence y and at the 3′ end an oligonucleotide sequence z and, in addition, the nucleic acid(s) carry at the 5′ end a means for attaching the nucleic acid(s) to a solid support; (2) mixing said nucleic acid template(s) with one or more colony primers x, which can hybridize to the oligonucleotide sequence z and carries at the 5′ end a means for attaching the colony primers to a solid support, in the presence of a solid support so that the 5′ ends of both the nucleic acid template and the colony primers bind to the solid support; (3) performing one or more nucleic acid amplification reactions on the bound template(s), so that nucleic acid colonies are generated and optionally, performing at least one step of sequence determination of one or more of the nucleic acid colonies generated. Solid supports, kits and apparatus for use in these methods..
 Method for the spatial arrangement of sample fragments for amplification and immobilization for further derivatizations patent thumbnailMethod for the spatial arrangement of sample fragments for amplification and immobilization for further derivatizations
The invention relates to a method for performing a biochemical or chemical reaction for an isolated, spatially separated amplification of sample fragments during a simultaneous immobilization and spatial arrangement of the sample fragments and reaction products, the amplification products, on one or more suitable solid phases for subsequent derivatizations.. .
 High throughput paired-end sequencing of large-insert clone libraries patent thumbnailHigh throughput paired-end sequencing of large-insert clone libraries
The present invention is related to genomic nucleotide sequencing. In particular, the invention describes a paired end sequencing method that improves the yield of long-distance genomic read pairs by constructing long-insert clone libraries (i.e., for example, a fosill library or a foscn library) and converting the long-insert clone library using inverse polymerase chain reaction amplification or shearing and recircularization of shortened fragments into a library of co-ligated clone-insert ends.
 Methods of detecting low copy nucleic acids patent thumbnailMethods of detecting low copy nucleic acids
Methods are provided for detecting low copy nucleic acids of interest in a sample. In one method, a sample comprising a nucleic acid of interest is aliquotted into a plurality of reaction mixtures, at least two of which are single-copy reaction mixtures.
 Safe sequencing system patent thumbnailSafe sequencing system
The identification of mutations that are present in a small fraction of dna templates is essential for progress in several areas of biomedical research. Though massively parallel sequencing instruments are in principle well-suited to this task, the error rates in such instruments are generally too high to allow confident identification of rare variants.
 Methods for rapid identification and quantitation of nucleic acid variants patent thumbnailMethods for rapid identification and quantitation of nucleic acid variants
There is a need for nucleic acid analysis which is both specific and rapid, and in which no nucleic acid sequencing is required. The present invention addresses this need, among others by providing a method of nucleic acid amplification of overlapping sub-segments of a nucleic acid followed by molecular mass measurement of resulting amplification products by mass spectrometry, and determination of the base compositions of the amplification products..
 Method for the detection of copy number variations patent thumbnailMethod for the detection of copy number variations
A method for the detection of copy number variations (cnvs) that combines similar sequences with melting curve analysis. The method consists of the following steps: 1) screening similar endogenous reference sequences or synthetic similar exogenous reference sequences in the entire genome according to the target sequence; 2) aligning the target sequence and the reference sequence and designing common amplification primers; 3) amplifying the target sequence and the reference sequence in a same reaction tube using a pair of common primers; and 4) analyzing the pcr product by melting curve analysis.
Detection of genetic or molecular aberrations associated with cancer
Systems, apparatus, and methods are provided for determining genetic or molecular aberrations in a biological sample from an organism. Biological samples including cell-free dna fragments are analyzed to identify imbalances in chromosomal regions, e.g., due to deletions and/or amplifications in a tumor.
Method and apparatus for predicting susceptibility to a developmental disorder
A nucleotide sequence signal amplification composition that includes an isolated, synthetic nucleotide sequence of greater than 7 nucleotides. The sequence is a fragment of seq id no:3 and further comprising a t nucleotide at position 1438 of seq id no:3 and one or more primers that bind to the synthetic nucleotide sequence, a thermostable dna polymerase, a restriction enzyme, or a combination thereof..
Compositions, methods and kits to detect adenovirus nucleic acids
The disclosed invention is related to methods, compositions, kits and isolated nucleic acid sequences for targeting adenovirus nucleic acid. Compositions include amplification oligomers and/or detection probe oligomers.
Rabies virus like particle production in plants
A method of producing a virus like particle (vlp) in a plant is provided. The method comprises introducing a first nucleic acid into the plant, or portion of the plant.
Communication system and method with papr and backoff configured for equilibrium
A communication system (20) includes a transmitter (22) having a peak controller (38) which controls papr to operate in accordance with a noise constraint. A backoff controller (60) operates in conjunction with an amplifier section (46) to cause the amplifier section (46) to maximize the amplification it applies while maintaining a predetermined degree of amplifier linearity.
Adapted piecewise linear processing device
A piecewise linear processing device applies different amplification rates according to a general environment and a low luminance environment where much noise exists. The piecewise linear processing device includes a knee point storing unit configured to store a user's default setting value and low luminance setting value; a luminance detecting unit configured to detect a noisy environment to output a current luminance information signal and a maximum luminance information signal; an adaptive knee point supply unit configured to receive the default setting value, the low luminance setting value, the current luminance information signal, and the maximum luminance information signal to supply a adjusted adaptive knee point according to a degree of noise; and a piecewise linear processing unit configured to apply a section amplification rate to an input data on the basis of a region corresponding to the adaptive knee point..
Extended variable gain amplification bandwidth with high-frequency boost
An apparatus having a circuit is disclosed. The circuit may be configured to (i) receive an input signal from a communication channel and (ii) generate an intermediate signal by amplifying the input signal (a) by a low-frequency gain in response to an amplitude control signal and (b) by a high-frequency gain in response to a boost control signal..
Sensor circuit
Provided is a sensor circuit which can amplify a sensor signal at high speed and with a high amplification factor without increasing the current consumption. The sensor circuit includes a primary amplifier for amplifying in advance a differential output signal which is a current signal of a sensor element, a secondary amplifier for amplifying the amplified differential output signal, a constant voltage generating circuit for maintaining a sensor element driving current to be constant, and a feedback circuit for feeding back a feedback signal to adjust an amplification factor.
Wearable apparatus to detect sleep stage information of an individual
A monitor device and associated methodology are disclosed which provide a self contained, relatively small and continuously wearable package for the monitoring of heart related parameters, including ecg. The detection of heart related parameters is predicated on the location of inequipotential signals located within regions of the human body conventionally defined as equivalent for the purpose of detection of heart related electrical activity, such as on single limbs.
Wearable apparatus to detect pulse transit time
A monitor device and associated methodology are disclosed which provide a self contained, relatively small and continuously wearable package for the monitoring of heart related parameters, including ecg. The detection of heart related parameters is predicated on the location of inequipotential signals located within regions of the human body conventionally defined as equivalent for the purpose of detection of heart related electrical activity, such as on single limbs.
Method for large-scale synthesis of long-chain nucleic acid molecule
Systems and methods for synthesizing long-chain nucleic acids molecules are disclosed. The systems and methods described in this application use a ligation- purification-amplification (“lpa”) technique.
Multiplexed digital assay with specific and generic reporters
Digital assay system, including methods, apparatus, and compositions, for performing target assays in partitions each containing a generic reporter and a specific reporter for target amplification.. .
Multiplexed digital assay with data exclusion for calculation of target levels
Digital assay system, including methods and apparatus, for calculating a level of one or more targets. In an exemplary method, data for amplification of a plurality of targets including a first target may be collected from partitions.
Methods and compositions for amplification and detection of micrornas
A method and system for amplifying non-coding rna, microrna, and small polynucleotide sequences through the generation of a pool of signature sequences to the target sequences. The target sequences can be amplified through dna synthesis, rna synthesis, or the combination of dna and rna synthesis.
Automated cancer diagnostic methods using fish
In various embodiments methods for automated screening for gene amplification in biological tissue samples using an automated fluorescence microscope to analyze fluorescence in situ hybridized samples are provided. Various additional embodiments provide methods of high throughput screening for gene amplification..
Sequence based genotyping based on oligonucleotide ligation assays
The invention relates to a method for the detection of a target nucleotide sequence in a sample based on an oligonucleotide ligation assay wherein probes are used that contain (a combination of) sequence-based identifiers that can identify the sample and the target sequence (i.e. Locus and/or allele combination) wherein after the ligation step, the ligated probes, or after amplification, the amplified ligated probes, are restricted using restriction enzymes to cut of part of the probes and continue with those parts (identifiers and target sequence) that contain the relevant information in the sequencing step..
Fast detection of collocated rf jammers facilitating optimized gain setting selection of front-end receiver amplifiers
In collocated radios, interference is mitigated to permit concurrent radio operation. In response to detection of imminent transmission of interfering wireless (i.e., rf jammer) signals, gain settings of one or more stages of front-end receiver amplifiers may be quickly configured to permit concurrent frequency division operation instead of consecutive time-division operation.
Signal amplification for immunoassays by use of avidin-biotin linkages
In sandwich-type immunoassays that capture a protein analyte between a capture antibody, typically bound to a solid phase, and a detection antibody that is coupled to a reporter group, the number of reporter groups associated with each molecule of analyte is increased by a variety of methods that utilize avidin-biotin-type binding in conjunction with such features as immunological binding to the reporter group on the detection antibody or multiple biotin-avidin-type binding sites.. .
Systems and methods for minimization or elimination of diffusion effects in a microfluidic system
The present invention relates to systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating diffusion effects. Diffused regions of a segmented flow of multiple, miscible fluid species may be vented off to a waste channel, and non-diffused regions of fluid may be preferentially pulled off the channel that contains the segmented flow.
Amplification of trp1 for specific detection of phytophthora ramorum
Phytophthora ramorum is currently a devastating disease for many plant species and infection presents significant economic problems, and in particular has lead to devastating effects on many specie of oak trees. The present invention provides methods and kits for selective detection of phytophthora ramorum by amplification of indole-3-glycerol-phosphate synthase n-5′-phosphoribosyl anthranilate isomerase (trp1) in order to provide a method for detection of the presence of p.
Method and compound for treatment of cancer using phosphorous-32 labeled dna
This invention provides a combination of a dna strand/fragment and isotope therapy that is applied to a cancerous tissue to selectively kill cancer cells with minimal negative effects on surrounding non-cancerous cells. Linear dna fragments with labeled isotope are able to be absorbed by the tumor cells and bind the tumor cell's dna through recombination, and then the isotope kills the tumor cells.
Arrangement for deploying co-existing gpon and xgpon optical communication systems
A passive, coexisting 10 gb/s passive optical network (xgpon) and gb/s passive optical network (gpon) is created by using a pair of counter-propagating laser pump sources at a network-based optical line terminal, in combination with a feeder fiber, to create distributed raman amplification for the upstream signals associated with both gpon and xgpon systems. A passive remote node is located at the opposite end of the feeder fiber, in the vicinity of a group of end-user locations, and includes a cyclic wdm and a pair of power splitters for the gpon and xgpon signals such that the gpon signals are thereafter directed through a first power splitter into optical network units (onus) specifically configured for gpon wavelengths and xgpon signals are directed through a second power splitter into onus configured for the xgpon wavelengths.
Method and device for acquiring multi-frequency band digital predistortion output signals
The present invention relates to the communications field, discloses a method and device for acquiring multi-frequency band digital predistortion (dpd) output signals, enables the result of dpd processing to compensate the intermodulation of multi-frequency band signal combinations after pa, and improves the aclr of the signals after pa. Specifically, when performing dpd processing on an input signal received on a working frequency band, reference must be made to the dpd coefficients generated from the feedback signals of the signals previously received on the working frequency band and on other working frequency bands, and to the input signals currently received on other working frequency bands.
Method and system for high power parametric amplification of ultra-broadband few-cycle laser pulses
A system and method for high power parametric amplification based on performing amplification in a frequency domain after time domain pulses are optically fourier transformed, to overcome bandwidth limitations. In a nutshell, a first optical fourier transformation of a seed spectrum is performed and parametric amplification is carried out in this spatially dispersed frequency plane.
System and method for emitting optical pulses in view of a variable external trigger signal
Method and system for emitting optical pulses in view of a desired output energy of the optical pulses and a variable external trigger signal, using a laser system having a seed laser oscillator optically coupled to one or more cascaded optical amplification stages. For each amplification stage, a plurality of sets of pump pulse parameters are provided, each associated with specific values of the output energy and the trigger period.
Method and apparatuses of transparent fingerprint imager integrated with touch display device
The present invention describes a transparent fingerprint imaging apparatus wherein said apparatus comprises, a plurality of column lines, a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, and a plurality of fingerprint capacitance sensing cells wherein a fingerprint capacitance sensing cell further comprises, a fingerprint capacitor comprising a transparent capacitance detecting electrode and a transparent capacitance-detecting dielectric layer, a transparent reference capacitor coupled with said fingerprint capacitor with one electrode connecting to the fingerprint capacitor, and an amplification transparent tft (thin-film transistor) wherein the gate electrode of the amplification transparent tft connects to the transparent capacitance detecting electrode, one terminal of said amplification transparent tft connects to a data line and the other terminal connects to a scan line.. .
2g support for 2g and 3g/4g envelope tracking modulator
There is provided an amplification stage including an envelope tracking modulated supply for tracking a reference signal, comprising a low frequency path for tracking low frequency variations in the reference signal and for providing a first output voltage, and a high frequency path for tracking high frequency variations in the reference signal and for providing a second output voltage, and a combiner for combining the first and second output voltages to provide a third output voltage, the amplification stage further comprising a first amplifier arranged to receive the first output voltage as a supply voltage, and a second amplifier arranged to receive the third output voltage as a supply voltage, wherein the first and second amplifiers are enabled in different modes of operation.. .
Power amplification device
A power amplification device of the present invention includes a delta-sigma modulator which performs a multilevel delta sigma modulation on amplitude signals of input signals, a plurality of power amplifiers which amplify carrier signals, an encoder which generates a first control signal that controls on/off of the outputs from said plurality of power amplifiers in accordance with the output from said delta-sigma modulator, and a combiner which combines at least two power output from said plurality of power amplifiers in accordance with said first control signal.. .
System and method for efficient drive of capacitive actuators with voltage amplification
A circuit for driving a plurality of capacitive actuators, the circuit having a low-voltage side, a high voltage side and a flyback transformer between the two. The low-voltage side comprises first and second pairs of low-side switches connected in series across an input voltage.
Automobile electronic regulator
An automobile electronic regulator includes a timing circuit, a signal circuit, a phase shift driving circuit, a pulse oscillation outputting circuit, an electronic switching circuit, and an electronic filtering circuit. An input terminal of the electronic filtering circuit is connected to an output terminal of the electronic switching circuit, for supplying the timing circuit, the signal circuit and the phase shift driving circuit with an accurate and stable voltage.
Boundary layer flow disruptors for delaying transition to turbulent flow
An apparatus delays the transition of a boundary layer flow from laminar to turbulent. Flow disruptors are positioned to be in contact with a boundary layer flow moving in a flow direction over a surface.
Annular barrier with pressure amplification
The present invention relates to an annular barrier to be expanded in an annulus between a well tubular structure and an inside wall of a borehole for providing zone isolation between a first zone and a second zone of the borehole, comprising a tubular part for mounting as part of the well tubular structure and having an expansion opening, an expandable sleeve surrounding the tubular part, each end of the expandable sleeve being connected with the tubular part, and an annular barrier space between the tubular part and the expandable sleeve, wherein the annular barrier further comprises a pressure intensifying means having an inlet in a first end in fluid communication with the expansion opening and having an outlet in a second end in fluid communication with the annular barrier space.. .
Methods for preparing cdna from low quantities of cells
Methods for preparing cdna libraries from single and low quantities of cells are disclosed. The methods are based on the principles of multi-strand displacement amplification or semi-random primed polymerase chain reaction.
Efficient base determination in sequencing reactions
The present invention is directed to compositions and methods for nucleic acid identification and detection. Compositions and methods of the present invention include extracting and fragmenting target nucleic acids from a sample, using the fragmented target nucleic acids to produce target nucleic acid templates and subjecting those target nucleic acid templates to amplification methods to form nucleic acid nanoballs.
Composition and methods for rt-pcr comprising an anionic polymer
The present invention is in the fields of molecular biology. The present invention is directed to novel compositions, methods and kits useful for the generation of nucleic acids from an rna template and further nucleic acid replication.
Led light dongle communication system
A universal serial bus (usb) dongle may include an optical transceiver having a usb interface for engagement to an electronic device such as a laptop computer or other usb-configured device. The usb dongle may include a converter or buffering, isolation, modulation or amplification circuitry.
High-gain face-pumped slab-amplifier
An optical amplifier for use as a final amplification stage for a fiber-mopa has a gain-element including a thin wafer or chip of ytterbium-doped yag. An elongated gain-region is formed in gain-element by multiple incidences of radiation from a diode-laser bar..
Optical amplification component and fiber laser device
An optical amplification component 1 includes a heat dissipation plate 10 and an amplification optical fiber 20 arranged on the heat dissipation plate 10. The amplification optical fiber 20 includes a first section sc1 extending from a reference position rp between a first end e1 and a second end e2 of the amplification optical fiber 20 up to a position at which a fiber portion 20a extending from the reference position rp toward the end e1 and a fiber portion 20b extending from the reference position rp toward the end e2 are aligned in one direction, and a second section sc2 where the fiber portions 20a and 20b aligned in one direction are wound in a spiral outside the first section sc1.
Hand-held wireless platform and optics for measurement of dna, rna, micrornas, and other markers of pathogens, genetic diseases, and cancer
The present invention provides compositions for making and methods of using a hand-held nucleic acid amplification device, comprising a disposable biochip with a series of sample wells, each sample well having a novel optical arrangement that includes a light-emitting diode (led) and a single light capturing element (e.g. A photodiode) for quickly measuring light emissions from biological samples such as nucleic acid amplification reactions.
Radiation source
According to a first aspect of the present invention, there is provided a radiation source comprising: a nozzle configured to direct a stream of fuel droplets (70) along a trajectory towards a plasma formation location; a laser configured to direct laser radiation at a fuel droplet at the plasma formation location to generate, in use, a radiation generating plasma; wherein the laser comprises: a seed laser (50) for providing a seed laser beam (52); a beam splitter (54) for receiving the seed laser beam from the seed laser; an optical amplifier (58) for receiving the seed laser beam from the beam splitter and performing optical amplification; a first reflector (60) located downstream of the optical amplifier, configured to direct the seed laser beam back through the optical amplifier and on to the beam splitter; and a second reflector (70) located further downstream of the beam splitter, configured to receive the seed laser beam from the beam splitter and to direct at least a portion of the seed laser beam back toward the beam splitter.. .
Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel region in which shared pixels which share pixel transistors in a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions are two-dimensionally arranged. The shared pixel transistors are divisionally arranged in a column direction of the shared pixels, the pixel transistors shared between neighboring shared pixels are arranged so as to be horizontally reversed or/and vertically crossed, and connection wirings connected to a floating diffusion portion, a source of a reset transistor and a gate of an amplification transistor in the shared pixels are arranged along the column direction..
3d display system and driving method thereof
The present invention provides a 3d display system, which includes: shutter glasses and display device. The shutter glasses include driving device, and normally white liquid crystal panel and normally black liquid crystal panel, disposed overlappingly.
Display device
According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display pixel allocated at a matrix state in a display area, an image-reading device which detects strength of capacitive coupling by a dielectric material coming close to or making contact with the display area, and a control portion which controls each transistor of the image-reading device. The image-reading device includes a detection electrode which forms capacitance between the detection electrode and the dielectric material, a pre-charge gate line, a coupling pulse line, a readout gate line, a pre-charge line and a readout line.
Monitor circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor device, and method of controlling power supply voltage of semiconductor device
A monitor circuit includes a reference voltage generating unit that generates first and second reference voltages, a first amplifier unit that amplifies a differential voltage between the first reference voltage and the second reference voltage, a second amplifier unit that amplifies a differential voltage between an internal power supply voltage being supplied to a functional block provided in the semiconductor integrated circuit and the first reference voltage, and a comparator unit that compares an amplification result of the first amplifier unit with an amplification result of the second amplifier unit and outputs a comparison result as a measurement result.. .
Simd instructions for data compression and decompression
An execution unit configured for compression and decompression of numerical data utilizing single instruction, multiple data (simd) instructions is described. The numerical data includes integer and floating-point samples.
Data compression and decompression using simd instructions
Compression and decompression of numerical data utilizing single instruction, multiple data (simd) instructions is described. The numerical data includes integer and floating-point samples.
Process for determining the concentration of nucleic acids
A process is disclosed for determining the concentration of nucleic acids in a sample in a microfluidic device. In at least one embodiment, the method includes a) introducing the sample into a first chamber, b) carrying out a number of cycles of an amplification reaction to be carried out in cycles for amplifying nucleic acids, c) transferring a defined volume which is a fraction of the volume of the first chamber and which has amplified nucleic acids into a second chamber and replacing the transferred defined volume with fresh reagents for the amplification reaction, d) determining the concentration of the amplified nucleic acids in a second chamber equipped with an element to determine concentrations, and e) repeating steps b)-d) until a concentration of the amplified nucleic acids which is within a range is determined in the second chamber.
Fabrication and use of a microfluidics multitemperature flexible reaction device
Fabrication of a microfluidic multi-temperature reaction device (mmr) and the design and fabrication of the equipment to drive various molecular biological methods on the device are provided. The device can be applicable, for example, to nucleic acid (dna, rna, cdna, etc) amplification, cell lysis, reverse transcription and other enzymatic temperature sensitive and also temperature cycling reactions..
Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification
Described herein are methods, compositions and articles of manufacture involving neutral conjugated polymers including methods for synthesis of neutral conjugated water-soluble polymers with linkers along the polymer main chain structure and terminal end capping units. Such polymers may serve in the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices and in the development of highly efficient biosensors.
Avalanche photodiodes and methods of fabricating the same
Provided are an avalanche photodiode and a method of fabricating the same. The method of fabricating the avalanche photodiode includes sequentially forming a compound semiconductor absorption layer, a compound semiconductor grading layer, a charge sheet layer, a compound semiconductor amplification layer, a selective wet etch layer, and a p-type conductive layer on an n-type substrate through a metal organic chemical vapor deposition process..
Microfluidic system for nucleic acid analysis
A microfluidic system for analyzing nucleic acid, the microfluidic system including a reagent supply device including a sample chamber into which a sample can be injected, one or more reagent chambers for containing one or more reagents for extracting nucleic acid from the sample, and a waste chamber in which the used reagent can be discarded; a binding-lysis chamber in which cells are captured from the sample and lysed to form a cell lysate containing nucleic acid; plurality of particles for cell binding disposed in the binding-lysis chamber; a plurality of rehydration chambers into which the cell lysate formed in the binding-lysis chamber can be distributed and mixed with a nucleic acid amplification reagent to form an amplification reaction mixture; a plurality of amplification chambers in which a nucleic acid amplification reaction is performed on the amplification reaction mixture introduced from the plurality of rehydration chambers; and a flow channel system including an outlet and a plurality of inlets connected to the reagent supply device and forming an integrated fluid flow between the binding-lysis chamber, the rehydration chambers, and the amplification chambers.. .
Method and kit for dna typing of hla gene
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method and kit for highly precise dna typing, in which ambiguity derived from phase ambiguity is eliminated. The present invention provides a method for the dna typing of hla, which is characterized by comprising: (1) a step of preparing a set of primers which can respectively anneal specifically to an upstream region and a downstream region of each of hla-a, hla-b, hla-c, hla-dqa1, hla-dqb1, hla-dpa1 and hla-dpb1 gene in the nucleotide sequence for the human genome, and a set of primers which can respectively anneal specifically to exon-2 and a 3′-side non-translated region in hla-drb1; (2) a step of carrying out the pcr amplification of a sample to be tested (dna) using the sets of primers; (3) a step of determining the nucleotide sequence for a pcr-amplified product; and (4) an optional step of carrying out the homology search in a data base..
Methods and compositions for enrichment of nucleic acids in mixtures of highly homologous sequences
Provided are methods of enrichment and detection of target nucleic acids during target amplification in the presence of excess amounts of highly homologous sequences, said methods having substantial diagnostic utility (e.g., cancer diagnostics). Provided are amplification reaction mixtures having at least one cleavage-directing oligonucleotide, the respective binding sites of which, for the target and homologous sequences, include one or more nucleotide positions differing in sequence between the target homologous sequences.
Sequence amplification with linear primers
The present disclosure relates to the amplification of target nucleic acid sequences for various sequencing and/or identification techniques. The use of these primers, as described herein, allows for the reduction in the amplification of nonspecific hybridization events (such as primer dimerization) while allowing for the amplification of the target nucleic acid sequences..
Compositions for detecting small rnas
Compositions and reaction mixtures are provided for the detection of small rna target nucleic acids, preferably mirna target nucleic acids, wherein the compositions and reaction mixtures provide for sensitive and specific detection of the target nucleic acids. The compositions and reaction mixtures include one or more of a first amplification oligomer that is preferably an extender primer, a target capture oligomer that is preferably at least partially double stranded, a promoter primer/provider, a reverse primer that is preferably a universal primer and a detection probe.
Fluidic connectors and microfluidic systems
Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels.
Pattern forming method, chemical amplification resist composition and resist film
A pattern forming method includes: (i) forming a film from a chemical amplification resist composition that contains (a) a resin, (b) a compound capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation and (c) a tertiary alcohol; (ii) exposing the film; and (iii) performing development by using a developer containing an organic solvent.. .
Processing source video for real-time enhancement of a signal of interest
What is disclosed is a system and method for real-time enhancement of an identified time-series signal of interest in a video that has a similar spatial and temporal structure to a given reference signal, as determined by a measure of closeness. A closeness measure is computed for pixels of each image frame of each channel of a multi-channel video to identify a time-series signal of interest.
Sound processing apparatus, method, and program
When equalizer processing for adjusting the gain of each frequency band of an input signal on the basis of a gain setting value is performed, an input signal is attenuated by an input attenuation amount derived from the gain setting value, and the equalizer processing is performed on the input signal attenuated. The amount of amplification of the gain of the input signal in the equalizer processing is estimated on the basis of the gain setting value and a weight coefficient of each frequency band derived from a generally-available music signal prepared in advance, and a difference of the estimation value and the input attenuation amount is calculated as a gain correction amount.
Instrument amplification systems incorporating reflection cancelling boundary microphones and multiband compression
Instrument amplification systems incorporating reflection cancelling boundary microphones and multiband compression in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, an amplification system includes a microphone configured to generate an audio signal based upon acoustic waves within the instrument including audio content within a low frequency band including a fundamental resonant frequency of the instrument, a middle frequency band including at least one harmonic frequency of the instrument, and an upper frequency band, where the frequency response characteristics of acoustic waves generated within the instrument in the low frequency band differ from the characteristics of acoustic waves generated outside of the instrument, and an electronic preamplifier system configured to provide the audio content within the low frequency band to a low frequency band amplification circuit that applies compression to provide audio content having frequency characteristics corresponding to the characteristics of acoustic waves generated outside of the instrument..

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