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File monitoring
A server receives a first set of file activity data from a first file monitor. The first set of file activity data indicates activity associated with a first set of files accessed at a first compute node in communication with a network. Further, the server receives a second set of file...

Shared directory system
A directory system aggregates and synchronizes contact information across users, devices, and services. The directory system may aggregate contact information globally or across groups or organizations. The directory system may synchronize contact information for different users and resolve conflicts between inconsistent entries for a given entity. The directory system also may...

Health and fitness portal
A method for presenting analytical data includes the steps of a computer system receiving data for a user, the data including a plurality of data portions that are each associated with a corresponding provider of a plurality of providers. Each data portion includes one or both of: health of the user...

Optimized method for antibody capturing by mixed mode chromatography
Herein is reported a method for the purification of an antibody directly captured from clarified cell culture supernatants using Streamline CST and/or Capto MMC, wherein especially product related (aggregates and fragments) and process related impurities (host cell protein, media components) could efficiently be removed, resulting in a preparation with a purity...

Piezoelectric ceramic, method for making the same, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, and ultrasonic motor
A piezoelectric ceramic that includes barium titanate and 0.04 mass % or more and 0.20 mass % or less manganese relative to barium titanate. The piezoelectric ceramic is composed of crystal grains. The crystal grains include crystal grains A having an equivalent circular diameter of 30 μm or more and 300...

Method for manufacturing dispersion liquid of carbon nanotube aggregates
Provided is a process for producing a dispersion liquid of carbon nanotube aggregates in which the carbon nanotube aggregates are dispersed in a dispersion medium, comprising the two steps: (A) a step of adsorbing a dispersant to carbon nanotube aggregates by physical dispersion treatment in a dispersion medium to prepare a...

Mobile apparatus and method for producing concrete with cooling of bulk material
The invention relates to a mobile apparatus and a method for concrete production, comprising a cooling apparatus for cooling bulk material, in particular aggregates for concrete production. The cooling apparatus () comprises a bulk material hopper (), a wetting apparatus () and an air supply apparatus (). The cooling apparatus has...

Bot-network detection based on simple mail transfer protocol (smtp) characteristics of e-mail senders within ip address aggregates
A method and system for determining whether an IP address is part of a bot-network are provided. The IP-address-aggregate associated with the IP address of an e-mail sender is determined. The IP-address-aggregate is associated with an IP-address-aggregate-category based on the current SMTP traffic characteristics of the IP-address-aggregate and the known SMTP...

Oral compositions containing microaggregates
The invention relates to a composite and oral care compositions for use in the mouth to retard the accumulation of dental plaque and/or calculus. The composite is a microaggregate comprising polymer coated, surfactant stabilized particles of a substantially insoluble metal, metal salt or metal oxide, for example zinc oxide. Also methods...

Multimedia data distribution system and operating method thereof
A multimedia data distribution system is provided. The multimedia data distribution system comprises a multimedia controller and at least a distribution zone. A distribution zone has a zone hub and zero to finite number of zone media player. The zone hub receives multimedia data from a multimedia content source through an...

System and method for providing news articles
A news reader is disclosed which selects the optimal articles for presentation to the user and which facilitates a sense of community among users. Upon receiving an article from a news provider, the news reader analyzes characteristics associated with the article. Amongst other things, the characteristics may indicate whether the article...

Sporting event image capture, processing and publication
Systems, methods and software are disclosed for capturing and/or importing and processing media items such as digital images or video () associated with a sporting event such as a marathon or bicycle race (FIG. ). The media items are processed, including bib number or facial recognition if necessary (),...

Visualization tools for reviewing credibility and stateful hierarchical access to credibility
Some embodiments provide a credibility system including an interface portal for presenting a holistic view of entity credibility. To provide the holistic view, the credibility system aggregates credibility data from multiple data sources. The aggregated credibility data is processed and ordered to present different dimensions of entity credibility, with each dimension...

System for distributed spectrum sensing in a highly mobile vehicular environment
A system and method for detecting spectrum holes in a region is disclosed. The system comprises a requesting module, a detecting module and an aggregation module. The requesting module retrieves channel availability data for a region. The channel availability data describes potential availability of a channel. The detecting module obtains a...

Multiple sensor optical communication systems and methods
An optical communication system has a receiver that includes a plurality of photon counting sensors that each receive photons and generate pulses based on the received photons, and an electronic circuit that aggregates the number of pulses from the plurality of photon counting sensors into a merged pulse count. A demodulator...

Customer service and support systems and methods for use in an on-demand database service
Analytic snapshots aid reporting and dashboard infrastructure to be more scalable and responsive to users. By storing the results of a query generating aggregates, and refreshing these aggregates on a scheduled basis, refreshing the dashboard (using the current dashboard infrastructure) can be accelerated....

Multi-source, multi-dimensional, cross-entity, multimedia centralized personal information database platform apparatuses, methods and systems
THE MULTI-SOURCE, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, CROSS-ENTITY, MULTIMEDIA CENTRALIZED PERSONAL INFORMATION DATABASE PLATFORM APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“CPDB”) transform data aggregated from various computer resources using CPDB components into updated entity profiles and/or social graphs. In one implementation, the CPDB aggregates data records including search results, purchase transaction data, service usage data, service enrollment...

Multi-source, multi-dimensional, cross-entity, multimedia merchant analytics database platform apparatuses, methods and systems
The MULTI-SOURCE, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, CROSS-ENTITY, MULTIMEDIA MERCHANT ANALYTICS DATABASE PLATFORM APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“MDB”) transform data aggregated from various computer resources using MDB components into updated entity profiles and/or social graphs. In one implementation, the MDB aggregates data records including search results, purchase transaction data, service usage data, service enrollment data,...

Copolymers for treating construction aggregates
The present invention provides methods, admixture compositions for treating clay-bearing aggregates used for construction purposes, and aggregate compositions for construction purposes. The clay-bearing aggregates are treated with a cationic copolymer made from two and preferably three different monomer components. Cementitious compositions containing the treated aggregates are also described....

Removal of protein aggregates from biopharmaceutical preparations in a flow-through mode
The present invention provides novel compositions and methods for removal of protein aggregates from a sample in a flow-through mode....

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