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Anchoring elements for intracardiac devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Arm-related patents
 System and method for patient care patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for patient care
Embodiments of the present invention may integrate and analyze the output from various medical devices and clinical information systems in order to assist the clinical staff in making the more informed clinical decisions, output intelligent alarms, predict and prevent adverse events, and in some circumstances enable automated patient care.. .
 Method of distance protection of parallel transmission line patent thumbnailnew patent Method of distance protection of parallel transmission line
The present invention is concerned with a method of distance protection of parallel transmission lines applicable both to series compensated and uncompensated electric power lines, using a distance relay. The method is characterized in that a pair of flags (ff1, ff2) are calculated for indication faulted and healthy circuits in parallel lines and in the same time a flag (internal_fault) for indication internal or external fault in parallel lines is calculated independently.
 Operating a mobile robot patent thumbnailnew patent Operating a mobile robot
A method of operating a mobile robot includes grasping a feature of a door of a doorway with an end effector of a manipulator arm mounted on the robot and driving the robot while grasping the door feature to move the door to an open position. The method also includes driving the robot to maneuver the robot to contact the door and chock the door in the open position, releasing the door feature from the end effector after chocking the door, and driving the robot through the doorway..
 Anchoring elements for intracardiac devices patent thumbnailnew patent Anchoring elements for intracardiac devices
An intracardiac device comprising a ring-shaped body and one or more anchoring or stabilizing elements attached to said body, said elements being selected from the group consisting of levered anchoring arms, elongate anchoring arms, and lateral extension elements, wherein said device is able to move between two conformations, a collapsed conformation suitable for insertion into a delivery catheter, and an open conformation, suitable for implantation at a cardiac valve annulus.. .
 Pararenal stent graft patent thumbnailnew patent Pararenal stent graft
A stent graft and a stent graft system having a scallop at the proximal end of the stent graft and extending below the proximal edge, the scallop having two substantially longitudinally extending opposing side edges and a substantially laterally extending bottom edge parallel to the proximal edge of the stent graft and extending between the two substantially longitudinally extending opposing side edges to define a scallop parameter. The stent graft and stent graft system include side arms extending externally from the stent graft at an acute angle to the body of the stent graft with an open end of the side arms extending toward the proximal end of the stent graft..
 Self-expanding neurostimulation leads having broad multi-electrode arrays patent thumbnailnew patent Self-expanding neurostimulation leads having broad multi-electrode arrays
Self-expanding lead including a lead body having a distal body end, a proximal body end, and a central axis extending therebetween. The lead body includes first and second outer arms and an inner arm disposed between the first and second outer arms.
 Bipolar forceps patent thumbnailnew patent Bipolar forceps
A bipolar forceps may include a first forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a first forceps jaw, and a first forceps arm conductor tip; a second forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a second forceps jaw, and a second forceps arm conductor tip; and an input conductor isolation mechanism having a first forceps arm housing and a second forceps arm housing. The first forceps arm may be disposed in the first forceps arm housing and the second forceps arm may be disposed in the second forceps arm housing.
 Array of absorbent articles having functional enhancement indicators patent thumbnailnew patent Array of absorbent articles having functional enhancement indicators
An array of feminine hygiene articles for placement in an undergarment having a crotch portion bounded on opposite sides by portions of curved leg openings. Each feminine hygiene article of the array has a body-facing surface, a first end region and a second end region, the array of feminine hygiene articles comprising at least first and second the feminine hygiene articles differing in at least one functional characteristic.
 Compression garment patent thumbnailnew patent Compression garment
A graduated compression garment is disclosed that includes a plurality of longitudinal fuzzy wales arranged to form a fabric with a plurality of transverse elastomeric threads under variable tension connecting the adjacent longitudinal fuzzy wales to deliver a first level of elastic compression distally on a limb and a gradually decreasing level of elastic compression as the limb increases in diameter proximally.. .
 System for calibrating a ptt-based blood pressure measurement using arm height patent thumbnailnew patent System for calibrating a ptt-based blood pressure measurement using arm height
The invention provides a system and method for measuring vital signs (e.g. Sys, dia, spo2, heart rate, and respiratory rate) and motion (e.g.
new patent Fluoroalkyl and chlorofluoroalkyl benzenes
This invention relates to fluoroalkyl and chlorofluoroalkyl benzenes with relatively high boiling points, having zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. This invention also relates to the preparation of such fluoroalkyl and chlorofluoroalkyl benzenes.
new patent Novel process for the synthesis of 7-chloro-4-(piperazin-1-yl)-quinoline
The present invention provides a new process of synthesis of a polymorph of 7-chloro-4-(piperazin-1-yl)-quinoline of formula i. Said quinoline compound is substantially pure of any impurities.
new patent Use of organic compound for the treatment of noonan syndrome
The use of a mek inhibitor compound of formula (i), as defined herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof for the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of noonan syndrome, a method of treating a warm-blooded animal, especially a human, having noonan syndrome, comprising administering to said animal a therapeutically effective amount of a mek inhibitor compound of formula (i), as defined herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; and to a pharmaceutical composition and a commercial package comprising a compound of formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a package insert or other labeling including directions for treating noonan syndrome.. .
new patent Inhibitors of c-fms kinase
Wherein z, x, j, r2 and w are set forth in the specification, as well as solvates, hydrates, tautomers and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, that inhibit protein tyrosine kinases, especially c-fms kinase. Methods of treating autoimmune diseases; and diseases with an inflammatory component; treating metastasis from ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, hairy cell leukemia; and treating pain, including skeletal pain caused by tumor metastasis or osteoarthritis, or visceral, inflammatory, and neurogenic pain; as well as osteoporosis, paget's disease, and other diseases in which bone resorption mediates morbidity including rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, prosthesis failure, osteolytic sarcoma, myeloma, and tumor metastasis to bone with the compounds of formula i, are also provided..
new patent Treatment of crohn's disease with laquinimod
This application provides for a method of treating a subject suffering from crohn's disease, the method comprising periodically administering to the subject an amount of laquinimod or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof effective to treat the subject. This application provides for use of laquinimod in the manufacture of a medicament for treating a subject suffering from crohn's disease.
new patent Processes for preparing quinoline compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds
The present invention is directed to processes for making and compositions containing quinolines such as formula i or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof wherein: x1 is h, br, ci, or x2 is h, br, ci, or n1 is 1-2; and n2 is 1-2.. .
new patent Compositions of (-)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl) morphinan-3,14-diol
The present invention is directed to oral, therapeutically effective modified release pharmaceutical compositions of (−)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl)morphinan-3,14-diol and it pharmaceutically acceptable salts and the use thereof, including delayed onset and extended release dosage forms. The present invention is also directed at modified release dosage forms of oral (−)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl)morphinan-3,14-diol which provide robust efficacy and reduced potential for abuse and misuse..
new patent Compound, certain novel forms thereof, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and methods for preparation and use
Compound of formula a and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof and crystalline forms i and ii of compound of formula a! also, methods for the preparation of such compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds, and methods for their uses.. .
new patent Carbocyclic nucleosides and their pharmaceutical use and compositions
And the pharmaceutically acceptable salts of such compounds. Also disclosed are processes for the preparation of such compounds, intermediates used in the preparation of such compounds, and the uses of such compounds in treating inflammatory skin diseases..
new patent Protease inhibitors
A compound of formula (i) wherein r1 to r15, p1, p2, a, b and q are as defined in the claims and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and esters thereof, are disclosed. The compounds of formula (i) possess utility as matriptase inhibitors and are useful in the treatment of matriptase dependent conditions, particularly cancer..
new patent Inhibitors of beta-secretase
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Pharmaceutical compositions and method of use of the compounds are also described..
new patent 2-spiro-substituted iminothiazines and their mono-and dioxides as bace inhibitors, compositions and their use
And tautomers and stereoisomers thereof, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts of said compounds, said tautomeros and said stereoisomers, wherein each of the variables shown in the formula are as defined herein. The novel compounds of the invention are useful as bace inhibitors and/or for the treatment and prevention of various pathologies related thereto.
new patent Combinations of corroles and statins
Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of treatment a cardiovascular disease in a patient comprising administering an effective amount of a statin or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof in combination with an effective amount of a transition metal complex of a corrole, an optically active isomer thereof or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Further embodiments refer to pharmaceutical compositions comprising a statin and a corrole..
new patent Boron-containing small molecules
Compounds, pharmaceutical formulations, and methods of treating anti-inflammatory conditions and/or helminth-associated diseases are disclosed.. .
new patent Hiv protease inhibitors
The compounds encompassed by formula i include compounds which are hiv protease inhibitors and other compounds which can be metabolized in vivo to hiv protease inhibitors. The compounds and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are useful for the prophylaxis or treatment of infection by hiv and the prophylaxis, treatment, or delay in the onset of aids.
new patent Detachable component muscle toning garment
Disclosed is a muscle toning garment with detachable, interchangeable resistance elements. The garment provides resistance training throughout an angular range of motion.
new patent Multi-arm dimple and dimple patterns including same
A golf hall dimple having a plurality of arms wherein each arm includes a leading edge, a trailing edge, side walls, and a sloped floor. The dimples of the invention may be included in a dimple pattern that may also include other types of dimples..
new patent Air manifold for drying a container
A system for drying a container includes an air manifold. The air manifold includes a main body having multiple outlets and multiple arms.
new patent Field dressing device
A game stabilizing device that facilitates field dressing of big game is provided. The game stabilizing device includes a base with arms extending laterally from the base.
new patent Integrated package insertion and loading mechanism (ipilm)
A holding member and system including a first holding member and a second holding member, wherein each of the first holding member and the second holding member are coupled to opposite sides of a load plate of a socket. A holding member includes a body including a pair of arms extending from a first side of the body and spaced to accommodate a portion of an integrated circuit chip package therebetween and at least one clip extending from a second side opposite the first side.
new patent Gem-difluorinated c-isopropylgalactoside derivates
The present invention concerns compounds of the following formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, a stereoisomer or a mixture of stereoisomers in any proportion, in particular a mixture of enantiomers, and particularly a racemate mixture, in which r represents h, oh or or19, as well as processes for preparing these compounds and their use as inducer for the transcription of genes under control of the lac promoter.. .
new patent Training apparatus and methods
A system and apparatus for allowing a trainee to replicate the body movements of a trainer. A trainer's instructional body movements are recorded using sensors on the trainer's garment and then stored in a computer.
new patent Controlled release hydrocodone
A solid oral controlled-release dosage form of hydrocodone is disclosed, the dosage form comprising an analgesically effective amount of hydrocodone or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and controlled release material.. .
new patent Combination therapy for skin disorders
The present invention provides a novel therapeutic combination comprising one or more anti-androgen agents and one or more antibiotic/anti-inflammatory agents or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or hydrates thereof, useful for the treatment of a dermatological disorder.. .
new patent Stable liquid formulation of etanercept
The present invention relates to a stable liquid formulation of etanercept (recombinant p75 stnfr:fc fusion protein), and more particularly, to a liquid formulation comprising one or more stabilizers selected from the group consisting of methionine, lysine, histidine, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof in an amount sufficient to reduce by-product formation of etanercept during storage. The liquid formulation according to the present invention effectively reduces production of etanercept by-products and to stably maintain its pharmaceutical efficacies for long-term storage.
new patent Tetracyclic xanthene derivatives and methods of use thereof for the treatment of viral diseases
The present invention relates to novel tetracyclic xanthene derivatives of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein a, y1, y2, z, ra, rb, r1a, r1b and r2 are as defined herein. The present invention also relates to compositions comprising at least one tetracyclic xanthene derivative, and methods of using the tetracyclic xanthene derivatives for treating or preventing hcv infection in a patient..
new patent Integrated ceiling device with mechanical arrangement for a light source
An integrated ceiling device (80, 120) includes an electronics assembly (56) and a mechanical arrangement (20). The mechanical arrangement includes a housing (22), a heat dissipating structure (24), and support arms (26).
new patent Illumination system
An illumination system, in particular for illuminating tiled wall protrusions, includes at least one elongate, substantially u-shaped profile that has a base arm and two side arms projecting from the latter and arranged lying opposite one another, the first side arm being made longer than the second arm, at least one illuminant that is fastened or can be fastened within the receiving space defined by the base arm and the two side arms of the profile, and at least one elongate diffusion disc cover fastened or that can be fastened to the profile.. .
new patent Co-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions
Various embodiments concern a suspension having a dsa structure on a gimbaled flexure. The suspension comprises a loadbeam and flexure attached thereto.
new patent Electronic eyewear
Embodiments for systems, methods and apparatuses of eyewear are disclosed. One apparatus includes a frame that includes a pair of temple arms forming eyewear that is adaptable to hold one or more lenses, and at least one switch, wherein the at least one switch is open or closed depending upon an angle of at least one of the temple arms relative to a frontal plane of the one or more lenses..
new patent Modified system and method for obtaining photographic and/or videographic images
A light-supporting structure and methods of using same that includes a central hub including a suspension point, a plurality of arms extending from the central hub, a separate support rod extending from each of the plurality of arms distal to the central hub, a separate lighting element mounted to each support rod, and a control system configured to orient each lighting element using motors with respect to a photographic zone. In a preferred embodiment, the lighting elements can be oriented with respect to a photographic zone in response to a user input selection based on a desired photographic result selected at a user interface..
new patent Compact pinch valve
An improved pinch valve includes a camshaft and associated cam(s) controlling the position of a pivotally-mounted first pinch arm and an opposed, pivotally-mounted second pinch arm. The respective pinch arms are provided symmetrically about a central plane which contains an axis of the camshaft.
new patent Muscle interface device and method for interacting with content displayed on wearable head mounted displays
There is disclosed a muscle interface device and method for interacting with content displayed on wearable head mounted displays. In an embodiment, the muscle interface device comprises a sensor worn on the forearm of a user, and the sensor is adapted to recognize a plurality of gestures made by a user's hand and or wrist to interact with content displayed on the wearable head mounted display.
new patent Dipole antenna
A dipole antenna, comprising: a dipole arrangement comprising at least a pair of antenna arms, each antenna arm having a feed end and a distal end, the feed ends positioned in proximity to each other; a feed structure, coupled to said dipole arrangement, comprising a balun for providing the antenna with a balanced feed; wherein, each antenna arm comprises: a conductive end plate, located at the distal end of the respective antenna arm; and an inductive coil, located at the feed end of the respective antenna arm.. .
new patent Particle detector with dust rejection
A system and method of reducing the incidence of false alarms attributable to dust in smoke detection apparatus. The method includes obtaining at least two sample air flows, subjecting a first airflow to particle reduction and measuring the level of particles in the first airflow and generating a first signal indicative of the intensity.
new patent Signal separation device
A signal separation device is a duplexer in which a reception frequency band is located at higher frequencies than a transmission frequency band. A series arm of a ladder transmission filter includes a plurality of series arm resonators, and parallel arms respectively include parallel arm resonators.
new patent System for balancing, by magnetic coupling, an association in series of elements for generating or storing electrical energy
The invention relates to a system for balancing an association in series of elements for generating and/or storing electrical energy, characterised in that it comprises: a plurality of full bridge inverters (opc1, opc2, opcn), each consisting of two inverter arms connected in parallel between two end ports of the inverter, each inverter arm, in turn, consisting of two switches (th1, tb1; th2, tb2) connected in series by a so-called median point (p11, p12) of the arm; a plurality of connectors for connecting the two end ports of each full bridge inverter to a respective element (ca1, ca2, can, pv1, pv2, pvn) of said association in series; and a magnetic coupler (nm) formed by a magnetic core on which a plurality of windings (ŵw2, wn) is formed, each winding being connected to the median points of the arms of one of said inverters. The invention also relates to an association in series of elements (ca1, ca2, can) for the electrochemical storage of electrical energy, provided with such a balancing system.
new patent Cradle for rechargeable lighting devices
A charger cradle for recharging a rechargeable lighting device is described. The cradle may include two prongs that flex outwards to allow a lighting device to be inserted into the cradle.
new patent Congregational prayer chair
The congregational prayer chair is designed to provide needed support for certain worshipers participating in muslim prayer services. The chair is constructed with a seat and seat-back supported between two connecting arms.
new patent Scoop buddy
An ice fishing device compromising of an ice scoop/skimmer with handle having a proximal and distal end, a retractable device, and an apparartus used to secure the invention to the fisherman or other convenient location. This may be to the ice fisherman's clothing/gear such as but not limited to a belt loop, zipper, pocket, or built-in loop that is commonly found on ice fishing garments.
new patent Quick connector
A quick connector for making a releasable connection in a fluid line with a connector body, a male member, a retainer and a verification element. The connector body comprises a through bore, wherein the male member introduced into the through bore is releasably fixable in the through bore by the retainer.
new patent Vehicle axle suspension, and vehicle comprising such vehicle axle suspension
The invention relates to a vehicle axle suspension comprising:—a tubular axle body (3) having a longitudinal axis;—resilient suspension arms (5) which extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle, and which cross the axle body substantially perpendicular, each suspension arm having a curved portion (9) with a concave underside forming an axle recess in which the axle body is received, and each suspension arm being hingedly connectable at the front, viewed in the direction of travel of the vehicle, to a bearing bracket arranged on the vehicle chassis;—two intermediate members (13), each intermediate member being positioned in said axle recess between the axle body and the curved portion of one of the respective suspension arms, wherein each intermediate member has a concave underside which matches with the outer contour of the tubular axle body;—a pneumatic spring for each suspension arm which is operational between the respective suspension arm and the vehicle chassis;—a clamping assembly (17, 18, 19) associated with each suspension arm, wherein the axle body, the respective intermediate member and the suspension arm are retained solely by the clamping assembly.. .
new patent Vibration isolation system
A vibration isolation system, including a housing and a first isolation member which further includes a receptacle to receive an outer body of a motor, a first plurality of compliant arms, and a second plurality of compliant arms. Each compliant arm of the first isolation member has a first end and a second end.
new patent Aircraft landing gear and method of operating the same
A front landing gear system for an aircraft including a swing arm rotatively coupled to a wheel, a forward link arm rotatively coupled to the swing arm, a oleopneumatic cylinder rotatively coupled to the swing arm, second extension arm and a bulkhead, a plate rotatively coupled to the bulkhead, an actuation device rotatively coupled to the bulkhead and to the plate, where refraction of the linear actuation device causes the plate and extension arms to move upward towards the bulkhead.. .
new patent Apparatus and system for retrieving hose
The preferred system utilizes two devices to recover larger diameter hoses and couplings. Each of the devices has a plurality of lifting frame arms having a motor disposed between the lifting frame arms.
new patent Upper body garment with infant pouch
An upper body garment for supporting an infant adjacent the chest and upper belly of a wearer that includes a tubular garment body made from a stretchable fabric and comprising a front panel and a back panel, one or more breast panels extending from a top portion of the back panel and over the shoulders of the wearer; and a pouch panel extending from a lower portion of the breast panels. The pouch panel is secured along a u-shaped seam to an inside surface of the front panel to form a pouch with a top opening proximate the lower portion of the breast panels.
new patent Mobile multiple syringe holder
A syringe holder body holds syringes in apertures passing through the rectangular body due to the action of a pliable layer within the holder body. The holder body may be transported between base units which have track bodies which hold the body locked in place when it is inserted therein.

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