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Date/App# patent app List of recent Adhesion-related patents
 Transcutaneous prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Transcutaneous prosthesis
A transcutaneous prosthesis which includes a first component shaped for implantation into a bone, a second component intended for location between the bone and the skin, the second component having a surface treatment for stimulation of fibroblastic cell proliferation and attachment of epithelial cells, and a third component intended for location exterior to the skin surface having a low surface energy which deters bacterial adhesion.. .
 Silicon breast implant which minimizes stress concentration and method for manufacturing same patent thumbnailnew patent Silicon breast implant which minimizes stress concentration and method for manufacturing same
The present invention relates to a silicon breast implant which minimizes stress concentration applied thereto after being inserted into the human body to maximize the resistance of same to fatigue-induced rupture, thereby improving the durability of the implant. The breast implant may include an elegant patch-adhesion portion having a thin thickness so as to provide superior overall feel and improve the appearance of the product.
 Systems and methods for removal of intravascular leads patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for removal of intravascular leads
Systems and methods for extraction of implanted articles are disclosed. According to aspects illustrated herein, there is provided a system for extraction of an implanted article that includes an elongated member, guide member disposed at a distal section of the elongated member and having a pathway in substantially parallel relationship to the elongated member, through which pathway an implanted article can be accommodated, and a cutting mechanism, situated between the distal section of the elongated member and the guide member, for severing a fibrous adhesion about the implanted article to allow the implanted article to be extracted..
 Laminate articles with moderate adhesion and retained strength patent thumbnailnew patent Laminate articles with moderate adhesion and retained strength
One or more aspects of the disclosure pertain to an article including a film disposed on a glass substrate, which may be strengthened, where the interface between the film and the glass substrate is modified, such that the article has an improved average flexural strength, and the film retains key functional properties for its application. Some key functional properties of the film include optical, electrical and/or mechanical properties.
 Inkjet recording medium, printed material, method for producing same, and package patent thumbnailnew patent Inkjet recording medium, printed material, method for producing same, and package
The present invention provides an ink jet recording medium which is capable of uniform coating with an ink-receiving agent without a surface treatment step for a usual plastic film used as a base material, and which, due to excellent adhesion , does not cause the problem of peeling after ink jet printing, and does not cause the problem of ink binning, fading, dropout, or peeling or peeling of an ink-receiving layer and an over-coating layer, and also provides a printed material formed by ink jet printing on the ink jet recording medium. The ink jet recording medium including a first layer containing a polyolefin resin as a main component, a second layer containing an acid-modified olefin resin, and an ink-receiving layer is used, the ink-receiving layer being formed by applying an ink-receiving agent on the second layer after the first and second layers are laminated by a coextrusion laminating method..
 Metal foil with carrier patent thumbnailnew patent Metal foil with carrier
A metal foil with a carrier includes a non-metallic plate-shaped carrier, a metal foil laminated on at least one surface of the carrier, and a low-adhesion material provided between the metal foil and the carrier to adhere to the metal foil. A cutout region where the metal foil is surrounded by the carrier is provided around the metal foil..
 D1379 p radiation curable primary coating on optical fiber patent thumbnailnew patent D1379 p radiation curable primary coating on optical fiber
Radiation curable coatings for use as a primary coating for optical fibers, optical fibers coated with said coatings and processes to coat the optical fiber are described and claimed. The radiation curable coating is a radiation curable primary coating composition comprising: an oligomer; a first diluent monomer; a second diluent monomer, a photoinitiator; an antioxidant; and an adhesion promoter; wherein said oligomer is the reaction product of: a hydroxyethyl acrylate; an aromatic isocyanate; an aliphatic isocyanate; a polyol; a catalyst; and an inhibitor, and wherein said oligomer has a number average molecular weight of from at least about 4000 g/mol to less than or equal to about 15,000 g/mol; wherein a cured film of said radiation curable primary coating composition has a peak tan delta tg of from about −25° c.
 Optical fiber connector, optical fiber connector assembling method, fusion-spliced portion reinforcing method, pin clamp, cap-attached optical fiber connector, optical fiber connector cap, optical fiber connector assembling tool, and optical fiber connector assembling set patent thumbnailnew patent Optical fiber connector, optical fiber connector assembling method, fusion-spliced portion reinforcing method, pin clamp, cap-attached optical fiber connector, optical fiber connector cap, optical fiber connector assembling tool, and optical fiber connector assembling set
An optical fiber connector includes a ferrule, an inserted optical fiber, an external optical fiber, and a pair of reinforcing members that pinches and reinforces a fusion-spliced portion of the other end portion of the inserted optical fiber and the front end portion of the external optical fiber. The reinforcing members include adhesion layer on the inner surface thereof which comes in contact with the other end portion of the inserted optical fiber and the front end portion of the external optical fiber.
 Apparatus and method for forming high-resolution images for light pattern projection using ultraviolet (uv) curable inks patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for forming high-resolution images for light pattern projection using ultraviolet (uv) curable inks
An apparatus includes a gobo configured to be inserted into a projection gate of a projector. The gobo includes a substantially transparent substrate and a coating on the substrate.
 Touch panel and a manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Touch panel and a manufacturing method thereof
Present invention discloses a touch panel and a manufacturing method thereof, the touch panel comprises: a substrate; a silver nano-wire electrode layer provided on the substrate comprising a connecting area and a non-connecting area; a first protective layer provided on silver nano-wire electrode layer having a first hole corresponding to connecting area; a second protective layer provided on first protective layer having a second hole corresponding to position of first hole; and a connecting wire provided on second protective layer connected to silver nano-wire electrode layer in connecting area through second hole and first hole. With the touch panel, the problem that etching solution can't seep when a single protective layer is too thick and the problem that a silver nano-wire layer is easily oxidized and the adhesion of the silver nano-wire layer is poor when a single protective layer is too thin can be avoided..
new patent Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
The invention provides semiconductor light-emitting devices which have a semiconductor layer on a principal surface of a translucent substrate and a reflective layer on a second principal surface opposite to the principal surface having the semiconductor layer, which enables that the peeling of the reflective layer from the translucent substrate is suppressed. A semiconductor light-emitting device includes a first metal layer disposed in contact with a second principal surface of a translucent substrate, a second metal layer disposed in contact with at least the second principal surface or a side surface of the translucent substrate around the first metal layer, and a third metal layer disposed on the second metal layer.
new patent Attachment structure
This attachment structure (200) is provided with a pedestal (210) having: a pedestal bottom surface (211) adhered to the inner surface of a tire (100); and a pedestal upper surface (212) provided to the reverse side from the pedestal bottom surface (211). In the peripheral direction of the tire, the adhesion length of the pedestal bottom surface (211) adhered to the inner surface of the tire (100) is no greater than 45 mm..
new patent Circuit board, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
There is provided a circuit board to which a solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder is to be connected, a semiconductor device including an electrode and a solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder disposed on the electrode, and a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device, in which mounting reliability can be improved by enhancing the bonding strength (adhesion strength) between the solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder and the electrode.. .
new patent System for improving hydrophilicity of contact lens and application of the same to packaging of contact lens
Providing a system which can exhibit a desired effect of improving hydrophilicity of a contact lens without causing adverse influences on sense of use of the contact lens and a cleaning effect, and which can effectively prevent adhesion of lipid stain. Also providing a packaging solution for the contact lens which can effectively suppress or prevent reduction of its viscosity with time even when the packaging solution is sterilized by heating.
new patent Polymer compositions for temporary bonding
Embodiments in accordance with the present invention are directed to poly(lactide) compositions that are useful for forming temporary bonding layers that serve to releasably join a first substrate to a second substrate as well as methods of both forming such a temporary bond and methods of debonding such substrates. Some such poly(lactide) compositions encompass a casting solvent, a photoacid generator and optionally a sensitizer and/or an adhesion promoter..
new patent Method for fibre placement with the aid of a temperature-regulated roller
A method for fibre placement with the aid of a roller is provided. The roller is able to pivot about a rotation axis and to lay a plurality of first pre-impregnated fibres on second pre-impregnated fibres of a laying surface by rolling over said laying surface.
new patent Resin composition for insulating layer for multi-layered printed board
Epoxy resin compositions, which comprise (a) en epoxy resin having two or more epoxy groups in a molecule; (b) a phenol type curing agent where an average hydroxyl group content in a molecule (a mean value of (the total number of hydroxyl groups)/(the total number of benzene rings)), p, satisfies the equation 0<p<1; (c) a phenoxy resin; and (d) rubber particles, are suitable for use as an insulating layer of a multi-layered printed board in which, in spite of the fact that the roughness of a roughened surface after a roughening treatment is relatively small, an insulating layer having a good tight adhesion with a conductor layer formed by plating is able to be easily introduced into a multi-layered printed board.. .
new patent Steel product and its manufacturing method
To provide a steel product excelling in both corrosion resistance and adhesion. A steel product having a nitride layer and a nitrogen diffused layer formed on the surface of a steel base material is provided.
new patent Engine component
The present invention has the objective of solving the problems encountered in coating engine components (engine blocks or sleeves, either fixed or movable) having at least one cylindrical cavity and composed mainly by iron or aluminum, providing them with a coating (3) that is subdivided into three different layers, which are deposited onto the metallic substrate (1), which are first sub-layer (21) comprising at least 80% silicon deposited onto the substrate (1) with the function of providing interface with good adhesion between the substrate (1) and the subsequent sub-layers, which contain hydrogenated amorphous carbon, second sub-layer (22) of transition comprising a percentage of silicon and of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-c:h:si) and, finally, on the working surface, third sub-layer (23) having a pure composition of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-c:h), wherein such coating (3) is generated by the hollow cathode effect (hce) by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd).. .
new patent Method for measuring dynamic viscoelasticity of particulate material
A method for measuring a dynamic viscoelasticity of a particulate material uses, as a sample to be subjected to the dynamic viscoelasticity measurement, a sheet-shaped test piece in which the particulate material to be measured is attached to an adhesion layer formed on a heat-resistant sheet base material. With regard to the measurement conditions of the dynamic viscoelasticity measurement, the measurement temperature is within a predetermined temperature range of from −150 to 300° c., the heating rate is a constant rate ranging from 0.01 to 100° c./minute, the measurement frequency is a constant frequency ranging from 0.01 to 100 hz, and a sine wave control tensile mode is employed.
new patent Formation of thin uniform coatings on blade edges using isostatic press
The invention discloses utilizing isostatic-press (ip) processes apply a polymeric material (e.g, a ptfe foil) to uncoated razor blade edges forming thin, dense, and uniform coatings on blade edges which in turn exhibit low initial cutting forces correlating with more comfortable shaves. The isostatic press may be a hot isostatic press (hip) or a cold isostatic press (cip) or any other isostatic press process.
Conductive film, current collector using same, battery and bipolar battery
A conductive film includes a layer 1 formed by a conductive material 1 that includes a polymer material 1 containing any of (1) an amine and an epoxy resin (where the epoxy resin and the amine are mixed in a ratio of 1.0 or more in terms of the ratio of the number of active hydrogen atoms in the amine with respect to the number of functional groups in the epoxy resin), (2) a phenoxy resin and an epoxy resin, (3) a saturated hydrocarbon polymer having a hydroxyl group, and (4) a curable resin and an elastomer and conductive particles 1. The conductive film has excellent stability in an equilibrium potential environment in a negative electrode and low electric resistance per unit area in the thickness direction.
Multilayer porous film, separator for batteries, and battery
The present invention is capable of providing a multilayer porous film which has high adhesion between a base layer and a coating layer and excellent heat resistance and exhibits excellent characteristics when used as a separator for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery. A multilayer porous film which is obtained by laminating a coating layer that contains a filler and a resin binder on at least one surface of a polyolefin resin porous film that serves as a base layer.
Peelable laminated film, peelable laminated film roll, manufacturing method thereof, film, optical film, polarizing plate, manufacturing method of polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device
Provided is a method for manufacturing a peelable laminated film including a layer a including cellulose ester and a layer b including a resin capable of a solution film-formation different from the cellulose ester, the layer a and the layer b having an adhesion of 5 n/cm or less, the method including: simultaneously or sequentially casting and laminating a dope a for forming the layer a, which includes cellulose ester and a solvent, and a dope b for forming the layer b, which includes a resin capable of a solution film-formation different from the cellulose ester and a solvent, on a casting support, peeling off a laminate of the dope a and the dope b from the casting support, and drying the laminate.. .
Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip
It is intended to obtain a photosensitive resin composition that is capable of forming a highly fine pattern with a high aspect ratio while attaining the high adhesion of the pattern to a substrate, having low autofluorescence, and being exceedingly suitable for producing a biochip that causes exceedingly low damage on cultured cells. The photosensitive resin composition for forming a biochip of the present invention contains: an epoxy compound (a1) of a particular structure having an oxycyclohexane skeleton having an epoxy group; an epoxy compound (a2) of a particular structure which is a polyvalent carboxylic acid derivative having an epoxidized cyclohexenyl group; a cationic photoinitiator (b); and a solvent (c)..
Image processing apparatus, method, and program
An image processing apparatus, a method, and a program for allowing cells to be quantitatively observed. A computer obtains a cell membrane image obtained by performing fluorescent observation on a cell membrane of a cell serving as a sample and a tricellular tight junction (ttj) image obtained by performing fluorescent observation on a protein localized in a ttj of the cell.
Infrared reflective film
An infrared reflective film comprises: an infrared reflective layer; a transparent film; and an adhesion layer. The infrared reflective layer has two main surfaces.
Liquid crystal display device, polarizing plate, and polarizer protection film
The invention provides a liquid crystal display device, as well as a polarizer and a protective film suitable for the liquid crystal display device. The liquid crystal display device comprises a backlight light source, two polarizers, and a liquid crystal cell disposed between the two polarizers; the backlight light source being a white light-emitting diode light source; each of the two polarizers comprising a polarizing film and protective films laminated on both sides of the polarizing film; at least one of the protective films being a polyester film having an adhesion-facilitating layer; the polyester film having a retardation of 3,000 to 30,000 nm; and the adhesion-facilitating layer comprising a polyester resin (a) and a polyvinyl alcohol resin (b)..
Treatment liquid for plastic film, primer liquid for printing, ink composition, and method for ink jet recording using them
This invention provides a treatment liquid for an ink jet recording medium having a recording face of a plastic film, wherein the treatment liquid including at least a specific cyclic ester compound or a specific cyclic amide compound, a primer liquid for printing, and an ink composition. According to the present invention, a plastic recorded matter possessing excellent adhesion and waterfastness can be formed on a recording medium having a recording face of a plastic film..
Semiconductor structure
A semiconductor structure includes a silicon substrate, a titanium layer, a nickel layer, a silver layer and a metallic adhesion layer, wherein the silicon substrate comprises a back surface, and the titanium layer comprises an upper surface. The titanium layer is formed on the back surface, the nickel layer is formed on the upper surface, the silver layer is formed on the nickel layer, and the metallic adhesion layer is formed between the nickel layer and the silver layer..
Gecko-like container capping system and methods
Methods, systems, caps, containers, and assemblies for a gecko-like container capping system are described. A gecko-like cap configured to cover an opening in a container may include an inner surface configured to mate with an opening surface of a container.
Combined method for drilling a layer system, in which mechanical working and edm working are performed
A method including mechanical removal and electrical discharge machining (edm) working allowing symmetrical or asymmetrical holes to be produced with exact contours in a layer system including a metallic substrate and a non-metallic outermost layer is provided. In a first step, an outer region of the hole is worked by mechanical removal.
Composite stencils, methods of making, and methods of decorating with composite stencils
A composite stencil for applying designs to walls and other surfaces is disclosed. The stencil includes a porous textile support layer to which a flexible stencil mask is bonded by an adhesion layer.
Eye drop applicator and drop transfer method
A handheld applicator designed to transfer a liquid drop of ophthalmic medicament into a human eye. The basic structure comprises a finger grip section and a drop retainer section, preferably connected to the grip section with an extension.
Cell-adhesive protein
It is an object of the present invention to provide a protein having high cellular adhesiveness that is useful as a cell adhesion support. The present invention provides a cell-adhesive protein comprising methionine, wherein at least a portion of the methionine residues is oxidized..
Enhancing adhesion of cap layer films
The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for improving adhesion of dielectric and conductive layers on a substrate to the underlying layer. The methods involve passing a process gas through a plasma generator downstream of the substrate to create reactive species.
Modified natural graphite particles
A modified natural graphite material which provides a negative plate having improved adhesion between a negative electrode mixture and a current collector has a circularity of at least 0.92 and at most 1.0 and an incident angle dependence s60/0 of the peak intensity ratio of at least 0.5 and at most 0.7 as determined by measurement of c k-edge x-ray absorption spectra using synchrotron radiation as an excitation source. It preferably satisfies at least one of the following conditions: an absolute specific gravity of at least 2.25 (g/cm3), a tap density of at least 1.0 g/cm3 and at most 1.4 g/cm3, and linseed oil absorption of at least 20 cm3/100 g and at most 50 cm3/100 g.
Adhesive composition, adhesive layer, and adhesive sheet
Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of realizing a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having satisfactory adhesion performance and a low dielectric constant. This pressure-sensitive adhesive composition is characterized by containing a methacrylic polymer with a glass transition temperature (tg) of 0° c.
Double-sided adhesive tape
Disclosed is a double-sided adhesive tape that has a difference in adhesion between the front and rear sides thereof and can be produced to have a reduced thickness by a simple method. The double-sided adhesive tape is a sheet-shaped cured product of an adhesive composition containing a resin composition and an inorganic filler.
Decorative member for vehicle
A decorative member for vehicle includes a transparent substrate, a decorative layer, and a resinous adhesion layer. The transparent substrate has a front face and a rear face, and includes a transparent material.
Peelable film-forming compositions and methods of using the same
The compositions and methods of this invention relate to peelable film-forming compositions that may be applied to and removed from the skin containing polyvinyl alcohols and adhesion-enhancing polymers.. .
Surgical barriers having adhesion inhibiting properties
An adhesion inhibiting surgical barrier. The surgical barrier includes a wound-facing polymeric coating comprising an enteric polymer; and at least one flexible substrate, the at least one flexible substrate having at least one exterior surface, wherein the polymeric coating is applied to the at least one flexible substrate to substantially cover the at least one exterior surface thereof.
Modulating bacterial mam polypeptides in pathogenic disease
The disclosure relates to methods and compositions for preventing or inhibiting pathogenic bacterial infections in a subject caused by pathogenic bacteria expressing a multivalent adhesion molecule (mam) polypeptide by administering to a subject a composition comprising a mam polypeptide or a non-pathogenic bacterium expressing a mam polypeptide, or a combination thereof.. .
Tumor model system useful to study multistage cancer
The present invention relates to a method of developing a tumor model system. The invention deals with a tumor model system with adhesion deprived cells.
Optical fiber assembly, optical probe, and method for manufacturing optical fiber assembly
Provided is an optical fiber assembly with which flexibility in the vicinity of an alignment member can be maintained, as well as a method for manufacturing this optical fiber assembly, and an optical probe which uses this optical fiber assembly. This optical fiber assembly is equipped with: multiple optical fibers (11, 12); an alignment member (10) that aligns and holds these multiple optical fibers (11, 12); a first adhesion part (20) where the alignment member (10) and the multiple optical fibers (11, 12) are adhered by means of a first adhesive agent having curability; and a second adhesion part (21) where the multiple optical fibers (11, 12) are adhered to each other within a prescribed distance from the rear end of the alignment member (10) by means of a second adhesive agent that cures while having greater flexibility than the first adhesive agent..
Polarizing adhesive element, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
A polarizing adhesive element includes a pressure sensitive adhesive (“psa”), a compensating film, a polarizing film, a supporting film and an optical clear adhesive (“oca”). The psa has adhesion.
Method for producing inkjet head, inkjet head, method for producing inter-member electrification structure, and inter-member electrification structure
Wherein a melting point tb[° c.] of the solder bumps and a cure initiation temperature tr[° c.] of the resin adhesion sections meet a relation (tr[° c.]≦tb[° c.]≦tr+30[° c.]).. .
Electrical contact member
Provided is an electrical contact member which is capable of maintaining stable conductivity over a long period of time, while achieving low adhesion to a test subject, in particular, an electrical contact member which is capable of maintaining stable electrical contact over a long period of time by suppressing increase in the contact resistance, while achieving low adhesion to a test subject even after repeated contact at high temperatures around 85° c. Or after being left in the atmosphere for a long period of time.
Methods of providing dielectric to conductor adhesion in package structures
Methods of forming a microelectronic packaging structure and associated structures formed thereby are described. Those methods may include forming a cvd dielectric material on a package dielectric material, and then forming a conductive material on the cvd dielectric material..
Phosphor layer attaching kit, optical semiconductor element-phosphor layer attaching body, and optical semiconductor device
A phosphor layer attaching kit includes a phosphor layer and a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesion composition for attaching the phosphor layer to an optical semiconductor element or an optical semiconductor element package. A percentage of the peel strength of the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesion composition is 30% or more..
Electro-optical inspection apparatus and method with dust or particle collection function
An electro-optical inspection apparatus is provided that is capable of preventing adhesion of dust or particles to the sample surface as much as possible. A stage (100) on which a sample (200) is placed is disposed inside a vacuum chamber (112) that can be evacuated to vacuum, and a dust collecting electrode (122) is disposed to surround a periphery of the sample (200).
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
In accordance with various embodiments, there is provided a method of manufacturing a printed circuit board, the method including the steps of preparing a first carrier including a first pattern formed on one side thereof, preparing a second carrier including a first solder resist layer and a second pattern sequentially formed on one side thereof, pressing the first carrier and the second carrier such that the first pattern is embedded in one side of an insulation layer and the second pattern is embedded in the other side of the insulation layer and then removing the first carrier and the second carrier to fabricate two substrates, attaching the two substrates to each other using an adhesion layer such that the first solder resist layers face each other, and forming a via for connecting the first pattern with the second pattern in the insulation layer, forming a second solder resist on the insulation layer provided with the first pattern, and then removing the adhesion layer.. .
Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces
The invention discloses an adhesion agent composition comprising at least one c3-c200 olefin compound having at least one metathesis active double bond, wherein the olefin is substituted or unsubstituted; and at least one compatibilizing functionality for interacting with a substrate surface. The substrate surface can be any surface, for example, silicate glasses, silicate minerals, metals, metal alloys, ceramics, natural stones, plastics, carbon, silicon, and semiconductors.
Pressure sensitive adhesive copolymer compositions
This invention relates to a copolymer composition comprising vinyl ester of 2-ethyl hexanoic acid (veha), and particularly to pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions based on veha reacted with (meth)acrylate monomers. The present adhesive compositions provide a film with high cohesion and adhesion values, and more particularly to pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions based on veha reacted with (meth)acrylate monomers and veova 10.
Nitric oxide/cgmp pathway inhibition of vla-4 related cell adhesion
The invention provides methods of treating nitric oxide/cgmp pathway-cell adhesion disorders and related pharmaceutical compositions, diagnostics, screening techniques and kits. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for down-regulating α4β1-integrin affinity and inhibiting and reversing adhesion formation in patients or subjects in need using a nitric oxide donor..
Unfolded life jacket
Disclosed in the present invention is an unfolded life jacket which comprises a fixed floating body provided with a notch through which a user's head passes; straps comprising interconnecting straps attached to the fixed floating body, the interconnecting straps being tied with intermeshing loop straps to hold the user's body; a movable floating body comprising a front movable floating block and a rear movable floating block, to which the fixed floating body is attached, respectively, a rope being attached to the front movable floating block and the rear movable floating block, the rope being tied with the intermeshing loop straps, an adhesion part limiting the front movable floating block and the rear movable floating block on the intermeshing loop straps. It helps the user to keep in a vertical state in water so as to stabilize the gravity center and keep the head out of the water surface..
Low strain anti-curl back coating for flexible imaging members
Present embodiments relate generally to the flexible electrostatographic imaging members prepared to comprise a plasticized charge transport layer, plasticized ground strip layer, and a novel plasticized anti-curl back coating layer prepared to have internal stress/strain reduction, superb wear resistance property, and render the resulting flexible imaging members with absolute flatness to meet the functional requirement of electrostatographic imaging apparatuses. More particularly, the embodiments pertain to the reformulation of an anti-curl back coating layer comprising a novel high molecular weight film forming a-b diblock copolymer, a copolyester adhesion promoter, an organic or inorganic particles dispersion, and a plasticizer in the layer's material matrix..
Use of porous hydrophobic polymers filled and coated with water immiscible hydrophobic liquids for protein- and cell-repellent surfaces
The present invention relates to a substrate with a solid support coated with a porous hydrophobic polymer layer or film, wherein said polymer layer or film is coated with a water-immiscible hydrophobic liquid forming a stable film on the polymer surface. The present invention further relates to a method of forming a protein- and cell-repellent surface, comprising the steps of providing a substrate with a solid support coated with a porous hydrophobic polymer layer or film, and applying a water-immiscible hydrophobic liquid to said porous hydrophobic polymer layer or film, a respective method of preventing the formation of biofilms, adhesion of cells and bacteria, and/or migration of cells and bacteria on a surface, as well as the use of a porous hydrophobic polymer layer or film that is coated with a water-immiscible hydrophobic liquid for forming a protein-, cell- and bacteria-repellent surface..
Adhesive composition, adhesion method, and pneumatic tire
Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprising, as a rubber component, at least two modified rubbers modified with a polar functional group and having different modification rates with each other, a laminate body comprising (a) a resin film layer and (b) a rubber elastic body layer wherein they are adhered via (c) the said pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and a pneumatic tire having the said laminate body as an inner liner layer; and thus, provided are the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that can firmly bond between the resin film layer and the rubber elastic body layer while the laminate body obtained therefrom does not generate cracks at low temperature, the laminate body using the said pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and the pneumatic tire.. .
Biodegradable material
A thermoplastic, biodegradable polymer blend showing high surface energy and good adhesion without the need for pre-treatment consists of starch in the range 10% to 60% by weight of the polymer blend, one or more further carrier polymers in the range 40% to 90% by weight of the polymer blend and one or more process aids in the range 0% to 0.5% by weight of the polymer blend. The polymer blends typically have a surface energy after processing of at least 40 mn/m..
Fragmented polymeric compositions and methods for their use
Cross-linked hydrogels comprise a variety of biologic and non-biologic polymers, such as proteins, polysaccharides, and synthetic polymers. Such hydrogels preferably have no free aqueous phase and may be applied to target sites in a patient's body by extruding the hydrogel through an orifice at the target site.
Developing cartridge having frame to which seal is assembled without adhesion
A developing cartridge includes: a frame defining a developer chamber therein for accommodating developer and being formed with an opening elongated in a longitudinal direction for allowing the developer to flow out of the developer chamber; a member assembled to the frame at a position opposite to the developer chamber with respect to the opening; a seal extending in the longitudinal direction and interposed between the member and the frame; and a protrusion protruding into the seal from at least one of the frame and the member in a protruding direction crossing the longitudinal direction, the protrusion being configured to restrict the seal from moving in the longitudinal direction.. .
Blower apparatus and gas laser oscillation apparatus
A blower apparatus includes a blower casing; an elastic member for mounting a mounting portion that projects on an outer circumferential portion of the blower casing, to a blower support member disposed on the inlet side of the mounting portion; and a flange portion provided on the inlet side of the mounting portion. At least three elastic members are disposed in the same plane that is almost orthogonal to a rotation shaft, and adhesion surfaces are provided on both ends, in the rotation shaft direction, of each elastic member.
Display with touch sensing system
In one embodiment, a kit for making a touch-sensitive personalized display includes a first medium that is foldable according to score lines to form a cavity. The first medium includes an adhesion surface to receive a personalized second medium, and a back surface opposite the adhesion surface.
Test vehicles for evaluating resistance of thin layers
Provided are test vehicles for evaluating various semiconductor materials. These materials may be used for various integrated circuit components, such as embedded resistors of resistive random access memory cells.
Light source device, method for manufacturing the same and filament
A filament showing high radiation characteristics and hardly suffering from disconnection and film separation is provided by using a high melting point metal compound such as tantalum carbide. As the filament, a filament comprising a tungsten base material 30, a tantalum layer 31 coating the tungsten base material 30, and a tantalum carbide layer 32 coating the tantalum layer 31 is used.
Adhesion promoter apparatus and method
A structure comprises a substrate having a plateau region and a trench region, a reflecting layer formed over a top surface of the trench region, a first adhesion promoter layer formed over the reflecting layer, a bottom cladding layer deposited over the first adhesion promoter layer, a core layer formed over the bottom cladding layer and a top cladding layer formed over the core layer.. .
Organic electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
In a coating-type electron injection layer or electron transport layer using a metal oxide, the present invention aims at improving uniformity or stability of composition distribution and adhesion with another adjoining constituent layer, and improving film forming property, to thereby provide an organic electronic device and manufacture of the device whose efficiency is improved. In the organic electronic device having one pair of electrodes on a substrate, and having at least one organic layer between the electrodes, the electron injection layer or the electron transport layer is formed by application of a liquid material in which an alkaline metal salt and zinc-oxide nano particles are dissolved in alcohol..
Electrode structure for a non-volatile memory device and method
A method of forming a resistive switching device includes forming a wiring structure over a first dielectric and substrate, forming a junction layer over the wiring structure, forming a resistive switching layer over the junction layer, forming an active metal over the resistive switching layer, forming a tungsten layer over the active metal, forming a barrier layer over the tungsten, depositing a mask over the barrier layer, etching the barrier layer to form a hard mask, etching the junction layer, the resistive switching layer, the active metal layer, and the adhesion layer using the hard mask to form a stack of material, while the adhesion layer maintains adhesion between the barrier layer and the active metal and while side walls of the stack of material have reduced contaminants and have reduced gap regions between the barrier layer and the resistive switching layer.. .

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Adhesion topics: Internal Combustion Engine, Inkjet Printer, Combustion, Machinability, Distributed, Circuit Board, Refraction, Semiconductor, Nanoparticle, Longitudinal Direction, Microfluidic Devices, Porous Surfaces, Microfluidic, Hydrophilicity, Cancer Cell

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