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Accommodation patents

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Illuminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof

Packing box

Two-far end supported actuator module for snake robot using inner wire

Date/App# patent app List of recent Accommodation-related patents
 Optical fiber adapter patent thumbnailOptical fiber adapter
An optical fiber adapter according to the present disclosure includes a main body, an inner housing and a cover plate. The main body has an accommodation room in an axial direction defined by a first wall, a second wall, a third wall and a fourth wall, wherein the first wall faces the third wall and connects with the second and fourth walls.
 Illuminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof patent thumbnailIlluminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof
An illuminating glazing unit for a vehicle includes a first sheet made of mineral or organic glass, a peripheral light source with a support profiled member referred to as source support, the emitting region or face of the source facing the edge face, referred to as injection face, of the first sheet for a propagation of the injected light within the thickness of the first sheet, the first sheet then playing the role of guide for the injected light, a device of extraction of the guided light so as to form at least one illuminating region, the source support being within an accommodation surrounded by material and covered by a cover, the cover and the source support being removable from the glazing unit.. .
 Packing box patent thumbnailPacking box
Disclosed herein is a packing box in which the size and shape of an accommodation space are easily changeable to ensure convenient use of the contents. The packing box includes a rectangular bottom member and four sidewall members adapted to be erected at an outer perimeter of the bottom member, thereby defining an accommodation space having an open top.
 Two-far end supported actuator module for snake robot using inner wire patent thumbnailTwo-far end supported actuator module for snake robot using inner wire
A two-far end supported actuator module for a snake robot using an inner wire includes: a module housing having a driving means and a reducer mounted therein, and having a plurality of accommodation portions on an outer surface thereof; an upper cover and a lower cover detachably installed at an upper part and a lower part of the module housing, respectively, wherein the upper cover has a rotation shaft passing hole for passing a rotation shaft therethrough, and the lower cover has a wire passing hole for passing a wire therethrough; a first connection bracket having one side coupled to one accommodation portion of the module housing, and another side coupled to a lower cover of another driving module, and configured to guide the wire thereinto; and a second connection bracket coupled to another accommodation portion of the module housing on the opposite side of the first connection bracket, and another side to which a rotation shaft is inserted to be supported.. .
 Optical sub-assembly and packaging method thereof patent thumbnailOptical sub-assembly and packaging method thereof
The present invention discloses an optical sub-assembly (osa) comprising: a base; at least one photoelectric component; and a housing. The base includes an alignment part including an upper surface and a side surface; the side surface includes a first surface and a second surface; and the first and second surfaces have different curvatures and/or constitute a discontinuous surface.
 Auxiliary washing machine and laundry treatment apparatus using the same patent thumbnailAuxiliary washing machine and laundry treatment apparatus using the same
Provided is a washing machine which may include a cabinet that defines an accommodation space, a washing device configured to be withdrawn from the accommodation space of the cabinet, and a front panel provided in front of the washing device that defines a front external appearance of the auxiliary washing machine. The washing device may include a drawer configured to be slidably inserted or withdrawn from the accommodation space of the cabinet, the drawer including a tub for wash water, a rotating drum assembly provided in the drawer, the rotating drum assembly having a drum and a rotating shaft connected to the drum and extending through the tub, and a motor provided below the drawer and connected to the rotating shaft to rotate the drum..
 System and method of performing femtosecond laser accomodative capsulotomy patent thumbnailSystem and method of performing femtosecond laser accomodative capsulotomy
Disclosed is a system and method for making a first incision in an anterior capsule of a capsular bag, the first incision being less than or equal to approximately 3.5 mm in diameter and making a second incision in the anterior capsule, the second incision being less than or equal to approximately 3.0 mm in diameter. The first incision and the second incision are positioned off-center from a center portion of the anterior capsule.
 Cell for fuel-cell battery using a proton exchange membrane, with gas diffusion layers of different rigidity at the anode and at the cathode patent thumbnailCell for fuel-cell battery using a proton exchange membrane, with gas diffusion layers of different rigidity at the anode and at the cathode
A cell structure for a fuel-cell battery, which allows the compromise necessary between the reduction in the non-uniformities of mechanical stress to be optimized, with the aim of obtaining a more uniform operation, and the independent accommodation with respect to the defects in planarity/thickness/alignment, while at the same time meeting the compactness constraint, comprises: a membrane/electrode assembly comprising a first electrode and a second electrode separated by a membrane; a gas diffusion layer stacked on each face of the assembly, between an electrode of the assembly and a current collector plate; and the gas diffusion layers stacked on either side of the assembly do not have the same rigidity, one of the gas diffusion layers having a young's modulus relative to an applied stress in the direction of the thickness, greater than the young's modulus of the other layer, in a ratio of the order of at least 100.. .
 Upper lid body of laptop patent thumbnailUpper lid body of laptop
An upper lid body of a laptop includes a rear case, a front bezel, a display panel and at least one magnetic component. The rear case and the front bezel are combined with each other and an accommodation room is defined therein, so as to place the display panel between the rear case and the front bezel.
 Mixed reality display accommodation patent thumbnailMixed reality display accommodation
A mixed reality accommodation system and related methods are provided. In one example, a head-mounted display device includes a plurality of sensors and a display system for presenting holographic objects.
Accommodation of different type of sensors in vibration monitoring system using external input or daughter board wtih interchangeable operating hardware
An apparatus and method for a monitoring system for operating equipment is provided. The monitoring system includes a first sensor having first operating parameters.
Container type refrigeneration system
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the transportation field, and provide a container type refrigeration system. The container includes an upper beam assembly, a lower beam assembly, a first end wall assembly, and a second end wall assembly, the upper beam assembly is spaced from the lower beam assembly to forma first accommodation space between the upper beam assembly and the lower beam assembly, the upper beam assembly and the lower beam assembly each has one end connected to the first end wall assembly and the other end connected to the second end wall assembly to forma second accommodation space above the upper beam assembly and between the first end wall assembly and the second end wall assembly, the first accommodation space is isolated from the second accommodation space through the upper beam assembly, the second accommodation space has a water chilling unit..
Roof element
A roofing element for mounting on a sloped roof includes a formed panel. In one embodiment the length is at least as great as the width, the width being cross-wise relative, the length running down the slope.
Elastic structure and shoe thereof
A shoe includes a shoe body, which forms an accommodation space; and an elastic structure, which includes an elastic connector; a first coupling section that is mounted to an end of the elastic connector; and a second coupling section that is set opposite to the first coupling section and is mounted to an opposite end of the elastic connector. The first coupling section is set at one side of the accommodation space and the second coupling section is set at an opposite side of the accommodation space.
Method of digitally constructing a prosthesis
A prosthetic limb and process to digitally construct a prosthetic limb which includes first, digitally producing a modified mold of a residual limb via 3d scanners and software; constructing a test socket from the digitally modified mold and be equipped with an alignable system; accurately scanning the test socket, along with finalized alignment that has been recorded and adjusted by a certified practitioner to provide a 3-d image of the finalized prosthetic alignment; transferring the finalized digital alignment of the test socket to the finalized digitally modified mold; once the modified model has received the transferred alignment, fabricating the type of hookup in the socket; i.e., plug fit, four hole, support drop lock, or any other type of industry standard connection or accommodation via basic 3d software; and once the desired prosthetic attachment is finalized, sending finished file to a 3-d printer to produce the definitive prosthetic device.. .
Touch-control accessory having a cleaning function, cell phone shield with said touch-control accessory
A touch-control accessory having a cleaning function and a cell phone shield carrying the touch-control accessory are disclosed. The cell phone shield includes a shield body having an accommodation chamber surrounded by a back wall and a coupling hole cut through the back wall, and a touch-control accessory detachably mounted in the coupling hole of the shield body and defining an electrically conductive touch-control area for touching the touchscreen of the cell phone to perform touch control functions and a wiping area for cleaning the touchscreen of the cell phone..
Terminal equipment with built-in retractable headset
The present invention provides a terminal equipment with a built-in retractable headset, comprising a case body (1) of the terminal equipment which includes an accommodation space; a headset which is arranged in the accommodation space and includes a headset assembly (2) and a headset line (3) which both can be pulled out of the accommodation space; and a headset line retraction device (4) which is arranged in the accommodation space and with which the headset assembly (2) communicates via the headset line (3). A signal line led from the headset line retraction device (4) communicates with an audio signal of the terminal equipment, and the headset assembly (2) and the headset line (3) can be retracted from the outside of the accommodation space via the headset line retraction device (4).
Dental implant pick up and drive assembly
The invention provides a dental implant pick up and drive assembly, comprising a dental implant and a pick up and drive device for picking up the implant and driving it into a patient's jawbone. The dental implant comprises a cavity disposed on one end of the dental implant, a first wall portion in a hexagon shape connected with the cavity, and a threaded portion enclosing the dental implant.
Construction machine
A right front housing cover is arranged in the right side of a working mechanism, and a first control valve is arranged in a front portion side of a valve accommodation room that is covered with the right front housing cover. Further, a signal control valve block is arranged in the back side of the first control valve and in the upper side of the first control valve, and a solenoid valve is arranged in the back side of the signal control valve block.
Liquid ejecting apparatus
A liquid ejecting apparatus includes an ejecting head that can eject a solution; a rotational body that has a circumferential surface which can accommodate the solution ejected from the ejecting head; a scraper that can come into sliding contact with the circumferential surface of the rotational body; and an accommodation container that accommodates the solution which is scraped off from the circumferential surface by the scraper. The accommodation container has a liquid storage section that stores a liquid which can dissolve a solute component of the solution..
Hardness tester
The hardness tester includes a plurality of weights; a transmission mechanism transmitting to an indenter a force of gravity acting on the weights; and a test force switching mechanism switching between magnitudes of a test force. The weights include hollow portions running through the weights in a vertical direction; and accommodation portions formed so as to be capable of accommodating the weight directly below.
Bolted steel connections with 3-d jacket plates and tension rods
A three-dimensional jacket-plate connector connects at least two members. The jacket-plate connector comprises first and second three-dimensional jacket plates.
Laundry treatment apparatus
A laundry treatment apparatus includes a connection duct into which air inside a drum, which provides a laundry accommodation space, is discharged. The laundry treatment apparatus also includes a discharge duct configured to extend in a longitudinal direction of the drum and connected to the connection duct and a filter assembly including a filter unit located in the discharge duct to filter air and an impurity remover unit configured to remove and compress impurities remaining on the filter unit.
Intraocular lens or lens system to provide monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points
An accommodative intraocular lens is described that provides monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points during accommodation. The intraocular lens includes a lens element having a series of stacked optics that can be formed utilizing multiple different materials, each of which can have a different stiffness.
Curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens
A curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens for implantation into the eye of a patient includes a lens body having a base lens which has a base lens power, and a haptic structure including haptic elements projecting from the base lens. An actuator is placed into engagement with the lens body, and includes actuator haptic elements.
Data cabling jack device and data cabling assembly structure
A data cabling jack device for configuring a plurality of cables on an assembly frame is provided. The data cabling jack device includes a housing and an engaging structure.
Battery pack
A battery pack includes a battery cell; a case comprising a first case and a second case coupled together and accommodating the battery cell, wherein the first case includes a first rib extending circumferentially around the first case and generally defining a battery cell accommodation space for the battery cell around an interior of the first rib, the first rib having a ridged section comprising alternating thick portions and thin portions.. .
Substrate transfer apparatus, substrate transfer method, and storage medium
A substrate transfer apparatus unloads a substrate from a transfer container in which a cover body airtightly closes a substrate unloading opening formed at a front surface of a container main body and multiple substrates are accommodated in the form of shelves. The substrate transfer apparatus includes a load port to which the transfer container is loaded; a detection unit configured to detect an accommodation status of the substrate in the container main body that is loaded to the load port and separated from the cover body; a substrate transfer device configured to enter the container main body and unload the substrate; and a correction device configured to correct the accommodation status of the substrate in the container main body before the substrate is unloaded from the container main body by the substrate transfer device when the detection unit detects abnormality in the accommodation status..
Washware carrier for accommodating washware in a variable manner
A washware carrier for the accommodation of washware to be washed in dishwasher includes a base portion, and a multiplicity of retainers for the washware. The retainers are arranged, in a row, with a first plurality of retainers being fixed and a second plurality of retainers configured for swing action.
Cell culture device
There is provided a cell culture device including a cell chip accommodation unit accommodating a cell chip therein, a drug storage unit storing a drug and having a closed structure, a first pipe connecting the drug storage unit and the cell chip accommodation unit and transferring the drug from the drug storage unit to the cell chip accommodation unit, a second pipe connecting the drug storage unit and the cell chip accommodation unit and transferring the drug from the cell chip accommodation unit to the drug storage unit, and a pump circulating the drug between the cell chip accommodation unit and the drug storage unit.. .
Apparatus for manufacturing cosmetics, comprising contents absorption step using absorbent
The apparatus for manufacturing cosmetics comprises the contents absorption step using an absorbent including: (1) a transfer table for transferring a cosmetic container, (2) a suction portion for sucking foreign matter inside an accommodation space of the cosmetic container, (3) a contents injection portion for injecting contents into the accommodation space, (4) an absorbent supply portion for injecting an absorbent into the accommodation space, (5) an absorbent press portion for repeatedly pressing the absorbent inside the accommodation portion, (6) an edge member supply portion for injecting an edge member for fixing the absorbent inside the accommodation space, and (7) an absorbent fixing portion for allowing the edge member to be fixed inside the accommodation space.. .
Dc link capacitor assembly
A dc link capacitor assembly is provided. The dc link capacitor assembly according to the embodiment includes a dc link capacitor disposed in a housing.
Eyeglasses-wearing simulation method, program, device, eyeglass lens-ordering system and eyeglass lens manufacturing method
An eyeglasses-wearing simulation method comprising: a step of creating a pair of left and right original images for enabling a patient to perform stereoscopic viewing by utilizing binocular parallax, based on virtual scene data constituted by virtual objects placed in visual field spaces of the left and right eyes; a step of calculating distortion and blur of a right eye eyeglass lens and adding the distortion and blur to the right eye original image, and calculating distortion and blur of a left eye eyeglass lens and adding the distortion and blur to the left eye original image; and a step of stereoscopically displaying the processed images viewed through the pair of left and right eyeglass lenses on a screen, wherein a value of the blur is calculated by setting a same amount of accommodation to the left and right eyes in regard to all of object points.. .
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device comprising the same
Disclosed are a backlight unit and a liquid crystal display device including the same with a light guide plate of a reduced size to enable driving at a low power and manufacture at a low cost despite using fewer light sources, and realizing high-brightness and high quality-driving. The backlight unit includes a lower case having a bottom surface and side walls extending upward extended from edges of the bottom surface.
Back frame for installing back light source, a back light source and a display device
The embodiments of the present invention provide a back frame for installing back light source, a back light source and a display device. The back frame comprises a frame body having an accommodation space for holding a light guide plate; a light source seat detachably connected to said frame body for placing a light source.
System and method for remote measurement of optical focus
A system and method that measures an optical focus of a distant optical imaging system (eye), in particular the ocular accommodation of a distant human subject. A luminous pattern of light (p1, a1) is projected by a projector (p) in focus (a2) at a known focal plane (fpl1) in front of the distant optical imaging system (eye), and an image of the reflection of the pattern (a3) on a sensor surface of the distant optical imaging system (eye), for instance the retina of an eye, is recorded by a camera (cam) having an optical axis (axcam) coinciding at least partly with or situated close to the optical axis (axp) of the projection device (p).
Mechanical seal
A mechanical seal has a structure wherein a plurality of sealed-fluid-accommodating blocks separated in the circumferential direction are formed on either the sealing face of a fixed ring or the sealing face of a rotating ring so as to communicate with a sealed fluid accommodation space. Pumping parts for creating a pumping action due to the fixed ring and the rotating ring sliding while undergoing relative rotation are formed on a bottom part of the plurality of sealed-fluid-accommodating blocks.
Packaging construction
The present disclosure is directed to a packaging construction for columnar batteries. The packaging construction includes an accommodation case including a bottom plate, and side plates located on outer edges of the bottom plate; a first tray having first recesses into which one end portions of the batteries are fitted, placed immediately above the bottom plate, and fixed to the accommodation case; and a second tray having second recesses into which the other end portions of the batteries are fitted, and placed above the first tray.
Ampoule for storing implant capable of maintaining humidity
An ampoule for storing an implant capable of maintaining humidity includes: a container capable of airtight sealing at least momentarily or temporarily; a partition member which divides an accommodation space inside the container into two spaces, first and second spaces, and allows vaporized water molecules to be transported between the divided spaces; and a water molecule supply source which is accommodated in the first space of the two spaces divided by the partition member and supplies the vaporized water molecules. Therefore, the invention enables the construction of an environment which allows the hydrophilicity of the implant to be maintained for a long time, wherein the hydrophilicity is imparted to and protected from the surface of the implant or a coating layer formed on the surface of the implant..
Tool module for textile machine
A tool module (16) comprises a module body (15) comprising at least two contact surfaces (22, 27). They are separated from one another by means of a groove (30) and one of them extends into the groove (30).
Sensor unit for a vehicle
A sensor arrangement for a vehicle has a sensor unit and a cable arrangement, wherein the sensor unit comprises a main support and an electronics part which is connected to the main support and has a sensor element, wherein the cable arrangement, which comprises at least one individual wire, can make electrical contact with the electronics part by means of at least one contact-making means. The main support is designed as an open housing which has at least one insertion opening for accommodating the at least one contact-making means and an accommodation pocket for at least partially accommodating the electronics parts, wherein an elastic cap with means for fastening the sensor unit in the vehicle is provided, it being possible for said elastic cap to be pushed at least partially over the main support, and said elastic cap closing off the accommodation pocket in a sealed manner..
Urinary catheter assembly allowing for non-contaminated insertion of the catheter into a urinary canal
A catheter assembly allowing for non-contaminated insertion of the catheter into the urinary canal. The catheter assembly includes a urinary catheter, a catheter package and a sealing member.
Protection and accommodation system, in particular for a device for delivering a treatment to a patient
The protection and accommodation system is suitable in particular for a device (c) for delivering a treatment to a patient, for instance a drug by intravenous way. The system includes: a support structure arranged to be attached in a removable manner to the patient's body and defining a cavity arranged to accommodate at least one part of the device (c), and a retaining structure associated with the support structure and arranged to be coupled with a fixing portion (w) of the delivery device (c) so as to prevent a relative movement of the fixing portion (w).
Light guiding system and ceiling structure
The present invention relates to a light guiding system and a ceiling structure. The light guiding system includes a first light guiding element and a second light guiding element disposed on a first plane and a second plane of a accommodation space, respectively.
Prefilled liquid cartridge for the supply of a sample separation device with an operating liquid
Prefilled liquid cartridge for fluidically connecting to a sample separation device for separating of components of a fluidic sample by using liquid of the liquid cartridge, wherein the liquid cartridge comprises a liquid container which is prefilled with liquid and a liquid removal access provided at the liquid container, adapted to be fluidically coupled with at least one liquid conduit of the sample separation device by only inserting the liquid cartridge in a corresponding liquid cartridge accommodation of the sample separation device.. .
Linear actuator
A linear actuator includes a motor, a transmission mechanism including a housing defining an accommodation chamber, a screw rod inserted with its one end into the accommodation chamber, a worm gear threaded onto the screw rod and coupled to the motor, two axle bearings mounted at the worm gear at two opposite sides and a top cover covering the housing, and a linking mechanism fixedly mounted in the housing and including a tubular member defining a longitudinal straight passage for receiving the other end of the screw rod and two sliding slots at two opposite sides and a screw nut formed of a linking member that is threaded onto the screw rod and two mating connection members respectively slidably mounted in the sliding slots and connected to the linking member. Thus, the supported worktable can be moved along the full length of the screw rod..
Thermal exchange food processing device and method of producing same
A thermal exchange food processing device is comprised of a thermal conductive body, thermal insulation layer and phase change material. The thermal conductive body consists of an acting region and an inner thermal conductive region disposed in accordance to and in thermal connection to the acting region.
Protection and accommodation system, in particular for a device for delivering a treatment to a patient
The protection and accommodation system is suitable in particular for a device (c) for delivering a treatment to a patient, for instance a drug by intravenous way. The system includes: a support structure arranged to be attached in a removable manner to the patient's body, and a retaining structure associated with the support structure and including a deformable material arranged to be deformed by a compression performed by an operator which pushes a fixing portion (w) of the delivery device (c) against the deformable material, and arranged for embedding and retaining the fixing portion (w) by at least partial, elastic return performed by the deformable material after the compression performed by the operator..
Mobile terminal and method for manufacturing same
Disclosed are a mobile terminal and a method for manufacturing same. The mobile terminal of the present invention comprises: a receiver for receiving voice signals; a combination receiver led lens and bracket having a receiver accommodation portion for accommodating the receiver; an led lens, which is provided together with the combination receiver led lens and bracket by means of a dual-injection molding method, so as to be integrally coupled to the combination receiver led lens and bracket; and a front surface case having a bracket accommodation portion for accommodating the combination receiver led lens and bracket.
Image reading apparatus
The instant application discloses an apparatus including an image forming unit and an image reading apparatus. The image forming unit may be disposed adjacent to the base wall of the image reading apparatus.
Stand structure for cup-shaped article
A stand structure is provided for placement of cup-shaped articles. The stand structure includes two upright rods which have a plurality of pairs of spaced and symmetrical protruding portions.
Paper made bearing plate capable of supporting electrical device and packaging box thereof
In a paper made bearing plate and packaging box thereof, the packaging box includes a box body and a paper made bearing plate provided in an accommodation space of the box body. The paper made bearing plate includes a cardboard and a standing pillar.
Ophthalmic devices and methods with application specific integrated circuits
Ophthalmic devices with dynamic electro-active elements offer variable optical power and/or depth of field that restore lost accommodation in individuals suffering from presbyopia or aphakia. An illustrative device senses physiological processes indicative of the accommodative response and actuates a dynamic electro-active element to provide the desired change in optical power and/or depth of field.
Device connector
A device connector that is to be connected to a device includes male terminals (21) to be connected to female terminals provided in the device and shield cables (90) are pulled out in a direction different from a connecting direction to the female terminals. An inner conductor (50) electrically conductively connects the male terminals (21) and the shield cables (90), and a fuse (30) is arranged in the inner conductor (50).
Developing device, and image forming apparatus using the same
A developing device includes a toner holding member that is rotatably installed opposite to an image holding member which holds a latent image and circularly moves, a supply member that has a rough surface capable of capturing toner, a toner supply portion that supplies new toner, and a restriction member that restricts an amount of toner used for development, wherein the toner supply portion connects an accommodation chamber to a developing chamber via a toner transport path, wherein a developing chamber side opening is located on a lower side of an accommodation chamber side opening of the toner transport path, and wherein a width size in a direction following a rotation direction of the supply member in the developing chamber side opening of the toner transport path is set to be smaller than an outer diameter of the supply member in a projection plane viewed from the supply member side.. .
Mono-block type optical fiber adapter
A mono-block type optical fiber adapter includes an adapter body including a partition wall between each two opposing accommodation chambers and a tubular coupling portion extended from each partition wall toward the inside of one respective front-sided accommodation chamber, a ferrule mounted in each tubular coupling portion and partially suspending in the respective rear-sided accommodation chamber, and a ferrule holder respectively mounted in each rear-sided accommodation chamber and attached to the suspended rear end of the respective ferrule. The one piece design of the adapter body facilitates mass production and effectively eliminates the dimensional tolerance and clearance problems of conventional designs.
Display device
A display device is proposed. The display device includes a frame, a back plate, a display panel, a flexible printed circuit board, and a tape.
Presbyopic treatment system
A method and system for treating presbyopia and pre-presbyopia are provided that do not compromise the wearer's intermediate or distance vision. The system is a lens and a lens series, wherein the power profiles of the lenses are tailored to provide an amount of positive add power in the near vision zone that is slightly less than that which is normally required for near vision accommodation, while also providing an amount of negative spherical aberration in the peripheral optical zone.
Antenna device
An antenna device includes a core, a first bobbin, and a second bobbin. A first antenna coil is wound around the first bobbin.
Door opening and closing device
A door opening and closing device includes: a motor; an output shaft configured to output power of the motor; a transmission mechanism configured to transmit the power of the motor to the output shaft; and an accommodation member configured to accommodate the motor and the transmission mechanism. The door opening and closing device is installed in a vehicle main body or a door supported by the vehicle main body in an openable and closable manner, thereby opening and closing the door by the power that is output from the output shaft.
Disc cartridge and changer
There is provided a cartridge including a plurality of optical information recording media having unique information recorded thereon, an accommodation body configured to accommodate the plurality of optical information recording media, and an identification device configured to store the unique information of the plurality of optical information recording media and supply the unique information to a changer in a non-contact manner, the identification device being provided in the accommodation body.. .
Face massaging device
Disclosed is a massage device for human face for driving vibration modules of a mask individually even without an external power supply to massage local or overall area of the human face and for driving vibrators of the vibration modules in various vibration pattern of pulse width modulation (pwm) to provide various massage functions such as appeasing, rubbing, picking, pressing, and knocking similar to massage carried out by human hands. The facial massage device includes a mask having an accommodation space therein and at least one vibration module accommodate in the accommodation space of the mask and having own power supply for allowing an independent operation..
Electrical connector
An electrical connector includes a housing body and a cover. The housing body includes a terminal accommodating hole that accommodates a terminal fitting, and a ferrite accommodating portion that accommodates a ferrite core.
Vehicle interior lighting
A vehicle interior lighting to be attached into a lamp attaching hole formed in a door trim of a vehicle has a design portion placed on a passenger compartment side of the door trim and a function portion that is placed on an outdoor side of the door trim and that is to be attached into the lamp attaching hole. The function portion has a housing that has an opening opened to the passenger compartment side, and a light source accommodation portion for accommodating and holding a bulb and a light source protective portion that provided with the housing so as to cover the opening and has a light passing aperture of size to prevent the light source from contacting an external member..
Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing combined wiring board
A method for manufacturing a combined wiring board includes providing a metal frame having an accommodation opening portion, positioning a wiring board in the accommodation opening portion of the metal frame, and subjecting the metal frame to plastic deformation such that a sidewall of the wiring board is connected to a sidewall of the metal frame inside the accommodation opening portion of the metal frame.. .
Combined wiring board
A combined wiring board has multiple piece components each including a wiring board, and a frame component having an accommodation opening portion and holding the multiple piece components in the accommodation opening portion such that each of the piece components is fixed to the frame component at an outer rim of each of the piece components. The frame component has a thermal expansion coefficient in a planar direction which is set higher than a thermal expansion coefficient of the multiple piece components in the planar direction..
Method for enhancing signal strength in mobile communication device
A signal-strength enhancing structure for use in a mobile communication device, includes a mobile casing having an accommodation plate for receiving the mobile communication device thereon and a lateral portion extending outwardly from a periphery confining the accommodation plate to enclose the mobile communication device at least partially once placed on the accommodation plate; and a metal element connected to the mobile communication device via a gap-coupled device.. .
Current sensor
A current sensor (1) that is used to detect a current that flows through a bus bar (100) includes: a base (10) that is attached to the bus bar (100); a magnetic thin film (20) that is mounted on the base (10); a luminescent device that irradiates light to the magnetic thin film (20); a photoreceptor device that detects light that is irradiated from the luminescent device to the magnetic thin film (20) and that is reflected from the magnetic thin film (20); a differential amplifier that converts an optical signal, detected by the photoreceptor device, into the current that flows through the bus bar (100); and an accommodation member (30) and pins (40) that restrict relative rotation of the magnetic thin film (20) with respect to the bus bar (100).. .
Refrigerator and method of manufacturing inner door thereof
A refrigerator provided with an inner panel molded through injection molding while an accommodation groove in which an installation member is accommodated is formed at the inner panel, and as a gasket is installed at an installation groove of the installation member, the use of a complex mold such as a slide core is minimized while making it easy to install the gasket at the inner panel.. .
Vehicular door frame having vertical sash
A vertical sash of a vehicular door frame includes a channel member defining a glass run accommodation space and an inboard-side member having a pocket portion disposed on the inboard side of the channel member. An inboard-side opening edge portion of the channel member and a pocket edge portion of the inboard-side member are joined together.
Proximity sensor and manufacturing method thereof
A proximity sensor includes: a transmitter unit for transmitting a light signal; a receiver unit for receiving the light signal reflected by an object to determine a proximity status of the object; and a housing defining a first enclosed accommodation space for accommodating the receiver unit, wherein the portion of the housing which defines the first enclosed accommodation space has a sealed light passage made of a light-transmissible material such that the receiver unit is capable of receiving the light signal reflected by the object through the light passage. The housing can further include a second enclosed accommodation space for accommodating the transmitter unit..
Packaging assembly for wiper assembly
A packaging assembly for enclosing a wiper assembly includes a base having a bottom, a first side, a second side opposing said first side, and an accommodation space to receive the wiper assembly between the first side and the second side. The packaging assembly also includes a cover connected pivotally to the second side of the base, the cover having a top, opposing first and second sides, and an accommodation space to receive the wiper assembly between the opposing first and second sides.
Autonomous cleaning device
Provided is an autonomous cleaning device that is capable of embodying various travelling motions, improving an obstacle avoidance capability, and stably travelling, the autonomous cleaning device including: a case in which an accommodation part and a hole are formed; and a wheel assembly accommodated in the accommodation part, wherein the wheel assembly includes: one wheel, of which part is exposed to an outside through the hole; a first motor that drives and travels the wheel; and a second motor that rotates the wheel so as to change a travelling direction.. .

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Accommodation topics: Accommodation, Control Unit, Circuit Board, Portable Computer, Chemical Reaction, Test Strip, Semiconductor Wafer, Semiconductor, A Fastening Device, Fastening Device, Partitioning, Ion Source, Ultrasonic, Longitudinal Direction, Compliance

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