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 Apparatus and system for multifunction camming support shelf patent thumbnailApparatus and system for multifunction camming support shelf
An apparatus includes a multifunction shelf rotatably coupled to a chassis at one or more pivot points. The chassis includes a sub-chassis mounted in a first end of the chassis and connected to one or more connectors within the chassis.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Establishing geo-fences and related alarms patent thumbnailEstablishing geo-fences and related alarms
System and method of geo-fencing. A user equipment (ue) defines a geo-fence for an asset by tracking location coordinates of the ue with at least one sensor element, as the ue is moved around a perimeter of an area.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

 Nfc antenna architecture for mobile communication device with single-piece metal housing patent thumbnailNfc antenna architecture for mobile communication device with single-piece metal housing
Systems and methods for providing nfc (near field communications) in a portable communications device utilize antenna arms formed from openings in a metal unibody construction. Two of the antenna arms are driven by wifi and cellular drives respectively, while an nfc antenna drive sharing the same mechanical connections provides a differential drive across the antenna ends, forming a primary nfc coil.
Motorola Mobility Llc

 Systems and methods for managing network health patent thumbnailSystems and methods for managing network health
Implementations described and claimed herein provide systems and methods systems and methods for managing network health, including alarm reduction in a subnetwork. In one implementation, an alarm list is received.
Level 3 Communications, Llc

 Apparatuses and methodologies for decision feedback equalization using particle swarm optimization patent thumbnailApparatuses and methodologies for decision feedback equalization using particle swarm optimization
Methods and apparatuses are provided for channel equalization in a communication system. The method includes initializing, using processing circuitry, filter coefficients of an adaptive decision feedback equalizer randomly in a predetermined search space.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

 Connector for an electrical device housed in a recessed box patent thumbnailConnector for an electrical device housed in a recessed box
At least one connection element that is fastened to the base and that includes an inlet terminal for connecting the electrical conductor, and an outlet terminal that is accessible via the front of the base for connecting the electrical accessory. The connector includes at least two distinct arms (14, 16) that extend from the base, towards the front, and having free ends that present catch elements (15, 17) for catching on the wall..

 Emi containment for connector assembly patent thumbnailEmi containment for connector assembly
A connector assembly includes a cage member receiving a pluggable module and providing electrical shielding for the pluggable module. The cage member is mounted behind a bezel and aligned with a bezel opening.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

 Electronic assemblies incorporating heat flux routing structures for thermoelectric generation patent thumbnailElectronic assemblies incorporating heat flux routing structures for thermoelectric generation
Electronic assemblies for thermoelectric generation are disclosed. In one embodiment, an electronic assembly includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, and a conductive plane and a plurality of thermal guide traces position on the first surface of the substrate.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

 Sign holder with rearward extending support arms patent thumbnailSign holder with rearward extending support arms
A sign holder for use with a display has a plaque having a first surface and a second surface. A mounting bracket is coupled to the second surface.
Marchon Eyewear, Inc.

 Method and device for processing coat image patent thumbnailMethod and device for processing coat image
The present invention provides a method and a device for processing an image of an upper garment, helpful to improve a user's experience during virtual fitting. The method for processing an image of an upper garment in the present invention comprises setting a collar image having an upper edge, a connecting line of two endpoints of which is in the horizontal direction, the distance between the two endpoints being equal to the distance between two end portions at a notch on a rear collar in a picture of upper garment without the rear collar, and the upper edge being in left-right axial symmetry and is convex or concave at a preset height or depth, overlaying the image of the upper garment without the rear collar on an upper layer of the neckline image, and superposing the two ends of the collar with the two endpoints of the upper edge..
Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Model-based three-dimensional head pose estimation

One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for estimating a head pose of a user. The technique includes acquiring depth data associated with a head of the user and initializing each particle included in a set of particles with a different candidate head pose.
Nvidia Corporation

Method and apparatus to provide a clothing model

A method and apparatus to provide a depiction of a garment model of a body shape is described. The garment model takes into account the visual and mechanical characteristics of the fabric, as well as the drape of the fabric on a body shape..
Measur3d, Inc.

Farming data collection and exchange system

Various embodiments provide a relay device for farming vehicles and implements, as well as an online farming data exchange, which together enable capturing, processing and sharing of the farming operation data generated during combined use of the farming vehicle and farming implement at a farming business. The farming operation data includes detailed information about individual farming operations..
Farmers Edge Inc.

Recognizing predictive patterns in the sequence of superalarm triggers for predicting patient deterioration

Methods for predicting patient deterioration or clinical events by detecting patterns in heterogeneous temporal clinical data streams that are predictive of certain clinical end points and matching the patient state with those patterns are described. The detected patterns, referred to as superalarm triggers, are a predictive combination of frequently co-occurring monitor alarms, conditions and laboratory test results that can predict patient deterioration for imminent life-threatening events.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Adjustable gas system for cartridge gas actuated firearms

A propellant gas energized firearm has a gas supply passage conducting propellant gas from a gas port of a firearm barrel to an actuating chamber of a bolt carrier and bolt group having an actuating chamber. A gas key member is mounted to the bolt carrier and defines a part of the gas supply passage and has an opening intersecting the gas supply passage.

Apparatus for field maintenance of jammed firearms

Elements of the present invention relate to the application of force to a bolt carrier within a firearm when the firearm becomes inoperable. Some elements relate to the application of force by leverage applied with a bar inserted through a weapon's magazine well.

Frame design for a pistol firearm

Frame designs for a pistol firearms have a frame, a barrel connected to the frame and having a forward barrel end, a slide connected to the frame and having a forward slide end associated with the forward barrel end, and the frame having a forward frame end protruding beyond the forward slide end and the forward barrel end.. .
Honor Defense Llc

Cables made of phase change material

Disclosed is a cable comprising a core and a pcm layer surrounding the core wherein the pcm layer consists of a pcm composition wherein the pcm composition comprises a pcm and an ethylene copolymer; and the core consists of a yarn, strand, or wire each made of a natural or synthetic polymeric material or a metal. The invention is useful for thermal management in a variety of applications in such as, for example, automotive, building, packaging, garments, and footwear..
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Integrated ceiling device with mechanical arrangement for a light source

An integrated ceiling device (80, 120) includes an electronics assembly (56) and a mechanical arrangement (20). The mechanical arrangement includes a housing (22), a heat dissipating structure (24), and support arms (26).

Ceiling illumination with mountings for panels

An illuminating device for indoor lighting comprising a visible panel, through which light can be transmitted. The visible panel includes a portion having transparent material, and a panel retaining device.
Novomatic Ag

Drive assembly with selective disconnect

A drive assembly with selective disconnect includes a motor with a motor drive shaft; a harmonic drive coupled to one end of the motor drive shaft; an output shaft coupled to the harmonic drive; and a retracting mechanism that selectively retracts the motor drive shaft axially to decouple the motor drive shaft from the harmonic drive.. .
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Rotary driving apparatus

A rotary driving apparatus 1 includes a rotary body 5, rotation detecting means 6, six rotary weight devices 7a to 7f on the body 5, and a power generation device 8. The devices 7a to 7f include a rotary arm 10 rotatably mounted to the body 5, the arms 10 at approximately six-fold symmetrical positions around the point o, a motor 11 to rotate the arm 10 at a rotational speed same as the body 5 in a rotation direction opposite to a rotation direction of the body 5, and a weight 12 on a free end side of the arm 10.
Lead Co., Ltd.

Dc output wind turbine with power dissipation

A wind turbine is disclosed having a generator and rectifier and structured to provide direct current power that in one form is medium voltage direct current (mvdc). The wind turbine includes a crowbar circuit arranged to protect from a condition such as an overvoltage.
Abb Technology Ltd.

Sealing attachment for a gas turbine engine

A gas turbine including: a wall component having a gas-facing surface bounding the main gas path; a male-female sealing attachment having a male or female part in which: the male-part includes a component having a main-body, which has first and second arms extending in a common direction and either side of a mid-line plane, wherein the arms are convexly curved in relation to the mid-line plane so as to provide a contact-portion along the length of the arm, the contact-portion being furthest from the mid-line plane; and, the female-part includes a component having a main-body, which includes first and second arms extending therefrom in a common direction and either side of a mid-line plane, wherein the first and second arms are concavely curved in relation to the mid-line plane so as to provide a contact-portion along the length of the arm, the contact portion being closest to the mid-line plane.. .
Rolls-royce Plc

Mounting bracket for strain sensor

The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a system for mounting a strain sensor on a tubular pipe, which includes a mechanical clamp. The clamp has a bottom flexing section having an arcuate portion terminating at a first terminal and at a second end, and a first and second upper flexing sections having an arcuate portions terminating at first terminal ends and at second terminal ends in a pivot pin assembly having a bore parallel to a central longitudinal axis of the clamp, the bore there through for receiving a removable connector.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Drill rod handler

A drill rod handler provides rods to be used to form a drill string in on-shore drilling operations. The drill rod handler includes side arms which are moveable to encourage drill rods to roll towards or away from a centre line of the drill rod handler.
Ormarc Engineering Pty Ltd

Control line pusher arm for dual completion well

An umbilical manipulator arm for positioning control lines for being secured to a plurality of tubular strings being made up and run into a dual completion wellbore includes a carriage movable on a base that is securable to a rig floor adjacent to two tubular strings. An umbilical manipulator arm is coupled to the carriage and movable relative to the carriage between a pusher arm retracted position distal to a tubular string and a pusher arm engaged position proximal to a tubular string.
Bilco Tools, Inc.

Surface heating system for tubing or piping

A system and method allowing for the transfer of heat from a heating element in a tube heating system to production tubing in downhole pipes. The heating tube is comprised of double walled and double threaded pipe.

Swing bar security lock

A swing bar security lock includes an elongated, generally u-shaped main body having a first arm, a second arm and a curved middle section. The main body is constructed from a single piece of metal, and includes a dimension for receiving a swing bar guard that is in the locked position.

Road paver with a radar-based leveling device and control method

A road paver according to the disclosure comprises a material hopper for receiving paving material and a screed for compacting paving material that is supported with towing arms on a chassis of the road paver. In addition, a radar sensor unit is provided that is configured to measure the distances between the radar sensor unit and at least two ground positions.
Joseph Voegele Ag

Conformable microporous fiber and woven fabrics containing same

Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (eptfe) monofilament fibers and woven fabrics formed from the eptfe fillers are provided, the eptfe fibers have a substantially rectangular configuration, a density less than about 1.0 glee, and an aspect ratio greater than 15. Additionally, the eptfe fibers are microporous and have a node and fibril structure.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Thermal energy storage and temperature stabilization phase change materials comprising alkanolamides and diesters and methods for making and using them

This invention generally relates to thermoregulation and temperature stabilization, thermal protection and insulation, and nucleating agents. In particular, in alternative embodiments, provided are organic phase change materials comprising diesters and alkanolamides.
Entropy Solutions Inc.

Compound for treating sequelae of ischemic cerebral stroke

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein r1-r7 are defined herein. The present invention also provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising said compound and use of the same in the manufacture of a medicament for treating sequelae of ischemic cerebral stroke.

3'-substituted methyl or alkynyl nucleosides nucleotides for the treatment of hcv

Provided herein are compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of flaviviridae infections, including hcv infections. In certain embodiments, compounds and compositions of nucleoside derivatives are disclosed, which can be administered either alone or in combination with other anti-viral agents.
Idenix Pharmaceuticals Llc

Purine derivatives as cd73 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer

Provided are novel compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, which are inhibitors of cd73 and are useful in the treatment of cancer.. .
Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Antiviral beta-amino acid ester phosphodiamide compounds

And their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are useful for the inhibition of hiv reverse transcriptase. The compounds may also be useful for the prophylaxis or treatment of infection by hiv and in the prophylaxis, delay in the onset or progression, and treatment of aids.

1-(3-aminopropyl) substituted cyclic amine compounds, preparation method therefor, and pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof

Provided are 1-(3-aminopropyl) substituted cyclic amine compounds as represented by formula (i), pharmaceutically acceptable salts, enantiomers, diastereoisomers, racemates and mixtures thereof, and a method of synthesizing said 1-(3-aminopropyl) substituted cyclic amine compounds by using aromatic heterocyclic formaldehyde as raw material. Said compounds can be used as ccr 5 antagonist for the treatment of hiv infection..
Shanghai Institute Of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Heterocyclic compounds and their use as dopamine d1 ligands

The present invention provides, in part, compounds of formula (i): and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; processes for the preparation of; intermediates used in the preparation of; and compositions containing such compounds or salts, and their uses for treating d1-mediated (or d1-associated) disorders including, e.g., schizophrenia (e.g., its cognitive and negative symptoms), schizotypal personality disorder, cognitive impairment (e.g., cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, ad, pd, or pharmacotherapy therapy), adhd, parkinson's disease, anxiety, and depression.. .
Pfizer Inc.

Orvinol and thevinol derivatives useful in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, or a compulsive disorder

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, wherein r, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, and x are as defined in the specification.. .

Bicyclic fused pyrimidine compounds as tam inhibitors

Or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, which are inhibitors of tam kinases which are useful for the treatment of disorders such as cancer.. .

Cgrp receptor antagonists

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .

Tricyclic compound and jak inhibitor

Novel tricyclic compound represented by the formula (i), the formula (ii) or the formula (iii) (wherein each of a1, a2 and a3 is a cyclohexane-1,4-diyl group or the like; each of l1, l2 and l3 is a methylene group or the like: each of x1 and x3 is o or nh; each of r1 and r3 is a cyano c1-6 haloalkyl group or the like; and r2 is an aromatic heterocyclic group), a tautomer or pharmaceutically acceptable salt of the compound or a solvate thereof.. .

New compounds i

And their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, hydrates, geometrical isomers, tautomers, optical isomers or n-oxides, which are inhibitors of ssao activity. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds and to the use of these compounds for the treatment of medical conditions wherein inhibition of ssao activity is beneficial, such as inflammatory diseases and immune disorders..

Identification of compounds which inhibit atg8-atg3 protein-protein interaction and their use as antiparasitical agents

The present invention provides compounds or a pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, stereoisomers, or prodrugs thereof which can block the atg8-atg3 protein-protein interaction, which is associated with autophagy in apicomplexan organisms. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds and their use for the suppression and treatment of various parasitical diseases are also provided..
The Johns Hopkins University

Pharmaceutical salts of an orexin receptor antagonist

The invention is directed to pharmaceutically acceptable salts of suvorexant, which is an antagonist of orexin receptors. The pharmaceutically acceptable salts of suvorexant are useful in the treatment or prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders and diseases in which orexin receptors are involved.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Bridged ring compounds as hepatitis c virus inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof

Provided herein is a bridged bring compound of formula (i) or a stereoisomer, a tautomer, an n-oxide, a hydrate, a solvate, a metabolite, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a prodrug thereof, which can be used for treating treat hepatitis c virus (hcv) infection or hepatitis c disease. Furthermore provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds and the method of using the compounds or pharmaceutical compositions thereof in the treatment of hcv infection or hepatitis c..
Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd.

Cgrp receptor antagonists

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .

Novel disubstituted 1, 2, 4-triazine compound

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .

Pyrimidine compounds and use as anti-cervical cancer thereof

Provided is use of a pyrimidine compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof in preparation of an anti-cervical cancer medicament. Research of the present invention has found that the above-mentioned pyrimidine compound can be effective against cervical cancer, and has a good inhibition effect on e6 and e7 of hpv16, and indicates that the above-mentioned pyrimidine compound also has a good anti-human papilloma virus effect, providing a new choice for clinical medication..
Sichuan University

Anti-vasculature and anti-tubulin combretastatin analogs for treatment of cancer

Combretastatins analog compounds and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are presented, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising the combretastatin analog compounds and uses of the combretastatin analog compounds, either alone or in combination with at least one additional therapeutic agent, in the treatment of cancer, and in particular cancer presenting as metastatic tumors.. .

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