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High granularity promotion-based awards and use in gaming environments
A method is shown for enhancing game play on a gaming machine. In one embodiment, the gaming machine may include a processor, a memory, and program logic stored in the memory that may be executable to play a base game in exchange for a wager. The method includes receiving a Newprom...

Method and apparatus for altering activity of tissue layers
The present invention concerns ultrasonic methods and devices for altering activity of layers of natural--or of artificial tissues and organs, and for altering activity of particular components within said layers, while minimizing alterations in neighboring layers located deeper to—or outer to—treated layer. It is carried out by focused or non focused...

Lamp holder has built-in night light
The lamp holder has build-in night light where the said lamp holder including (1) the lamp holder for light device manufacture use for production line or (2) the lamp holder which are purchased by people to add top of the existing lamp holder. Simple words (1) is for Original Equipment Manufacture...

Shared mobile wallet
The present invention provides embodiments of a shared account system that allows a primary user to add one or more dependent users to one or more accounts of the primary user in order to control and monitor the transactions made by a dependent user using a shared payment system. The primary...

Systems and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce environment
A method of shopping within an electronic commerce environment includes enabling a first user to add one or more items to a virtual shopping cart using a first user interface that is generated by a server computer system, enabling the first user to enter into a commitment to contribute funds toward...

Systems and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce environment
A method of shopping within an electronic commerce environment includes enabling a first user of a plurality of users to add one or more items to a virtual shopping cart of the first user that is maintained by a server computer system, generating, by the server computer system, statistical data related...

Indexing and searching product identifiers
A system, method and computer program product for processing a search query includes receiving a search query containing one or more terms; processing the query to add one or more bi-words as terms to the query; searching a search index embodied on a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having product identifiers and...

Biodegradable elastomers
The present inventions in various aspects provide elastic biodegradable polymers. In various embodiments, the polymers are formed by the reaction of a multifunctional alcohol or ether and a difunctional or higher order acid to form a pre-polymer, which is cross-linked to form the elastic biodegradable polymer. In preferred embodiments, the cross-linking...

Method of identifying, distinguishing, and visually tracking survivors and non-survivors in the aftermath of a disaster
A method of locating, tracking, distinguishing and identifying people and pets as survivors or non survivors in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, the method includes the use of illuminated displays such as flashlights, illuminated beacons, smart phone screens and/or computer screens. The illuminated displays are set to a...

Air motor having a modular add on regulator
A pump assembly including an air motor includes a modular relief valve assembly connected to a motive fluid inlet of the air motor. The modular relief valve assembly has a housing that contains an actuator assembly, a ball valve assembly, a bleed valve, a first pressure adjustment assembly, and a second...

Social data inputs
In particular embodiments, a method comprising accessing, at a client device, an object model representation of a structured document displayed in a browser client of a user to identify one or more elements of the structured document, and modifying, at the client device, the object model representation of the structured document...

Apparatus and method for providing graphical user interface
An apparatus and method for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) provide a GUI based on a shelf region that allows one or more graphical objects to be selected or executed on the same display level as one or more graphical objects that are displayed on a background screen. The apparatus...

Dynamic reduction of stream backpressure
Techniques are described for eliminating backpressure in a distributed system by changing the rate data flows through a processing element. Backpressure occurs when data throughput in a processing element begins to decrease, for example, if new processing elements are added to the operating chart or if the distributed system is required...

Board games and methods of playing
A board game includes a plurality of game pieces, a plurality of reward cards, and a game board, where the game board includes a travel path on the game board, said travel path including a plurality of instruction spaces, a plurality of hidden cache spaces, and a plurality of open cache...

Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
An information processing apparatus arranged to add on a function in accordance with a file to be actually edited among files held by a user to allow the user to select a function to be added to an image processing application in accordance with image information of a selected image, determines...

Rapid checkout after payment
A user's checkout information is stored for a certain amount of time, e.g., 10 minutes, after checkout, and the user is given the option of selecting a button to add one or more items for purchase and completing the purchase by adding the additional item(s) and approving the payment, without having...

Methods and systems for use with an evaluation workflow for an evidence-based evaluation
Several embodiments provide systems and methods for use in creating an evaluation workflow defining a multiple step evaluation process for use by one or more users variously involved in an evidence-based evaluation. The systems and methods allow the user to define the evaluation workflow and store the evaluation workflow in a...

Social consumer spheres
According to an embodiment, a method comprises providing, by a server, a platform including at least one group, wherein each group is associated with at least one product offered by one or more entities over a network, wherein each group is created by a leader user when the leader user is...

Image capture apparatus
This invention includes an image sensor in which image forming pixels and focus detecting pixels which receive light beams from the exit pupil of the imaging lens which is partly light-shielded are arranged, the first vertical output line which outputs a signal from the image forming pixel in the vertical direction...

Method and apparatus for applying adhesive on an elastic strand in a personal disposable hygiene product
A method of dispensing adhesive onto a stretched elastic strand includes applying a first volume of adhesive onto a first portion of the elastic strand, applying a second volume of adhesive onto a second portion of the elastic strand, and applying a third volume of adhesive onto a third portion of...

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