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 Method for producing phenol from renewable resources by fermentation patent thumbnailMethod for producing phenol from renewable resources by fermentation
The invention relates to a method of generating a recombinant host strain for producing phenol, comprising the steps of a) providing a host comprising chorismate, b) transforming said host with a first nucleic acid sequence comprising ubic (seq id no: 1) encoding chorismate lyase that converts chorismate to 4-hydroxybenzoate, and c) transforming said host with a second nucleic acid sequence encoding an oxygen-tolerant 4-hydroxybenzoate decarboxylase that converts 4-hydroxybenzoate to phenol, thereby generating a recombinant host that is capable of producing phenol under aerobic conditions, wherein step b) and step c) are carried out simultaneously or sequentially. The invention also provides the recombinant host strain for producing phenol obtainable by the aforementioned method, as well as a method of producing phenol in said recombinant host strain..
Bayer Material Science Ag

 Automatic devulcanizing and plasticizing device and  using same patent thumbnailAutomatic devulcanizing and plasticizing device and using same
Rubber to be recycled is first ground to rubber crumb and then is transferred to a plasticizing unit. The rubber to be recycled is mixed with chemicals including an aromatic, environmental-friendly, low volatility reaction oil, a thickening agent and an activator.
6732667 Manitoba Inc.

 Wastewater treatment method, system and pollutant decomposition activity measuring method patent thumbnailWastewater treatment method, system and pollutant decomposition activity measuring method
There is provided a method which eliminates a decrease in activity of an activated sludge treatment microorganism group, which greatly increases treatment ability of the microorganism group, to enhance treatment efficiency and to reduce the amount of excess sludge. The wastewater treatment method of the present invention includes, when raw water (1a) is subjected to an activated sludge treatment, performing a first sludge returning step (va) (a step of returning sludge, which was previously aerated and stirred in a first excess sludge tank or sludge retention tank (12a) equipped with an aerator and a stirrer, to an treatment tank, a sequencing batch reactor or an anaerobic tank; and/or a step of returning sludge, which was previously aerated and stirred in a second excess sludge tank or thickened sludge retention tank (13a) equipped with an aerator and a stirrer, to a treatment tank, a sequencing batch reactor or an anaerobic tank), and maintaining the number of genus bacillus bacteria in the treatment tank, the sequencing batch reactor or the anaerobic tank, to which the sludge has been returned, at 2.0×105 to 22.5×105 cfu/ml..

 Method for enhanced aerobic activity and bio-mat control for onsite wastewater disposal systems patent thumbnailMethod for enhanced aerobic activity and bio-mat control for onsite wastewater disposal systems
The present invention provides an aeration lateral system designated to be site specific for new septic disposal areas or retro fitting to existing septic disposal areas to break up the biological clogging slug mat at the interface of the wastewater and imported sand or native soil fill under or adjacent to disposal areas of a typical septic system. The lateral system provides uniform or other site specific distribution of fluids about the bio-mat of a wastewater disposal area, with lateral spacing and hole spacing varying based on the type of disposal area being utilized.
Jrl Innovations Inc.

 Method for zero-discharge treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater via bioevaporation patent thumbnailMethod for zero-discharge treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater via bioevaporation
Disclosed herein is a method for zero-discharge treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater by mixing sludge with high-concentration organic wastewater. The sludge is biodried sludge prepared by a method including preparing a sludge mixture consisting of belt-pressed sludge and dried sludge; and collecting the sludge mixture when its temperature finally becomes stable by returning to room temperature.
Myongji University Industry And Academia Cooperation Foundation

 Superabsorbent compositions for solidifying industrial fluid wastes patent thumbnailSuperabsorbent compositions for solidifying industrial fluid wastes
The invention provides a composition for solidification of a viscous fluid waste material. The composition comprises a mixture of: (i) a post-anaerobic composted solids material having a particle size in a range of about 60 mesh to 120 mesh; and (ii) a granular superabsorbent polymer material having a particle size in a range of about 80 mesh to about 120 mesh.
Infield Products Inc.

 Compositions and methods for enhancing physiological performance and recovery time patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for enhancing physiological performance and recovery time
Provided are methods for enhancing exercise (e.g., intense, eccentric, elevated temperature, repetitive, aerobic, and high altitude) performance, comprising administering electrokinetically-altered aqueous fluids comprising an ionic aqueous solution of stably configured charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures predominantly having an average diameter of less than 100 nanometers. In certain aspects, enhancing exercise performance comprises at least one of: reducing plasma inflammatory cytokines (e.g., ifn-alpha, ena-78 and bdnf); ameliorating muscle/tendon damage or enhancing muscle/tendon recovery; reducing biomarkers of exercise-induced muscle injury (e.g., ck, plasma myoglobin); ameliorating exercise induced tendinosis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, avulsion, and tendon strain associated with chronic repetitive movement or enhancing recovering therefrom; increasing vo2 max; decreasing rpe; reducing blood lactate; preserving muscle contractile function (e.g., maximal force, joint rom); reducing muscle soreness; ameliorating onset of fatigue in an exercising subject.
Revalesio Corporation

 Thermal treatment  efficient processing of organic material patent thumbnailThermal treatment efficient processing of organic material
A thermal treatment system and method is disclosed for processing organic material. In a first embodiment, the system includes a thermal input device and a reaction device to thermally treat organic material to achieve cell lysing and cell formation, a separation device to separate inert solids from the organic material to produce a liquid stream with low concentrations of suspended solids, and a “high rate” biological treatment device to produce methane from the liquid stream.
Sgc Advisors, Llc

 Method and facility for the aerobic biological treatment of effluent, in particular wastewater patent thumbnailMethod and facility for the aerobic biological treatment of effluent, in particular wastewater
A method for biologically treating effluent involves pouring the effluent into a basin in which mobile supports are submerged for developing a biofilm and for carrying out a treatment by fixed fluidized bed, aerating the effluent in the basin with a distribution of air flow, from the bottom of the basin, according to a floor configuration, the aeration supplying air for treating the nutrients, and keeping the supports moving, regulating the aeration to modulate the air flow depending on at least one parameter taken from the following parameters: the residual oxygen concentration, and/or the concentration of oxygen and the concentration of n—nh4, and/or the permitted load; modifying the distribution of the air supply from the floor configuration to a spiral flow configuration when the operating conditions result in an air flow lower than a minimum air flow required to keep the mobile supports moving in the floor configuration.. .

 Tobacco material and treatment thereof patent thumbnailTobacco material and treatment thereof
A tobacco material and a process for the treatment of tobacco are provided. The process comprises securing the tobacco material within a moisture-retaining material and exposing the tobacco material to an ambient processing temperature of at least about 45° c., with the tobacco having a packing density of at least 200 kg/m3 on a dry matter weight base at the start of the process and a moisture content of between about 10% and 15.5%.
British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

Formula feed containing biogas residues for chickens

The present invention belongs to the field of feed, and particularly relates to formula feed containing biogas residues for chickens. The formula feed for chickens is prepared by mixing a component a and a component b, wherein the component a makes up 17%-37.5% of the total weight.
Zhejiang Agricultural And Forestry University

Self-contained anaerobic environment-generating culture devices and methods of use

A self-contained anaerobic environment-generating culture device is provided. The culture device includes a first substrate having opposing inner and outer surfaces, a second substrate having opposing inner and outer surfaces, a growth region disposed between the inner surfaces of the first and second substrates, an effective amount of a substantially dry enzyme component of an enzyme-mediated oxygen depletion system, an effective amount of a substantially dry enzyme substrate component of the enzyme-mediated oxygen depletion system, and a dry, cold-water-soluble gelling agent disposed in the growth region.
3m Innovative Properties Company

System and treating wastewater and resulting primary and biological sludge

A method of treating primary sludge and activated sludge produced by a wastewater system is disclosed. A portion of the activated sludge is wasted to form biological sludge.
Veolia Water Solutions And Technologies Support

Method and maximizing nitrogen removal from wastewater

A reactor and control method for maximizing nitrogen removal and minimizing aeration requirements through control of transient anoxia and aerobic srt, repression of nob, and control of dynamic do concentrations or aeration interval by keeping the reactor nh4 and nox concentrations approximately equal. Controls are provided for maximizing the potential for tin removal through nitrification, limited nitritation, nitritation, denitrification, limited denitritation, denitritation making use of 1) real time measurement of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, 2) operational do and the proper use of do setpoints, and 3) proper implementation of transient anoxia within a wide range of reactor configurations and operating conditions..
Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Method and nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment

One or more reactor and one or more control methods are used for nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment to achieve measured control of maintaining high ammonia oxidizing bacteria (aob) oxidation rates while achieving nitrite oxidizing bacteria (nob) out-selection, using various control strategies, including: 1) ammonia and the use of ammonia setpoints; 2) operational do and the use of do setpoints; 3) bioaugmentation of anammox and lighter flocculant aob fraction; and 4) implementation of transient anoxia in several reactor configurations and conditions for removal of oxidized nitrogen using anammox or heterotrophic organisms. Controls described maximize nitrogen removal with minimal aeration, through control of transient anoxia and aerobic srt, out-selection of nob, and control of do concentrations or aeration interval by keeping the reactor ammonia (nh4) and oxidized nitrogen (nox) concentrations approximately equal, and maximize total inorganic nitrogen (tin) removal through nitrification, limited nitritation, nitritation, denitrification, denitritation or deammonification making use of the aforementioned strategies..
Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Waste distributor system and apparatus

A waste distribution device controllable by a user. Waste distributor device may be mechanically actuated, such as via a cable tension system or otherwise, and may allow a user to determine the channel in which waste will be deposited.

Process for producing polyhydroxyalkanoates from precursors obtained by anaerobic fermentation from fermentable biomass

E) polymerizing using the α-hydroxy acid obtained a defined polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha).. .

Process for producing amino acids from precursors obtained by anaerobic fermentation from fermentable biomass

D) synthesizing from this α-halo acid a defined amino acid.. .

Device and simultaneous hydrogen sulphide removal and biogas upgrading

A sustainable method and a system for cleaning impurities, mainly hydrogen sulphide, and upgrading of biogas having hydrogen sulphide concentration up to 2% (20,000 ppmv), preferably produced in wastewater treatment plants (wwtps) to biomethane. The system includes a counter-current, non-pressurized physical absorption bubble column having a high influent liquid-to-gas flow ratio li/g higher than 1 and preferably equal or higher than 3 and equal or lower than 10, for achieving a simultaneous removal of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.
Fcc Aqualia, S.a.

Microbial-based process for high quality protein concentrate

The present invention describes a bio-based process to produce high quality protein concentrate (hqpc) by converting plant derived celluloses into bioavailable protein via aerobic incubation, including the use of such hqpc so produced as a nutrient, including use as a fish meal replacement in aquaculture diets.. .
Dast, Llc Dba Prairie Aquatech

Animal bedding and associated methods for preparing and using the same

Animal bedding having one or more solvents and a lignocellulosic fiber, wherein the lignocellulosic fiber has been processed by ruminant digestion and anaerobic digestion. A method for preparing pelletized animal bedding is also disclosed including the steps of providing excrement from a cow which has undergone ruminant digestion, introducing the cow excrement into an anaerobic digester, modifying the cow excrement to a first wet product, drying the first wet product to generate a first dry product, and densifying the first dry product to, in turn, generate pelletized animal bedding..

Progressive weighted aerobic ping pong exercise racquet

An enhanced table tennis racket is disclosed that incorporates features for enhancing the aerobic exercise value of the game. One or more weights may be attached, removably or permanently, to the racket.
Jules Apatini

Article and controlling oral-originated obligate and facultative anaerobes and aerobic bacteria pathogens related to systemic disease

Method of treating oral subgingival biofilms having obligate anaerobes, facultative anaerobes, aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms (collectively oral pathogens) associated with certain systemic diseases present within a subgingival biofilm having proteins and amino acids, the steps including providing a periodontal medicament delivery tray having a seal against a patient's adjacent gums containing the oral biofilms with the systemic disease, said seal formed so as to have no contact with teeth, applying to the gingival tissue (sulcus or periodontal pocket) a biofilm penetrating antimicrobial agent, removing the imbedded oral pathogens from the gingival tissue following at least one applying of the antimicrobial agent to the gingival tissue; repeatedly administering colloidal hydrogen peroxide gel to the gingival tissue following the removing; and following each administering cleaning the gingival tissue with a cleaning agent directly following the administering of the colloidal hydrogen peroxide gel for modifying the environment from anaerobic to commensal.. .

Process for the synthesis of [6,6]-phenyl-c61butyric acid pentyl ester (pc61bp)

A total green, eco-friendly process for the synthesis of new acceptor molecule [6,6]-phenyl-c61-butyric acid pentyl ester (pc61bp) in high yields is carried under aerobic conditions showing better performance as acceptor in organic solar cells. More importantly this process causes the low cost synthesis of pc61bp in good yield without involving harmful and costly catalysts or chemicals..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Combination kettlebell and dumbbell weight

A new weight for exercise and physical fitness is disclosed. The invention combines a kettlebell with the dumbbell, so a user can gain the swinging, aerobic benefits of a kettlebell and at the same time utilize the invention as a traditional dumbbell..

Smart (subsurface microbial activity in real time) technology for real-time monitoring of subsurface microbial metabolism

A sensor that measures microbial activity as a surrogate value for the biologically active content of soil, aquatic sediments, or groundwater. An anode, such as a graphite anode that can support a biofilm, is connected by way of a resistor to a cathode.
University Of Massachusetts

Solid waste treatment with conversion to gas and anaerobic digestion

Waste solids are treated by pyrolysis at a temperature over 700 degrees c. To produce char and a gas.
Anaergia Inc.

Xylose isomerase genes and their use in fermentation of pentose sugars

The present invention relates to eukaryotic cells which have the ability to isomerise xylose directly into xylulose. The cells have acquired this ability by transformation with nucleotide sequences coding for a xylose isomerase that has one or more specific sequence elements typical for isomerases having the ability of functional expression in yeasts, such as e.g.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Method for reducing release of resistance genes during sludge anaerobic treatment

A method for reducing release of resistance genes during sludge anaerobic treatment includes controlling concentration of to-be-treated sludge in a concentration tank to be 12-20 g/l by sedimentation under gravity. The concentrated sludge is transferred to a supersonic pre-treatment device to proceed with supersonic pre-treatment.
Tongji University

Oral hygiene compositions

Mouth hygiene compositions that reduce vsc by changing the growth conditions in the oral cavity in favor of bacteria capable of anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration is a form of respiration that involves electron acceptors other than oxygen.
Glymur B.v.

Aerobic producing alcohols

Wherein the first and second acetogenic microorganism is capable of converting the carbon source to the acetate and/or ethanol.. .

Treatment of waste products with anaerobic digestion

A waste stream is treated by anaerobic digestion. A process is described involves a step of separating solids from digestate, and returning separated solids to a digester.
Anaergia Inc.

System and multi-functional treating wastewater

The invention relates to a municipal wastewater treatment system (star) for forming a wastewater treatment plant (ptar), characterized by the functional and structural relationship between the components thereof. The invention comprises seven treatment stages in the star and the arrangement thereof, including: an intake regulator box having a discharge outlet; a pretreatment stage consisting of solid separation screens and grit channels; and anaerobic biodigester; an up-flow anaerobic filter; drying beds; subsurface flow constructed wetlands; and a chlorine contact channel.

Wastewater treatment system

The wastewater treatment system of the present invention is adapted to remove cod and nitrogenous compounds from wastewater. The system includes a carbon-removing anaerobic fluidized bed reactor and a nitrogen-removing fluidized bed reactor.
National Chiao Tung University

Method and device for processing solid waste

Organic waste is polished to remove floatable contaminants prior to being biologically treated. In one application, pressed organic waste is polished before being sent to a wet anaerobic digester, optionally to be co-digested with wastewater treatment plant sludge.
D Technologies Holding B.v.

Energy system

Storage of excess energy on a domestic or small scale as a result of input feeds from solar panels and like can be problematic. Furthermore ensuring such panels operate at best temperatures can be difficult by operating through a controller a heat pump and such panels or other sources of energy such as anaerobic digesters excess heat can be stored in a ground mass below the system for use in maintaining heating as well as operation of the panels at best temperatures..
Sasie Limited

Dual return activated sludge process in a flow-equalized wastewater treatment system

A common final clarifier is provided downstream of a two-stage activated sludge (as) system that includes a flow equalization basin (feb) reactor and a nitritation reactor as the first as stage and an anammox reactor as the second as stage. A first return activated sludge (ras) flow is conducted from the final clarifier to the first as stage with a low flow rate and a second segregated ras flow is conducted to the second as stage with a high flow rate.

Anammox reactor stage in a flow equalization reactor process

A flow equalization reactor for a multi-stage activated sludge process for treating industrial wastewater and/or municipal sewage is divided into two or more treatment zones. An outflow from a first treatment zone is mixed with an outflow from the second treatment zone in a mixer and conveyed to a third stage reactor containing anaerobic, autotrophic ammonia oxidizing anammox bacteria for converting nitrite nitrogen to nitrogen gas.

Step platform

A step platform for aerobic exercise may include multiple layers. The top layer may include an elastic foam member that is configured to at least partially deform when stepped on by a user.
Step Fitness & Recreation, Inc.

Process for production of biogas

The invention relates to a process for production of biogas from a biodegradable substrate under anaerobic conditions, comprising the steps of introducing the substrate into a reaction space, the addition of a lime-based material having a particle diameter (d97) of less than 90 μm and/or (d50) of less than 10 μm to the substrate, and the biodegradation of the substrate to form biogas.. .
Rheinkalk Gmbh

Nox removal system for biogas engines at anaerobic digestion facilities

Provided herein are methods, devices and systems comprising a reactor that is operatively connected to: (a) a biogas production unit for converting waste to a biogas stream; and (b) an engine that utilizes the biogas stream from the biogas producing unit to produce energy and an engine exhaust.. .
Biogas & Electric, Llc

Municipal waste water treatment plant/process with by product and drinking water recycle

The first bioreactor is an anaerobic digestion of cellulosic solids from the primary clarifier by methane producing anaerobes gives fuel and organic fertilizer. The second bioreactor produces algae or yeast for animal/fish feed by metabolizing organics, nitrogen and phosphorous in the centrifuged, filtered overflow of the clarifier by aerobic fermentation of pure selected cultures in a side arm fermenter where filtrate is purged through a retaining micro-filter and cells are concentrated.

Recovery of nutrients from water and wastewater by precipitation as struvite

The present invention generally relates to a process for converting waste to nutrients. Preferably, the subject invention relates to systems and methods for recovering nutrients from wastewaters.

Method and installation for removing sulphur from the digestate and the biogas of a digester

Method for removing sulphur from the digestate and the biogas in a city and/or agricultural and/or industrial effluent digester, using a wet and/or a dry route, the digester (1) being made up of a closed vessel (2) in which a mass of products to be treated, that forms the digestate, undergoes anaerobic digestion with a volume of gas on top of the digestate from which the biogas is extracted, the digestate being drawn off at a point (5) of the digester then reinjected at another point (7). The digestate drawn off is made to follow: an upward first path (10) with injection of gaseous oxidizing agent at the bottom for aeration, the gaseous oxidizing agent and the digestate flowing concurrentwise; and a downward second path (12) under anaerobic conditions before returning to the digester, the excess gaseous oxidizing agent being removed in the top part (20) of at least one of the paths..

Method for developing individualized athletic training program

The ability to use data from tests of maximum aerobic capacity to determine the ventilatory threshold and point of respiratory compensation (rcp) is useful for coaches, athletes, and other disciplines in the development of training schemes. Current methods for determining the rcp generally involve identifying deflections in respiratory variables when examined along minute ventilation.

Methods for stabilizing production of acetyl-coenzyme a derived compounds

The present disclosure relates to the use of a switch for the production of heterologous non-catabolic compounds in microbial host cells. In one aspect, provided herein are genetically modified microorganisms that produce non-catabolic compounds more stably when serially cultured under aerobic conditions followed by microaerobic conditions, and methods of producing non-catabolic compounds by culturing the genetically modified microbes under such culture conditions.

Method and system for preparation of substrate for use in anaerobic digestion of organic waste

There is disclosed a method for preparation of substrate for use in anaerobic digestion of organic waste. The method can be executed in a substrate pretreatment system, the method comprising: loading of a substrate into the substrate pretreatment system, mixing the substrate with liquid; heating the substrate and liquid to a pre-determined processing temperature; exposing the mixture to radiation; transferring the processed substrate to a bioreactor, during the heating, the method further comprises: degassing the mixture using vacuum extraction; and circulating the mixture past an ultrasonic hydrodynamic radiator..

Forms of r)-3-(4-(2-(2-methyltetrazol-5-yl)pyridin-5-yl)-3-fluorophenyl)-5-hydroxymethyl oxazolidin-2-one dihydrogen phosphate

A crystalline form of crystalline (r)-3-(4-(2-(2-methyltetrazol-5-yl)-pyridin-5-yl)-3-fluorophenyl)-5-hydroxymethyl oxazolidin-2-one dihydrogen phosphate, methods of making the crystalline form and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the crystalline form are useful antibiotics. Further, the derivatives of the present invention may exert potent antibacterial activity versus various human and animal pathogens, including gram-positive bacteria such as staphylococi, enterococci and streptococi, anaerobic microorganisms such as bacteroides and clostridia, and acid-resistant microorganisms such as mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium avium.

Method and plant for treatment of organic waste

The present invention relates to methods and plants for the treatment of an organic waste material, wherein waste is subjected to anaerobic fermentation in a biogas digester; effluent is mechanically separated from the biogas digester into a concentrated fraction and a liquid fraction; the liquid fraction is heated to a high temperature below the boiling point of the liquid; the heated liquid is introduced to a flash column to partially remove volatile carbon dioxide, the ph of the liquid is elevated and ammonia is removed from the liquid.. .

Method and culture of anaerobic ammonium oxidizer

The present disclosure provides an apparatus for enrichment culturing of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria, including: a reactor containing a culture medium containing ammonium and nitrite; and activated sludge beads in which the anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria in the culture medium are supported, wherein the amount of the activated sludge beads is 25-35% based on the volume of the culture medium. Because loss of the anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria is minimized and the beads have good mechanical strength, the apparatus for enrichment culturing of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria can be operated for a long time..

Container-type biogas purification film method purification system

A container-type biogas purification film method purification system comprises: a desulfurization and dehydration unit, a compressor, a purification unit, a heat exchanger, and a film-group purification and gas preparation unit that are disposed inside a movable container and are sequentially connected, the desulfurization and dehydration unit is connected to a biogas source generated by an anaerobic fermentation.. .
Beijing Helee Bio-energy Ltd.

Stability of silage inoculants and methods for improving aerobic stability of silage

There is provided a method for treating silage which includes adding to the silage a silage inoculant including a silage preserving effective amount of lactobacillus hilgardii. The silage inoculant being effective to prevent or reduce aerobic spoilage..
Danstar Ferment Ag

Method for cycling biomasses between mushroom cultivation and anaerobic biogas fermentation, and for separating and drying a degassed biomass

The present invention is related to recycling of fermentable and metabolizable biomass materials for sequentially performing a cultivation of fungal cells and for producing biogas by anaerobic fermentation of said biomass materials.. .
Advanced Substrate Technologies A/s

Tungstate treatment of the dysbiosis associated with gastrointestinal inflammation

The present invention provides compositions of therapeutic agents and methods of use for reducing and/or treating gastrointestinal inflammation. In particular aspects, the tungstate salts described herein and pharmaceutical compositions thereof inhibit the activity of one or a plurality of anaerobic respiratory enzymes in facultative anaerobic bacteria such as, for example, enterobacteriaceae, that can exacerbate inflammation.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Compositions for effective fly population suppression

Provided herein are systems, devices, methods, and compositions for suppressing a population of certain species of insects such as flies. Compositions comprising an anaerobically fermented biomass, a dye and a particulate matter, are disclosed, some of which are selective in attracting a harmful insect, and are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Emekatech, Llc

Anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis system

An anaerobic digester is fed a feedstock, for example sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant, and produces a digestate. The digestate is dewatered into a cake.
Anaergia Inc.

Production of biomass for use in the treatment of fischer-tropsch reaction water

A process for producing a bio-mass for use in the treatment of fischer-tropsch (ft) reaction water includes introducing a nutrient component comprising carbon (c), nitrogen (n) and phosphorus (p), and water into an aerobic reaction zone containing a sewage sludge, and maintaining, in the aerobic reaction zone and under aerobic conditions, a f/m ratio of 0.25-2 kg cod/kg mlss·day, where f/m=food to microorganism ratio; cod=chemical oxygen demand, expressed as mg oxygen/β of liquid in the aerobic reaction zone; and mlss=mixed liquor suspended solids, expressed as mg solids in the aerobic reaction zone/β of liquid in the aerobic reaction zone. The f/m ratio is maintained for a period of time, to produce a biomass suitable for use in the treatment of ft reaction water..
Sasol Technology (proprietary) Limited

Wastewater treatment device, bacteria bed used for treating food waste and wastewater, and wastewater treatment method using bacteria bed

A wastewater treatment device for decomposing solid matter using aerobic microorganisms in a bacteria bed, includes a decomposition tank that accommodates the solid matter obtained by crushing food waste and the bacteria bed, a water supply capable of supplying water to the decomposition tank, and a stirrer for stirring the solid matter and the bacteria bed in the decomposition tank. The bacteria bed includes a carrier made of a synthetic resin that uses a mineral having a plurality of pores as a raw material and microorganisms carried in the plurality of the pores..

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