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This page is updated frequently with new Arm-related patent applications.

 Collection of telemetry data through a meter reading system patent thumbnailCollection of telemetry data through a meter reading system
Disclosed are apparatus and related methodologies for transmitting data related to utility conditions between monitoring locations and a central and/or data collection facility using a meter reading system. Collection of both corrected and uncorrected data from meters is achieved to thereby provide backup data in case of corrector failure.
Itron, Inc.

 Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing and a linear time-periodic filter patent thumbnailTest and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing and a linear time-periodic filter
A test and measurement instrument, including a splitter configured to split an input signal having a particular bandwidth into a plurality of split signals, each split signal including substantially the entire bandwidth of the input signal, a plurality of harmonic mixers, each harmonic mixer configured to mix an associated split signal of the plurality of split signals with an associated harmonic signal to generate an associated mixed signal, a plurality of digitizers, each digitizer configured to digitize a mixed signal of an associated harmonic mixer of the plurality of harmonic mixers, and a linear time-periodic filter configured to receive the digitized mixed signal from each of the digitizers and output a time-interleaved signal. A first-order harmonic of at least one harmonic signal associated with the harmonic mixers is different from a sample rate of at least one of the digitizers..
Tektronix, Inc.

 Power distribution system for off-shore natural resource platforms patent thumbnailPower distribution system for off-shore natural resource platforms
A power distribution system for off-shore natural resource platforms includes an off-shore medium voltage direct current (mvdc) power bus. The mvdc power bus includes multiple power bus segments, each of which may be connected to one or more other power bus segments via a corresponding circuit breaker.
Abb Technology Ltd.

 Cooling apparatus patent thumbnailCooling apparatus
A cooling device for cooling a cable assembly, containing an outer pipe, which is designed to accommodate the cable assembly in such a way that an intermediate space for accommodating a cooling water layer remains between the outer pipe and the cable assembly, a connecting element for creating a water-tight connection between the outer pipe and the cable assembly, and a pressure controller for controlling the water pressure in the cooling water layer, is provided. A cable device is also provided, including an electric cable assembly, and a cooling device.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Vehicle-mounted sensorless motor with edge-connected termination patent thumbnailVehicle-mounted sensorless motor with edge-connected termination
An apparatus electrically connects a motor's on-board stator circuit board to multiple circuits on a controller circuit board using an edge connector on the controller circuit board that engages opposing pads on an edge of the stator circuit board. The edge connector includes tuning-fork-like conductors each with pairs of protruding arms positioned to both engage the pads for electrical contact and also frictionally engage the pads for mechanical retention.
Ghsp, Inc.

 Connector and connector assembly patent thumbnailConnector and connector assembly
A connector is disclosed. The connector has a housing and a conductive terminal disposed in the housing.
Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

 Electrical connector patent thumbnailElectrical connector
An electrical connector comprises a plurality of terminal blocks arranged along a transverse direction. The terminal block includes a vertical insulative plate, a pair of first terminals, and a pair of second terminals.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges patent thumbnailLow-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges
A key mechanism including one or more butterfly hinges. Each butterfly hinge may include a double wing design operative to move between a depressed position and non-depressed position.
Apple Inc.

 Radiation shield apron with improved gonadal protection patent thumbnailRadiation shield apron with improved gonadal protection
A protective garment comprising gonadal-abdominal protective section attached to a shield apron, the gonadal-abdominal protective section comprising front cover sheet, back cover sheet, one or more inner sheets of flexible radiation shielding material arranged between the front cover sheet and the back cover sheet, and an upper edge attached to a bottom portion of the shield apron.. .

 Heat transfer image/flag label patent thumbnailHeat transfer image/flag label
A unique heat transfer and flag label for use on specific merchandising articles and/or for a specific event is disclosed. The heat transfer can be used to promote an event, a team, etc.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services Llc

System and alarm signaling during alarm system destruction

A system and method provide for the immediate transmission of a potential alarm to a remote alarm signal escrow site and from the escrow site to a host station in the event where a control panel or an alarm signaling device is tampered with or destroyed by a disablement tactic, e.g., a “crash and smash intrusion.” a system and method may also send an alarm signal during such an attack by using predictive analysis of real-time events.. . Incorporated

Pharmacy security system

An automated tracking system for a pharmacy that maintains each medication's unique drug identifier (“udi”) from the stock supply container to individual prescription orders filled therefrom and provides a security system for determining a discrepancy associated with filling a prescription order. The udi information automatically travels with each individual prescription until it is dispensed to a customer or patient, thereby allowing the system to monitor and track supply containers and individual prescription orders for improper or potentially fraudulent transactions.
Gsl Solutions, Inc.

Medication dispensing device and methods

A method and system for managing various aspects of a patient's health, such as medications, testing, subjective evaluation, communications, education, and appointments (such method and system also referred to as a “wellness solution”). The wellness solution may include a medication dispensing device, including multiple trays for holding medication, and/or use thereof.
Cardinal Health Commercial Technologies, Llc

Apparatus for workplace danger zone

An apparatus is for a user, a workplace danger zone, a hazardous workplace machine, a detector assembly and a computer assembly. The apparatus includes a garment configured to be worn by the user, and an identification device being configured to be coupled to the garment.

Head-mounted display

The present application provides a head-mounted display, including a display device comprising a display body and two support arms extending from opposite ends of the display body, a headphone device comprising two headphone bodies, and two connection mechanisms connected to the two support arms respectively and rotatably connected to the two headphone bodies respectively. A head-mounted bracket is connected to the two connection mechanisms via two connection portions.
Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co., Ltd.

Seismic sensor recording system

A sensor system for deployment on or close to the seabed in marine seismic surveys includes a central hub, and a plurality of arms coupled to the central hub. Each arm has a degree of freedom of movement with respect to the central hub.
Statoil Petroleum As

Method of using power grid as large antenna for geophysical imaging

A high-voltage power transmission system is used as an extremely large antenna to extract spatiotemporal space, physical, and geological information from geomagnetically induced currents (gic). A differential magnetometer method is used to measure gic and involves acquiring line measurements from a first fluxgate magnetometer under a high-voltage transmission line, acquiring natural field measurements from a reference magnetometer nearby but not under the transmission line, subtracting the natural field measurements from the line measurements, and determining the gic-related biot-savart field from the difference.

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is for use by a user. The personal protective equipment includes a garment assembly and a pocket assembly each configured to be thermally insulated and fire resistant.

Contoured cam pin for a rotating bolt

The present disclosure pertains generally to cam pins for rotating bolt firearms. In certain aspects, the present disclosure provides cam pins having a curved profile along a portion of the cam pin that contacts sides of a cam slot in a bolt carrier.
Krl Holding Company, Inc.

Endless drive arrangement and improved two-armed tensioning system for same

In an aspect, a tensioner is provided for tensioning a belt and includes first and second tensioner arms having first and second pulleys respectively. The first and second pulleys are configured for engagement with first and second belt spans, and are biased in first and second free arm directions respectively.
Litens Automotive Partnership

Wind turbine station and tower with vertical storage tanks

The invention relates to a wind turbine station and tower as well as wind farms using them, wherein each wind turbine station comprises a tower consisting of preferably two or more vertically oriented compressed air pressure storage tanks or vessels. The tanks or vessels are preferably comprised of vertically oriented elongated steel pipes that are extended parallel to each other and spaced apart with a steel web between them for reinforcing the strength and rigidity and moment resistance of the tower to resist lateral wind forces that may be applied to the top of the tower.

Method for black starting wind turbine, wind farm, and restoring wind farm and wind turbine, wind farm using the same

A method for black starting a wind turbine and a wind farm following islanding operation, a method for restoring the wind farm following the islanding operation, and the wind turbine and wind farm. The wind turbine comprises auxiliary equipment, a generator, a converter electrically connectable to the generator, and an energy storage system, the generator is electrically connectable to the auxiliary equipment via the converter, the energy storage system is electrically connectable to the auxiliary equipment.
Abb Schweiz Ag

Thermostat valve

A thermostat valve has a cylindrical valve housing formed as a single integrated unit out of synthetic resin material, having an annular body and a frame attached to one end of the annular body by a plurality of legs, a disk-shaped valve stem disposed in another end of the valve housing and movable along an axial direction, a spring seat that holds an opposite end of spring means away from the valve stem and locked and held in place by hooks at tips of locking arms extending from the valve housing, and a thermo-element fixedly mounted to an element guide provided in the frame of the valve housing that moves the valve stem in a valve opening direction in response to fluid temperature. An annular step having a top portion of predetermined width is formed adjacent to the rim of the opening in the one end of the valve housing..
Nippon Thermostat Co., Ltd.

Cylinder deactivation deactivating roller finger follower having improved packaging

A switching rocker arm assembly constructed in accordance to one example of the present disclosure can include an outer arm, an inner arm, a pivot axle, a bearing axle, a first torsional bearing axle spring and a second torsional bearing axle spring. The outer arm can have a first outer side arm and a second outer side arm.
Eaton Corporation

Inertia lock for a console armrest

An inertia locking mechanism for a bin having a bin lid and subjectable to an applied force resulting in an acceleration includes a housing attachable to the bin, a bracket attachable to the bin lid and having a locking feature, a locking pin, a biasing member, and a trigger. The locking pin is linearly moveable in the housing.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method and structure for increasing work flow

A production and sales environment is provided with production and sales separated on different levels, such that sales and delivery are contained on a main level and production is completed on a secondary level. Products are moved between the two levels via a mechanical delivery system, for example a dumbwaiter.

Polyester composition with improved dyeing properties

A copolymer composition is disclosed with advantages for textile fibers, yarns, blended yarns, fabrics, and garments. The composition includes polyester copolymer, between about 4.5 and 5.5 percent adipic acid based on the amount of copolymer, between about 630 and 770 parts per million (ppm) of pentaerythritol based on the amount of copolymer, and between about 3.4 and 4.2 percent polyethylene glycol based on the amount of copolymer..
Parkdale Incorporated

Impact of genetic factors on disease progression and response to anti-c5 antibody in geographic atrophy

Pharmacogenetic analysis revealed an effect of risk alleles in arms2 and cfh genes on the response of subjects to anti-c5 antibodies in the treatment of the progression of geographic atrophy.. .
Novartis Ag

Methods and kits for treating and classifying individuals

The present disclosure provides methods and kits for treating and classifying individuals at risk of or suffering from a neurological and/or mitochondrial dysfunction or disorder. In general, the individuals are treated and/or classified based on the presence of a loss-of-function mutation in nuclear dna encoding one or more proteins selected from the group consisting of aldh1l1, aldh1l2, folr1, fpgs, gcsh, gldc, mthfd1, mthfd1l, mthfd2, mthfd2l, mthfs, mtrr, shmt1, shmt2 and slc25a32.
Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.

Compositions comprising fluoroolefins and uses thereof

The present invention relates to fluoroolefin compositions. The fluoroolefin compositions of the present invention are useful as refrigerants or heat transfer fluids and in processes for producing cooling or heat.
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

Anti sirp-alpha antibodies and bi-specific macrophage enhancing antibodies

Anti-sirpα antibodies, including multi-specific anti-sirpα antibodies, are provided, as are related compositions and methods. The antibodies of the disclosure bind to sirpα and can block the interaction of cd47 on one cell with sirpα on a phagocytic cell.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Osteoprotegerin derived rankl inhibitor

A pharmaceutical composition is described that can be used for treating or prevention of diseases association with bone resorption, particularly of a metastatic carcinoma. In certain aspects, the composition is based on a polypeptide which includes the leading 215 amino acids of the human osteoprotegerin followed by the fc portion of the human igg1 protein.
R-pharm Overseas, Inc.

Pyridone and aza-pyridone compounds and methods of use

Pyridone and aza-pyridone compounds of formula i are provided, including stereoisomers, tautomers, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, useful for inhibiting btk kinase, and for treating immune disorders such as inflammation mediated by btk kinase. Methods of using compounds of formula i for in intro, in situ, and in vivo diagnosis, and treatment of such disorders in mammalian cells, or associated pathological conditions, are disclosed..
Genentch Inc.

Substituted isoxazolopyridazinones and isothiazolopyridazinones and methods of use

And pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein r1, r2 and r3 are as defined in the specification, are useful in treating conditions or disorders prevented by or ameliorated by positive allosteric modulation of the γ-aminobutyric acid b (gaba-b) receptor. Methods for making the compounds are described.

Substituted cyclopentanes, tetrahydrofuranes and pyrrolidines as orexin receptor antagonists

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, formula (i) wherein l, x, ra, rb, r1, r2 and r3 are as defined in the specification, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in therapy.. .
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Pyridine derivatives

The present application provides novel pyridine compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts or prodrugs thereof. Also provided are methods for preparing these compounds.
Asana Biosciences, Llc

Dihydrothiazine and dihydrooxazine derivatives having bace1 inhibitory activity

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .

Substituted tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds as factor xia inhibitors

Or stereoisomers, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are inhibitors of factor xia and/or plasma kallikrein which may be used as medicaments..

Heteroaryls and uses thereof

And pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein x, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, l1, l2, m, and n, are as described in the specification. Such compounds are inhibitors of vps34 and thus useful for treating proliferative, inflammatory, or cardiovascular disorders..

Human plasma kallikrein inhibitors

As described herein, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. The compounds are inhibitors of plasma kallikrein.

Benzomorphan analogs and use thereof

The invention provides compounds as represented by formula i or i′ and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, and diastereomers thereof: wherein r1, r2, r2a, r3, and r4 are defined in the disclosure. The invention also provides compounds of formulae ii, iii, and a-h, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, and diastereomers thereof.
Purdue Pharma L.p.


A mandrel suitable for supporting and unwinding a convolutely wound web material is disclosed. The mandrel has a mandrel shaft with a longitudinal axis, a plurality of mandrel arms extending from the mandrel shaft, and at least one expansion element disposed upon one of the mandrel arms.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Autonomous controls for a robotic carton unloader

Robotic carton unloader has right and left lower arms of robotic arm assembly that are pivotally attached at lower end respectively to mobile body on opposing lateral sides of conveyor system passing there between. Upper arm assembly has rear end pivotally attached at upper end respectively of right and left lower arms to pivotally rotate about upper arm axis perpendicular to longitudinal axis of conveyor system and parallel to lower arm axis.
Intelligrated Headquarters, Llc

Method for storing and transporting arch-shaped stormwater leaching chambers

An improved method for storing and transporting arch-shaped stormwater leaching chambers includes positioning a group of nested chambers in an inverted “arch down” configuration upon a pallet to lower the center of gravity and stabilize the load, and using a pair of spaced cradle arms secured to the pallet to cooperatively position and support the palletized chambers against sideways rolling. Tie-down straps are then drawn through the natural saddle created by the inverted chambers and secured to the pallet, thereby reducing the required length and natural stretch of the straps over conventional methods.
Prinsco, Inc.

Bicycle rim brake

Responsive to a hydraulic piston advancing out of a piston housing in a second brake arm and contacting a piston cam surface of a first brake arm, the second brake arm pivots around a second pivot. As this is happening, a cam surface in the second brake arm lifts a contact surface of a first force transfer member of the first brake arm, imparting torque to the first brake arm which then pivots around a first pivot.
Sram, Llc

Rotisserie fixture for assembly of a vehicle

An apparatus for lifting and rotating a frame of a motor vehicle includes a rotisserie and a rotatably connected fixture that holds the motor vehicle frame during production. The fixture includes clamps extending from arms of the fixture and clamps extending from the front support for affixing the frame of the motor vehicle to the fixture.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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