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Aerobic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Aerobic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aerobic-related patents
 P-450-catalyzed enantioselective cyclopropanation of electron-deficient olefins patent thumbnailnew patent P-450-catalyzed enantioselective cyclopropanation of electron-deficient olefins
The present invention pertains to the use of engineered variants of enzyme cyp102a, also known as p450-bm3, for cyclopropanation of olefins containing electron-withdrawing groups. One exemplary enzyme variant, referred to as bm3-hstar, contains five mutations away from wild-type p450-bm3, and demonstrates high activity towards cyclopropanation of olefinic substrates using ethyldiazoacetate (eda) and other carbene transfer reagents.
California Institute Of Technology

 System and  converting biomass material into energy products patent thumbnailnew patent System and converting biomass material into energy products
A continuous biomass-to-energy system and method used for production of high-energy fuel, liquids and gases from municipal wastes and organic wastes, where the municipal wastes and organic wastes is processed through a controlled pyrolysis process and a controlled gas separation process to extract products gases from a distillation tower system of the system. The biomass-to-energy system also discharges byproducts that are removed to offsite facilities and a combustible gas stream that can be utilized to generate electricity.
Arc Technologies Corporation

 Water closet and septic system patent thumbnailnew patent Water closet and septic system
A water closet for disposing of human waste includes a septic system, a toilet, a floor, and an enclosure. The septic system includes a primary chamber, a secondary chamber spaced a distance laterally from the primary chamber, a fluid communication member extending between the primary chamber and the secondary chamber, and an outlet member extending away from the secondary chamber.

 Treatment of municipal wastewater with anaerobic digestion patent thumbnailTreatment of municipal wastewater with anaerobic digestion
Low strength wastewater such as municipal sewage is treated using an anaerobic digester. In some examples, a wastewater stream is separated into a solids rich portion and a solids lean portion.
Anaergia Inc.

 Method for deammonification process control using ph, specific conductivity, or ammonia patent thumbnailMethod for deammonification process control using ph, specific conductivity, or ammonia
A method and a system as described herein, including a method and system of treating ammonium containing water in a deammonification mbbr process where partial nitritation and anaerobic ammonium oxidation may occur simultaneously in a biofilm, or in an integrated fixed film activated sludge process where partial nitritation takes place in a suspended growth fraction and anaerobic ammonium oxidation occurs in a biofilm. The method and system include controlling airflow to the reactor to achieve a target ph, a target alkalinity, a target specific conductivity, and/or a target ammonium concentration in the reactor or in the effluent..
Hampton Roads Sanitation District

 Waste processing method and apparatus patent thumbnailWaste processing method and apparatus
Methods and systems are provided for aerobic digestion of organic waste material.. .
R3d3, Inc.

 Modified mushroom stool exercise device patent thumbnailModified mushroom stool exercise device
A modified mushroom stool exercise device for enabling aerobic and anaerobic exercise for a user seated thereon comprises a base member for providing a lower level having four wheels, a main body disposed over the base and a cushion member disposed over the main body. These parts are connected through a vertical swivel pole which is connected to the bottom of the cushion member, passes through the main body, and connects to the top of the base member.

 Butyrogenic bacteria as probiotics to treat clostridium difficile patent thumbnailButyrogenic bacteria as probiotics to treat clostridium difficile
The subject invention pertains to the use of certain bacterial strains, particularly butyrogenic bacteria, for preparing a composition to treat and/or prevent clostridium difficile infection. In particular, the invention relates to the use of butyrate-producing anaerobic fermenters of gut commensals in pharmaceutical or food compositions..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

 Novel engineered microorganism producing homo-succinic acid and  preparing succinic acid using the same patent thumbnailNovel engineered microorganism producing homo-succinic acid and preparing succinic acid using the same
The present invention relates to a mutant microorganism, which is selected from the group consisting of genus mannheimia, genus actinobacillus and genus anaerobiospirillum, producing homo-succinic acid and a method for producing homo-succinic acid using the same, and more particularly to a mutant microorganism producing succinic acid at a high concentration while producing little or no other organic acids in anaerobic conditions, which is obtained by disrupting a gene encoding lactate dehydrogenase (ldha), a gene encoding phosphotransacetylase (pta), and a gene encoding acetate kinase (acka), without disrupting a gene encoding pyruvate formate lyase (pfl), as well as a method for producing succinic acid using the same. The inventive mutant microorganism has the property of having a high growth rate and succinic acid productivity while producing little or no organic acids, as compared to the prior strains producing succinic acid.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

 Antimicrobial-antibiofilm compositions and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailAntimicrobial-antibiofilm compositions and methods of use thereof
Compositions comprising chelating agents, metal ion salts, gelling agents or a buffer, antimicrobials, antibiofilm agents and a ph adjuster or a buffer for the prevention and treatment of wound infections and food-borne diseases involving bacterial biofilms are disclosed. The anti-infective properties of a composition include reduction or killing of anaerobic/aerobic/facultative gram-negative and gram-positive wound infection associated bacteria occurring in polymicrobial biofilms.
Kane Biotech Inc.


Processes for controlling the concentration of co-produced oxygenated organics in anaerobic fermentation broths for the bioconversion of syngas to product oxygenated organic compound

Processes are disclosed for economically and effectively removing co-produced oxygenated organic compound from an anaerobic, aqueous fermentation broth used for the bioconversion of syngas to product oxygenated organic compound. The processes involve subjecting a portion of the aqueous fermentation broth after recovery of the product oxygenated organic compound to anaerobic organic bioconversion, and recycling the broth for use in the bioconversion of syngas..
Coskata, Inc.


Processes for removing co-produced oxygenated organics from anaerobic fermentation broths for the bioconversion of syngas to product oxygenated organic compound

Processes are disclosed for economically and effectively removing co-produced oxygenated organic compound from an anaerobic, aqueous fermentation broth used for the bioconversion of syngas to product oxygenated organic compound. Nitrate anion is added to the broth and the broth is contacted with denitrifying microorganisms that bioconvert the nitrate and organic compounds in the broth to reduced nitrogen compound and carbon dioxide..
Coskata, Inc.


Processes for the acidic, anaerobic conversion of hydrogen and carbon oxides to oxygenated organic compound

Processes for the bioconversion of syngas to oxygenated organic compound are disclosed that reliably, cost-effectively and efficiently supply sulfur nutrient to microorganisms contained in acidic, aqueous fermentation menstrua. In the processes of this invention, at least a portion of the sulfur nutrient for the population of microorganisms in the aqueous menstruum is provided as calcium sulfite, and the presence of undissolved calcium sulfite is maintained in the aqueous menstruum..
Coskata, Inc.


Method and hydrolyzing organic solid

A method and an apparatus for hydrolyzing an organic solid are described. The method includes mixing an organic solid and a nanobubble water having a plurality of nanobubbles, to form an organic liquid, in which the nanobubbles contain a combustible gas; and applying an ultrasonic wave on the organic liquid, such that the nanobubbles generate an additional cavitation effect.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Gas depletion and gas addition devices for blood treatment

Devices for the preparation of depleted blood products that provide for the depletion of oxygen, carbon dioxide, or oxygen and carbon dioxide are described. In addition, devices for the replenishment of oxygen and other gases to an anaerobic blood product are described.
New Health Sciences, Inc.


High efficiency biometric device for producing hydrogen and methane

A high efficiency biometric device for producing hydrogen and methane mainly uses a two-stage anaerobic fermentation device to transform an organic wastewater mixed solution into hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and a removal liquid, and then uses a solid liquid separation tank to filter and separate the removal liquid to reduce the sludge and obtain the treated water with a good property. The characteristic lies in that the two-stage anaerobic fermentation device comprises a first anaerobic fermentation tank, a neutralization tank, a feeding tank and a second anaerobic fermentation tank composed of anaerobic fermentation tanks disposed in parallel.


Micro-sieve separation and cod diversion in wastewater treatment

A wastewater treatment device is described in this specification having an aeration tank upstream of a micro-sieve. A process for treating wastewater comprises a step of treating wastewater by way of aeration with a hydraulic retention time of 6 hours or less, a solids retention time of 6 days or less, or both, to produce a first effluent.
General Electric Company


Wastewater treatment with membrane aerated biofilm and anaerobic digester

A wastewater treatment system having a first solid-liquid separation unit, a membrane aerated biofilm (mabr) reactor, a second solid-liquid separation unit and an anaerobic digester. Waste sludges from the solid-liquid separation units are treated in the anaerobic digester.
General Electric Company


Improved fermentation process and products useful for the same

The invention comprises a method/process of moving bed fermentation of a liquid carried out by microorganisms in a fermenter/reactor wherein the moving bed comprises a device containing within or on its surface a porous material capable of providing anchorage to bacteria capable of performing fermentation/degradation of organic load and the device is moveable throughout the column of the liquid in the fermenter/reactor when the device is added to the fermenting liquid and the fermenting liquid is agitated/aerated. This device is an artificial device.


Compositions and methods for treating carbon monoxide and/or cyanide poisoning

Compositions, methods and kits for treating victims of carbon monoxide and/or cyanide poisoning and/or nitric acid-induced vasoplagia are provided. The compositions comprise reduced forms of vitamin b12 such as reduced hydroxocobalamin or reduced cobinamide, and typically comprise at least one reducing agent (e.g.
Virginia Commonwealth University


Making c4+ products in bacteria

Methods of making c4+ hydrocarbon feedstocks using anaerobic microbes are described.. .
William Marsh Rice University


Gamified exercise apparatus, system and method

The present system relates to an exercise system comprising an appliance which acts much like an exercise device able, which is able to be used by an individual to enable repeated movements of one or more limbs, to thus enable the user to achieve a low level aerobic activity (e.g., low level exercise) while performing other non-exercise related tasks. A communication control module communicates with a personal electronic device located at the exercise device.
Tome, Inc.


Anaerobic fermentation of seeds of fruit

The present invention provides methods for processing seeds of fruit, such as cocoa beans.. .
Mars, Incorporated


Antimicrobial articles of manufacture

Compositions having antimicrobial activity contain surface functionalized particles comprising an inorganic copper salt which has low water solubility. These types of inorganic salts may also be introduced in porous particles to yield antimicrobial compositions.
Agienic, Inc.


Process for the sequestration of carbon dioxide and the fermentative production of organic compounds

A process is described for the use of biological components of anaerobic microorganisms, in particular cultures or enzymes of anaerobic bacteria from the order thermotogales such as thermotoga neapolitana, as agents for the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide by reaction with an appropriate organic substrate. The products resulting from this reaction are organic molecules usable as raw materials in industries, such as food, biomedical, cosmetics and zootechnical industries..
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche


Integrated system of a methanogenic anaerobic reactor and membrane bioreactor for the elimination of organic material and nitrogen from wastewater

Integrated methanogenic anaerobic reactor and membrane bioreactor, and method for eliminating organic matter and nitrogen in urban or industrial wastewater, preferably with cod concentrations between 150 and 5000 mg/l and where the eliminations of total nitrogen that occur are between 15 and 50 mg/l, at temperatures above 15° c. The wastewater treatment takes place thanks to three stages of treatment: methanogenic anaerobic stage, anoxic stage with biofilms and suspended biomass and aerobic filtration stage with biofilms and suspended biomass..
Universidade De Santiago De Compostela


Exercise apparatus and method

An apparatus includes an elastic portion comprised of one or more elastic members which interconnects a pair of spaced apart handles. Each of the handles includes a structural feature which allows the orientation of a handle grip axis to be readily adjusted relative to the extended direction of the elastic portion in order to achieve a configuration respectively suited to either aerobic, jump rope activity, or to resistance training and stretching..


Methods and matrices for promoting fauna and flora growth

The invention provides a marine infrastructure comprising a concrete matrix having a ph of less than 12 for use in promoting the growth of fauna and flora in aquatic environment, and methods for promoting the growth of fauna and flora in aquatic environment, including endolitic and epilitic flora and endolitic and epilitic anaerobic and aerobic flora and fauna.. .
Econcrete Tech Ltd.


Orally administered bacteria as vehicles for systemic delivery of agents

The current invention relates to the use of a bacterial species in the preparation of a composition adapted for oral administration for the delivery of an agent to a site in the body. The site in the body may be an organ or a tumour site.
University College Cork-national University Of Ireland, Cork


Methods, media, and optimizing physical training based on real-time blood lactate monitoring

Some embodiments described herein relate to receiving lactate concentration data from a non-invasive sensor. A ratio of aerobic to anaerobic exertion can be determined based on the concentration of lactate, and real-time feedback can be provided based on the ratio of aerobic to anaerobic exertion.
Potomac Health Solutions, Inc.


Method of aerobic treatment of poultry manure and producing organic fertilizer

A bio-chamber and a method of making organic fertilizer from poultry manure. The bio- chamber has a chamber body that defines a receiving chamber and an aeration chamber.
1867239 Ontario Corp.


System and treating waste water by means of passive phosphorus capture

The invention relates to a system and a method for treating waste water using a passive phosphorus-capture filter lined with wood activated by the impregnation of a metal in the form of hydroxide, more specifically aluminum hydroxide or iron hydroxide. This system demonstrates phosphorus removal performances which are very closely linked to the release of iron and which support the observation that iron releases follow a cyclical trend.
Centre De Recherche Industrielle Du Quebec


Polymeric complex supporter with zero-valent metals and manufacturing method thereof

A zero-valent metal polymeric complex supporter (zvm-pcs) is disclosed. Pcs possesses porous surface and internal coralloid-like channel structure that can accommodate high amount of iron-containing materials and derivatives thereof.
Geonano Environmental Technology, Inc.


Systems and methods for separating and purifying butadiene

The present disclosure generally relates to systems for isolating and/or purifying byproducts of anaerobic fermentation processes, and methods of using same. In one embodiment, gas compositions comprising conjugated diolefins (e.g., 1,3-biobutadiene and/or isoprene) and various amounts of impurities (e.g., water vapor from fermentation media, carbon dioxide from microbe respiration, and organic bio-byproducts such as propanol) are produced in a fermentation process.
Braskem S.a.


Recycling and reinvestment of carbon from agricultural processes for renewable fuel and materials using thermochemical regeneration

Techniques, systems, apparatus and material are disclosed for regeneration or recycling of carbon substances into renewable fuel and materials. In one aspect, a method of recycling carbon to produce a renewable fuel can include harvesting carbon donors, such as carbon dioxide (co2), emitted from an agricultural process.
Mcalister Technologies Llc


Hydrogen sulfide removal from anaerobic treatment

Hydrogen sulfide can be removed from a liquid effluent of an anaerobic reactor, by subsequently: —contacting the effluent liquid in counter current with a treated product gas of the anaerobic reactor to absorb hydrogen sulfide in the gas, —collecting the desulfurised effluent liquid after said contacting, —discharging at least part of the collected desulfurised effluent recirculation liquid as a treated effluent. To a remaining part of the desulfurised effluent waste water can be added and mixed, and the mixed water can be fed to the anaerobic reactor.
Paques I.p. B.v.


System and stimulating ethanol production and growth of aquatic plants

Methods and systems for growing aquatic plants and collecting, purifying, and/or extracting ethanol produced during anaerobic metabolism by aquatic plants are provided. The system includes a cell containing water and an aquatic plant, an ethanol extraction assembly in fluid communication with the cell for removing ethanol from the water.
Aquatech Bioenergy Llc


Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoates by microorganisms

Method for simultaneous selection and maintenance of a selected microbial consortium for polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha) production in only one step, said microbial consortium being fed with at least one readily biodegradable carbon substrate, comprising a first step of aerobic cultivation of said microbial consortium in a mixed biological reactor. According to the invention, the specific cell growth rate μl of said microbial consortium is fixed at a target value, in said first step of aerobic cultivation and in that said first step of aerobic cultivation is performed under nutrient limitation such as the readily biodegradable carbon substrate uptake rate qs1 unbalanced with said fixed specific cell growth rate μ1..
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support


Wastewater treatment process and system

A process and system for treating wastewater is described. The invention degrades sludge produced by treatment of the wastewater to reduce or eliminate the need for sludge dewatering and disposal.
Paradigm Environmental Technologies Inc.


Hybrid wastewater treatment

A process for the biological treatment of wastewater in which the performance of a conventional activated sludge system is improved by adding an aerobic granular biomass system in a hybrid parallel process configuration. Waste biomass and suspended material from the aerobic granular biomass system is introduced into the conventional activated sludge system for this purpose.
Haskoningdhv Nederland B.v.


Novel oxidation catalyst, the process for the preparation thereof and green process for selective aerobic oxidation

Described herein is a novel, cost effective, stable and recyclable catalyst composition i.e. A-b-oms, wherein ‘a’ is selected from noble and transition metals; ‘b’ is selected from alkali or alkaline earth metals; and oms is octahedral molecular sieve which includes synthetic todorokite (oms-1) and cryptomelane (oms-2); and characterization thereof.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Modular liquid waste treatment system and method

A modular liquid waste treatment system is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments, the system includes a central distribution unit and one or more treatment fins in flow communication therewith.
Presby Patent Trust


Product and treatment of soil and groundwater contaminated with pollutants that can be anaerobically bioremediated

Exemplary products and methods are described for in situ treatment of groundwater or aquifer material that is or may become contaminated with pollutants that can be anaerobically bioremediated. Easily biodegradable organic material and humic material may be injected into the soil in a manner such that portions thereof are carried below the water table to create anaerobic conditions.


Exercise system and method

We here describe an exercise system and control method thereof to obtain exercise protocols relating to the individual user's optimal exercise intensity. The system and method comprise the monitoring of the transition between the aerobic and anaerobic training zones and an estimate of the maximal lactate steady state, which is an important physiological indicator of the user's cardio respiratory fitness.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


System and microorganism effectiveness analysis using particle imaging

A system and method for determining the effectiveness of an anaerobic digestion process. The system includes a particle imaging system capable of capturing images of particles, including anaerobic microorganisms, in a fluid and counting those images.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.


Syntrophic co-culture of anaerobic microorganism for production of n-butanol from syngas

This invention provides compositions for the production of butanol. Specifically, the compositions of the present invention use syntrophic co-cultures for the production of butanol from syngas..
Coskata, Inc.


Use of anaerobic digestion to destroy biohazards and to enhance biogas production

The invention relates to systems and methods for using the anaerobic digestion (ad) process, especially thermophilic anaerobic digestion (tad), to destroy biohazard materials including prion-containing specified risk materials (srm), viral, and/or bacterial pathogens, etc. The added advantage of the invention also includes using feedstocks that may contain such biohazard materials to achieve enhanced biogas production, in the form of improved biogas quality and quantity..


Method for producing feed additive raw material

Provided is a method for producing a feed additive raw material that can be used as a raw material of a feed additive for improving the palatability of feed and is capable of stably culturing animalcules containing a large amount of amino acids. A method for producing a feed additive raw material, comprising: a first biological treatment step of preparing a first biologically treated liquid containing dispersible bacteria by introducing an organic wastewater containing 40 wt % or more of protein to a first biological treatment tank and performing aerobic biological treatment with bacteria; a second biological treatment step of preparing a second biologically treated liquid by introducing the first biologically treated liquid to a second biological treatment tank and performing activated sludge treatment; and a sludge separation step of taking out part of the tank sludge from the second biological treatment tank as the feed additive raw material..
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.


System for reducing emission of nitrous oxide during sewage treatment

A system for reducing emission of nitrous oxide during sewage treatment, including: a regulating pool, a first aerobic constructed wetland, an anoxic pool, and a second aerobic constructed wetland. The water outlet of the regulating pool is connected to the water inlet of the top of the first aerobic constructed wetland via a pipe and a first control valve.
Chongqing University


Feed additive and mixed feed

Provided are an inexpensive feed additive including a metazoan animal as a feeding stimulant, and a mixed feed including the additive. The feed additive contains a metazoan animal or an aerobically biotreated sludge containing a metazoan animal.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.


Electrodialysis stacks, systems, and methods for recovering ammonia and monovalent salts from anaerobic digestate

Electrodialysis stacks comprising a series of electrodialysis cells and anaerobic digestion systems incorporating the electrodialysis stacks are provided. Also provided are methods of using the electrodialysis stacks and systems to recover nitrogen, in the form of ammonia, from separated anaerobic digestate.
Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling, Llc


Apparatus for receiving and conditioning organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion

An apparatus for receiving and processing organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion comprising a closed tank (1) which is the biocon-version site, provided in the top portion thereof with a gasometric bell (4) for storing and pressurising the biogas produced, around which the external members of the apparatus are distributed on a pod (6) which also forms the support for a body of the digester. The tank, (1) in a preferred embodiment, comprises a main enclosure which is the bioconversion site, and a secondary central enclosure called the crop (2), intended to receive and store the organic waste to be processed before the dosing of same into the main enclosure to complete the bioconversion.

Aerobic topics: Wastewater, Carbon Dioxide, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Amino Acid, Gastrointestinal, Liquid Fraction, Solubility, Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium, Antibiotic, Antibacterial, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium Avium, Aerobic Bacteria

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