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Refractory castables with hydrophobic aggregates
Hydrophobic aggregates for use in refractory castables and gunning mixtures and methods of their preparation. The aggregates here are formed by crushing insulating fire brick and coating the resulting particles with a hydrophobic component. The hydrophobic component may be a polydimethylsiloxane having a terminal silanol group. As a result of the...

A method of forming an aggregate. The method comprising forming a green pellet including waste glass and additive(s). The unfired pellets are coated with a refractory material and sintered such that some of the additive/additives breaks down to generate gas which is at least partially retained in the microstructure of the...

Retail sales forecast system with promotional cross-item effects prediction
A system that predicts promotional cross item (“PCI”) effects for retail items for a store receives historical sales data for the store and stores the historical sales data in a panel data format. The system then aggregates the stored sales data as a first level of aggregation that is aggregated to...

Systems and methods for automatic creation of dose prediction models and therapy treatment plans as a cloud service
The present invention proposes a method for automatically creating a dose prediction model based on existing clinical knowledge that is accumulated from multiple sources without collaborators establishing communication links between each other. According to embodiments of the claimed subject matter, clinics can collaborate in creating a dose prediction model by submitting...

Methods for aggregation and differentiation of magnetized stem cells
The invention relates to a process which enables optimal aggregation of cells, typically of stem cells, promoting the organisation thereof and advantageously the differentiation thereof, in particular in the context of the formation of a tissue substitute. This process comprises exposing pretreated cells to a magnetic field and makes it possible...

Sputtering target for magnetic recording film
Provided is a sputtering target for a magnetic recording film. The sputtering target has a peak intensity ratio (IG/ID) of a G-band to a D-band of 5.0 or more in Raman scattering spectrometry. It is an object of the present invention to produce a magnetic thin film having a granular structure...

Simple micro-particulate suspension of behentrimonium chloride with favorable distributive and adsorptive properties
A personal care composition for hair and skin applications includes an aqueous solution consisting essentially of aggregates of behentrimonium chloride and dihydroxypropyl PEG-5 linoleammonium chloride. The composition forms micro particles or aggregates of behentrimonium chloride that exhibits surprising distributive properties in aqueous solution of a nature beneficial to its application to...

Unified worklist
A notification system receives notifications from a plurality of different components within a business system. The notification system aggregates notifications for a given user, from the plurality of different components in the business system. The notification system displays the aggregated list of notifications for user interaction....

Methods and sytems for compiling marketing information for a client
Methods and systems for compiling marketing information for a client are provided. Data can be obtained from a plurality of social media websites, where each of the social media websites includes a universal resource identifier that points to a client website. A plurality of insights can be extracted from the obtained...

Therapeutic antigen-binding molecule with a fcrn-binding domain that promotes antigen clearance
The present invention provides: a modified FcRn-binding domain having an enhanced affinity for the Fc Receptor neonatal (FcRn) at neutral pH; an antigen-binding molecule comprising said FcRn-binding domain, which has low immunogenicity, high stability and form only a few aggregates; a modified antigen-binding molecule having an increased FcRn-binding activity at neutral...

Aggregate-free urate oxidase for preparation of non-immunogenic polymer conjugates
A naturally occurring or recombinant protein, especially a mutein of porcine urate oxidase (uricase), that is essentially free of large aggregates can be rendered substantially non-immunogenic by conjugation with a sufficiently small number of strands of polymer such that the bioactivity of the protein is essentially retained in the conjugate. Such...

Managing and using remote applications on a mobile device
Embodiments are directed to implementing remote applications, switching between remote applications provided by different remote application servers and to presenting application notifications across remote application servers. In one scenario, a client computer system sends, to a remote application server, an indication that a remote desktop application is to be launched. It...

System and method for instantaneous power decomposition and estimation
A system disaggregates and estimates power consumption of electric loads powered by a single electrical outlet. The system includes a processor having a routine; a current sensor cooperating with the processor to measure samples for one line cycle of an aggregated current waveform for the electric loads powered by the single...

Engineered aggregates for metamaterials
Materials and Methods for implementing engineered aggregates in metamaterials are provided. The engineered aggregates may be tuned to oscillate resonantly under the influence of an external force improving the dynamic performance of the metamaterial by impeding dynamic excitation. The engineered aggregate generally comprise a multilayer resonant structure having at least a...

New therapeutic approaches for treating parkinson's disease
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and related disorders. More specifically, the present invention relates to novel combinatorial therapies of Parkinson's disease and related disorders targeting the alpha-synuclein aggregation network. In particular, the invention relates to compounds which, alone or in combination(s), can...

Sensor device
A sensor device includes a flow path and a metal layer disposed in the flow path. The flow path is configured to allow a sample containing analytes to flow and to allow a carrier to be disposed therein. The carrier has acceptors that are fixed on a surface thereof and specifically...

Porous material and honeycomb structure
There are disclosed a porous material having a high thermal shock resistance and a honeycomb structure. The porous material contains main aggregates and auxiliary aggregates as aggregates, the main aggregates are silicon carbide particles, the auxiliary aggregates are at least either of mullite particles or alumina particles, the aggregates are bound...

Porous material, honeycomb structure, and production method for porous material
There is disclosed a porous material containing aggregates; and a composite binding material which binds the aggregates to one another in a state where pores are formed and in which mullite particles that are reinforcing particles are dispersed in cordierite that is a binding material, and a content of metal silicon...

Frozen confections with improved heat shock stability
The present invention relates to a process for improving the heat shock resistance of frozen confections which comprises adding protein aggregates in the form of fibrils to a homogenized and pasteurized mix for frozen confection, before freezing the mix....

Branch circuit monitor
A branch circuit monitoring system (BCMS) for monitoring branch circuit currents in one or more electrical circuit panels is described. The system is comprised of a data center server, one or more panel processors, each with one or more collection devices, and one or more current sensors per collection device. The...

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