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Information processing device for executing load evaluation, and load evaluation method
The present invention provides an information processing device that is capable of evaluating whether a desired load is being generated for application to a test-target system. The information processing device includes: a means that calculates the request rates per unit time on the basis of time series data for requests sent...

System for and method for commission and kpi tracker aggregation and contextualization
Exemplary embodiments provide a tool that aggregates data from multiple database sources and application programming interfaces. The tool takes the data collected from the sources and applies one or more pre-defined formulas to the data in order to execute enhanced performance calculations. The tool may receive updated data from the sources...

Monitoring of business processes and services using concept probes and business process probes
A computer-implemented business process monitoring system and method are disclosed. The business process runs in a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) having a BPMS monitoring component. The activities of the business process communicate with services running in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) having an SOA monitoring component. The system includes memory...

Mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, method of preparing same and use thereof
A mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, method of preparing same and use thereof. A mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, formed from a crystallised calcium portion and a crystallised magnesium portion in the form of platelets,...

Nanoparticle aggregates containing osteopontin and calcium- and/or strontium-containing particles
The present invention relates to nanoparticle aggregates comprising osteopontin (OPN) and one or more particles containing calcium and/or strontium and to their use for reducing or preventing biofilm growth or for removing biofilm. The invention furthermore relates to the use of the nanoparticle aggregates for treating, alleviating or preventing biofilm-related diseases....

Wireless network communication system and method
A communication system comprising one or more wireless stations programmed to await for an authorizing signal to initiate wireless communications with a network controller or access point. The network controller maintains identification information in different queues, and polls stations from those queues. The wireless station identification information may be moved between...

Devices for reporting uplink information
A user equipment (UE) for reporting information is described. The UE includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor. The UE selects a reference cell having a reference uplink-downlink (UL-DL) configuration. The UE also selects a first uplink subframe from the reference cell....

Method for making of paper, tissue, board or the like
The invention relates to a method for making of paper, tissue, board or the like by using recycled fibre material as a raw material. The method comprises following steps: pulping recycled paper, board or the like in a pulper and obtaining a pulp flow comprising (i) an aqueous phase and (ii)...

Reprogramming cells by three-dimensional cultivation
Methods for reprogramming cells by culturing the cells under a condition that allows formation of a three-dimensional cell aggregate are provided. The cells and cell aggregates obtained using the methods are also provided....

Method for the enumeration of mammalian micronucleated erythrocyte populations, while distinguishing platelets and/or platelet-associated aggregates
A method for the enumeration of micronucleated erythrocyte populations while distinguishing platelet and platelet-associated aggregates involves the use of a first fluorescent labeled antibody having binding specificity for a surface marker for reticulocytes, a second fluorescent labeled antibody having binding specificity for a surface marker for platelets, and a nucleic acid...

Method for the realization of a biocompatible bone implant comprising granular elements and a bioreabsorbable biopolymer gel and biocompatible bone implant thus obtained
Method for providing a biocompatible bone implant adapted to fill a bone cavity or lacuna including the steps of providing granular elements in form of granules and/or granule aggregates, providing at least one primary polymeric solution including a biopolymer, at least partly coating the granular elements with the primary polymeric solution,...

Enzyme-mediated assimilation of dna-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes (swnts)
Select embodiments of the present invention employ biological means to direct assemble CNT-based nanostructures, allowing for scaling to macrostructures for manufacture. In select embodiments of the present invention, a method is provided for assembling DNA-functionalized SWNTs by phosphodiester bonding catalyzed by ssDNA-ligase to form macroscopic CNT aggregates....

Thin cementitious decking members
A thin cementitious decking member is described. The thin cementitious decking member can span and be attached to two or more support members. The thin cementitious decking member can include a binder and natural or artificial sands, stones, or other aggregates. The thin cementitious decking member should have a thickness no...

Internet video streaming system
The present invention is an Internet video streaming system. Users create video and upload the video to a remote computer system. The system aggregates a set of related video feeds into events, which may be determined by metadata associated with the video feeds. The video feeds and/or events are combined with...

Realtime activity suggestion from social and event data
Architecture that aggregates realtime geo-referenced data over areas such as physical world geographical areas and virtually-defined areas such as by geofences to provide users with a quick overview and suggestion of activities to do across an area of interest in the spatial extent. The geo-referenced data can be supplied by a...

Partition tolerance in cluster membership management
Techniques are disclosed for managing a cluster of computing nodes following a division of the cluster into at least a first and second partition, where the cluster aggregates local storage resources of the nodes to provide an object store, and objects stored in the object store are divided into data components...

Systems, methods, and devices for electronic spectrum management with remote access to data in a virtual computing network
Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated identification of baseline data and changes in state in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and determining information...

Telodendrimers and nanocarriers and methods of using same
Provided are functional segregated telodendrimers having, for example, two or three functional segments. The telodendrimers can have one or more crosslinking groups (e.g., reversible photocrosslinking groups). The telodendrimers can aggregate to form nanocarriers. Cargo such as drugs, imaging probes, and other materials may be sequestered in the core of the aggregates...

Method for manufacturing colorful discoloration-resistant regenerated asphalt-concrete using recycled aggregates from waste asphalt-concrete
The present invention relates to colorful regenerated asphalt-concrete and to a method for manufacturing same. More particularly, disclosed are colorful regenerated asphalt-concrete using recycled aggregates from waste asphalt and to a method for manufacturing same, in which products obtained from the thermal decomposition of waste asphalt are mixed with new aggregates...

Architectural concrete and method of forming the same
A method of forming an architectural concrete structure having a desired look (i.e., color) and texture, wherein the method generally includes pouring a base concrete layer using conventional concrete. A surface concrete mixture is prepared and includes a mixture of sand and small aggregates to give the surface concrete mixture the...

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