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Computing cascaded aggregates in a data stream
A method for efficiently approximating cascaded aggregates in a data stream in a single pass over a dataset, with entries presented to the methodology in an arbitrary order includes receiving out-of-order data entries in the data stream, aggregating particular data entries into aggregated data sets from the data stream based on...

Bot-network detection based on simple mail transfer protocol (smtp) characteristics of e-mail senders within ip address aggregates
A method and system for determining whether an IP address is part of a bot-network are provided. The IP-address-aggregate associated with the IP address of an e-mail sender is determined. The IP-address-aggregate is associated with an IP-address-aggregate-category based on the current SMTP traffic characteristics of the IP-address-aggregate and the known SMTP...

Phospholipid micellar and liposomal compositions and uses thereof
The invention generally relates to compositions and methods for the reduction or neutralization of toxins associated with a bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal, viral, or protozoal agent. More particularly, the invention is directed to sterically stabilized phospholipid micellar and liposomal compositions, which interact with the toxins to decrease or neutralize their toxicity. Additionally,...

Method and apparatus for customizing lesson plans
The present invention relates to a computer system that customizes lesson plans of students and reports the outcome of the same. In one example embodiment, a collection and aggregation module, coupled to a computer memory, collects current student record data of a plurality of students and aggregates the collected student record...

Dental curable composition and composite resin using the same
The present invention provides a dental curable composition exhibiting both excellent light diffusion and excellent transparency, and having high mechanical strength and surface smoothness and gloss after polishing as a cured product as well as good handling properties as a paste. The present invention is a dental curable composition including: a...

Customizable investment fund and investing education
A comprehensive, convenient, cost-effective, and intuitive mechanism for individuals to create, manage, and modify customized portfolios of assets and liabilities based on the individual's investment preferences, weighting schemes, risk tolerance, and timeframe. The mechanism includes a server () that has data storage () for the individual's data. The individual input ()...

System and method for remotely determining identification and physical location of equipment in a rack
A system and method for uniquely identifying computer and support infrastructure equipment in a rack and to determine the physical location of the equipment within the rack. In one embodiment, a set of communication ports is installed in the rack, with each communication port representing a physical rack location unit. The...

Automatic gathering and distribution of testimonial content
A testimonial promotion system is described herein that automatically identifies content that has a positive sentiment for a topic that an organization cares about and includes identified content in a promotional location for the organization. The system provides a mechanism by which to view, filter, moderate, classify, and re-publish this content...

Construction material based on activated fly ash
The disclosure also concerns a method to produce such a concrete construction material. a booster comprising at least one strong base. ...

Gold nanoparticles coated with polyelectrolytes and albumin
It is described a gold nanoparticle coated with from two to five layers of a combination of a polyelectrolyte having amino functionality and a polyelectrolyte having sulfonic functionality, or with one single layer of said polyelectrolyte having amino functionality, preferably polyallylamine, or sulfonic functionality, preferably polystyrenesulfonic, characterized in that said nanoparticle...

Reinforcement fibers and methods of making and using same
Modified fibers that are texturized fibers coated with resin(s) are disclosed. The invention also discloses structural materials reinforced with the modified fibers including concrete, grout and wallboard products. Concrete products and dry concrete mixes contain cement, resin coated (epoxy, acrylic and so on) coated carbon fibers, and any optional components such...

Property management system and method of operation
A property management system is provided. The property management system includes a property management console that is coupled to a plurality of building subsystems. The property management console aggregates data from the building subsystems, historical databases, and external sources such as weather predications. From the aggregated data, property management console displays...

Aggregation of tagged media item information
In one embodiment, media items can be identified as being of interest (i.e., “tagged”) as they are being played, and this information can then be sent to a tag aggregator, which aggregates tags from multiple types of devices. The tag aggregator can be located on the same device as a tagging...

Selective tcp large receive aggregation based on ip destination address
An information handling device receives a packet and determines a packet destination for the packet. In turn, the information handling device either aggregates the packet in response to determining that the packet destination is a local destination, or forwards the packet in response to determining that the packet destination is a...

Method of carrier control format indication and related communication device
A method of carrier control format indication under a carrier aggregation, which aggregates a plurality of component carriers for a transmission between a network and a user equipment of a wireless communication system, is disclosed. The method comprises when a first component carrier of the plurality of component carriers is configured...

Process and system for estimating risk and allocating responsibility for product failure
The invention is a process and a system for identifying the risk areas in a manufacturer's logistic processes and for allocating responsibility for product unit failure to discrete events in the products' lifetimes. The system comprises one or multiple abuse sensors that are co-located with the product units or their containers,...

Method and apparatus for processing mixture
The processing method for a mixture according to the present invention is a method for processing a mixture having first particles made of a magnetic material or a nonmagnetic material and second particles made of a magnetic material or a nonmagnetic material wherein the second particles are mixed in a fluid...

Low viscosity highly concentrated suspensions
The present invention also provides a high concentration low viscosity suspension of an pharmaceutically acceptable solvent with one or more sub-micron or micron-sized non-crystalline particles comprising one or more proteins or peptides. Optionally one or more additives in the pharmaceutically acceptable solvent to form a high concentration low viscosity suspension with...

Extensibility model for stream-based operators and aggregates
An extensibility framework that allows a user to write user-defined modules that include user-defined operators (UDO) and user-defined aggregators (UDA) in a non-temporal fashion without the need to worry about temporal attributes of events (or event types). The temporal domain is managed on behalf of the user, and allows the user...

Edge computing platform for delivery of rich internet applications
An edge computing platform that provides on-demand delivery of Rich Internet Applications and other applications is disclosed. One embodiment includes an optional manager node and content distribution network (CDN) that include one or more compute nodes. The CDN collects information pertaining to execution of a software application. The CDN aggregates the...

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