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Network alarm system utilizing a single sensing fiber

Network Integrity Systems

Network alarm system utilizing a single sensing fiber

Electrical box bracket

Erico International

Electrical box bracket

Electrical box bracket

Yaskawa Denki

Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arm-related patents
 Methods and systems for monitoring network routing patent thumbnailMethods and systems for monitoring network routing
The disclosed methods and systems include collecting routing data from a plurality of network routers, and correlating the routing data across routers and across time to obtain network data. The network data can be streamed to a user in real-time and the user can interactively query the data.
Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

 Network alarm system utilizing a single sensing fiber patent thumbnailNetwork alarm system utilizing a single sensing fiber
A method is provided for detecting intrusion into an optical cable of an optical network comprising where monitoring light signals are transmitted along a telecommunications optical fiber to be monitored either along a fiber additional to a data fiber or by multiplexing onto a common fiber. The received monitoring light signals after transmission along the telecommunications optical fiber are analyzed for changes indicative of movement of the optical fiber for detecting an intrusion event.
Network Integrity Systems, Inc.

 Electrical box bracket patent thumbnailElectrical box bracket
An electrical box bracket includes features allowing it to engage multiple surfaces of a stud. The bracket has a front face for mounting an electrical box and a plaster ring, and a far-side tab bent backwards from the front face for making contact with a drywall behind the bracket.
Erico International Corporation

 Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot patent thumbnailSubstrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot
A substrate transfer system includes a substrate transfer robot disposed in a robot installment area defined between a first apparatus and a second apparatus. The first apparatus includes cassettes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

 Portable alarm system patent thumbnailPortable alarm system
A portable alarm system is disclosed. The portable alarm system includes a portable base station, which has an outer housing that encloses a power supply and a watertight secondary protective housing.
Hippi, Llc

 Child safety seat alarm patent thumbnailChild safety seat alarm
An alarm system can remind or alert an adult about the presence of a child in a vehicle. A child detector, such as a weight sensor or weight-activated circuit, can detect whether a child is occupying the child safety seat.
Jrod Tejas, Llc

 Clearinghouse system for the collection, management and identification of 340b related pharmaceutical claims under various medicaid and medicaid managed care programs patent thumbnailClearinghouse system for the collection, management and identification of 340b related pharmaceutical claims under various medicaid and medicaid managed care programs
The present invention is directed to an exchange clearinghouse, to provide an improved method of processing all 340b drug pricing program claims for all involved parties, to easily identify and report the 340b claims as well as overcome any challenges of the prior art without compromising security or accuracy. More particularly, the invention is a method that can alter, change, or reclassify previously adjudicated pharmacy claims (original claims) through a system, outside of and unrelated to the system used by the pharmacy service provider who adjudicated the original claim.

 Method for automated design and assembly of customized apparel and other sewn products patent thumbnailMethod for automated design and assembly of customized apparel and other sewn products
A method of designing and assembling customized garments and other sewn items using a plurality of automated machines in communication with a computer, a viewing device, and a pattern database. A customer uploads measurements into a computer, and designs the desired garment or other sewn item by selecting patterns from a database, fabrics and notions.

 Systems and methods for identifying a user's demographic characteristics based on the user's social media photographs patent thumbnailSystems and methods for identifying a user's demographic characteristics based on the user's social media photographs
A method identifies user demographic characteristics, such as age and gender. First, a plurality of photos are acquired from postings to a social media site by a specific user.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

 System and  generating data center alarms for missing events patent thumbnailSystem and generating data center alarms for missing events
Systems, methods, architectures, mechanisms and/or apparatus to manage alarm generation associated with the failure of an expected event or action to occur.. .
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Semiconductor optical integrated device

A semiconductor optical integrated device including: a substrate having a first area, a second area and a third area arranged in a waveguiding direction; a laser portion disposed on the third area the laser portion including a laser waveguide and a heater thereon; a semiconductor waveguide disposed on the second area, the semiconductor waveguide including a core layer and a cladding layer disposed on the core layer; a mach-zehnder modulator portion disposed on the first area, the mach-zehnder modulator portion including a first arm and a second arm; a buried region embedding the laser waveguide, the semiconductor waveguide, and the first and second arms; a groove disposed on the second area, the groove extending in a direction intersecting the waveguiding direction to across the semiconductor waveguide to the buried region; and a resin body disposed on the mach-zehnder modulator portion. The laser portion is optically coupled to the mach-zehnder modulator portion via the semiconductor waveguide.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Shaking correction device

The present invention provides a shaking correction device which can enable an automatic focusing unit to be difficult to rotate in a swinging direction and around an axis perpendicular to z axis during swinging, enables an optical axis of a lens to be stable, and buffer components are easily arranged to the shaking correction device. The shaking correction device is such configured that the ends of the back sides of suspension wires are connected onto the extension ends of the elastic arms which are connected with the end parts of base frames arranged on a base plate and extend towards the center of the automatic focusing unit, and the ends of the front sides of the suspension wires are connected with flange parts arranged in the front of a magnet support..
Huizhou Daya Bay Jss Optical Technology. Co., Ltd.


Hand-held test meter with body portion proximity sensor module

A hand-held test meter for use with an analytical test strip (for example, an electrochemical-based analytical test strip) in the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in a bodily fluid sample (e.g., a whole blood sample) includes a housing, a micro-controller disposed in the housing, a body portion proximity sensor module disposed at least partially in the housing, and a strip port connector configured to operationally receive an analytical test strip. The body portion proximity sensor module of the analytical test strip is configured to sense presence of a user's body portion (e.g., a user's finger, forearm or palm) within a predetermined distance of the strip port connector and, upon sensing the presence of such a body portion, transmit a signal to the micro-controller indicating the presence of such a body portion..
Lifescan Scotland Limited


Method and system for automation, safety and reliable operation performance assessment

In accordance with various embodiments described herein are systems and methods for collecting and analyzing parameter and properties data from an operation and using the data to determining automation safety and operations performance (asop) metrics indicative of various performance aspects of a given operation. Some embodiments are systems and methods for determining one or more asop metrics or metrics selected from a group consisting of elements including but not limited to alarm system performance metric, an operator loading metric, a controllability performance metric, a proximity to safety system metric, a demand on safety systems metric, and a control system integrity metric..
Pas, Inc.


Mach-zehnder interferometer having a doubly-corrugated spoofed surface plasmon polariton waveguide

A mach-zehnder interferometer (mzi) structure based on a doubly-corrugated spoofed surface plasmon polariton (dc-sspp) waveguide is presented. The dependence of phase change on the dielectric loading of the dc-sspp structure causes the output from both arms to interfere and enhance features on the transmission spectrum of the mzi.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


A.m. full automatic revolver

This design relates generally to firearms and more particularly is a hammerless revolver with ejector system, to replace the hand ejecting system in usual revolvers. External shape of this revolver designed according to ergonomic facts.


Bolt buffer and firearm

Firearms and buffer systems having a second buffer spring or having a buffer spring and a buffer adjusting nut, for instance, to absorb recoil energy, reduce recoil forces, or both. In some embodiments, a first buffer spring is aft of the bolt assembly and a second buffer spring is forward of the first buffer spring, forward of the carrier assembly, or a combination thereof.
S. I. Defense, Inc.


Suspension system especially for underwater cable

A suspension system receives an associated cable. The suspension system includes first and second mount arms disposed in spaced relation that receive a collar assembly having first and second collar members dimensioned to circumferentially enclose around the associated cable in a first assembled position, and a second open position, where the first and second collar members do not circumferentially enclose the associated cable.
Pmi Industries, Inc.


Method and the installation of cables or pipes in tunnels

An apparatus for installing cables or pipes in tunnels comprises a motorised vehicle. A cable/pipe positioning arm is at each end of the vehicle, which is controllable to move a cable/pipe from a temporary installation position to a final installation position.
Balfour Beatty Plc


Articulated device between linkage assembly support arms of a collapsible roof

An articulated device includes a rivet assembly for connecting first and second linkage assembly support arms together at common ends thereof. The rivet assembly includes a blind rivet having a rivet sleeve and a mandrel shaft with a mandrel head.
Magna Car Top Systems Gmbh


Method and system for hybrid wind power generation

A method for optimizing a hybrid wind system including a wind farm having a plurality of wind turbines and one or more energy storage units, is presented. The method includes acquiring actual wind power data associated with one or more dispatch windows.
General Electric Company


Control device of internal combustion engine and variable valve device of internal combustion engine

A control device of an internal combustion engine includes: a variable valve device including: first and second rocker arms; a cam; a rocker shaft provided with a lubricating oil passage; a pin switching the first and second rocker arms between a coupling state and a non-coupling state; a biasing member biasing the pin; a switching oil passage capable of supplying oil pressure to the pin in a direction opposite to a biasing direction; a lash adjuster; and a supplying oil passage, capable of supplying oil pressure to the pin in the biasing direction of the biasing member and supplying oil pressure into the lash adjuster, a hydraulic pump; an oil pressure control valve; and a control unit controlling the oil pressure control valve to always supply the supplying oil passage with oil pressure higher than oil pressure within the lubricating oil passage, during driving of an internal combustion engine.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Tamper proof cable lock

Provided is a cable lock including a locking clasp including first and second clasp components having first and second security cable connection arms. The locking clasp includes at least one groove.


Laundry additive for providing antimicrobial effects to fabrics and washing machine surfaces

A laundry additive composition is provided that includes at least one zeta potential modifier, a fluoropolymer, a hydrophobic agent with a melting point or glass transition temperature below 100° c., and an antimicrobial active for imparting fabric protection benefits to a fabric, such as improved stain and soil resistance, oil repellency, water repellency, softness, wrinkle and damage resistance, and better hand feel, as well as imparting microbiocidal or microbiostatic properties to the fabric and/or washing machine surfaces. Laundry additive compositions can be used as a pretreatment prior to washing, through soaking a fabric or garment.


Biocatalytic hydrophilization of polyolefines

A new process for enhancing the hydrophilicity of the surface of a polyolefin or polyolefin copolymer article is characterized in that the surface is treated with an enzyme selected from oxidoreductases, especially of the cytochrome p450 family or enzymes classified as ec 1.13 or ec 1.14. The process is especially useful for the treatment of polypropylene films, fibres, or fabrics, inter alia for use in sanitary articles, threads, yarns, fabrics, textiles, garments, technical or household articles, printed or dyed cover films or packaging films..
Basf Se


Facilitating the assembly of goods by temporarily altering attributes of flexible component materials

The invention aims to improve the manufacture of flexible goods, such as garments, through the temporary modification of the physical properties of the components to be assembled, facilitating their handling and manipulation later on in the manufacturing process. Attributes that can be affected by this process are the stiffness of the material, the presence of mechanical or physical markings, the density of the material, the air or fluid permeability of the material, the responsiveness of the material to magnetic fields, or the adhesive nature of the material..
Sewbo, Inc.


A device for guiding a flex extending from an appliance

A device for guiding a flex extending from an appliance the present application relates to a device 1 for guiding a flex 8 of a garment care appliance that, during use of the appliance 6, hangs downwardly from said appliance. The device comprises a guide tube 4 having a passage therethrough to slideably receive the flex of the garment care appliance, and an attachment part 5 for attachment of the guide tube to a support such that the guide tube is positioned in proximity to, or below, a height at which the appliance is being used.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


A garment steaming device

A garment steaming device the present application relates to a garment steaming device. The garment steaming device comprises a steam generator (20) having a heater (22) and an ironing surface (32) against which a fabric of a garment is locatable.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Culture stable proliferation of pluripotent stem cell while maintaining undifferentiated state

Cultivating a pluripotent stem cell in a medium comprising at least one member selected from the group consisting of ethanolamine, an ethanolamine analog, and a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and which is substantially free of β-mercaptoethanol or contains β-mercaptoethanol at a concentration of not more than 9 μm, and the like, is effective for the proliferation of a pluripotent stem cell while maintaining an undifferentiated state.. .
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.,


Chromatographic isolating and purifying high-purity recombined human serum albumin

Disclosed is a chromatographic method for isolating and purifying high-purity recombined human serum albumin, comprising: conducting cation-exchange chromatography on recombined human serum albumin, and adding alcohol to a buffer solution to remove endotoxin, so as to obtain a primary product i; under binding conditions, conducting anion/hydrophobic composite resin exchange chromatography on the primary product i to obtain an intermediate product ii; conducting hydrophobic chromatography on the intermediate product ii to obtain the target product, the purified high-purity recombined human serum albumin. The purity of the recombined human serum albumin obtained by isolating and purifying with the chromatographic method of the present invention is greater than 99.9999%, and the content of the endotoxin meets the criteria stipulated by chinese pharmacopoeia..
Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp


Substituted triazole boronic acid compounds

The invention is concerned with the compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. In addition, the present invention relates to methods of manufacturing and using the compounds of formula i as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds.
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.


Inhibitors of the renal outer medullary potassium channel

And the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, which are inhibitors of the romk (kir1.1) channel. The compounds may be used as diuretic and/or natriuretic agents and for the therapy and prophylaxis of medical conditions including cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart failure and conditions associated with excessive salt and water retention..


Compounds and compositions for inducing chondrogenesis

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, tautomer, or stereoisomer thereof, wherein the variables are as defined herein. The present invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds, and methods of using such compounds for treatment of joint damage or joint injury in a mammal, and for inducing differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes..


Tricyclopyrazole derivatives

Compounds which are tricyclopyrazole derivatives or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, their preparation process and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them are disclosed; these compounds are useful in the treatment of diseases caused by and/or associated with an altered protein kinase activity such as cancer, viral infection, prevention of aids development in hiv-infected individuals, cell proliferative disorders, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders; also disclosed is a process under solid phase synthesis conditions for preparing the compounds of the invention and chemical libraries comprising a plurality of them.. .
Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l.


Substituted pyrrolopyrimidines as hdm2 inhibitors

The present invention provides substituted pyrrolopyrimidines as described herein or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof. The representative compounds are useful as inhibitors of the hdm2 protein.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Fsh receptor antagonists

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and to a pharmaceutical composition containing the same. The compounds can be used for the treatment and prevention of endometriosis, for the treatment and prevention of pre-menopausal and peri-menopausal hormone-dependent breast cancer, for contraception, and for the treatment of uterine fibroids and other menstrual-related disorders..


Pyrazolopyridines and pyrazolopyrimidines

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable solvate of said compound or pharmaceutically acceptable salt, wherein a and a′ are independently c or n, where c may be unsubstituted or substituted by halo or c1-c6 alkyl; r and r0 are independently selected from the group consisting of h, c1-c6 alkyl, hydroxy(c1-c6 alkyl), phenyl(c1-c6 alkyl), and —(ch2)n—w, where w is c3-c8 cycloalkyl, phenyl, naphthyl, 5- or 6-membered heteroaryl or heterocyclic containing 1-3 n, s and/or o atoms, —so2—r′, —nhso2—r′, —nr″so2—r′ and sr′, where r′ and r″ are independently c1-c6 alkyl or c3-c8 cycloalkyl, etc.; wherein each of said alkyl, cycloalkyl, heterocyclic, phenyl, naphthyl or heteroaryl may be unsubstituted or substituted by phenyl, heteroaryl, etc.; or, r and r0 and the n atom to which they are bonded together form a monocyclic or bicyclic heterocyclic ring which may be unsubstituted or substituted by (a) halo, hydroxy, heteroaryl, c1-c6 alkyl, c1-c6 alkoxy, etc., or (b) —(ch2)n—w, where w is c3-c8 cycloalkyl, phenyl, etc.; r1 is h, halo or cyano; r2 and r2′ are independently h, c1-c6 alkyl, cyano, c1-c6 alkoxy, c1-c6 alkylthio, or c3-c8 cycloalkyl where alkyl, alkoxy, or cycloalkyl is optionally substituted by one or more fluorine atoms; x is a bond, —co—, —conh—, —so2—, —sonh—, or —(ch2)m—; r3 is h, c1-c4 alkyl, phenyl, naphthyl, 5- or 6-membered heteroaryl or heterocyclic containing 1-3 n atoms, a 5-membered heteroaryl or heterocyclic, etc., or (c) 2 o or s atoms and 0-2 n atoms; wherein each of said phenyl, naphthyl, heteroaryl or heterocyclic is optionally substituted by alkyl, 1 substituent —y—r4 and/or 1-4 substituents each independently selected from r5; with the proviso that when x is —co— or —so2—, r3 is not h; y is a bond, —(ch2)m— or —o—; r4 is (a) h, c1-c6 alkyl, c3-c8 cycloalkyl, halo, oxo, —or6, —nr7r8, —sr6, —sor9, —so2r9, —cor6, —ocor6, —ocor6, —nr6cor6, —conr7r8, etc.; (b) phenyl or naphthyl, said phenyl and naphthyl being optionally substituted with 1-5 substituents selected from c1-c6 alkyl, c3-c8 cycloalkyl, halo, cyano, —or6, —nr7r8, etc.; or (c) a 3 to 8-membered saturated or partially unsaturated monocyclic heteroaryl, etc.; r6 is h, c1-c6 alkyl or c3-c8 cycloalkyl, etc.; r7 and r8 are each independently h, c1-c6 alkyl or c3-c8 cycloalkyl or are taken together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached to form a 4-, 5- or 6-membered saturated heterocyclic ring containing 1-2 nitrogen atoms or 1 nitrogen and 1 oxygen atom, said c1-c6 alkyl is optionally substituted by c3-c8 cycloalkyl, halo, etc., and said heterocyclic ring being optionally substituted by one or more c1-c6 alkyl or c3-c8 cycloalkyl groups; r9 is c1-c6 alkyl or c3-c8 cycloalkyl; and, m and n are independently 0, 1, 2 or 3. The invention also relates to pharmaceutically acceptable salts of these compounds and to pharmaceutically acceptable solvates thereof; to compositions containing such compounds; and to the uses of such compounds in the treatment of various diseases, particularly asthma and copd..


Oct3 activity inhibitor containing imidazopyridine derivative as active component, and oct3 detection agent

[solution] this inhibitor of organic cation transporter 3 (oct3) contains, as an active component, an imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivative, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable solvate thereof. .


4-pyridinonetriazine derivatives as hiv integrase inhibitors

The present invention relates to 4-pyridinonetriazine derivatives of formula (i); and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein a, x, y, r1, r2, r3 and r5 are as defined herein. The present invention also relates to compositions comprising at least one 4-pyridinonetriazine derivative, and methods of using the 4-pyridinonetriazine derivatives for treating or preventing hiv infection in a subject..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Compounds capable of inhibiting voltage gated calcium ion channel, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same

Disclosed herein are an n-(pyrazolylmethyl)arylsulfonamide derivative useful as a calcium ion channel blocker, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and the medicinal use thereof as a therapeutic agent using its calcium ion channel blocking effect.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


4,6-diarylaminothiazines as bace1 inhibitors and their use for the reduction of beta-amyloid production

Compounds of formula (i), including pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, are set forth herein: (i) wherein r1 and r2 are independently hydrogen, or —ch3; or r1 and r2 can join together in a ring by adding —(ch2)4—; r3 is hydrogen or c1-c3 alkyl; y and z are independently a c6-c10-aryl group or a 5-10 membered heterocyclic group which can be further substituted with from 0-3 substituents selected from the group of halogen, hydroxy, amino, c1-4alkylamino, c1-4 dialkylamino, haloc1-4 alkyl, cn, c1-c6 alkyl or cycloalkyl, c1-c6 alkoxy, —c═oc1-4 alkyl, —so2c1-4 alkyl, and c2-c4 alkynyl; a is selected from the group of phenyl, benzyl, oxazolyl, thiazolyl, isoxazolyl, imidazolyl, pyrazolyl, pyridyl, pyrimidinyl, and pyrazinyl groups which can be further substituted with from 0-3 substituents selected from the group of halogen, hydroxy, amino, c1-4alkylamino, c1-4 dialkylamino, haloc1-4 alkyl, hydroxyc1-6 alkyl, cn, c1-c6 alkyl or cycloalkyl, c1-c6 alkoxy, and c2-c4 alkynyl; l is —nhco—, or is a single bond; and l and z together can be absent.. .
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Novel beta-alanine derivatives, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and pharmaceutical composition comprising same as active ingredient

The present invention relates to a beta-alanine derivative, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and a pharmaceutical composition including the same as an active ingredient. The novel beta-alanine derivative and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof according to the present invention may effectively inhibit the activity of dgat1, which is an enzyme serving as a catalyst in the final step of the synthesis of neutral lipids, to thereby be effectively used as a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating various lipid metabolism-related disorders selected from the group consisting of obesity, dyslipidemia, fatty liver, insulin resistance syndrome, and hepatitis..
Handok Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


Continuous process for the preparation of (s)-2-acetyloxypropionic acid chloride

The present invention relates to a continuous method for the preparation of (s)-2-acetyloxypropionic acid from an aqueous solution of lactic acid and acetic anhydride, in acetic acid. (s)-2-acetyloxypropionic acid is used for the preparation of (s)-2-acetyloxypropionic acid chloride, an essential intermediate compound for the preparation of lopamidol and has to be industrially produced with high purity and suitable quality for producing lopamidol according to the pharmacopoeia requirements.
Bracco Imaging S.p.a.


Tank handling use lifting, supporting and manipulating cylindrical tanks

A tank handling apparatus for facilitating movement of cylindrical tanks such as oxygen tanks as needed which includes a carriage assembly with a main upright member and a parallel swing arm assembly extending outwardly therefrom with multiple lifting arms with a tank retaining housing movably secured thereto which defines a zone therein for receiving of the cylindrical tank. The apparatus provides movement capability vertically upwardly and outwardly, as well as rotational movement of the tank retaining housing to facilitate changing orientation of the position of a different tank between a horizontally extending position and a vertically extending position.


Compact folded garment storage display and dispensing device

This compact storage, display, and dispensing system for folded garments comprises a plurality of stackable, flexible trays, each of which may hold a uniformly-folded garment, and vertical rails to which each tray may attach individually by magnets in single reinforced tray edges. Trays have nonslip upper surfaces so the garments do not slide off.


System and packaging of nested products

A packaging system for the selection, grouping and loading of varying size and/or configuration product packs into cartons as provided. The packaging system includes a selection area having a primary selector for forming an initial product pack configuration, and a secondary selector adapted to select and direct an additional grouping of products into a nested arrangement against the initial product pack so as to form a nested product pack.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.


System and providing artificial gravity

An artificial gravity system and method for a spacecraft including a least one pair of rotatable stages wherein each stage is capable of rotating about at least one structural support in the spacecraft and wherein the rotatable stages in each pair of rotatable stages counter-rotate one another wherein each stage is capable of accommodating a plurality of occupants. The stages may be circular and deployable.
Symmetry Systems Llc


Transforming trailer system and method

A single or double axle trailer including an axle assembly for moving the trailer axles forward or backwards along a track. As the axle assembly moves toward the front end of the trailer, the track leads into a drop cavity space which causes the trailer to drop closer to the ground.



A wheelbarrow for carrying materials is described herein, and may include a main frame having first and second spaced-apart elongate longitudinal arms and a support structure configured to engage the ground when the wheelbarrow is in a stationary position, a load carrying container for receiving a load therein, the load carrying container being mounted to and supported by the main frame and configured for supporting a load, an axle mounted to the main frame and below the container, and a ground engaging wheel rotatably mounted on the axle for moving the wheelbarrow in a mobile position. A hollow interior of the load carrying container may have an upper region and a lower region, the upper region located above the ground engaging wheel and extending along a substantial portion of a width of the container..


Coupler torsion spring centering device

A coupler for a railway vehicle includes a coupler anchor and a coupler centering device having a pair of arm sub-assemblies. Each arm subassembly has an upper centering arm connected to a lower centering arm via a torsion bar extending through the coupler anchor.
Wabtec Holding Corp.


Detecting vehicle door ajar using intrusion sensor

A vehicle includes an intrusion sensor configured to detect a doppler shift in a passenger compartment and output an intrusion signal representing the doppler shift. The vehicle further includes a processing device configured to receive the intrusion signal and activate an alarm if the doppler shift exceeds a predetermined threshold.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Emergency apparatus mounting bracket

A bracket to facilitate mounting of emergency apparatus such as an extrication tool utilized by emergency personnel which bracket is positionable with respect to environmental structure such as an emergency vehicle, that is, fire trucks or ambulances and the like, which includes a first mounting plate and a second mounting plate which together define therebetween a box housing with a main mounting location positioned in the interior chamber within the two mounting plates which is specifically defined between mounting recesses defined in each respective mounting plate. The bracket can include recess arms adjacent each recess to facilitate usage of this bracket with emergency apparatus of various different external constructions.


Truck wheel turbulence shield

A turbulence shield for attachment to a truck wheel having a laterally outer edge about a laterally opening concavity, and having an annular channel which opens radially inwardly at the laterally outer edge, the turbulence shield having a first annularly extending “c” member opening radially inwardly and fitted for nesting receipt within the annular channel; a second annularly extending “c” member opening radially inwardly and nestingly received within the first “c” member's channel, the second annularly extending “c” member having arms; a hoop member nesting within the second “c” member; a circular flexible sheet; and an integral joint interconnecting the sheet's edge and a second “c” member's arm so that, upon nesting the first “c” member within the wheel's annular channel, the sheet covers the wheel's laterally opening concavity.. .


Targets and processes for fabricating same

In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a target or mold having one or more support arms coupled to a substrate. The support arm can be used in handling or positioning a target.
Board Of Regents Of The Nevada System Of Higher Education, On Behalf Of The University Of Nevada


Toe-piece for ski-touring bindings

A toe-piece for ski-touring bindings includes a base plate coupled to two jaws. The base plate provided with holes for fixing by screws to the surface of a ski extending in the longitudinal direction from a front tip to a rear tail-end.
Ski Trab S.r.l.


Equipment for the remote control of fire extinguishers and/or hydrants

An equipment for a remote control of fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants, comprising a valve group (16), equipped with a manometer and a pressure switch, which is able to control the operating pressure of the known fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants, wherein a plurality of micro-switches (18, 19, 20), connected with a wireless transmitter (21), send the received signals to a remote central control unit (22), that is fully programmable locally or remotely and able to send alarms and/or warnings, depending on the programming carried out, to operators, persons in charge and/or maintainers of fire extinguishers (10) and/or hydrants.. .
Texa S.p.a.


Catheter apparatus

Intravenous catheter apparatus, comprising: a needle having a needle shaft, a needle tip at the distal end of the needle shaft and a needle hub mounted to the proximal end of the needle shaft, an intravenous catheter tube mounted to a cathether hub and a needle guard movable on the needle shaft, wherein the needle guard comprises: a base portion having a needle passage extending in an axial direction from a proximal side of the base portion through the base portion to a distal side of the base portion, first and second arms extending substantially in the axial direction from the distal side of the base portion and a distal wall which is transversely arranged at a distal region of the first arm, wherein a recess provided in the needle guard receives a stopping element for stopping movement of the needle shaft relative to the needle guard.. .
Poly Medicure Limited


Novel pharmaceutical composition

Disclosed are novel pharmaceutical formulations containing n-{3-[3-cyclopropyl-5-(2-fluoro-4-iodo-phenylamino)-6,8-dimethyl-2,4,7-trioxo-3,4,6,7-tetrahydro-2h-pyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidin-1-yl]phenyl}acetamide dimethyl sulfoxide solvate, methods of using the compositions in therapy and processes for preparing the same.. .
Glaxosmithkline Llc


Magnesium hydroxide carbonate as excipient in pharmaceutical preparations having improved release of active ingredient

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations of active ingredients which have low solubility in aqueous solutions, having improved release of active ingredient, and to a process for the preparation thereof. In particular, these are pharmaceutical preparations in which magnesium hydroxide carbonate serves as excipient..
Merck Patent Gmbh


Preparation for radio protection

The invention is related to the field of medicine, particularly to pharmacology, and disclose the usage of carotenoid phytoene in the composition of lipid complex which is extracted from the fungal biomass of blakeslea trispora as a preparation for the radio protection.. .
Lycored Ltd.


Compounds for protection of photoreceptor cells and for enhancing visual function under low light conditions

Described herein are methods of enhancing visual function under low light conditions and to methods of protecting photoreceptors cells by administration of a compound selected from the group consisting of zalospirone and eptapirone; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .
Allergan, Inc.


Indole compounds for use in treating inflammation and cancer

Provided herein are compounds, comprising formula (i) or formula (ii), and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient and at least one compound of formula (i) and (ii), singly or in combination with other pharmaceutically active ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory agents or anticancer agents.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas


Lower dosage strength imiquimod formulations and short dosing regimens for treating genital and perianal warts

Pharmaceutical formulations and methods for the topical or transdermal delivery of 1isobutyl-1h-imidazo[4,5-c]-quinolin-4-amine or 1-(2-methylpropyl)-1h-imidazo[4,5 c]quinolin-4-amine, i.e., imiquimod, to treat genital/perianal warts with shorter durations of therapy than currently prescribed for the commercially available for aldara® 5% imiquimod cream, as now approved by the u.s. Food & drug administration (“fda”), are disclosed and described.
Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation


New use of aclidinium

The present invention provides aclidinium or any of its steroisomers or mixture of stereoisomers, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, for improving the physical activity in respiratory patients.. .
Almirall, S.a.


Compositions and methods of treating cardiac fibrosis with ifetroban

The present invention is directed to methods of treating, preventing, and/or ameliorating fibrosis syndrome, and in particular cardiac fibrosis, by administration of a therapeutically effective amount of ifetroban, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Use of dronedarone for the preparation of a medicament for use in the prevention of cardiovascular hospitalization or of mortality

Methods of using dronedarone or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for the preparation of a medicament for use in the prevention of cardiovascular hospitalization or of mortality, articles of manufacture and packages related thereto.. .


Polymeric particles-based temozolomide dosage form

The invention relates to pharmacology and medicine, and more specifically to slow-release antitumor drug composition based on biodegradable poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (plga). The composition comprises temozolomide (tmz) as the active ingredient and comprises, in addition, surface-active material and a cryoprotectant as parts of nanoparticles..
Oy Filana Ltd


Application of silicon dioxide aerogel as nano-drug carrying system in pharmacy

The invention relates to an application of silicon dioxide aerogel as a nano-drug carrying system in pharmacy. The silicon dioxide aerogel has a nanosized drug carrying hole structure, and is a nanosized pharmaceutical excipient capable of realizing a physical drug carrying scale below 100 nm..
Graduate School At Shenzhen, Tsinghua University


Methods for administration and formulations for the treatment of regional adipose tissue

Provided herein are pharmaceutical formulations, methods, and systems for treating regional fat deposits and fat-related conditions and indications. Methods comprise administering a pharmaceutical formulation comprising a long-acting beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist, for example, salmeterol, suitable for subcutaneous administration.
Neothetics Inc.


Topical ophthalmological pharmaceutical composition containing regorafenib

The present invention relates to topical ophthalmological pharmaceutical compositions containing regorafenib, a hydrate, solvate or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof or a polymorph thereof but without hydrophobic silica and its process of preparation and its use for treating ophthalmological disorders.. .
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Skin-moisturising or wrinkle-improving external composition and cosmetic composition

The present invention relates to a skin-moisturizing or wrinkle-improving external composition or cosmetic composition which contains, as an active ingredient, a compound represented by formula 1, which can be extracted from anemarrhena asphodeloides bunge, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The composition prevents skin moisture loss and thus suppresses skin tissue damage induced by uv rays and so has a skin-wrinkle preventing or alleviating effect..
Korea Institute Of Oriental Medicine


Prosthetic heart valve devices and associated systems and methods

Prosthetic heart valve devices for percutaneous replacement of native heart valves and associated systems and method are disclosed herein. A prosthetic heart valve device configured in accordance with a particular embodiment of the present technology can include an expandable support having an outer surface and configured for placement between leaflets of the native valve.
Twelve, Inc.


Skull clamp

A skull clamp for patient stabilization comprises a pair of arms where the arms include upright portions and lateral portions. The upright portions and lateral portions define longitudinal axes, where the intersection of these axes defines an arm angle that is greater than about 90 degrees.
Pro Med Instruments Gmbh


Surgical forceps with spring member having an adjustable position

Surgical forceps, for example electrosurgical forceps, are disclosed which comprise a pair of arms, each extending from a connecting hinge or member at a rearward end of the forceps to a tip at the forward end of the forceps. A spring or pivot member is disposed between the forward and rearward ends of the forceps and engages the arms.


Zip clip

A tissue closure device includes a first clip including a first longitudinal element extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal end to a distal end and a first pair of arms extending laterally from the first longitudinal element, the first pair of arms movable between an open configuration in which free ends of the first pair of arms are separated from one another and a closed configuration in which the free ends of the first pair of arms extend toward one another, the first pair of arms being biased toward the closed configuration, and a sliding element extending from a proximal end to a distal end and longitudinally movable relative to the first clip so that when a portion of the sliding element is received between the first pair of arms, the first pair of arms is moved from the biased closed configuration to the open configuration.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Electrodermal interface system

A communication system, method, and computer program product supported by electro-dermal monitoring physiological signals at the surface of the skin. The system includes a garment comprising an electro-dermal interface.
Anthrotronix, Inc.


Apparatus and imaging vasculature and sub-dermal structures by trans-illuminating nir light

A system for real-time visualization of subdermal structures of a mammal, using near-infrared (nir) illumination source, a support structure with independently articulating arms for attaching a camera and a visual display screen, a controller for the camera and nir illumination source. The camera includes a zoom lens that provides a detection field of view at a long working distance to avoid the camera obstructing the view of the medical personnel when performing a medical procedure on the mammalian body part.
Infrared Imaging Systems, Inc.


Method and device for pouring out milk froth, liquids or the like

Method for producing patterns from milk froth and similar froth-, cream- or powder-like products in the preparation of coffee and similar drinks, according to which milk froth is automatically added to the coffee by a device controlled spatially in two or three coordinate directions, an aesthetically decorative milk froth pattern being produced by mixing the milk froth with the coffee. The device provided for this purpose is made in the form of a robot.
Steiner Ag Weggis


Support assembly

A support assembly for supporting an element and for rotating that element between a first position and a second position. The support assembly may be used to support an armrest pad and is suitable for use on watercraft.
Challenger Hardware Company


Chair with beverage and storage features

A chair has a seat, a back an arm, a shelf, and a beverage holder. The seat and back provide a seating area for a person to sit, and the arm provides an area for resting a person's arms while seated in the seating area.


Steam hairdressing appliance with steam containment means

Provided is a hairdressing appliance comprising a portable treatment unit equipped with two arms configured to form a clamp provided with two surfaces positioned opposite each other that enable the simultaneous clamping of a lock of hair. The portable treatment unit comprises steam spraying means that is configured to disperse the steam from the first of two surfaces towards the second of the two surfaces.
Seb S.a.


Energy return, cushioning, and arch support plates, and footwear and footwear soles including the same

Support plates, and footwear soles and articles of footwear containing the same. The support plate generally may provide one or more of heel cushioning, arch support in a midfoot region of the support plate, and integral medial and lateral legs extending from the midfoot region of the support plate towards an anterior end of the support plate.
Ariat International, Inc.


Attachable hoods and methods of modifying a garment

A reversibly attachable garment hood that has a garment hood portion configured to cover a wearer's head and an extension portion extending downward from a bottom of the hood, the extension portion having a back surface and a front surface. One or more fastener components are connected to the back surface of the extension portion for connection to interacting fastener components on a garment.


Convertible tennis garment

The subject matter described herein includes a convertible tennis garment. The garment includes a tennis skirt.


Blo-warm vest

A garment including a one-way inlet line including a desiccant to remove moisture from the user's breath, the inlet line being connected to a chamber formed by at least a portion of the front and back of the garment. The line extends through a portion of the garment to a designated location where warm air from the user's breath is distributed in the chamber.


Apparatus for a wearable garment with embedded illumination device

An apparatus includes a glove, an illumination assembly partially disposed in a finger portion of the glove, and an actuator removably disposed in a portion of the glove. A housing of the illumination assembly includes a flange with a portion disposed in a region of the glove between the finger portion and a thumb portion and a mounting portion at least partially disposed within an aperture defined by the finger portion and coupled to an illumination member of the illumination assembly.
180s, Inc.


Assembling apparatus and assembling assembling electrode connector of electronic cigarette

An assembling apparatus and an assembling method for automatically assembling an electrode connector of an electronic cigarette are provided according to the present application. The assembling apparatus includes a rotating disk, a rotating disk driving device, material fixing seats, a first material sensing area, a sensor, a material picking arm and a controller.
Kimree Hi-tech Inc.


Device and system for processing of eggs, such as vaccination or a vacuum suction or grabber based pick up

The invention relates to a device, assembled to subject at least one egg, said egg normally having a longitudinal direction between a blunt end and a pointed end, to a processing in a predetermined orientation of the longitudinal direction of the egg, such as injection or vaccination, candling or vacuum or grabber based pick-up, wherein the device comprises: a processing station arranged to subject the egg to the processing; a holder arranged to hold the egg in said predetermined orientation for the processing station to subject the egg to the processing, wherein the holder comprises: a support, arranged to engage one of said two ends of the egg; and a cylindrical accommodation comprising at least two arms extending from the support in use in the longitudinal direction of the egg to engage the egg at a distance from the support, characterised in that the arms are flexible and curved in correspondence with the circumferential shape of the egg and in use yield to align the egg when the arms move over the egg to be engaged by the support.. .
Viscon B.v.

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