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Information processing apparatus and method of processing information
[Solving Means] It includes a coordinate input unit for inputting coordinate data series; a recognition unit for recognizing a character based on the coordinate data series inputted; a page/note management unit for managing a data aggregate of the character recognized as a page, receiving a search condition from a user, and...

Aggregating content from different content sources at a cloud service
A cloud service stores and aggregates content that is obtained from different content sources using different protocols. For example, the content may include electronic messages, calendar information, contacts, social network content, feed data, search results, and the like. The cloud service aggregates content for each user based on the user's configuration...

System and method for tightly coupling automatic speech recognition and search
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for performing a search. A system configured to practice the method first receives from an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system a word lattice based on speech query and receives indexed documents from an information repository. The system composes, based on the word...

Low viscosity highly concentrated suspensions
The present invent ion also provides a high concentration low viscosity suspension of an pharmaceutically acceptable solvent with one or more sub-micron or micron-sized non-crystalline particles comprising one or more proteins or peptides. Optionally one or more additives in the pharmaceutically acceptable solvent to form a high concentration low viscosity suspension...

Chemically-linked nanoparticles
Provided herein are compositions and methods of preparing nanoparticle aggregates....

Method and system for measurement of resource meters
The present disclosure is directed at methods, systems, and techniques for measurements and, optionally, auditing of resource meters such as electricity meters. Each of multiple site aggregation units receive measurements from resource meters. Each of the site aggregation units generate a site aggregation digest that substantially uniquely identifies the resource measurements,...

Composition and method for obtaining exposed aggregates in surfaces of moulded concrete and other cementitious materials
Surface retarder coating compositions of the invention are based on the use of at least one non-Ordinary Portland Cement (non-OPC) binder and at least one OPC set retarder agent, which are provided in powder form that can be mixed with water at the construction site. The coating is applied onto the...

Methods for forming proppant-free channels in proppant packs in subterranean formation fractures
Methods of treating a fracture in a subterranean formation including providing a proppant-free fluid comprising a first gelling agent; providing a proppant fluid comprising a second gelling agent and proppant aggregates, wherein the proppant-free fluid and the proppant fluid are substantially immiscible; continuously pumping the proppant-free fluid into the subterranean formation;...

Coordination of benefits system and method for paying participating pharmacy a portion of a patient's copayments for prescribed medications
The copayment amount due the participating pharmacy a member patient for preparing a compounded or other specialty medication as determined by the Pharmacy Benefit Manager is ascertained by the system. The system calculates the portion of copayment amount that the system is obligated to pay the pharmacy based upon the products...

Process for reducing antibody aggregate levels and antibodies produced thereby
The disclosure provides a method of reducing aggregates in a preparation of monoclonal antibody by modifying at least three parameters in the bioreactor culture process....

Method for separating aggregates of malignant cells and aggregates from stromal cells of a malignant tumour tissue sample
An ex vivo malignant tumor tissue sample is cleaned, comminuted, suspended in culture medium, subjected to a treatment with collagenase and the collagenase decomposition product is centrifuged. The pellet obtained is re-suspended in culture medium by an absorption instrument, is absorbed and returned several times and transferred to a culture vessel....

Apparatus for making engineered tissue using self-assembling cell aggregates
A composition comprising a plurality of cell aggregates for use in the production of engineered organotypic tissue by organ printing. A method of making a plurality of cell aggregates comprises centrifuging a cell suspension to form a pellet, extruding the pellet through an orifice, and cutting the extruded pellet into pieces....

Method for dispersing filler, and micro-dispersing mixer
A method for dispersing a filler having high agglomerating properties in a resin and a micro-dispersing mixer used in the method are provided. Further, a method for producing a sealing material that can avoid a defect caused by agglomerates of a filler (for example, carbon black) in an electronic material such...

Method for the low-temperature production of radial-junction semiconductor nanostructures, radial junction device, and solar cell including radial-junction nanostructures
A method for the low-temperature production of radial electronic junction semiconductor nanostructures on a substrate, includes: a) forming on the substrate, metal aggregates capable of electronically doping a first semiconductor material; b) growing, in the vapor phase, doped semiconductor nanowires in the presence of one or more non-dopant precursor gases of...

Assay, composition and non-enzymatic mechanism of statin in modulating lipid metabolism
A novel non-enzymatic assay for lipid modulating drugs is being described for biological samples. For the first time non-enzymatic mechanism of statin drugs in modulating lipid aggregates and forming lipid particles is being shown. A simple flow cytometer based testing for detection of lipid particles, the effect of lipid modulating drug...

Method and system for group communication, group server, and group member device
Embodiments of the present invention provide a group communication method, system, group server, and group member device. A group server receives notification messages sent by a group member device, aggregates, according to an address of a subscription device, the notification messages destined for the same subscription device, and sends a notification...

Substrate cleaning method, substrate cleaning device, and vacuum processing device
A substrate cleaning method for removing particles adhered to a substrate includes: acquiring particle information including diameters of the particles adhered to the substrate; controlling, based on the acquired particle information, a factor related to sizes of gas clusters having aggregates of atoms or molecules of a cleaning gas; ejecting the...

Charging member, charging unit, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing charging member
A charging member includes a conductive support, and a conductive elastic layer that is provided on an outer peripheral surface of the conductive support and includes a rubber material and inorganic particles, and in which an average dispersion degree of aggregates of the inorganic particles is 95% or greater and a...

Sputtering target and process for producing same
Provided is a sputtering target which contains Na in high concentration and, despite this, is inhibited from discoloration, generating spots, and causing abnormal electrical discharge and which has high strength and rarely breaks. Also provided is a method for producing the sputtering target. The sputtering target has a component composition that...

Micro-analyzer with passive aggregator
A micro-analyzer is described. This micro-analyzer includes an outer surface region on a sampler surface that receives liquid droplets, and aggregates and moves the droplets radially toward an inner surface region on the sampler surface that receives the droplets. For example, the outer surface region may include a set of micro-patterned...

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