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Cleaning apparatus for filtration layer in seawater infiltration intake

Date/App# patent app List of recent Agitation-related patents
 Subcutaneous dialysis catheter with ultrasound  agitation patent thumbnailnew patent Subcutaneous dialysis catheter with ultrasound agitation
A subcutaneous, venous catheter is provided in conjunction with a method of installation in hemodialysis treatments. The catheter has an implantable hub attached to a first end of the primary lumen.
 Fermentation process for the production of diphtheria toxin patent thumbnailnew patent Fermentation process for the production of diphtheria toxin
The present invention relates to a fermentation process comprising a fermentation step of growing a strain of corynebacterium diphtheriae in medium in a fermenter under conditions of agitation sufficient to maintain a homogenous culture and limited aeration such that po2 within the culture falls to less than 4% for the majority of the fermentation step.. .
 Cleaning apparatus for filtration layer in seawater infiltration intake patent thumbnailnew patent Cleaning apparatus for filtration layer in seawater infiltration intake
To provide a cleaning apparatus suitable for removing clogging substances trapped in a surface layer of a sand filtration layer. A cleaning apparatus equipped with drive wheels serving as a driving device configured to move across a surface of a sand filtration layer.
 Intracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods patent thumbnailIntracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods
A system for intracorporeal gas exchange includes a flexible, rotatable shaft; a plurality of axially spaced agitation mechanisms positioned on the rotatable shaft, such that the rotatable shaft can flex between the axially spaced agitation mechanisms; a plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers adapted to permit diffusion of gas between intracorporeal fluid and an interior of the hollow fibers. The plurality of hollow fibers is positioned radially outward from the agitation mechanisms.
 Synthetic beads/bubbles functionalized with molecules for attracting and attaching to mineral particles of interest patent thumbnailSynthetic beads/bubbles functionalized with molecules for attracting and attaching to mineral particles of interest
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of a synthetic material such as polymer and the synthetic material is functionalized with molecules having a functional group for attracting mineral particles to the surface in a separation process.
 Sprayer having spray solution agitation system, onboard chemical eductor, and dedicated onboard clean water rinse system patent thumbnailSprayer having spray solution agitation system, onboard chemical eductor, and dedicated onboard clean water rinse system
A sprayer has a tank for holding a spray solution that is applied to a ground or turf surface. The sprayer includes an agitation system having a plurality of agitation nozzles that extend into the tank that are accessible from outside the tank and can be removed and replaced without using tools.
 Drug compounding skid and compounding method patent thumbnailDrug compounding skid and compounding method
A drug compounding skid for sterile transfer of a compounded drug. The skid includes vessels configured to form a sterile seal of a drug contained therein.
 Peptide synthesis apparatus and methods using infrared energy patent thumbnailPeptide synthesis apparatus and methods using infrared energy
Apparatus and methods utilizing infrared energy for heating reactions associated with peptide synthesis, such as activation, deprotection, coupling, and cleavage. Thorough agitation of the contents of reaction vessels during heating and real-time monitoring and adjustment of temperature and/or reaction duration are also described.
 Automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus patent thumbnailAutomated biological growth and dispensing apparatus
An automated biological growth and dispensing apparatus utilizing a modular growing tank which is removable for replacement by another growing tank. Mechanisms for the delivery of air, water and/or nutrients are adapted to permit the growing tank to be readily coupled and uncoupled for easy and inexpensive replacement.
 Apparatus and method for preparing paving mixtures patent thumbnailApparatus and method for preparing paving mixtures
A paving mixture apparatus broadly comprising a conveyance zone, a vertical transition zone, a spray bar, a filler material feeder, and an agitation zone. The spray bar is configured to deliver a substantially continuous and laminar sheet of liquid mixture in the vertical transition zone.
Systems and methods for forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer
A method of forming a nanopore in a lipid bilayer is disclosed. A nanopore forming solution is deposited over a lipid bilayer.
Synthetic bubbles or beads having hydrophobic surface
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of or coated with a synthetic material such as a polymer that is naturally hydrophobic or a polymer that is hydrophobically modified.
Method for destabilizing bitumen-water and oil-water emulsions using lime
In a process for destabilizing bitumen-water emulsions to facilitate bitumen recovery therefrom, bitumen-water interfacial tension is increased by reducing or eliminating the activity of functional groups acting as surfactants by treating the emulsions with one or more additives of ionic base to increase the hydrophobic characteristics of bitumen droplets in the emulsions and thus increase their attraction to each other and to gas bubbles. Additives effective for this purpose include salts of the periodic table's group ii earth alkali metals cations such as magnesium, calcium, strontium, and barium, and group iii metals cations such as aluminum.
Method and system for releasing mineral from synthetic bubbles and beads
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of a synthetic material such as polymer and the synthetic material is functionalized with molecules having a functional group for attaching mineral particles to the surface in a separation process.
Sinter bonded porous metallic coatings
A composite structure includes a substrate with pores of a first mean pore size and a coating on at least one surface of that substrate. This coating has pores of a second mean pore size where the first mean pore size is equal to or greater than said second mean pore size.
Coal drying method and system
The present invention provides a method and system for drying coal using activated alumina. The method and system dries the coal by combining coal with the activated alumina.
Integrated bio-reactor monitor and control system
Systems and methods for automatically controlling conditions of a process are disclosed. In one example, a controller is programmed with a sequence of steps and parameters required to carry out a bioreactor process.
Photobioreactor and a process for enhancing growth of photosynthetic organisms
A photobioreactor apparatus in which a reaction chamber contains a slurry of water, nutrients and photosynthetic organisms. The sidewall of the reaction chamber is constructed of translucent material, thereby permitting light to be conveyed into the slurry to promote photosynthesis.
Culture control method, cell culture apparatus, and apparatus for evaluation of cellular characteristics
This invention provides a culture control method and a cell culture apparatus that enable stable cell culture by regulating shear stress to be applied to cells within an adequate range. With the application of such culture control method and cell culture apparatus, cell culture is performed under agitation culture conditions in which the shear stress distribution is 0.5 pa to 20 pa in 80% or more of the culture vessel by volume..
Rotor assembly having a coolant agitation system and method
A rotor assembly for an electric machine. The rotor assembly includes a shaft that defines a longitudinal axis of the electric machine, and a rotor body including a rotor hub supported by the shaft.
Cap filtration tool and transfer system
A cap has recess containing a porous frit and a graded porosity filter located so fluid from a container to which the cap is connected passes through the filter and out a spout on the cap. The filter porosity is selected to pass product expressed from cellular organisms grown in growth media inside the container while filtering out debris.
Systems and methods for facilitating advanced toner dispensing from rotating toner cartridge components
A system and method are provided for improving powder material dispensing from containers, including toner dispensing from rotating toner cartridge components. The disclosed systems and methods separately agitate a rotating toner bottle, including an apparently, or indicated, expended toner bottle, in an image forming device to dislodge residual toner in the toner bottle without the need to remove the toner bottle from the image forming device to perform manual agitation by modifying a physical configuration of the rotating toner bottle in a manner that improves the performance of the rotating toner bottle by improving the flow of the toner material within the toner bottle.
Conductive graphene-metal composite material, the production method of the same and use of the same
The invention provides a conductive graphene-metal composite material, which is a composite of monolayer graphene nanoflakes and metal or metal oxide. The monolayer graphene nanoflakes of the invention are made by exfoliating graphite, and have a good combination with metal material by adopting an ultrasonic treatment or a mechanical agitation treatment.
Desalination system and desalination method
This desalinization system, which obtains industrial-use water and drinking water from seawater and wastewater, is provided with: a purification device that purifies wastewater by removing activated sludge therefrom; a first ro membrane that removes salt from the output of the purification device by transferring said salt to first concentrated water, thereby producing industrial-use water; a uf membrane that seawater passes through and that removes particulates from said seawater; a second ro membrane that removes salt from the treated output of the uf membrane by transferring said salt to second concentrated water, producing drinking water; an agitation device to which the second concentrated water from the second ro membrane and the first concentrated water from the first ro membrane are sent to be agitated; and a third ro membrane removing salt from the liquid mixture agitated by the agitation device by transferring said salt to third concentrated water, producing industrial-use water.. .
Dissolvable tablet
A dissolvable tablet is disclosed. The tablet includes a front side, an obverse side and a thickness between the front side and the obverse side.
Agitation device
The present invention provides an agitation device (10) comprising a body portion (12) and at least one stirring element (14) extending from said body portion and for insertion into material in a receptacle which is to be agitated, wherein the body portion comprises a housing having located therein a motion element powered by way of a power source, and arranged to impart a vibrating action to the device and thus to the at least one stirring element, said vibrating action arranged to effect movement of the agitation device relative to the said material, and wherein said at least one stirring element extends from said body portion such that, in normal operation, the at least one stirring element extends downwardly from the body portion and serves to support the device on a surface of the said receptacle.. .
Device and method for ultra-high temperature sterilization of an emulsion
A method for high temperature sterilization of an emulsion, in particular a dermocosmetic preparation. The method comprises the steps of gradually pre-heating, performing ultra-high temperature sterilization and gradually cooling the emulsion.
Tank agitation system with moveable shaft support
An apparatus for containing and mixing a load of liquids and solids is disclosed. The apparatus includes an elongated tank, which includes a lower portion and an upper portion.
Contactless magnetically driven agitation systems
Provided are liquid agitating systems having magnetically actuated agitating members that do not come in contact with internal surfaces of liquid holding vessels. As such, some mechanically weak materials, such as polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkoxy polymer, may be used for internal surfaces of these vessels.
Lab rack rotator and methods thereof
A lab rack rotator includes a motor coupled to a shaft arranged to rotate in at least one direction in response to the motor. One or more mounts are located along the surface of the shaft and are configured to receive a lab sample rack which holds a plurality of lab samples contained in lab sample containers such as test tubes.
Treatment process and apparatus for reducing high viscosity in petroleum products, derivatives, and hydrocarbon emulsions and the like
The reduction of viscosity of petroleum products and hydrocarbon emulsions and the like is effected by applying electrodynamic shocks unto a foaming streamflow of the high viscosity emulsion to create a densely whirled streamflow by agitation with a high radial gradient of pressure. Chemical bonding breakup and destruction of long structured molecules of paraffin occur in the emulsion to result in the formations of free radicals and carbamides, and separation of a processed mixture into light and heavy fractions.
New therapeutical composition containing apomorphine as active ingredient
A pharmaceutical composition contains apomorphine as the active pharmaceutical ingredient, a water-miscible co-solvent, an antioxidant, and water. The solution has a ph greater than 4.
Nasal formulations of benzodiazepine
The present invention provides pharmaceutical compositions for intranasal delivery of a benzodiazepine. The composition may contain a therapeutically effective amount of a benzodiazepine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a permeation enhancer.
Novel method for preparing cefmenoxime hydrochloride compound
A novel process for purifying cefmenoxime hydrochloride comprises: 1) adding a solvent wherein cefmenoxime hydrochloride is insoluble at the temperature less than 30° c. Filtering after vigorous stirring, washing the filter cake with a solvent wherein cefmenoxime hydrochloride is insoluble at a temperature less 20° c., and drying; 2) placing the filter cake into ammonium hydroxide, controlling the ph value less than 9 with a gentle agitation to obtain cefmenoxime acid solution in ammonium hydroxide, and then filtering out the precipitate; 3) adding hydrochloric acid at a concentration of 0.5-4 mol/l to cefmenoxime acid solution in ammonium hydroxide slowly and controlling the temperature between 30-60° c.
Gravitational settling tank and method for producing ash-free coal
A gravitational settling tank including a pressure vessel which precipitates solid content contained in slurry in which coal and solvent are blended, and separates the solid-content concentrated liquid from the supernatant liquid, and a supply pipe which supplies the pressure vessel with the slurry. A main body part and a nozzle part which is connected on the downstream side of the main body part and extends horizontally are provided in the supply pipe.
Method and apparatus for microwave depolymerization of hydrocarbon feedstocks
A method and apparatus is provided for the continuous microwave depolymerization of high molecular weight organic feedstock material, such as waste plastics and includes intermittent or continuous feeding of the processing material on the surface or into the bulk of the sensitized hot bed located under microwave irradiation. As a result of the interaction of electromagnetic field with processed materials, sensitizer is heated by microwave energy and feedstock material undergoes the depolymerization reactions.
Method, apparatus, and electrolytic solution for electropolishing metallic stents
An apparatus, a method, and an electrolytic solution are described for electropolishing metallic stents made, for example, of high-strength medical alloys. The apparatus may include an electropolishing container made from material of low thermal conductivity.
Ultraviolet curable coating
Ultraviolet curable compositions are disclosed that can be applied to achieve a uniform gloss after curing even under conditions of varying ultraviolet intensity during curing, that do not require continuous agitation to keep flattening agents and other additives suspended prior to application of the composition, and/or which do riot exhibit a significant increase in viscosity over time in a roll coater application.. .
Health-giving foodstuff containing ethyl esters of fatty acids, namely of linen oil, and method for obtaining the same
The subject of invention is the health-giving foodstuff containing ethyl esters of fatty acids of linen oil or linen oil and fish oil, characterised in that it constitutes of microcapsules in form of powder, which contains, in a protein-carbohydrate matrix, a nutraceutical with bioactive ethyl esters of acids ala, la or ala, la, dha, epa with not more than 4 percent by weight addition of ethanol, based on at least 99.8% anhydrous pharmaceutical ethanol, in form of drops of diameter less than 21.1m. The nature of the invention is also a method for obtaining of the health-giving foodstuff containing ethyl esters of fatty acids, namely of linen oil or linen oil and fish oil, by mixing of ingredients, their homogenisation, drying, characterised by that after obtaining liquid protein-carbohydrate matrix, a nutraceutical containing bioactive ethyl esters of acids ala, la or ala, la, dha, epa is introduced into it, followed by carrying out of dispergation of ester phase by mechanical agitation until stable form of emulsion is obtained, which is then treated with two-steps and two-stages pressure homogenisation: in 1st stage—at pressure of at least 20 mpa on the 1st step and 4 mpa at the 2nd step, and in 2nd stage—at pressure of at least 30 mpa on the 1st step and 10 mpa at the 2nd step, whilst homogenisation during the 1st stage is carried out in process coupled with thermal processing of the emulsion, which is then spray dried in atmosphere of temperature 160-190° c.
Developing device and image forming apparatus
A developing device includes: a transport/supply member disposed in a transport/supply path, formed along a developing roller, to supply a developer to the developing roller while transporting the developer from one end side toward the other end side; a transport/agitation member disposed in a transport/agitation path, inclined with respect to the transport/supply path, to agitate the developer while transporting the developer from the other end side toward the one end side; a first transport member disposed in a first transport path, connecting between the transport/supply path and the transport/agitation path on the other end side, to transport the developer from the transport/supply path to the transport/agitation path; and a second transport member disposed in a second transport path, connecting between the transport/agitation path and the transport/supply path on the one end side, to transport the developer from the transport/agitation path to the transport/supply path.. .
Enhanced electrochemical deposition filling
One embodiment is a method for void-free metallic electrofilling inside openings, said method includes: providing a substrate with at least one opening, the substrate includes an electrically conductive surface, including inside the at least one opening; immersing the substrate in an electrolyte contained in an ecd cell, the ecd cell includes at least one anode and a cathode, the cathode includes at least a portion of the conductive surface, the electrolyte includes plating metallic ions and at least one inhibitor additive, said metallic ions and at least one inhibitor additive having concentrations; providing electrolyte agitation across the substrate surface; and applying electroplating current density to the substrate; wherein the agitation, the concentrations, and the electroplating current density are such to produce void-free metallic electrofilling of the at least one opening, and wherein a height of electrodeposited surface bumps, or transition steps or humps, or transition spikes, is less than 140 nm.. .
Post fill carbonation with container overpressure limitation
In at least some embodiments, a carbonated beverage is formed by filling a container with a beverage liquid, adding solid carbon dioxide, sealing the container, and then limiting the development of overpressure within the container. In some embodiments, overpressure within a container may be limited by an adsorber material element.
Apparatus, method and systems for providing selectable level carbonated water
An apparatus, method and system configured to produce and provide on-demand, immediate sequential dispensing of varying levels of carbonated water, such as carbonated water having a level of carbonation selected by an end-user, is disclosed. In one aspect, immediate sequential dispensing of varying levels of carbonated water is provided by varying the rate of agitation during a fixed agitation interval.
Composite microorganism reactor, and apparatus and method for water treatment using the same
The present invention relates to a composite microorganism reactor, wherein both dephosphorization and denitrification occur in one reactor, and an apparatus and a method for water treatment using the same. The composite microorganism reactor according to the present invention comprises: an inner space for accommodating sewage and waste; a partition wall placed in the inner space to divide the same into an anaerobic region for dephosphorization and an anoxic region for denitrification; a sewage and waste inlet portion placed at the upper portion of the anaerobic region; a sewage and waste outlet portion placed at the upper portion of the anoxic region to discharge sewage and waste outside; a sludge discharge hole placed at the lower portion of the inner space to discharge sludge precipitated in the sewage and waste flowing into the inner space; and a sewage and waste agitation device provided at the anaerobic region to agitate the sewage and waste of the anaerobic region, wherein the sewage and waste flowing into the anaerobic region through the sewage and waste inlet portion pass through the lower end of the partition wall to flow into the anoxic region, and then rise at the anoxic region to be discharged outside through the sewage and waste outlet portion..
Synthetic field grooming processes and conditioning grooming apparatus
Disclosed is a synthetic athletic field grooming apparatus configured to be pulled by a vehicle to maintain the synthetic athletic field. The apparatus comprises a frame having a coupling mechanism for mounting the apparatus to the vehicle.
Makeup brush cleaner and sanitizer
The present invention generally relates to a makeup brush cleaner and sanitizer. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to an apparatus configured to hold multiple cosmetics or other makeup type brushes in specifically designed retention means such that only the brush tips/bristles of the brushes are subject to the sanitation area of the apparatus.
Media-agitation type pulverizer
A media-agitation type pulverizer of the present invention includes: a guide ring installed to radially divide a lower region of a pulverization chamber into an inner section and an annular outer section. A flow of a mixture of a raw material slurry and pulverizing media is formed as a helicoidal flow comprising a secondary flow flowing through a circulation flow path which has an upward flow path and a downward flow path created, respectively, in the outer section and the inner section of the lower region of the pulverization chamber, with respect to the guide ring.
Process of making antibacterial coating and antibacterial paper with same, and antibacterial paper
Process for making an antibacterial coating includes the following steps. A solution containing titanium dioxide particles and a dispersant is prepared.
Method and apparatus for preparing polymer beads of uniform particle size by suspension polymerisation
Monomer solution and liquid solution immiscible with the monomers in the monomer solution are cocurrently jetted upwardly in a pulsating manner in a reaction vessel. Monomer droplets are allowed to rise up in a controlled and smooth manner under the dynamic forces exerted by differential flow rate and differential pressure between the monomer and liquid solutions and the differential densities between the monomer and liquid solutions without causing coalescence, agglomeration and breakup of the monomer droplets and to stabilize by partial polymerization of the droplets at 50-60° c.
Systems, devices and methods related to paint recirculation during manufacture of radio-frequency modules
In applications such as manufacture of shielded radio-frequency modules where costly metallic paint is sprayed to form a conductive layer, it is desirable to reduce the amount of paint being utilized, and to maintain an acceptable level of suspension of paint particles in solution. A closed recirculation system can be configured to provide such desirable features, and can include a reservoir for holding a volume of metallic paint, a spray apparatus for spraying metallic paint received from the reservoir, and a recirculator for recirculating the metallic paint that is not sprayed back to the reservoir.
Apparatus and method for fluidized bed treatment of materials
Apparatus and method for treatment of a particulate material employs a conveyor belt for supporting the particulate material for transport and a source of gas for delivery through the conveyor belt to fluidize the particulate material. A gas distribution system is used for controlling the gas flow to create regions of greater and lesser fluidization.
Production of polyamides by polycondensation
In a process for producing polyamides by polycondensation of polycondensable polyamide-forming monomers and/or oligomers in reaction mixtures comprising same, which may be water-containing but are free from organic solvents, the polycondensation is effected in an agitated reactor under agitation in a first step in the liquid phase and after a phase change taking place during the process in the same reactor is effected in a subsequent second step in the solid state, wherein the temperature in the reactor is below the melting point of the polyamide in the second step at least.. .
Rotary slide stainer
A slide stainer and a method for operating the slide carrier is disclosed. The slide stainer includes a slide carrier that carries one or more laboratory slides; a vessel that is capable of carrying fluid for staining the laboratory slides and that is sized to accommodate the laboratory slides; a slide transporter that moves the slide carrier into and out of the vessel; and a spring loaded pin that engages with a surface of the slide stainer to limit free-fall translation of the slide carrier in an event of a power loss.
Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils
The invention discloses a new solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral lipids enriched krill oils containing dha and epa poly-unsaturated fatty acids and astaxanthin. The process includes cooking fresh krill at high temperature—without agitation and or grinding; decanting the cooked krill for obtaining a partial de-fatted and de-watered solid and a liquid; squeezing the obtained solid to obtain a press liquid and a solid fraction; centrifuging the press liquid to obtain the phospholipids enriched krill oil; centrifuging of the decanter liquid obtained to obtain the neutral lipid enriched krill oil and stickwater..
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
This invention is to provide a technique of always obtaining a stable output image in image formation using toner. A supplier (1217) supplies toner in a decided toner supply amount.
Sample processing apparatus and sample processing method
A sample processing apparatus comprising a controller; an agitating section configured to agitate a sample in a sample tube; and a processing section configured to process the agitated sample, wherein the controller is configured to control the agitating section to agitate a sample in a first type of sample tube under a first agitation condition, and to control the agitating section to agitate a sample in a second type of sample tube, which contains a sample of lower volume than the first type of sample tube, under a second agitation condition different from the first agitation condition.. .
Method and apparatus for contact refrigeration in cryogenic solid belt freezer
Methods and apparatus for contact freezing a food product. A conveyor belt or other support may have an active region that supports materials on an outer surface.
Microfluidic agitator devices and methods for agitation of a fluid
According to various embodiments, a microfluidic agitator device may be provided. The microfluidic agitator device may include: an air inlet; an air outlet; an elastic diaphragm provided between the air inlet and the air outlet and configured to oscillate if an airflow from the air inlet to the air outlet is provided; and a chamber coupled to the elastic diaphragm..
Method of processing a bituminous feed using agglomeration in a pipeline
The present disclosure relates to a method of processing a bituminous feed. The bituminous feed is contacted with an extraction liquor to form a slurry.
Herbal/plant sifter apparatus and method
A plant/herb sifting apparatus and method is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a containment unit having at least two levels of a sifting means; the containment unit comprising a primary containment, a secondary containment and a collection base to sift and refine a plant/herb component by a vibrating and agitation means.
Liquid supply method
A liquid ejecting apparatus comprising a liquid storage unit that stores a liquid; a tank having a liquid capacity greater than that of the liquid storage unit; a liquid supply unit supplying the liquid in the liquid storage unit to the tank; an agitation device that agitates the liquid accommodated in the tank; and a liquid ejection unit that ejects the liquid from the tank.. .
Nanostructured titania semiconductor material and its production process
A nanostructured titania semiconductor material termed tsg-imp having a predetermined crystal size is produced by a sol-gel method by adding a titanium alkoxide to an alcoholic solution, adding an acid to the alcoholic solution, subjecting the acidic solution to agitation under reflux conditions: stabilizing the medium and adding bidistilled water under reflux until gelation; subjecting the gel to aging until complete formation of the titania which is dried and calcined.. .
Healthcare facility disinfecting system
A system and process for disinfecting rooms such as health care facility rooms with an oxygen/ozone mixture is described, which is effective to combat “superbugs” such as clostridium difficile (c. Difficile); e.
Encryption processing device and method
An encryption processing device includes: a memory configured to store a first secret key and a first agitation value operated with the first secret key; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: receive a first random number, generate a second agitation key based on the first secret key and the first agitation value, generate a first encryption information based on the second secret key and the first random number, update the first agitation value stored in the memory, and output the first agitation value and the first encryption information.. .
Pressing a weld using the friction agitation welding process for better surface adjustment
A friction agitation welding process for the joining of abutting plate-shaped workpieces consisting of an aluminium alloy, wherein a rotating bobbin tool is moved along a weld between the two plate-shaped workpieces during feed, exerting a first and a second contact pressing force on first and second sides, respectively, and wherein said bobbin tool is subjected to an additional axial force during its movement along the weld to plastically deform the area of the created welding seam such that the welding seam is pressed towards one side of the plate-shaped workpieces while forming a welding seam elevation protruding opposite from the workpiece surface.. .
Method of processing a bituminous feed using an emulsion
The present disclosure relates to a method of processing a bituminous feed. The bituminous feed is contacted with a bridging liquid-in-extraction liquor emulsion to form a slurry.
Obstruction clearing assembly
An obstruction clearing assembly for clearing an obstruction from a plumbing fixture and the respective pipe. The assembly positions inside the fixture, and is accessible and controlled from outside the fixture by a handle.
Gravity assisted compost reactor
A composting system is provided that uses gravity and natural thermal convection to yield a compact, modular, plug-flow compost reactor requiring minimal aeration and agitation energy. The compost reaction takes place in a self-supporting containment unit which is mounted at an angle with respect to its supporting base pad such that minimal external energy is required to mix and transport the composting material during its residence time within the container.
Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
A developing device and an image forming apparatus including the same includes an agitating and conveying unit that receives a developer, and at least one agitating and conveying member to mix and agitate the developer and convey the developer in a developer conveying direction. A developing roller faces a photosensitive drum on which an electrostatic latent image is formed, and attaches the developer to an outer surface of the developing roller.
Developer storage container and manufacturing method thereof
In order to achieve an improvement in terms of workability when mounting a developer agitation member and a drive transmission member to a container portion storing developer, there is provided a method of mounting a developer storage container in which, when mounting a developer agitation member to a developer storage portion, a drive transmission member is inserted for connection from an end portion of the developer agitation member, the developer agitation member exhibits a first phase and a second phase. The first phase allows connection of the developer agitation member and the drive transmission member in the insertion path of the drive transmission member, whereas the second phase does not allow connection of the developer agitation member and the drive transmission member in the insertion path of a support member..

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