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Accommodation patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Accommodation-related patents
 System and method for ensuring reasonable housing accommodation patent thumbnailSystem and method for ensuring reasonable housing accommodation
A system and method enables one or more users to computationally ensure compliance with various reasonable accommodation laws.. .
 Personalized health history system with accommodation for consumer health terminology patent thumbnailPersonalized health history system with accommodation for consumer health terminology
Personalization of access to health-related information on a computer network is provided based upon a health history of a user. In one implementation, personal health-related information about the user is obtaining from the user operating a client computer.
 Combination therapy including peripheral nerve field stimulation patent thumbnailCombination therapy including peripheral nerve field stimulation
Delivery of peripheral nerve field stimulation (pnfs) in combination with one or more other therapies is described. The other therapy delivered in combination with pnfs may be, for example, a different type of neurostimulation, such as spinal cord stimulation (scs), or a drug.
 Plate-style water vapor transfer unit with integral headers patent thumbnailPlate-style water vapor transfer unit with integral headers
A water vapor transfer unit having fluid flow conduits which distribute wet or dry fluid throughout the water vapor transfer unit, which are created by forming apertures in each wet and dry plate so that when the plates are stacked, fluid flow inlet and outlet headers are integrated into the flow stack. These integrated headers negate the need for traditional wet and dry fluid inlet and outlet manifolds external to the water vapor transfer unit stack.
 Fuel cell patent thumbnailFuel cell
A fuel cell including a unit cell having an anode, an electrolyte membrane, and a cathode in this order, a liquid fuel accommodation portion composed of a space opening on an anode side and arranged on the anode side, for accommodating or allowing flow of liquid fuel, and a first moisture retention layer arranged between the unit cell and the liquid fuel accommodation portion is provided. This fuel cell may further include a second moisture retention layer arranged on the cathode.
 Powder accommodation container, image forming apparatus and manufacturing method of the image forming apparatus patent thumbnailPowder accommodation container, image forming apparatus and manufacturing method of the image forming apparatus
A powder accommodation container includes an accommodation container body, a regulation member, and a transport member. The accommodation container body has a hole portion to outside and accommodates powder.
 Powder accommodation container, image forming apparatus and manufacturing method of the image forming apparatus patent thumbnailPowder accommodation container, image forming apparatus and manufacturing method of the image forming apparatus
A powder accommodation container includes an accommodation container body, a regulation member, and a transport member. The accommodation container body has a hole portion to outside and accommodates powder.
 Kitchen appliance patent thumbnailKitchen appliance
A kitchen appliance comprising a base station having a support surface on an upper portion thereof and a rotatable drive shaft comprising a first coupling part at a free end thereof. The appliance comprises a removable bowl comprising a bottom part that is supported by the support surface during operation and a coupling member supported from said bottom part.
 Liquid accommodation member, liquid accommodation member unit and liquid consumption device patent thumbnailLiquid accommodation member, liquid accommodation member unit and liquid consumption device
A liquid accommodation member includes a liquid accommodation chamber, a liquid outlet port that is capable of leading the liquid to a liquid consumption portion from the liquid accommodation chamber, a liquid inlet port through which the liquid is capable of being injected into the liquid accommodation chamber, a visual recognition surface through which a liquid level of the liquid accommodated in the liquid accommodation chamber is capable of being visually recognized, an illumination portion that illuminates the liquid accommodation chamber, and a displacement member that is displaced between a time of liquid injection at which the liquid is injected through the liquid inlet port and a time of liquid non-injection at which the liquid is not injected. The illumination portion lights up when the displacement member is displaced from a liquid non-injection position at which the displacement member is located at the time of the liquid non-injection..
 Fixing bracket for antenna cable and portable terminal having the same patent thumbnailFixing bracket for antenna cable and portable terminal having the same
Provided is a portable terminal. The portable terminal includes a metal frame including a cable accommodation part; an antenna cable accommodated into the cable accommodation part, the antenna cable including a conductive part; and a bracket clamping the antenna cable, the bracket being inserted into and coupled to the cable accommodation part.
Box for dispensing blister-packaged drug
Provided is a box for dispensing blister-packaged drugs. The box for dispensing blister-packaged drugs includes a drug accommodation unit having an accommodation space in which the plurality of blister-packaged drugs are separately accommodated, the drug accommodation unit being disposed in at least one row, a position moving unit coupled to the drug accommodation unit to move a position of the drug accommodation unit, and a dispensing unit disposed in the movement direction of the drug accommodation unit to dispense the blister-packaged drugs accommodated in the drug accommodation unit one by one to the outside..
Packing box used for accommodation of plate bodies
The present invention relates to a packing box for accommodation of plate bodies, which comprises a backplane, and a side plate vertically arranged at the periphery of the backplane, the plate body including a main body, and a pcb plate connected through a flexible sheet to the edge of the main body, a positioning member being further arranged in the space enclosed by the backplane and the side plate for preventing the pcb plate from moving relative to the main body. The positioning member of the present invention can prevent the pcb plate from moving relative to the main body of the plate body, playing a role in protecting the circuit on the flexible sheet and having low costs..
Wire accommodation protector
A wire accommodating protector includes a protector body and a lid for covering the protector body. Lock lugs are provided on outer peripheral edges of the lid and protrude toward the protector body in a manner that allows the lock lugs to flex.
Motor and washing machine having the same
A motor includes a stator and a rotor rotatably disposed at an inside or outside of the stator. The rotor includes a plurality of rotor cores radially disposed, a plurality of magnets respectively disposed between the rotor cores, a molding to support the rotor cores and the magnets and define an accommodation space to accommodate an inner magnetizing yoke to magnetize the magnets, and a gap maintaining portion formed at at least one section of an inner circumferential surface of the molding in order to maintain a gap between an outer circumferential surface of the inner magnetization yoke and inner circumferential surfaces of the rotor cores between about 2 mm and about 5 mm when the inner magnetization yoke is accommodated in the accommodation space to magnetize the magnets..
Hotel booking management system
A hotel booking management system has a member services platform, a hotel information services platform, a guest operation interface and a hotel management interface. The guest operation interface serves for a guest to connect a mobile device thereof to the member services platform in completion of a membership registration.
Vending accommodation and accessibility
Vending accommodation and accessibility is described in connection with completing transactions by a machine. In certain aspects, the method includes entering an accommodation mode based on a user selection, displaying an accommodation menu comprising at least one selection button and a list of items available for vending, and announcing a selected item of the list of items available for vending.
Probe and endoscope
A probe is a probe insertable through a channel provided in an endoscope insertion portion. The probe is provided with a plurality of accommodation portions for accommodating a plurality of coil units having a predetermined length and a predetermined height, and a plurality of axial portions.
Fuel cell module
A fuel cell module includes a vaporizer; a reformer; a cell stack; and a housing which accommodates in inside thereof the vaporizer, the reformer, and the cell stack and includes in inside thereof a wall portion defining an exhaust gas flow channel, wherein the wall portion comprises an inner wall portion; and an outer wall portion, and defines the exhaust gas flow channel communicating to the accommodation chamber between the inner wall portion and the outer wall portion, and the vaporizer is disposed in the exhaust gas flow channel at a position below the reformer and the cell stack so that the vaporizer is spaced from the reformer, and further, spaced from the outer wall portion.. .
Liquid ejecting apparatus
A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a main body in which an opening portion exposing at least a portion of a carriage moving area, a cover section displaceable with the main body, an ink tank that is located outside the main body, an ink supply tube for supplying ink from the ink tank to a head, and a spacer that forms a gap between the main body and the cover. An accommodation section is configured by a casing portion formed to protrude in a discharge direction of paper.
Brake chamber, boot member, and bush member
A brake chamber includes a rod member that makes reciprocating motion within a cylinder through a pressure of compressed air or an urging force of a spring, thereby causing a pushrod for activating a brake device of a vehicle to proceed into the brake device. The brake chamber further includes a diaphragm that deforms in response to supply of the compressed air to push the rod member, and a housing that forms an accommodation space for the diaphragm.
Device for checking the door of a vehicle
A device for checking the door of a vehicle that includes a fixing member that is attached to a vehicle body; a checker arm, an edge of which is hinge combined with the fixing member to be rotated and is located between a door and the vehicle body; and a door checker that is attached to the door to maintain the door in a stop-state at a position on a moving path of the door while sliding in a length direction of the checker arm by accommodating the checker arm therein, wherein the door checker includes: a housing in which an accommodation space is formed; a transformation element that is accommodated in the housing and transforms a straight line motion of the checker arm into a rotational motion by being engaged with the checker arm; a rotation element that is disposed within the housing, rotates by being engaged with the transformation element, and includes a friction plate; a fixing element that is fixedly installed in the housing and restricts the rotation member by attracting the friction plate of the rotation element by an electromagnetic force when an electrical signal is applied thereto; and a control element that controls on and off of the electrical signal being applied to the fixing element.. .
Accommodating intraocular lens
An accommodating intraocular lens comprising a lens optic coupled to at least one haptic and at least one deformable connecting bar positioned between the lens optic and the at least one haptic such that the connecting bar facilitates accommodation by deforming in response to a vitreous pressure change.. .
Electronic apparatus
Provided is an electronic apparatus that has enhanced strength and reduced weight. An electronic apparatus includes: a housing having two faces that face each other, having an accommodation space therein, and having an opening on one of the two faces; and an electronic device contained in the accommodation space.
Image recording apparatus
This image recording apparatus comprises: a sheet accommodation portion configured to accommodate a sheet therein; a conveyance mechanism configured to convey the sheet along a conveyance direction from the sheet accommodation portion; a recording unit configured to record an image onto the sheet conveyed by the conveyance mechanism; a housing accommodating the conveyance mechanism and the recording unit and having therein open space that opens toward an outside of the image recording apparatus while holding the sheet accommodation portion; and a speaker disposed inside the housing and configured to output sound to the open space.. .
Charging connector accommodation apparatus for use in truck-type electric vehicle
A charging connector accommodation apparatus for use in a truck-type or pickup-type electric vehicle includes a box body having an opening facing an outside of a vehicle body and an opening facing an inside of the vehicle body, and a lid member. The box body includes a frame body, and a center panel disposed inside the frame body.
Sealing system for a solenoid valve and solenoid valve
A sealing system for a solenoid valve is provided for accommodation in a recess in an actuating element movable by a coil. The recess proceeds from an end face of the actuating element close to a valve seat.
Structure of tool holding sheath
The present invention is related to a structure of a tool holding sheath which comprises: a first accommodation body defined by a plurality of first accommodation spaces; and a second accommodation body pivoted with the first accommodation body; wherein the second accommodation body is defined by a plurality of second accommodation spaces set with the first accommodation spaces interlacedly. Through the above-mentioned structure, a user may receive the wrench tools in order and fit into the first accommodation spaces and the second accommodation spaces to have better positioning and holding functions.
Model based engine inlet condition estimation
A gas turbine engine inlet sensor fault detection and accommodation system comprises an engine model, an engine parameter comparison block, an inlet condition estimator, control laws, and a fault detection and accommodation system. The engine model is configured to produce a real-time model-based estimate of engine parameters.
Torsion bar accommodating intraocular lens
An accommodating intraocular lens comprising a lens optic coupled to at least one haptic and a torsion bar positioned between the lens optic and the at least one haptic such that the torsion bar facilitates accommodation by deforming in response to a vitreous pressure change.. .
Head-worn device with flight mode
A head-worn device includes: a transceiver for wireless interconnection of the head-worn device with another device; and a housing for accommodation of parts of the head-worn device, the housing having a battery compartment for accommodation of a battery for power supply of the head-worn device, and a battery cover for closing the battery compartment; and a controller that is configured to disable the transceiver in response to repeated opening and closing operations of the battery cover, while the parts of the head-worn device are operational.. .
Sensor device and method for producing a sensor device for accommodation in a galvanic cell
A cell mounting module for at least one electrical energy storage cell, including a module body device having a module region which has at least one cell accommodating recess for accommodating and mounting the at least one electrical energy storage cell, an electrical connection region having at least two electrical pole terminals, and a coolant connection region having at least one coolant inlet for supplying a coolant and at least one coolant outlet for discharging the coolant; at least one electrical connector which is designed to electrically connect the two electrical pole terminals of two identical cell mounting modules; and at last one mechanical connecting means which is designed to connect the at least one coolant inlet and the at least one coolant outlet of two identical cell mounting modules in a fluid-tight manner.. .
Developing device
A developing device includes: a developing frame having an opening; a developing roller that is arranged to the opening and is configured to carry developer; a supply roller configured to supply the developer to the developing roller, and a layer thickness regulation member configured to regulate a layer thickness of the developer carried on the developing roller. The developing frame includes: a developer accommodation chamber configured to accommodate the developer; a developer supply chamber configured to supply the developer, which is supplied from the developer accommodation chamber, to the supply roller; a developer return chamber that is arranged above the developer supply chamber and is configured to return the developer, which is scraped off by the layer thickness regulation member, to the developer accommodation chamber.
Techniques for occlusion accomodation
Techniques may be used to accommodate occlusion. An occlusion accommodation application may determine a display position of a display of a computing device, an eye position of an eye of a user and an object position of an object.
Organic layer deposition apparatus, organic light-emitting display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display apparatus
An organic layer deposition apparatus includes a transfer unit; a first conveyer unit including a guide member having accommodation grooves, a first accommodation part, a second accommodation part, and a connection part that connects the first accommodation part to the second accommodation part; a second conveyer unit for moving the transfer unit without the substrate; a loading unit for fixing the substrate on the transfer unit; a deposition unit including a chamber and an organic layer deposition assembly; and an unloading unit for separating the substrate, wherein the first accommodation part of the guide member is located close to ground compared to the second accommodation part, and includes a lower member, an upper member, elastic members located between the lower and upper members. The substrate fixed on the transfer unit is spaced from the organic layer deposition assembly while being transferred by the first conveyer unit..
Package structure of liquid crystal display module
The present invention provides a liquid crystal display module packaging structure, which includes a package box and a cushioning device received in the package box. The cushioning device includes a bottom cushioning piece and a top cushioning piece used in combination with the bottom cushioning piece.
Drive structure for electric bicycle
A motor structure for an electric bicycle including a motor provided with a rotor and a stator to generate a rotary force to drive a wheel of the electric bicycle, the rotor having an accommodation space formed at a center thereof, a first decelerator unit disposed in the accommodation space and connected to a rotating shaft that is rotated together with the rotor, a second decelerator unit connected to the first decelerator unit and disposed outside the motor, and a motor housing to accommodate the motor and the second decelerator unit.. .
Automatic refracto-keratometer
An auto refracto-keratometer not only produces a black-and-white image for observing the alignment of eyes to be examined using an infrared illumination light but also has a color observation optical system for observing a condition of eyes to be examined using color-illumination light. The auto refracto-keratometer comprises an infrared optical system for examining an alignment and corneal curvature of eyes to be examined; a fogging optical system for relaxing accommodation of the eyes; a measuring optical system for measuring refractive power of the eyes; and a color observation optical system having a visible light source for emitting at least one visible light to the eyes and a 2-dimensional imaging device for detecting image of visible light reflected by the eyes..
Sensor device and method for producing a sensor device for accommodation in a galvanic cell
A sensor device for accommodation in a galvanic cell, having a sensor for detecting a predetermined measured quantity of the galvanic cell. The sensor device includes a sensor housing for receiving the sensor, the sensor being disposed in a recess in the sensor housing, and a measured-quantity transfer medium that covers at least the recess in the sensor housing in fluid-tight fashion and is formed to couple the sensor to an external environment of the sensor device for the transfer of the measured quantity..
Refrigerator with drawer sealing apparatus
A refrigerator having a drawer sealing apparatus includes a refrigerator main body having a cooling chamber, a case disposed within the cooling chamber and forming an accommodation space with a front opening, a drawer accommodated in the case and having a drawer door for opening and closing the front opening of the case, and a sealing apparatus comprising a drawer side member disposed on the drawer door and a case side member disposed on the case, the sealing apparatus having a sealing position where the drawer side member and the case side member are engaged with each other to maintain a sealed state when the drawer door is closed, and an unsealing position where the engaged state is released when the drawer door is open.. .
Motor-driven compressor for a vehicle
A first accommodation chamber accommodating therein an inverter unit with a built-in inverter circuit and a second accommodation chamber accommodating therein a filter unit with a built-in filter circuit are formed individually in different positions of a housing of a motor-driven compressor for a vehicle. The input terminals and the output terminals of the inverter unit and of the filter unit are all arranged so as to extend in the same direction..
Washing machine
A washing machine provided with a balancing device which may suppress variation in horizontal vibration of a spin basket without performing control operation. The balancing device includes a ring-shaped casing installed to be concentric with the spin basket, and a plurality of the balancing balls and a viscous fluid.
Versatile compact air precleaner, air cleaning method and disposable air filter cartridge for air precleaner
A versatile compact air precleaner, air cleaning method and disposable air filter cartridge for air precleaner for separating heaver-than-air particulate debris from debris laden air to provide a clean airflow, wherein a flow path for air passing through a separator chamber of the air precleaner is retroflexed en route to the outlet. A plurality of independently rotatably adjustable housing sections of a housing provide utility with multiple clean air outlet configurations, freedom of direction of ejection of particulate debris from the ejector ports, different inlet configurations, mounting of the precleaner from different sides, accommodation of different sizes of filters, and different clean airflow rate capabilities.
Image-forming device having drawer to which cartridges are detachably attachable
In an image forming device, a drawer moves between an accommodated position in which the drawer is accommodated in an accommodation space of a main casing of the image forming device and a pull-out position in which at least part of the drawer is outside the accommodation space. Cartridges are detachably attachable to the drawer.
Optical fiber adapter having vertical wings
An optical fiber adapter includes an adapter body defining multiple first accommodation chambers and second accommodation chambers in opposing first mating portion and second mating portion thereof, a partition wall disposed between the first accommodation chambers and the second accommodation chambers, coupling portions respectively extended from the partition wall into the first accommodation chamber and the second accommodation chamber and two wings respectively vertically extended from opposing top and bottom sides of the partition wall, and ferrules respectively mounted in the coupling portions for guiding the optical fiber cores of each two respective optical fiber connectors into abutment for transmitting an optical signal. Subject to the design of the wings, a large number of optical fiber adapters can be closely mounted in a device housing having a limited width and height..
Magnetic resonance unit, a magnetic resonance apparatus with the magnetic resonance unit, and a method for determination of a movement by a patient during a magnetic resonance examination
A magnetic resonance unit with a housing unit and a patient accommodation area for the accommodation and/or holding of at least one part region of a patient is provided. The patient accommodation area is surrounded at least partially by the housing unit, a first and a second movement sensor unit for acquiring a first and a second item of movement information of a movement of the patient.
Airtight container for keeping food
The present invention relates to an airtight container for preserving food, and more particularly, in order to make the molding of the container easy, reduce the manufacturing cost of the container while minimizing the fraction defective, and manufacture a tempered glass container which is not broken by collision among containers during production or distribution by making the thickness of the entire container uniform, the present invention provides an airtight container for preserving food comprising a container body wherein a lid with a locking member is detachably coupled on the upper portion on the peripheral surface and a space for food accommodation is provided therein, wherein a stumbling sill 121 with a lateral groove toward the inner direction is formed on the outer surface of the wall 12 of the container body, a side wall of groove 122, which is extended downwardly from the width of the stumbling sill to the outer surface of the wall, is formed on both ends of the stumbling sill, and protruded surface 124 corresponding to the groove depth of the stumbling sill is formed internally in the inner surface of the wall, thereby forming the wall with a uniform thickness.. .
Banknote processing machine and banknote processing method
A controller 50 of a banknote processing machine 10 is configured to selectively perform a leaving mode, in which the banknote is fed out from each of the storing/feeding units 28, transported to the first cassette (recycle cassette 42) by the transport unit 24, and stored and left in the first cassette, when the first cassette is accommodated in the cassette accommodation unit 40.. .
Load sharing device and i/o architecture against imparted abuse loads
A bracket configured to be interposed between the housing of a mobile electronic device and an electrical receptacle that is disposed in the mobile electronic device. The bracket includes a bracket body, an elongated opening through the bracket and a sheath surrounding portions of the bracket body.
Push-fit connector
Push-fit connector and method of heating a fluid in the push-fit connetor. The push-fit connector includes a housing, an accommodation space and a connecting piece connected by a channel, a heating zone located in an inside of the channel and a heat-conducting element being arranged between the heating zone and the accommodation space..
Inflatable intra ocular lens/lens retainer
The invention provides for an inflatable intra ocular lens/lens retainer or a system of inflatable intra ocular lens/lens retainers, which are fitted into an aphakic eye, to substantially occupy the space previously held by the crystalline lens to retain and secure the position of delicate intra ocular structures of the eye. The inflatable lens/lens retainer may also be used suspend optical interfaces along the visual axis of the eye.
Filter module
A filter module (1) for cleaning a fluid, including a housing (2) with an inlet opening (3) and an outlet opening (4), wherein the housing (2) forms an accommodation space (5) in which at least one filter element (6) is accommodated, wherein the filter element (6) exhibits a filter medium (7) which is configured like a block in view of the problem of configuring a filter model such that the dead space in the housing is as small as possible, that the filter module has good filter performance and a cost-effective as well as time-saving fabrication and offers effective use of a filter medium, characterized in that the filter medium (7) is pleated and is telescoped into a block (8).. .
Battery assembly with adhesive stop mechanism
A battery assembly provided with an adhesive stop mechanism is disclosed. The battery assembly includes multiple battery cells, a primary retaining frame, a secondary retaining frame, two common electrodes and a bonding layer.
Cover opening/closing apparatus, thermal processing apparatus using the same, and cover opening/closing method
Provided is a cover opening/closing apparatus which includes: a wafer conveyance port having an opening edge and configured to be opened/closed by an opening/closing door; and a cover removal apparatus installed on the opening/closing door and configured to remove a cover of a foup which is formed with a substrate outlet having a opening edge. When the cover removal apparatus removes the cover of the foup, the opening edge of the substrate outlet is closely contacted with the opening edge of the wafer conveyance port.
Optical fiber adapter
The present disclosure provides an optical fiber adapter. The optical fiber adapter includes a main body, a plate and a key protrusion.
Computer cooling system
The present invention relates to a computer cooling system for using in a computer. The computer includes an accommodation chamber having a first, a second and a third accommodation spaces.
Rear portion structure for a saddle type vehicle
A rear portion structure for a saddle vehicle includes a wide accommodation space for accommodating parts therein while improving the foot grounding property of a rider. A rear fender of a motorcycle has a bottom wall disposed on the inner side of a rear frame in the vehicle widthwise direction, and left and right side walls extending upwardly from the bottom wall.
Piggyback holdback clamp
A clamp is provided for mounting to a cable. The clamp has attachment means for connecting to a pipeline.
Attachment structure of electrical equipment accommodation box
There is provided an attachment structure of an electrical equipment accommodation box in which an electrical equipment accommodation box accommodating therein an electrical component is attached to a wall surface of a vehicle body-side by a bracket. The bracket has a receptacle shape in which a bottom part is formed at a side facing the wall surface.
Self-contained mobile railroad magnetic resonance tomograph
A railroad car for the accommodation and operation of a magnetic resonance tomography is provided. The railroad car includes a magnetic shielding of a volume for accommodation of the magnetic resonance tomograph.
Accommodation compensation systems and methods
Methods and systems for obtaining an ocular aberration measurement of an eye of a patient are provided. Exemplary techniques involve obtaining a first induced metric for the eye that corresponds to a first accommodation state of the eye, obtaining a second induced metric for the eye that corresponds to a second accommodation state of the eye, and determining a natural metric of the eye based on the first and second induced metrics.
Transportation apparatus for electrochemical energy storage apparatuses
The invention relates to a transportation apparatus for hazardous materials, in particular for at least one electrochemical energy storage apparatus, having at least one accommodation apparatus for accommodating the hazardous material, said accommodation apparatus having at least one accommodation chamber; and at least one barrier device which screens the accommodation chamber at least in sections in at least one direction, wherein the barrier device has at least a first material and at least a second material, and said invention also relates to the production and use of said transportation apparatus.. .
Auxiliary washing machine and clothes treatment apparatus using the same
Provided is a washing machine which may include a cabinet that defines an accommodation space, a washing device configured to be withdrawn from the accommodation space of the cabinet, and a front panel provided in front of the washing device that defines a front external appearance of the auxiliary washing machine. The washing device may include a drawer configured to be slidably inserted or withdrawn from the accommodation space of the cabinet, the drawer including a tub for wash water, a rotating drum assembly provided in the drawer, the rotating drum assembly having a drum and a rotating shaft connected to the drum and extending through the tub, and a suspension assembly configured to support a vertical load of the rotating drum assembly such that the rotating drum assembly is suspended relative to the tub and to dampen vibration from the rotating drum assembly in a lateral direction..
Itinerary analysis for passenger re-accommodation
Systems, methods, and computer program products for analyzing itineraries to re-accommodate passengers in the event of a flight schedule change. A schedule change is received for an impacted flight and a plurality of original itineraries that include the impacted flight are identified.
Spinal implants and related apparatus and methods
Example spinal implants and related apparatus and methods are disclosed. An example spinal implant includes an outer corpus and an inner corpus axially displaceably coupled to the outer corpus.
Reconfigurable polarity detachable connector assembly
A reconfigurable polarity detachable connector assembly includes a housing defining two accommodation channels and providing a springy protruding member at a top side, two mating simplex connectors respectively detachably mounted in the accommodation channels of the housing, a fiber optic cable fastened to the housing with two optical fiber cores thereof respectively inserted into respective calibration support rods of the mating simplex connectors, and a sliding cap slidably coupled to the housing. The sliding cap is unlocked and can be moved backwardly relative to the housing to expose the optical fiber cores of the fiber optic cable to the outside of the housing for allowing position exchange between the two mating simplex connectors after the user presses the springy protruding member..
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
A tray for a dry etching apparatus includes substrate accommodation holes penetrating a thickness direction and a substrate support portion supporting an outer peripheral edge portion of a lower surface of a substrate. An upper portion includes a tray support surface supporting a lower surface of the tray, substrate placement portions on each of which a lower surface of the substrate to be placed, and a concave portion for accommodating the substrate support portion.
Liquid crystal glass packaging device
The present invention discloses a liquid crystal glass packaging device for accommodating various sizes of liquid crystal glass and including a box and a cover corresponding to and positionable on the box for closure. The box includes an outer case and an inner case arranged inside the outer case.
Detachable junction box base
A detachable solar junction box base is disclosed, having a junction box, whose left and right sides being respectively installed with a pivotal connection button, and the bottom side thereof being installed with at least an elastic snap tab, two elastic clip tabs, a first connection port and a second connection port; and a base, the body thereof being an integral base formed by two arm parts and a traverse board part, in which the two arm parts are located at the left and right sides of the base and the traverse board part is disposed at the front end of the base, and in which each of the arm parts is respectively installed with an ear seat and a pivotal connection hole at the interior corner thereof, as well as a hollow accommodation part constituted by the arm parts and the traverse board part to receive the junction box.. .
Motor vehicle battery
A motor vehicle battery has at least one battery module with a plurality of battery cells (11) that have connection poles and degassing predetermined breaking points (14). The battery module also has a common battery module control device (19) for all of the battery cells (11) of the battery module.
Contact lens use in the treatment of an ophthalmologic condition
The disclosure relates to the use of contact lenses for treating ophthalmologic conditions, such as presbyopia, induced myopia, computer vision syndrome, insufficient accommodation, or a condition associated with insufficient accommodation. The contact lens may be selected based on a measured sagittal depth and/or eccentricity of the cornea.
Liquid crystal display device, backlight module and back plate component
The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, backlight module and back plate component thereof. The backlight module includes optical member, and the back plate element includes first splicing element and second splicing element.
Magnetic chuck
The present invention relates to a magnetic chuck. The present invention provides a magnetic chuck capable of attaching and processing a workpiece by magnetism, and the magnetic chuck comprises: a small-sized magnetic member which includes a magnetic substance having magnetic properties, and panel units that are respectively positioned on both sides of said magnetic substance through heat treatment and in which non-magnetic panels are inserted between a plurality of magnetic panels; a sidewall unit which has accommodation grooves by positioning respectively a first sidewall and a second sidewall on both sides of said small-sized magnetic member; coupling members which are coupled by penetrating said small-sized magnetic member and the sidewall unit; alnico magnets which are inserted into said accommodation grooves; coils which are inserted into said accommodation grooves, and enclose the alnico magnets; fillings which mutually couple said alnico magnets and said coils, and are filled in the accommodation grooves such that one side of the alnico magnets is exposed; and a first insulator which is equipped on one side of said first sidewall to allow magnetism, which flows into the first sidewall, to flow in another direction..

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