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Methods of inhibiting presbyopia
Described herein are methods of inhibiting or reversing the progression of presbyopia in an eye by administering a βL-crystallin electrostatic interaction inhibitor. Presbyopia is caused by aggregation of the soluble crystalline lens proteins called the crystallins, particularly βL-crystallin. It has been found that the aggregation of βL-crystallin is an electrostatic phenomenon...

Composition of a sustained-release delivery and method of stabilizing proteins during fabrication process
As described herein, controlled and sustained administration of a therapeutic agent, such as a protein through the administration of one or more microparticles, may improve treatment of conditions, such as undesirable ocular conditions. The microspheres can be formulated to provide a sustained release of a protein, while reducing the number of...

Methods for analyzing blood to detect diseases associated with abnormal protein aggregation
A method of detecting a disease associated with abnormal protein aggregation in a subject is provided, the method comprising (a) contacting leukocytes from the subject with a probe that binds to pathogenic protein aggregates, and (b) detecting the probe bound to the pathogenic protein aggregates, wherein the presence of pathogenic protein...

Emulsion aggregation toners with improved particle size distribution
tip speed=1644ft/min−204.9(ft/(min*μm))*average particle diameter(μm). A method of making toner particles that includes forming a pre-shell aggregate mixture by adding to a reactor pre-shell aggregate ingredients, the includes a latex resin, the reactor having a mixing impeller and a heating jacket; performing pre-shell aggregation while homogenizing the pre-shell aggregate mixture with the impeller...

Rutile titanium dioxide microspheres and ordered botryoidal shapes of same
Rutile TiO2 microspheres and microparticles in a botryoidal morphology which form from ordered acicular aggregates of elongated TiO2 crystallites that resemble nano-sized flower bouquets and/or triangular funnels, and process for their preparation by thermally hydrolyzing a soluble TiO2 precursor compound in aqueous solution in the presence of a morphology controlling agent...

Fast set, solvent bourne cement based coating
The present invention is directed to cement-based coating compositions providing a stable, hard, fast setting and drying cement coating. In particular, the cement-based coating includes a low-flashing, VOC-exempt solvent in combination with cement materials, aggregates, resins and other optional components. Methods of making, application and use of the cement coating composition...

Method and finish for concrete walls
A method for forming a uniform texture concrete wall using Shotcrete or other pneumatically projected concrete materials. The method generally includes forming an exterior face mixture from a concrete mixture wherein the large aggregates are removed such that when the face mixture is pneumatically applied to a base structure, the face...

Titanium diboride granules as erosion protection for cathodes
The invention further relates to a method for producing these titanium diboride granules, the use thereof for covering graphite cathodes in electrolytic cells in Al fused-salt electrolysis or for repairing holes in cathode bases of electrolytic cells and also a method for repairing holes in cathode bases of electrolytic cells. The invention...

Multi-layer hydrogel capsules for encapsulation of cells and cell aggregates
Biocompatible hydrogel capsules encapsulating mammalian cells having a diameter of greater than 1 mm, and optionally a cell free core, are disclosed which have reduced fibrotic overgrowth after implantation in a subject. Methods of treating a disease in a subject are also disclosed that involve administering a therapeutically effective amount of...

Self-gelling alginate systems and uses thereof
Kits and compositions for producing an alginate gel are disclosed. The kits and compositions comprise soluble alginate and insoluble alginate/gelling ion particles. Methods for dispensing a self-gelling alginate dispersion are disclosed. The methods comprise forming a dispersion of insoluble alginate/gelling ion particles in a solution containing soluble alginate, and dispensing the...

Rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles and ordered acicular aggregates of same
Ordered acicular aggregates of elongated TiO2 crystallites which resemble nano-sized flower bouquets and/or triangular funnels, and process for their preparation by thermally hydrolyzing a soluble TiO2 precursor compound in aqueous solution in the presence of a morphology controlling agent selected from carboxylic acids and amino acids....

Recovering a caustic solution via calcium carbonate crystal aggregates
Techniques for converting a portion of a carbonate to hydroxide include receiving an alkaline carbonate solution that includes between 0.1M (moles per liter of solution) to 4.0M hydroxide and between 0.1M to 4.1M carbonate; reacting, in a slaking process, quicklime (CaO) and a low carbonate content fluid to yield a slurry...

Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, piezoelectric element, and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element
A flow channel substrate includes pressure chambers, and the pressure chambers communicate with nozzle openings. Piezoelectric elements located on either side of the flow channel substrate include a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode. The piezoelectric layer contains lead, titanium, and zirconium. The second electrode includes a first...

Method of making a microbead array with attached biomolecules
A method and apparatus for the manipulation of colloidal particulates and biomolecules at the interface between an insulating electrode such as silicon oxide and an electrolyte solution. Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces relics on the combination of three functional elements: the AC electric field-induced assembly of planar aggregates; the...

Apparatus, methods and systems for measurement of chip loss during asphalt surface treatment construction and design
A post-road surface maintenance field test device includes a frame, a plurality of wheels connected to the frame, a rotatable brush held at least partially by or within the frame, a drive mechanism configured to rotate the brush, and a collection member. The collection member is held at least partially by...

Healthcare point of service adjudication and payment system
Systems and methods are described that facilitate providing an online, automated payment architecture that aggregates funds from multiple health-related accounts (e.g., a member's HSA, an employer's advance account, etc.) and automatically transfers the aggregated funds to a healthcare provider's account to pay a bill or invoice. According to other aspects, healthcare...

Chromatography process for resolving heterogeneous antibody aggregates
Disclosed are methods and processes utilizing multi-modal chromatography as a polishing step to separate heterogeneously charged (basic and acidic) aggregates and other impurities from partially a partially purified bulk product monoclonal antibody product. The resulting chromatographic process provides a scaleable production process that is cost effective and increases the productivity of...

Antibody purification and purity monitoring
Processes for producing and purifying recombinant proteins are disclosed. In particular, the present disclosure provides processes of producing and purifying multi-subunit proteins expressed in yeast or filamentous fungal cells. The production and/or purification of such proteins are monitored for impurities, preferably using lectin binding assays, such that one or more process...

Method for producing electrostatic latent image developing toner
In producing an electrostatic latent image developing toner, fine particle aggregates are formed by aggregating fine particles containing a binder resin and fine particles containing a release agent in an aqueous medium in the presence of an aggregating agent containing an alkali metal sulfate, and toner particles are formed by coalescing...

Index of suspicion determination for communications request
The risk that an incoming emergency call is a prank call is presented in real-time to the called party, in the form of, e.g., an index of suspicion. An index of suspicion aggregation server quantifies, qualifies, and aggregates risks, suspicions, and/or threats relevant to a call center to formulate a scale...

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