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Modular firearm forend

Adapter circuit

Reinforced structural member and frame structures

Date/App# patent app List of recent Adapter-related patents
 Software delivery for virtual machines patent thumbnailnew patent Software delivery for virtual machines
One embodiment entails delivering a software payload to guest software in a virtual machine so that the software payload is part of a file system accessible by the guest software, wherein the delivery is such that the software payload is part of a file system accessible by the guest software. The delivering utilizes a virtual device of the virtual machine, but does not involve either a virtual network interface card (nic) or any virtual host bus adapter (vhba) of the virtual machine.
 Software update methodology patent thumbnailnew patent Software update methodology
Software update information is communicated to a network appliance either across a network or from a local memory device. The software update information includes kernel data, application data, or indicator data.
 Net-centric adapter for interfacing enterprises systems to legacy systems patent thumbnailnew patent Net-centric adapter for interfacing enterprises systems to legacy systems
A configurable system for translating, exchanging and integrating data and services among disparate software applications is provided. The system includes a first connection that interfaces with an enterprise system, a second connection that interfaces with a legacy system, and an adapter module coupled to the first and second connections.
 Audio signal receiving device and system for transmitting audio signal, audio signal receiver device, audio signal transmission system patent thumbnailnew patent Audio signal receiving device and system for transmitting audio signal, audio signal receiver device, audio signal transmission system
An audio signal receiving device and a system for transmitting an audio signal are provided. The system comprises an audio signal adapter device and an audio signal receiving device; the audio signal adapter device comprises an audio interface and an adapter end interface; an audio pin of the audio interface is connected with a first audio signal pin of the adapter end interface, a ground pin of the audio interface is connected with a first reference signal pin of the adapter end interface; the audio signal receiving device comprises a receiving end interface, a usb physical layer control module and an audio signal receiving module; the receiving end interface has a second audio signal pin and a second reference signal pin; the usb physical layer control module comprises a comparator; the audio signal receiving module is connected with an output pin of the comparator..
 Hand held electromechanical surgical system including battery compartment diagnostic display patent thumbnailnew patent Hand held electromechanical surgical system including battery compartment diagnostic display
An electromechanical surgical system is provided and includes a hand-held surgical device. The surgical device includes a device housing defining a connecting portion for selectively connecting with an adapter assembly, the housing being configured to removably receive a battery therein; at least one drive motor supported in the device housing and being configured to rotate a drive shaft; and a circuit board disposed within the housing for controlling power delivered from a battery to the motor.
 Apparatus for surface finishing workpieces and chucking device of an apparatus of this kind patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for surface finishing workpieces and chucking device of an apparatus of this kind
An apparatus for surface finishing workpieces has a workpiece holder, on which a chucking device for releasably fixing the workpieces to be machined is secured, and a container arranged underneath the workpiece holder in order to receive grinding and/or polishing granules, which can be moved relative to the workpiece holder. A chucking device has a chuck, which is designed for at least partially positive holding of the workpiece for conjoint rotation.
 Power adapter patent thumbnailnew patent Power adapter
A power adapter includes a casing, a first connector, a rotary mechanism and a second connector. The first connector is rotatably disposed on a bottom of the casing.
 Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices patent thumbnailnew patent Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices
A power adapter for a peripheral device such as portable electronics device is disclosed. The power adapter includes a housing that contains electrical components associated with the power adapter.
 Reinforced structural member and frame structures patent thumbnailnew patent Reinforced structural member and frame structures
Disclosed are frame members and mullions for a window frame that comprise a reinforcing member that is surrounded by an outer plastic layer. The outer plastic layer is held securely to the reinforcing member as a result of a waist banding effect that comprises an inward force created by the outer plastic layer as it cools and contracts around the reinforcing member.
 Fiber optic connector holder and method patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber optic connector holder and method
A fiber optic connector holder is sized to fit within an opening for mounting a fiber optic adapter. The fiber optic connector holder is configured to permit a fiber optic connector with a dust cap positioned about a ferrule and a polished end face of an optical fiber held by the ferrule to be inserted within and releasably held by the connector holder.
new patent Projector light bulb
A display system that includes a projector light bulb. The system includes a light fixture with a conventional light bulb socket.
new patent Audio signal receiving device, audio signal adapter device and system for transmitting audio signal
An audio signal receiving device, an audio signal adapter device and a system for transmitting an audio signal are provided. The audio signal adapter device is connected with an audio signal sending device and the audio signal receiving device and is configured to transmit a signal between the audio signal sending device and the audio signal receiving device, and the device comprises: a loudspeaker interface having an audio pin, a ground pin and a mic pin; and a adapter end interface having an audio signal pin, a reference signal pin and a ground pin.
new patent Micro secure digital adapter
A micro secure digital (sd) adapter, for adapting a micro sd card to an sd interface, the micro sd adapter comprising a micro sd slot, for disposing the micro sd card; a pin module, comprising a plurality of signal pins, a first ground pin, and a second ground pin; a plurality of connectors, for conducting the plurality of signal pins and the first ground pin to the micro sd card according to a pin configuration of the micro sd card when the micro sd card is disposed in the micro sd slot; and a conducting module, electrically connected between a terminal of a first connector corresponding to the first ground pin and the second ground pin.. .
new patent Adapter circuit
An adapter circuit for connecting a switching circuit of an airport visual aid is equipped with an led as a light source and a secondary-side coil (secondary side) of a supply transformer, wherein at least one switch element is provided for selectively making or breaking the connection and wherein at least one trigger circuit is provided for actuating the switch element when a specified voltage level is exceeded, wherein the switch element is provided between the trigger, circuit and the secondary side of the supply transformer and/or the trigger circuit is connected to the switch contact and to the switching circuit of the led airport visual aid.. .
new patent Device for injecting a filling material in the fluid phase into a canal space
A method is for fabricating a device for injecting a filler material in the fluid phase into a root canal space, the device including an adapter nozzle, an auto-mixer connected to the adapter nozzle, an intra-oral injection nozzle positioned at the upper end of the auto-mixer. The method includes using a shape memory material to make the injection nozzle so as to be bendable according to a desired orientation.
new patent Method for greasing the mated threads of a threaded connector and related device
A method for greasing the mated threads of a valve stem and a stem nut of a motor-operated valve without the need to actuate the valve and without the need for an internal grease path within the stem nut includes pressurizing one end of the thread interface defined by the mating threads with pressurized grease. A device for carrying out the method may include a thread lubricator that has a bore that receives the free end of the valve stem and an adapter nut that attaches the thread lubricator to the valve housing.
new patent Hanger and adapter to support a gun holster
A clothes hanger made to support a gun holster and an adapter for use with a clothes hanger to support the same. In one form, the hanger generally includes a standard clothes hanger having a center panel for supporting the gun holster.
new patent Method for the arrangement of a drive unit in a revolving door
A method for arranging a drive unit in a revolving door, the drive unit being arranged at a ceiling element of the revolving door and configured to drive a turnstile of the revolving door, includes: arranging an adapter element at the ceiling element; arranging an electronically commutated multipole motor at an adapter element; and adjusting, by the adapter element, the multipole motor relative to the turnstile of the revolving door.. .
new patent Modular firearm forend
In one embodiment, a forend for a firearm includes an adapter module configured to mount below a barrel and in front of a receiver of a specific model of a firearm, such as a shotgun, and a universal firearm accessory module coupled to one or more surfaces of the adapter module. The adapter module can include an upper surface that substantially conforms to a lower surface of the barrel, a longitudinal bore configured to receive a tubular magazine of the firearm concentrically therein, and lower and external side surfaces defining a plug.
Network adapter based zoning enforcement
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to enforcing zoning at a network adapter of an end point device. Thus, a network adapter can monitor the communications that are sent and/or received by the adapter and discard communications that are prohibited based on the zoning rules applicable to the adapter.
Methods for creating and identifying functional rna interference elements
The invention relates to the control of gene expression. Specifically, the invention provides compositions and methods for the production and use of recombinant nucleic acid molecules that have the ability to specifically downregulate an expressed target gene in vivo.
Distribution networks for safety sensors and devices
In distribution networks for safety sensors and devices, aspects of the invention provide routing individualized status signals in parallel to potential safety sensor locations in addition to serially routing safety signals to provide substantially increased protection. A shorting plug that electrically shorts together an individualized status signal to a voltage reference level at a safety sensor location, in addition to electrically shorting together the safety signals for electrical continuity, provides individualized status information for each potential safety sensor location in addition to the serial safety information provided by the safety signals.
Electrical connector assembly with high float bullet adapter
A high float connector assembly that comprises a first connector that has at least a first contact, a second connector that is configured to mate to the first connector, wherein the second connector has at least a second contact, a high float bullet adapter that is disposed between the first and second connectors, wherein the high float bullet adapter includes a housing that has at least one hole, and at least one high float bullet subassembly is received in the hole of the housing. The high float bullet subassembly has an inner contact, an insulator that supports the inner contact, and an outer ground body that holds the inner contact and the insulator.
Adapting device for linear compressor, and compressor provided with such device
The present invention relates to an adapter for connecting a resilient member 1 to a magnetic actuator 2 of a linear compressor, comprised of at least one support member 6 cooperating with a resilient element 1, said support member 6 comprising a substantially cylindrical part equipped with intermediate perimeter salient portion 61; at least one fastening element 7 cooperating with the support member 8 and the magnetic actuator 2, and means for enabling interconnection between a magnetic actuator 2 and a resilient member 1 of a detachable and electrically insulated linear compressor, the fastening element 7 being made in electrically insulating and non-magnetic material, for example, ceramic.. .
Device for improving compatibility of solid state light sources with phase-cut dimmers
A device suppresses flicker and improves compatibility of a lamp including at least one solid state light source, the lamp being operably connected to a control circuit, such as a dimmer circuit. The device includes a connector enabling connection of the solid state light source to a lamp socket configured to receive an incandescent light source, and an adapter circuit connected in parallel with the at least one solid state light source when the solid state light source is connected to the socket via the connector.
Load adapter with total harmonic distortion reduction
A low thd load adapter system is disclosed. The load adapter system includes a first lighting module and a second lighting module connected parallel to the first lighting module.
Adjustable weight supporting apparatus and method
An adjustable weight supporting apparatus is provided with a horizontal member, an optional vertical member, an optional adapter, and legs. The weight supporting apparatus may be used to support the weight of an automobile or other object.
Glass neck adapter for plastic beverage container
A glass neck adapter can include universal threads to screw onto a standard conventional plastic beverage container or bottle. The glass neck adapter can be attached on a plastic bottle to allow a person drinking from the plastic bottle to feel the sensation of drinking out of a glass bottle when the lips of the drinker contact the glass mouth of the neck adapter mounted on the plastic bottle.
Chain link of a transport chain, transport chain of a conveyor and conveyor
A chain link of a transport chain of a conveyor for conveying an article hanging from a holding adapter includes a base body having lateral contact surfaces configured to enable friction rollers to be pressed there against for driving the transport chain. Arranged on the base body at ends in spaced-apart relationship in a conveying direction are coupling sections for swingable connection with a neighboring chain link.
Adapter for ornamental accessory
An accessory adapter for mounting an ornamental piece with two opposing edges. The adapter has a body with two spaced members forming a cavity therebetween for receiving one of the edges.
Foldable-storable pole saw
A pole saw includes a long handle with end adapter, a blade-carrying component pivoted to the end adapter for movement between an extended use position and a handle-adjacent storage position, and a saw blade fixed to the blade-carrying component. The end adapter and holding component are cast aluminum for strength and light weight, and are pivoted together about an offset axis so that the blade and blade-carrying component are positioned adjacent the handle in a partially protected position when collapsed for storage.
Wiper blade device
The invention relates to a wiper blade device comprising a wiper blade adapter (10) and a wiper strip unit (12). According to the invention, said wiper strip unit (12) has at least one securing recess (14) which, in at least one operating state, forms an interlocking connection with the wiper blade adapter (10)..
System and method for achieving high performance data flow among user space processes in storage systems
Fault isolation capabilities made available by user space can be provided for a embedded network storage system without sacrificing efficiency. By giving user space processes direct access to specific devices (e.g., network interface cards and storage adapters), processes in a user space can initiate input/output requests without issuing system calls (and entering kernel mode).
Apparatus including memory system controllers and related methods
Memory system controllers can include a host bus adapter (hba) and a serial advanced technology attachment (sa) programming compliant device coupled to the hba via a function-specific interconnect configured to simultaneously transfer a command, a response, and other information between the hba and the sa programming compliant device.. .
Apparatus, method, and program for exchanging message or making voice call via network
[solution] each member of an instant messaging system 1 connects an aroma emitting adapter 13 to a terminal device 12 and loads an aroma cartridge 14 containing aroma liquid in the aroma emitting adapter 13, whereby the member can log on a messaging server device 11. The terminal device 12 of the member who logs onto displays names of the members with whom the message exchange or conversation can be made among the other members who are currently logged on.
Patient consent and confidentiality
A system and method for managing patient consent. A master matching index (mmi) includes a collection of patient information and identifiers.
Humeral component of a shoulder prosthesis
A humeral component of a shoulder prosthesis encloses a stem module which has a shank and an upper shank portion with a stem support surface. A joint adapter is adapted to hold either a liner or a spherical cap.
Surgical tunneler
A surgical tunneler assembly is used to pass a cable or other elongate member through the skin. A surgical tunneler may include a lance including a first segment, a second end segment, and a connector on each one of the first end segment and the second end segment.
Pivot point arm for a robotic system used to perform a surgical procedure
A pivot port that can provide a pivot point for a surgical instrument. The pivot port may be held in a stationary position by a support arm assembly that is attached to a table.
Cardiac event monitoring system
A cardiac event monitoring system includes a base unit including a base connector, a wearable electrode system, and a plug-in adapter. The wearable electrode system includes a cable, an electrode at one end of the cable, and a cable connector at the other end of the cable.
Interface adapter
An apparatus for use with a first rj-type female receptacle having an open, plug receiving end and an internal cavity, the first rj-type female receptacle designed to receive a corresponding first modular mating rj-type male plug, the apparatus having: a housing having a front face, a top wall, a bottom wall and side walls defining an opening formed within the front face; and the apparatus received in the first rj-type female receptacle, and the opening dimensioned to receive a second modular mating rj-type male plug, wherein the second modular mating rj-type male plug is dimensioned smaller than the first modular mating rj-type male plug.. .
Wireless access point with integrated assessment technology
A wireless access point includes a radio frequency adapter for transmitting and receiving data, a wireless network adapter for transmitting and receiving data, and a memory comprising a proctor assessment program. The proctor assessment program is configured to receive, via the radio frequency adapter, data representative of a response to an assessment question.
Fiber optic module housing and fiber optic module
The present disclosure provides fiber optic module housings and fiber optic modules that support fiber optic connections. In the present disclosure, a particular fiber optic module housing or fiber optic module includes a front side having a plurality rows of apertures for supporting fiber optic adapters, a rear side, a top side, a bottom side, and a base side.
Adaptive receive path learning to facilitate combining tcp offloading and network adapter teaming
One or more modules include a first portion that teams together multiple physical network interface ports of a computing system to appear as a single virtual network interface port to a switch to which the physical ports are linked. A second portion determines a receive port upon which a packet of a tcp session was received.
Adapter for supporting molds
An elastic adapter for supporting baking molds. The elastic adapter may include an inner wall including a plurality of extruded inner projections extending radially inward and made of an elastic material.
Carbonation beverage cap
A carbonation beverage cap which has a generally cylindrical shaped bottle adapter having a top middle portion and a raised perimeter aperture disposed on the top middle portion of the bottle adapter. A threaded adapter is coupled to a top portion of the bottle adapter, the threaded adapter having a top centered aperture disposed on a top middle portion of the threaded adapter.
Hunting equipment
A platform is provided with a ladder to allow the user to easily ascend to the platform. A pair of stabilizing arms and jaws provides lateral stability to the ladder.
System and method for heating fluids, and an adapter for use with a boiler
A fluid heating system, comprising: a heater having an inlet and an outlet; a storage vessel; a fluid mixer having a first inlet for receiving fluid stored in or passing through the storage vessel, a second inlet for receiving fluid from a cold fluid supply, and an outlet for supplying fluid to the heater inlet; wherein in a first mode the heater is operable to heat fluid in the storage vessel, and in a second mode the fluid mixer is mixes fluid from or passing through the storage vessel with fluid from the cold fluid supply at a predefined volumetric ratio to provide mixed fluid to the inlet of the heater to be heated further to an output temperature.. .
Muzzle velocity measuring apparatus and method
The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring a muzzle velocity of a fired bullet so that the bullet may explode at an accurate location. The muzzle velocity measuring apparatus includes a detector configured to comprise a pair of cores encircled by probe wound coils and installed in two separate positions in an adapter, and to output a muzzle velocity signal based on eddy current signals which are generated by the probe wound coils when a bullet fired from a bullet chamber passes through the adapter, a muzzle velocity calculator configured to calculate a flight speed of the fired bullet based on the muzzle velocity signal; and a transmitter configured to transmit the calculated flight speed to the bullet..
Wrench adapter
A wrench adapter includes an adapter shaft having an adapter tip located at its one end and attachable to a wrench socket and a wrench adapter head located at its other end and defining therein a driven hole for receiving a tool bit, and a first wrench driven portion and a second wrench driven portion disposed at the periphery of the wrench adapter head at different elevations and drivable by open-end wrenches or adjustable wrenches of different sizes.. .
Multipiece wear assembly
A multipiece wear assembly including an adapter and a wear part. The adapter has a nose portion with a first predetermined configuration.
Wiper coupler adapter and wiper assembly incorporating same
A wiper coupler adaptor for releasably attaching a wiper assembly to a wiper arm includes a pair of sidewalls each including a post that extends laterally toward the other and adapted to operatively engage a wiper assembly. The sidewalls include recessed sections adapted to operatively engage rails of an attachment member of a wiper arm, each of the recessed sections have a flange that extends outward beyond to provide releasable engagement with the attachment member.
Proxy queue pair for offloading
A method for offloading includes a host channel adapter (hca) receiving a first work request identifying a queue pair (qp), making a first determination that the qp is a proxy qp, and offloading the first work request to a proxy central processing unit (cpu) based on the first determination and based on the first work request satisfying a filter criterion. The hca further receives a second work request identifying the qp, processes the second work request without offloading based on the qp being a proxy qp and based on the first work request failing to satisfy the filter criterion.
Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
There is disclosed a software engineering system and method for engineering software components. In an embodiment, the method comprises providing the software component with an input interface, an output interface, and a control interface, the control interface being configurable to receive external conditions or parameters that are specific to an environment or to a domain; and providing one or more externally modifiable adapters, the one or more externally modifiable adapters having environment-specific or domain-specific data, and being configurable to be dynamically bound to the software component in dependence upon external conditions or parameters that are specific to an environment or to a domain in which the software component is to be executed..
System and method for managing power consumption of an information handling system
An ac-to-dc power adapter provides dc power to an information handling system at a first higher dc voltage or a second lower dc voltage based upon a power state of the information handling system. For example, approximately 19 volts dc power is provided if the information handling system is in an on state or if the information handling system is charging a battery.
Method and system for efficient memory region deallocation
A method for deallocation of a memory region involving transmitting, by a host channel adapter (hca), a first invalidation command for invalidating at least one key associated with the memory region, transmitting, by the hca, a second invalidation command for invalidating a translation lookaside buffer (tlb) entry for the memory region, invalidate the at least one key associated with the memory region, determining whether all memory access requests to the memory region have been processed by the hca, stalling processing of the second invalidation command when outstanding memory access requests to the memory region are present, and processing the outstanding memory access requests for the memory region by the hca before executing the second invalidation command invalidating the tlb entry for the memory region.. .
Method and system for queue descriptor cache management for a host channel adapter
A method for managing a queue descriptor cache of a host channel adaptor (hca) includes obtaining a queue descriptor from memory. The queue descriptor includes data describing a queue and the memory is located in a host system.
One-to-many 2.4g wireless computer peripheral communication device and transmission method thereof
The present invention relates to the wireless transmission technology. Disclosed is a one-to-many 2.4g wireless computer peripheral communication device, which includes a 2.4g wireless usb transmit-receive adapter connected with a usb interface of an intelligent appliance and more than one 2.4g wireless computer peripheral cooperated with the usb transmit-receive adapter.
Tag allocation for queued commands across multiple devices
The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates the processing of commands in a set of devices. The system includes a host bus adapter that provides an interface for connecting the set of devices to the host and manages the allocation of a set of tags to one or more of the devices.
Doorbell backpressure avoidance mechanism on a host channel adapter
A method for processing commands includes receiving, for multiple commands, doorbells for writing to a send queue scheduler buffer on a host channel adapter (hca). The send queue scheduler buffer is associated with a send queue scheduler.
Network system and network connection device
A network system includes a device adapter including a first virtual communication port, and a network connection device including a virtual device adapter protocol hierarchy which includes a second virtual communication port communicable with the first virtual communication port, a tcp/ip layer, a device controlling protocol layer in an application layer and a device object.. .
Method and system for an on-chip completion cache for optimized completion building
A method for optimizing completion building is disclosed. The method involves receiving a work request by a host channel adapter (hca), caching a portion of the work request in a completion cache in the hca, wherein the cached portion of the work request includes information for building a completion for the work request, receiving, by the hca, a response to the work request, querying the completion cache upon receiving the response to the work request to obtain the cached portion of the work request, and building the completion for the work request using the cached portion of the work request, wherein the completion informs a software application of at least a status of the work request as executed by the hca..
Distributed queue pair state on a host channel adapter
A method for managing a distributed cache of a host channel adapter (hca) that includes receiving a work request including a qp number, determining that a qp state identified by the qp number is not in the distributed cache, retrieving the qp state from main memory, and identifying a first portion and a second portion of the qp state. The method further includes storing the first portion into a first entry of a first sub-cache block associated with the first module, where the first entry is identified by a qp index number, storing the second portion into a second entry of a second sub-cache block associated with the second module, where the second entry is identified by the qp index number; and returning the qp index number of the qp state to the first module and the second module..

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