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Date/App# patent app List of recent Alphanumeric-related patents
 Memory tag hybrid multidimensional bar-text code with social media platform patent thumbnailnew patent Memory tag hybrid multidimensional bar-text code with social media platform
An apparatus and method for cloud-based storage, retrieval and sharing of files tagged with scannable tags and alphanumeric coding is provided. This application and method includes: either scanning a scannable tag by mobile device or inputting a code into a computer; decoding of the scannable tag or text provided, by installed application; accessing, by a cloud based storage system which hosts the associated or tagged file; and retrieving the file associated with the scannable tag or alphanumeric code.
 Method and system for automated intellegent advertising on wearable devices patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for automated intellegent advertising on wearable devices
A method and system for automated intelligent advertising on wearable devices. The wearable devices includes digital eyewear, clothing, jewelry, watches, etc.
 Consumer preference aggregation via an item information system patent thumbnailConsumer preference aggregation via an item information system
An item information system implements a method that receives coded content at a server submitted by a plurality of users. The coded content corresponds to items of interest to the plurality of users.
 Interactive voice response system patent thumbnailInteractive voice response system
An interactive voice response system, comprising: a processor configured to control the output of voice prompts for transmission to a user; an alphanumeric string generator controllable by the processor to generate a random or pseudo-random alphanumeric string for outputting by the processor to a user in natural language form; an input module for receiving a user response and configured to recognize alphanumeric characters in the user response and to output a recognized string of one or more alphanumeric characters recognized in the user response; and a validation module. The validation module is configured to receive the generated alphanumeric string from the alphanumeric string generator and the recognized string corresponding to the generated alphanumeric string from the input module, to compare the generated alphanumeric string with the recognized string, to determine whether the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string, and to output validation data in response to determining that the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string..
 Device and method for animal identification patent thumbnailDevice and method for animal identification
Methods and device for marking animals are disclosed. An ear tag configurable for attachment to a rodent ear, e.g., a mouse ear, is presented, wherein the ear tag includes a color-coded image, an alphanumeric character string, a bar code and/or a visual signage.
 System and method for display device access management patent thumbnailSystem and method for display device access management
A system and method for display device access management. An alphanumeric key is generated and displayed on a display device.
 Methods for biometric registration and verification, and related systems and devices patent thumbnailMethods for biometric registration and verification, and related systems and devices
The invention relates to a registration method for future biometric verification purposes, including the following steps for one person (i): obtaining first biometric data (4) and second biometric data (5) relating to said person; obtaining alphanumerical data (a) including at least one identifier relating to said person; storing, in a first biometric database (1), the thus-obtained first biometric data in association with a decryption key (6); storing, in a correspondence table (t), first information from the thus-obtained second biometric data and alphanumerical data in correspondence with an index (j); storing, in a second database (2), second information from the thus-obtained second biometric data and alphanumerical data in association with a version (j) of said index that is encrypted with an encryption key corresponding to said decryption key, said second information being different from the first information.. .
 Method of fusing multiple information sources in image-based gesture recognition system patent thumbnailMethod of fusing multiple information sources in image-based gesture recognition system
A method of interpreting input from a user includes providing a surface within reach of a hand of the user. A plurality of locations on the surface that are touched by the user are sensed.
 Display module of a timepiece patent thumbnailDisplay module of a timepiece
The invention concerns a timepiece display module intended to display a series of alphanumerical characters and/or pictures at different moments. The display module includes a platform (3) arranged to be actuated in rotation about an axis and several wheel sets (5) arranged on the platform (3) so that each wheel set (5) turns on itself while orbiting about the axis of rotation of said platform (3) when the latter is actuated in rotation.
 Lettered balls for use in word games patent thumbnailLettered balls for use in word games
A word game has a plurality of tennis balls bearing alpha-numeric characters, spaced apart uniformly on the spherical surface of the tennis balls, a support structure having a thickness, parallel upper and lower surfaces, and an arrangement of indentions configured to support individual tennis balls in a manner to primarily display one alphanumeric character on each ball placed, a mechanism enabling selection of one or more categories for words in a specific game, and a rule set for the specific game, in which athletic activities with the tennis balls may be a part of the rules, wherein the athletic activities may server to acquire balls by players or teams, or to define specific used of balls and characters on the balls in the game.. .
Security system and methods for portable devices
A portable communications or computing device includes one or more sensors for detecting motion in the x, y, and z axes, and/or pitch, yaw, and roll, and/or magnetic direction, and includes hardware and software programmed to allow a user to use one or more motions of the portable device as a security feature such that such motions are needed in order to gain access to the functionality of the device or data stored in memory of the device. A display provides prompts allowing the user to choose to include one or motions of the device as security, and allows the user to include such one or more motions of the device alone or in combination with one or more alphanumeric characters as a password to restrict access to the functionality of the device and/or data stored in memory on the device.
System and method for improved consumption models for analytics
Described herein are systems and methods for generating user interfaces that include a meta-chart framework for organizing and analyzing multi-dimensional hierarchical data in an efficient and intuitive graphical user interface with which a user can explore and consume prepared analytical elements. The predetermined structure of such user interfaces can include customizable and scalable graphical and/or alphanumeric analytic elements with contextual controls that can guide a user on a preconfigured analytical path, or “drill-down path,” to better explore and understand the multidimensional data.
System and method for improved consumption models for summary analytics
Systems and methods for retrieving, analyzing, and displaying summary analytics within a structured user interface framework are disclosed. The structured user interface can include an analysis digests section that includes and organizes individual discrete summary analytics in the form of analysis digests.
Prism code
Coding and decoding words formed of alphanumeric characters, in which a listing of symbols are provided, each symbol being associated with a different alphanumeric character, converted and transmitted to another who has the listing of symbols, (the symbols may be different colors icons, or sounds), each associated with a different alphanumeric character.. .
System and method for electronic text communication
A system and method for electronic text communication in an environment in which sms (short messaging service) messages, mms (multimedia messaging service) messages and/or other messages are delivered with a non-actionable reply-to field. Illustratively, a regulation may require the field to be alphabetic or alphanumeric, thereby preventing it from simply being a telephone number to which a response can be transmitted.
Communication system and information processing device
A communication system with a plurality of information processing terminals and an information processing device communicating with the information processing terminals includes a positional information obtaining unit configured to obtain positional information about the information processing terminals; a converting unit configured to convert the positional information obtained by the positional information obtaining unit into alphanumeric information representing a name of a location which corresponds to the positional information; a transmitting unit configured to, when responding to a request from a first information processing terminal of the information processing terminals, transmit to the first information processing terminal the alphanumeric information obtained in conversion by the converting unit from a second information processing terminal of the information processing terminals; and the location with the alphanumeric information transmitted by the transmitting unit.. .
Augmented reality messaging system and method based on multi-factor recognition
Enables creating, displaying, and managing augmented reality (ar) messages linked to objects that display or contain identifiable information such as codes, including card products/prepaid card products, etc. Applies multi-factor recognition technology to process an object/card having a unique code.
System and method for quickly obtaining medical information
A medical bracelet, wrist-band device, watch, piece of jewelry, or any other worn item contains a or code for fast scanning by emergency first responders, er teams or any other medical personnel. Scanning the qr code with a handheld device like a smartphone results in immediate retrieval of pertinent medical information either directly from the qr code, or from a dedicated website.
Multiple form enumerated attributes
Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node including one or more of the following: receiving, via a user interface of the dra, a request to define a rule; retrieving metadata associated with a context object; determining that a component specified by the metadata is an enumerated type component; presenting, via the user interface, a first displayed component for the enumerated type component, wherein the first displayed component is associated with a numeric value; presenting, via the user interface, a second displayed component for the enumerated type component, wherein the second displayed component is associated with an alphanumeric value; and receiving, via the user interface, a rule definition, wherein receiving the rule definition comprises receiving a selection of at least one of the first displayed component and the second displayed component.. .
Identifier and method of encoding information
A two-dimensional code that includes a bar code readable by a scanning operation is provided. The two-dimensional code has an associated alphanumeric representation, and the bar code and the alphanumeric representation represent the same first information.
Method for producing dynamic data structures for authentication and/or password identification
A method for generating a changing authentication input or password for a user is provided for accessing a computing device such as a smartphone or computer. Using objects displayed in sequential positions on a graphic display, and input strings of text or alphanumeric characters the user has related to each object, a password can be generated by placing the input strings in an order the same as the sequence.
Arrangement and method for anonymous user profiling and targeted content provision
An electronic arrangement, optionally including at least one network server, including a media profile entity configured to store and maintain at least one user-adjustable personal media profile for a user capable of accessing a network, optionally the web, and related sites, services and/or applications via a number of terminal devices, wherein the personal media profile describes the user's interests preferably excluding identifiable information, optionally at least name and/or e-mail, and wherein the interests are represented on a number of levels including interest categories, such as automotive or travel categories, and further wherein the interests are at least partially determined based on monitoring the user behavior relative to the network, optionally the web, an authentication entity configured to associate a terminal utilized by the user with the media profile of the user based on profile-identifying data provided to/by the terminal, such as a numeric or alphanumeric, optionally encrypted, code.. .
Novel computing system
A computing system including a processor, display, pointing device and memory; wherein the memory includes a text file, a graphics file corresponding to said text file and executable instructions to perform at least these actions (i) identify a selection of an alphanumeric identifier within a displayed text file, and then (ii) identify the appearance of the identifier in a corresponding graphics file, and then (iii) display a page of the graphics file comprising the appearance of the identifier.. .
Word-based lock and key
A method and system to enable the easy identification of a key which corresponds to a particular lock is disclosed. The key and lock of a mating key-based lock assembly, from a production of like assemblies having a finite number of mating key/lock configurations, are marked with the same indicia selected from a set of indicia comprised of words, alphanumeric characters, symbols, colors and shapes, or combinations thereof, which set of indicia is larger than the number of unique key/lock configurations in the production of like key and lock assemblies..
Method for entering a password and computer program (therefor)
A method is provided for entering a password. The method includes: providing a display means which is coupled to a data processing means; displaying a timepiece with a first representation of a timepiece element on the display means, detecting a user input; and assigning an alphanumeric character of the password to the user input and the first representation of the timepiece element or a further representation of the timepiece element.
Vehicle driver evaluation techniques
A computing device includes a user interface, a network interface configured to receive vehicle data, driver information, and driver communications, a memory configured to store the vehicle data, the driver information, and the driver communications, and a processor configured to process the vehicle data, the driver information, and the driver communications into an electronic driver scorecard according to specified safety and efficiency criteria. The electronic driver scorecard comprises one or more alphanumerical ratings according to a selection of drivers as input by a user into the user interface..
Configurable payment tokens
Methods and systems are disclosed for the generation and use of merchant-customizable token formats that define tokens that represent credit card and other payment numbers in online transactions. The tokens, which are used instead of the card numbers themselves for security, can be specified by the token format to have a certain number of characters, have certain fields reserved for major card identifiers, use encryption and/or randomization, be alphanumeric, and have other formatting.
Wi-fi router with integrated touch-screen and enhanced security features
A wi-fi router with an integrated configuration touch-screen, and method to use this integrated touch screen to provide enhanced security features. The wi-fi router, which has a wired or optical network interface, may be factory pre-configured with hard to anticipate passwords and encryption codes, thus making even its default wi-fi settings difficult to attack.
Portable message panel system
A portable message panel system is provided, comprising at least one message panel, wherein each panel includes a coilable frame member having a folded and an unfolded orientation. A fabric material covers selected portions of the frame member to form the panel, the fabric material held taut within the frame member when assuming the unfolded orientation of the frame member, so that the fabric material extends in a flat planar configuration when the frame member is in its unfolded orientation.
Microscope slide for specimen tracking and verification, and method of making same
A microscope slide article that is processable for color-contrasting marking thereof. The article includes a microscope slide with a main surface including an end surface portion, to which contrast coating material is applied.
Region of interest of an image
A device to detect a user accessing a region of interest of an image, access pixels of the region of interest to identify alphanumeric characters within the region of interest, and store the alphanumeric characters and a location of the alphanumeric characters within metadata of the image.. .
Static segment roulette wheel
Wherein, a wheel supporting the set of pockets spins independently of the set of alphanumerics.. .
Composite magnetic tag
A tripartite composite magnetic tag comprises a central plate, containing a magnetic material, sandwiched between two magnetic outer panels, which bear graphic and/or alphanumeric indicia. The composite magnetic tag is attachable by one or more connective means to various personal items through one or more composite apertures.
More secure image-based "captcha" technique
A more secure captcha makes use of a distorted alphanumeric character string or strings that include one or more glyphs, pictures or symbols foreign to a target audience. Adding at least one of a glyph, picture or symbol makes recognition of the distorted string trivial since humans who would know which of the character set to expect, but a very difficult decision for a computer already struggling to decide where a character begins and ends, let alone identifying the character as being valid..
Methods and systems for asymmetric exchange of content
The invention discloses systems and methods for managing contact information with simple alphanumeric codes. The alphanumeric code can be used to distribute a library of relevant content, e.g., contact information, and to easily update the information when the content changes.
Patient communication method and system
A healthcare communication system can include a patient terminal having a keyboard unit with message keys for transmitting different ones of one or more programmed messages, and alphanumeric keys for composing messages. The patient terminal can be communicatively linked to a patient terminal display for presenting the programmed messages and composed messages.
Visual confirmation of voice recognized text input
A computing device receives an audio input from a user. The computing device determines a series of words from the audio input.
Hvac controls or controllers including alphanumeric displays and push buttons
Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of a control for an hvac system. The control has an alphanumeric display, a plurality of two position switches (e.g., push buttons, etc.), and a processor.
Zero configuration communications between a sandboxed program and a networked service
A method, apparatus and system related to zero configuration communication between a sandboxed program and a networked service are disclosed. In one aspect a system includes a networked device configured to announce a networked service to a discovery service, and/or perform the discovery service for a private network; and/or a client device configured to execute a sandboxed program in a security sandbox.
System, method, and graphical user interface for entering text with a physical or virtual game controller
A system, method, and graphical user interface for entering text using a game controller. The game controller can be physical or virtual.
Dynamically changing a character associated with a key of a keyboard
A software keyboard is provided with a dedicated key (dynamic character key) for inputting a character, where the character associated with the key is determined based upon a context and may dynamically change according to the context. For example, a first character may be dynamically determined and associated with the dedicated key for a first context and a second character, possibly different from the first character, may be selected and associated with the dedicated key for a different context.
Payment and account management system using pictooverlay technology
A software application program on a computer platform uses pictooverlay technology to provide a completely unique and secure method of performing purchase transactions, accessing secure locations, or accessing email, websites, or downloading of min-apps or other software applications without entering, storing or transmitting personal identification information, or having a username and password to login. The uniquely developed pictoidentity may associate an alphanumeric sequence with a series of static images and with a portion of one image from multiple layered dynamically presented images to for example access a financial account, perform financial transactions, login to a computer software program, access an email account, activate a mobile device, or enter a secure location..
Systems, methods, and devices for electronic communication
A system for communicating over a communication network(s) is disclosed. The system includes software operated on a user device in the communication network(s), and is adapted to store, receive, display, and send or submit alphanumeric data and user-driven non-alphanumeric content.
Laser marking using scalable fonts
A system directs a laser beam to mark a material with an alphanumeric code. Character and quality information corresponding to a mark to apply to the material with the laser beam can be received, a font definition that specifies character segments can be obtained, a set of multiple spaced locations can be generated from the character segments in accordance with the character and quality information, and the material can be marked with the laser beam by directing the laser beam to dwell at the locations and move between the locations without deactivating the laser beam..
Oversize paper sheet
An oversize sheet of paper has a rectangular main portion, a first edge portion or strip and a second edge portion or strip. The main portion is of standard dimensions and has two parallel long edges and two parallel short edges.
System and method for providing audio-visual content
A system and method for providing access to audio-visual (av) content, such as music or video clips, is described that includes providing an openly accessible code on an item or packaging associated with the item, and a second (limited-access) code associated with the same item or packaging. The first code and the second code can be a quick-response code or other scannable code, or a string of alphanumeric characters.
Security method and apparatus having digital and analog components
A method and apparatus for creating and implementing a security protocol. The security protocol preferably includes a dichotomous, or two-part, code.
User interface control using a keyboard
User interface control using a keyboard is described. In an embodiment, a user interface displayed on a display device is controlled using a computer connected to a keyboard.
Collaborative product taxonomy instantiation
A method forms a collaborative product taxonomy instantiation by starting with or defining a base taxonomy instantiation and collaborating between trading parties to negotiate a collaborative product taxonomy instantiation. The taxonomy instantiation comprises a set of characteristics and values of a desired product.
Parking meter comprising means for transmitting a user's personal message, and urban parking zone comprising said parking meters
This on-street parking meter (12) capable of issuing a payment ticket includes communication elements (24) using a communication protocol with a computer server (25), elements (16) for entering alphanumeric characters, elements (14) for displaying the characters entered by the user (30), elements (36) for generating a parking message and elements (44) for transmitting the message to the computer server. The parking meter (12) further includes elements (38) for creating a user's (30) personal message from the characters entered by the user, elements (40) for discriminating the end destination of the message to be transmitted, the end destination of the user's (30) personal message being another user's (48) electronic device and the end destination of the parking message being a parking data management unit (50), and elements (42) for triggering, at the user's request, the transmission of the personal message to the computer server..
Mobile communication terminal configured to display multi-symbol decodable indicia
A mobile communication terminal can comprise a housing, a microprocessor disposed within the housing, a display incorporated into the housing, and a communication interface communicatively coupled to the microprocessor. The mobile communication terminal can be configured, responsive to receiving a byte sequence representing a character string containing one or more alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric characters, to encode the byte sequence into one or more bar code symbols having a minimum dimension of a smallest element equaling or exceeding a readability threshold value.
Asset identification and messaging system and method
An asset identification and messaging system and method to provide a unique, confidential, asset identification system, where the identification is tied to a unique alphanumeric and unique image. People who find the asset can report it found by entering the unique alphanumeric at a website or by using an image scanning application which notifies the owner and opens a web page to collect contact information from the user which is then passed to the owner.
System and method for processing image for identifying alphanumeric characters present in a series
A system and a method for identification of alphanumeric characters present in a series in an image are disclosed. The system and method captures the image and further processes it for binarization by computing a pattern of the image.
Method, system and computer program product for operating a keyboard
In response to a user selecting a key on a keyboard in a first manner, a first alphanumeric character is displayed on a display device. In response to the user selecting the key on the keyboard in a second manner, a virtual key of a diacritic is displayed on the display device.
Method and apparatus to play cards
The present invention relates to a method for controlling a network (100) of equipment (10a, 10b, 11) for the game of cards. The network includes a server for controlling the game (10b, 11) and at least one piece of playing equipment (10a), the server and the piece of playing equipment being able to communicate data between them, each piece of playing equipment (10a) including display means (20).
Multi-sensory learning game system
A multi-sensory feedback learning system is provided for helping children learn outside of the classroom. The system includes a depressible game controller mat that is in communication with a monitor or television.
Keyboard with input-sensitive display device
An input/output device is disclosed that includes an input-sensitive display screen and alphanumeric keys for entering characters. The input-sensitive display screen may be positioned proximate the alphanumeric keys and be capable of displaying graphical information and sensing user selection of the graphical information.
Method and devices to secure the entry of an alphanumerical code, corresponding computer program product and storage means
A method and device are provided for securing entry of an alphanumerical code by a user. The method includes: obtaining, through a first device, information for converting at least one portion of the alphanumerical code into at least one portion of converted code, the information for converting being one-time converting means; a piece of information identifying the information for converting; entering, into a second device distinct from the first device, at least the portion of converted code, converted using the information for converting; and transmitting at least the portion of converted code and the piece of information identifying the information for converting towards a secured server..
System and method for indexing a capture system
An indexer to index keyword and metadata input to or captured by a network capture device acting on a stream of captured content is described. A keyword is a word, phrase, name, or other alphanumeric term that exists within common textual content such as an email, microsoft office document, or similar content.
Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for displaying and selecting channel information
A broadcast receiving apparatus and a broadcast receiving method are provided. The broadcast receiving apparatus includes a signal receiving part for receiving a broadcast signal; an inputting part for selecting one of a plurality of broadcast channels, the inputting part including an alphanumeric key which is pressed to generate a first input and is released to generate a second input; a displaying part for displaying, according to the first input, an indication of the plurality of broadcast channels; and a controller, which receives the first and second inputs, to control the displaying part to sequentially display a series of individually highlighted channels of the plurality of broadcast channels, automatically while the alphanumeric key is pressed and held; to determine a time of receipt of the second input, the time of second input receipt coinciding with the highlighting of one of the series of individually highlighted channels; and to control the signal receiving part to tune to the broadcast channel highlighted at the time of the second input receipt.
Gesture control techniques for use with displayed virtual keyboards
A gesture control technique includes receiving data indicating one or more of a presence, location, position, motion, and direction of a user finger or the like from a location interface, such as a camera, touch pad, gyroscope or the like. A graphical user interface including a virtual keyboard is displayed on a display.
Speech-assisted keypad entry
An electronic device is configured to receive data from a keypad key, wherein the key is associated with first and second alphanumeric characters. The device includes a keypad interface and a data entry processor.
Alphanumeric keys of an input component
An input component for a computing device including alphanumeric keys with a first set of commands for the computing device, a controller to lock a subset of the alphanumeric keys to a second set of commands if a modifier key of the input component is accessed for a predetermined amount of time, and an illumination component included within a chassis of the input component to illuminate the modifier key if the subset of alphanumeric keys are locked to the second set of commands.. .
Single device loyalty consolidation platform and data synchronization
The consolidated consumer service platform replaces multiple loyalty, coupon, ticket, gift, membership and any other products that use a unique identifier (numeric, alphanumeric, barcode, magnetic stripe, rfid, nfc, etc.) with a single device and single unique identifier (which may also be numeric, alphanumeric, barcode, magnetic strip, rfid, nfc, etc.) and manages synchronization of consumer demographic information, existing loyalty memberships, and new enrollments—all automatically and electronically. The platform and data synchronization of the consolidated consumer service system of the present invention are important and novel components of the technology in addition to and in combination with the devices which can be used to store and communicate the unique consumer identifier..
Unified telephone numbering system for motor vehicles
A system enabling telecommunication with owners of motor vehicles included in the national register of motor vehicles (renavam) including two parts: (i) sim card (using the standard adopted by the national mobile telephony system operators) which identifies the user of the unified telephone numbering system for motor vehicles by the public identification plate of the motor vehicle and (ii) encoding and decoding keypad. The unified telephone numbering system for motor vehicles enables users of the fixed switched telephone network and the personal mobile system to communicate with owners of motor vehicles (users of the unified telephone numbering system for motor vehicles), by reading and dialing the public identification plate of the motor vehicle, which is made up of alphanumeric characters, letters and numerical digits, on the telephone handset..
Devices and methods for aligning a display with a keyboard
Methods and devices are provided for aligning a display with a keyboard. In one exemplary embodiment, a device is provided that includes a lid and a based hingedly connected together to allow the computing device to be opened and closed.
System and method for finding desired results by incremental search using an ambiguous keypad with the input containing orthographic and/or typographic errors
A system for finding and presenting content items in response to keystrokes entered by a user on an input device having a known layout of overloaded keys selected from a set of key layouts. The system includes a database containing content items and terms characterizing the content items; input logic for receiving keystrokes from the user and building a string corresponding to incremental entries by the user, each item in the string having the set of alphanumeric symbols associated with a corresponding keystroke; mapping logic to map the string to the database to find the most likely content items corresponding to the incremental entries, the mapping logic operating in accordance with a defined error model corresponding to the known layout of overloaded keys; and presentation logic for ordering the most likely content items identified by the mapping logic and for presenting the most likely content items..
Exercise apparatus and alphanumeric keyboard intended for such an exercise apparatus
The invention relates to an exercise apparatus (1), which has a running surface or a sitting surface (9), provided with a holding arrangement for the exercising person. The holding arrangement has a crossbar (6).
Input lock for touch-screen device
In accordance with the teachings of the present disclosure, a touch-screen device may include a touch-screen display and a display manager. The touch-screen display may include a display device configured to display at least one of graphical images and alphanumeric text and a touch sensor configured to detect a tactile touch proximate to the touch sensor.
Book for augmented reality applications
A book for use with augmented reality applications includes a plurality of stiff leaves, each side of which forms a page of the book. On each page a respective fiduciary marker is positioned substantially in the middle of the page.
Method and system for alphanumeric indexing for advertising with cloud computing
A method and system for automated intelligent advertising. Messages sent to an invalid alphanumeric identifier (e.g., e-mail address, text message address, social networking identifier, etc.) for a desired network service are returned including a notification that an attempt to connect to the desired network service has failed and also includes electronic advertising information that allows a network device to view and display a retrieved pre-determined advertisement or the dynamically generated advertisement and make a selection input to automatically connect to another network device associated with the retrieved pre-determined or dynamically advertisement to obtain additional electronic advertising information..

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