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Acellular patents

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Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction

Date/App# patent app List of recent Acellular-related patents
 Aneurysm closure clip patent thumbnailnew patent Aneurysm closure clip
An aneurysm closure clip along with a system and method for use by a physician in delivering the closure clip into the vasculature of a patient is disclosed. The closure clip delivery system comprises a delivery tube in the form of a catheter, a guide wire, and a detachable closure clip.
 Therapeutic trail fusion protein and preparation and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic trail fusion protein and preparation and use thereof
This invention relates to the biotechnology area, and provides a kind of trail chimeric protein, dna sequence encoding this chimeric protein, vectors comprising this dna, host cells or transgenic animals that contain one of the vectors, and preparation methods for the said chimeric protein and its applications. The said trail fusion protein from the n to c terminal comprises human leucine zipper sequence, human trail protein, human trail extracellular domain or a fragment thereof.
 Design of ph-sensitive oligopeptide complexes for drug release under mildly acidic conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Design of ph-sensitive oligopeptide complexes for drug release under mildly acidic conditions
The present invention discloses a design for a molecular delivery vehicle capable of delivering a molecular payload to a target cell and its intracellular compartments. Also disclosed are highly ph-sensitive nanoconstruct that takes advantage of the requirement of cationic charge for internalization of cpps to mask the non-specific internalization, compositions containing nanoconstruct, and methods for forming the same..
 Variable domains of camelid heavy-chain antibodies directed against glial fibrillary acidic proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Variable domains of camelid heavy-chain antibodies directed against glial fibrillary acidic proteins
The present invention relates to the use of variable domains of camelid heavy-chain antibodies (vhh domains) directed against an intracellular target and having an isoelectric point of at least 8.5, for targeting said intracellular target or for the preparation of a peptide vector. Particularly, it concerns vhh domains directed against a glial fibrillary acidic protein and uses thereof for preparing therapeutic or diagnostic agents..
 Bacterial methods patent thumbnailnew patent Bacterial methods
A bacterial spore comprising a modified prkc protein, wherein the extracellular domain of the modified prkc protein binds an agent which is not bound by the extracellular domain of the wild-type prkc protein, and wherein the agent is a germinant that stimulates germination of the bacterial spore, or a bacterial spore comprising a modified gera protein, wherein the gera protein has been modified such that the spore undergoes germination in the presence of a germinant which does not stimulate germination of a bacterial spore comprising wild-type gera protein.. .
 Modification of root form dental implants for accelerated tissue regeneration patent thumbnailnew patent Modification of root form dental implants for accelerated tissue regeneration
An endosseous dental implant for guided regeneration of gingival tissue onto the implant and method of producing the same is prepared by coating a region of the implant with biocompatible, random or aligned microfibers or nanofibers to which gingival epithelial and connective tissue cells may become attached. The fibers may be degradable or nondegradable.
 Inhibitors of extracellular proteases patent thumbnailnew patent Inhibitors of extracellular proteases
Provided is a plant derived extract including inhibitory activity against one or more extracellular proteases which degrade human tissue matrix. Moreover, the amount of inhibitory activity in an extract can be increased by stressing the plant prior to forming an extract.
 Abscisic acid against cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Abscisic acid against cancer
Abscisic acid (aba) a naturally occurring plant hormone has been identified in this invention with potent properties to fight cancer. Aba is able to produce a hyperpolarization condition on plasma membrane through a decrease of intracellular na+ and k+.
 Modified cationic liposome adjuvants patent thumbnailnew patent Modified cationic liposome adjuvants
The present invention relates to the use of vaccines with adjuvants comprising cationic liposomes where neutral lipids has been incorporated into the liposomes to change the gel-liquid phase transition and thereby modifying the igg sub-type response and enhancing the cd8 response of the liposomal adjuvant. This technology can be used to increase the production of igg2 antibodies.
 Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction
A method of retarding cellular senescence comprising (i) providing an extracellular matrix (ecm) composition comprising ecm from an adolescent tissue source, the ecm comprising an exogenously added cytokine, and (ii) administering ecm composition to an organ with cells exhibiting cellular senescence, wherein, the cytokine interacts with at least one molecule in the ecm composition and modulates ros production of the cells, whereby, the cellular senescence is abated.. .
new patent System and method for monitoring cardiomyocyte beating, viability, morphology, and electrophysiological properties
Devices, systems and methods for monitoring excitable cells, such as cardiomyocytes, on microelectrode arrays that couple the electro-stimulation of excitable cells to induce or regulate cardiomyocyte beating and the simultaneous measurement of impedance and extracellular recording to assess changes in cardiomyocyte beating, viability, morphology or electrophysical properties in response to a plurality of treatments.. .
Fluorescent potassium ion sensors
This disclosure relates generally to potassium ion sensors and monomers derived from such sensors. The disclosure also provides for polymers (e.g., random copolymers, nanoparticles, polymer thin films, and sensors) having polymerized monomeric potassium ion sensors as described herein.
Methods of use of inhibitors of phosphodiesterases and modulators of nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, and metalloproteinases in the treatment of peyronie's disease, arteriosclerosis and other fibrotic diseases
The present methods and compositions are of use for treatment of conditions involving fibrosis, such as peyronie's disease plaque, penile corporal fibrosis, penile veno-occlusive dysfunction, dupuytren's disease nodules, vaginal fibrosis, clitoral fibrosis, female sexual arousal disorder, abnormal wound healing, keloid formation, general fibrosis of the kidney, bladder, prostate, skin, liver, lung, heart, intestines or any other localized or generalized fibrotic condition, vascular fibrosis, arterial intima hyperplasia, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, restenosis, cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension or any condition characterized by excessive fibroblast or smooth muscle cell proliferation or deposition of collagen and extracellular matrix in the blood vessels and/or heart. In certain embodiments, the compositions may comprise a pde-4 inhibitor, a pde-5 inhibitor, a compound that elevates cgmp and/or pkg, a stimulator of guanylyl cyclase and/or pkg, a combination of a compound that elevates cgmp, pkg or no with an antioxidant that decreases ros, or a compound that increases mmp activity..
Protein involved in detection of cancer metastasis and a treatment thereof
Using phosphoproteomics, we profiled the phosphorylation levels of hundreds of proteins concurrently across an isogenic model of breast cancer metastasis. Among them is trpv4, a calcium channel that we found to be overexpressed in invasive breast tumors compared to ductal carcinoma in situ, a pre-neoplastic lesion and normal tissues.
Methods for treating and preventing neutrophil-derived net toxicity and thrombosis
Embodiments of the technology described herein are based upon the discoveries that neturophil extracellular traps (nets) provide a stimulus for thrombus formation and that nets are present in stored blood products. Accordingly, some embodiments relate to methods of treating and preventing toxicity of nets and thrombosis caused by nets.
Ddr1-binding agents and methods of use thereof
The present invention relates to ddr1 binding agents and methods of using the agents for treating diseases such as cancer. The present invention provides antibodies that specifically bind to an extracellular domain of ddr1 and modulate ddr1 activity.
Protein comprising truncated form of extracellular region protein of frizzled2, and pharmaceutical composition for treating bone diseases which comprises said protein
The present invention provides a protein comprising a truncated form of an extracellular region protein of frizzled 2, which has higher secretion activity than that of a known protein comprising an extralellular cysteine-rich domain of frizzled 2 in a production cell and bone mass-increasing activity higher than or equal to that of the known protein, or dna encoding said protein.. .
Use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors to treat tuberculosis
The present invention provides a method for treating a subject suffering from tuberculosis which comprises administering to the subject a composition comprising an amount of an inhibitor of a matrix metalloproteinase (mmp) in an amount effective to treat the subject, such that the therapeutic effect of said composition is different than the therapeutic effect attributable to the antibiotic properties of said composition. The present invention also provides a method for reducing or inhibiting destruction of lung extracellular matrix in a subject comprising administering to the subject at risk for such destruction a composition comprising an amount of an inhibitor of a matrix metalloproteinase (mmp) in an amount effective to reduce or inhibit destruction of lung extracellular matrix in the subject..
Modified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties
The present invention provides vegf antagonists with improved pharmacokinetic properties. According to certain embodiments, a fusion polypeptide capable of antagonizing vegf activity is provided comprising a modified extracellular ligand binding domain of a vegf receptor fused to a multimerizing component..
Recognition of cellular target binding by a bioactive agent using intracellular bioluminescence resonance energy transfer
The present invention provides compositions and methods for detection and analysis of intracellular binding of a bioactive agent to a cellular target. In particular, provided herein are bioactive agents tethered to fluorophores, cellular targets fused to bioluminescent reporters, and methods of detecting and analyzing the interaction of bioactive agents with cellular targets therewith..
Recognition of cellular target binding by a bioactive agent using intracellular bioluminescence resonance energy transfer
The present invention provides compositions and methods for detection and analysis of intracellular binding of a bioactive agent to a cellular target. In particular, provided herein are bioactive agents tethered to fluorophores, cellular targets fused to bioluminescent reporters, or portions, components, or subunits of bioluminescent reporters, and methods of detecting and analyzing the interaction of bioactive agents with cellular targets therewith..
Extracellular aldonolactonase
The present disclosure relates to hydrolysis of hexose-δ-lactones by use of an s. Thermophile extracellular aldonolactonase.
Extracellular polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by genetically engineered microorganisms
The present invention is in the field of biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha). The invention relates to a genetically engineered microorganism having at least one gene involved in the metabolism, preferably in the production, of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha).
Non-invasive detection of fetal genetic traits
Blood plasma of pregnant women contains fetal and (generally>90%) maternal circulatory extracellular dna. Most of said fetal dna contains 500 base pairs, said maternal dna having a greater size.
Topical anti-inflammatory compositions and uses thereof
Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions and topical formulations thereof that include multiple, phytochemically-active, nutraceutical compounds, and that possess potent anti-inflammatory and extracellular matrix-stabilizing properties both in vitro and in vivo. Also disclosed are prophylactic and therapeutic methods, as well as dosing regimens and medicaments for use in preventing chronic disease, for treating acute or long-term inflammatory-mediated conditions in affected or at-risk subjects, and for stabilizing one or more components of the mammalian extracellular matrix..
Extracellular targeted drug conjugates
Extracellular-targeted drug conjugates (edc) in which a targeting moiety targeting a protein associated with the na,k-atpase is linked to a drug that interacts with the na,k-atpase through a linker a stable linker are useful in the treatment of disease and as tools for the evaluation of biological systems.. .
Multimeric constructs
Multimeric fusion proteins of an ig-like domain of flt-1 are rendered functional by inclusion of a linker moiety. Vectors encoding the fusion proteins and host cells expressing the fusion proteins can be used therapeutically to block neovascularization in individuals with pathological conditions related to neovascularization.
Method for treating oncological diseases
A method to treat cancer and other malignant diseases, said method comprising parenterally administering an agent which destroys blood extracellular dna into the systemic circulation of a cancer patient to slow down cancer growth. The agent is embodied in the form of a dnase enzyme and, more particularly, as a dnase i enzyme.
Measurement of body fluid volumes
The present invention is related generally to measurement of body fluid volumes in an animal subject. The body fluid volumes of interest include extracellular fluid volume (ecfv), total vascular plasma volume (tvpv) and interstitial fluid volume (ifv).
Method for recycling metals
A method for recycling metals is provided by using extracellular proteins excreted by a specific thermophilic bacteria strain, tepidimonas fonticaldi sp. Nov., in which the extracellular proteins show excellent metal-ion binding ability, being useful in recycling rare earth metal ions and precious metal ions from geothermal fluids, boiler solutions, industrial wastewater or hard water..
Systems and methods for sterilization
Systems for sterilization of tissues, including acellular tissue matrices, comprising a package having a portion permeable to supercritical carbon dioxide and a portion impermeable to moisture are described. Methods of sterilizing acellular tissue matrices from soft tissues or demineralized bone are provided..
Galactose-rich polysaccharide, process for the production of the polymer and its applications
This invention concerns a biopolymer consisting of a polysaccharide composed of galactose (50-90%), glucose (1-25%), mannose (1-25%) and rhamnose (0.5-20%), which may additionally contain, in trace amounts, xylose, fucose, ribose, arabinose and/or fructose. The galactose-rich polymer also contains non-saccharide components, namely, acyl groups.
Extracellular matrix material conduits and methods of making and using same
Extracellular matrix (ecm) valve conduits are disclosed. Methods for regenerating atrioventricular valves to replace defective atrioventricular valves within a heart of a subject using the ecm valve conduits are also disclosed.
Production of fungal extracellular immune stimulating compounds
A process is described for the production of an immunostimulant by submerged cultivation of ganoderma lucidum in which mycelium from agar plates or a fermentation broth is added to a liquid medium in a shake flask or a bioreactor containing nutrients such as malt extract, yeast extract, peptone and glucose having access to air or to which air is added, and which is kept in constant movement at approx. 28° c.
Method for detection of intestinal, and blood-brain barrier permeability and testing materials thereto
Methods, assays, and apparatus are disclosed for testing of antigens associated with intestinal and/or blood-brain barrier permeability. For example, blood, saliva or other bodily fluid can be tested for binding (1) to a bacterial toxin (preferably a lipopolysaccharide), and (2) binding to tissue antigens selected from at least one of (a) a gut-related antigen and (b) a blood brain barrier-related antigen.
Biomarkers for myocardial ischemia
This invention relates, e.g., to a method for determining if a subject has myocardial ischemia, comprising (a) providing a blood sample obtained from a subject suspected of having myocardial ischemia; (b) determining in the sample the amount of one or more of the following proteins: (i) lumican and/or (ii) extracellular matrix protein 1 and/or (iii) carboxypeptidase n; and (c) comparing the amount(s) of the protein(s) to a baseline value that is indicative of the amount of the protein in a subject that does not have myocardial ischemia, wherein a statistically significantly increased amount of the protein(s) compared to the baseline value is indicative of myocardial ischemia. Other proteins indicative of myocardial ischemia are also described, as are methods for treating a subject based on a diagnostic procedure of the invention, and kits for carrying out a method of the invention..
Strain of cobetia marina and biosurfactant extract obtained from same
The invention discloses a bacterial strain of non pathogenic cobetia marina useful in aquaculture, corresponding to an isolated cobetia marina strain, gram negative, oxidase positive, deposited under registry number cect n° 7764; grows with dibenzothiophene (dbt) as the only carbon source. Also disclosed is a method to obtain a biosurfactant surfactant extract comprising growing strain cobetia marina (mm1ida2h-1) cect n° 7764 in a reactor with liquid growth medium from 24 to 48 hours at a temperature between 10 and 35° c., ph 6 to 8; constant stirring between 100 to 400 rpm and oxygen saturation between 10 to 21%; until obtaining a grown cell culture and extracellular products plus inorganic salts; separating the cells, lyophilizing supernatant, sieve the obtained powder and dry.
Inhibition of the nt-3:trkc bound and its application to the treatment of cancer such as neuroblastoma
The subject matter of the present disclosure relates to an in vitro method for the screening of anti-cancer compounds based on the capacity for these compounds to interact with neurotrophin 3 (nt-3 or nt3), to the extracellular domain or trkc receptor and/or to inhibit the dimerization of the intracellular domain of the trkc receptor expressed in tumor cells, particularly in neuroblastoma. The disclosure also relates to a method for predicting the presence of metastatic cancer or a bad prognosis cancer, or for determining the efficiency of an anti-cancer treatment based on the measuring of the expression level of neurotrophin 3.
Human cdr-grafted antibody and antibody fragment thereof
A human cdr-grafted antibody or the antibody fragment thereof which specifically reacts with the extracellular region of human cc chemokine receptor 4 (ccr4) but does not react with a human blood platelet; a human cdr-grafted antibody or the antibody fragment thereof which specifically reacts with the extracellular region of ccr4 and has a cytotoxic activity against a ccr4-expressing cell; and a medicament, a therapeutic agent or a diagnostic agent comprising at least one of the antibodies and the antibody fragments thereof as an active ingredient.. .
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating cancer
An isolated antibody that specifically binds to an extracellular domain of human ddr2 and has a therapeutic effect on a solid tumor is described. Also described is a method of treating cancer, the method comprising administering to a patient having a solid tumor an antibody of the present disclosure in a therapeutically effective amount..
Neuroprotective polyphenol analogs
The present invention provides neuroprotective polyphenol compounds, which can be synthetic analogs of fisetin, baicalein or chlorogenic acid, that maintain neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, glutathione promoting, and/or antioxidant properties. The neuroprotective polyphenol compounds are useful for promoting, enhancing and/or increasing neuron protection, growth and/or regeneration.
Methods and compositions for treatment of traumatic brain injury and for modulation of migration of neurogenic cells
Disclosed herein are methods for the treatment of traumatic brain injury by transplantation of cells descended from marrow adherent stem cells that express an exogenous notch intracellular domain. The transplanted cells form a pathway along which endogenous neurogenic cells proliferate and migrate from the subventricular zone to the site of injury..
Method of ex vivo cellular growth
The present invention relates generally to an ex vivo method of producing a population of cells and materials for use therewith. More particularly, the present invention is directed to an ex vivo method of generating the growth of a population of blood-derived cells and materials for use therewith.
Compositions for regenerating defective or absent myocardium
Compositions of the invention for regenerating defective or absent myocardium comprise an emulsified or injectable extracellular matrix composition. The composition may also include an extracellular matrix scaffold component of any formulation, and further include added cells, proteins, or other components to optimize the regenerative process and restore cardiac function..
Immunoglobulin-bound extracellular vesicles and uses thereof
Provided are methods of isolating igg-bound (e.g., igg-bound or protein g-recognized igg-bound) extracellular vesicles from a sample containing a biological fluid from a subject, where the igg (e.g., igg2 or protein g-recognized igg) is bound to an antigen present on the surface of the extracellular vesicle and the igg (e.g., igg2 or protein g-recognized igg) is an endogenous antibody. Also provided are methods of diagnosing a cancer in a subject that include detecting the presence of one or more tumor antigens in an isolated igg-bound (e.g., igg2-bound or protein g-recognized igg-bound) extracellular vesicle, and methods of treating a subject that include administering one or more cancer therapeutics to a subject having an igg-bound (e.g., igg2-bound or protein g-recognized igg-bound) extracellular vesicle that contains one or more tumor antigens..
Extracellular vesicle-associated protein markers of cancer
Extracellular vesicle-associated protein biomarkers for use in diagnosing and staging carcinomas, e.g., lung and ovarian cancers.. .

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