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Abstraction patents


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 Device abstraction proxy patent thumbnailnew patent Device abstraction proxy
Described are systems and methods for implementing and operating a device abstraction proxy (dap). In one embodiment, the dap includes a communications interface to connect the dap to one or more access aggregation devices, each having a plurality of physical ports to provide digital subscriber line (dsl) communication services to a plurality of remote dsl terminals via the plurality of physical ports.

 Visualizing the structure and execution of a program patent thumbnailnew patent Visualizing the structure and execution of a program
A graphical representation of a set of graphical objects representing elements of a computer code is provided. The set of graphical objects includes a first graphical object and a second graphical object.
Prime Software Systems, Inc.

 User interface testing abstraction patent thumbnailnew patent User interface testing abstraction
An automated test is identified for testing a software system including a graphical user interface (gui) including a particular gui element, where the automated test is to simulate user interactions with at least the particular gui element. The particular gui element is of a particular type of gui element and the automated test includes a call to a particular one of a plurality of abstraction layer functions.
Ca, Inc.

 Virtual network abstraction patent thumbnailVirtual network abstraction
A method of defining a virtual network across a plurality of physical hosts is provided. At least two hosts utilize network virtualization software provided by two different vendors.
Nicira, Inc.

 Software with improved view of a business process patent thumbnailSoftware with improved view of a business process
The proper visualization of a business process plays a key role in analyzing, changing, simulating and monitoring the business process. Most bpms systems today, provide a modeling environment where the business user can define and visualize business processes as bpmn diagrams.
Aurea Software, Inc.

 Probabilistic inference engine based on synthetic events from measured data patent thumbnailProbabilistic inference engine based on synthetic events from measured data
Automatically create abstractions of large sets of data and then probabilistic inferences based on the abstractions. The probabilistic inference is derived from the logical hierarchy using bayesian statistics to infer a probabilistic event based upon a characteristic of the data in a hierarchy of synthetic events.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Open healthcare data platform patent thumbnailOpen healthcare data platform
The method further includes determining that a user's personal healthcare related data that is shared with a healthcare provider that provides services to the user corresponds to the one or more healthcare related parameters. The method further includes providing a request for access to the user's personal healthcare related data.

 Environment customization patent thumbnailEnvironment customization
A computing device and method to adjust operation of a smart device to customize an environment surrounding the computing device. The adjustment is made via an application program interface (api) having a language known to the smart device, and via a transport abstraction module to internally route data in a transfer stack and facilitate delivery of the data to the smart device..
Intel Corporation

 Pari-mutuel interleaved wagering system patent thumbnailPari-mutuel interleaved wagering system
A pari-mutuel interleaved wagering system is disclosed. The system includes an interactive controller constructed to communicate with a application controller and receive a thematic graphical display from the application controller, display the thematic graphical display to a user, receive a placement of a wager from the user, and communicate the placement of the wager to the application controller.
Gamblit Gaming, Llc

 Gambling game objectification and abstraction patent thumbnailGambling game objectification and abstraction
Electronic gaming machines including a plurality of real world controller modules, wherein each real world controller module is constructed to provide a gambling game; a game world controller, wherein the game world controller is constructed to: connect to a selected real world module; receive a conveyance of actions taken by a player, during the player's consumption of one or more elements of an entertainment game; trigger a commitment of a wager of real world credits in the selected real world controller module's gambling game; receive a gambling outcome of the wager of real world credits; increment in the entertainment game using the communications network, the one or more elements of the entertainment game when real world credits are won; and decrement in the entertainment game using the communications network, the one or more elements of the entertainment game when real world credit is lost.. .
Gamblit Gaming, Llc

System and off-host abstraction of multifactor authentication

An information handling system includes a first processor, a second processor, and a third processor. The first processor requests a single-factor authentication from the second processor.
Dell Products, Lp

Methods and systems for generating client-server applications for target devices

An input source is received by a compiler. The input source includes an abstraction of communication protocols between a plurality of output sources.

Storage stack architecture for many-log structured media

Operations of a variety of components of a storage system stack are redefined to make the system more efficient when the underlying media has a “multi-log” type interface such as the case with nand flash ssd memory or shingled magnetic recording media. The responsibilities of components of the storage system stack are modified such that each responsibility is performed at the most efficient component (level of abstraction) of the storage stack..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Self equivalence in hardware designs

A method for verification of hardware uses self-equivalence to leverage automated abstractions where data path elements are identical in two designs. Equivalence is used between a qualified design and an independent reference..

Organization categorization system and method

An organization categorization system and method is disclosed. The organization categorization system and method relies on server data to discover which business organizations are consuming the finite resources of the server and in what proportions.
Humana Inc.

Automatic semantic rating and abstraction of literature

Deep semantic analysis is performed on an electronic literary work in order to detect plot elements and optional other storyline elements such as characters within the work. Multiple levels of abstract are generated into a model representing the literary work, wherein each element in each abstraction level may be independently rated for preference by a user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated cloud system with lightweight gateway for premises automation

Systems and methods include a system comprising a cloud hub located in a premises. The cloud hub comprises adapters coupled to premises devices, and the cloud hub is configured as a gateway for the premises devices.

Integrated cloud system with lightweight gateway for premises automation

Systems and methods include a cloud hub located in a premises, and the cloud hub comprises adapters configured for coupling to premises devices. The cloud hub is configured as a gateway for the premises devices.

Conditional declarative policies

Methods, systems, and media for producing a firewall rule set are provided herein. Exemplary methods may include receiving a declarative policy associated with a computer network security policy; collecting information from at least one external system of record; generating a firewall rule set using the declarative policy and information, the firewall rule set including addresses to or from which network communications are permitted, denied, redirected or logged, the firewall rule set being at a lower level of abstraction than the declarative policy; and provisioning the firewall rule set to a plurality of enforcement points of a distributed firewall, the firewall selectively policing network communications among workloads using the firewall rule set..
Varmour Networks, Inc.

Social result abstraction based on network analysis

In an approach for aggregating interests across a social network to influence search results by a user, a processor retrieves a set of product documents given a rating by social network connections of a user within a social network. A processor categorizes each product document of the set of product documents such that there is at least a first product category.
International Business Machines Corporation

Computer-assisted abstraction for reporting of quality measures

Methods and systems are disclosed for tracking quality measures in abstracted documents. Embodiments include, determining, based on the abstracted content, a quality measure category, obtaining a quality measure definition corresponding to a quality measure included in the determined quality measure category, determining, based on keywords corresponding to the criterion, whether a portion of the abstracted content satisfies a criterion, recording, in association with the criterion, a reference to the portion of the abstracted content that satisfies the criterion; and selectively generating, a report including the query corresponding to the criterion, a query response, and the portion of the abstracted content satisfying the criterion..
Mmodal Ip Llc

Semantic visual hash injection into user activity streams

In various implementations, an abstraction is generated from an asset associated with an asset-modifying workflow. The abstraction can be embedded into an activity stream generated from an asset-modification application and communicated to a remote server device for collection and analysis.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Surface-modified metal and modifying metal surface

Provided are surface-modified metals and methods for modifying a metal surface, which involve a lubricating surface layer chemically fixed to the metal surface to provide excellent lubricity and excellent lubricant durability, and further which have good productivity and good economic efficiency. Included is a surface-modified metal whose surface is at least partially provided with a treatment layer having a thickness of 50 to 800 nm, the treatment layer being formed by treating a surface of a metal with a silane coupling agent, followed by adsorbing a hydrogen abstraction type photopolymerization initiator onto the surface and then polymerizing a monomer..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Accurate glitch detection

Systems and techniques for detecting design problems in a circuit design are described. A higher-level abstraction of the circuit design can be synthesized to obtain a lower-level abstraction of the circuit design, and a mapping between signals in the higher-level abstraction and the signals in the lower-level abstraction.
Synopsys, Inc.

Platform runtime abstraction

Systems, methods, and machine-readable and executable instructions are provided for platform runtime abstraction. Platform runtime abstraction can include creating a number of template models within a platform wherein the number of template models correspond to a provider mode and creating a number of abstraction layers that allow a provider to plug into the platform at runtime wherein the provider includes a provider sub-system and the provider model.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Systems and methods of improving parallel functional processing

The technology disclosed relates to improving parallel functional processing using abstractions and methods defined based on category theory. In particular, the technology disclosed provides a range of useful categorical functions for processing large data sets in parallel., Inc.

Assisting a user to identify outliers and anomalies in a dataset

The present disclosure relates to system(s) and method(s) for data processing and visualization. The system is configured to enable processing and visually representing a dataset specified by a user.
Kyvos Insights, Inc.

Placing virtual machines on physical hardware to guarantee bandwidth

Placing virtual machines (vms) on physical hardware to guarantee bandwidth includes obtaining a tenant application graph (tag) model, the tag model representing a network abstraction model based on an application communication structure between vms of components, determining bandwidths for the components based on the tag model, and placing the vms of the components on physical hardware based on the bandwidths for the components.. .
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Tribal abstraction network

This invention relates to tribal abstraction networks (tan), a new type of abstraction network designed for hierarchies that do not have attribute relationships, assuming only the existence of multiple parents. A tribal association network can summarize the content and structure of terminology hierarchies and support their quality assurance (qa) by identifying concepts with a higher likelihood of incorrect or missing is-a relationships..
New Jersey Institute Of Technology

Method and system for comparative data analysis

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for comparative analysis of data records. In particular embodiments of the present invention enable a computer system to provide a template lattice as an input to computer implemented abstraction of data from records for comparative analysis, abstract record data, map one or more record data elements to a mapped position, determine a plurality of lattice elements and a set of lattice element identifiers associated with the plurality of lattice elements to provide a characterising set for the mapped position and compare first and second data records in order to determine the degree of similarity between a first characterising set and a second characterising set for the respective first and second records.
Farrow Norris Pty Ltd

Data returned responsive to executing a start subchannel instruction

An abstraction for storage class memory is provided that hides the details of the implementation of storage class memory from a program, and provides a standard channel programming interface for performing certain actions, such as controlling movement of data between main storage and storage class memory or managing storage class memory.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Surface-modified metal and modifying metal surface

Provided are surface-modified metals such as metal medical devices, e.g. Guide wires, syringe needles, and metal tubes in medical devices or equipment, and methods for modifying a metal surface, wherein a lubricant layer is firmly bonded to the metal surface to impart lubricity to the metal surface and further to improve the durability of the lubricant layer on the metal surface, thereby suppressing deterioration of the sliding properties.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Single network interface for multiple interface virtual network functions

A virtual network function includes network interface via a single client network interface coupled to a network functions infrastructure. The network interface is provided using a virtual network function abstraction layer in the form of an implementation of a virtual network function in a virtual machine nested within a second virtual machine having a virtual switch.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Method for verifying hardware/software co-designs

A method for formally verifying a hardware/software co-design includes providing in a co-design, a first model, and a second model, the first model is one of a hardware model, and the second model is one of a software model, or vice versa, providing a safety property expected to be satisfied by the co-design, combining an abstraction of the first model and the safety property to obtain an abstracted first model, composing the abstracted first model and the second model to obtain a composed model, checking if the composed model satisfies the safety property, and signaling that the hardware/software co-design violates the safety property if the safety property is violated in the composed model.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Standardizing and abstraction system of records measured by a plurality of physical quantities' measuring devices

Processing system for standardization and abstraction of registers measured by measuring devices (1), which comprise processing means of measured registers (5) received for generating processed registers (5a) storable in a storage database (6) of processed registers, characteristics schemes (7a) of separate models of measuring device (1), which comprise at least one module (9) and at least one submodule (10) assigned to the said module (9) on the basis of its functioning mode (17a), each module (9) being allotted to at least one memory position of a measuring device model (1), associated with a single measuring point and assigned to at least one category map (8a) in which a submodule (10) is related to a category variable, with assignment tables (16) of category variables, mapping means (11) with assignment means (12) and transformation means (13) provided for transforming values of each measured register (1a) into values of processed registers (5a), expressed in the pre-established equivalent unit of measurement assigned to the corresponding submodule (10). The assignment means (12) are designed for assigning to each measured register (1a) read in the memory position (18a) corresponding to a submodule (10), the category variable with which the submodule is related in the assignment table (16)..
Iberia Technologies Integrated Solutions, S.l.u.

Spectrum abstraction for a shared coaxial cable network

A first multimedia over coax alliance (moca) compatible device comprises a physical layer profiling circuit and a spectrum abstraction circuit. The physical layer profiling circuit may for example be operable to measure a performance metric for each of a plurality of subbands on a shared coaxial cable of a moca network.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Action design apparatus and computer readable medium

An action design apparatus (100) includes a design tool group (120) that is a plurality of design tools (121) to generate design information in which a coordinated action among a plurality of devices is specified according to a user operation, each of the plurality of design tools (121) generating the design information in a different format. Each design tool (121) is provided with a corresponding design information abstraction unit (122).
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Software defined networking (sdn) orchestration by abstraction

An orchestrator is software appliance comprising of various software defined networking (sdn) applications. The invention is configured on northbound of the sdn controller.

Dynamic virtual machine network policy for ingress optimization

A method of performing ingress traffic optimization for active/active data centers. The method creates site-specific grouping constructs for virtual machines that run applications that are advertised to the external networks.
Vmware, Inc.

Netlist abstraction for circuit design floorplanning

Systems and methods are described for creating a netlist abstraction that provides full-chip context for performing circuit design floorplanning. The netlist abstraction can include a top-level netlist abstraction that corresponds to the top-level portion of the netlist, and a physical block netlist abstraction for each physical block in the circuit design.
Synopsys, Inc.

Patch memory system

A patch memory system for accessing patches from a memory is disclosed. A patch is an abstraction that refers to a contiguous, array of data that is a subset of an n-dimensional array of data.
Nvidia Corporation

Artifact manager for release automation

An artifact manager generates an abstraction for artifacts and repositories in a deployment platform such that the artifacts may be located uniformly and securely in each deployment environment during the deployment process. The described system includes a release automation platform having a release pipeline which is responsible for deploying build artifacts into multiple deployment environments, testing the build artifacts thoroughly in each environment, and follow organization-specific approval processes to promote the build artifacts to a next deployment environment..
Vmware, Inc.

Apparatus and reporting qos/qoe in mobile environment

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for reporting quality of a mobile streaming service. A terminal device provided with a mobile streaming service through at least one communication network measures quality of the streaming service, generates a mobile service quality indicator for monitoring quality of service (qos) or quality of experience (qoe) based on the measurement result, and reports the generated mobile service quality indicator in real time through a message queue interface (mqi) message, a network abstraction for media (nam) feedback message, etc., so that network conditions may be effectively monitored even in a mobile streaming environment..
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

Information processing systems, reasoning modules, and reasoning system design methods

Information processing systems, reasoning modules, and reasoning system design methods are described. According to one aspect, an information processing system includes working memory comprising a semantic graph which comprises a plurality of abstractions, wherein the abstractions individually include an individual which is defined according to an ontology and a reasoning system comprising a plurality of reasoning modules which are configured to process different abstractions of the semantic graph, wherein a first of the reasoning modules is configured to process a plurality of abstractions which include individuals of a first classification type of the ontology and a second of the reasoning modules is configured to process a plurality of abstractions which include individuals of a second classification type of the ontology, wherein the first and second classification types are different..
Battelle Memorial Institute

Methods and systems for searching logical patterns

Methods and systems for searching logical patterns in voluminous multi sensor data from the industrial internet is provided. The method retrieves instances of patterns in time-series data where patterns are specified logically, using a sequence of symbols.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Techniques to control computational resources for an electronic device

Approaches provided herein are directed to intelligently boosting, in a power efficient manner, cpu frequency in response to a touch gesture event. In some approaches, for example, a governor of a processor receives an instruction hint (e.g., an interaction hint or a vertical synchronization (vsync) hint) from a power hardware abstraction layer (hal), the instruction hint provided in response to at least one of: a scrolling touch gesture to a user interface, and an application launch touch gesture.
Intel Corporation

System, auto-optimization of access control policy and key management in a network authoring tool

In one embodiment, a method includes: presenting, in a user interface of an authoring tool, a plurality of levels of abstraction for a network having a plurality of devices; receiving information from a user regarding a subset of the plurality of devices to be provisioned with one or more security keys and an access control policy; automatically provisioning a key schedule for the subset of the plurality of devices in the network based on the user input and a topological context of the network; and automatically provisioning the access control policy for the subset of the plurality of devices in the network based on the user input and the topological context of the network.. .
Intel Corporation

System and automating information abstraction process for documents

A computer-implemented method, a processing pipeline and a system create a hierarchical semantic map of a document and extracted information. The method includes apportioning the document into major sections by accessing the document, recognizing a hierarchical structure of the document, and dividing the document into the major sections by using a data profiler and a machine learning module, classifying the major sections, and mapping the major sections to key elements in one of the multiple levels, searching one major section, and identifying sub-sections from the one major section to achieve a maximum confidence score indicates that the sub-sections associate with the key element, extracting the information from the identified sub-sections by using sequence modelers and linguistic characteristics provided by the data profiler, generating the hierarchical semantic map of the document by using the extracted information, and displaying in a user interface drop down selections of the key elements..
Accenture Global Services Limited

Sketch-based abstraction for character posing and synthesis

In particular embodiments, a 2d representation of an object may be provided. A first method may comprise: receiving sketch input identifying a target position for a specified portion of the object; computing a deformation for the object within the context of a character rig specification for the object; and displaying an updated version of the object.
Eth Zürich (eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)

Organization categorization system and method

An organization categorization system and method is disclosed. The organization categorization system and method relies on server data to discover which business organizations are consuming the finite resources of the server and in what proportions.
Humana Inc.

System and insulating a web user interface application from underlying technologies in an integration cloud service

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for providing an abstraction layer that insulates a web interface application from underlying technologies. The abstraction layer includes an application programming interface that exposes a plurality of services to the web interface application, for use in the entire life cycle of an integration project.
Oracle International Corporation

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