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3d Printer patents


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 Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images
Systems and methods for printing a 3d object on a three-dimensional (3d) printer are described. The methods semi-automatically or automatically delineate an item in an image, receive a 3d model of the item, matches said item to said 3d model, and send the matched 3d model to a 3d printer..
Virginia Venture Industries, Llc

 Information processing apparatus, 3d printer system, information processing method, and non-transitory recording medium patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, 3d printer system, information processing method, and non-transitory recording medium
An information processing apparatus includes at least one processor configured to determine, for each of polygons that express a 3d shape, a color to be used when the polygon is projected, based on a position of the polygon with respect to a slice plane along a projecting direction in which the polygons are projected, and generate slice data that expresses a sectional shape of the 3d shape along the slice plane based on determined colors.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Skin printing and auto-grafting patent thumbnailSkin printing and auto-grafting
An apparatus and method for the production of substitute skin that advantageously reduces the amount of donor dermal cells needed from non-wound areas of a patient having a wound to be auto-grafted is reduced by using all of the harvested skin cells. A 3d printer is used to construct a wound graft product from the harvested skin cells without wasting any of the harvested skin cells.
Dermagenesis Llc

 Ink composition for powder bed and inkjet head 3d printing patent thumbnailInk composition for powder bed and inkjet head 3d printing
The present invention relates to an ink composition containing a multifunctional adhesive suitable for a three-dimensional (3d) printer and the use thereof. The multifunctional adhesive of the present invention contains a compound with a catechol group and exhibits excellent adhesion to various materials (e.g.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

 Method and  3d printing of object larger than printing area patent thumbnailMethod and 3d printing of object larger than printing area
A method for 3d printing of an object that is larger than the printing area of a 3d printer and a device using the method. The 3d printing method includes receiving 3d mesh data of the object, determining whether the 3d mesh data is included in the printing area of the 3d printer, generating partitioned mesh objects by partitioning the 3d mesh data if the 3d mesh data is not included in the printing area of the 3d printer, forming a connector for connecting the partitioned mesh objects, arranging the partitioned mesh objects in the printing area, and printing the arranged partitioned mesh objects in 3d..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 3d multifunctional device with 3d scanning function and 3d printing function and operation method thereof patent thumbnail3d multifunctional device with 3d scanning function and 3d printing function and operation method thereof
A 3d multifunctional device in which a 3d printer and a 3d scanner are combined and a method for operating the device. The 3d multifunctional device includes a printing unit that includes a nozzle for ejecting material for 3d printing, a scanning unit that includes a light radiation module for radiating light to an object to be scanned and a camera for capturing an image of the object, a head unit for moving the printing unit and the scanning unit in x-axis and y-axis directions, a bed plate on which the object to be scanned is located or the ejected material is deposited, the bed plate moving in a z-axis direction, and a control unit for setting a function by selecting 3d scanning or 3d printing, controlling the scanning unit or the printing unit, and controlling the movements of the head unit and bed plate..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Print-head for a 3d printer patent thumbnailPrint-head for a 3d printer
Embodiments disclosed herein produce products by adding material on an existing object. Printing onto existing objects may be used to repair/rebuild/fix the existing objects.
Shmuel Ur Innovation Ltd.

 Modeling a three-dimensional object having multiple materials patent thumbnailModeling a three-dimensional object having multiple materials
A single model engine for receiving and processing a 3d surface model representing the surface of a 3d object, the 3d surface model comprising at least two distinct surface regions associated with at least two different materials. The single model engine automatically produce a set of interior sheets inside the 3d surface model, the set of interior sheets defining interior boundaries and interior volumes of the different materials for the 3d object.
Autodesk, Inc.

 Personalized creation from medical imaging patent thumbnailPersonalized creation from medical imaging
In personalized object creation, for implants, medical imaging is used to derive a model personalized to a patient. The model may be of a dynamic structure, such as part of the cardiovascular system, and is used to print the implant itself.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

 Method of making eyewear by 3d printing patent thumbnailMethod of making eyewear by 3d printing
Provided herein are methods of preparing eyewear products made of a cellulose ester, a nylon or a polyester by simple and inexpensive single-nozzle or multi-nozzle 3d printers, wherein the eyewear products have a continuous range of colors or a gradual color change. Also provided herein are eyewear products made of a cellulose ester, a nylon or a polyester prepared by the methods disclosed herein..
Okia Optical Co., Ltd.

3d printer

Disclosed is a 3d printer including a resin container which is filled with a photocurable liquid resin; a circulating pipe which forms a circulating channel through which the liquid resin is drained out of the resin container and then returned to the resin container; a circulating pump which circulates the liquid resin in the circulating channel; a heating unit which heats the liquid resin; and a filter which filters out impurities from the liquid resin in the circulating channel. According to the present invention, there is provided a 3d printer, in which cured floaters are easily removed by increasing fluidity of a liquid resin, a printed object is improved in quality, and the liquid resin is automatically replenished..

Calibration and alignment of 3d printing deposition heads

A three-dimensional (3d) printer includes a frame, a first calibration device coupled to the frame, a dispensing system having a cartridge holder with a sensor mounted at a location relative to the cartridge holder, and a multi-axis positioning system for moving the dispensing system relative to the frame. Methods for calibrating the 3d printer are also disclosed..
Voxel8, Inc.

Closed-loop 3d printing incorporating sensor feedback

A three-dimensional (3d) printer and method of 3d printing including receiving a 3d model of an object to be printed, receiving information including material properties of the materials to be extruded, and generating a set of sensor-based printer control parameters to print the object on the 3d printer based, at least in part, on sensor input.. .
Voxel8, Inc.

3d printer calibration and control

Calibration and control of a 3d printing device is disclosed. In one aspect, sensor-based feedback may be used to iteratively determine and align line height calibration settings of the 3d printing device.
Voxel8, Inc.

Method and folded, rough, and/or fractal capacitors

Novel capacitors that have volumetric components that incorporate one or more folds and/or bends and/or have self-similar structures are disclosed. The components may have surfaces that are fractal in finite iterations for at least a portion of the component; moreover, the components (e.g., opposing capacitive elements) may be self-complementary to one another such that one component is self-complementary to another component in a given capacitor.
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

Processing printing information of powder-bed type 3d printing

A method for processing printing information of a powder-bed type 3d printer is disclosed. The method comprises following steps of: generating a color image and an adhesive image for each printing slice in accordance with a 3d file; adjusting adhesive information of the adhesive image based on color information of the color image; and, generating a final printing image based on the color image and the adjusted adhesive image.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

Method for protecting an electronic circuit carrier against environmental influences and circuit module

The present disclosure provides a method for protecting an electronic interconnect device from environmental effects. The electronic interconnect device may be connected to at least one electronic component, wherein the electronic interconnect device and the at least one electronic component are at least partially covered with an encapsulating material in a material-bonded manner.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

3d print bed having permanent coating

A coated print bed for a 3d printer having a permanent print-surface coating permanently secured to a print bed substrate plate, having a smooth, planar surface that provides an adhesive interface layer between a first layer of an applied plastic print material and the coated print bed. The coating contains a matrix-forming compound, such as a solvent- or water-based epoxy resin, an adhesive material, and optionally a filler.
Ez Print, Llc

3d printer

A 3d printer includes a frame, a printing head connected to the frame and movable with respective to the frame, and a table assembly connected to the frame. The table assembly includes an object table adapted to support an object to be printed during a printing operation.
Well Smart Electronics Limited

Method for adjusting printing head usage amount of 3d printer and control device

A method for adjusting a printing head usage amount of a 3d printer and a control device are provided. The method is adapted to control the control device of the 3d printer.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

Techniques for generating motion scuplture models for three-dimensional printing

In one embodiment of the present invention, a motion effect generator enables the creation of tangible representations of the motion of three-dimensional (3d) animated models for 3d printing. In operation, the motion effect generator receives a 3d animated model and animates the model through a configurable interval of time.
Autodesk, Inc

Management system and control method

A 3d printer management application collects execution history of a job executed by a 3d printer, and generates, based on the collected execution history, a report including an actual result of use of a specific setting for control of 3d object creation and an actual result value related to productivity according to the setting.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for creating custom orthopedic supports from computerized data inputs

Systems and methods of measuring feet and designing and creating orthopedic inserts are described. A leg length discrepancy of a user is measured and this data, along with foot size are input into a computer.

One piece eyewear with concealed hinges

The present invention generally concerns a one piece eyewear having concealed hinges made via 3d printing. More specifically, the invention includes a u-shaped hinge with irregular offsets that are blended parametric curves that connect a lens frame to temple bars.

Apparatus and assembling output of 3d printer

An apparatus and method for assembling 3d printing outputs. The apparatus for assembling 3d printing outputs includes a mesh structuring unit for performing mesh structuring on a segmented surface generated by partitioning a virtual 3d modeled object, a printing unit for selecting the kind and shape of a coupler to be inserted into the segmented surface of the object, modeling a hole in the segmented surface using variables corresponding to the size of the coupler, and printing the partitioned objects, and an assembly unit for inserting the coupler into the hole and assembling the partitioned objects using the coupler..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Metal 3d printer

A metal 3d printer includes: a housing (1) forming a molding chamber (1b); a recoater head (3) reciprocating in the direction of a horizontal u axis in the molding chamber to form a powder layer of a metal; a laser irradiation device (9) irradiating an irradiation region in the powder layer with a laser beam to form a sintered layer; and an inert gas supply device (4). The inert gas supply device includes: a first suction port (v1) disposed on one (14) of the side walls facing each other in the direction of the u axis, which is far away from the irradiation region; a first blowout port (f1) disposed on a side of the recoater head to face the first suction port; and a second blowout port (f2) disposed to face the first suction port across the irradiation region..
Sodick Co., Ltd.

3d printer

Provided is a 3d printer which can use pellets of various materials and produce a large molded object without requiring an inactive gas. The printer is equipped with: an extrusion apparatus, having a nozzle provided on a lower end side of a cylinder, a screw arranged in the cylinder and controllably rotated by a screw motor, a gear pump provided on a tip side of the screw and controllably rotated by a gear pump motor, a heater for heating an inside of the cylinder, and a hopper for supplying a resin material into the cylinder; a table apparatus positioned facing the nozzle of the extrusion apparatus; and a control apparatus for controlling discharge of a resin from the nozzle of the extrusion apparatus, and for controlling a movement of the extrusion apparatus and/or the table apparatus in x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions with respect to a reference plane.

Forming facsimile formation core samples using three-dimensional printing

Methods including providing an actual formation core sample; determining an internal anatomy of at least a portion of the actual formation core sample; determining a virtual 3d model of the external anatomy of the actual formation core sample in a computer readable format, wherein the virtual 3d model of the external anatomy of the actual formation core sample is represented by successive 2d cross-sectional layers; providing a 3d printer; transmitting the virtual 3d model of the external anatomy of the actual formation core sample to the 3d printer; and printing a facsimile core sample using the 3d printer, thereby replicating at least a portion of the external anatomy of the actual formation core sample.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Metal powder for 3d printers and preparation metal powder

The invention discloses metal powder for a 3d printer. The metal powder for 3d printers is 10-50-micron metal powder made by agglomerating many submicron order metal particles through a granulating process.
Ningbo Guangbo New Nanomaterials Stock Co., Ltd.

Method of manufacturing scaffold for treatment of tooth extraction socket and implantation of dental implant

Provided is a technique of allowing a dental implant to be stably placed after extraction, to be accurately placed in a tooth extraction socket, and to be stably placed in the tooth extraction socket according to implantation position and angle. A method of manufacturing a scaffold for treatment of a tooth extraction socket and implantation of a dental implant includes receiving dental implantation information of dental ct data which is previously input via a terminal of a manager; manufacturing, by using a three-dimensional (3d) printer, a 3d model comprising alveolar bones and teeth, which are distinguished therebetween, based on a medical image file that is a medical image file (dicom file) of the dental ct data; performing virtual tooth-extraction by removing, from the manufactured 3d model, a region corresponding to a tooth in a tooth-extraction target area; and manufacturing, by using the 3d printer, a scaffold to be placed in an actual tooth extraction socket according to a shape of a tooth extraction socket that exists in the manufactured 3d model as a result of the virtual tooth-extraction, wherein, when the scaffold is manufactured, image data of the scaffold is amended to allow a guide hole for implanting the dental implant to be formed in the scaffold based on the dental implantation information..
The Catholic University Of Korea Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Object-forming machine, cross-section measurement apparatus, and cross-section measurement method

A 3d printer includes: an object-forming unit for forming an object by laminating an object material at an object-forming point based on a design data; an image capturing unit for capturing an image of the object formed by the object-forming unit; and a shape measurement unit for measuring a cross section of the object based on the image captured by the image capturing unit while the object is under formation by the object-forming unit.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation

Three dimensional multilayered printed super conducting electromagnets

The present invention is a method of manufacturing a super conducting electromagnet comprising a 3d printer extruder of the type having an extruder, a liquefier and a nozzle.. .

Systems and methods for manufacturing of multi-property anatomically customized devices

Systems and methods for using a three dimensional fabrication device, like a 3d printer, for novel automation and additive manufacturing techniques in manufacturing medical devices such as orthotics, customized for a particular person. The systems and methods may use a plurality of work surfaces on the three dimensional fabrication device.

3d printers, 3d printing systems and methods of use and manufacture

A 3d printing machine that can include an l shaped housing with a tower portion and a base portion. The x carriage creates a cantilever design.

3d printer

A method for printing an object by providing a 3d printing engine in a pen body with a camera; imaging a target area with the camera; and injecting materials onto the target area based on the imaged target area.. .

3d printer

A method of reproducing a biological object includes 3d-imaging the object and generating a mold using a 3d printer; obtaining cells from a donor site on the object; preparing a live cell suspension using the cells from the donor site; forming a scaffold in the mold with collagen and seeding the scaffold with live cells, growing the cells in the mold and curing the collagen; and surgically implanting the object into a living subject, where the cells continue to live in the living subject.. .

Printing low melting-point material of 3d printer

A printing method using a low melting-point material is disclosed. The method first controls a nozzle of a 3d printer to move to a position corresponding to an internal-contour of a 3d model for printing the internal-contour upon a printing platform, then controls the nozzle to move to other position corresponding to an exterior-contour of the 3d model for printing the exterior-contour.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

3-d printer in polar coordinates

This invention is in the field of automated 3d printing of buildings or structures and method of its operation. A 3d printer having an extendable boom arm with an extruder for extruding a concrete-based chemical solution moves with translational and rotational motion in an xoy plane.

Composition and three-dimensional (3d) printing

A method for producing an x-ray detectable three-dimensional (3d) object or a part thereof using a 3d printer includes: (i) providing a composition comprising at least one 3d printing material and at least one x-ray contrast agent; (ii) providing a digital model of the object or part thereof; and (iii) printing the 3d object or part thereof from the digital model using the composition of (i), thus obtaining the x-ray detectable printed 3d object or part thereof, which can be visualized under x-ray scanning.. .

Printed chemical mechanical polishing pad having abrasives therein and system for printing

A method of fabricating a polishing layer of a polishing pad includes determining a desired distribution of particles to be embedded within a polymer matrix of the polishing layer. A plurality of layers of the polymer matrix is successively deposited with a 3d printer, each layer of the plurality of layers of polymer matrix being deposited by ejecting a polymer matrix precursor from a nozzle.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Detachable scanning and supporting module of 3d printer

A detachable scanning and supporting module of a 3d printer includes a machine body, a printing platform, a scanning and driving module, and a scanning and supporting module. The machine body has a bottom plate.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

3d printer unlock system

A processor chip circuit emulates an original equipment manufacturer (oem) eeprom on a replaceable consumable for a 3d printer to circumvent an oem electronic lock-out system of the 3d printer. The processor chip circuit includes a microprocessor having stored thereon an algorithm to selectively create a random unique serial number and encrypted text that passes all integrity tests of the oem 3d printer..

Apparatus for printing a chemical mechanical polishing pad

A method of fabricating a polishing layer of a polishing pad includes successively depositing a plurality of layers with a 3d printer, each layer of the plurality of polishing layers deposited by ejecting a pad material precursor from a nozzle and solidifying the pad material precursor to form a solidified pad material.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.

Control printing temperature and device thereof

A temperature control method of printing and a device thereof are provided, wherein the method and the device is adapted to a 3d printer which has a discharge nozzle. The control method includes the following steps.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

Printer for three dimensional printing

The present invention discloses and describes 3d printers that print 3d objects with acceptable precision and accuracy. Such 3d printers may comprise one or more of: an extrusion core with particularized temperature controls; an extrusion core with particularized filament pathway geometry; an extrusion core with a nozzle that is integral with a heating block; an extrusion core with nozzles of variable orifice-openings; a filament feeding system using smooth-faced-rollers; a build plate with an adhesion-layer for wetting between the extrudate and the adhesion-layer; an alignment-plane for anchoring axis positioning systems to a common plane to minimize tolerance stacking problems; and a single z-axis guide, a mono-rail, for guiding movement of a build plate in the z-axis direction; which may permit use of minimal mechanical fit tolerances between the mono-rail and a complimentary receiving sleeve..

3d printer steganography

When printing 3d objects a print file to be executed by a 3d printer to generate a 3d object is analyzed to identify candidate regions for insertion of printer id information that identifies the printer printing the 3d object. Code describing the printer identification information is inserted into the print file at appropriate locations to cause the 3d printer to print one or more structures representing the printer identification information in one or more identified candidate regions.
Xerox Corporation

Systems and methods for on-demand manufacturing

Systems and methods are disclosed for on-demand manufacturing. According to certain embodiments, the on-demand manufacturing system has a digital parts library and a pop-up factory.
Caterpillar Inc.

Method of forming transparent 3d object and transparent 3d object formed thereby

A method of forming a transparent 3d object and a transparent 3d object formed by the method are provided. A transparent 3d object may be formed as follows.
Seoul National University R&db Foundation

A device and removing 3d print material from build plates of 3d printers

A device and method for removing 3d prints from the build plate of a 3d printer comprising a sheet of flexible material sized and shaped to receive 3d print material and to fit atop the build plate of the 3d printer. The device and method of the present invention allows 3d prints to be removed from the build plate without damaging the prints or the build plate.
Stocklyn Venture, Llc

Apparatus and generating bitmap of 3-dimensional model

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for generating a bitmap of a three-dimensional (3d) model. The apparatus for generating a bitmap of a 3d model includes a plane generator configured to generate a plurality of planes including an outline of a cross section obtained by cutting a 3d model in a direction parallel to an output direction of a 3d printer, a rasterizer configured to rasterize the plurality of planes in a direction perpendicular to the output direction, calculate a weight of a pixel using a weight transition point based on outline segments constituting the outline, and determine a type of each pixel generated through the rasterization based on the weight, and a bitmap generator configured to merge pixels having the same coordinate in the output direction to generate a bitmap for a plane perpendicular to the output direction..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

3d printing of facial prostheses

Firstly, a custom designed 3d printer with x-y-z gantry robot with an accuracy of 0.1 μm was adapted with a custom designed printing head (51b). Secondly, a two component silicone elastomer suitable for rp was developed that incorporates the desired characteristics and properties similar to those commercially available for the provision of facial and body prostheses.
Technovent Limited

Three dimensional (3d) delta printer frame structure

Systems and techniques relating to three dimensional (3d) delta printers, such as fused filament fabrication (fff) 3d delta printers include, in at least one aspect, a 3d delta printer that includes a build platform; a 3d printer delta motion system; and a space frame configured and arranged to support the 3d printer delta motion system as the 3d printer delta motion system moves relative to the build platform; wherein the space frame includes multiple triangular units surrounding a build volume above the build platform.. .
Autodesk, Inc.

Apparatus for feeding/discharging filament for 3d printer

Provided is an apparatus for feeding/discharging a filament for a 3d printer, including a filament supply part which winds the wire-shaped filament and supplies the wound filament; a filament output part which outputs a three-dimensional printed matter by melting and discharging the filament supplied from the filament supply part; and a driving part which supplies the filament from the filament supply part to the filament output part, and discharges the filament from the filament output part toward the filament supply part, wherein the driving part includes a driving motor which is provided at the filament output part to generate a driving force and thus to adapt the filament to be conveyed in a normal direction or a reverse direction; a driving roller which is provided at the filament output part to receive the driving force of the driving motor and to convey the filament in the normal direction or the reverse direction; a conveying roller which is provided at the filament supply part to receive the driving force of the driving motor and to convey the filament in the normal direction or the reverse direction; and transmission gears which are provided between the driving motor and the driving roller and between the driving motor and the conveying roller to transmit the driving force of the driving motor to the driving roller and the conveying roller. Therefore, the filament can be accurately supplied to the extruder, and the fixed filament can be easily discharged from the extruder..
Sindoh Co., Ltd.

Three-dimensional printing systems for rapidly producing objects

This invention relates to rapid prototyping systems, specifically, a continuous moving surface liquid resin system (cmsl) and fast printing method for making any 3d objects, such as dental devices, including but not limited to artificial teeth, dentures, orthodontic appliances, aligners, splints, veneers, inlays, onlays, copings, frame patterns, crowns and bridges and the like. 3d printers, such as dlp or stereolithography printer, are used to cure polymerizable material in a layer-by-layer manner to build-up the object rapidly and continuously..
Dentsply Sirona Inc.

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