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Electroconductive resin composition
There is provided an electroconductive resin composition comprising: (a) a polyamide resin, (b) a polyphenylene ether resin, and (c) a fine carbon fiber dispersed in the resin component, wherein a graphite-net plane consisting solely of carbon atoms forms a temple-bell-shaped structural unit comprising closed head-top part and body-part with open lower-end,...

Electroconductive polyamide resin composition
There is provided an electroconductive polyamide resin composition comprising: (a) a polyamide resin component obtained from a dicarboxylic acid component comprising oxalic acid and a diamine component comprising a diamine having 4 to 12 carbon atoms, and (b) a fine carbon fiber dispersed in the resin component, wherein a graphite-net plane...

Rotary drier for plants for the production of bituminous macadams with the use of recycled materials
A rotary drier for plants for the production of bituminous macadams with the use of recycled materials comprises a hollow rotary cylinder (), heating means () connected to one end () of the cylinder (), an aggregates infeed section () connected to one end (), () of the cylinder (), and...

Rotary drier for plants for the production of bituminous macadams with the use of recycled materials
A rotary drier for plants for the production of bituminous macadams with the use of recycled materials comprises a hollow rotary cylinder (), heating means () connected to one end () of the cylinder (), an aggregates infeed section () connected to one end of the cylinder (), a dried material...

Coating comprising multipopulation fumed silica particles
The invention provides a coating comprising fumed silica particles, wherein the fumed silica particles comprise aggregates of primary particles, wherein (a) the primary particles have a bimodal or multimodal particle size distribution representing populations of particles having at least a smallest average primary particle size and a largest average primary particle...

Polyamide moulding compositions based on mixtures made of transparent copolyamides and of aliphatic homopolyamides for producing transparent mouldings
(C) from 0 to 10% by weight of additives selected from the group consisting of: UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, free-radical scavengers, processing aids, inclusion inhibitors, lubricants, mould-release auxiliaries, plasticizers, functional additives for influencing optical properties, in particular refractive index, impact modifiers, nanoscale fillers and/or nanoscale aggregates, optical brighteners, dyes and mixtures...

System and method for managing mobile devices and services
The mobile device management system provides for administration of mobile devices associated with a customer and supported by multiple service providers or carriers. The system provides a central, customized interface for management of mobile devices. The system aggregates customer policies, service plan information from various service providers and specific end user...

Novel gold nanoparticle aggregates and their applications
The invention is drawn to a method of using nanoparticle aggregates to form sensors and optical filters. Properly sized (60 and 200 nm) nanoparticle aggregates with cores having a sulfur-oxygen molecular species and a shell with a surface in contact with the core are obtained. Those nanoparticle aggregates have a first...

Interpenetrating biomaterial matrices and uses thereof
The present invention relates to matrices (e.g., fibrin-alginate matrices; fibrin-alginate-matrigel matrices) for culture of cells, organs (e.g., ovary or fragment thereof), cells and cell aggregates (e.g., ovarian follicles, embryoid bodies), and tissues. In some embodiments, protease inhibitors e.g., aprotinin) are used to prevent the degradation of fibrin....

Methods of purifying small modular immunopharmaceutical proteins
The present invention provides, among other things, methods of purifying or recovering proteins, in particular, small modular immunopharmaceutical (SMIPs™) proteins, from protein preparations containing high molecular weight (HMW) aggregates and other impurities based on hydroxyapatite chromatography. In some embodiments, the hydroxyapatite chromatography is used in combination with affinity chromatography and/or ion...

Methods and catalysts for the manufacture of carbon fibrils
An improved catalyst for producing carbon fibrils is made by incorporating an effective yield-enhancing amount of a carboxylate into a fibril-forming catalyst. Alternatively, such a catalyst is made by coprecipitating a compound of a metal having fibril-forming catalytic properties and an aluminum and/or magnesium compound, optionally in the presence of carbon...

System and method of automated lung recruitment maneuvers
A method of providing a recruitment procedure to a patient includes monitoring at least derecruitment event. A score is calculated for the at least one derecruitment event. A derecruitment score is aggregated. The derecruitment score is compared to a recruitment threshold. A ventilator is operated with the processor to perform a...

Consolidated business service for integrating service oriented architecture services with customer resources
A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product integrate Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services with resources at multiple enterprises. A processor receives and aggregates trapped messages, from an affected resource, which describe an event. The trapped aggregated message describes redundant messages about a same event. The trapped aggregated message is transcribed...

Knowledge corroboration
Knowledge corroboration is described. In an embodiment many judges provide answers to many questions so that at least one answer is provided to each question and at least some of the questions have answers from more than one judge. In an example a probabilistic learning system takes features describing the judges...

Management server, communication system and statistical processing method
A communication system and a statistical processing method capable of performing statistical processing of user attribute distribution information on a sector-by-sector basis. An acquisition unit acquires, from each of a plurality of mobile equipments, a sector ID of a sector where located and a user identifier being, which is identification information...

Method for the preparation of cross-linked enzyme aggregates with improved properties
The invention relates to a method for the preparation of hybrid cross-linked enzyme-silica aggregates including the steps of taking up enzyme molecules in a solvent, precipitating the enzyme molecules using a precipitation agent, and adding an alkoxysilane and crosslinking the mixture of alkoxysilane and precipitated enzyme aggregates, using a crosslinking agent...

Method for incorporating medicine into a plant
A method of allowing a chemical agent to absorb into a plant body, comprising a step of obtaining a dispersion which disperses aggregates in an aqueous solvent, in which the aggregate has a particle size of 100 nm or less and comprises a chemical agent contained within an amphiphilic substance; and...

Porous composite oxide and production method thereof
The present invention provides a porous composite oxide comprising an aggregate of secondary particles in the form of aggregates of primary particles of a composite oxide containing two or more types of metal elements, and having mesopores having a pore diameter of 2-100 nm between the secondary particles; wherein, the percentage...

Method and composition to reduce the amounts of heavy metal in aqueous solution
The present invention relates to a method for removing heavy metals from aqueous solutions by contacting heavy metal-contaminated water with a sorption media, or in particular with carbonate minerals. The present invention also relates to methods of using modified sorption media, such as aggregates of carbonate minerals and modified carbonate minerals,...

Assessment results viewer
An assessment results viewer displays the results of assessments that quantify the performance of an aspect of a computing device. The viewer presents both an overview of the collected data and mechanisms for displaying ever-increasing details, including raw data itself The viewer further provides actionable information to the user that can...

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