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Alloy patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Alloy-related patents
 Self-expanding stent patent thumbnailnew patent Self-expanding stent
The stent of this invention is a self-expanding stent created by a scaffolding lattice. The stent may be made from a nickel-titanium alloy.
 Process for producing polymer alloy, polymer alloy, and molded article patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing polymer alloy, polymer alloy, and molded article
A process of producing a polymer alloy includes melt-kneading at least two incompatible crystalline resins in a supercooled state by chaotic mixing using a twin-screw extruder. A polymer alloy obtained by melt-kneading at least two incompatible crystalline resins has a dispersed structure that particles dispersed in the polymer alloy have an average particle size of 0.001 to 1 μm, wherein in scattering measurement, (a) a peak half-width in a spectrum obtained by plotting scattering intensity against the wavenumber of scattered light and (b) a maximum wavenumber of the peak satisfy: 0<(a)/(b)≦1.5..
 Metal-supported catalyst structures and processes for  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Metal-supported catalyst structures and processes for manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to methods for producing metal-supported thin layer skeletal catalyst structures, to methods for producing catalyst support structures without separately applying an intermediate washcoat layer, and to novel catalyst compositions produced by these methods. Catalyst precursors may be interdiffused with the underlying metal support then activated to create catalytically active skeletal alloy surfaces.
 Epitaxy of high tensile silicon alloy for tensile strain applications patent thumbnailnew patent Epitaxy of high tensile silicon alloy for tensile strain applications
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods for forming silicon epitaxial layers on semiconductor devices. The methods include forming a silicon epitaxial layer on a substrate at increased pressure and reduced temperature.
 Field effect transistor device having a hybrid metal gate stack patent thumbnailnew patent Field effect transistor device having a hybrid metal gate stack
A semiconductor device including a gate structure present on a channel portion of a semiconductor substrate and at least one gate sidewall spacer adjacent to the gate structure. In one embodiment, the gate structure includes a work function metal layer present on a gate dielectric layer, a metal semiconductor alloy layer present on a work function metal layer, and a dielectric capping layer present on the metal semiconductor alloy layer.
 Finfet device with silicided source-drain regions and method of making same using a two step anneal patent thumbnailnew patent Finfet device with silicided source-drain regions and method of making same using a two step anneal
A thermal annealing flow process includes the steps of: depositing a metal or metal alloy on a silicon semiconductor structure, performing a first annealing of a rapid thermal anneal (rta) type to produce a metal rich phase in a portion of the silicon semiconductor structure, removing unreacted metal or metal alloy and performing a second annealing as a millisecond annealing at a temperature that is below a melt temperature of the silicon material present in the silicon semiconductor structure.. .
 Self-doped ohmic contacts for compound semiconductor devices patent thumbnailnew patent Self-doped ohmic contacts for compound semiconductor devices
A compound semiconductor device is manufactured by forming an iii-nitride compound semiconductor device structure on a silicon-containing semiconductor substrate, the iii-nitride compound semiconductor device structure including a gan alloy on gan and a channel region arising near an interface between the gan alloy and the gan. One or more silicon-containing insulating layers are formed on a surface of the iii-nitride compound semiconductor device structure adjacent the gan alloy, and a contact opening is formed which extends through the one or more silicon-containing insulating layers to at least the gan alloy.
 Preparation of hollow pt and pt-alloy catalysts patent thumbnailnew patent Preparation of hollow pt and pt-alloy catalysts
A method for preparing hollow platinum or platinum-alloy catalysts includes a step of forming a plurality of low-melting-point metal nanoparticles. A platinum or platinum-alloy coating is then deposited onto the low-melting-point metal nanoparticles to form platinum or platinum-alloy coated particles.
 Electrode catalyst for fuel cell patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode catalyst for fuel cell
Disclosed is an electrode catalyst comprising: (a) a support with a specific surface area of at least 1200 m2/g; and (b) platinum or platinum-containing alloy particles on the support, wherein the platinum is supported on the electrode catalyst in an amount of 56-90 wt % based on the total weight of the electrode catalyst. A membrane electrode assembly (mea) comprising the electrode catalyst and a fuel cell using the mea are also disclosed.
 Electrochemical cell with a zinc-indium electrode patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical cell with a zinc-indium electrode
An electrochemical cell has an electrode which includes a zinc-indium alloy as electrochemically active material, wherein the alloy is present in the form of particles and the entirety of the particles is composed of at least two particle fractions differing in indium concentration.. .
new patent Synthesis of micro-sized interconnected si-c composites
Embodiments provide a method of producing micro-sized si—c composites or doped si—c and si alloy-c with interconnected nanoscle si and c building blocks through converting commercially available siox (0<x<2) to a silicon framework by calcination, followed by etching and then by carbon filling by thermal deposition of gas containing organic molecules that have carbon atoms.. .
new patent Aqueous corrosion protection formulation based on silanes
The present invention relates to a composition comprising a specific binder containing at least one cocondensate based on at least one ω-glycidyloxyalkylalkoxysilane and a bis(alkoxyalkylsilyl)amine, water, alcohol in an amount of less than 3% by weight, based on the composition, at least one addition selected from the group consisting of particulate metals, metal alloys and metal compounds and optionally at least one additive, where the ph of the composition is from 1 to 14 and the dry residue of the binder is from 1 to 50% by weight, based on the binder used, a process for the production thereof and also the use thereof for coatings, in particular for the protection of metals against corrosion.. .
new patent Production of silica soot bodies
Processes for the manufacture of a hollow cylindrical porous body of synthetic vitreous silica soot by outside vapour deposition on a mandrel are described, in which the temperature of the mandrel is controlled to be substantially constant throughout the deposition process. In preferred embodiments, the mandrel is composed of metal or metal alloy.
new patent Manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium
A method for manufacturing a patterned medium of an embodiment includes forming a perpendicular magnetic recording layer on a substrate, forming a mask on the perpendicular magnetic recording layer, milling the perpendicular magnetic recording layer, and depositing a protective layer on the perpendicular magnetic recording layer. The perpendicular magnetic recording layer includes a first element selected from fe and co and a second element selected from pt and pd, and has a hard magnetic alloy material having an l10 or l11 structure.
new patent Titanium based ceramic reinforced alloy for use in medical implants
A titanium based, ceramic reinforced alloy ingot for use in producing medical implants. An ingot is formed from an alloy having comprising from about 5 to about 35 wt.
new patent Non-magnetic metal alloy compositions and applications
Disclosed are non-magnetic metal alloy compositions and applications that relate to non-magnetic metal alloys with excellent wear properties for use in dynamic three-body tribological wear environments where an absence of magnetic interference is required. In one aspect, the disclosure can relate to a drilling component for use in directional drilling applications capable of withstanding service abrasion.
new patent Rare earth sintered magnet and making method
A strip cast alloy containing nd in excess of the stoichiometry of nd2fe14b is subjected to hddr treatment and diffusion treatment, yielding microcrystalline alloy powder in which major phase crystal grains with a size of 0.1-1 μm are surrounded by nd-rich grain boundary phase with a width of 2-10 nm. The powder is finely pulverized, compacted, and sintered, yielding a sintered magnet having a high coercivity..
new patent Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording and reproducing device
A magnetic recording medium is disclosed in which, on a non-magnetic substrate 1, at least an orientation control layer that controls orientation of a layer immediately above and a vertical magnetic layer in which an easy axis of magnetization is mainly vertically oriented with respect to the non-magnetic substrate are laminated. The orientation control layer includes an ru-containing layer containing ru or ru alloy, and a diffusion prevention layer provided on the ru-containing layer on the side of the vertical magnetic layer, is made of a material having a melting point of 1500° c.
new patent Magnetic material and coil component employing same
A coil component having a magnetic material and a coil formed on a surface of or inside the magnetic material. The magnetic material is constituted by a grain compact formed by compacting multiple metal grains that in turn are constituted by an fe—si—m soft magnetic alloy (where m is a metal element that oxidizes more easily than fe), wherein individual metal grains have oxide film formed at least partially around them; the grain compact is formed primarily via bonding between oxide films formed around adjacent metal grains; and the apparent density of the grain compact 1 is 5.2 g/cm3 or more, or preferably 5.2 to 7.0 g/cm3..
new patent Alloy, magnet core and method for producing a strip from an alloy
An alloy of fe100-a-b-c-d-x-y-zcuanbbmctdsixbyzz and up to 1 atomic % impurities; m is one or more of mo or ta, t is one or more of v, cr, co or ni and z is one or more of c, p or ge, wherein 0.0 atomic % a <1.5 atomic %, 0.0 atomic % b <3.0 atomic %, 0.2 atomic % c 4.0 atomic %, 0.0 atomic % d <5.0 atomic %, 12.0 atomic %<x<18.0 atomic %, 5.0 atomic %<y<12.0 atomic % and 0.0 atomic % z<2.0 atomic %, and wherein 2.0 atomic % (b+c) 4.0 atomic %, produced in the form of a strip and having a nanocrystalline structure in which at least 50% by volume of the grains have an average size of less than 100 nm, a remanence ratio jr/js<0.02, jr being the remanent polarisation and js being the saturation polarisation, and a coercitive field strength hc which is less than 1% of the anisotropic field strength ha and/or less than 10 a/m.. .
new patent Non-carburized components of track-type machines having a metallurgically bonded coating
Undercarriage assembly components of track-type machines having a metallurgically bonded wear-resistant coating and methods for forming such coated undercarriage assembly components is taught herein. The bodies of the undercarriage assembly components, formed of an iron-based alloy, have a hard metal alloy slurry disposed on a surface or into an undercut or channel and then fused to form a metallurgical bond with the iron-based alloy.
new patent Friction welded heavy weight drill pipes
A heavy weight drill pipe for use in a downhole tool. The heavy weight drill pipe may include a tool joint made of as first steel alloy selected from the group consisting of aisi 4135, aisi 4137, aisi 4140, aisi 4142, aisi 4145, and aisi 4147.
new patent Seed layer for multilayer magnetic materials
A magnetic element is disclosed wherein a composite seed layer such as tan/mg enhances perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma) in an overlying magnetic layer that may be a reference layer, free layer, or dipole layer. The first seed layer is selected from one or more of ta, zr, nb, tan, zrn, nbn, and ru.
new patent Field effect transistor device having a hybrid metal gate stack
A semiconductor device including a gate structure present on a channel portion of a semiconductor substrate and at least one gate sidewall spacer adjacent to the gate structure. In one embodiment, the gate structure includes a work function metal layer present on a gate dielectric layer, a metal semiconductor alloy layer present on a work function metal layer, and a dielectric capping layer present on the metal semiconductor alloy layer.
new patent Shape memory alloy actuated valve assembly
A valve assembly (100) is provided. The valve assembly (100) comprises a housing (102) including a plurality of fluid couplings (103, 104a-104d).
new patent Manufacturing apparatus and method for large-scale production of thin-film solar cells
A method of manufacturing improved thin-film solar cells entirely by sputtering includes a high efficiency back contact/reflecting multi-layer containing at least one barrier layer consisting of a transition metal nitride. A copper indium gallium diselenide (cu(inxga1-x)se2) absorber layer (x ranging from 1 to approximately 0.7) is co-sputtered from specially prepared electrically conductive targets using dual cylindrical rotary magnetron technology.
new patent Molybdenum-containing targets comprising three metal elements
The invention relates to sputter targets and methods for depositing a layer from a sputter target. The method preferably includes the steps of: placing a sputter target in a vacuum chamber; placing a substrate having a substrate surface in the vacuum chamber; reducing the pressure in the vacuum chamber to about 100 torr or less; removing atoms from the surface of the sputter target while the sputter target is in the vacuum chamber (e.g., using a magnetic field and/or an electric field).
new patent Perforating assembly control
A perforating assembly includes a material that can respond to a magnetic field by changing shape multiple times and causing a fire control circuit to activate and deactivate. The material may be a magnetic shape-memory alloy and can change shape when the magnetic field is removed or inverted.
new patent Electric wire with terminal and manufacturing method thereof
An electric wire with a terminal includes an electric wire that has a conductor made of aluminum or aluminum alloy and an insulating coating covering the conductor, and a terminal that has a connecting portion to which an exposed conductor that is exposed at a terminal end of the electric wire is connected. The connecting portion is formed by compressing while heating a tubular part in a state in which the exposed conductor is inserted into the tubular part, the tubular part being provided on the terminal and being capable of allowing the exposed conductor to be inserted thereinto..
new patent Adhesiveless copper clad laminates and printed circuit board having adhesiveless copper clad laminates as base material
Adhesiveless copper clad laminates obtained by metallizing excellent in wiring microfabrication ability in processing by semi-additive method, and a printed circuit board using the adhesiveless copper clad laminates excellent in wiring microfabrication ability as a base material are provided. The adhesiveless copper clad laminates include a base metal layer made of an alloy containing nickel and formed on at least one surface of an insulating film without using an adhesive in between, a thin copper layer formed on a front surface of the base metal layer by dry plating, and a copper plating film formed on a front surface of the thin copper layer by electroplating.
new patent Material for providing an electrically conducting contact layer, a contact element with such layer, method for providing the contact element, and uses of the material
A material for providing an electrically conducting contact layer, the material comprising a base material being any one of ag, cu, sn, ni, a first metal salt of one thereof, or an alloy of one or more thereof. The material further comprises in within a range of 0.01 at.
new patent Cold rolled recovery annealed mild steel and process for manufacture thereof
A high strength mild steel alloy is provided. In addition, a process for making the high strength steel alloy is also provided.
new patent High strength forged aluminum alloy products
High strength forged aluminum alloys and methods for producing the same are disclosed. The forged aluminum alloy products may have grains having a high aspect ratio in at least two planes, generally the l-st and the lt-st planes.
new patent Aluminum alloy and method of manufacturing extrusion using same
A high-strength aluminum alloy exhibiting excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance and excellent extrudability, and a method for producing an extruded shape using the same are disclosed. The aluminum alloy includes 1.6 to 2.6 mass % of mg, 6.0 to 7.0 mass % of zn, 0.5 mass % or less of cu, and 0.01 to 0.05 mass % of ti, with the balance being al and unavoidable impurities..
new patent High strength cold rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Wherein [% a] is the content (% by mass) of alloying element a; and subjecting the steel sheet to third cooling at an average cooling rate of 0.3° c./sec to 30° c./sec in a temperature range from tc (° c.) to 200° c.. .
new patent Fe-based amorphous alloy and dust core made using fe-based amorphous alloy powder
An fe-based amorphous alloy of the present invention has a composition represented by formula (fe100-a-b-c-d-ecrapbccbdsie (a, b, c, d, and e are in terms of at %), where 0 at %≦a≦1.9 at %, 1.7 at %≦b≦8.0 at %, 0 at %≦c≦1.0 at %, an fe content (100-a-b-c-d-e) is 77 at % or more, 19 at %≦b+c+d+e≦21.1 at %, 0.08≦b/(b+c+d)≦0.43, 0.06≦c/(c+d)≦0.87, and the fe-based amorphous alloy has a glass transition temperature (tg).. .
new patent Method of heat treatment and the directions for use of furnace of heat treatment
A furnace of heat treatment capable of keeping a stable nitriding quality for a long period of time is provided. The furnace of heat treatment performs a halogenation treatment and a nitriding treatment by heating a steel material under a predetermined atmosphere.
new patent Solar cell interconnect assembly and method for manufacturing the same
A solar cell interconnect assembly and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. In an embodiment, the method may include: providing a solar cell having an interconnect member formed thereon, the interconnect member comprising a metallic part formed on a surface of the solar cell and a first precursor layer formed over the metallic part; providing an interconnector comprising a second precursor layer at a surface thereof; heating the interconnector and the interconnect member to a temperature equal to or above a eutectic temperature of the materials of the first and second precursor layers and pressing one of them against the other so as to form a eutectic liquid phase; and isothermal solidifying the eutectic liquid to form a bonding layer of eutectic alloy..
new patent Composite saw blades
Saw blades, including band saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, hole saw blades and hand hack saw blades, are made from a bi-metal strip. The bi-metal strip includes a cutting edge defined by a plurality of cutting teeth that is welded to an axially-elongated carbon or spring steel backing.
new patent Method for recovering valuable metals
A method for recovering valuable metals is provided in which the degree of oxidation of molten waste batteries is stabilized and separation between slag and an alloy is ensured. The method includes a roasting step (st10) in which waste batteries are roasted beforehand at a low temperature of 300° c.
new patent Method and apparatus related to joining dissimilar metal
A method of forming a dual alloy member for joining two dissimilar materials includes selecting a first material and a second material that is different from the first material, metallurgically combining the first and second materials, forming the first and second materials into a preform using a hot work metal working process, shaping the preform into using another metal working process, and machining the perform to obtain a predetermined shape.. .
new patent Forming of metallic glass by rapid capacitor discharge forging
A forging apparatus and method of uniformly heating, rheologically softening, and thermoplastically forming metallic glasses rapidly into a net shape using a rapid capacitor discharge forming (rcdf) tool are provided. The rcdf method utilizes the discharge of electrical energy stored in a capacitor to uniformly and rapidly heat a sample or charge of metallic glass alloy to a predetermined “process temperature” between the glass transition temperature of the amorphous material and the equilibrium melting point of the alloy in a time scale of several milliseconds or less.
new patent Heat-actuated release mechanism
A release mechanism passively releases a mechanically coupling as a result of a temperature rise. The release mechanism includes a breakable element, such as a shape memory alloy (sma) element, that is configured to break when the element is heated to a predetermined temperature.
Process for the electrochemical preparation of gamma-hydroxycarboxylic esters and gamma-lactones
γ-hydroxycarboxylic esters and γ-lactones which are suitable as flavors can be prepared by electrochemical reductive cross-coupling of α,β-unsaturated esters with carbonyl compounds in an undivided electrolysis cell having a cathode composed of lead, lead alloys, cadmium, cadmium alloys, mercury, steel, glassy carbon or boron-doped diamonds and a basic aqueous electrolyte comprising an electrolyte salt which suppresses the cathodic formation of hydrogen.. .
Method for producing strained ge fin structures
Disclosed are methods for forming fins. In an example embodiment, a method includes providing a substrate that includes at least two elongated structures separated by an isolation region.
A feedthrough, for example through a part of a housing, such as a battery housing, is, for example, made of a metal, such as a light alloy, for example aluminum, an aluminum alloy, alsic, magnesium, a magnesium alloy, titanium, a titanium alloy, steel, stainless steel or high-grade steel. The housing part has at least one opening through which at least one conductor having a cross-section is guided in a glass or glass ceramic material.
Bi-material strip and a method of bonding strips of different materials together
A continuous hot bonding method for producing a bi-material strip with a strong bond therebetween is provided. The method comprises sanding a first strip formed of steel; and applying a layer of first particles, typically formed of copper, to the sanded first strip.
Metal alloys for medical devices
A medical device that is at least partially formed of a novel metal alloy, which novel metal alloy improves the physical properties of the medical device.. .
Electric wire or cable
There is provided an aluminum-alloy material having sufficient electric conductivity and tensile strength as a wiring material and excellent in wire-drawing property, and an electric wire or cable using the same. An electric wire or cable includes an aluminum-alloy strand formed of an aluminum-alloy including fe: 0.1% by mass or more to less than 1.0% by mass, zr: 0 to 0.08% by mass, si: 0.02 to 2.8% by mass, at least one of cu: 0.05 to 0.63% by mass and mg: 0.04 to 0.45% by mass, and the remainder being aluminum and unavoidable impurities..
Aluminum alloy that is not sensitive to quenching, as well as method for the production of a semi-finished product
An aluminum alloy that is not sensitive to quenching, for the production of high-strength forged pieces that are low in inherent tension, and high-strength extruded and rolled products, consisting of: 7.0-10.5 wt. % zinc, 1.0-2.5 wt.
Negative electrode active material for electric device
A negative electrode active material for an electric device includes an alloy containing si in a range of greater than or equal to 27% by mass and less than 100% by mass, sn in a range of greater than 0% by mass and less than or equal to 73% by mass, v in a range of greater than 0% by mass and less than or equal to 73% by mass, and inevitable impurities as a residue. The negative electrode active material can be obtained with, for example, a multi dc magnetron sputtering apparatus by use of si, sn, and v as targets.
Bimetallic turbine shroud and method of fabricating
A bimetallic ring for use as a turbine shroud in a gas turbine engine. The bimetallic ring forms a sealing surface as a hot gas flow path boundary in the engine.
Sliding member and bearing
The sliding member 1 constitutes a bearing having a cylindrical shape, an inner circumferential surface of which is a sliding layer 5 with an axis. In the sliding member 1, a porous layer 3 made of alloy material is formed on a surface of a metal base 2 and this porous layer 3 is covered by resin material 4 so that the sliding layer 5 is formed.
Control rod for nuclear reactor and method of manufacturing control rod
A control rod for nuclear reactors includes four wings including neutron absorbers containing hafnium, a front end structural member which has a cross shape in cross section and includes brackets bonded to the leading ends of the wings, and a terminal end structural member which has a cross shape in cross section and includes brackets bonded to the tailing ends of the wings. The four wings are bonded to a wing-bonding member including a cross-shaped center shaft so as to form a cross shape.
Temperature indicating paint
A temperature indicating paint is provided. The paint is spreadable onto a surface of an article.
Electroplating method for printed circuit board
Disclosed is an electroplating method for printed circuit board. The method includes: providing a printed circuit board including a circuit pattern, a pad part on which components are mounted, a terminal part for electrical connection to an external device, and a connector part; masking the portion of the printed circuit board other than the terminal part and the connector part; dipping the printed circuit board in a nickel-tungsten alloy plating solution including a water-soluble nickel compound, a water-soluble tungsten compound, a complexing agent, and a ductility improver; forming a nickel-tungsten alloy plated layer on each of the exposed portions of the terminal part and the connector part by direct-current (dc) electroplating; and forming a gold-containing plated layer on the nickel-tungsten alloy plated layer by dc electroplating..
Electrode material for aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and process for producing same
Specifically, the present invention provides an electrode material for an aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which comprises, as constituent elements, a sintered body of a powder of at least one member selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys and an aluminum foil substrate that supports the sintered body thereon, which is characterized in that (1) the powder has an average particle size d50 of 0.5 to 100 μm, (2) the sintered body is formed on one surface or both surfaces of the aluminum foil substrate and has a total thickness of 20 to 1,000 μm, and (3) the aluminum foil substrate has a thickness of 10 to 200 μm and an si content of 10 to 3,000 ppm.. .
Wire-wound inductor
A small wire-wound inductor has a drum-shaped core member constituted by an assembly of soft magnetic alloy grains, a coil conductive wire wound around the core member, a pair of terminal electrodes connected to the terminals of the coil conductive wire, and an outer sheath member covering the wound coil conductive wire and constituted by a magnetic powder-containing resin having a specified magnetic permeation ratio, wherein the soft magnetic alloy grains are fixedly bonded together via oxidized layers, and the core member contains 2 to 15 percent by weight of chromium (cr).. .
Fe-based amorphous alloy, powder core using the same, and coil encapsulated powder core
An fe-based amorphous alloy of the present invention has a composition formula represented by fe100-a-b-c-x-y-z-tniasnbcrcpxcybzsit, and in the formula, 1 at %≦a≦10 at %, 0 at %≦b≦3 at %, 0 at %≦c≦6 at %, 6.8 at %≦x≦10.8 at %, 2.2 at %≦y≦9.8 at %, 0 at %≦z≦4.2 at %, and 0 at %≦t≦3.9 at % hold. Accordingly, an fe-based amorphous alloy used for a powder core and/or a coil encapsulated powder core having a low glass transition temperature (tg), a high conversion vitrification temperature (tg/tm), and excellent magnetization and corrosion resistance can be manufactured..
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and spindle motor
There is provided a fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus including a shaft, a bearing sleeve rotatably supporting the shaft, and a lubricating oil filled between the shaft and the bearing sleeve, wherein at least one of the shaft and the bearing sleeve is formed of a copper alloy containing 0.8 wt % to 5 wt % of lead, and a base oil of the lubricating is a member selected from the group consisting of monoester, dibasic acid diester, diol ester and mixtures thereof, and the lubricating oil contains 0.1 wt % to 1 wt % of condensed phosphate ester. The fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus is capable of suppressing the hydrolysis of the lubricating oil, and the wear of the shaft and the bearing sleeve..
Composite article with coolant channels and tool fabrication method
Embodiments of the present invention include composite articles comprising at least a first region and a second region and methods of making such articles. The first region may comprise a first composite material, wherein the first region comprises less than 5 wt.
Semiconductor alloy fin field effect transistor
Semiconductor alloy fin structures can be formed by recessing a semiconductor material layer including a first semiconductor material to form a trench, and epitaxially depositing a semiconductor alloy material of the first semiconductor material and a second semiconductor material within the trench. The semiconductor alloy material is epitaxially aligned to the first semiconductor material in the semiconductor material layer.
Gallium nitride devices with gallium nitride alloy intermediate layer
The invention provides semiconductor materials including a gallium nitride material layer formed on a silicon substrate and methods to form the semiconductor materials. The semiconductor materials include a transition layer formed between the silicon substrate and the gallium nitride material layer.
Biodegradable iron-containing compositions, methods of preparing and applications therefor
The invention relates to biodegradable iron alloy-containing compositions for use in preparing medical devices. In addition, biodegradable crystalline and amorphous compositions of the invention exhibit properties that make them suitable for use as medical devices for implantation into a body of a patient.
Surface treating composition for copper and copper alloy and utilization thereof
A surface treating composition for copper or a copper alloy comprising an imidazole compound and means for using the composition in the soldering of electronic parts to printed wiring boards are disclosed.. .
Freight floor, freight container, use of a multilayer panel to produce a freight floor, and method for producing a freight floor
A freight floor having a multilayer construction and that is formed as a composite material, comprising a core layer of carbon-fibre-reinforced and/or glass-fibre-reinforced plastic and a seating layer of a metal alloy, in particular an aluminium alloy.. .
Gouging carbon rod
A gouging carbon rod using an aluminum or aluminum alloy material as its conducting material includes a carbon rod unit, which has an elongated hollow main body internally defining a central space portion and having a first and a second open end; an aluminum/aluminum alloy unit, which is formed by high-pressure injection molding a molten aluminum or aluminum alloy material in the central space portion of the main body via the second open end, such that the aluminum/aluminum alloy unit so formed includes a shielded section located in the central space portion and an exposed section projected from the main body via the second open end. In this manner, the energy, time and labor costs for binding the aluminum material to the carbon rod are lowered, compared to the conventional carbon rod produced by metal thermal spraying technique, and the problem of uneven thickness of metal coating is solved..
Microcrystalline anodic coatings and related methods therefor
Methods of preparing metal and metal alloys with partially microcrystalline anodic coatings are disclosed. Associated article therefrom are correspondingly disclosed.
High-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target
Provided is a high-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target comprising 0.05 to 20 wt % of mn and the remainder being cu and inevitable impurities. The high-purity copper-manganese-alloy sputtering target is characterized in that the in-plane variation (cv value) in mn concentration of the target is 3% or less.
Methods of forming a thin film resistor
Methods of forming a thin film are disclosed. One such method can include sputtering a target material to form a first thin film resistor and adjusting a parameter of deposition to modulate a property of a subsequently formed second thin film resistor.

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