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 Piezoelectric speaker driving device patent thumbnailnew patent Piezoelectric speaker driving device
A piezoelectric speaker driving device includes a driving amplification unit, a signal tuning unit, and a piezoelectric speaker; wherein, the driving amplification unit is configured to amplify a signal source, and transmit an amplified signal to the signal tuning unit; the signal tuning unit is configured to filter the amplified signal to filter out a high-frequency noise, and regulate an impedance characteristic of the piezoelectric ceramic to increase a load impedance of a high-frequency part of the driving circuit so as to reduce the driving current of the high-frequency part, and transmit the regulated driving signal to the piezoelectric speaker to drive the piezoelectric speaker. Wherein, the signal tuning unit may include a low-pass filtering circuit and a regulation impedance..
Zte Corporation

 Quantum-key distribution apparatus, quantum-key distribution method, and computer program product patent thumbnailnew patent Quantum-key distribution apparatus, quantum-key distribution method, and computer program product
According to an embodiment, a quantum-key distribution apparatus includes a quantum-key sharer, a shifter, a corrector, a privacy amplifier, and an estimator. The quantum-key sharer performs photon sharing processing and acquires a photon bit string.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Receiver
A receiver includes a first and a second amplification unit for amplifying a first and second received signals received by antenna units; a level variation detection unit for performing gain control of the first amplification unit; a maximum received signal level extraction unit for performing gain control of the second amplification unit; and a first and a second frequency conversion unit. The receiver further includes an interference frequency detection unit for detecting a frequency of interference in the second received signal; an interference frequency cut-off unit for cutting off the frequency of the interference; demodulation units for demodulating the respective received signals; noise amplitude calculation unit for calculating noise amplitudes from the respective received signals; equalizing units for correcting amplitudes and phases of the respective received signals; and a combining unit for combining demodulation results from the respective received signals on the basis of noise amplitude detection results..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

 Efficient smart wideband linear hybrid cmos rf power amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient smart wideband linear hybrid cmos rf power amplifier
A novel and useful linear, efficient, smart wideband cmos hybrid power amplifier that combined an analog linear amplification path and a digital power amplification (dpa) path. Pa path control logic analyzes the input i and q signals and determines which amplification paths to steer the input i and q signals to.
Dsp Group Ltd.

 Optical amplifier module patent thumbnailnew patent Optical amplifier module
An optical amplifier module is configured as a multi-stage free-space optics arrangement, including at least an input stage and an output stage. The actual amplification is provided by a separate fiber-based component coupled to the module.
Ii-vi Incorporated

 Integrated sensor-array processor patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated sensor-array processor
An integrated sensor-array processor and method includes sensor array time-domain input ports to receive sensor signals from time-domain sensors. A sensor transform engine (ste) creates sensor transform data from the sensor signals and applies sensor calibration adjustments.

 Fingerprint information detection circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Fingerprint information detection circuit
The present invention relates to a chip design and discloses a fingerprint information detection circuit. The invention includes a reset unit, a feedback unit, an amplification unit and a source follower unit; the reset unit is connected to the feedback unit and amplification unit, while the feedback unit is connected to the amplification unit, and the amplification unit is connected to the source follower unit; when the reset transistor built-into the reset unit is on, it stores an electric charge, and resets the feedback unit; when the reset transistor is off, the stored electric charge is injected into the feedback unit and amplification unit; the feedback unit receives the electric charge, and outputs the second voltage signal generated when it detects fingerprints to the source follower unit; the amplification unit amplifies the received signal and outputs it to the source follower unit; the source follower unit receives the signal, performs voltage level shifting before outputting the first voltage signal that carries the detected fingerprint information.
Silead Inc.

 Methods and compositions for pooling amplification primers patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for pooling amplification primers
Provided herein are methods, compositions, systems, and kits for pooling amplification primers. Such methods, compositions, systems, and kits can be useful for integrated analysis of multiple classes of genomic alterations in a single assay..
Nugen Technologies, Inc.

 Current measuring apparatus, image forming apparatus, conveyance  measuring current patent thumbnailnew patent Current measuring apparatus, image forming apparatus, conveyance measuring current
There is provided a current measuring apparatus for measuring a first current used for estimating a load torque of the motor, comprising: a detection unit configured to detect a first voltage; an amplification unit including a first input terminal at which the second signal is input, a second input terminal coupled to a first resistor and a second resistor by which an amplification factor is defined, an output terminal for outputting a third signal, a first power supply terminal that is grounded, and a second power supply terminal coupled to a first power supply; an input unit configured to input a second voltage at the first input terminal; a storage unit configured to store a third voltage; an acquisition unit configured to acquire a fourth voltage; and a calculation unit configured to calculate the first current based on a difference between the third voltage and the fourth voltage.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 New  enzyme-mediated signal amplification patent thumbnailnew patent New enzyme-mediated signal amplification
The present invention relates to methods and compounds for enzyme-mediated amplification of target-associated signals for visualization of biological or chemical targets in samples, wherein the targets are immobilized, in particular the invention relates to the oxidoreductase-mediated signal amplification for visualization of targets in samples comprising cells. The methods of the invention are particular useful for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of biological markers relating to medical diagnostic and therapy..
Dako Denmark A/s

new patent

Method for quantifying adeno-associated virus

A method for quantification of an adeno-associated virus genome, including the steps of (a) preparing a composition containing a sample, at least one primer pair for use in amplification of only a nucleotide sequence contained in inverted terminal repeats of an adeno-associated virus, and an intercalating dye; (b) performing nucleic acid amplification reaction using the composition prepared in the step (a); and (c) detecting an amplified product obtained in the step (b). The present invention is especially useful in the fields of medicine, gene engineering, and biology..
Takara Bio Inc.

new patent

Photoinduced electron transfer (pet) primer for nucleic acid amplification

This application provides photoinduced electron transfer (pet) nucleic acid molecules that can be used detect and amplify nucleic acid molecules, such as target nucleic acid molecules. These pet tags can be attached to the 5′-end of a target sequence-specific primer, thereby generating a pet primer.
The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Department Of

new patent

In situ hybridization detection method

The invention provides compositions and methods for the detection of targets in a sample; in particular, an in situ hybridization (ish) sample. Probes and detectable labels may be provided in multiple layers in order to increase the flexibility of a detection system, and to allow for amplification to enhance the signal from a target.
Dako Denmark A/s

new patent

Nucleic acid probe with single fluorophore label bound to internal cytosine for use in loop mediated isothermal amplification

The disclosure relates to novel probes for use in lamp detection methods. The probes contain a single fluorophore label bound to an internal cytosine residue of the probe.
Mast Group Limited

new patent

Mutant dna polymerase blends and mutant dna polymerases

A thermostable dna polymerase composition comprising at least two dna polymerases, one of which is substantially reduced in 5′-exonuclease activity and one of which has 5′-exonuclease activity. This polymerase may be used in methods including, but not limited to, nucleic acid synthesis, dna sequencing, nucleic acid amplification and cdna synthesis..
Life Technologies Corporation

new patent

Nucleic acid amplification

In some embodiments, the present teachings provide methods for nucleic acid amplification, comprising forming a reaction mixture, and subjecting the reaction mixture to conditions suitable for nucleic acid amplification. In some embodiments, methods for nucleic acid amplification include subjecting the nucleic acid to be amplified to partially denaturing conditions.
Life Technologies Corporation

new patent

Real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor and energy harvesting system

An instantaneous/real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor (dtps) for characterizing pavement qualities and for detecting surface and subsurface pavement defects under normal driving conditions. Signal processing provides quantitative assessment of surface conditions.
Northeastern University

new patent

Liquid ejecting apparatus, drive circuit, and head unit

A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a power supply unit that boosts a single voltage and includes multiple voltage boosting circuits which generate power supply voltages different from each other; a drive circuit that amplifies an original drive signal based on a power supply voltage which is generated by at least one of the multiple voltage boosting circuits and generates a drive signal that is applied; and an ejecting unit that includes a piezoelectric element which becomes displaced in accordance with the drive signal, in which the power supply unit controls the voltage boosting circuit, which generates the power supply voltage that is not used for amplification, to stop voltage boosting.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Pcr module, pcr system having the same, and inspecting using the same

A polymerase chain reaction (pcr) module is detachably combined with a reader system. The reader system includes a central processing unit (cpu) receiving a photo sensing signal to calculate gene amplification amount in real time and generating a temperature control signal based on a temperature signal and a temperature control information.
Optolane Technologies Inc.

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Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier

An audio power amplifier arrangement includes an audio power amplification integrated circuit having two loudspeaker outputs. A rectifier circuit includes a first diode having a cathode connected to one of the two loudspeaker outputs and an anode connected to a rectifier output node.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Preamplifier, comparator and analog-to-digital converting apparatus including the same

A preamplifier may include: a common active load suitable for providing output impedance; an output polarity changing unit suitable for changing an output polarity of output nodes; a multi-differential input stage suitable for receiving an input voltage, a coarse ramping voltage, a fine ramping voltage and a common mode voltage, and sampling the common mode voltage and the coarse ramping voltage for amplification operations; and a coupling blocking unit suitable for blocking a coupling between the output nodes and input nodes that are included in the multi-differential input stage.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Sequential broadband doherty power amplifier with adjustable output power back-off

The invention relates to a sequential broadband doherty power amplifier with adjustable output power back-off the sequential broadband doherty power amplifier has at least one input (i1, i2; rfin) for receiving at least one broadband hf signal, wherein the broadband hf signal or broadband hf signals (rfin) have at least an average power level (carrier/average) and a peak envelope power level (peak), with the average power level and the peak envelope power level defining a crest factor, and a first amplifier branch for amplifying the input signal, with the first amplifier branch providing the amplification substantially for the low and at least the average power level, at least one second amplifier branch for amplifying the input signal, wherein the second amplifier branch substantially provides the amplification for the peak envelope power level, wherein the output of the first amplifier branch is connected via an impedance inverter (zt) to the output of the second amplifier branch, the junction (cn) being connected to the load (z0) in a substantially directly impedance-matched manner, wherein the first and the second amplifier branch each have a supply voltage, with at least one of the supply voltages being variable as a function of the crest factor of the signal to be amplified, and wherein the signal propagation delay through the at least two amplifier branches is substantially identical in the operating range.. .
Rwth Aachen

Optical fiber for amplification and optical fiber amplifier using the same

An optical fiber for amplification includes a core having an inner core and an outer core surrounding the outer circumferential surface of the inner core. The relative refractive index difference of the inner core to a cladding is smaller than the relative refractive index difference of the outer core to the cladding.
Osaka Prefecture University Public Corporation

Suppression of stimulated brillouin scattering in higher-order-mode optical fiber amplifiers

An hom-based optical fiber amplifier is selectively doped within its core region to minimize the presence of dopants in those portions of the core where the unwanted lower-order modes (particularly, the fundamental mode) of the signal reside. The reduction (elimination) of the gain medium from these portions of the core minimizes (perhaps to the point of elimination) limits the amount of amplification impressed upon the backward-propagating stokes wave.
Ofs Fitel, Llc

Amoled pixel driving circuit, method and display device

The present disclosure provides an amoled pixel driving circuit, method and a display device. The amoled pixel driving circuit is for driving an organic light-emitting diode (oled) and includes: a charge storage unit configured to be charged in a data writing stage and be discharged in a pixel lighting stage to light up the oled; a data writing unit configured to write a data current in the data writing stage; a light-emitting control unit configured to control to enable a connection between the charge storage unit and the oled in the pixel lighting stage.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

User controlled collaborative aspirational savings social network system and method having user controlled whiteboard system enabling articulation and end-to-end fulfillment of aspirations

An internet-based, user-controlled aspirational savings social network system and associated method for end-to-end articulation, savings, and fulfillment of user's aspirations bridges the existing chasm between the user's savings and the purpose for their savings. A network platform facilitates users to discover and articulate aspirations and connects individual accounts assigned to the user's aspirational goals.
Inspirave, Llc.

Display apparatus having image scanning function

Disclosed is a fingerprint-sensing display capable of sensing a fingerprint on a display screen. The display apparatus having an image scanning function includes an optical amplification cover, one side of which forms a display surface, including a transparent optical amplification layer configured to amplify an optical pattern generated by a fingerprint of a user in contact with the display surface and a cover window for reinforcement, a thin film transistor (tft) array configured to drive a plurality of pixels forming an image, and an optical sensor array disposed between the optical amplification cover and the tft array and configured to sense the optical pattern amplified by the optical amplification cover..
Crucialtec Co., Ltd.

Accurate current sensing

A current sense circuit for a pass transistor is described. The circuit comprises a sense transistor having input and control ports that are coupled to input and control ports respectively of the pass transistor.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Fluorescent methods and materials for directed biomarker signal amplification

Methods and compositions are provided that include a multichromophore and/or multichromophore complex for identifying a target biomolecule. A sensor biomolecule, for example, an antibody can be covalently linked to the multichromophore.
Sirigen Inc.

Methods and compositions of non-enzymatic amplification and direct detection of nucleic acids

The detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences can be done using template catalyzed tara transfer reactions without enzyme and pcr. It comes with the novel chemistry platform technology using template assisted rapid assay (tara), an enzyme-free, pcr-less and rapid transfer reaction assay directly from samples from nasopharyngeal swab, nasal aspirate, oropharyngeal swab or blood.
Crosslife Technologies Inc.

Adjustment circuit and measuring optical parameter and optical measurement system

An adjustment circuit for measuring an optical parameter is disclosed. The adjustment circuit includes an optical sensing module for detecting an optical signal and converting the detected optical signal into a voltage signal; an amplification module for amplifying the voltage signal; an a/d conversion module for converting the amplified voltage signal into a digital signal; a control module for analyzing the digital signal for generating an analyzed result; a signal generating module for outputting a frequency square wave signal according to the analyzed result; and an adjustment module for adjusting an amplification factor of the amplification module according to the frequency square wave signal.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Copy number detection and methods

Described herein are methods of measuring, in a genomic sample from an individual, the relative frequency of a target sequence (that is, its copy number) with respect to a control sequence of known copy number at a different genomic locus in the same genome, wherein the target and control sequences differ by at least one single nucleotide variation (snv). These methods involve both the target sequence and the control sequence in a single reaction/container, using a pair of primers that prime amplification of both the target sequence and the control sequence, or a single downstream primer and two upstream primers (that differs only at the position of the snv between the target and control sequences), and measuring the abundance of each of the target sequence and the control sequence using snv-specific labeled probes or primers, or a melting curve analysis that distinguishes between the amplified control and target sequences.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Nras assay

The present invention relates to methods and tool for amplification and detection of different nras isotypes.. .
Vela Operations

Small nucleic acid quantification using split cycle amplification

Methods of detecting or quantifying short rna or dna molecules using split cycle amplification are provided.. .
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Duplicating dna with contiguity barcodes for genome and epigenome sequencing

Provided herein are methods and devices for accurate sequencing and detection of epigenetic information from template polynucleotides. Also provided are methods for long-range strand displacement amplification of polynucleotides, microfluidic devices with selectively permeable barriers for multistep processing, and methods for polynucleotide amplification using the microfluidic devices..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Pcr amplification methods, primers, and probes for detecting and quantifying sulfate-reducing bacteria

At least one nucleic acid from a sulphate-reducing bacterium may be extracted from a sample and may be amplified by a pcr amplification method in the presence of at least one primer to form an amplification product. The primer(s) may include a sequence essentially identical to seq id no:1, seq id no: 2, seq id no: 3, seq id no: 4, seq id no: 5, seq id no: 6, seq id no: 7, seq id no: 8, seq id no: 9, seq id no: 10, seq id no: 11, seq id no: 12, seq id no: 13, seq id no: 14, seq id no: 15, and mixtures thereof.
Instantlabs Medical Diagnostics Corporation

Portable dna analysis machine

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to dna amplification systems, e.g., pcr chips used to hold a testing solution and sample, and systems and methods for testing the sample including thermocycling and detection. The system can include a containment chip capable of holding a sample and reagents for amplifying a nucleic acid in the sample and containing a unique identifier used to choose a nucleic acid amplification protocol.
Hexna Corp.

Porous structure and manufacturing same

A porous structure according to the present invention has a polymerase chain reaction (pct) primer inside pores thereof, and hence, even an inner portion thereof can be used unlike general structures of which only surfaces are used for amplification and detection, thereby maximizing reactivity. In addition, the differentiating of the kinds of primers contained in respective structures leads to detection of several kinds of target nucleic acids at the same and real-time analysis thereof at the same time, and thus is useful for multiplex real-time pcr..
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Methods for nucleic acid manipulation

A method for replicating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence is described. A method of the invention involves the formation of a recombination intermediate without the prior denaturing of a nucleic acid duplex through the use of a recombination factor.
The Penn State Research Foundation

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The present invention provides a thermocycler comprising: a rotatable platform having a plurality of reaction wells or being adapted to receive a plurality of reaction containers, wherein the rotatable platform and/or the reaction wells are formed, at least in part, of a material which is adapted to be inductively heated by exposure to electromagnetic energy. An electromagnetic energy source is provided and is configured to direct electromagnetic energy at the rotatable platform, wherein the electromagnetic energy source surrounds a sufficient amount of the rotatable platform in order to heat the entire platform substantially simultaneously.
Bio Molecular Systems Pty Ltd

Wireless electromyograph equipment and operating system thereof

A wireless electromyography equipment and operating system thereof, more specifically, an electromyography equipment (ae) comprising surface and internal (anal and vaginal) electrodes (sensors) (1) provided with signal conditioning circuit (1b) for amplification of electromyography signals generated by neuromuscular activity of the user (u), as well as an analog-digital converter (1c), a digital telemetry radio transmitter (1d) and respective antenna (1e); the internal electrodes (sensors) (2) may adopt various shapes to serve as a probe adapted to vaginal and anal anatomy; it includes a signal conditioning circuit (2a) for amplification of electromyography signals generated by neuromuscular activity, an analog-digital converter (2b) and a digital telemetry radio transmitter (2c) that, on its main implantation, uses bluetooth; each surface (1) and internal (2) electrode (sensor) has a battery (1f) and (2e), respectively, with a wireless inductive coupling charging system (capacitive), which are recharged through a charger, preferably of wireless type (4); all activation buttons (1g) and (2f) (on/off) of the respective surface (1) and internal (2) electrodes (sensors) are molded within flexible plastic, preferably silicone; the computer program or software (s1) is associated to the electrodes (sensors) (1) and (2) and destined to receive stimulation generated by neuromuscular activity of the user, read then and return then as information and report data to the user (u) on a smartphone, tablet or other chosen device by the user (ap1) and/or remote professional, if desired.. .

Contact lens with a microfluidic channel to monitor radius of curvature of cornea

A contact lens that monitors the radius of curvature of cornea includes an amplification chamber, am annular membrane, a microfluidic channel, and a gas reservoir within a top and bottom lens layers of the contact lens. The annular membrane is positioned within the amplification chamber and is in fluid communication with the gas reservoir through the microfluidic channel.

Light emitting element driving apparatus

Disclosed herein is a light emitting element driving apparatus for controlling a light emitting unit including serially connected light emitting element arrays. The apparatus includes a rectifying unit configured to provide a rectified signal to the light emitting unit according to a result of rectifying an alternating current (ac) signal, a switching unit configured to selectively connect output terminals of the light emitting element arrays to a first node, an amplifying unit configured to amplify each of reference voltages having different levels and a voltage of a second node and to generate first amplified signals controlling the switching unit according to an amplification result, a sensing resistor connected between the second node and an electrical ground, and a current sensing circuit configured to generate mirrored current by mirroring current supplied from the first node and to provide the mirrored current to the second node..
Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.

High-fidelity sound reproduction equipment

A piece of sound reproduction equipment includes an input receiving an audio input signal to be reproduced; a loudspeaker with a resistance of less than 1Ω; a processing and amplification chain including: an amplifier able to energize the loudspeaker, a stage correcting the audio signal, positioned between the input and the amplifier, said correction stage is able to simulate virtual physical parameters of the loudspeaker by modifying the characteristics of the audio signal provided to the amplifier. The correction stage is able to modify the virtual physical parameters over time during operation of the sound reproduction system..

Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system

A photoelectric conversion apparatus includes a pixel. The pixel includes a transfer transistor, a reset transistor, an amplification transistor, and a selection transistor.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Transimpedance amplifier circuit

A transimpedance amplifier circuit (1) includes an amplifier (22) that amplifies a received signal, an automatic gain control (agc) circuit (2) that controls the amplification gain of the amplifier by a first time constant in accordance with the level of the received signal, and a first selection circuit (25) that selects the first time constant from a plurality of predetermined values. This can simultaneously implement a short time constant of an agc function necessary to instantaneously respond to a burst signal and a long time constant of the agc function necessary to obtain a satisfactory bit error rate (ber) characteristic in a continuous signal by an inexpensive and compact circuit arrangement..
Ntt Electronics Corporation

Differential power amplifier for mobile cellular envelope tracking

A differential power amplifier comprises an envelope tracking power supply configured to provide an envelope power supply signal to the differential power amplifier. The differential power amplifier also comprises an input stage configured to provide a differential signal having a first portion and a second portion to a differential output stage.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Distributed amplifier

A distributed amplifier includes: an input-side transmission line; m amplification circuits; m output-side transmission lines; and a combination circuit configured to combine outputs of the m output-side transmission lines; wherein the input-side transmission line has an input-side serial line formed by connecting in series mxn unit transmission lines each including the same line length, and an input-side terminating resistor, the m amplification circuits each includes n amplifiers and the n amplifiers of the i-th amplification circuit take the input node of the ((k−1) m+i)-th input-side transmission line to be the input, and the output-side transmission line includes an output-side serial line including n transmission lines each being connected in series between the neighboring outputs of the n amplifiers and each having a line width in which the phase of the output of the amplifier in each stage agrees with one another.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Optical phase-sensitive amplifier with raman amplifier intermediate stage

A method and system for amplifying optical signals includes generating idler signals for input signals using an optical pump at a first non-linear element (nle). An intermediate stage including a raman amplifier performs pump amplification using the output from the first nle along a single optical path.
Fujitsu Limited

Optical amplifier

The present embodiment relates to an optical amplifier which can perform an amplification operation equivalent to a normal operation even with an increase of dark current in a pd forming a part of a light detection circuit for monitoring signal light as an amplification object. In the optical amplifier, a detection controller performs an anomaly determination on a light detection circuit due to an increase of dark current in the pd based on a difference between temporal change amounts of a signal component of a voltage of output signal from a light receiving unit including the pd, and a voltage component in a high frequency region included in the signal component.
Sei Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

Ionizing radiation detecting device

The invention relates to a detecting unit for detecting ionizing radiation. The device comprises a converter unit for the amplification of ionizing radiation and a read-out unit, wherein the converter unit comprises a converter and a gas-electron multiplier, wherein said converter comprises a substrate with an ionizing radiation-receiving major surface and an electron-emitting major surface and a stack of accelerator plates in contact with the electron-emitting major side, wherein said stack comprises a plurality of perforated accelerator plates wherein the perforations of the perforated accelerator plates are aligned to form a matrix of blind holes..
Beamocular Ab

Wideband capacitive sensing using sense signal modulation

Wideband capacitive sensing (single-ended or differential) is based on a modulated sense (capacitance) signal. A carrier/drive signal path modulates a reference signal with a carrier signal (such as fixed frequency or spread spectrum) to generate a carrier/drive signal, driven (with optional pre-scaling) out through an output node (to sense capacitor(s)).
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Mulitplex assay for the detection of citrus pathogens

The present invention provides methods and compositions for detecting multiple citrus pathogens using a multiplex branched dna signal amplification reaction.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Methods and compositions for cdna synthesis and single-cell transcriptome profiling using template switching reaction

This application discloses methods for cdn′a synthesis with improved reverse transcription, template switching and preamplification to increase both yield and average length of cdna libraries generated from individual cells. The new methods include exchanging a single nucleoside residue for a locked nucleic acid (ina) at the tso 3′ end, using a methyl group donor, and/or a mgcb concentration higher than conventionally used.
Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research

Method for high-throughput aflp-based polymorphism detection

The invention relates to a method for the high throughput discovery, detection and genotyping of one or more genetic markers in one or more samples, comprising the steps of restriction endonuclease digest of dna, adaptor-ligation, optional pre-amplification, selective amplification, pooling of the amplified products, sequencing the libraries with sufficient redundancy, clustering followed by identification of the genetic markers within the library and/or between libraries and determination of (co-)dominant genotypes of the genetic markers.. .
Keygene N.v.

Methods for quantitative amplification and detection over a wide dynamic range

Disclosed are compositions and methods for making differentiable amplicon species at unequal ratios using a single amplification system in a single vessel. The number of differentiable amplicons and their ratios to one another are chosen to span the required linear dynamic range for the amplification reaction and to accommodate limitations of the measuring system used to determine the amount of amplicon generated.
Gen-probe Incorporated

Dna amplification via scissor-like structures (dasl)

Methods and systems are provided for amplifying target nucleic acids by means of a polymerase with strand displacement activity, using two or more stem loop primers, each with a 3′-end portion comprising sequence complementary to a target homology site of a target nucleic acid and 5′-end portion with a sequence comprising a stem sequence, a loop sequence and a sequence which is reverse complementary to the stem sequence, the said 5′-end portion being capable of forming a stem loop. Such methods and systems can be used to amplify target nucleic acids isothermally by means of a polymerase with strand displacement activities..
Genebio Systems, Inc.

High throughput screening of mutagenized populations

Efficient methods are disclosed for the high throughput identification of mutations in genes in members of mutagenized populations. The methods comprise dna isolation, pooling, amplification, creation of libraries, high throughput sequencing of libraries, preferably by sequencing-by-synthesis technologies, identification of mutations and identification of the member of the population carrying the mutation and identification of the mutation..
Keygene N.v.

Enzyme preparation containing thermostable dna polymerase, producing same, and detecting subject organism to be detected

Disclosed is a thermostable dna polymerase preparation which can illimitably reduce the risk of false positivity in the detection of a subject microorganism utilizing a gene amplification reaction and therefore enables the selective amplification of dna for detecting the subject microorganism even when the amount of the subject microorganism is small and therefore the amount of dna collected therefrom is extremely small, and can be produced at a reduced cost. Also disclosed is a method for quantifying or quantifying/identifying a subject organism to be detected rapidly, conveniently and with high sensitivity using the preparation of the present invention..
National University Corporation University Of Toyama

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Selective amplification of overlapping amplicons

The present invention relates to a scalable multiplex pcr method that can simultaneously amplify overlapping amplicons without the drawbacks of conventional multiplex pcr. The method selectively amplifying target nucleic acid fragments having an overlapping region.
Pillar Biosciences Inc.

Rolling circle amplification method

A method for performing a rolling circle amplification (rca) reaction includes at least two rounds of rca. The method includes providing a concatemeric first rca product having a multiplicity of monomer repeats, each repeat representing a complementary copy of a first rca template, wherein the nucleic acid molecule to be detected and/or analyzed, or its compliment, is contained in the first rca template.
Q-linea Ab

Degradable adaptors for background reduction

The present disclosure provides systems, processes, articles of manufacture, and compositions that relate to the use of degradable adaptors for background reduction in various nucleic acid manipulations. In particular, adaptors are provided that can be degraded to an extent that the degradation products are incapable or are substantially incapable from participating in subsequent reactions, such as ligation, primer extension, amplification, and sequencing reactions..
Rubicon Genomics, Inc.

Method and sampling macromolecules from a biological specimen

Apparatus and methods for laser ablation sampling, electrophoretic extraction from the laser plume, electrophoretic transport to a container, and capture of macromolecules of interest. In certain embodiments, when macromolecules of interest are nucleic acid, the apparatus and methods further provides for nucleic acid amplification and detection in a rapid mobile platform for environmental and clinical identification of pathogens..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

Audio signal amplification apparatus and use

An audio signal amplification apparatus includes a clamp body assembly for clamping onto a vent pipe of an oil tank and an amplifier control assembly having a pc board containing amplifier circuitry configured for amplifying a vent alarm sound coming from the vent pipe and wirelessly transmitting the amplified vent alarm sound to a receiver carried by a person filling the oil tank. The clamp body assembly includes a central shell subassembly supporting the pc board and a pair of curved arm members extending from opposite sides of the central shell subassembly for surrounding and clamping on a portion of the vent pipe so as to facilitate attaching the amplifier control assembly to the vent pipe.

Synchronous time-division duplexing amplifier architecture

An apparatus comprising a receiver configured to receive a digital subscriber line (dsl) signal carrying a data burst from a first network element (ne) via a first dsl line in a network, a processor coupled to the receiver and configured to perform frame synchronization to determine a burst timing of the data burst, perform signal amplification on the dsl signal to produce an amplified dsl signal, and determine a transmission time for the amplified dsl signal according to the burst timing of the data burst, and a transmitter coupled to the processor configured to transmit the amplified dsl signal to a second ne over a second dsl line in the network according to the transmission time to facilitate communication between the first ne and the second ne.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Interface circuit including buffer circuit for high speed communication, semiconductor apparatus and system including the same

A buffer circuit may include an amplification unit and an active load unit. The amplification unit is electrically coupled to an output node and configured to sense and amplify first and second signals.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Power supply circuit, high-frequency power amplification circuit, and power supply control method

A power supply circuit (10) includes: a linear amplifier (11) for generating a linear amplification signal based on an input signal; a first switching amplifier (12) for generating a first switching amplification signal of a first frequency band based on the linear amplification signal; a second switching amplifier (13) for generating a second switching amplification signal of a second frequency band based on the first switching amplification signal; and a power supply unit (14) for supplying a combined signal in which the linear amplification signal and the first and second switching amplification signals are combined to an external circuit as a power supply. It is therefore possible to improve the power efficiency..
Nec Corporation

Fiber laser device

A fiber laser device 1 includes: a pumping light source 10 that emits pumping light; an amplification optical fiber 30 that amplifies and emits signal light by the pumping light; a detector 71 that detects a power of stimulated raman scattering light generated from the signal light propagated through the amplification optical fiber 30 or the signal light emitted from the amplification optical fiber 30 in preference to a power of the signal light; and a controller 80 that controls a power of the pumping light based on the power of the light detected by the detector 71.. .
Fujikura Ltd.

Shift register unit, shift register, gate driver circuit and display apparatus

The present disclosure provides a shift register unit and a shift register, a gate driver circuit and a display apparatus where the shift register unit can be applied. A signal amplification module including two transistors each having a small channel width is added at an output node of the shift register unit.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Controller for optical information reader

In an optical information reader controlled by this controller, a laser beam originating in light emitted by a laser diode is reflected by a scan mirror to scan optical information of a bar code or the like, reflected light therefrom is received by a photodiode to be converted to an electrical signal, and the optical information is read by processing the signal. In the controller, a main amp having a characteristic that a gain changes according to a frequency of an input signal amplifies the electrical signal, a detector detects an analog signal resulting from the amplification, and from a.
Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Multiple integrated tips scanning probe microscope

Device and system for characterizing samples using multiple integrated tips scanning probe microscopy. Multiple integrated tips (mit) probes are comprised of two or more monolithically integrated and movable afm tips positioned to within nm of each other, enabling unprecedented micro to nanoscale probing functionality in vacuum or ambient conditions.
Xallent, Llc

Selective amplification of optical coherence tomography signals

Presented is an optical coherence tomography system and method to increase imaging depth of optical coherence tomography (oct) by selective amplification. In a swept-source oct system with periodically linear wavenumber-vs-time characteristic, the signal in principle is summation of various sinusoidal signals with different frequencies.
3shape A/s

Varietal counting of nucleic acids for obtaining genomic copy number information

A method for obtaining from genomic material genomic copy number information unaffected by amplification distortion, comprising obtaining segments of the genomic material, tagging the segments with substantially unique tags to generate tagged nucleic acid molecules, such that each tagged nucleic acid molecule comprises one segment of the genomic material and a tag, subjecting the tagged nucleic acid molecules to amplification by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), generating tag associated sequence reads by sequencing the product of the pcr reaction, assigning each tagged nucleic acid molecule to a location on a genome associated with the genomic material by mapping the subsequence of each tag associated sequence read corresponding to a segment of the genomic material to a location on the genome, and counting the number of tagged nucleic acid molecules having a different tag that have been assigned to the same location on the genome, thereby obtaining genomic copy number information unaffected by amplification distortion.. .
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Direct quantification of unprocessed nucleic acid samples

A workflow for direct qpcr quantification of unprocessed forensic casework samples is disclosed herein. 13pg of dna has been detected by direct amplification from a paper substrate.
Life Technologies Corporation

Culture medium for establishing neuroepithelial stem cells, establishing neuroepithelial stem cells, and applications thereof

The present invention discloses a culture medium for establishing neuroepithelial stem cells, a method for establishing neuroepithelial stem cells, and the applications thereof, wherein the culture medium comprises differentiation culture medium for inducing and differentiating pluripotent stem cells to elementary neuroepithelial stem cells as well as proliferation culture medium for amplifying the elementary neuroepithelial stem cells; and the pluripotent stem cells can be differentiated to the elementary neuroepithelial stem cells in the differentiation culture medium. While the elementary neuroepithelial stem cells have the functions of the neuroepithelial stem cells, they cannot be stably amplified in long term culture under the conventional culture conditions, however they are maintained the stability properties in long term culture in the proliferation culture medium.
Yunnan Key Lab Of Primate Biomedicine Research

Latch circuit and operating the latch circuit

A latch circuit includes a first input node, a second input node, a first output node, a second output node, a first switching device coupled between the first output node and the second output node, and a first amplification circuit coupled with the first input node, the second input node, the first output node, and the second output node. The first switching device is configured to be turned on in response to a first state of a clock signal and to be turned off in response to a second state of the clock signal.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Amplification circuit adjusting duty cycle of output signal and receiver including the same

A receiver includes a first stage buffer, a second stage buffer and a third stage buffer. The first stage buffer includes an input portion electrically coupled to a first voltage node, and configured to change a voltage level of an output node in response to an input signal, first and second load portions electrically coupled between a second voltage node and the output node, and electrically coupled to each other and a duty cycle adjustment portion electrically coupled between the first and second load portions, and configured to provide a correction current to the output node through the first load portion..
Sk Hynix Inc.

Doherty power amplifier having reduced size

Doherty power amplifier having reduced size. In some embodiments, a power amplification system can include a supply system configured to provide a high-voltage supply signal, and a doherty power amplifier configured to receive the high-voltage supply signal and amplify a radio-frequency (rf) signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplifier and power amplification method

In dividing units, signals propagating between input ports-and output ports and between input ports and output ports have phases shifted by 90° from phases of signals propagating between the input ports and the output port and between the input ports and the output ports. Amplifiers output amplified signals that are in phase to the dividing units.
Nec Corporation

Power amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal

A power amplifier comprising a first, a second and a third sub-amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal. The sub-amplifiers are connected to an output network for providing the output signal at an output port of the output network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Power amplification device and method

Various embodiments of the present invention relate to a power amplification device and method, wherein the power amplification device can comprise: a power amplifier; a switch mode converter for controlling a bias of the power amplifier; a comparator for providing a switching signal to the switch mode converter according to an envelope signal; and a control unit for determining whether a switching frequency of the switch mode converter is within a specific band and applying an offset to the switching frequency so as to deviate from the specific band if the switching frequency of the switch mode converter is within the specific band. Various other embodiments can be carried out..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and methods for multi-mode low noise amplifiers

Apparatus and methods for multi-mode low noise amplifiers (lnas) are provided herein. In certain configurations, a radio frequency (rf) system includes a multi-mode lna including at least a first amplification stage and a second amplification stage electrically connected in a cascade.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Transistor barrier-controlled internal photoemission detector

A three-terminal transistor-based radiation detector is presented which uses internal photoemission over a bias-controlled potential barrier which may be of a bipolar or field-effect transistor nature. The proposed invention allows bias-tunable control of the radiation wavelength under detection while enabling integration with conventional silicon or other semiconductor fabrication processes.

Gardnerella vaginalis assay

The present invention relates to nucleic acid amplification assays for the detection of nucleic acid sequences of gardnerella vaginalis. The present invention provides oligonucleotides that are complementary or that anneal to nucleic acid sequences of the vly gene of gv.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Primer set for pcr for bacterial dna amplification, kit for detection and/or identification of bacterial species, and, detection and/or identification of bacterial species

A primer set useful for further improvement of sensitivity in detection or identification of bacterial species in a sample by a pcr method, a kit for pcr using the primer set and a method of detection or identification of bacterial species in a sample using the primer set. Sensitivity in detection or identification of bacterial species in a sample by conducting a pcr method using the primer set with a minimized contamination amount of bacterial nucleic acid is improved.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Liquid discharging apparatus and control liquid discharging apparatus

A liquid discharging apparatus includes a housing, a head unit that is provided in the housing, and includes a discharge section, which is provided with a piezoelectric element that is displaced depending on a driving signal, a driving signal creation section that creates the driving signal, a temperature information creation section that creates temperature information, which shows a temperature of a predetermined location inside the housing, a detection signal creation section that creates a detection signal by amplifying a residual vibration signal, which shows residual vibrations that occur in the discharge section after the piezoelectric element is displaced depending on the driving signal, with an amplification factor that depends on a temperature, which the temperature information shows, and a discharge state determination section that determines a discharge state of the liquid in the discharge section on the basis of the detection signal.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Power amplification system with common base pre-amplifier

Power amplification system with common base pre-amplifier. A power amplification system can include a common base amplifier configured to amplify an input radio-frequency (rf) signal received at an input node to generate an intermediate rf signal at an intermediate node.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplifier module with power supply control

Power amplifier module with power supply control. A power amplification control system can include an interface configured to receive a transceiver control signal from a transceiver.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplifier device and circuits

A multi-mode multi-band power amplifier and its circuits are provided. The power amplifier comprises a controller, a wide-band amplifier channel, and a fundamental impedance transformer.
Lansus Technologies Inc.

Amplifier with common-mode filter

A differential amplifier having a tunable filter is disclosed. The tunable filter may attenuate some common-mode signals while not affecting amplification of differential signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Power amplifier with cascode switching or splitting functionality

Multiband power amplifier with cascode switching. A power amplification system can include a first transistor having a base configured to receive an input radio-frequency (rf) signal and having an emitter coupled to a ground potential.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Doherty power amplifier having am-am compensation

A power amplification system includes a doherty power amplifier (pa) configured to receive a voltage supply signal and a radio-frequency (rf) signal and generate an amplified rf signal using the voltage supply signal, the doherty pa including a carrier amplifier and a peaking amplifier. A carrier amplifier bias circuit and a peaking amplifier bias circuit coupled to one or more of the carrier amplifier and the carrier amplifier bias circuit over a coupling path are provided wherein the peaking amplifier bias circuit is configured to provide a peaking bias signal to the peaking amplifier based on a saturation level of the carrier amplifier..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Radio-frequency power amplifiers driven by boost converter

Radio-frequency (rf) power amplifiers driven by boost converter. In some embodiments, a power amplification system can include a supply system configured to provide a high-voltage (hv) supply signal based on a battery voltage, and a power amplifier (pa) configured to receive the hv supply signal and amplify an rf signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Multi-band power amplification system having enhanced efficiency through elimination of band selection switch

Multi-band power amplification system having enhanced efficiency through elimination of band selection switch. In some embodiments, a power amplification system can include a plurality of power amplifiers (pas), with each pa being configured to receive and amplify a radio-frequency (rf) signal in a frequency band.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Enhanced power amplifier efficiency through elimination of matching network

Enhanced power amplifier efficiency through elimination of matching network. In some embodiments, a power amplification system can include a power amplifier (pa) configured to receive and amplify a radio-frequency (rf) signal, and an output filter coupled to the pa by an output path that is substantially free of an impedance transformation circuit.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Reduced power amplifier size through elimination of matching network

Reduced power amplifier size through elimination of matching network. In some embodiments, a power amplification system can include a power amplifier (pa) configured to receive and amplify a radio-frequency (rf) signal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplification system with adjustable common base bias

Power amplification system with adjustable common base bias. A power amplification system can include a first transistor having a base coupled to a radio-frequency input.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal

A power amplifier comprising a first, second and third sub-amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal is disclosed. The sub-amplifiers are connected to an input network and an output network.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Rf amplification device with power protection during high supply voltage conditions

A radio frequency (rf) amplification device comprises an rf amplification circuit, and a dynamic level shifter (dls) circuit coupled between a supply voltage and the rf amplification circuit. The dls circuit is configured to provide a first shifted voltage to the rf amplification circuit via a first diode when the supply voltage is above a first threshold voltage level.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

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Power amplification system with variable supply voltage

Power amplification system with variable supply voltage. A power amplification system can include a power amplifier and a boost converter configured to provide a supply voltage to the power amplifier.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Power amplification system with shared common base biasing

Power amplification system with shared common base biasing. A power amplification system can include a plurality of cascode amplifier sections.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

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