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Advertisement of adjacency segment identifiers
Various techniques can be used to advertise adjacency segment identifiers (IDs) within a segment routing (SR) network. For example, a method, performed by a first node, can involve identifying an adjacency segment between a first node and a second node; assigning an identifier to the adjacency segment; and sending an Intermediate-System-to-Intermediate-System...

Aggregating personalized suggestions from multiple sources
A computer provides a search interface that accesses multiple search providers, and aggregates their suggestions, providing a single, unified suggestion view across the multiple search providers. Suggestions are received from the multiple sources, such as a search engine on the internet or other public resource, and a search tool on the...

Updating population language models based on changes made by user clusters
Technology for improving the predictive accuracy of input word recognition on a device by dynamically updating the lexicon of recognized words based on the word choices made by similar users. The technology collects users' vocabulary choices (e.g., words that each user uses, or adds to or removes from a word recognition...

Method for preparing mesenchymal stem cell-like cells and cardiomyocyte-like cells
The present invention provides a method for preparing mesenchymal stem cell-like cells and cardiomyocyte-like cells from induced pluripotent stem cells. With the method, embryoid bodies are first formed from induced pluripotent stem cells in a non-adherent substrate. The embryoid bodies are then contacted with a serum-free and insulin-free medium comprising a...

Hydrophobic molecule-induced branched polymer aggregates and their use
Symmetrically and asymmetrically branched homopolymers are modified at the surface level with functional groups that enable forming aggregates with water insoluble or poorly water soluble pharmaceutically active agents (PAA). The aggregates formed are specifically induced by interaction of PAA and homopolymer and are different from aggregates that are formed by the...

Method and system to dynamically detect traffic anomalies in a network
Methods implemented in a network are disclosed for dynamically distributing tasks of traffic anomaly monitoring and detecting traffic anomalies. The method starts collecting traffic statistics of large blocks of traffic flows as traffic aggregates. Based on the traffic statistics of traffic aggregates, a traffic anomaly is detected. Then for a traffic...

Social networking system data exchange
An online publisher provides content items such as advertisements to users. To enable publishers to provide content items to users who meet targeting criteria of the content items, an exchange server aggregates data about the users. The exchange server receives user data from two or more sources, including a social networking...

Systems, methods, and devices having databases for electronic spectrum management
Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated identification of baseline data and changes in state in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and determining information...

Nfc device and connection system of nfc devices
The present device aggregates all kinds of contactless services such as credit card, loyalty card, micro-payment, discount card, transport card, access control, e-ticket, parking, etc. An NFC (Near Field Communication) device comprises a host CPU, a memory, a GPRS modem controlled by the CPU to access Internet, a SIM holder, an...

Positively chargeable toner for electrostatic image development and developer
A positively chargeable toner for electrostatic image development according to the present disclosure is formed by aggregating at least binder resin-containing fine particles and colorant-containing fine particles in an aqueous medium in the presence of a dispersing agent and a metal ion to form fine particle aggregates and heating the fine...

Pharmaceutical compositions
The present invention relates to crosslinked polyamine particles and/or pharmaceutical compositions comprising, at least in part, crosslinked polyamine particles and aggregates of such particles (including cured aggregates of crosslinked polyamine particles). The compositions may be in the form of tablets comprising, for example, particles larger than 500 μm particles and used...

Integrated interactive television entertainment system
A system and method are disclosed for enhancing a television viewing experience by a group of one or more users. The experience is enhanced by integrating services from a number of different sources. This integration of services aggregates cloud data, identifies content from the aggregated cloud data that is potentially of...

Method for culturing pluripotent stem cell
(ii) fragmenting the cell aggregates obtained by step (i) into cell aggregates having a uniform average diameter of about 80-about 120 μm. In step (i), a suitable viscosity is conferred to the medium to prevent movement of floating cell aggregates and adhesion and fusion of cell aggregates. In step (ii), the...

Fibroblast growth patterns for diagnosis of alzheimer's disease
Methods of diagnosing Alzheimer's disease are provided. At least five methods of diagnostic measurements are presented: Method 1: Integrated score; Method 2: Average aggregate area per number of aggregates; Method 3: Cell migration analysis; Method 4: Fractal analysis; Method 5: Lacunarity Analysis. In certain embodiments, a sample of a subject's skin...

Fine carbon fiber, fine short carbon fiber, and manufacturing method for said fibers
A novel fine carbon fiber produced by vapor growth, in which a graphite-net plane consisting of carbon atoms alone forms a temple-bell-shaped structural unit including a closed head-top part and a body-part with an open lower-end, in which an angle θ formed by a generatrix of the body-part and a fiber...

Aerated food products with improved foam stability
The present invention relates to aerated food products with enhanced foam stability comprising aggregated proteins in the form of mixtures of fibrils together with at least one other type or structure of aggregates such as worm-like aggregates and/or spherical like aggregates....

Particle detection device and method
The invention relates to a device and a method for detecting particles, in particular parasites, in drinking water adapted to on-line application. In particular, the invention b) relates to a method for detecting parasites in water, said method comprising: Passing at least a part of the water through a filter; Applying...

Systems, methods, and devices for electronic spectrum management with remote access to data in a virtual computing network
Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated identification of baseline data and changes in state in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and determining information...

Refractory castables with hydrophobic aggregates
Hydrophobic aggregates for use in refractory castables and gunning mixtures and methods of their preparation. The aggregates here are formed by crushing insulating fire brick and coating the resulting particles with a hydrophobic component. The hydrophobic component may be a polydimethylsiloxane having a terminal silanol group. As a result of the...

A method of forming an aggregate. The method comprising forming a green pellet including waste glass and additive(s). The unfired pellets are coated with a refractory material and sintered such that some of the additive/additives breaks down to generate gas which is at least partially retained in the microstructure of the...

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