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Methods and systems for dynamically adaptive road network hierarchy and routing
A system and method for computing routing on a road network are described. One embodiment includes pre-processing routing data for one or more environmental profiles integrated into a hierarchy, dynamically adding links to the hierarchy in response to real-time data on traffic conditions, and cluster-routing to approximate routing travel costs based...

Medical imaging system for accurate measurement evaluation of changes
A system and method for nodule boundary visualization superimposed on a scan image, including generating phantom image measurements of at least one synthetic calibration object in relation to a body to calibrate a scanner; acquiring a first image of a nodule on the calibrated scanner; computing and marking a boundary on...

Systems and methods for managing to-do list task items via a computer network
A system and method for managing to-do list task items provides a user interface having user interface elements for allowing the user to add one or more task items to a to-do list, for allowing the user to edit one or more fields associated with a task item added to the...

Devices to extend single stranded target molecules
A polynucleotide device is provided that add one or more bases to a single stranded polynucleotide. Methods of using the device and kits comprising the device are also provide....

Indexing and searching product identifiers
A system, method and computer program product for processing a search query is presented. The method according to one embodiment includes receiving a search query containing one or more terms; processing the query to add one or more bi-words as terms to the query; searching a search index having product identifiers...

Bottle, can or container "boot" that provides temporary or permanent additional information
A separate add on label that includes additional information such as product information features, temporary price changes, consumer incentives or comments by satisfied customers, as well as any other information. The information may be printed on any desired material on at least one side surface and includes a part by which...

Method and apparatus for adding csg identities to a white list in connected mode
A method and apparatus are provided that allow a wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) to search and add one or more closed subscriber group (CSG) identities (IDs) in the WTRU white list while in connected mode. Such method and apparatus include but are not limited to WTRU autonomous search or a manual...

Apparatus and method for removably locking a fabric panel onto a garment
The invention comprises a pair of locking devices where each locking device consists of two separate pieces. One piece of the locking device slides inside the other which prevents them from being pulled apart. Each piece can be attached to both the panel and the garment by sewing or by bonded...

Base station, mobile station, signal transmission method, and signal reception method
A base station for communicating within a system band including plural basic frequency blocks includes a signal generating unit configured to generate data and control signals; an intermediate signal generating unit configured to generate intermediate signals; a multiplexing unit configured to add one or more subcarriers such that center frequencies of...

Board games and methods of playing
A board game includes a plurality of game pieces, a plurality of reward cards, and a game board, where the game board includes a travel path on the game board, said travel path including a plurality of instruction spaces, a plurality of hidden cache spaces, and a plurality of open cache...

Information processing apparatus
When accepting a write request including a data, an apparatus A acquires a first hash value based on a first hash function and, meanwhile, acquires a second hash value based on a second hash function. When a storage device A has not stored the acquired first hash value and second hash...

Designating automated agents as friends in a social network service
A system is described in which a user can add one or more automated agents as “friends” in a social network service. In operation, an automated agent observes an information need expressed by the user via the social network service, e.g., in the form of an original message posted to the...

Apparatus and process for desalination of brackish water
Water from underground and other sources of water are brackish and not suitable for human consumption. Naturally present dissolved chemicals in water make it brackish. The precipitants and dissolved chemicals need to be separated from water to make it consumable. A combination of aeration systems, filtration systems, crystallizers and hydrophobic membrane...

Authoring content in context location of browser
A method is provided and includes sending a set of instructions from a server to a web browser, causing the web browser to identify a set of one or more universal resource locators (URLs) in the set of instructions sent from the server and causing the web browser to add one...

Protective environmentally friendly accessory for marine piling
An add-on protective covering for a support piling on an existing marine structure. The add-on protective covering has two pieces. First is a generally U-shaped piece which fits around an existing piling. One end of the U-shaped piece, a sliding piece, will slide into place on connectors with the U-shaped piece...

System and method for generating subnets and using such subnets for controlling access to web content
A system and a method are provided for generating a subnet and using the subnet to control access to web content. An Open Subnet (OSN) server is provided to receive proposed web pages to be added to a white list on the subnet, as well as votes from one or more...

License plate add on and frame surround
A semi-permanent replaceable license plate add on and frame surround includes a frame composed of rigid or semi-rigid material that is weatherproof, temperature and ultraviolet resistant. It is structured and sized to cover substantially a perimeter of a license plate without substantially covering identifying indicia, and devoid of any structural or...

High granularity promotion-based awards and use in gaming environments
A method is shown for enhancing game play on a gaming machine. In one embodiment, the gaming machine may include a processor, a memory, and program logic stored in the memory that may be executable to play a base game in exchange for a wager. The method includes receiving a Newprom...

Method and apparatus for altering activity of tissue layers
The present invention concerns ultrasonic methods and devices for altering activity of layers of natural--or of artificial tissues and organs, and for altering activity of particular components within said layers, while minimizing alterations in neighboring layers located deeper to—or outer to—treated layer. It is carried out by focused or non focused...

Lamp holder has built-in night light
The lamp holder has build-in night light where the said lamp holder including (1) the lamp holder for light device manufacture use for production line or (2) the lamp holder which are purchased by people to add top of the existing lamp holder. Simple words (1) is for Original Equipment Manufacture...

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