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This page is updated frequently with new Arm-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arm-related patents
 Pluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module patent thumbnailPluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module
An optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism is provided. The slider arms of the latching/delatching mechanism are partially encased in the module housing.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Wireless phone accessory patent thumbnailWireless phone accessory
An apparatus for receiving audio from an audio source device, comprises a housing. The housing contains a receiver for receiving audio over a wireless connection, a microphone, a transmitter for transmitting audio from the microphone to the audio source device, and a processor capable of establishing the wireless connection.
Clip & Talk Llc

 Smartphone cover with garment styling patent thumbnailSmartphone cover with garment styling
A smartphone cover with garment styling provides the appearance of a tuxedo, a bridal gown, a cheerleader uniform, or some other distinctive garment, in the form of a three-dimensional simulation, without significantly increasing the overall thickness of the smartphone.. .

 Method for controlling wind turbines patent thumbnailMethod for controlling wind turbines
A method for feeding electrical energy into an electrical supply grid by means of a wind turbine or wind farm, where the wind turbine or wind farm converts kinetic energy from wind with variable speed to electrical energy, a wind speed is predicted based on a wind forecast and a reactive power to be fed in is calculated as predicted reactive power based on the predicted wind speed.. .
Wobben Properties Gmbh

 Power semiconductor module and power conversion device patent thumbnailPower semiconductor module and power conversion device
A power semiconductor module capable of reducing variation of inductance between upper/lower arms and reducing variation of current caused by the variation of inductance. The power semiconductor module includes circuit blocks (upper/lower arms) each of which is configured by connecting self-arc-extinguishing type semiconductor elements in series; first and second positive electrode terminals, first and second negative electrode terminals, and first and second ac terminals.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Coupled multiband antennas patent thumbnailCoupled multiband antennas
An antenna includes at least two radiating arm structures made of or limited by a conductor, superconductor or semiconductor material. The two arms are coupled through a region on first and second superconducting arms such that the combined structure forms a small antenna with broadband behavior, multiband behavior or a combination thereof.
Fractus, S.a.

 Method and  selectively configuring alarms prior to commencing silent mode of operation patent thumbnailMethod and selectively configuring alarms prior to commencing silent mode of operation
A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to selectively configure alarms prior to commencement of a silent mode of operation. In the context of a method, an indication of at least a start time for a silent mode of operation of a device is received.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Systems and methods for monitoring physiology with unable-to-measure alerts patent thumbnailSystems and methods for monitoring physiology with unable-to-measure alerts
A system that observes and analyzes, and, only in the event of a significant negative condition, notifies and reports the event. In a hospital environment, the device includes a bedside unit connected to a pad or coverlet with a sensor array (placed under the patient) and also to an existing hospital nurse call system via an interface.
Hoana Medical, Inc.

 System and  automated triggering and management of alarms patent thumbnailSystem and automated triggering and management of alarms
The present invention relates to a system and to a corresponding method for an automated triggering and management of alarms, in particular in a home environment (1), comprising at least one sensor (21, 22, . .
Domosafety Sa

 Alarm systems for detecting and communicating anomalous events patent thumbnailAlarm systems for detecting and communicating anomalous events
The present invention relates to an alarm system comprising a cellular communication device, such as a smartphone/unit, and at least two detection arrangements, each detection arrangement, of the at least two detection arrangements, comprising: a housing; a detector device arranged in said housing, said detector device comprising a smoke detector and a gas detector and a moisture detector; a positioning device arranged in said housing; a control unit arranged in said housing; and a wireless communication device arranged in said housing; wherein said detector device being configured to provide said control unit with an indication of when smoke or gas or moisture has been detected, said positioning device being configured to provide said control unit with a geographical position of said detection arrangement, and said control unit being configured to transmit a message wirelessly through said wireless communication device to said cellular communication device after receiving an indication from said detector device when smoke or gas or moisture has been detected thereof, wherein said message comprises said geographical position and information of what has been detected; wherein each detection arrangement is arranged to monitor an area different from areas monitored by other detection arrangements; and said cellular communication device is configured to receive said alarm message transmitted from a detection arrangement and to notify a user of said cellular communication device of said alarm message.. .


Permissions-based alarm system and method

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a permissions-based alarm system for use in climbing environment. The permissions-based alarm system includes an identification device storing a permission setting relating to an aspect of the climbing environment and a detection module in communication with the identification device.
Eldorado Wall Company, Inc.


Layout optimization for interactional objects in a constrained geographical area

The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for finding a best location scheme for a set of interactional objects in a constrained geographical area. A geographic region representing a wind farm is partitioned into a plurality of lattices.


Medication management health and health related facilities

A system and method for control of prescription drug packaging and dispensing machines located in an in-patient health care facility including centralized control and enhanced communication between system components. Delay and errors in processing item data in the prescription dispensing system are reduced by using concise id data incorporated into each canister memory chip and storing canister contents data elsewhere.
Cerx Pharmacy Partners, Lp


Executing a multicomponent software application on a virtualized computer platform

A virtualized computer platform is established and maintained by virtualization software on one or more physical computers. A multicomponent software application may execute on the virtualized computer platform, with different components of the application executing in different virtual machines, which are supported by the virtualization software.
Vmware, Inc.


Alarm clock with charging ports

An alarm clock is provided that has a housing, one or more charging ports, an audio transducer, an alarm control device, a display, and a controller. The charging ports are mounted in a surface of the housing and provide power from a power supply to an external device.
Txs Industrial Design, Inc.


Mechanism for driving a jumping element

The invention relates to a mechanism for driving a jumping element comprising a drive wheel (1), an indicator of a unit of time, a jumping element (6) integral with said indicator and coaxial to said drive wheel (1) to which said jumping element (6) is coupled by a spring (8), a cam (12) arranged to rock a pallet-lever (20) in an oscillating motion so as to release the jumping element (6) once per unit of time. According to the invention, the cam (12) and the jumping element (6) have distinct pivot arbors, said drive mechanism, further comprising an intermediate train kinematically connecting the drive wheel (1) to the cam (12), and the pallet-lever (20) has four distinct arms (20a, 20b, 20c, 20d), two (20a, 20b) of the four arms forming feelers arranged to cooperate with the cam (12) and the other two arms (20c, 20d) forming escapement arms arranged to successively block and release the jumping element (6) once per unit of time, alternately..
Blancpain Sa


Electro-optical modulator with bias control

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward techniques and configurations for phase offset adjustment in an electro-optical modulator. In one embodiment, the apparatus may include an electro-optical modulator having first and second arms, to modulate light passing through the arms according to an electrical data signal provided to the electro-optical modulator, to output an optical data signal that combines first and second light portions outputted by the first and second arms respectively; and a control module to convert the first and second light portions into first and second power signals indicative of respective phases of the first and second light portions, determine a balance between the first and second power signals, and adjust a phase of one of the first or second light portions, to achieve a bias point to provide the balanced optical data signal.
Intel Corporation


Touch probe and relative circuits and methods for signal processing

A probe (100) comprises a frame (2), a movable armset (3) and a processing circuit (30; 30′) for processing signals. The processing circuit is able to individually detect the state of contacts (13) defined by the cooperation between mechanical elements of the armset and mechanical elements of the frame, that is the closing or opening of the contacts, and provide a signal indicative of a rest position of the probe when it detects no more than one open contact.
Marposs Societa' Per Azioni


Ammunition carrying apparatus

An ammunition carrying apparatus configured to surroundably mount a human forearm wherein the ammunition carrying apparatus is operable to receive and retain individual bullets and gun magazines. The ammunition carrying apparatus includes a tubular body that includes a hollow passage that is operable to bias against a human forearm.


Grip/cover for key lock system

Covers for key lock mounting systems on small arms such as the ar or m4 family of rifles and carbines can provide protection for the firearm, comfort for the operator, and electrical power to firearm accessories. The cover has keyhole grips that are pressed into the key lock mounting points in mounting system.


Firearm simulators

Firearm simulators are disclosed. In embodiments, a firearm simulator includes a processor, a memory module, a trigger unit that outputs a trigger output signal, a magazine sensor that outputs a magazine sensor output signal, an optoelectronic output device, an optoelectronic sensor, and a wireless communication device.


Key pulley segment features, segment stack configuration, and cam and roller design and actuation in a synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system

A key pulley segment in a synchronized, segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system is either first or last in a pulley segment set to engage an endless member. The first or last key segment teeth to engage or disengage, respectively, are shortened or completely trimmed, and the adjacent pulley segment to the key segment is elongated such that the inward portion of the tooth profile extends toward the key segment.
1783590 Ontario Ltd. D/b/a Inmotive



A flat plane crankshaft for an in-line four cylinder engine includes eight crank arms. A fourth crank arm and a fifth crank arm are respectively provided with counter weights.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for constructing wind power connection system model based on measured data

A method of constructing wind power connection system model based on measured data includes following steps. Operating data is selected in a preset time of each wind turbine in a wind farm.
Wind Power Technology Center Of Gansu Electric Power Company


System, for rocker arm position sensing

A system for monitoring operation of an internal combustion engine having a rocker arm assembly for actuating an engine valve is disclosed. The rocker arm assembly includes a first arm with a first end, a second arm also having a first end pivotally connected near the first end of the first arm, a latch that when latched secures the first arm relative to the second arm in a latched mode, and when unlatched allows the first arm to move relative to the second arm in an unlatched mode.
Eaton Corporation


Bathtub spout adapter for hose or sprayer coupling

The present disclosure provides a plumbing adapter for coupling a hose and a spout. The plumbing adapter is provided as a plumbing assembly.


Roadway barrier

A roadway barrier includes: (i) a longitudinally corrugated rail defining a longitudinal trough between longitudinal ridges, which rail in the region of the trough, defines an aperture: (ii) a reflector comprising: (a) a substantially v-shaped panel with a reflective surface, the panel defining a spine and a pair of arms that diverge from the spine, and the panel arms being resiliently movable between a neutral condition and a splayed condition; (b) a shaft extending from the spine of the panel, between the panel arms, wherein each panel arm is substantially planar and tapers in height from the spine towards its free end; and (c) a connector for securing to the reflector shaft. The reflector is located within the trough defined by the rail, with the reflector shaft extending through the aperture defined by the rail and secured in place by the connector, which connector induces tension within the reflector shaft, with the panel arms bearing against the rail, in the region of the trough, and maintaining the panel arms in the splayed condition..


Method for cancer immunotherapy

Wherein x is a tyrosine residue or a methionine residue; y and z each are a single bond or the like; r1 is a hydrogen atom or the like; r2 is a hydroxy group or the like; r3 is a hydrogen atom, alkyl group, amino group or the like; r4 is a hydrogen atom, alkyl group, carboxy group or the like; m is 1 or 2; and n is an integer of 0 to 2, with the proviso that when n is 0, r3 is a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and its use in cancer immunotherapy.. .


Substituted quinazolin-4-one derivatives

Provided are substituted quinazolin-4-one compounds of the formula (i) and/or pharmaceutically acceptable salts and/or solvates thereof, wherein r1, r2, r3, r5, r6 and l are as defined in the description. Such compounds are suitable for the treatment of a disorder or disease which is mediated by the activity of the class i pi3k kinases..
Novartis Ag


Inhibitors of cellular necrosis and related methods

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug, stereoisomer or tautomer thereof, is provided. Related compounds, methods for preparation of the same and uses of the compounds for treatment of various indications, including treatment of necrotic cell diseases and/or inflammation, are also provided..


Benzoimidazoles as prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors

And enantiomers, diastereomers, racemates, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Compounds of the present invention are useful in pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions modulated by prolyl hydroxylase activity..


Novel triazine derivative

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .


Ire-1alpha inhibitors

Compounds which directly inhibit ire-1α activity in vitro, prodrugs, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Such compounds and prodrugs are useful for treating diseases associated with the unfolded protein response and can be used as single agents or in combination therapies..
Mannkind Corporation


Anti-hiv compounds

This invention provides, among other things, tetrahydroisoquinolines useful for treating viral infections, pharmaceutical formulations containing such compounds, as well as methods of inhibiting the replication of a virus, such as hiv, or treating a disease, such as aids.. .
Prosetta Antiviral, Inc.


Process for the manufacture of idalopirdine

Disclosed herein is a process for the preparation of idalopirdine and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.. .
H. Lundbeck A/s


Collapsible hoisting apparatus

A collapsible hoist apparatus includes a lower boom assembly, a middle boom assembly, and an upper boom assembly, the boom assemblies consisting of two parallel boom arms and a transversal crossbeam, and are connected to one another by a pivotal annular support. The annular support allows the complete boom assembly to be placed in a first extended position, such that the boom assemblies extend outwardly, aligned in a pleated configuration; a fully extended position, such that the boom assemblies extend outwardly, aligned in a planar configuration; or a closed storage position, such that the boom assemblies extend inwardly, aligned in a pleated configuration..
Hoist Around Llc


Sheet-feeding device with multistage stop arms

A feeding device is disclosed, which comprises a paper passage, a sheet-separating roller, a friction institution, and a stopper. The sheet-separating roller is disposed in the paper passage.
Avision Inc.


Electric power-assist device for bicycles and bicycle equipped with said device

An electric power-assist device for a bicycle includes an electrical machine with a rotor, a connector structured to attach to the electrical machine, a battery arranged to power the electrical machine, a controller arranged to control the electrical machine, a drive pinion arranged to be driven by the rotor of the electrical machine, and a supporting structure. The drive pinion is structured to mesh tangentially with a complementary toothing integral to a tyre of a rear wheel of the bicycle.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Electrical vehicle and associated transport facility

The invention relates to an electrical vehicle (100), including an electric engine (102) and on-board energy storage means (104, 106) that are electrically connected to the engine in order to supply same with electrical energy, in which the energy storage means include a first energy storage module (104) including at least one supercapacitor, and a second energy storage module (106) including at least one battery, the first and the second energy storage modules (104,106) being arranged on parallel electrical branches, the vehicle including interconnection means (108), arranged between the energy storage means (104, 106) and the engine (102), capable of electrically connecting the two electrical arms to the engine (102) and configured such that a single one of the two electrical arms is connected to the engine (102) at a time. The invention also relates to a facility comprising the vehicle (100) and at least one station (200) for recharging the vehicle..
Blue Solutions


Energy absorbing collapsible armrest with tunable stiffening feature

A vehicular armrest assembly includes a laterally collapsible substrate having a gap defined between inner and outer substrate portions. A tunable stiffening feature is disposed on the collapsible substrate and has an aperture positioned over the gap, and engagement tabs that engage the inner and outer substrate portions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Slip-resistant garment and manufacturing process thereof

A slip-resistant garment may include: at least one textile structure; and/or at least one slip-resistant portion coupled to the at least one textile structure. The at least one slip-resistant portion may include at least one thermoplastic polymer selected from among: (a) block copolymers of styrene; (b) copolymers of ethylene with at least one c3-c12 alpha-olefin; (c) copolymers of at least one butene with at least one diene; or (d) copolymers of ethylene with at least one ester having an ethylene unsaturation selected from among: c1-c8 alkyl acrylate, c1-c8 alkyl methacrylates, or vinyl c2-c8 carboxylates.
Fait Plast S.p.a.


Robot having arm with unequal link lengths

An apparatus including at least one drive; a first robot arm having a first upper arm, a first forearm and a first end effector. The first upper arm is connected to the at least one drive at a first axis of rotation.
Persimmon Technologies, Corp.


Generating robotic grasping instructions for inventory items

Robotic arms may be utilized to grasp inventory items within an inventory system. Information about an inventory item to be grasped can be detected and used to determine a grasping strategy in conjunction with information from a database.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Robotic grasping of items in inventory system

Robotic arms or manipulators can be utilized to grasp inventory items within an inventory system. Information about an item to be grasped can be detected and/or accessed from one or more databases to determine a grasping strategy for grasping the item with a robotic arm or manipulator.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Device for diamond-burnishing of holes

The present invention relates to various kinds of finishing and hardening treatment of holes in pieces by methods of plastic surface deformation and can find application in many branches of engineering industry. It is designed to burnish holes on a milling or drilling machine tool.
Samara State Aerospace University


Rolling mill provided with at least one cooling nozzle

One or several spraying nozzles for a lubricant/cooling fluid, at least one of the nozzles (12, 12′), is embedded on one of the support arms (6) and the fluid supply circuit of the at least one nozzle (12, 12′) includes a connection/disconnection device (13) with the support arm (6).. .


Educational figurine

A posable figurine with elongated body, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Internal semi-rigid skeleton allows figurine to be posed while retaining the shape into which it is posed.


Plasma abatement using water vapor in conjunction with hydrogen or hydrogen containing gases

A plasma abatement process for abating effluent containing a pfc gas from a processing chamber is described. A plasma abatement process takes gaseous foreline effluent from a processing chamber, such as an etch chamber, and reacts with the effluent within a plasma chamber placed in the foreline path.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Wearable magnetic device and subjecting a body region to a magnetic field

A wearable magnetic device, a method for subjecting a body region to a magnetic field and a set of parts. The wearable magnetic device comprises a magnetic structure configured to generate a magnetic field in a field area of the device; an auxiliary magnet connected to the magnetic structure and configured to increase the intensity of the magnetic field in the field area of the device; and a fastener; wherein the auxiliary magnet and the fastener are configured to magnetically secure the fastener on a side of the auxiliary magnet facing away from the field area of the device with a piece of fabric or a piece of garment disposed between the auxiliary magnet and the fastener..
Esmo Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Subcutaneous anti-her2 antibody formulations and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a highly concentrated, stable pharmaceutical formulation of a pharmaceutically active anti-her2 antibody, such as e.g. Trastuzumab (herceptin™), pertuzumab or t-dm1, or a mixture of such antibody molecules for subcutaneous injection.
Genentech, Inc.


Encapsulated cells for hormone replacement therapy

A composition comprising microcapsules, the microcapsules containing both live mammalian ovarian granulosa cells and live mammalian ovarian theca cells, is described. In some embodiments, the granulosa cells and the theca cells are contained in separate microcapsules in the composition; in some embodiments, the granulosa cells and the theca cells are contained together in the same microcapsules in the composition.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Re-epithelializing pharmaceutical compositions comprising xanthan gum

The present invention relates to the use of xanthan gum as re-epithelializing agent and, in particular, to a pharmaceutical formulation comprising xanthan gum as a re-epithelializing active principle eventually mixed with hyaluronic acid. Said use and composition speed up and improve advantageously the formation of newly grown epithelium..
Sifi S.p.a.


Formulation of syk inhibitors

Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising a compound having the formula: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, or a hydrate of thereof, and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable polymer. The pharmaceutically acceptable salt of the compound of formula i, or a hydrate thereof, can be a mesylate salt, including, for example, a mono-mesylate or a bis-mesylate salt, or a hydrate thereof.
Gilead Connecticut, Inc.


Combination methods for treating cancers

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; in combination with a vinca-alkaloid, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The subject may be very high risk or high risk for the cancer and may not respond to either agent administered as a sole therapy.


Anti-allergy benzocycloheptathiophene derivatives

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, solvate, or prodrug thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, vehicle or excipient.. .


Urea compounds and their use as faah enzyme inhibitors

Wherein: r1 is selected from hydrogen, halogen, hydroxyl and c1-4 alkoxy; r2 is selected from hydrogen, halogen, hydroxyl and c1-4 alkoxy; r3 is c1-4 alkyl; r4 is aryl which is substituted with a group selected from oso2nh2, nhconh2, nhso2nh2, nhso2c1-4 alkyl and conh2; and n is 0 or 1; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; provided that the compound is not n-(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)-n-methyl-4-(4-(sulfamoylamino)phenyl)-1h-imidazole-1-carboxamide or n-(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)-n-methyl-4-(3-(methyl sulfonamido)phenyl)-1h-imidazole-1-carboxamide. The compound may be used as an inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase..


Method for treating a patient at risk for developing an nsaid-associated ulcer

The present disclosure is directed to a method for treating a disease or disorder in a patient at risk of developing an nsaid-associated ulcer by administering to said patient in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition in unit dose form comprising naproxen, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and esomeprazole, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof to said at risk patient and thereby decreasing the patient's risk of developing an ulcer.. .
Horizon Pharma Usa, Inc.


Antiviral agents

A pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof or solvate thereof or mixtures thereof. The subject can be an animal, particularly mammals and more particularly humans and companion animals such as cats and dogs..


Pharmaceutical composition comprising pyridone derivatives

A pyridone derivative compound and a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, isomer, solvate or hydrate thereof, and a preventive or therapeutic pharmaceutical composition for cognitive disorders that includes the pyridone derivative compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, isomer, solvate or hydrate thereof.. .
Sk Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


Oral pharmaceutical formulation of omarigliptin

The present invention is directed to stable, oral pharmaceutical formulations of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors, such as omarigliptin. Such pharmaceutical formulations comprise omarigliptin; and neutral excipients, wherein the neutral excipient is present in the amount of at least 75% by weight of the pharmaceutical formulation and comprises at least one non-reducible sugar diluent or a mixture of non-reducible sugar diluents..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited


Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 inhibitors for inhibition of pathological angiogenesis

This disclosure relates to the field of angiogenesis, more particularly to the field of pathological angiogenesis. In particular, the disclosure has found that inhibitors reducing the activity of the enzyme carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1a can be used for treatment of diseases in which pathological angiogenesis is involved.
Life Sciences Research Partners Vzw


Chemical molecules that inhibit the slicing mechanism for treating diseases resulting from splicing anomalies

A method of treating a disease selected from the group consisting of cancer, duchenne muscular dystrophy, aids, and progeria, that includes administering to a patient in need thereof an effective quantity of at least one compound of formula (iv) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .
Institut Curie


Process for manufacturing phenylephrine resinate particles phenylephrine resinate particles and use of phenylephrine resinate particles in pharmaceutical formulations

Phenylephrine particles suitable for solid, semi solid or liquid dosage forms are disclosed.. .
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.


Stabilized prolonged release pharmaceutical composition comprising atypical antipsychotic

The present invention provides stabilized prolonged release pharmaceutical compositions comprising atypical antipsychotic drug like paliperidone or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof without incorporating surfactant and for water penetration enhancer. Such compositions are preferably in the form of a matrix wherein one or more release controlling agents are present in and/or on the matrix.
Inventia Healthcare Private Limited


Wearable active-compression therapy and treatment system

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a wearable compression therapy system for ambulatory therapy, the system including a wearable garment having one or more inflatable chambers, and a pneumatic engine locally coupled to the garment to provide control and inflation of the one or more inflatable chambers. In an illustrative embodiment, the pneumatic engine may control a pump and one or more valves to inflate the inflatable chambers.
Nextern Inc.


Clip-on rotatable folding drink holder

A clip-on drink holder includes a rotatable spring clip allowing a disabled patient with use of only one hand to attach the holder to a wheelchair. Spring clip arms reach rearward and two curved hands fold back inside the spring clip forming a mouth for attachment to tubular members of the wheelchair.


Absorbent articles with thinner backsheet

An absorbent article selected from a sanitary napkin, an incontinence pad and a pantyliner, comprising a topsheet layer a backsheet layer a fastening adhesive applied on the backsheet garment facing surface, wherein at least a portion of said fastening adhesive (pfa) is applied in a pattern and wherein said backsheet layer is a plastic film having a basis weight of less than 20 gsm.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Disposable absorbent garment

Disposable absorbent garments, comprising front and rear waist and a central absorbent assembly comprising a liquid-absorbent core, where at least one of the front and rear waist portions comprises: a composite of an elastic sheet material and a non-woven fabric layer, and a plurality of elastic strands. In some of the present garments, the elastic strands are positioned on both sides of the liquid-absorbent core, and each strand has a first end laterally offset from the liquid-absorbent core and extending outward toward a respective leg edge of the waist portion.
Attends Healthcare Products, Inc.


Wearable foot garment

Various implementations include a wearable foot garment that includes a forefoot portion, a midfoot portion, and an ankle portion. The midfoot portion includes two high compression zones and a reduced compression zone between the high compression zones.
Apolla Performance Wear Llc


Toothbrush flosser

A toothbrush flosser has a handle having a pair of ends, namely a flossing head end and a brush head end. A toothbrush head is mounted to the brush head end, and the toothbrush head includes bristles.


Robotic system

The present invention discloses a task specific robot for the procedure of endoscopic submucosal dissection (esd). This robot has two arms with nine degrees of freedom (dof), and the capability of tissue elevation and dissection.
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong


Uterine clamp for treating postpartum hemorrhage and facilitating uterine repairs

A medical clamp for holding a uterus includes a first and second curved plates that capture between them the major exterior walls of the uterus, and an operating handle having pivotally connected first and second actuating arms, each of which has a distal portion and a proximal portion with a grip for a user, whereby the distal portions are moved toward each other when the user moves the grips toward each other to capture the uterus between the plates, ball-and-socket joints connect the distal handle portions of the actuating arms to respective plates. The ball-and socket joints enable rapid positioning of the clamp on the uterus to arrest emergency postpartum hemorrhaging, assist in exerting pressure on the uterus over the entire extent of the plates, facilitate manipulation of the uterus using the clamp, and permit other surgical interventions to be performed with the clamp in place..


Clothing hanger with outfit organizer features

A clothing hanger that allows a user to store clothing garments and accessories, such as shirts, pants, jackets, blouses, necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings, bangles, wristbands, headbands, scrunchies, etc. In close proximity to one another, that, in combination, form an entire clothing outfit..


Garment hanger with reusable lower neck sizer

In a combination of a garment hanger and a reusable indicator for displaying garment-related information, the indicator can be attached to and removed from a lower neck region of the hanger where a hanger post intersects the hanger body. The hanger includes an indicator retaining member for providing indicator retaining interference with the indicator to retain the indicator at the lower neck region.


Arm rest cushion

An arm cushion attachment that includes: a first end, where the first end includes an opening, where the opening provides a means for inserting an armrest into the opening; a second end, where the second end is closable; and a zipper at the second end, where the zipper encloses a foam cushion within the arm cushion attachment. In another embodiment of the present invention the arm cushion attachment that includes: a first end; a second end, where the second end is closable; a zipper at the second end, where the zipper encloses a foam cushion within the arm cushion attachment; and an attachment wrap extending from each side of the cushion attachment..


Collapsible table having interlocking assembly

A collapsible table assembly is provided that allows a platform table to be easily stowed parallel to a wall when not in use. The collapsible table assembly having a hinged interlocking assembly comprising support arms coupled to a table platform.
Boka Import Export, Inc.


Garment bag

Embodiments of a garment bag which not only can be used for storage and transport of garments, but also may be used as a shipping package. The garment bag may compress the contents, reduce or eliminate loose straps, hooks, or other elements which could damage the garment bag during shipping, and protect the contents against water and rough handling..
Rent The Runway


Convenient buckle

A buckle for binding two items together that includes a male plate and a female plate. The male plate further includes a locking member that is movable between a locking position and an unlocking position, wherein the locking member in the locking position interacts with the locking mechanism to lock the male plate to the female plate along a longitudinal axis that is perpendicular to the binding axis.
Ching Fung Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd.


Fit simulation garment

A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program and a computer-implemented method for simulating the fit of a particular garment on a user using a fit simulation garment. The fit simulation garment is wearable by a user and comprises a plurality of actuators configured to simulate tightness of regions of the particular garment.
Ebay Inc.


Body measurement garment for optimal garment fit

A system comprising a machine-readable storage medium storing at least one program and a computer-implemented method for collecting body measurements of a human user using a body measurement garment is provided. The body measurement garment comprises a plurality of sensors configured to produce a set of output data.
Ebay Inc.


Garments having a pocket designed with a microfiber drying panel

Garments having a pocket designed with a microfiber drying panel are provided. A representative garment includes a garment material, a body section that is made of the garment material and covers a body, at least one limb section that is made of the garment material and covers a limb of the body, and a pocket section that is located at either the body section and the at least one limb section.


Magnetic garment attachment system

Implementations of a magnetic garment attachment system are provided. In some implementations, a magnetic garment attachment system may be used to secure and/or position a clothing accessory (e.g., a necktie) on an article of clothing (e.g., a shirt or coat).


Adjustable childs skirt system

The adjustable child's skirt system includes a skirt and a foundation garment, such as a jumpsuit. The skirt removably attaches to the foundation garment.


Easy donning garment

A protective garment configured to facilitate easy donning of the garment is described. The sleeves and legs are shorted and held in a donning configuration by releaseably affixing at least a portion of upper and lower segments of the interior surface of each limb.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Knitted electrochemical capacitors and heated fabrics

A garment includes a supercapacitor and/or heated fabrics including a first conductive yarn knitted to as to form a current collector and a second conductive yarn knitted to as to form an electrode that is in electrical contact with the current collector. The conductive yarns are knitted into a predetermined supercapacitor design having respective electrodes that are not in electrical contact with each other.
Drexel University


Antigravity whole body exercise garments

The invention provides an antigravity muscle exerciser comprising a garment which when worn by a user is close-fitting and covers at least the torso of said user. The garment comprises separate top and bottom portions or is a one-piece article, and has incorporated therein first portions of flexible material on each side of the torso which extend from the pelvis to beyond a respective shoulder where the portions are contiguous with a second portion of flexible material which extends across the top of the head of the user in a coronal plane.
Gravity Fitness Australia Pty Ltd.


Breast support structure

A breast support structure of a garment includes one or more substantially rigid support members. Each substantially rigid support member includes a profile portion having a first end, a second end and a generally curved body that extends between the first end and the second end.
Bazooka Jane, Inc.


Biocidal textile support

The biocidal textile support includes bronopol in the dry state present on the surface of the support and having a contact biocidal action, the bronopol being linked to the support by a photo-crosslinkable or photo-polymerizable binder, and its use as an element of a device for protecting against biological risks. A biocidal suit or garment and a mask, preferably antibacterial or antiviral, including such a biocidal support, are also described..
Paul Boye Technologies


Umbrella-type fishing rig with removable lure arms

An umbrella fishing rig can include a head piece, a cap, and at least one dual teaser arm piece. The head piece can include an arm retention portion.


Pet feeding device

A pet feeding device is provided. The pet feeding device includes a tapered rectangular housing having a hollow interior volume and a raised upper surface.


Digital assistant alarm system

A digital assistant supported on devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, game consoles, etc. Exposes an updated and enhanced set of alarm functions to improve a device's user wake-up routines by applying automation rules to a variety of collected or sensed data and inputs in a context-aware manner in order to surface user experiences and content that are contextually meaningful and catered to the particular device user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

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