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Systems and methods for addressing a media database using distance associative hashing

Control of processor cache memory occupancy

Optimized matrix and vector operations in instruction limited algorithms that perform eos calculations

Date/App# patent app List of recent Algorithm-related patents
 Systems and methods for detecting and mitigating threats to a structured data storage system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detecting and mitigating threats to a structured data storage system
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for detecting threats on a network. In an embodiment, target network traffic being transmitted between two or more hosts is captured.
 Systems and methods for addressing a media database using distance associative hashing patent thumbnailSystems and methods for addressing a media database using distance associative hashing
A system, method and computer program utilize a distance associative hashing algorithmic means to provide a highly efficient means to rapidly address a large database. The indexing means can be readily subdivided into a plurality of independently-addressable segments where each such segment can address a portion of related data of the database where the sub-divided indexes of said portions reside entirely in the main memory of each of a multiplicity of server means.
 Control of processor cache memory occupancy patent thumbnailControl of processor cache memory occupancy
Techniques are described for controlling processor cache memory within a processor system. Cache occupancy values for each of a plurality of entities executing the processor system can be calculated.
 Optimized matrix and vector operations in instruction limited algorithms that perform eos calculations patent thumbnailOptimized matrix and vector operations in instruction limited algorithms that perform eos calculations
There is provided a system and method for optimizing matrix and vector calculations in instruction limited algorithms that perform eos calculations. The method includes dividing each matrix associated with an eos stability equation and an eos phase split equation into a number of tiles, wherein the tile size is heterogeneous or homogenous.
 Method for optimizing wan traffic with efficient indexing scheme patent thumbnailMethod for optimizing wan traffic with efficient indexing scheme
According to one embodiment, a local proxy caches in a local stream store one or more streams of data transmitted over the wan to a remote proxy. In response to a flow of data received from one of the clients of the local lan, the local proxy chunks using a predetermined chunk algorithm the flow into chunks in sequence, and selectively indexes the chunks in a chunk index maintained by the local proxy based on locations of the chunks in the flow, where a number of chunks in a first region of the flow indexed is different than a number of chunks in a second region of the flow indexed.
 Data distribution/retrieval using multi-dimensional index patent thumbnailData distribution/retrieval using multi-dimensional index
A distributed data storage system uses a data distribution and location algorithm based on distance functions and hyper-spheres in a multi-dimensional space. The distributed data storage system uses the algorithm to maintain, over time, a balanced distribution across a number of computers interconnected by a network of a varying set of data items.
 Methods and systems for applications for z-numbers patent thumbnailMethods and systems for applications for z-numbers
Specification covers new algorithms, methods, and systems for artificial intelligence, soft computing, and deep learning/recognition, e.g., image recognition (e.g., for action, gesture, emotion, expression, biometrics, fingerprint, facial, ocr (text), background, relationship, position, pattern, and object), big data analytics, machine learning, training schemes, crowd-sourcing (experts), feature space, clustering, classification, svm, similarity measures, modified boltzmann machines, optimization, search engine, ranking, question-answering system, soft (fuzzy or unsharp) boundaries/impreciseness/ambiguities/fuzziness in language, natural language processing (nlp), computing-with-words (cww), parsing, machine translation, sound and speech recognition, video search and analysis (e.g. Tracking), image annotation, geometrical abstraction, image correction, semantic web, context analysis, data reliability, z-number, z-web, z-factor, rules engine, control system, autonomous vehicle, self-diagnosis and self-repair robots, system diagnosis, medical diagnosis, biomedicine, data mining, event prediction, financial forecasting, economics, risk assessment, e-mail management, database management, indexing and join operation, memory management, data compression, event-centric social network, image ad network..
 Dynamic geospatial rating and display system patent thumbnailDynamic geospatial rating and display system
A dynamic geospatial rating and display system enables a user to select a plurality of property and/or socio-economic variables that are used to rate and/or rank geographical areas and wherein these ratings are displayed as a geospatial map wherein each of said plurality of location areas are displayed in a rating color. The dynamic geospatial rating and display system includes an algorithm that utilizes the data for computing a rating for a plurality of locations areas.
 Readmission risk assessment patent thumbnailReadmission risk assessment
Readmission risks of patients admitted to a healthcare facility are determined using a generic readmission risk algorithm. The readmission risk assessment of patients may be based on portions of a patient's profile and may be performed before, during, and after their index admission.
 Next consumer processing for brokered engagements patent thumbnailNext consumer processing for brokered engagements
Described are techniques for providing broker services between consumers and service providers. A system receives requests from consumers to consult with a service provider and provides a control that when rendered on at least one graphical user interface that the service provider accesses causes the system to determine a next consumer to engage with the service provider, with the next consumer determining based on executing a priority algorithm for selecting a next consumer from the queue for the service provider when that service provider becomes currently available to engage in a real-time consultation with consumers..
Methods, systems, and circuits for speaker dependent voice recognition with a single lexicon
Embodiments reduce the complexity of speaker dependent speech recognition systems and methods by representing the code word (i.e., the word to be recognized) using a single gaussian mixture model (gmm) which is adapted from a universal background model (ubm). Only the parameters of the gmm need to be stored.
Test and analysis system and a method for threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithms
The present invention relates to a system comprising threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithm operating units which are adapted such that they will operate any threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithm, a simulation and analysis unit which is adapted such that it will form the area, in which threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithms will be operated, as a virtual scenario by forming an air picture in accordance with the data it receives, an external communication unit which is in communication with the simulation and analysis unit; which can communicate correspondingly with a threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithm operating unit; which is adapted such that it will transfer the current scenario information to the threat evaluation and sensor/weapon assignment algorithm when it is necessary and transfer the engagement results to the simulation and analysis unit by taking them back, and a communication unit which is adapted such that it will transfer the scenario, which is formed by communicating with a client, to the client and will receive data through the client; and a method comprising the steps of sending and arranging the data to the simulation and analysis unit through at least one client, transferring the virtual scenario to the teswa algorithm operating units and receiving the engagement data, combining the engagement data with each other and the data received from the clients and updating the scenario status, approving and disapproving the engagement, analyzing the engagement data and transferring the results to a client partially or completely.. .
Coremicro reconfigurable embedded smart sensor node
A coremicro reconfigurable embedded smart sensor node has the capability of hosting intelligent algorithms to support health monitoring applications and has optional standardized software communications stack. The purpose of this present invention is to provide a flexible low power distributed computational platform to deploy intelligent software elements (based on artificial intelligence techniques) among the system architecture to result in a reconfigurable scheme for distributed intelligence granularity.
Rail bus transportation network loop system
A transportation network system: comprising existing dual-mode vehicles facilities operating on existing railway tracks and on existing roadways roads and existing roadway-railway crossings facilities for the transportation, pickup, and drop off of passengers and of goods within and about an urban city environment. Fundamental to this system is the integration of these exiting facilities with incorporation of modern computer marshalling means for operation of the railway-vehicles and of the roadway dual-mode vehicles, having wireless communications and gps in which means administered are fuzzy logic computer logic engine means and fuzzy logic algorithmic means for save operation of the vehicles on the railway tracks and on the roads and the dual-mode vehicles entry to or egress from the tracks with which to provide an optimised and safe transportation system..
Mesh delivery system
A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a destination controller.
Systems and methods for updating climate control algorithms
A combined business and technical method is described in which a paid subscription service is offered to provide “premium” hvac algorithms for a network-connected, multi-sensing learning thermostat. The users who have chosen to pay for the premium subscription service are provided with at least one additional feature, capability, and/or option that is not provided to unpaid “basic” subscribers of a cloud-based thermostat servicing system that is provided for all thermostat owners.
Method for operating a safety control device
A safety control device for safely controlling a hazardous installation has a first and a second calculation unit and an output unit for driving at least one actuator. The control device acquires an input signal and determines a floating point value depending on the input signal.
Detection of sleep apnea using respiratory signals
A method and system for sleep apnea detection are disclosed. The method comprises detecting at least one respiratory signal and utilizing a detection algorithm to automatically detect at least one sleep apnea event from the at least one respiratory signal.
Method and apparatus for monitoring and optimizing blood circulation generated by a pump
In a device for the automatic control of blood pumps, an optimization of the blood flow is achieved by periodic speed interventions and flow changes thereby occurring, using a formed differential variable and a control algorithm. In addition, the location of possible flow resistances on the venous or arterial side can be ascertained..
Advanced thermal control algorithm
A method implemented on a mobile device that starts by receiving a temperature reading from a sensor included on the mobile device. The temperature reading is compared to a threshold temperature and a power cap is set when the temperature reading is greater than the threshold temperature.
Method and apparatus for mobility enhancement
Systems, apparatuses, and methods for a radio resource management (rrm) decision in wireless communication network are provided. In particular, post-processing metric is introduced in rrm decision making.
Transient inlet relative humidity estimation via adaptive cathode humidification unit model and high frequency resistance
An apparatus and method to determine the relative humidity of a fuel cell system. A controller is cooperative with a first device and a second device to receive a valve signal and a high frequency resistance value.
Digital non-linear compensation in optical communication systems
Systems, devices and techniques for processing an optical signal transmitted from a source over a transmission medium having a length l and performing compensation of non-linear distortions include formulating the compensation as a digital back propagation algorithm by logically dividing the length l into n steps and compensating non-linear distortions for each step as a function of an attenuation adjusting constant parameter that can be selected from a range between 0.3 and 0.7.. .
Method and apparatus for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing
Disclosed is a method for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing, the method including: acquiring a sampling signal by applying a modulated wideband converter (mwc) to a received signal; and acquiring a restoration signal corresponding to the received signal by using a compressive sensing restoration algorithm from the sampling signal, and a mixing signal multiplied by the received signal at the time of applying the mwc, as a signal transformed from a first mixing signal having a periodic waveform, includes a second mixing signal to remove a partial frequency area from the received signal through the application of the mwc.. .
System for detecting image abnormalities
An image capture system for capturing images of an object, the image capture system comprising a moving platform such as an airplane, one or more image capture devices mounted to the moving platform, and a detection computer. The image capture device has a sensor for capturing an image.
Data-driven color coordinator
A color selection and coordination system including a database of predetermined color relationships implementing a data-driven color model. A starting color is associated with a first color in the color database.
Battery section balancing methods and systems
Methods and systems for balancing battery states of charge in a multi-sectioned battery. In some embodiments, states of health and states of charge of one or more sections of a multi-sectioned battery may be determined.
Terminal having image data format conversion
There is set forth herein an indicia reading terminal having data format conversion capabilities. The indicia reading terminal includes an image sensor integrated circuit with an image sensor array comprising a plurality of pixels.
System and method for controlling a variable speed drive of a compressor motor
A variable speed drive (vsd) can be used to vary the voltage-to-frequency ratio (v/f) supplied to a compressor motor of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration (hvac&r) system to make the motor stronger or weaker to compensate for varying conditions in the hvac&r system. The vsd and corresponding control system or algorithm can monitor an operating parameter of the hvac&r system, such as the kw absorbed by the motor, and then raise or lower the v/f of the vsd to obtain the lowest possible power consumption from the motor..
Secure digital communications
Policies are used when performing a transaction between a first and a second device, the first device having an established trusted communication relation with a first trusted device and the second device having an established trusted communication relation with a second trusted device, and the first and the second trusted device each having an established trusted communication relation with a third trusted device. A policy defines a set of constructs for creating rules to control the boundaries of a transaction.
Image processing software development method, image processing software development device, and image processing software development program
The present invention includes four types of component diagrams, namely, an input/output data memory management component diagram, an input data value setup component diagram, a library execution component diagram, and an output data value acquisition component diagram, with respect to image processing library functions for a programming language and to an input/output data structure for the image processing library functions. The present invention also includes upper-level component diagrams, which are prepared by connecting the four types of component diagrams as lower-level component diagrams in the order of use, writes an algorithm by combining the lower- and upper-level component diagrams, and executes the written algorithm.
Method of decoding a differentially encoded phase modulated optical data signal
Proposed is a method of decoding a differentially encoded psk modulated optical data signal carrying fec encoded data values. The optical signal is corrected by an estimated phase offset.
Secured method for controlling the opening of lock devices from messages implementing a symmetrical encryption
A management site (10) generates an encrypted message by a public-key symmetrical encryption algorithm, the algorithm and the key being selected by the management site among a memorized list. The message (dke), which includes an identifier of the encryption algorithm and key used, is transmitted to a portable device (16), which stores it.
Techniques for secure data exchange
Disclosed are various embodiments for securely sending and receiving data between one or more clients. A ciphertext key suitable for use by a first encryption algorithm is generated.
Transparent encryption/decryption gateway for cloud storage services
A mechanism is provided for secure data storage in a distributed computing system by a client of the distributed computing system. A gateway device intercepts a data file from at least a portion of stream data during transmission.
Method and apparatus to process sha-2 secure hashing algorithm
A processor includes an instruction decoder to receive a first instruction to process a secure hash algorithm 2 (sha-2) hash algorithm, the first instruction having a first operand associated with a first storage location to store a sha-2 state and a second operand associated with a second storage location to store a plurality of messages and round constants. The processor further includes an execution unit coupled to the instruction decoder to perform one or more iterations of the sha-2 hash algorithm on the sha-2 state specified by the first operand and the plurality of messages and round constants specified by the second operand, in response to the first instruction..
Buffer pool extension for database server
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to a buffer pool for a database system. In aspects, secondary memory such as solid state storage is used to extend the buffer pool of a database system.
Method and system for improved pattern matching
Method, system and computer program for determining matching between two time series. They use an improved algorithm partially based in dynamic time warping and information retrieval techniques, but solving the problems (as computational complexity, memory requirements .
Large-scale human mobility pattern recognition
A method for grouping trips of a mobile device, a trip including a set of trip traces from a plurality of traces collected from base stations. Each base station includes a unique station-id.
Systems and methods to determine the name of a physical business location visited by a user of a wireless device and redeem a coupon at the physical business location
Methods and systems that record the location of a user and transmit targeted content to a user based upon their current and past location. A network is configured to include a server programmed with a database of targeted content, a database of location information, a database of user information, a database searching algorithm, and a wireless communication system capable of communicating with the user's mobile device.
Positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks
This disclosure is directed to positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks. A space may include a plurality of signal sources (e.g., wireless access points (aps), cellular base stations, etc.).
Pedicle screw insertion system and method
Improved methods and apparatuses for inserting pedicle screws in accordance with embodiments of the present invention include an image correction algorithm. In various embodiments, an original image of a region of interest of a patient including a pedicle is created with an x-ray emitter and an x-ray detector.
System for distributed blood flow measurement
A medical system for minimally-invasive measurement of blood flow in an artery (at). An interventional device (ivd) with an optical fiber (fb) comprising a plurality of temperature-sensitive optical sensor segments, e.g.
Method for three dimensional (3d) lattice radiotherapy
A method for high-dose grid radiotherapy utilizing a three-dimensional (3d) dose lattice formation is described herein. The 3d dose lattice can be achieved by, but not limited to, three technical approaches: 1) non-coplanar focused beams; 2) multileaf collimator (mlc)-based intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt) or aperture-modulated arc; and 3) heavy charged particle beam.
3d puzzle generation, algorithms for generation, and physical instantiations
A system for generating a three-dimensional puzzle comprises a processor and a memory. The processor is configured to generate a three dimensional mesh representation.
Adaptive network searching in out-of-service scenarios
Adaptive out-of-service search behavior by a wireless user equipment (ue) device. The ue may perform cellular communications according to a radio access technology (rat).
Correction of over-focus in digital images using centered discrete imaginary-power fractional fourier transformations with high-accuracy orthonormal eigenvectors
A method for correcting overfocus of a digital image created from coherent imaging using centered fractional fourier transforms or mathematical equivalents is described. A received image is presented to a numerical processor, and a first numerical value for an imaginary power variable is selected and used in an iterative algorithm, numerical procedure, system architecture, etc.
Content validation analysis method and apparatus
A method and apparatus for verifying that information transmitted for display has been displayed. The method utilizes a plurality of algorithms to provide real-time monitoring of digital signage and displays..
Method of image denoising and method of generating motion vector data structure thereof
The present invention discloses a method of image denoising and method of generating motion vector data structure thereof. The method comprises: providing an image sequential capturing module to capture and to receive the plurality of images; generating a global motion vector based on the plurality of images in accordance with a first algorithm; reducing each image as reduced images; dividing each of the first reduced images into a plurality of first areas and generating a first local motion vector based on each of the first areas in accordance with a second algorithm, and via the similar way for generating a second local motion vector; finally, obtaining motion vector data in the plurality of images according to the global motion vector, each of the first local motion vectors and each of the second local motion vectors..
Apparatus and method to embed searchable information into a file, encryption, transmission, storage and retrieval
A cell phone is disclosed for acquiring information to be transmitted to a receiving facility and for transmitting such thereto. A capture device captures information from an external source.
Method and system for enhancing the intelligibility of sounds relative to background noise
A novel dual-microphone speech enhancement technique is proposed that utilizes the coherence function between input signals as a criterion for noise reduction. The technique is based on certain assumptions regarding the spatial properties of the target and noise signals and can be applied to arrays with closely spaced microphones, where noise captured by sensors is highly correlated (e.g., inside a mildly reverberant environment).
Method and system for id-based encryption and decryption
Provided are identifier (id)-based encryption and decryption methods and apparatuses for the methods. The id-based encryption method includes having, at a transmitting terminal, a transmitting-side private key corresponding to a transmitting-side id issued by a key issuing server, generating, at the transmitting terminal, a session key using the transmitting-side id, a receiving-side id, and the transmitting-side private key, extracting, at the transmitting terminal, a secret key from at least a part of the session key, and encrypting, at the transmitting terminal, a message using a previously set encryption algorithm and the secret key..
Demodulator for frequency-shift keyed signals by using the goertzel algorithm
With the sampling frequency fs and the specified frequency fg. To reduce the mathematical complexity in feed-power-limited devices, it is proposed that the sampling frequency fs is an integral multiple of the frequency fg of a specified discrete spectral component..
Systems and methods for transporting a clock signal over a network
According to some embodiments, a master device sends synchronization packets to one or more slave devices, and does so periodically based on a master clock signal having a master clock frequency. At each of the slave devices, an algorithm estimates the master clock frequency based on the timing of synchronization packet arrivals the slave device.
Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum access
Methods and apparatus are provided for the efficient use of cognitive radios in the performance of dynamic spectrum access. This includes spectrum sensing algorithms, adaptive optimized sensing of parameters based on changing radio environments, and identifying vacant channels.
Network of media servers and a method of dynamically routing calls over the network of media servers
A communication system including one or more end points, each end point interconnected to a wireless network. The communication system also includes a media network system, the network system contains a registration server for registering device ids of the end points in the communication system, a database for storing device ids, one or more media servers for routing calls between end points and a signaling server for selecting one or more media servers to route a call between end points in the communication system based on an algorithm that evaluates one or more predetermined conditions..
Method and apparatus for quantum holographic information processing
Encoding of quantum algorithm and devices therefrom are provided. The encoding includes receiving a unitary matrix operator representing the quantum algorithm, each row of the unitary matrix operator defining a superposition of basis state vectors for transforming input states to output states.
Engineered point spread function for simultaneous extended depth of field and 3d ranging
Optical systems utilize waveplates to simultaneously encode information for increasing image depth of field and for providing a depth map of the imaged object or sample. These waveplates are configured to result in a focus-invariant point spread function in one focal region, and to result in point spread functions that vary as a function of range within the imaged object in a different focal region.
Configurable image processing system and method thereof
The present invention discloses a configure image process system and a configure image process method thereof applicable to a predetermine image process structure. The configure image process system includes n pieces of logic hardware and a control module, wherein n is a positive integer.
Parallel processor with integrated correlation and convolution engine
A system and method for performing computer algorithms. The system includes a graphics pipeline operable to perform graphics processing and an engine operable to perform at least one of a correlation determination and a convolution determination for the graphics pipeline.
Pointing system and display having improved operable range
There is provided a pointing system including an image sensor, a plurality of reference marks and a processing unit. The image sensor is configured to capture image frames containing at least one reference mark image of the reference marks.
Efficient gesture processing
Embodiments of the invention describe a system to efficiently execute gesture recognition algorithms. Embodiments of the invention describe a power efficient staged gesture recognition pipeline including multimodal interaction detection, context based optimized recognition, and context based optimized training and continuous learning.
Image-based object tracking system and image-based object tracking method
An image-based object tracking system and an image-based object tracking method are provided. The image-based object tracking system includes an object, a camera, a computing device, and a display device.
Systems and methods for tracking targets by a through-the-wall radar using multiple hypothesis tracking
Aspects of the present invention relate to a system (10) and a method for tracking one or more targets by a radar using a multiple hypothesis tracking (mht) algorithm, the method including operating the radar to transmit a radar beam from a first location toward the one or more targets, operating the radar to receive a plurality of return signals at the first location from the one or more targets, and to generate a plurality of observations for a single radar dwell respectively corresponding to the plurality of return signals, and processing the plurality of observations in accordance with the mht algorithm for at least two passes such that more than one of the plurality of observations are associated with a single track of the one or more targets.. .
Inferential coriolis mass flowmeter
The present invention relates to an inferential coriolis mass flowmeter characterized by: a power supply (10);a pressure sensor (11) connected to the power supply (10) and a tube of fluid; a current to voltage converter (13) connected to the pressure sensor (11) for converting a current signal from the pressure sensor (11) to a voltage signal; a controller unit (20) including an analogue to digital converter (21) connected to the current to voltage converter (13) for converting analogue signal from the current to voltage converter (13) to a digital signal, and a microprocessor (22) for processing the digital signal from the analogue to digital converter (21) to determine the mass flowrate of the fluid, wherein said microprocessor (22) is embedded with an algorithm to determine the mass flowrate of a fluid according to equation (1): y=0.002x4−0.0218x3+0.0865x2+0.8769x+0.0846 ; a display panel (14) connected to the microprocessor (22); and a transmission circuit (15) connected to the microprocessor (22).. .

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