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 A  operating a hearing system for conducting telephone calls and a corresponding hearing system patent thumbnailA operating a hearing system for conducting telephone calls and a corresponding hearing system
A method of operating a hearing system for conducting telephone calls as well as a hearing system capable of performing the proposed method. The hearing system includes a communication device (4) with a communication device microphone (3′) for picking up a first sound signal and providing a primary sidetone signal.
Sonova Ag

 Photoelectric conversion apparatus,  driving the photoelectric conversion apparatus, focus detection sensor, and imaging system patent thumbnailPhotoelectric conversion apparatus, driving the photoelectric conversion apparatus, focus detection sensor, and imaging system
Provided is a photoelectric conversion apparatus, including: a sensor cell unit including a photoelectric conversion unit, an amplification unit, a select switch, and a reset switch, the amplification unit including an input node and an output node; an output line; a signal processing unit; and a control unit. The output node is electrically connected to the signal processing unit via the select switch and via the output line in this order.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Mimo visible light communication system receiving device patent thumbnailMimo visible light communication system receiving device
A receiving device for a multi-input multi-output (mimo) visible light communication system includes a collimation unit, a metal thin film, a transparent substrate and a receiving unit. The receiving device performs receiving by using optical components, and uses the metal thin film as a main receiving component, which plays a role of filtering and enhanced transmission, and equals to implementing a function of filtering and signal amplification by using electronic components, but overcomes the nonlinear effect of the electronic components, thereby solving the problem of waveform distortion in receiving..
Zte Corporation

 Wireless apparatus patent thumbnailWireless apparatus
A wireless apparatus including: an amplification circuit configured to generate a second signal by amplifying power of a first signal, a calculation circuit configured to calculate a deviation amount of phase deviation of the second signal from the first signal, and a correction circuit configured to correct the phase deviation using a correction method that is selected from a plurality of correction methods based on the deviation amount, the plurality of correction methods among which each power consumption is higher as each correction amount corresponding to each power consumption is greater.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Multipath feedforward band pass amplifier patent thumbnailMultipath feedforward band pass amplifier
An exemplary multipath feedforward amplifier includes a plurality of amplification stages configured to form at least partially distinct amplification paths extending from an input terminal to an output terminal, each amplification path defined by a respective subset of the plurality of amplification stages, wherein at least one amplification stage is a band pass resonator. In various implementations, multipath feedforward amplifier can maximize gain at a frequency of interest by having an amplification path that cascades band pass resonators.
Analog Devices, Inc.

 Band optimised rf switch low noise amplifier patent thumbnailBand optimised rf switch low noise amplifier
An rf switching circuit is described. The rf switching circuit comprises an rf switch having multiple rf inputs and two or more switch outputs; a low noise amplifier (lna) having two or more amplification branches, each amplification branch being associated with a corresponding switch output; and a bypass switching mechanism configured for selectively bypassing the amplification branches..
Ferfics Limited

 Power amplification module patent thumbnailPower amplification module
Provided is a power amplification module that includes: a first power amplifier that amplifies a first signal and outputs a second signal; and a first noise removing circuit that is inputted with a first voltage supplied from a dc-dc converter, removes noise from the first voltage in order to generate a second voltage, and outputs the second voltage as a power supply voltage of the first power amplifier.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Pixel amplification apparatus, cmos image sensor including the same and operation method thereof patent thumbnailPixel amplification apparatus, cmos image sensor including the same and operation method thereof
Disclosed are a pixel amplification apparatus and a cmos image sensor thereof. The pixel amplification apparatus includes a pixel bias sampling unit that samples a first pixel bias voltage, a pixel bias current supply unit that supplies an output node of a pixel signal with a first pixel bias current based on a sampled bias voltage outputted from the pixel bias sampling unit, and a pixel bias current adding unit that additionally supplies the output node with a second pixel bias current in response to a second pixel bias voltage and a period control signal..
Sk Hynix Inc.

 Imaging systems with stacked photodiodes and chroma-luma de-noising patent thumbnailImaging systems with stacked photodiodes and chroma-luma de-noising
An imaging system may include an image sensor having pixels with stacked photodiodes in which a first photodiode generates a first image signal in response to light of a first wavelength and a second photodiode generates a second image signal in response to light of a second wavelength. The imaging system may include processing circuitry that applies a color correction matrix to isolate components of the first and second signals that are generated in response to light of the first and second wavelengths while removing components of the first and second signals that are generated in response to light of other wavelengths.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

 Plasma source enhanced with booster chamber and low cost plasma strength sensor patent thumbnailPlasma source enhanced with booster chamber and low cost plasma strength sensor
A method to improve plasma discharge efficiency by attaching one or more booster chambers to the main discharge chamber is disclosed here. The booster chamber functions as a plasma discharge amplification device for the main discharge chamber.

Semiconductor device, in-vehicle valve system and solenoid driver

An output driving circuit outputs an output current to a solenoid incorporated in a vehicle through an output terminal. A detection resistor connected between the output terminal and the output driving circuit.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Linear power supply circuit

A linear power supply circuit includes a first output transistor of a p-channel type or pnp type which is connected between an input terminal to which an input voltage is input and an output terminal from which an output voltage is output; a first differential amplifier configured to amplify a difference between the output voltage or a feedback voltage according to the output voltage and a predetermined first reference voltage and output a first amplification voltage; a second differential amplifier configured to amplify a difference between the input voltage or a first monitor voltage according to the input voltage and the output voltage or a second monitor voltage according to the output voltage and output a second amplification voltage; and a first driver configured to generate a control voltage of the first output transistor according to the first amplification voltage and the second amplification voltage.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Radiation detector

The present invention provides a radiation detection system for detecting x-ray and gamma rays featuring cd1-xmgxte in solid solution as a crystal semiconductor and electrical connection means. The crystal has a composition in the range of cd0.99mg0.01te to cd0.71mg0.29te and may be doped with indium or another group iii element, which may be suitable for use at room temperature as well as controlled temperatures.

Rapid, highly-sensitive, and highly-specific nucleic acid detection

A nucleic acid (na) detection method combines ultra-specific probe, on-chip isotachophoresis (itp) which can separate single strand and double strand nas, and enzyme amplification. The itp device has a sieving matrix between the le (leading electrolyte) and te (trailing electrolyte) reservoirs, for separating double-strand and single-strand nas.
Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

Measuring amplifier with background adjustment and method therefor

The present invention relates to a measuring amplifier (103) with background calibration and adjustment, as well as to a method for carrying out the background calibration and adjustment for such a measuring amplifier. The measuring amplifier amplifies, digitizes and processes at least one measurement signal (111) from at least one measuring transducer (102) with the aid of at least one amplifier arrangement (108).
Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik Gmbh

Process for the diagnosis of cancer by using exosomes

E) determining whether in the amplification product variants of the agr2 gene can be identified.. .

Nucleic acid detection and quantification

The present invention relates to methods and uses for the detection or quantification of newly-synthesized double-stranded target nucleic acid molecules in a sample during quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qpcr) amplification. According to the invention, an intercalating dye recognizing double-stranded dna molecules with higher affinity than single-stranded dna molecules and a fluorophore-labeled oligonucleotide-probe being sequence specific for a target nucleic acid molecule are simultaneously employed, thus enabling quantification a specific target and total amount of a mixed nucleic acid population, and enabling assessing the cause of suboptimal pcr performance..
Qiagen Gmbh

Method and kit for detection of microorganism

3) a primer or primers for amplifying a target region of the dna or rna of the microorganism to be detected by a nucleic acid amplification method. The agent for suppressing a nucleic acid amplification inhibitory substance is one or more selected from albumin, dextran, t4 gene 32 protein, acetamide, betaine, dimethyl sulfoxide, formamide, glycerol, polyethylene glycol, soybean trypsin inhibitor, α2-macroglobulin, tetramethylammonium chloride, lysozyme, phosphorylase and lactate dehydrogenase..

Monitoring dna amplification

A method and kits are provided for nucleic acid quantification and discrimination using surface plasmon resonance (spr). The method provided is able to significantly enhance the detection limit and multiplex the discrimination assay using the melting properties of the target dna on top of standard pcr reaction.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Bead emulsion nucleic acid amplification

Disclosed are methods for nucleic acid amplification wherein nucleic acid templates, beads, and amplification reaction solution are emulsified and the nucleic acid templates are amplified to provide clonal copies of the nucleic acid templates attached to the beads. Also disclosed are kits and apparatuses for performing the methods of the invention..
454 Life Sciences Corporation

Methods for full-length amplification of double-stranded linear nucleic acids of unknown sequences

An adaptor for use in amplifying all linear, double-stranded nucleic acid molecules of unknown sequences in a sample is disclosed. The adaptor consists of: (1) the first oligonucleotide (p-oligo) with a phosphate at the 5′ end and without an additional thymine nucleotide at the 3′ end; and (2) the second oligonucleotide (t˜oligo) with an extra 3′-t and without a 5′-phosphate.
Academia Sinica

Pixel amplification apparatus and cmos image sensor including the same

A pixel amplification apparatus includes a single common current source suitable for supplying an identical current to columns, a plurality of column selection units each suitable for selecting each column to allow a corresponding current to flow, a plurality of pixel bias sampling units each suitable for sampling the corresponding current flowing through each of the column selection units as a pixel bias, and a plurality of amplification units each suitable for amplifying to a pixel signal based on the sampled pixel bias.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Testing the performance of a layer 3 proxy device using traffic amplification

The invention is directed towards a method, computer program, computer program product and a traffic amplification device (30) for assisting in the testing of performance of a layer 3 proxy device (12) as well as a testing system comprising such a traffic amplification device. The traffic amplification device (30) obtains a first message (m1) from at least one client devices (14) and intended for a server device (22), where the first message comprises a request for processing, sends a plurality of second messages (m2) to the proxy device (12) in a number corresponding to a desired degree of traffic amplification, where each second message comprises the request for processing, receives the second messages in return from the proxy device (12), selects one of the received second messages, and forwards (fm1) the request for processing of the selected second message to the server device (22) for being processed.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Low energy technology for real teleportation.

It is a common belief today real teleportation of large objects, definitely humans, is science fiction; beyond normal (paranormal). The problem with this assessment (even though promoted among noted scientists) teleportation is happening in front of our eyes today.

Cmos rf switch device and biasing the same

Disclosed are cmos-based devices for switching radio frequency (rf) signals and methods for biasing such devices. In certain rf devices such as mobile phones, providing different amplification modes can yield performance advantages.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for chopping ripple reduction in amplifiers

Apparatus and methods for digitally-assisted feedback offset correction are provided herein. In certain configurations, an amplifier includes amplification circuitry for providing amplification to an input signal and chopping circuitry for compensating for an input offset voltage of the amplifier.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Pedal board connection system for musical instruments

A musical instrument connection and extension system that easily and quickly connects musical amplification, effects pedals, rack mounted effects systems and components, wireless connectivity and power distribution for use with musical instruments. Audio stage equipment multiplexing/demultiplexing system comprising: front station (30), multi wire cable (101), back station (20).
Maytech Music Systems Pty Ltd

A driving a liquid crystal display panel, a liquid crystal display panel and a display device

This invention provides a liquid crystal display panel, a source driver in the liquid crystal display panel comprises an amplifier whose amplification coefficient is adjustable, the amplifier can adjust a received data signal based on a currently selected amplificaiton coefficient, and output the adjusted data signal to a data line that is currently signally-connected with the amplifier, moreover, the currently selected amplification coefficient is inversely proportional to a rate at which the data line charges a current signally-connected sub-pixel unit. For the case that the rate at which the data line charges the sub-pixel unit is relatively low, a relative large amplification coefficient can be selected, thereby nonuniform brightness of the display image caused by a low charging rate of the sub-pixel unit can be avoided; for the case that the rate at which the data line charges the sub-pixel unit is relatively high, a relatively small amplifcation coefficient is selected, thereby unnecessary power consumption can be saved.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Common voltage adjustment circuit for display panel and display apparatus

Provided are a common voltage adjustment circuit for a display panel and a display apparatus. The adjustment circuit comprises: a filter unit (101) configured to filter a pwm signal provided externally and provide a dc voltage signal obtained through the filtering to a first voltage clamp unit; a first voltage clamp unit (102) configured to adjust the dc voltage signal to obtain a first adjusted signal and provide the first adjusted signal to a feedback amplification unit; a feedback amplification unit (103) configured to amplify the first adjusted signal to obtain a first amplified signal and provide the first amplified signal to a second voltage clamp unit; and a second voltage clamp unit (104) configured to adjust the first amplified signal to output a second adjusted signal and provide the voltage value of the second adjusted signal to the display panel.
Beijing Boe Vision-electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Single mode propagation in fibers and rods with large leakage channels

Various embodiments include large cores fibers that can propagate few modes or a single mode while introducing loss to higher order modes. Some of these fibers are holey fibers that comprise cladding features such as air-holes.
Imra America, Inc.

Method for determining and system for determining polypeptide bonding to target molecule

A method determines an amino acid sequence that binds to a target molecule or a base sequence encoding the same. The method pans for bringing a library constructed by a display method, followed by incubation.
Molcure, Inc.

Method for the isothermic amplification of nucleic acid and snp detection

The invention relates to a novel buffer formulation that is able to reduce reaction time compared to conventional lamp buffer and may be universally applied to other lamp reactions with little optimization required. The invention also relates to a modified lamp method making use of the novel buffer and may incorporate snp-discriminating forward loop primers to enhance the lamp reaction while also reducing the likelihood of false-positives..

Multiplex amplification and detection

The invention relates to the field of multiplex amplification. In particular, the invention relates to methods for assaying a sample for one or more nucleic acid targets in a single reaction based on the distinct melting temperatures or melting profiles of primers and/or probes.
Oxitec Ltd

Localised rca-based amplification method using a padlock-probe

The present invention provides a method for performing a localised rca reaction comprising at least two rounds of rca, wherein the product of a second rca reaction is attached, and hence localised, to a product of a first rca reaction, said method comprising: (a) providing a concatemeric first rca product comprising repeated monomers; (b) directly or indirectly hybridising to monomers of said first rca product a circularisable oligonucleotide comprising target-complementary 3′ and 5′ end regions such that the 3′ and 5′ ends of said oligonucleotide hybridise in juxtaposition for ligation directly or indirectly to each other, wherein the target is a sequence in a monomer of said first rca product or an intermediate molecule hybridised thereto, and wherein the target-complementary end regions of said circularisable oligonucleotide are 6 to 16 nucleotides in length; (c) directly or indirectly ligating the ends of said circularisable oligonucleotide to circularise the oligonucleotide, thereby to provide a template for a second rca reaction, wherein when said ends are indirectly ligated (i) either a gap oligonucleotide is provided which hybridises to the monomers of the first rca product in between the 3′ and 5′ ends of the circularisable oligonucleotide such that it may be ligated to the respective ends, or the hybridised 3′ end of the circularisable oligonucleotide is extended by a polymerase such that the extended 3′ end may be ligated to the hybridised 5′ end, and (ii) the total length of the region of the second rca template directly or indirectly hybridised to the monomers is no longer than 32 nucleotides in length; and (d) performing a second rca reaction using said second rca template of (c) and a primer for said second rca, to form a second rca product, wherein in said second rca reaction the second rca template remains attached to the first rca product, and thereby the second rca product is attached to the first rca product.. .
Olink Ab

Detection of nucleic acids by strand invasion based amplification

A method for detecting a target nucleic acid sequence in a sample in the presence of at least protein capable of binding to single-stranded dna is provided, comprising contacting said sample with at least one oligonucleotide probe comprising a fluorophore, a quencher and a region complementary to said target nucleic acid sequence. The sequence of the oligonucleotide probe comprises at least 20% rna nucleotides, modified rna nucleotides and/or pna nucleotides..
Orion Diagnostica Oy

Dna templates for rolling circle amplification

The present application provides circular templates that are high in adenine and cytosine and methods and uses thereof for rolling circle amplification (rca). These templates are particularly suitable for biosensing applications involving rca..
Mcmaster University

Pcr amplification methods and kits for detecting and quantifying sulfate-reducing bacteria

A kit for optional use with a pcr method of amplification may include at least one reaction well, and an internal amplification control for a pcr amplification of an aps reductase gene having a sequence complementary to at least one sequence essentially identical to seq id no:1, seq id no:2, seq id no:3, seq id no:4, seq id no:5, seq id no:6, seq id no:7, seq id no:8, seq id no:9, seq id no:10, seq id no:11, seq id no:12, seq id no:13, seq id no:14, seq id no:15, and mixtures thereof. The kit may be used with a pcr method of amplifying at least one sulfur-reducing bacteria extracted from an oilfield fluid..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Plurality of transposase adapters for dna manipulations

The present invention relates to transposase adapters and uses thereof, including uses in preparing dna molecules, in vitro amplification, sequencing of nucleic acids, and screening of dna libraries for sequences of interest as well as nucleic acid delivery.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Stabilized reverse transcriptase fustion proteins

Stabilized reverse transcriptase fusion proteins including a thermostable reverse transcriptase connected to a stabilizer protein are described. Attaching the stabilizer protein to the thermostable reverse transcriptase stabilizes the fusion protein and can aid in its purification, provide increased solubility, allow for longer storage, or allow the fusion protein to be used under more rigorous conditions such as higher temperature.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Photoelectric conversion apparatus, imaging system, and driving photoelectric conversion apparatus

In a photoelectric conversion apparatus, the number of differential transistors in which on states thereof overlap with one another is increased when the number of the amplification transistors in which on states thereof overlap with one another is increased.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Usb programmable dual antenna communications headset system

A communications headset having an antenna on each earpiece and having an rf switch for determining which antenna is receiving the superior signal and selecting that signal for amplification and distribution to headset speakers. A cable, supported and secured to a headband of the headset, connects the two earpieces for signal and power transfer.
Sonetics Holdings, Inc.

Optical receiver, active optical cable, and control optical receiver

The present disclosure includes a photodetector element (11) that converts an optical signal into an electric current signal; a transimpedance amplifier (12a) that converts the electric current signal into a voltage signal; a differential amplifier (12d) that converts the voltage signal into a differential signal, by performing differential amplification of a difference between the voltage signal and a threshold voltage; an los detection circuit that detects a no-signal section of the optical signal; and an mcu that repeatedly executes offset cancellation processing, the offset cancellation processing including threshold voltage change processing in which the threshold voltage is changed such that an offset voltage of the differential signal is reduced, the mcu 13 skipping the threshold voltage change processing in the no-signal section.. .
Fujikura Ltd.

Power amplification module

A power amplification module includes a first transistor which amplifies and outputs a radio frequency signal input to its base; a current source which outputs a control current; a second transistor connected to an output of the current source, a first current from the control current input to its collector, a control voltage generation circuit connected to the output and which generates a control voltage according to a second current from the control current; a first fet, the drain being supplied with a supply voltage, the source being connected to the base of the first transistor, and the gate being supplied with the control voltage; and a second fet, the drain being supplied with the supply voltage, the source being connected to the base of the second transistor, and the gate being supplied with the control voltage.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Constant current control power supply and laser oscillator

A constant current control power supply of an embodiment of the present invention includes a switching regulator that includes a switching circuit having a switching device and a rectifier device, a smoothing circuit having reactors and capacitors, a current detection circuit, and a control circuit, for outputting a constant current in accordance with a command value from a controller. When on indicates a case where the command value commands an output of a higher current than a predetermined value and off indicates a case where the command value commands an output of a lower current than the predetermined value, on condition that a pulse operation alternating between the on and the off is inputted, the control circuit amplifies a variation in the command value by a predetermined amplification factor and adds the amplified variation to the command value, and attenuates the added variation with a predetermined time constant..
Fanuc Corporation


The present invention is a rectangular waveguide (100) providing amplification of an electromagnetic wave via interaction with an electron beam (107) in a channel defined by two parallel rows of alternately provided substantially identical pillars ((109), (111)). The pillars are attached to the base (113) of the waveguide, with a void between the top of each pillar and the roof (103) of the waveguide..
Lancaster University Business Enterprises Ltd

Optical-module member, optical module, and electronic device

An optical module-member is provided, including: a layer-shaped optical waveguide; a light-emitting unit substrate including an insulating substrate, light-emitting element-mounting portions where light-emitting elements are configured to be mounted so as to be optically connected to the optical waveguide, and driving element-mounting portions which are electrically connected to the light-emitting element-mounting portions where driving elements for driving the light-emitting elements are configured to be mounted; and a light-receiving unit substrate which is separated from the light-emitting unit substrate, the light-receiving unit substrate including: an insulating substrate, light-receiving element-mounting portions where light-receiving elements are configured to be mounted so as to be optically connected to the optical waveguide, and signal amplification element-mounting portions which are electrically connected to the light-receiving element-mounting portions and where signal amplification elements for amplifying a signal from the light-receiving element are configured to be mounted.. .
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Sensor, detecting magnetic substance, and image forming apparatus

The sensitivity of a sensor that detects the amount or density of magnetic substance is raised. The sensor includes an oscillation circuit, a differential transformer, and an amplification circuit.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Compositions and methods for detecting a biological contaminant

Provided are compositions and methods useful to the determination of whether a microbial contaminant is present in a biological therapeutic production process. Specifically, an artificial positive amplification control plasmid and unique quantitative pcr detection probe are provided, which enables the rapid and real-time detection of a false positive result..
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.

Isothermal amplification using oligocation-conjugated primer sequences

Provided herein are methods and kits for isothermal nucleic acid amplifications that use an oligocation-oligonucleotide conjugate primer for amplifying a target nucleic acid to generate amplicons. Isothermal dna amplification methods that employ a strand displacing dna polymerase and polyamine-oligonucleotide conjugate primer are also provided..
General Electric Company

Recombinase polymerase amplification

This disclosure describes related novel methods for recombinase-polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes, thus offering easy and affordable implementation and portability relative to other amplification methods.
Alere San Diego Inc.

Method for the amplification of nucleic acids using heat transfer for nanoparticles

A method for the amplification of nucleic acids, in which nanoparticles in a reaction volume transfer heat to their environment through excitation. The method comprises a step of providing nanoparticles with the nucleic acids in a reaction volume and one or more heating steps.
Gna Biosolutions Gmbh

Multiplex detection of nucleic acids

Described herein is a new approach in which a nucleic acid species of interest (e.g. A chromosome) containing multiple unique target sequences is detected using multiple specific probes that are amplified by rolling circle amplification and detected.
Vanadis Diagnostics

Bicistronic expression vector for antibody expression and producing antibody using same

The present invention relates to a bicistronic expression vector for antibody expression, an animal cell transfected with the expression vector, and a method for producing an antibody including culturing the animal cell, in which the expression vector includes a first expression cassette including ‘promoter-utr-intron-antibody light chain gene-polya’ and a second expression cassette including ‘promoter-utr-intron-antibody heavy chain gene-internal ribosome entry site (ires)-amplification gene-polya’. An expression vector capable of expressing a desired antibody with high efficiency can be constructed using the bicistronic expression vector including an intron for antibody expression according to the present invention, and the expression vector can produce the antibody by culturing the transfected animal cell with stability and high efficiency..
Prestige Biopharma Pte. Ltd.

Anti-lamp1 antibodies and antibody drug conjugates, and uses thereof

Antibodies are provided which specifically bind human and macaca fascicularis lysosomal-associated membrane protein 1 (lamp1) proteins and immunoconjugates comprising said antibodies conjugated or linked to a growth inhibitory agent. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising antibodies or immunoconjugates of the invention and use of the antibodies or immunoconjugates for the treatment of cancer are also provided, as well as lamp1 antibodies, isolated nucleic acids, vectors and host cells comprising a sequence encoding said antibodies and the use of said antibody as a diagnostic tool.

Pcr heating block having pattern heater repeatedly arranged thereon and pcr device having the same

The present invention relates to a pcr heating block having heaters repeatedly arranged thereon is capable of preventing the radial thermal distribution generated from the individual heaters and the non-uniform heat superposition between the adjacent heaters to improve the pcr yield and further capable of requiring no separate temperature controlling means to achieve the miniaturization and integration of a device. According to the present invention, furthermore, a pcr device is capable of amplifying a plurality of nucleic acid samples at the same time and rapidly by using a pcr heating block on which heater units are repeatedly arranged and a plate-shaped pcr reaction unit and also capable of measuring successively generated optical signals or electrochemical signals to in real time check the nucleic acid amplification..
Nanobiosys Inc.

Piezoelectric speaker driving device

A piezoelectric speaker driving device includes a driving amplification unit, a signal tuning unit, and a piezoelectric speaker; wherein, the driving amplification unit is configured to amplify a signal source, and transmit an amplified signal to the signal tuning unit; the signal tuning unit is configured to filter the amplified signal to filter out a high-frequency noise, and regulate an impedance characteristic of the piezoelectric ceramic to increase a load impedance of a high-frequency part of the driving circuit so as to reduce the driving current of the high-frequency part, and transmit the regulated driving signal to the piezoelectric speaker to drive the piezoelectric speaker. Wherein, the signal tuning unit may include a low-pass filtering circuit and a regulation impedance..
Zte Corporation

Quantum-key distribution apparatus, quantum-key distribution method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a quantum-key distribution apparatus includes a quantum-key sharer, a shifter, a corrector, a privacy amplifier, and an estimator. The quantum-key sharer performs photon sharing processing and acquires a photon bit string.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


A receiver includes a first and a second amplification unit for amplifying a first and second received signals received by antenna units; a level variation detection unit for performing gain control of the first amplification unit; a maximum received signal level extraction unit for performing gain control of the second amplification unit; and a first and a second frequency conversion unit. The receiver further includes an interference frequency detection unit for detecting a frequency of interference in the second received signal; an interference frequency cut-off unit for cutting off the frequency of the interference; demodulation units for demodulating the respective received signals; noise amplitude calculation unit for calculating noise amplitudes from the respective received signals; equalizing units for correcting amplitudes and phases of the respective received signals; and a combining unit for combining demodulation results from the respective received signals on the basis of noise amplitude detection results..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Efficient smart wideband linear hybrid cmos rf power amplifier

A novel and useful linear, efficient, smart wideband cmos hybrid power amplifier that combined an analog linear amplification path and a digital power amplification (dpa) path. Pa path control logic analyzes the input i and q signals and determines which amplification paths to steer the input i and q signals to.
Dsp Group Ltd.

Optical amplifier module

An optical amplifier module is configured as a multi-stage free-space optics arrangement, including at least an input stage and an output stage. The actual amplification is provided by a separate fiber-based component coupled to the module.
Ii-vi Incorporated

Integrated sensor-array processor

An integrated sensor-array processor and method includes sensor array time-domain input ports to receive sensor signals from time-domain sensors. A sensor transform engine (ste) creates sensor transform data from the sensor signals and applies sensor calibration adjustments.

Fingerprint information detection circuit

The present invention relates to a chip design and discloses a fingerprint information detection circuit. The invention includes a reset unit, a feedback unit, an amplification unit and a source follower unit; the reset unit is connected to the feedback unit and amplification unit, while the feedback unit is connected to the amplification unit, and the amplification unit is connected to the source follower unit; when the reset transistor built-into the reset unit is on, it stores an electric charge, and resets the feedback unit; when the reset transistor is off, the stored electric charge is injected into the feedback unit and amplification unit; the feedback unit receives the electric charge, and outputs the second voltage signal generated when it detects fingerprints to the source follower unit; the amplification unit amplifies the received signal and outputs it to the source follower unit; the source follower unit receives the signal, performs voltage level shifting before outputting the first voltage signal that carries the detected fingerprint information.
Silead Inc.

Methods and compositions for pooling amplification primers

Provided herein are methods, compositions, systems, and kits for pooling amplification primers. Such methods, compositions, systems, and kits can be useful for integrated analysis of multiple classes of genomic alterations in a single assay..
Nugen Technologies, Inc.

Current measuring apparatus, image forming apparatus, conveyance measuring current

There is provided a current measuring apparatus for measuring a first current used for estimating a load torque of the motor, comprising: a detection unit configured to detect a first voltage; an amplification unit including a first input terminal at which the second signal is input, a second input terminal coupled to a first resistor and a second resistor by which an amplification factor is defined, an output terminal for outputting a third signal, a first power supply terminal that is grounded, and a second power supply terminal coupled to a first power supply; an input unit configured to input a second voltage at the first input terminal; a storage unit configured to store a third voltage; an acquisition unit configured to acquire a fourth voltage; and a calculation unit configured to calculate the first current based on a difference between the third voltage and the fourth voltage.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

New enzyme-mediated signal amplification

The present invention relates to methods and compounds for enzyme-mediated amplification of target-associated signals for visualization of biological or chemical targets in samples, wherein the targets are immobilized, in particular the invention relates to the oxidoreductase-mediated signal amplification for visualization of targets in samples comprising cells. The methods of the invention are particular useful for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of biological markers relating to medical diagnostic and therapy..
Dako Denmark A/s

Method for quantifying adeno-associated virus

A method for quantification of an adeno-associated virus genome, including the steps of (a) preparing a composition containing a sample, at least one primer pair for use in amplification of only a nucleotide sequence contained in inverted terminal repeats of an adeno-associated virus, and an intercalating dye; (b) performing nucleic acid amplification reaction using the composition prepared in the step (a); and (c) detecting an amplified product obtained in the step (b). The present invention is especially useful in the fields of medicine, gene engineering, and biology..
Takara Bio Inc.

Photoinduced electron transfer (pet) primer for nucleic acid amplification

This application provides photoinduced electron transfer (pet) nucleic acid molecules that can be used detect and amplify nucleic acid molecules, such as target nucleic acid molecules. These pet tags can be attached to the 5′-end of a target sequence-specific primer, thereby generating a pet primer.
The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Department Of

In situ hybridization detection method

The invention provides compositions and methods for the detection of targets in a sample; in particular, an in situ hybridization (ish) sample. Probes and detectable labels may be provided in multiple layers in order to increase the flexibility of a detection system, and to allow for amplification to enhance the signal from a target.
Dako Denmark A/s

Nucleic acid probe with single fluorophore label bound to internal cytosine for use in loop mediated isothermal amplification

The disclosure relates to novel probes for use in lamp detection methods. The probes contain a single fluorophore label bound to an internal cytosine residue of the probe.
Mast Group Limited

Mutant dna polymerase blends and mutant dna polymerases

A thermostable dna polymerase composition comprising at least two dna polymerases, one of which is substantially reduced in 5′-exonuclease activity and one of which has 5′-exonuclease activity. This polymerase may be used in methods including, but not limited to, nucleic acid synthesis, dna sequencing, nucleic acid amplification and cdna synthesis..
Life Technologies Corporation

Nucleic acid amplification

In some embodiments, the present teachings provide methods for nucleic acid amplification, comprising forming a reaction mixture, and subjecting the reaction mixture to conditions suitable for nucleic acid amplification. In some embodiments, methods for nucleic acid amplification include subjecting the nucleic acid to be amplified to partially denaturing conditions.
Life Technologies Corporation

Real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor and energy harvesting system

An instantaneous/real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor (dtps) for characterizing pavement qualities and for detecting surface and subsurface pavement defects under normal driving conditions. Signal processing provides quantitative assessment of surface conditions.
Northeastern University

Liquid ejecting apparatus, drive circuit, and head unit

A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a power supply unit that boosts a single voltage and includes multiple voltage boosting circuits which generate power supply voltages different from each other; a drive circuit that amplifies an original drive signal based on a power supply voltage which is generated by at least one of the multiple voltage boosting circuits and generates a drive signal that is applied; and an ejecting unit that includes a piezoelectric element which becomes displaced in accordance with the drive signal, in which the power supply unit controls the voltage boosting circuit, which generates the power supply voltage that is not used for amplification, to stop voltage boosting.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Pcr module, pcr system having the same, and inspecting using the same

A polymerase chain reaction (pcr) module is detachably combined with a reader system. The reader system includes a central processing unit (cpu) receiving a photo sensing signal to calculate gene amplification amount in real time and generating a temperature control signal based on a temperature signal and a temperature control information.
Optolane Technologies Inc.

Rectifier circuit for monitoring dc offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier

An audio power amplifier arrangement includes an audio power amplification integrated circuit having two loudspeaker outputs. A rectifier circuit includes a first diode having a cathode connected to one of the two loudspeaker outputs and an anode connected to a rectifier output node.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Preamplifier, comparator and analog-to-digital converting apparatus including the same

A preamplifier may include: a common active load suitable for providing output impedance; an output polarity changing unit suitable for changing an output polarity of output nodes; a multi-differential input stage suitable for receiving an input voltage, a coarse ramping voltage, a fine ramping voltage and a common mode voltage, and sampling the common mode voltage and the coarse ramping voltage for amplification operations; and a coupling blocking unit suitable for blocking a coupling between the output nodes and input nodes that are included in the multi-differential input stage.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Sequential broadband doherty power amplifier with adjustable output power back-off

The invention relates to a sequential broadband doherty power amplifier with adjustable output power back-off the sequential broadband doherty power amplifier has at least one input (i1, i2; rfin) for receiving at least one broadband hf signal, wherein the broadband hf signal or broadband hf signals (rfin) have at least an average power level (carrier/average) and a peak envelope power level (peak), with the average power level and the peak envelope power level defining a crest factor, and a first amplifier branch for amplifying the input signal, with the first amplifier branch providing the amplification substantially for the low and at least the average power level, at least one second amplifier branch for amplifying the input signal, wherein the second amplifier branch substantially provides the amplification for the peak envelope power level, wherein the output of the first amplifier branch is connected via an impedance inverter (zt) to the output of the second amplifier branch, the junction (cn) being connected to the load (z0) in a substantially directly impedance-matched manner, wherein the first and the second amplifier branch each have a supply voltage, with at least one of the supply voltages being variable as a function of the crest factor of the signal to be amplified, and wherein the signal propagation delay through the at least two amplifier branches is substantially identical in the operating range.. .
Rwth Aachen

Optical fiber for amplification and optical fiber amplifier using the same

An optical fiber for amplification includes a core having an inner core and an outer core surrounding the outer circumferential surface of the inner core. The relative refractive index difference of the inner core to a cladding is smaller than the relative refractive index difference of the outer core to the cladding.
Osaka Prefecture University Public Corporation

Suppression of stimulated brillouin scattering in higher-order-mode optical fiber amplifiers

An hom-based optical fiber amplifier is selectively doped within its core region to minimize the presence of dopants in those portions of the core where the unwanted lower-order modes (particularly, the fundamental mode) of the signal reside. The reduction (elimination) of the gain medium from these portions of the core minimizes (perhaps to the point of elimination) limits the amount of amplification impressed upon the backward-propagating stokes wave.
Ofs Fitel, Llc

Amoled pixel driving circuit, method and display device

The present disclosure provides an amoled pixel driving circuit, method and a display device. The amoled pixel driving circuit is for driving an organic light-emitting diode (oled) and includes: a charge storage unit configured to be charged in a data writing stage and be discharged in a pixel lighting stage to light up the oled; a data writing unit configured to write a data current in the data writing stage; a light-emitting control unit configured to control to enable a connection between the charge storage unit and the oled in the pixel lighting stage.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

User controlled collaborative aspirational savings social network system and method having user controlled whiteboard system enabling articulation and end-to-end fulfillment of aspirations

An internet-based, user-controlled aspirational savings social network system and associated method for end-to-end articulation, savings, and fulfillment of user's aspirations bridges the existing chasm between the user's savings and the purpose for their savings. A network platform facilitates users to discover and articulate aspirations and connects individual accounts assigned to the user's aspirational goals.
Inspirave, Llc.

Display apparatus having image scanning function

Disclosed is a fingerprint-sensing display capable of sensing a fingerprint on a display screen. The display apparatus having an image scanning function includes an optical amplification cover, one side of which forms a display surface, including a transparent optical amplification layer configured to amplify an optical pattern generated by a fingerprint of a user in contact with the display surface and a cover window for reinforcement, a thin film transistor (tft) array configured to drive a plurality of pixels forming an image, and an optical sensor array disposed between the optical amplification cover and the tft array and configured to sense the optical pattern amplified by the optical amplification cover..
Crucialtec Co., Ltd.

Accurate current sensing

A current sense circuit for a pass transistor is described. The circuit comprises a sense transistor having input and control ports that are coupled to input and control ports respectively of the pass transistor.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Fluorescent methods and materials for directed biomarker signal amplification

Methods and compositions are provided that include a multichromophore and/or multichromophore complex for identifying a target biomolecule. A sensor biomolecule, for example, an antibody can be covalently linked to the multichromophore.
Sirigen Inc.

Methods and compositions of non-enzymatic amplification and direct detection of nucleic acids

The detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences can be done using template catalyzed tara transfer reactions without enzyme and pcr. It comes with the novel chemistry platform technology using template assisted rapid assay (tara), an enzyme-free, pcr-less and rapid transfer reaction assay directly from samples from nasopharyngeal swab, nasal aspirate, oropharyngeal swab or blood.
Crosslife Technologies Inc.

Adjustment circuit and measuring optical parameter and optical measurement system

An adjustment circuit for measuring an optical parameter is disclosed. The adjustment circuit includes an optical sensing module for detecting an optical signal and converting the detected optical signal into a voltage signal; an amplification module for amplifying the voltage signal; an a/d conversion module for converting the amplified voltage signal into a digital signal; a control module for analyzing the digital signal for generating an analyzed result; a signal generating module for outputting a frequency square wave signal according to the analyzed result; and an adjustment module for adjusting an amplification factor of the amplification module according to the frequency square wave signal.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Copy number detection and methods

Described herein are methods of measuring, in a genomic sample from an individual, the relative frequency of a target sequence (that is, its copy number) with respect to a control sequence of known copy number at a different genomic locus in the same genome, wherein the target and control sequences differ by at least one single nucleotide variation (snv). These methods involve both the target sequence and the control sequence in a single reaction/container, using a pair of primers that prime amplification of both the target sequence and the control sequence, or a single downstream primer and two upstream primers (that differs only at the position of the snv between the target and control sequences), and measuring the abundance of each of the target sequence and the control sequence using snv-specific labeled probes or primers, or a melting curve analysis that distinguishes between the amplified control and target sequences.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Nras assay

The present invention relates to methods and tool for amplification and detection of different nras isotypes.. .
Vela Operations

Small nucleic acid quantification using split cycle amplification

Methods of detecting or quantifying short rna or dna molecules using split cycle amplification are provided.. .
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Duplicating dna with contiguity barcodes for genome and epigenome sequencing

Provided herein are methods and devices for accurate sequencing and detection of epigenetic information from template polynucleotides. Also provided are methods for long-range strand displacement amplification of polynucleotides, microfluidic devices with selectively permeable barriers for multistep processing, and methods for polynucleotide amplification using the microfluidic devices..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Pcr amplification methods, primers, and probes for detecting and quantifying sulfate-reducing bacteria

At least one nucleic acid from a sulphate-reducing bacterium may be extracted from a sample and may be amplified by a pcr amplification method in the presence of at least one primer to form an amplification product. The primer(s) may include a sequence essentially identical to seq id no:1, seq id no: 2, seq id no: 3, seq id no: 4, seq id no: 5, seq id no: 6, seq id no: 7, seq id no: 8, seq id no: 9, seq id no: 10, seq id no: 11, seq id no: 12, seq id no: 13, seq id no: 14, seq id no: 15, and mixtures thereof.
Instantlabs Medical Diagnostics Corporation

Portable dna analysis machine

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to dna amplification systems, e.g., pcr chips used to hold a testing solution and sample, and systems and methods for testing the sample including thermocycling and detection. The system can include a containment chip capable of holding a sample and reagents for amplifying a nucleic acid in the sample and containing a unique identifier used to choose a nucleic acid amplification protocol.
Hexna Corp.

Porous structure and manufacturing same

A porous structure according to the present invention has a polymerase chain reaction (pct) primer inside pores thereof, and hence, even an inner portion thereof can be used unlike general structures of which only surfaces are used for amplification and detection, thereby maximizing reactivity. In addition, the differentiating of the kinds of primers contained in respective structures leads to detection of several kinds of target nucleic acids at the same and real-time analysis thereof at the same time, and thus is useful for multiplex real-time pcr..
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Methods for nucleic acid manipulation

A method for replicating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence is described. A method of the invention involves the formation of a recombination intermediate without the prior denaturing of a nucleic acid duplex through the use of a recombination factor.
The Penn State Research Foundation

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