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Add On patents

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Access control in communication environments
In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request from a user to add one or more users or user groups to a communication session, determining if one or more access rights restrictions are associated with the session, the one or more access rights restrictions defining one or more users or...

Adaptive auto-pipelining for stream processing applications
An embodiment of the invention provides a method for adaptive auto-pipelining of a stream processing application, wherein the stream processing application includes one or more threads. Runtime of the stream processing application is initiated with a stream processing application manager. The stream processing application is monitored with a monitoring module during...

Bargaining through a user-specific item list
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for providing a vendor-independent item list to a computer user are presented. A vendor-independent item list is provided in which a plurality of computer users each have a corresponding item list upon which a computer user can add entries for various items offered by vendors....

Display apparatus and method for providing user menu thereof
A display apparatus and a method for providing a user menu are provided. The method for providing a user menu of a display apparatus includes displaying an electronic manual to explain a setting item of the display apparatus and, if a command to add one setting item from among a plurality...

Method comprising contacting tissue with a cross-linkable polyester prepolymer
The present inventions in various aspects provide elastic biodegradable polymers. In various embodiments, the polymers are formed by the reaction of a multifunctional alcohol or ether and a difunctional or higher order acid to form a pre-polymer, which is cross-linked to form the elastic biodegradable polymer. In preferred embodiments, the cross-linking...

Add on filter and air filtration system and method
The present invention relates to an add on filter and air filtration system and method incorporating an add on filter for applying ultraviolet light to an environment to create oxidizing agents for killing microbes, such as bacteria, mold, and viruses, and for destroying odors. The add on filter may be coupled...

Axle support of a vehicle, said support consisting of fiber-reinforced plastic material
An axle support of a vehicle, in particular a passenger motor vehicle, consists of an upper shell and a lower shell, each of which is formed from a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic material. When the upper shell and the lower shell are assembled together, they form a hollow body. In this case,...

Positive feed tool with a modular architecture
Positive feed tools that include gear heads configured to be driven by a motor. The gear heads further include a pneumatic manifold that provides for access to input/output signals to add on additional components that include additional air logic functionality. The gear head includes first and second interface positions. Each interface...

Appointment cart
An apparatus having at least one processor is provided that provides instructions that produce a graphical user interface through a display of a client device. Such a graphical user interface may be produced by web pages viewable via a browser of the client device. Also, such a graphical user interface may...

Appointment cart
An apparatus having at least one processor is provided that provides instructions that produce a graphical user interface through a display of a client device. Such a graphical user interface may be produced by web pages viewable via a browser of the client device. Also, such a graphical user interface may...

Accessing media content in a media management system
A method for accessing media content may include converting an artistic item on a hard-copy media implementation to a digital media file. The method may also include receiving a first request to access the digital media file from a client device. The method may include determining that the digital media file...

Method of manufacturing a personal hygiene product
A method of manufacturing a disposable absorbent personal hygiene product, including a stretched elastic strand and a flat substrate portion, includes mixing a pressurized gas and hot melt adhesive to form a foamed adhesive and contact dispensing the foamed adhesive onto the stretched elastic strand by contacting the stretched elastic strand...

Dynamic primary scrambling code disambiguation
Systems and methods are provided for resolving Primary Scrambling Code (PSC) ambiguity. A radio link having the same PSC as that reported by user equipment (UE) may be created on some or all internal cells which are chosen based on radio frequency (RF) proximity to a serving cell of the UE...

Node, communication method, and communication system
A node in an ad-hoc network includes a memory unit storing a concatenated counter value including an erasure counter value and a transmission counter value for the node; and a processor configured to: add one to the transmission counter value, when the node transmits data to another node in the ad-hoc...

Wire arrangement for usb charger devices
The current invention for wire arrangement for USB Charger related products which offer a very simple wire arrangement for people for the USB-Charger wires for different models of the smart phone, ipad, iphone, camera or any other electric or digital data device while people to use, storage, carry, travel without meet...

Display object pre-generation
In one embodiment, a computing device identifies a portion of a display object to pre-generate. The device may monitor a thread to identify the next upcoming window of idle time (i.e., the next opportunity when the thread will be idle for a minimum period of time). The device may add one...

Analysis system and health business support method
It is provided an analysis system comprising a processor executing a program and a memory storing the program. The analysis system further comprises a data mapping unit controlling the processor to set an attractive force and a repulsive force acting between the instances based on the similarity information between data, and...

Computer-based collaborative research service
A web-based computer system is programmed to present a user interface to a user for viewing with a browser program or mobile application. The user can enter a search query into the interface and the computer system forwards the received search query to a search engine. Search results are received from...

Fractional frequency divider circuit
A fractional frequency divider circuit includes: a frequency divider circuit configured to frequency-divide an input clock at 1/CTSquo, wherein the CTSquo is a quotient of CTS/N; a clock addition circuit configured to add one clock to an output of the frequency divider circuit; a counter that counts the number of cycles...

Mri gradient power system with add on energy buffer
The present invention relates to a power supply system () for supplying current to a gradient coil () of a magnetic resonance imaging system (), the power supply system () comprising: an electrical power supply () to supply a first voltage to a gradient amplifier () for driving the gradient coil,...

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