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Novel purification of antibodies using hydrophobic interaction chromatography
Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for purifying antibody products from a sample matrix. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for purifying antibody products employing hydrophobic interaction chromatography media. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a method for reducing process-related impurities (e.g., host cell proteins), as well...

Correctly folded etanercept in high purity and excellent yield
A mixed mode chromatography method for separating correctly folded from incorrectly folded conformations of a given protein is provided. The method is highly effective in separating correctly folded etanercept from incorrectly folded etanercept and aggregates in commercially attractive yields capable of affording etanercept preparations having very high purity in terms of...

Display pipe request aggregation
A system and method for efficiently scheduling memory access requests. A semiconductor chip includes a memory controller for controlling accesses to a shared memory and a display controller for processing frame data. In response to detecting an idle state for the system and the supported one or more displays, the display...

Desiccant composition for moisture-sensitive electronic devices
A desiccant composition containing a polymeric binder and a dispersion of powders of desiccant materials is described. The desiccant composition has desiccant powders that are dispersed at least in part in form of micro-aggregates of desiccant particles surrounded by a polymeric encapsulating material having a different composition with respect to the...

Aggregating electronic content items from different sources
Systems and methods are provided for aggregating relevant electronic content items that are relevant to one another. In one embodiment, a content management application determines that a first electronic content item and a second electronic content item are relevant to one another. The first electronic content item is provided by a...

Systems and methods for monitoring and detecting fraudulent uses of business applications
A systems and methods are described detect fraud in existing logs of raw data. There can be several disparate logs, each including data of disparate data types and generated by different and possibly unrelated software enterprise applications. The fraud management system aggregates and organizes the raw log data, extends the raw...

Ion exchange chromatography with improved selectivity for the separation of polypeptide monomers, aggregates and fragments by modulation of the mobile phase
Herein is reported a method for producing a polypeptide in monomeric form comprising the following step: recovering the polypeptide in monomeric form from an ion exchange chromatography material by applying a solution comprising a non-ionic polymer and an additive....

Method and apparatus for simultaneous average price execution in leader and follower trading accounts
A system, method and apparatus is disclosed for single, block-trade fulfillment and execution of leader and follower trade orders for financial products. The system and method includes an order routing means that aggregates a lead trader's trade order and the pre-registered order instructions of one or more follower traders, and that...

Platinum complexes and their use
The invention relates to platinum complexes and their use in biomedical applications, like in vitro and in vivo imaging and cell staining. The present invention provides new materials and their use as imaging agent. The formation of luminescent aggregates can allow a switch of the emission leading to a dynamic label...

Method for producing oil-in-water emulsified food product composition and additive for oil-in-water emulsified food product
Provided is a method for producing an oil-in-water emulsified food product composition. The method includes adding an oil and fat containing a highly hydrophilic emulsifier or a mixture of an oil and fat containing a highly hydrophilic emulsifier and water to water or an aqueous solution of water-soluble minerals and mixing...

Method and system to ascertain a repair for an asset
Systems and methods of the invention relate to indicating a repair to perform on an asset based on historic data related to a repair on the asset and/or sensor data associated with the asset. An evaluate component aggregates information related an asset such as a repair performed or data from a...

Method and apparatus for water treatment using screens
An apparatus and method for selecting, retaining or bioaugmenting solids in an activated sludge process for improving wastewater treatment using screens. The screens can be used to separate and retain solids based on size, compressibility or shear resistance. The screens are used to separate and select slow growing organisms, faster settling...

Method and system for directly targeting and blasting messages to automatically identified entities on social media
Some embodiments provide a communication tool that directly sends messages to accounts of different entities across different social media sites by automatically identifying and associating the accounts of the entities when the entities are referenced in the contents of the messages. Such identification and association is performed without the message originator...

Mobile transaction approvals
A method, system, and computer program product for delivery of enterprise application data to users. Processing commences by identifying an enterprise application running on a server (e.g., an application server) for which approval processing is to be performed to approve transactions pertaining to the enterprise application. Further processing aggregates groups of...

Evaluating public records of supply transactions
A platform facilitates buyers, sellers, and third parties in obtaining information related to each other's transaction histories, such as a supplier's shipment history, the types of materials typically shipped, a supplier's customers, a supplier's expertise, what materials and how much a buyer purchases, buyer and shipper reliability, similarity between buyers, similarity...

Selective blue light filtered optic
Disclosed herein is a method that comprises providing a solution containing a dye or a dye mixture, ultrasonicating the solution to reduce the average size of aggregates of the dye or dye mixture contained in the solution, and incorporating the dye or the dye mixture in the optical path of a...

Runway digital wind indicator system
A runway digital wind indicator system senses wind conditions at multiple locations, aggregates this data, and communicates up-to-date, usable information to pilots. Meteorological information, including wind speed, direction, and change (i.e., gustiness) plus temperature, humidity, barometer, wind shear, etc., can be sensed by three or more sensor pods placed along a...

User engagement in a social network using indications of acknowledgement
A method and system for enhancing and incentivizing user engagement with indications of acknowledgement at a social network is described. An acknowledgement application receives indications of acknowledgement associated with at least one information item from a first user and at least one second user at a social network. The acknowledgement application...

Searchable and size-constrained local log repositories for tracking visitors' access to web content
A method and system for tracking visitors' access to web content using a searchable and size-constrained local log repository is disclosed. A repository indexer receives visitor logs from a remote source and indexes the logs to include a usage field indicating when or how frequently an associated visitor log was accessed...

Distributed, real-time online analytical processing (olap)
Source data of an event stream is parsed and supplemented with additional data from reference data sources, producing an enriched event stream from the parsed event stream data. The data records of the enriched event stream are partitioned into data fields designated as a dimension partition and a metric partition, which...

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