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Adverse Event patents


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 Systems and methods for wearable health monitoring patent thumbnailSystems and methods for wearable health monitoring
Aspects of the present invention relate to recording physiological data sequences while a user participates in various activities. These activities may comprise awake activities, periods of sleep and transitions between sleep and activity.

 Method of providing pirfenidone therapy to a patient patent thumbnailMethod of providing pirfenidone therapy to a patient
The invention relates to methods for decreasing adverse events associated with pirfenidone (5-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(1h)-pyridone) therapy. The invention discloses an optimized dose escalation scheme that results in the patient having increased tolerance to adverse events associated with the administration of pirfenidone.
Intermune, Inc.

 Prognosis of adverse events in patients with suspected chronic heart failure patent thumbnailPrognosis of adverse events in patients with suspected chronic heart failure
The present invention is in the field of clinical diagnostics. Particularly the present invention relates to the prognosis of adverse events in patients with stable chronic heart failure or being suspected of having stable chronic heart failure by determination of the level of procalcitonin (pct)..
B.r.a.h.m.s. Gmbh

 Adverse event prioritization and handling patent thumbnailAdverse event prioritization and handling
Collecting biometric data from a patient provides numerous opportunities for a care provider to monitor the health of the patient. In one embodiment, the biometric data is used to identify health events that are processed in a workflow that includes a plurality of interconnected processing nodes and queues.
Preventice, Inc.

 Method to identify optimum coronary artery disease treatment patent thumbnailMethod to identify optimum coronary artery disease treatment
A method of identifying an optimum treatment for a patient suffering from coronary artery disease, comprising: (i) providing patient information selected from: (a) status in the patient of one or more coronary disease associated biomarkers; (b) one or more items of medical history information selected from prior condition history, intervention history and medication history; (c) one or more items of diagnostic history, if the patient has a diagnostic history; and (d) one or more items of demographic data; (ii) aggregating the patient information in: (a) a bayesian network; (b) a machine learning and neural network; (c) a rule-based system; and (d) a regression-based system; (iii) deriving a predicted probabilistic adverse event outcome for each intervention comprising percutaneous coronary intervention by placement of a bare metal stent, or a drug-coated stent; or by coronary artery bypass grafting; and (iv) determining the intervention having the lowest predicted probabilistic adverse outcome.. .

 Translation inhibitors in high-dose chemo- and/or high-dose radiotherapy patent thumbnailTranslation inhibitors in high-dose chemo- and/or high-dose radiotherapy
The present invention relates to an inhibitor of protein translation for use in high-dose chemotherapy and/or high-dose radiotherapy of disease; to an inhibitor of protein translation for use in a combination therapy comprising high-dose chemotherapy and/or high-dose radiotherapy of disease; and to an inhibitor of protein translation for use in preventing adverse effects of high-dose chemotherapy and/or high-dose radiotherapy or for preventing radiation syndrome in a subject. Moreover, the present invention relates to a combined preparation for simultaneous, separate or sequential use comprising at least one inhibitor of protein translation or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; and at least one chemotherapeutic agent for use in high-dose chemotherapy of disease; to the use of an inhibitor of protein translation in high-dose chemotherapy and/or high-dose radiotherapy of disease; and to a medicament for the therapy of disease which contains (i) at least one inhibitor of protein translation or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, (ii) at least one chemotherapeutic agent, and (iii) at least one pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

 Correlating brain signal to intentional and unintentional changes in brain state patent thumbnailCorrelating brain signal to intentional and unintentional changes in brain state
Methods of analysis to extract and assess brain data collected from subject animals, including humans, to detect intentional and unintentional brain activity and other unexpected signals are disclosed. These signals are correlated to higher cognitive brain functions or unintended, potentially adverse events, such as a stroke or seizure, and to translation of those signals into defined trigger events or tasks..
Neurovigil, Inc.

 Telemetrics and alert system patent thumbnailTelemetrics and alert system
A telemetric monitoring system and data analysis tool is provided that assists in trial management by identifying relationships between subject profiles and monitors physiological attributes using telemetric devices. The tool may identify subjects having certain response predispositions based on their profiles, which may be used to better select subjects to enroll in a trial.
Accenture Global Services Limited

 Methods and kits for monitoring the effects of immunomodulators on adaptive immunity patent thumbnailMethods and kits for monitoring the effects of immunomodulators on adaptive immunity
The invention provides for noninvasive assessment of immunocompetence in various situations, for example, when modified by disease or by immunomodulators. The assessment determines the functional activity of germinal centers via measuring levels of immunogolublin isotype class switching.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 Compositions for treating heartworm infestation patent thumbnailCompositions for treating heartworm infestation
The present invention further relates to ivermectin, most preferably formulated as an implant for administration of pet and domestic animals. These formulations provide long term protection against dirofilaria parasites, without the risks for secondary adverse events of conventional formulations.
Ceva Sante Animale

Providing status of user devices during an adverse event

A method begins by a processing module of a social network identifying an affected area of an adverse event and identifying a user device of a plurality of user devices of the social network potentially associated with the affected area of the adverse event. The method continues with the processing module issuing a safety notification to the user device, where the safety notification includes one or more of the affected area of the adverse event and a safety status request.

Magnetic stimulation apparatus

A magnetic stimulator includes a coil which applies magnetic stimulation to a head of a living body, an intensity controller which controls an intensity of the magnetic stimulation applied by the coil, an acquiring section which acquires a biological signal from the living body, a detector which detects an adverse event of the living body from the biological signal acquired by the acquiring section, and an intensity suppressing section which, when an adverse event of the living body is detected by the detector, suppresses the intensity of the magnetic stimulation that is controlled by the intensity controller.. .
Nihon Kohden Corporation

Proximity awareness system for motor vehicles

Various embodiments provide enhanced warnings of potential future adverse events (e.g., automobile crashes) by tracking the location and motion of multiple vehicles, and providing alerts or warnings to the drivers of such vehicles in the event that a risk of an adverse event is identified.. .
Ridar Systems Llc

Signal detection algorithms to identify drug effects and drug interactions

An algorithm according to an embodiment of the present invention provides for latent signal detection of adverse events. Embodiments infer the presence of adverse drug events from large observational databases housed by the fda, who, and other governmental organizations.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Breath volume monitoring system and method

A system and method for monitoring the tidal volume of an individual to diagnose a condition is disclosed. The system includes an electrically-conductive, elastomeric band; and a microprocessor having memory.
Myair, Llc

Automatic baroreflex modulation responsive to adverse event

An aspect of the present subject matter relates to a system for providing baroreflex stimulation. An embodiment of the system comprises an adverse event detector to sense an adverse event and provide a signal indicative of the adverse event, and a baroreflex stimulator.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Adjuvant immunotherapy for the treatment cancer, of clinical manifestations associated with the diseases like cachexia and correction of adverse effects of drugs such as immunosuppression, secundary cachexia, neutropenia and lymphopenia, comprising the association or combination of a biological response modifier specially selected and other substances with antineoplastic action and/or other treatments

A compound for use in a method of treatment of cancer, including precancerous lesions, and adverse events caused by the disease or anti-cancer agents and treatments, such as cancer cachexia, lymphopenia, neutropenia, febrile neutropenia includes in combination an immunomodulatory and at least one anti-cancer agent or treatment suitable for treating the disease. The immunomodulator is a proteic aggregate of ammonium and magnesium phospholinoleate-palmitoleate anhydride.

Methods for controlled elimination of therapeutic cells

The technology relates in part to methods for controlling elimination of therapeutic cells, for example, cells that express a chimeric antigen receptor. The technology further relates to a two-step method of controlling destruction of therapeutic cells in a patient following an adverse event.
Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Risk evaluation and management strategy involving patient follow-ups relating to the use or discontinuation of a complement inhibitor

This invention provides, inter alia, a complement-inhibitor-based treatment plan coupled with a risk evaluation and management strategy (“rems”) and a safety support program (“ssp”) for reinforcing the rems. The rems and spp are implemented using one or more computer devices with software tools programmed to enforce conditions of the rems and/or prompt follow-ups by registered nurses enrolled in the ssp.
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Structure, manufacturing and uses of human-derived cell-permeable peptides conjugated with specific biologically active cargo peptides

Embodiments disclosed herein provide compositions for conjugates, including fusion proteins, and methods of using them to treat a variety of conditions. In some embodiments, the conjugates and/or fusion proteins incorporate a 60-amino acid human homeodomain (e.g., peptides derived from human hox genes), to translocate functional and regulatory peptides and proteins or other biologically active molecules such as nucleic acids, which are not naturally associated with the human homeodomain, across cell and nuclear membranes to intended sites of action without provoking an unwanted immune response that may reduce exposure to the conjugate and/or result in a clinical adverse event.
Portage Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Bolus dose of hydroxycitric acid with glycerol

A method of delivering a daily dose of hydroxycitric acid in the form of a salt as a single bolus that is as effective or more so than the same amount of active delivered via two or three administrations (b.i.d. Or t.i.d.) using current delivery modalities.
Glykon Technologies Group, Llc

Methods of treating ckd using predictors of fluid retention

The disclosure relates to methods of treating chronic kidney disease and diabetic nephropathy using predictors of fluid retention to minimize the risk of adverse events. The methods disclosed are particularly useful in treatments involving endothelin receptor antagonists, and more particularly, atrasentan and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof..
Abbvie Inc.

Articles and methods for preventing and treating dermatologic adverse events

The present invention provides articles and methods for preventing or treating dermatologic adverse events.. .

Hydrant monitoring system and method

A method for transferring adverse event information from a plurality of remote hydrants to a municipal monitoring server comprises detecting an adverse event in a hydrant that relates to an adverse hydrant condition; transferring data representative of the adverse condition to a host server by routing the data along a predefined hopping path; and transferring the data from the host monitor to the municipal monitoring server. A system for detecting adverse events at a hydrant and event information to a municipal monitoring sever is also disclosed..
Silversmith, Inc.

Providing status of user devices during an adverse event

A method begins by an application server establishing information regarding a potentially adverse event and determining group constraints for a group regarding the potentially adverse event. The method continues with the application server selecting one or more user devices of a plurality of user devices affiliated with the group to produce selected user devices.

Method of predicting and mitigating adverse events

A patient support apparatus includes a control system operable to gather physiological information about a patient supported on the patient support apparatus. The information may be gathered from sensors, a user interface, or a hospital information system.
Hill-rom Services, Inc.

Methods and systems for automatic adverse event detection and alerting

A method according to a set of instructions stored on the memory of a computing device can include receiving first motion sensor data of a motion sensor associated with a sporting good. The method may further include activating an activity monitoring application logic.
Tagit Labs, Inc.

Event detection in an implantable auditory prosthesis

Presented herein are techniques for monitoring the physical state of a stimulating assembly to, for example, detect the occurrence of an adverse event. More specifically, an elongate stimulating assembly comprising a plurality of longitudinally spaced contacts is at least partially implanted into a recipient.

Embolic protection during percutaneous heart valve replacement and similar procedures

Various devices are described to provide filtering of flow from the aorta to the left carotid artery and the right carotid artery. The filters can be brought into a desired position through one or more peripheral arteries.
Lumen Biomedical, Inc.

Targeted treatment of anerobic cancer

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical cocktail and methods of treatment involving said cocktail, in particular, a combination of effective amounts of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, in combination with effective amounts of an angiogenesis inhibitor, including a vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) inhibitor such as bevacizumab for the treatment of cancer. In other embodiments, it relates to compositions and methods of treating cancer involving effective amounts of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Systems and methods for eeg monitoring

Systems, devices and methods are described for physiological monitoring, for example monitoring eeg signals to detect the onset or probability of adverse events. The systems, devices and methods discussed herein may monitor received eeg signals to identify trends or patterns in the signal that are either indicative of ongoing seizures or indicative of a future risk of seizure.
Cadwell Laboratories Inc.

Systems and methods for identifying unknown drug targets via adverse event data

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for identifying unknown drug targets via adverse event data. An analyzer receives an identification of a first drug having one or more unknown target proteins and identifies a second drug related to the first drug.
Molecular Health Gmbh

Use of levosimendan to treat left ventricular systolic dysfunction in patients undergoing cardiac surgery requiring cardiopulmonary bypass

Methods of (i) reducing morbidity and/or mortality in a human patient undergoing cardiac surgery; (ii) preventing, or reducing the risk of development of, lcos in a human patient undergoing cardiac surgery; or (iii) reducing the risk of, intensity of, or occurrence of, one or more postoperative adverse events in a human patient undergoing cardiac surgery. The methods can involve (a) a first period of administering to the patient levosimendan for about 1 hour, in which the administration of levosimendan during the first period is initiated: (i) before skin incision for the cardiac surgery, and (ii) at an infusion dose of about 0.2 μg/kg/min; and (b) a second period of administering to the patient levosimendan for about 23 hours, in which the administration of levosimendan during the second period is initiated at an infusion dose of about 0.1 μg/kg/min..
Tenax Therapeutics, Inc.

System and surveillance and evaluation of safety risks associated with medical interventions

Systems and methods configured for estimating safety-related risks associated with adverse events and poor patient outcomes associated with the use of medical products and treatment (e.g., drugs, vaccines, medications, dietary supplements, and medical devices) are provided. More particularly, the present description relates to a method and system for estimating the downstream medical costs and therefore the risk (e.g., using a safety risk score, ranking, designation, estimate, or the like) associated with the use of an individual medical treatment..
Adverse Events, Inc.

Methods and devices for identifying improper medical reporting

Some embodiments of the invention relate to pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and reporting, and more specifically to finding duplicate medical reporting in clinical trials or when reporting adverse events attributed to drug use. Some embodiments of the invention relate to clinical trials, and more particularly to methods and devices for improving the results of clinical trials by preventing improper participation in clinical trials..

Tumor specific t-cell receptors

The present invention relates to a method for the production of novel t-cell receptors (tcr) which provide a reduced risk of adverse events in immune therapy, specifically in adoptive t cell transfer. The tcrs produced according to the method of the invention are specific for tumor cells and do not react with healthy tissue.
Max-delbrÜck-centrum FÜr Molekulare Medizin (mdc) Berlin-buch

Local safety network

Provided are system, devices and methods for initiating and executing a response to an event, in particular an adverse event. Embodiments of the invention allow a user to use a mobile electronic communication device, such as a smart phone, to access communication channels to generate a list of contactable entities relevant to the event, prioritized by considerations like proximity, appropriateness for the type of event, and appropriateness for the risk level of the event.

Nt-procnp as a biomarker of vascular disorders and pregnancy complication

The present disclosure relates to methods for the prognosis and/or diagnosis of vascular-related disorders in a subject and in particular pregnancy-related vascular disorders. The present disclosure is based on the finding that a positive correlation exists between positive prediction of a vascular disorder event in a subject and the concentration of the circulating marker ntprocnp (also referred to as nt-cnp) in humans and animals.
Otago Innovation Limited

Computer algorithms and methods for product safety

The invention comprises systems, methods and a computerized data management device for creating and using data relating to a medical or non-medical product or device to enhance the safety of the product or device. A vast amount of data regarding adverse events associated with a particular product or device is analyzed to identify new essential adverse events associated with the product or device.
Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.

Web-based search tool for searching literature adverse event case report

A method of developing sematic search engine is used for searching adverse event report from literature articles, references or abstracts. The algorithm of the method comprises web-based semantic search system; medical terminology dictionaries including meddra, icd-10 dictionaries, and others represented as reported medical event; product including drug, medical device, herbal medicine, and/or nutritional food dictionaries such as who drug dictionary; identifiable patient or animal; identifiable reporter (author); and a vast amount of medical/scientific literature databases.

Genetic markers for predicting responsiveness to fgf-18 compound

This application is directed to the use of biomarkers for predicting the sensitivity to treatment with an fgf-18 compound in a patient having a cartilage disorder, such as osteoarthritis, cartilage injury, fractures affecting joint cartilage or surgical procedures with impact on joint cartilage (e.g., microfracture), in order to reduce the risk of adverse events and increase the overall benefit after therapy.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

Nanoparticle glucagon compositions

The present invention relates to glucagon peptide-carrying nanoparticles, particularly for use in medicine, and includes methods for treatment of hypoglycaemia, such as a diabetic hypoglycaemic adverse event. Nanoparticle composition comprise a nanoparticle comprising a core comprising a metal and/or a semiconductor; and a corona comprising a plurality of ligands covalently linked to the core, wherein said plurality of ligands comprise at least one glutathione; and at least one glucagon peptide that is non-covalently bound to the corona..
Midatech Limited

Article of manufacture comprising aflibercept or ziv-aflibercept

Article of manufacture comprising a packaging material, a polypeptide of seq id no:1, aflibercept or ziv-aflibercept or a biosimilar thereof, and a label comprising a printed statement which informs a prospective user of adverse events or adverse reactions.. .

System and coordinating care of a patient across a care continuum

A care coordination system provides collection and coordination of patient information among subscribed users along a patient care continuum. The care coordination system further enables the subscribed users to interact with the patient data and with one another relative to the patient data.

Methods of diagnosis and risk stratification of adverse events in post myocardial infarction patients using pro-adrenomedullin

The invention provides methods for the diagnosis and risk stratification of adverse events in post-myocardial infarction patients by means of proadm, whereby a determination of the marker pro-adrenomedullin or partial sequence or a fragment thereof or contained in a marker combination (panel, cluster) is carried out on a post-myocardial infarction patient. The invention also provides a diagnostic device and a kit for the performance of the method of the method of the invention..
Brahms Gmbh

Armrest retractable upon an adverse event and seat assembly employing the same

The present invention in one or more embodiments provides a seat assembly of a vehicle, including a seat base, a seat back communicating with the seat base, an armrest communicating with at least one of the seat back and the seat base, and a pretension unit connected to the armrest such that the armrest is retractable upon an activation of the pretension unit. The pretension unit may include a pretensioner, a pulley, and a cable..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Location-based management of virtual machines in datacenters

Embodiments manage physical locations of virtual machines (vms) in a datacenter. A computing device, such as a cloud management device, aggregates location information for the vms executing on hosts.
Vmware, Inc.

Methods for treating cancer using anti-pd-1 antibodies

The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human monoclonal antibodies, that specifically bind to pd-1 with high affinity. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the invention, expression vectors, host cells and methods for expressing the antibodies of the invention are also provided.
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Adverse event mitigation systems, methods and devices

A method comprises determining a person's level of risk for developing an adverse condition; selecting a care protocol based on the level of risk; displaying a proposed configuration of a person support structure corresponding to the care protocol for a caregiver to approve; and upon approval by the caregiver, implementing the configuration.. .
Hill-rom Services, Inc.

Predictive biomarkers for ctla-4 blockade therapy and for pd-1 blockade therapy

Biomarkers are described for predicting the efficacy, risk of relapse, risk of an immune related adverse event (irae), or combination thereof for a ctla-4 blockade treatment, such as ipilimumab, in a subject with melanoma. Biomarkers are also described for predicting the efficacy and clinical benefit for a pd-1 blockade treatment, such as a pd-1 blocking antibody, in a subject with melanoma..
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.

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