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Aerobic patents

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New wastewater treatment and solids reduction process

New wastewater treatment and solids reduction process

Separation membrane cartridge-cleaning apparatus for sewage treatment process

Yongjin Environment

Separation membrane cartridge-cleaning apparatus for sewage treatment process

Date/App# patent app List of recent Aerobic-related patents
 Method for producing an l-amino acid using a bacterium of the enterobacteriaceae family patent thumbnailMethod for producing an l-amino acid using a bacterium of the enterobacteriaceae family
A method for producing an l-amino acid is described, for example l-threonine, l-lysine, l-histidine, l-phenylalanine, l-arginine, l-tryptophan, or l-glutamic acid, using a bacterium of the enterobacteriaceae family, wherein the bacterium has been modified to enhance an activity of a wild-type alcohol dehydrogenase encoded by the adhe gene or a mutant alcohol dehydrogenase which is resistant to aerobic inactivation.. .
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

 New wastewater treatment and solids reduction process patent thumbnailNew wastewater treatment and solids reduction process
A wastewater treatment method and process returns the whole excess sludge mixes it with the influent wastewater. The mixed flow is introduced in distributed in the bottom of a treatment tank.

 Separation membrane cartridge-cleaning  sewage treatment process patent thumbnailSeparation membrane cartridge-cleaning sewage treatment process
Disclosed is a separation membrane cartridge-cleaning apparatus for sewage treatment process. The apparatus conveniently cleans the separation membrane cartridges, thereby improving workability, as the separation membrane cartridges mounted within the membrane separation aerobic tank of the sewage treatment process are removed which have been contaminated while performing the solid-liquid separation of the contaminants contained in the sewage, and then the cartridges are separably mounted on the cartridge-cleaning apparatus of water mill type rotatably installed within the cleaning tank containing the cleaning liquid, and thereafter, the contaminated separation membrane cartridges are immersed in the cleaning liquid and the water and air are sprayed from filter-cleaning means above the cartridges to clean the cartridges..
Yongjin Environment Co., Ltd.

 Consolidated bio processing of lignocellulosic biomass for l-lactic acid production patent thumbnailConsolidated bio processing of lignocellulosic biomass for l-lactic acid production
The present invention pertains to a method for consolidated bio processing of lignocellulosic biomass to l-lactic acid. Particularly, the present invention relates to the production of l-lactic acid from low cost non edible feedstock lignocellulosic biomass.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

 Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or malodor gassing from water via the addition of peroxyacetic acid/hydrogen peroxide product patent thumbnailReduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or malodor gassing from water via the addition of peroxyacetic acid/hydrogen peroxide product
The invention provides methods and compositions for reducing the malodorous sulfide gas released by a wastewater treatment system. The method preserves the vitality of waste consuming organisms within the system.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

 Method for preparing short-chain fatty acid having high propanoic acid content by continuous fermentation patent thumbnailMethod for preparing short-chain fatty acid having high propanoic acid content by continuous fermentation
Disclosed is a method for preparing short-chain fatty acids having high propanoic acid content, comprising: mix sludge and kitchen wastes for pre-fermentation to produce substrates required for synthesis of propionic acid, and then add propionibacterium to conduct anaerobic continuous fermentation, content of propionic acid in the final fermentation broth is as high as 71.2% of the total acid.. .
Tongji University

 Process and  improving the water reuse, energy efficiency, fermentation and products of a fermentation plant patent thumbnailProcess and improving the water reuse, energy efficiency, fermentation and products of a fermentation plant
A method of improving fermentation, by heating stillage to a temperature of 200 degrees f. To 350 degrees f.

 Antitumour agent, marker for tumour detection, and oral vaccine agent patent thumbnailAntitumour agent, marker for tumour detection, and oral vaccine agent
An object of the present invention is to provide an antitumor agent and/or a marker fur tumor detection with low invasiveness, few side effects, and high target specificity. Through the use of a recombinant obligate anaerobic gram-positive bacterium as an active ingredient containing a nucleic acid encoding a secretory fusion protein comprising a signal peptide, a low-molecular-weight single-chain antibody, and a functional peptide, an antitumor agent that enables delivery of a functional peptide to a target cell and/or a marker for tumor detection that enables monitoring of therapeutic effects over time are provided..
Teiko Heisei University

 Use of pure oxygen in aerobic fermentation for optimum performance patent thumbnailUse of pure oxygen in aerobic fermentation for optimum performance
A method of economically performing a fermentation process in an air lifted or mechanical fermenter with significant increase in productivity and yield. During a lag phase of the process, air is used in a fermenter (10) as organisms in a media (f) adjust to the environment in the fermenter.

 Systems and methods for waste treatment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for waste treatment
Systems and methods for aerobically processing waste, in which an aerobic bioreactor is in selective fluid communication with a source of oxygen-rich liquid medium. The aerobic bioreactor is configured for aerobically processing waste via bacteria fixed on media to provide processed effluent from the waste.
Aquanos Energy Ltd.


Electronic exercise monitor with human facsimile and audible feedback

An interactive electronic exercise software program and mobile electronic device application with audible feedback resides in a human facsimile apparatus used as a dance partner during aerobic exercises. The interactive software program creates the illusion of working out with a friend, companion or personal trainer, providing interactive visual and auditory stimulus designed to make the workout enjoyable so that the user will continue to work out on a regular basis.


Method of aerobic treatment of poultry manure and producing organic fertilizer

A bio-chamber and a method of making organic fertilizer from poultry manure. The bio-chamber has a chamber body that defines a receiving chamber and an aeration chamber.
1867239 Ontario Corp.


Method for promoting production of biogas using pancreatin in an anaerobic digestion process

Disclosed is a method for promoting production of biogas using pancreatin in an anaerobic digestion process. In addition, disclosed are a composition for improving hydrolysis efficiency or promoting production of biogas, which includes pancreatin as an active ingredient, and a method for promoting (or increasing) production of biogas from organic manure of livestock using the same.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Biofilm carrier screen

A biofilm carrier screen is adapted for use with a moving bed bioreactor (mbbr). The screen has a screening body connected to an effluent pipe.
Anaergia Inc.


Methods and systems for converting volatile fatty acids to lipids

Methods and systems for simultaneously enhancing the production of both methane and volatile fatty acids in an anaerobic digestion bioreactor are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include: providing a stream of organic feedstock; providing a plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors, each of the plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors connected in series; step-feeding predetermined percentages of the stream of organic feedstock to two or more of the plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors; feeding effluent from each of the plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors to a subsequent one of the plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors; and anaerobically digesting at least one of the stream of organic feedstock and the effluent from each of the plurality of anaerobic digester bioreactors to develop a final effluent stream including methane and volatile fatty acids.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Method for converting biomass to methane

A method for enhancing the treatment of lignocellulose-containing materials by biotreatment wherein such lignocellulose-containing materials, normally resistant to biotreatment, are first subjected to a low-temperature, long-residence time pyrolysis at about 175° c. To about 325° c.
Anaergia Inc.


Guiding intermittent aerobic exercise system and method

The present invention provides a guiding aerobic exercise system and method for guiding a user to perform intermittent aerobic interval exercise with moderate or high intensity. The invention surprisingly demonstrates that following the guidance of the system and method of the invention, the user can improve metabolic conditions to attain a healthier body..
Advanced Mediwatch Co., Ltd.


Heat utilization in orc systems

Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for the improved use of waste heat recovery systems which utilize the organic rankine cycle (orc) to generate mechanical and/or electric power from heat sources generating power from biofuel such as biogas produced during the anaerobic digestion process. Waste heat energy obtained from heat source(s) is provided to one or more orc system(s) which may be operatively coupled to electric generator(s).
Electratherm, Inc.


Methods for treating biosolids sludge with cavitation

Described herein are processes for increasing biogas yield and reducing volatile solids in biosolids sludge. The biosolids sludge is passed through a controlled flow, hydrodynamic cavitation apparatus and further subjected to anaerobic digestion.
Arisdyne Systems, Inc.


Compositions and methods for the sustained release of beta-alanine

Methods and compositions are provided for increasing the anaerobic working capacity of muscle and other tissues. Also provided are compositions formulated for the sustained release of free beta-alanine.
Natural Alternatives International, Inc.


Method of supplying reagent to microchip, microchip, and device for supplying reagent to microchip

A microchip includes a reagent placement area to fix an anaerobic antibody therein. An inlet and outlet of the microchip that communicate with a channel having the reagent placement area are closed by thin plate sections and a sealing member.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha


Capillary network devices and methods of use

Artificial microvascular network (amvn) devices are provided and related methods of making and methods of using such devices are provided. The present disclosure generally relates to an amvn device comprising a substrate including a capillary network configured so as to simulate those actually encountered in the circulation of various humans and animal model systems.
New Health Sciences, Inc.


Single-tank nutrient removal system using immobilized biomass

A method and system are provided for treating water, such as wastewater, landfill leachate, or contaminated groundwater. A single tank is used.
Biocast Systems Inc.


Method and system for removing oxygen and carbon dioxide during red cell blood processing using an inert carrier gas and manifold assembly

A portable assembly for processing red blood cells rbcs including a disposable blood collection set including a blood bag, an anaerobic storage bag and an oxygen and/or oxygen and carbon dioxide depletion device disposed between the blood collection bag and anaerobic storage bag. The portable assembly further provides for a gas circulation device in fluid communication with the oxygen or oxygen and carbon dioxide depletion device, the gas circulation device includes a pressure source that is able circulate flushing gas through the depletion device as rbcs pass from the blood collection bag, through the depletion device and into the anaerobic storage bag..
New Health Sciences, Inc.


Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation

Techniques, systems, apparatus and material are disclosed for generating renewable energy from biomass waste while sequestering carbon. In one aspect, a method performed by a reactor to dissociate raw biomass waste into a renewable source energy or a carbon byproduct or both includes receiving the raw biomass waste that includes carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to be dissociated under an anaerobic reaction.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc


Wastewater treatment process with moving bed bioreactor (mbbr)

In a wastewater treatment system, feed water is processed by anaerobic digestion, preferably in an anaerobic moving bed bioreactor (anmbbr). Effluent from the anmbbr passes through one or more solid-liquid separation units.
Anaergia Inc.


Manure treatment process with anaerobic digester

A process is provided for converting waste fibers to solid fuel. The process includes providing a supply of animal waste including the waste fibers in a predetermined quantity, subjecting the supply of animal waste to anaerobic digestion, producing a waste byproduct, dewatering the waste byproduct, and compressing the dewatered waste byproduct to form briquettes..
Quality Flow, Inc.


Two-phase fermentation of staphylococcus increases nitrate reductase activity

The present invention is related to the field of reddening of food products. In particular the present invention relates to a two-phase fermentation method for boosting the nitrate reductase activity of staphylococcus strains with nitrate reductase activity comprising a first aerobic phase in the absence of nitrate and a second anaerobic or oxygen limited phase with continuous nitrate feeding and use of the staphylococcus strains for reddening of most products..
Chr. Hansen A/s


Anaerobic curable compositions

The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions comprising a (meth)acrylate component, at least a portion which comprises a (meth)acrylate-functionalized bio-renewable oleaginous polyurethane polymer, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces..
Henkel Lp & Holding Gmbh


Anaerobic curing formulations for sealing and blocking bolts and nuts

Anaerobic curing formulations for sealing and/or blocking screws, nuts, bolts and screw or sealing caps are described. The sealing formulation comprises at least one acrylic resin and phenoxy-polyethoxy sulphate.


Handheld weighted exercising apparatus

An exercise apparatus comprising a housing for substantially enclosing a hand of a user, an opening within the housing for receiving a hand of the user, a handle within the housing, a plurality of vents in the housing, which is weighted and balanced whereby in use the user grips the handle to perform resistance and aerobic exercises using the exercise apparatus.. .


Processes for enhancing the performance of large-scale, tank anaerobic fermentors

Processes are disclosed for the low energy, anaerobic bioconversion of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in a gaseous substrate stream to oxygenated organic compounds such as ethanol by contact with microorganisms in a deep, tank fermentation system with high conversion efficiency of both hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Gas feed to the reactor is injected using a motive liquid to form a stable dispersion of microbubbles thereby reducing energy costs, and a portion of the off-gases from the reactor are recycled to (i) achieve a conversion of the total moles of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the gas substrate to oxygenated organic compound of at least about 80 percent and (ii) attenuate the risk of carbon monoxide inhibition of the microorganism used for the bioconversion..


Integrated processes for anaerobically bioconverting hydrogen and carbon oxides to oxygenated organic compounds

Integrated processes are provided for the bioconversion of syngas to oxygenated organic compound with the ability to recover essential compounds for the fermentation and recycle the compounds to the fermentation.. .


Use of anaerobic digestion to destroy antibiotics in organic waste

The invention relates to systems and methods for using the anaerobic digestion (ad) process, especially thermophilic anaerobic digestion (tad), to destroy biohazard materials including antibiotics.. .
Himark Biogas Inc.


Method for reducing chemical oxygen demand of waters containing starch, milk, whey, and other similar behaving organic components

A sulfurous acid/lime alkalinization pre-treatment sequential filtration method for industrial wastewaters containing colloids of starch, milk, whey, and other similar acting organic components to condition and remove a number of chemicals/pharmaceuticals and heavy metals before the treated filtrate is land applied or undergoes further biological nitrogen reduction for open stream discharge via anaerobic and aerobic treatment.. .


Oxygen treatment of water and pulp from paper or cardboard production

Methods for seating water and gulp used in a paper or cardboard manufacturing process. Oxygen and nutrients are added to the water or pulp to increase the activity of aerobic bacteria resulting in a reduction of organic substances such as fatty acids.


Water treatment system

An apparatus for treating wastewater, comprising: (a) means for primary screening of solids from the wastewater to produce gross solids and screened wastewater containing waste solids, (b) means for sedimentation of solids from the screened wastewater to produce sedimented waste solids and a supernatant wastewater containing suspended solids, (c) means for filtration of solids from the supernatant wastewater to produce concentrated waste solids and a filtered wastewater containing organic material, (d) means for aerobic bioreaction of the organic material in the filtered wastewater to produce a sludge of waste solids and non-drinkable recycled water, (e) means for fixed media anaerobic bioreaction of the waste solids to produce methane gas and excess solids, (f) means for collecting and concentrating the excess solids to produce fertilizer, and/or a solid material with energy producing capacity, (g) means for remote continuous monitoring and controlling in real time of the operation of the apparatus.. .
Esa Enviro Water (australia) Pty Limited


Hydrogen sulfide control in biodigestion processes

Systems and methods for removing hydrogen sulfide from biogas resulting from anaerobic digestion of biodegradable waste utilize scrubbing vessels with pressure release devices to vent biogas when necessary to avoid over pressurization of the digesters. Use of iron containing sulfide scavengers in the digesters is avoided which avoids the disposal costs associated with iron containing sludge and the regular need to shut down the digesters to remove scale..


Apparatus and generating eco-conscious products from waste

An assembly for generating eco-conscious products from waste uses an anaerobic digester for anaerobically processing waste matter to produce anaerobic products selected from the group of products consisting of biogas, liquid digestate, solid digestate, and mixtures thereof one or more eco-assemblies receive the anaerobic products to generate at least one eco-conscious product. The eco-assemblies include one or more of an eco-matrix molder, an algae cultivator, a fast-pyrolysis chamber, a soil enhancer, a rdf pelletizer, and a hydroponic apparatus.


Waste recovery, conversion, and utilization

Food waste streams may be managed efficiently with a waste-processing facility, which in some embodiments may be co-locating a food distribution facility. The waste processing facility includes a pulper fluidly connected to an input configured to receive a heterogeneous waste stream including biodegradable and non-biodegradable components, the pulper configured to mechanically de-fiber the biodegradable component and form a de-fibered biodegradable material, and an anaerobic membrane bioreactor fluidly connected downstream of the pulper and configured to produce biogas and anaerobic effluent from the de-fibered biodegradable material..
Feed Resource Recovery, Inc.


Multiple tank high solids anaerobic digester

A multi-stage anaerobic digester is designed to treat a high solids, stackable feedstock. The system may also receive a pumpable feedstock such as a slurry or sludge.
Anaergia Inc.


Method for aerobically producing alanine or a compound produced using alanine

The problem addressed by the invention is solved in a first aspect by a method for producing alanine or a compound produced using alanine, having the steps of (a) providing a cell which expresses a recombinant alanine dehydrogenase or a variant thereof, (b) cultivating the cell under aerobic conditions in the presence of an inorganic nitrogen source in an aqueous phase, and (c) bringing the cell into contact with an organic phase, said cell being a prokaryotic or a lower eukaryotic cell.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation for transportation and storage

Techniques, systems, apparatus and material are disclosed for generating renewable energy from biomass waste while sequestering carbon. In one aspect, method performed by a reactor to dissociate raw biomass waste into a renewable source energy or a carbon byproduct or both includes receiving the raw biomass waste that includes carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to be dissociated under an anaerobic reaction.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc


Method for wastewater treatment

A method for wastewater treatment in a bioreactor, comprises recycling organic sludge in the bioreactor to supply carbon sources for removing nitrogen and phosphor and increase organic loading of the reactor, and adjusting operational parameters for the bioreactor to form facultative-anaerobic environment or anaerobic environment in the bioreactor. By following the method of the present invention, recycling sludge and simultaneously removing nitrogen and phosphor are completed such that the treatment processes for wastewater disposal are simplified; the sludge is recycled as carbon sources in the bioreactor such that saving resources is realized and the carbon emission into atmosphere is reduced; and zero-amount sludge is discharged such that harm from secondary pollution is avoided..
Jiangxi Jdl Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.


Diffusion aeration for water and wastewater treatment

A system for treating wastewater including at least one water-treatment pathway having at least one wastewater inlet, at least one oxygen-permeable, water-impermeable wall, separating an interior of the pathway from outside air, and at least one treated wastewater outlet and arranged for at least aerobic treatment of the wastewater as it flows from the at least one wastewater inlet to the at least one treated wastewater outlet, at least one wastewater supply conduit, supplying the wastewater to the at least one wastewater inlet of the water-treatment pathway and at least one treated wastewater conduit, supplying treated wastewater from the at least one treated wastewater outlet of the at least one water-treatment pathway.. .
Emefcy Limited


Anaerobic suspended growth water treatment of contaminated water

A system may include a reactor, in which an anaerobic environment exists, that includes a slurry of at least contaminated water and a mixed bacterial culture of facultative bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. The mixed bacterial culture may be suspended within the slurry.


Anaerobic digestion system for household organic wastes

The present invention provided a compact anaerobic digestion system to converts household waste biomass materials to methane rich biogas and concentrated compost slurry of about 9 to 40% solids for agriculture soil applications. The horizontal anaerobic digester vessel comprising a horizontal vessel provided with insulation and preferably cylindrical at the bottom, fitted inside of the said vessel is at least one shaft with 4-100 radial or horizontal or diagonal baffles at equal distribution, and attached with a handle or wheel outside the vessel to rotate the shaft from outside, the said vessel being provided with minimum of one port at one end for introducing the raw biomass wastes and another set of ports for discharging stabilized wastes at the opposite end, and having one valve-controlled gas port of above the level of the said port for discharging stabilized wastes, a small hand operated shredder coupled to the digester vessel for shredding/cutting/crushing large and hard solids such as bones to get particles preferably lesser than 10 mm sizes.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research


Systems and methods for converting biomass to biocrude via hydrothermal liquefaction

Systems and processes of providing novel thermal energy sources for hydrothermal liquefaction (htl) reactors are described herein. According to various implementations, the systems and processes use concentrated solar thermal energy from a focused high-energy beam to provide sufficient energy for driving the htl biomass-to-biocrude process.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


System and multi-user coaching inside a tunable motion-sensing range

A system and a method of multi-user coaching are introduced herein. Motion-sensing cameras are applied to capture images, and a depth image stitching module is applied to perform a depth image stitching process on the captured images to expand the motion-sensing range, so as to establish a virtual environment for multi-user coaching.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Methods and systems for biodegradable waste flow treatment using a transport fluid nozzle

The present invention is directed to methods and systems for pre-treating sewage sludge in a sewage treatment works (stw) to facilitate anaerobic digestion. These methods include (a) passing sewage sludge through one or more pre-treatment devices, wherein each pre-treatment device comprises (i) a passage of substantially constant diameter having an inlet in fluid communication with the stw and an outlet; and (ii) a transport fluid nozzle communicating with the passage and adapted to inject high velocity transport fluid into the passage; (b) passing the sewage sludge treated in step (a) to an anaerobic digester; and (c) collecting methane produced in step (b).


System and pacing repetitive motion activities

Disclosed is a system and method that allows users to customize audible and visible signals, such as music or video, to maintain a pre-determined or specified pace or to achieve a new pace in repetitive motion activities such as, but not limited to, running, walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, and the like. Other applications of the system and method include, but are not limited to, enhancing the results of medical rehabilitation programs, physical therapy, weight loss programs, disc jockey services, and industries or manufacturing settings where repetitive motion is common and where audible cues designed to help users maintain a consistent pace are useful.
Pacing Technologies Llc


Method for determining aerobic capacity

A method of estimating the maximal oxygen uptake of an individual on the basis of heart rate data, biometric data, biomechanical data, and geophysical data is described. These data can be collected as the individual engages in activities requiring various levels of exertion, without modifying those activities from the ordinary manner in which they are performed.


Method and system for population level determination of maximal aerobic capacity

A computerized method for determining maximal oxygen uptake for a user with incomplete data with data collected from a plurality of other users with complete data. The maximal oxygen uptake can be determined by computing similarity metrics between an incomplete data set of self-reported and measured data and complete user data sets, and using a weighted sum of the similarity metrics.
Tuyymi Technologies Llc


Method for converting waste plastic to lower-molecular weight hydrocarbons, particularly hydrocarbon fuel materials, and the hydrocarbon material produced thereby

A method produces a hydrocarbonaceous fluid (a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, or in other words a mixture of hydrocarbons which is liquid at ambient room temperature and atmospheric pressure), which functionally is a liquid hydrocarbon fuel, from a feed of waste plastic. The method comprises in broad embodiments the steps of: (step 1) melting a feed of substantially solid waste plastic in an aerobic atmosphere (for instance, air) whereby a waste-plastic melt is produced; (step 2) distilling at least a portion of the waste-plastic melt whereby a hydrocarbonaceous distillate is produced; and (step 3) collecting the hydrocarbonaceous distillate.
Natural State Research, Inc.


Compositions and methods for preventing and treating oral diseases

Compositions comprising iron-sequestering glycoproteins, chelating agents, stabilizing agents, binding agents, surfactants, fluorides, antimicrobials and a ph adjuster or buffer for the prevention and treatment of oral cavity diseases caused by dental plaque/biofilm, such as dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis, through anti-infective properties are disclosed. The anti-infective properties of a composition include reduction or killing of anaerobic/aerobic/facultative gram-negative and gram-positive oral bacteria occurring in polymicrobial dental biofilms.


Impeller for a ventilation unit and ventilation unit comprising said impeller

The present invention refers to an impeller (1) for a ventilation unit (10), especially for use in plants for the aerobic treatment of organic waste. According to the invention, said impeller (1) comprises means (9a) adapted to create an under-pressure zone in the central region of the impeller itself, at its hub (5).
Entsorgafin S.p.a.

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